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Chapter One: The Student Job Hunt

Lawn mowers hummed, and cars tracked by, as Matt's diaper tightly rapped around his buttocks, squirming across town. Today he had an encounter with a social worker, who was to help him as a young university student, to place him in an appropriate job. All was well. He was wearing one of the thinnest diapers he could pull out of his stash: a Depends brief, quite fit for the occasion.

The Depends were excellent for just such interviews. They were thin enough to give him the discretion he needed, and form fitting enough to just give him the feelings of emotional security that he needed. A long shirt mostly covered the rump of his ass for additional discretion.

Matt eventually found the youth employment office. Age 21, he had just completed the first year of his university, with three left to complete. Just over six feet tall, with a very thin body frame, he gave off the very appearance of a teenager, who was too tall and young for what he deserved.

The sectary just looked him over casually as such. He seemed to wiggle his diaper back and fort discreetly from elastic to elastic, just waiting for his turn to talk, as she spoke over the telephone. She noticed his blue eyes, and reddish blonde hair, giving him a quick smile of relief, glad that she had the kind of job where she could easily put anybody in their place. They were all kids after all.

Time succeeded, as she told him to take a seat, mentioning that Monica would be out anytime shortly, to discuss job placements, based on his previously submitted resume.

Sitting quietly, staring at the clock, and fidgeting with magazines left beside his chair, only to notice all the pretty girls in the makeup adds. He just looked at them, feeling impoverished, wishing that any one of them could be his mother.

Out came Monica.

"Good to finally meet you Matthew. Why don't you come to my office?"

Picking himself up, he moved along, only to find himself following Monica down the hall, admiring her long black hair, soft white appearance, brown eyes, and gorgeous ass. She must have been in her late thirties, and pronounced by her voice, she was very maternal sounding.

"Well I've looked over your case file carefully, and I like what I see. But unfortunately I need to meet the people I can give jobs to first, and think thing over, before I can really do anybody any favors. For the most part, I think you might do best in a nursing home. I have one such job opening up, now that I've met you. It's the only one that will be available for you at this time. Unless of course you are willing to wait."

Matt looked across the office quite puzzled. He did not know what to think. Friends were getting jobs tree planting, working in construction, and a lot of other places. Why would she only have a job for him in a nursing home? He didn't know, and he wasn't confident enough to ask, mostly just mesmerized by her loving appearance. Gulping, "That would be fine... What does the job entail?"

Monica grinned from ear to ear.

"You would be working as a recreation assistant with geriatric patients. That means elderly people who suffer from Alzheimer's, dementia, and so forth. It's an easy job. You just have play cards with them, help run games, and help assist the nurses with feeding and what not. Would that interest you?"

Not sure what to think, Matt just gulped again and said, "Sure." Impulsively as it had come out, he felt a sense of hope about the path that had been chosen, as if Monica's guiding hand could abate any obstacle or worry.

"Good then Matthew. We will meet again this Monday at the nursing home, at 9:00 am in the morning, for a second interview, with the social workers, case worker, and head nurse. I trust you can make it."

"Yes I can!" Matt just gave a deep inner sigh of relief that it was all over. He just felt overwhelmed and stunned by the speed at which things were going.

As he left the door saying goodbye and shaking hands, with the proper paper work and information filled out, he turned around for one quick look at her beautiful face. To his surprise he caught her looking straight at his bum! His whole nervous system puckered up, as he felt a spike of energy blast up towards his head. He seemed to float, feeling dazed that maybe she somehow new he was wearing a diaper all along ...

On Matt's way home, he wasn't quite sure what to think. Plus his bladder was full, and he was all too glad to let his genitals temporarily drown in a gorge of urine, as his diaper increased in size and comfort. He just sat there thinking how many people knew he wore diapers, as the padding between his legs swelled. His landlord knew. His roommate who lived across the hall knew. But they were just people in their 40's and 50's, and had no connection to his university life or work. Being a lone wolf mostly, he was a bit bewildered what to think.

Chapter Two: The Interview

Along came Monday morning. Matt was hesitant. He wasn't sure whether he should wear a diaper or not. He reasoned that if she knew, he would be making himself look like he had a diaper fetish (which he did), if he wasn't caught wearing them once again. Thinking that he did not want to live with that reaction, he hesitantly put on another diaper, from his night time one, trembling with some loss of dignity. He just felt plane panicked and scared.

Lucky for him the nursing home was just five blocks up the hill from where he lived. If he got the job, walking there would be easy over the summer holidays. Walking with a nervous pace, his diaper gave him a great feeling of uneasiness. He felt absolutely more comfortable being in one than anything else in the world! Just that he didn't feel like part of the world at this point.

Wearing a pair of overhauls, which wear great for hiding even the thickest diapers, he wore an Attends diaper that day, with a loose t-shirt underneath. It was one of his more bulky diapers, but he decided, that unless he was walking upstairs with someone behind him, nobody should notice.

"Good to see again Matthew!" Monica responded.

"Let me introduce to you the head nurse, Georgia, our case worker Pamela, and our two social workers, Lorrie and Sue," as she pointed them out.

Looking across the room, Matt was surrounded by older woman.

The head nurse was in her 50's. She did not bother to dye her hair. But with a smooth face, grey hair, and blue eyes, and average figure, she seemed full of the right kind of wisdom to run the floor.

