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Office Humiliation: New postion.

Well Im happy you like my undies Brett typed in his messenger window to an online Mistress friend he had been chatting with for the past few weeks. Love hearing about a man in lacy panties and garter belts was the reply that popped up. The two had been chatting while Brett was at work at his desk. Brett had a corner desk in a shared office of a successful modeling agency that allowed him to squander company time with online fun. The three women he shared the office were none the wiser to his antics as he typed away. Mistress Tracie grinned as she typed her responses to her boy. All she wanted was Brett to achieve orgasm so she could hatch her plan. This boy likes his lingerie and humiliation hmmm, well as soon as he gets off... he's going to have more then he can handle. So what would the ladies in your office think if they knew you were in such garments every day? Mistress Tracie typed. Oh I can't even imagine what they would think, I'd never live it down Ma'am. Brett typed his reply, as he would grind on his office chair feeling the silky panties on his member coming oh so close to climax. Tracie could 'feel' the excitement in Brett's actions as he typed. Come on, you can do it she thought at she typed an erotic string of words to him, her eye looking at her phone speed dial presets just hoping that today would be the day he came for her. Brett's teeth clenched as his body tensed and his member exploded in his panties flooding the silk, his body slumped slightly as his eye became clear. I'm um a little embarrassed, I seem to have Ummm 'wet' my panties. Brett typed as he took slow deep breaths. Tracie's eyes lit up as she grabbed the phone and pushed the speed dial button.

"Its done, go" was all she said in the receiver as she hung it up. Tracie then sat back and turned on the web cams she had secretly set up in Brett's office weeks ago when herself and Brett's 3 female coworkers came up with this plan. Brett sat at his desk in his soiled panties as he heard a knock at the door then 2 beautiful identical women came strutting in wearing over coats, dark glasses and carrying duffel bags.

"Is there a Brett Martin here?" the one asked. Brett's 3 co-workers smiled with delight and all pointed in Brett's direction. The 2 mystery women walked with purpose toward Brett as they shook off their coats. The one was wearing a short tight black latex dress that hugged her strong body like a second skin, her thigh high boots clicked with each step and her matching gloves made a scrunching sound as she flexed her fingers. The second woman had an identical outfit hugging her athletic body; only difference was hers was gleaming white. The two stood over Brett's desk looking menacing and then they spoke.

"Im Ecstasy" the one in white said, "and Im Agony" the Black clad woman said. In unison they both said: "Brett Martin, you have been charged by Mistress Tracie and we are here to give you your punishment. Brett's eyes went wide as the 2 women dragged him from his office chair, the one Agony expertly twisted his wrists in a martial art maneuver that had Brett's arms behind his back helpless as Ecstasy got in front of him and unbuckled his pants. Ecstasy grinned as she held his pants up and looked at the 3 girls in his office.

"Well lets see what we have" as she dropped his pants and exposed his pink lacy panties, matching garter belt and white stockings. Brett's face went beat red as the office girls broke out in hysterical laughter at his expense. Ecstasy turned and faced him with a sly grin and the gripped his member thru his panties and declared "This 'boy' has wet his panties"

"Ohh well that's a naughty 'boy' isn't it, what shall we do?" asked Agony. The 2 looked at each other and exchanged nods. Brett was then lifted by his wrist and spun about so he was face down bent over his desk, his arms angled up by Agony rendering him immobile. He felt a gloved hand slid over his pantied ass then a sharp SPANK stung his cheeks and sent a wave of smarting that had his legs dancing as Ecstasy spanked him. Laughter was all that was heard between SLAPS on Brett's ever reddeing ass. Then without warning he felt his panties pulled uptight wedging the silkiness between his sore cheeks and tighten on his wet member.

"Ohh what a nice red bottom" Ecstasy acknowledged as her black latex glove smoothed over the red ass.

"Not red enough" Agony said as she pointed to her duffel bag. Ecstasy chuckled as she walked over to the bad and removed a large leather paddle. Mistress Tracie's side were splitting as she watched on her various angled web cams, wet with excitement as every min was being digitally recorded on her hard drive. Ecstasy slinked toward Brett and bent over and whispered in his ear "Can you count to 100 little 'boy'?" as she started swatting his tender ass. Blubbering the count was torture as Brett danced his legs after feeling the blistering sting on his aching ass. After what felt like and eternity the paddling stopped and he felt his ass being rubbed.