Pamela, on the other hand, was soon described to Mastt as the person who ran the placement of patients and employees, in certain cases, within the nursing home. She told me that she had to be here in order to hire a student such as myself for the summer. Not quite sure what that meant, she got me to sign a paper allowing her to discuss any issues she had with my physician(s). That was simple enough. The way things were working I wouldn't have much to do with her in the future, although the nurse Georgia, told me that she would be acting on that information, with her and her staff.

Lorrie and Sue, furthermore, seemed like the bright and cheery type. They looked like they could put on a marathon of soothing smiles all day long and never wear out. Full of energy, very controlling, they described their jobs to consist of running the recreational programs and outings for the patients within the nursing home. They would be my boss, and monitor my activities with the patients at all times.

Lorrie was a little heavy set, mostly in bone structure, as she was quite thin. With very large breasts and hips, she was actually quite tall for a woman. Her blonde hair, lipstick, and office clothes made her look like she really cared about detail, somehow wanting to be as picture perfect as the thin models in magazines. For someone in her early 40's, she was actually very good looking and young at heart.

Beyond that, Sue was much younger. She had just gotten out of university as a social work graduate, and was still learning the ropes. She was on probation, and was delighted by the sounds of her voice, to be working with geriatric patients. She described them as being more lovable than most people out in the real world, because they had no reason to lie, or hide anything. Plus it was a lot easier to get smiles from them than perhaps anywhere else. Sue was a brunette. Very striking! The kind of person that made Matt feel uncomfortable being in the same room with. Her hazel eyes, and cover girl face, gave him the impression that she had to have no lack of potential boyfriends.

Question after question was soon asked. The ones that caught Matt off guard were in the category of knowledge about older people, and how to take care of them. They looked at him a little cross by some of his answers, but he somehow managed to stumble through.

"What kind of care to do you think our patients get here," asked Georgia the head nurse.

Matt replied, "Well I'm sure a lot of them are on drugs to control their problems. Plus they probably need to be dressed and . . . .

" Matt's face turned bright red.

" . . . DIAPERED!" His voice grew weak, and seemed to change an octave when that last words came out. Everybody just started at him in silence, as he wiggled his bum discretely in his diaper, like he had been absolutely framed.

In the end nobody seemed to pay any attention. But the head nurse and case worker made it clear that if things did not work agreeably between their nursing home policies, and Matt's fitness for the job, things would not work out.

Monica assured me that the interview had been a flying success, and that I should get a phone call from her on whether or not I should report to work on Wednesday morning, just as soon as a few details were put in order.

In hindsight Matt reasoned that he had nothing to fear. Everybody thought well of him, it seemed. Whether anybody had noticed his diaper or not, there were no indications. Not once did he catch anybody staring at his bum. Even once when he was shown up the stairs by several nursing assistants to the location of the office to which he was to be interviewed, nobody paid any attention behind him.

Chapter Three: The Phone Call

Tuesday evening came along, and Matt found Monica on the other end.

"Glad to hear your sweet voice again Matthew! Looks like the staff at the nursing home are ready to hire you. They will need you to fill out a few more forms, and they will have a few more important and perhaps personal questions to ask you. But as long as there are no problems, it looks like you got yourself a job!"

"Great!," Matt replied.

"There is one more thing," Monica stated.

"We will have to keep in touch over the course of the next four months. I'll be stopping by in a few days to check on your progress. If the job doesn't work out, for example, I'll be around to help place you somewhere else, or help improve relations between you and your new employer if I can. That's just my job. Ok?"

"No problem." Matt was elated. Tomorrow he'd start his first day at work.

Chapter Four: First Day on the Job

Wednesday morning came around. Once again he felt the same diaper dilemma. To wear a diaper, or not to wear a diaper? And if so, what kind? Bewitched by the possibilities, he unintentionally ruined a few diapers, talking them on and off too many times, with different clothes on. He just did not know what to wear. His gut was just plain sick about the possibilities.

For some odd reason Matt decided not to wear a diaper, but couldn't help hiding a few diapers in his backpack with his lunch. They were there, he reasoned, just in case he felt it was safe enough to wear them at work at some point. But for now, he wasn't taking any chances. Even the clothes he wore to work that day, a baggy pair of jeans and a long t-shirt that was very oversized, prepped him for the possibility.

Laurie and Sue sat at their work desks this time, without anybody else around. They described their early morning routine consisting of coffee, paper work, and catching up on personal notes between each other. Naturally that included having Matt fill out a few application forms for income tax and such.

"There is just one issue," Laurie exclaimed.

"Georgia talked to your doctor, and the there didn't seem to be any indication why you should not work here. Your immunizations are up to date, etcetera. But I have just one personal question regarding your medical status?"

Laurie was looking Matt straight in the eye, so as to make him answer truthfully. Matt just turned red.

"Your social worker Monica, and quite a few others noticed that you might have some outstanding medical issues that have been overlooked. Do you have any idea what they might be?"

Matt just turned even brighter red. His face seemed to boil as hot as a tea pot. His heart churned like the pistons in an engine, because he knew that that could only mean something in regard to him wearing DIAPERS! "Uhmmmm. I guess . . . Maybe."

"Look I'll make this a little easier for you," Laurie stated.

"We have a policay here that all people within the nursing home who have problems with incontinence are to be looked after by our nursing assistants. Our head nurse Georgia is in charge of that, which is why it is important for you to get along. Do you have a problem with incontinence?"

Matt's face was just bursting now with itchy fault lines that begged for a thousand expressions. Instead he just sat there dumbfounded, stating, "Yes . . .," in a dry, acrid voice.

"Great. Both Sue and I will let you see a nursing assistant anytime you like. They are well stalked with pads and what not, to meet whatever your needs may be. The reason you are required to see them is because they can get the job done faster, and with a greater sense of hygiene, than you could on your own, which is policy. Especially when it comes to fecal material. Plus the pads and briefs will be provided free by the nursing home, which should help you out with your expenses as a student. That way we can also keep our disposal policy in place, as we can't be leaving soiled garments around in the wrong places, like in staff washrooms, which you are not permitted to use."

It was Sue's turn, to speak up.

"We will of course guarantee your privacy. Nobody will know outside the nursing home. But the rest of the staff have already been informed of your potential problem, and your file will be kept on record for them to review as such, as you are under our care. Are you aware that you have a roommate who works here as nursing assistant?"

Matt twitched forcefully in his chair.

"No." He could only think of one person. His roommate across the hall who was an older Philippine lady in her 40's, who knew of his incontinence, as she often caught him strolling around in their shared kitchen, eating a meal. He'd too often leave a grocery bag of soiled diapers in the large garbage can in the kitchen, for example. He knew now, that everybody knew.

"There is one more issue," replied Laurie, budding in.

"We talked to your family doctor and they are not aware of your problems with incontinence. He explained that you had a family history of liking to wear them, by your mother, and that you had gone through tests several times to figure out if there were any problems. He found that you were perfectly fine, and concluded that you must be wearing them for emotional issues. Is he right?"

Matt just sat there stunned.

"I don't know."

"Look it's not a big deal. Many of our patients wear diapers here for psychological reasons. Some need them because they got in a car accident, or don't have the nerves or mentality left upstairs to control their bladder and bowel functions. Others just regress, because they see other patients wearing them. The staff in some ironic way prefer them in diapers, because it means less supervision on trips to the washroom, and thus less falls. One patient even insists on carrying a diaper on her wheelchair, in addition to the one she is wearing, while doing laps around the halls, with a big child like grin on her face. Many residents are so advanced in their dementia that they might as well even be toddlers. It's very common, although off the record, I probably shouldn't be caught talking like this. I'm absolutely positive that it's typical with kids your age too. So if you are going to live your life in diapers for whatever reasons, they are your own. Only that you have to stick to the incontinence policy here at the nursing home, and get along with Georgia and her staff."

Somehow a huge feeling of release overcame Matt just at this point. He somehow felt accepted, no matter how deeply penetrated his inner and most secret desires had become. Both Laurie and Sue just seemed to stare at him like it was a casual conversation they were having, with little importance in the everyday world. Yet there sense of authority was complete.

Sue stepped in once more.

"If you like you can go home early today, and take some time to absorb all that took place here. I think perhaps it might be best since this is probably quite embarrassing for you. But I'm sure that you are used to having people know that you wear diapers anyway. For the most part I think it's just a matter of you getting used to what is expected of you here at this nursing home. Why don't we meet again tomorrow morning?"

Matt felt relief once more. He had time to think. He no longer felt he was being pushed against the wall. The nursing assistants wouldn't be changing his diapers just yet. He hadn't even thought of what it would be like to have other woman change his diapers, or what that would be like.

"I'll be back tomorrow then!" Matt replied.

Chapter Five: First Day of Being Diapered

That morning Matt awoke rather abruptly. Time seemed to pour out like a bucket of water on his head. Yet the only wetness he felt was the gush of urine between his legs, as he let the night contents of his bladder let loose in his very thick nighttime diaper.

Walking out towards the kitchen in his pajamas he leaned into the refrigerator to get a glass of orange juice. Out came his Philippine roommate Paula, looking somewhat awakened by the movement of the day. She glanced at the slight trace of a diaper between his legs, as Matt lifted his glass of orange juice to his lips, just a little embarrassed.

"I heard you were working at the nursing home from now on Matthew."

"Yes I am."

"We have excellent facilities which I am sure you will enjoy. Don't worry about the staff. They are all really nice people. Just give them a chance to get to know you, and the days will start to pass really quickly."

"Uh... sure I guess. Am I going to see lots of you from now on?"

"Eventually," replied Paula.

"I'm working nightshift the next few weeks. But I will be working your hours in a little while. But I'll be hearing from the other nursing assistants how you are getting along. They are aware of your little situation, as I have always been. They'll be expecting you today, of course. So you better rush along. Looks like you've only got forty five minutes to get there. So you better get changed!

Matt looked at her a little dumbfounded. It seemed every waking moment of his life for the next few months was going to be consumed around people who knew he was in a diaper. He liked the feel of it, as his diaper bulged between his thighs, extra thick from the morning soak.

Matthew made his way back to his bedroom where he decided to put on a moderately thick diaper. He debated a little bit about whether or not he should add a baby diaper in as an insert, just to take the first soaking of the day at work. Looking himself over in the mirror, he found his bum to be just a little too large for comfort with the insert. But he made up for this with an extra long t-shirt. He even took his pants off once more just to slide on a pair of vinyl pants, just to give a convincing argument to the nursing assistants who would be changing him, that he really needed to be protected.