"Well stand up 'boy,'" Agony told Brett as she released his wrists and stood him up.

"Awww you're crying" smirked Ecstasy as she dug thru her duffel bag. Agony stripped Brett of his shirt tie and garters and stockings leaving Brett standing dumbfounded and helpless in his wet panties. Ecstasy looked up at him and in a mocking tone declared "We can't have our 'boy' in wet panties, and well since he cant be trusted not to wet his panties we have these for him" and with that she produced a pack of adult diapers. Agony twisted Brett's wrist and laid him out on his desk blubbering and begging for this treatment to stop. His 3 co-workers were holding their stomachs with laughter as they moved in to get a better look. Agony pulled his panties down and had to comment on his shaved parts, "Looks like we have a baby smooth 'boy' here" the 5 women grinned as Agony cleaned Brett of with a sweet scented baby wipe. Brett cringed as he heard the package open and the 'crinkle' of the diaper. His uncomfort continued as his sore ass was presented as his legs were lifted and Agony applied a slap of baby oil that she rubbed deep into his tender raw skin. His body was lifted and the diaper slipped under his backside as baby powder was applied with a soft powder puff. Brett had tears slip down his cheeks as the diaper was taped in place and he was sat up.

"You know I think this 'boy' need some more attire and since we found him wearing panties... perhaps we should stop calling him 'boy' and well, dress him accordingly" Ecstasy flashed him a smile as she removed a pink baby doll dress, matching bib, bonnet, and booties. The dress was pushed over his head as the booties were tied on his feet. The final touches of the bib and bonnet were accented with an over sized pacifier that was popped in his mouth.

"That pacifier comes out and you'll learn to count to 1000, you hear me "sissy'" threatened Ecstasy. Brett stood up in his diapers and baby clothing and felt a 'flash' of a camera, as one of his co-workers took a digital pic of him then went to the computer another co-worker was typing away at.

"This is the pic I think," said the one to the other who moved her mouse about the computer, smiled and said, "yes Id say it is". With that she printed out a page that she held up for all to see.

"Our new account's spokes model" as she held up the pic that was a glossy magazine cover that red "Fetish Inspirations" with Brett in his diapers on the cover and underneath him red "Your man act like a baby? Treat him like one" Agony and Ecstasy grinned and Ecstasy said, "If you ladies will open your email accounts you'll see that Mistress Tracie has forwarded you the video of the events that happened today. And you'll also find Brett's email contacts if he decides he doesn't want to be your model" Brett looked down and sobbed at his predicament.

"The rest of his things are in the car for your next photo shoots, and from what I hear this Magazine is going to be hot, I already have my subscription and I know of many others who pre ordered theirs, and since it's a bi monthly mag... Brett will have lots of work to do." The girls came back in with a trunk of the said things Brett was going to need. The girl's eyes opened with excitement as they looked in the trunk and discovered vibratos, butt plugs, strap on dildos, restraints, countless sets of trashy lingerie and other fetish inspired tools and toys. At Agony and Ecstasy grabbed their coats they looked at Brett and smiled, "See you soon Bretty". Brett's eyes looked up with shock.

"Oh yes we forgot to say, we're now employees of this wonderful modeling agency, and its out job to prep the cover model. So buck up, cause we like true emotions of pain, humiliation, shame and all other emotions to jump off the cover, so we will be working with you a lot before each shoot. See you tomorrow." Brett couldn't believe what was happening to him and in frustration began to cry and stomp his feet. One of the office girls came up and swatted him on his diapered butt and said "You will be a good, obedient, and respectful employee from now on" and with that grabbed him by the ear and led him to a corner where she sat him down and gave him a baby bottle.

"Drink your lunch, be quiet and accept your new position in this company" Brett suckled at the bottle and leaned back in the corner defeated. He could only wonder what his new job would entail, he began to sob when he saw the next magazine cover text that read: "Enemas, great punishment, but how do the diapers hold up? We'll show you" The End.

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