His legs felt like jelly, as did his arms, walking to work that morning. Time seemed like a frantic prisoner living inside his chest, as his abdomen burned with lust, around his navel.

Matt's whole being seemed awakened by a beastly urge to reconcile some lost love, between his adult and baby personae's.

"Good morning!" Sue exclaimed with a smile.

"You look terrific, and ready to work Matty."

Sue seemed too bright and cheery. Her beautiful continence seemed to be putting a spot light of bliss all around Matt. He didn't quite know what to think about her using the name Matty, but he decided it had to slide . . . This was his first day after all, not too familiar with how to be assertive.

Laurie just offered him a coffee in a contradictory sort of way.

"I'm sure you are probably not into coffee at your age. But there is a pot of fresh coffee right over there you can help yourself to. Sue and I will be doing paperwork for the next half hour or so. We don't have anything for you to do just yet. So if you don't mind, you can just sit there quietly until we are ready for you."

Matt found himself just sitting there between Laurie and Sue's desk, which faced each other in the moderately sized, shared office space. He gazed at the clock, shifting in his diaper. Laurie seemed most occupied over the phone, while Sue seemed to ask the odd question to Laurie about how to fill in the odd bit of paperwork.

One nursing assistant even came into the office to drop off a few files.

"Oh this would be Matthew!"

Jessica was a nursing assistant with several young children still in diapers. Divorced not more a year ago, she looked the type that could outwork most men on a construction site, by grace and diligence alone. Her waving blonde hair came down across her shoulder, as her summer nursing skirt, showed off her body angles acutely.

Jessica caught Matt staring at her large breasts. She seemed to know it too. With a slight hesitance she said, "I'll be looking after your problem today. I've agreed to take my turn initially, as I'm in charge of this portion of the nursing home wing, surrounding this office. If you need anything, just let me know, or ask one of the other workers where I am. Of course at times I'll be making routine checks, where you might be required to line up with other residents. It's just faster that way. Ok?"

Matt just smiled with a crimson blush.

Jessica just smiled back knowingly.

"It takes some getting used to. All of our residents find it a bit odd at first."

A little more time passed, and Matt found himself helping to feed the residents in the main cafeteria. Some residents, who could feed themselves, were given breakfast according to their preferences. Most where put in vinyl bibs, and about a quarter of them needed help feeding. A nurse explained that eventually Matt might be trained in how to feed the residents, so as not to choke them, under close supervision.

In any case, for the first morning, the cafeteria workers and the nurses insisted that he eat with the residents for his first morning. This would make the older residents very happy, as long as he talked to them.

With scrambled eggs, porridge, and more orange juice, Matt found himself surrounded by staff. He got constant smiles from both the employees and residents. He was the youngest person in the entire building he noticed. Matt was the baby, to be sure. Nobody seemed to notice his diaper that morning, as he filled it with the juice contents he gulped down that morning.

By the time he was done eating, regretfully, he noticed that he had filled both his baby diaper insert and diaper to the fullest. He couldn't use the washrooms. He had been told that the staff washrooms were forbidden, and that the resident's washrooms were private.

So he just sat there hoping that his vinyl pants were catching any leaks.

Laurie soon poked her face a few inches from Matt's.

"This is the time when all the nursing assistants help bring the residents back to their rooms, to change them, and prepare them for the rest of the day. If you could help Jessica moving her patients to the area near our office, she'll look after you as well."

Matt nodded his head. Looking around a few nursing assistants smiled back at him, as they seemed to be imagining what the conversation was about. He just smiled back, feeling paranoid. He had to get up, with a diaper on that he was sure must be quite noticeable. He might even have a leak!

Jessica soon came over. With a delicate authority she took him by the hand, and placed his other hand in another older women's. Then she took his other hand, and put it in another older woman's. He was then told to help walk them to their rooms behind Jessica and a few other patients. Four patients in all, the one's in the wheelchairs seemed to be left behind to take care of last.

Once near their rooms, Matt found himself lined up with the help of a few extra nursing assistants. A table on wheels full of diapers and pads was pulled out of a storage room. Latex gloves were snapped on.

"Matty I think we are going to try and change you first. That way you can report to Laurie right away."

Matt found himself being in front of an empty bed that no resident occupied. It had a rubber mattress, two steel railings at the side that went up and down, and a hydraulic device that lifted the table up and down for easy changing. There was some sort of a crane beside the bed, with straps to help lift patients up that were relatively incapacitated, to participate much with the changing.

The curtains were drawn, as Jessica and Matt faced each other less than a foot away. This was the kind of distance Matt thought that he might like best to kiss a girl. But instead she unbuttoned his pants, and asked him to lie down. He found his pants pulled half way down with his vinyl pants, with her abdomen squeezed between his thighs. The tapes on his diapers were ripped off rather noisily, as if to make the statement, that there are no secrets here. Matt found himself panting in both fear and desire!

"Don't worry, you'll get used to it. Relax your hands and stop clenching. I'm not going to hurt you," retorted Jessica.

Matt's heart seemed to pound like a sledge hammer, wishing to burst through his chest and kiss her.

"What brand of diapers are these? Oh, and you are wearing a baby diaper too! I'll have to see if I can come up with something comparable, after I wipe the few bits of dribble off of your plastic pants. You seem to be quite prepared, which is good!"

Matt didn't answer, and seemed paralyzed from the scalp, down.

"Here we like to put our residents in diapers just one size larger, especially if they are in need of an extra diaper liner. That might be a bit too much for your discretion, but since everybody knows, I don't see any harm in it. Would that be acceptable for us to agree upon?"

Matt didn't answer. He only found the mere energy to shrug his shoulders.

"I'll be back then," stated Jessica.

Back she came in with a large size diaper, much bigger than the ones Matt normally wore. It was opened up, and a diaper insert was put between his legs as well, as he leaned into his legs with her abdomen. Glancing towards her, he could see her large breasts, as she leaned over to fasten his tapes.

"Sit up," she said with a wink.

"No get on your feet."

Getting up she slid up his vinyl pants and fastened up his pants. To his eyes he had no idea how big he looked at the rear or front. But his pants felt extra tight, knowing perfectly well that discretion was perfectly out the window.

"Go on now!" Laurie remarked.

Matt found himself walking down the hall, like he was the center of the universe. All the galaxies, stars, and planets seemed to revolve around his diaper. His heart felt like a black hole. His desire felt like gravity. He couldn't figure out how it all came together. If it wasn't for the acceptance of the nursing home staff, there would be no taking pictures.

Wiggling his way into Laurie's office, Sue started to giggle apologetically as she saw the results of his first diapering. Laurie just gulped, feeling some empathy for how he must feel.

"I'll be in charge of your morning work today," said Sue. We'll be sorting through a bunch of clothes donations. Will be folding them, taking stock, and hanging them up for other residents to take a look at, should they be looking for something. Come with me."

Along he went down the hall where he passed the head nurse Georgia.

"Jessica told me that you are fitting in quite well. I'm glad to hear that there won't be any problems," stated Georgia.

Sue just smiled at Matt affectionately.

"He's perfect for the job. I think the residents will really take to him."

Georgia and some other nursing assistant Matt had not met yet seemed to just take position as an audience, as Matt wiggled his way behind Sue. Matt could feel it from the back of his head, as he admired Sue's beautiful ass, and pony tail wiggling behind her perfect neck.

"Now just sort through these boxes Matt. Wow! Look at this beautiful blouse! What do you think Matt? Do you think it would look good on me?"

Matt looked across incredulously He couldn't think why he should care, although anything would look good on Sue. Thinking twice, he noticed the vintage, antique style of the blouse, and just laughed at her. With a frown Sue hung it up.

"Try this one on Matty."

Matt looked over. She was holding up a golf t-shirt made of fine material.

"I think this would look really cute on you."

Matt turned red. It seemed to be his occupation to be embarrassed.

"I can't wear that Sue. It's too short. It gives things away a lot more, if you know what I mean."

"Just try it on. There's nothing to hide here. You might get the odd guest who will notice, visiting their parents or relatives. But they won't know you, and there used to seeing people in diapers here anyway. Just try it on for a few minutes, and see what you think."

"I guess."

Sue handed him the t-shirt, and turned around quickly. He took off long t-shirt, and put on the short one. Sue turned around immediately again, only to prop her thumbs up in the air.

"Cool. I really like that on you. Now help me over here with staking these boxes, while I find a place for these."

Matt had no time to think. Sue was too much of a beautiful distraction. He felt a bulge in his pants, as his diaper hugged his balls back in oblivion. He was just too glad to bend over and pick up a few boxes to hide his spontaneous erection, which would no doubt just express itself in a thicker bulge of padding.

Matt's sudden bend to the floor with his knees and waist produced the greatest feeling of shifting air and bulk between his legs. Matt's penis was pulled back with a throb, as the elastics curled along the perineum to his ass. Sue just watched, waiting for him to hand him one of the boxes.

Again a rush of air and padding sucked at everything between his legs, as Sue's eyes met his. He handed back to her one of the boxes, which hid the extra thick spontaneous bulge his diaper displayed. Life seemed absolute in that moment. Bending over and crouching back up, seemed like masturbation, with Sue on the other end of the bucket brigade, as her perky breasts towered over the boxes, that she cradled in her arms like little babies.

Eventually a good hour of work drew to completion. Matt's dick grew fiery and tired with anticipation, from getting back up and down with all that padding between his legs.

He needed to get off, but couldn't. He was being driven mad, folding clothes out of boxes, and passing things over, to be hanged up. Half of which Sue insisted on knowing how she might look in.

"Well it's almost lunch now Matty. I'll have to drop you off with Jessica first. I'm sure you need a change."

Matt once again found himself walking down the hall, as his dick shriveled up, remembering that he was wearing an even shorter t-shirt. His bladder felt suddenly full. The gates of heaven seemed to open up, as torrents of urine gushed forth faster than his diaper could absorb it. Sue heard the noise as she was walking beside him. She said nothing, after looking down between his legs. It seemed just another walk in the park for her. She seemed all too proud to have her job in any case.

"Jessica, how are you today," asked Sue.

They seemed to talk endlessly about their personal lives. Jessica did mention that she was spending her whole life changing diapers, from her children to the residents where she worked. Sue only felt pangs of envy, stating that she wished she had children.

All this while the urine in Matt's over sized and packed diaper made its way into the vinyl pant.

Sue then turned around and told Matt, "Take a seat. We'll be with you in a few minutes, when we are done our conversation."

Matthew sat down obediently, as the urine in his vinyl pant made its way out, making his pants wet. He felt it happen. He could only moan in annoyance.

"What's wrong Matty?" asked Jessica.

"O nothing."

"You really need a change, don't you?"

"I guess."

Jessica took Matt by the hand, and laid him down on the special changing table with the hydraulic lift. Sue asked if she could use some help.

"If you'd like to help Sue, could you bring me a large diaper and pad out of the storage room, while I get him untapped?"


The diaper came off with the usual loud ripping sound. Anybody in the hall could hear it. Sue certainly had. Jessica started rolling up the diaper at the front of his abdomen, only to roll it from under him, tightly pushing up on his balls, as she leaned over to reveal her breasts once again.

Wiping him off, Jessica and Matt suddenly saw Sue's hand thrust through the curtain to reveal a large diaper and pad. With an erection becoming all too obvious, Jessica acted like as if nothing had happened.

"Don't worry about the erection, darling. We usually don't see too many in our older patients, but they do happen quite a bit. With you being young and all, as you get used to being diapered here by all the ladies, it's bound to happen every now and then. It's quite natural," said Jessica.

Sue seemed to shift her gait outside the curtain, "I'll be going to lunch downstairs in the visitor's cafeteria, next to the general store. You are welcome to join me Matty when you are ready."

Unraveling the elastic creases of the diaper, Jessica took from Sue, she once again leaned into Matt's thighs with her abdomen.

"Lift your bottom so I can push this underneath, and be good."

Matt did as he was told. His erection went high up in the air, as his bum was finally placed down softly on the padding. Cream and powder were next applied around his anus, balls, and penis. The air was sucked clean out of his chest, as his abdomen gave a nervous twitch of excitement.

"My babies at home go through the same thing at home all the time. I'm used to it. I'm sure one of them will end up a bed wetter too, as I'll be diapering them until their 16 or beyond. It happens."

With the tapes pulled securely around Matt's protrusion, Matt suddenly remembered his wet pants. With a sudden gusto Jessica had the same thoughts, as she ripped them right off his legs.

"Looks like I'm going to have to get you another pair of pants to wear. That's why Sue took you to the clothes donation room, so you know where you could find a change of clothes if you needed it. She was just trying to make you feel comfortable. I'll be back in a hurry with something that will fit."

Back she came with a pair of corduroy pants.

"I think these should fit nice."

She placed them on, and had Matt stand up. They were just a tad too short to the ankles, and a tad to wide at the waist. But the bulge of his diaper showed through nevertheless, as his golf t-shirt just covered the protruding top of his high diaper.

"That will do nicely," stated Jessica.

Trying to get through a door to go down stairs to find Sue, Matt only wanted to hide in the Staff Washroom, but new he wasn't aloud in there. He wanted to hide, and throw his hands up in the air in surrender. But he was hungry, and the day had to push on. No doors would open anyway. Everything was locked.

"To get out that door, you'll need the security code. We can't have our residents just wondering around. Just ask one of us, and we'll be happy to open any doors, or escort you around," replied Georgia.

The code was punched in as Georgia told Matt to, "have a good lunch with the girls."

Once at the table, Matt found Laurie and Sue mostly talking to each other. With a packed lunch at hand, he ate mostly in uninterrupted silence.

"Sorry to be ignoring you Matt. Sue and I were just talking like old friends, and figured you might want some privacy."

Matt felt that was an understatement!

Sue interjected, "Do you have a girlfriend or someone else special in your life?"

"No. Never have. I mean, I mostly just stick to myself."

"Ahhhh... That's too bad. What about friends?"

Matt just shrugged his shoulders.

"I have a few people at the university that I see quite regularly. I volunteer at the Gender Issues Center, which is a place for men and woman to hang out, and campaign around different issues. A social worker, works there, and besides that, I just help around, and talk to everyone."

" . . . And they don't mind your little problem?" asked Sue.

"... No."

"I see. I'm glad to hear that you have some sort of social outlet. And I'm really glad that we can be here for you this summer while things are mostly closed at the university!"

"Thank you."

Matt felt sort of discouraged. He always wore diapers to classes, but he never thought anybody knew. And the odd time somebody suspected something, heard something crinkle, or saw the odd bulge, nobody ever paid any attention. As far as he was concerned, nobody even knew. Funny that Sue and Laurie were making a big deal of it.

Laurie finally took her turn.

"Do you have a doctor here in the city where you attend university, other than your family doctor?"


"Well we know of a doctor who treats many of our residents here, who also works part-time at the university, as a psychiatrist, helping out the student clinic. She deals with all sorts of problems. Why don't we schedule an appointment with her after lunch?"

"I guess." All Matt could really think about, however, was going for a crap! Unfortunately Matt had never explored taking a crap in his diapers before.

Chapter Six: Drop-in Appointment with the Psychiatrist

"Greetings Matt. Or do you prefer Matthew?"

Dr. Facey was a very tall woman. With blonde hair down to her neck, she looked like the sporting type, in her 40's. Very motherly, with three of her own, her interests were mainly in treating patients with Parkinson's, and psychiatric disorders related to the elderly . However she also frequented the university to help out the student clinic. She also liked to dabble in a bit of sports medicine.

"It doesn't really matter." Matt shifted in his seat, accidentally letting out a silent fart. His diaper crinkled noticeably.

"Normally I book appointments to see patients a few weeks in advance. But I occasionally take in quite a few drop-ins, when there are problems on the other floors. I've been notified of your placement to work here by the staff, and I'm glad that you have chosen to take the liberty to see me. This will help assist you in being more comfortable here, as well as giving us a better understanding of how to treat you."

"I understand." Matt couldn't bear the thought of talking a dump in his diaper, right in front of her.

"Well then Matthew, do you mind if I ask you some really personal questions, and jump forward into a session with you, right away?"

"I guess not." A thought strolled across his mind, as if to ask, "Do you think it might be ok for me to take a dump in my diaper right away?"

"Great. Do you have any thoughts of suicide, or wish to hurt anyone else?"

"No. Not anymore than the average person light-heartedly considering life's dramas." No longer able to hold it, a large feces got caught between his anus sphincter, while the pressure of him sitting forced it up and down. This was Matt's first exposure to anal masturbation.

"How about depression or anxiety? Do you ever feel really down, or incredibly nervous?"

"A little bit. I feel down about the odd thing, and quite nervous about little things, like being here in this office." Finally the first feces forced its way through.

"Does it ever impair you ability to do things?"

"No." He could feel a soft warm feeling between his legs. His breath abated to a nil as if being sucked out of him. It felt like a he was having a good shit with an assertive and beautiful woman next to him, accusingly.

"Now tell me about you wearing diapers? Why do you wear them?" Dr. Facey was about to start laughing, seeing what was happening.

"I don't really know. I just like the way they feel to have one on. Without them I feel really lonely. When I was a kid I used to pretend I was wearing one all the time, and wrap blankets between my legs, just to feel like someone loves me. Today I just wear them mostly as a way of feeling secure about myself. Just find it impossible to live without them." Turning extremely red, he could smell it. It was awful!

"I see. So it is sort of a coping mechanism for stress. Do you know what triggers the stress?" Dr. Facey gave Matt an expression of being agitated by the smell . . .

"No. I've never been able to tell." Matt nodded his head at her. They both knew what happened. It was hopeless.

Dr. Facey started writing things down. Something to do with "too old for elimination disorder," and "subconscious stressors triggering diaper wearing." Then she wrote a title down as if to write lots of stuff underneath, entitled "Upbringing." Matt could see this clearly as she chose to sit right by his side, not hiding anything she wrote from him. Dr. Facey felt this gave patients an equal footing, in order to understand, and contribute to their own well-being.

"Before we talk about your upbringing Matthew, I'd like to ask you how long you've been wearing diapers?"

Matt looked to the corner of his right eye, and then back at her.

"I've been wearing diapers since about age 12, continually. I started wearing them when my mother brought home adult diapers from her deceased patients. She was a home care nurse, just bringing home the diapers to her office, to store them, for others to use eventually. They were my dream to wear ever since I was a young kid. When I found them, I knew I was heaven! I was so skittish I ripped the first diaper in half trying to put it on. I was just nervous. To this day, I've been in them ever since. My mother's attempt to take them away, failed, as I started buying my own immediately after. Never wore them to school or anything. But I wore them around the house, to bed, and even in public on weekends discreetly. When I came to university, I've pretty much in been in them 24/7, as I haven't been able to keep my hands off them."

"So how many years would you say?" she asked again.

"About a decade I guess." Matt was amazed in had been that long. He was just as amazed, at how long the interview was going on, while he sat there in a soiled diaper!

Dr. Facey took some time to think. She opened a window, and asked, "Matthew it seems to me that I'd like to eventually talk to you about your upbringing. But for now, as I see it, it seems to me that you've pretty much established for yourself a certain lifestyle. You might even require toilet training if you were to ever stop. And personally, I don't see any point in trying to cure you, as I think this would be potentially more disruptive to your psyche, than dealing with the symptoms of your current lifestyle. So for now, I'd just like you to know, that my approach with you is probably going to be built around making you comfortable, and helping you understand why you are the way you are, as opposed to making you different, or trying to make you better. Does that sound fair?"

"I guess."

"You Guess?" she asked assertively.

"I mean sure!" Matt for some odd reason felt like he was being forced into wearing diapers for the first time in his recollections. It was a scary, humble, and electrifying feeling all at once.

"Great. Then in the meantime I'm just going to write down in your profile that you wear diapers for psychological reasons, due to childhood stress, that is undetermined, for the time being. I'm also going to mark down that you don't have control of your bladder or bowels, after a decade of choosing to live incontinent, and that you are to be looked after as such by the nursing staff. In the future, I expect you to keep coming back for follow-up, here, and at the university. I'd like you to progress, developing a firm understanding of what your real psychological needs are."


Dr. Facey picked up the phone.

"Hi Georgina. Matthew seems to have soiled himself, and I'm done with our session for now. Could you please send one of the nursing assistants down to look after him?" A brief hesitation, and then Dr. Facey put the phone down.

"It seems Jessica will be down in 10-15 minutes to get you. In the meantime could you please sit outside my office in the hall?"

Matt went wild eyed.

"10-15 minutes in the hall with a soiled diaper on?" he thought. This was really taking a swipe at his pride, but he had to agree, as Dr. Facey held the door open for him.

"I guess I'll go sit outside then."

"I'll be seeing you around then Matthew. You know you look just like one of my kids sometimes," she smiled back affectionately.

"I'll let Laurie know about your next appointment next week."

With that, the appointment ended. Matt found himself sitting in the hall shamefully with a soiled diaper on. Some part of him liked the feeling. But he didn't understand why he just had to sit there in his own shit...

A small child walked by with her Mother in the hall. They were obviously visitors. Walking by, the small child couldn't help staring attentively at the big lump between Matt's legs. She knew Matt was wearing a diaper. Matt just blushed again. The mother smirked, as they walked by their noses twitching. Matt could hear the little kid saying, "Mommy that man pooped his pants." The mother perked up saying, "It's quite common to see those things around here. I'm sure one of the nurses will be around to change him soon. Funny a man his age, wearing diapers, isn't in a group home!"

A while later Jessica came down again. She looked hesitant. Instead she took him by the hand forcefully, like a mother would take a child to the corner to stand there for a time being. She walked him upstairs gripping his hand tightly, punching in the security code to the floor, and walking through. Soon he was pushed against the wall of a room reserved for changing patients. Standing up straight, his pants, vinyl pants, diaper, and shirt were removed consecutively. His body was pushed into a shower, after wrapping up his shit with a disposable cloth in the soiled diaper.

"This room is normally reserved for giving patients showers and changing wet diapers. But since you are young, it would be much easier to change your soiled diapers here, as it won't take long to take you in and out of a shower," stated Jessica.

"Well, I'm really glad you are all clean, and we've gotten rid of that smell. Sorry about the rush, but I don't like to keep these things waiting. Speed is everything when it comes to fecal material!"

Grabbing a fresh diaper, Jessica pushed her hand against Matt's belly button, pushing him against the padding of a diaper between his legs, and resting on the wall behind him.

With a partial and budding erection, Jessica took the front of the diaper over his genitals tightly, retrieving the tapes, in four consecutive massaging motions. Matt's eyes rolled a little unintentionally, as his member finally stood at attention under the firm grasp of a job well done. Looking at him in the eye, not more than a foot away she began to giggle. Turning him around, she slipped up his pants, one leg at a time, as she demanded him to cooperate.

"You can't wear these vinyl pants anymore. No telling what kind of bacteria are growing on them now. I'll have them sent home with you and your other clothes which I gave to Sue."

With his shirt finally pulled over him like a toddler, he was pushed out the door by Jessica, almost as fast as he had been pulled in. Like a baseball thrown by a pitcher, he felt like he had just landed in the glove of Sue.

"There you are!" Sue replied.

"You are just in time to help Mrs. Brown with her game of cards. She loves playing with young students like your self."

Matt's first day at work was almost complete. Brought to a room where an elderly woman sat at the helm of her bed, overlooking an eating table, she looked around almost dazed. Sue took her by the hands, and explained to her that Matt was going to be playing cards with her. She looked a little scared but agreed excitedly that she like to have people to play with.

Matt took a chair on the other side of her eating table, as his diaper crinkled even loader than normal in the extra quiet room. It was actually a high stool. He could see the white plastic of her diaper stick out from her dress, as her blouse did not completely cover it. He felt at home.

"Are you the young boy who works here now?" she asked.

"Yes I am."

"Everyone here says you have to wear diapers. Aren't you a little old for that?" she menaced, shaking the deck of cards in her hand.

Sue abruptly cut Matt off, "Now, now Mrs. Brown. Don't talk about things that are none of your business. Just deal the cards, and play politely."

"Well I still think he is a little bit old for that," she said sternly.

Sue gave Matt a nod as if to tell him everything was ok.

"Just to let you two know, that I've changed enough diapers in my lifetime, and you can count me out!" Her face contorted, as she crossed her arms, after slamming the deck of cards down on her table.

"Mrs. Brown we are going to be going now. We'll try visiting you tomorrow when you are in a better mood." Sue took Matt by the hand, as was the habit of all staff with other patients, and guided him out of the room.

"It is going to take some time for you and the other patients to get to know each other. They are suffering from dementia and what not, and are a little slow. Excuse them for now, and don't keep any grudges. It's just part of the job," Sue said non-apologetically.

Just then Mrs. Brown came out of her room with her walker.

"I suppose the boy can visit me, even if he does wear diapers at his age." With that, she turned around in a huff, and went back into her room slowly, as her diaper crinkled in the background.

"Well then you might as well grab your things and head home now." Walking towards the office Sue gave Matt the clothes he wore initially to work, that were once soiled.

"We took the liberty of washing your clothes. Jessica says the last item she took from you will be in tomorrow's laundry. She even stuffed in a few extra diapers for you," she whispered softly.

"Did you enjoy your first day at work?"

"I'm not sure how to say it." Matt just blushed completely red with a smile, shifting in his diaper.

Laughing, "I think you are going to enjoy it here," grinned Sue.

On Matt's way out the door, Matt slipped on his oversized t-shirt again. He couldn't let everyone in public know he was wearing a diaper, like he obviously did at the nursing home. He grinned from ear to ear, somehow knowing that this had been one of the best days of his life, no matter how embarrassing it had been. It was like subconsciously, something was being fed and nurtured, like never before.

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