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This is the story of a 36 year old businessman that needed some discipline one Saturday afternoon.

Opening Up It definitely stung when she hit me that time. My ass felt like it was being stuck by thousands of little pins that were hot as a poker. An involuntary puddle of drool was forming below my head on the floor and I tried to focus on the shape it was creating instead of my throbbing backside. Snot was hanging from each nostril and the tears that had spattered on the ground began to connect to form an even larger pool. It was my own fault, I deserved it, but it was not what I had planned to do with my hour of professional service...

The day had started out pretty normal. Got up, grabbed some coffee and headed into the office. When I stopped off for a sandwich at the local deli I noticed a stack of the local rag that had the personals and listings of, among other things adult services. I flipped through it while I waited for my turkey, bacon and cheese sandwich and noticed an unusual number of services in said category. Figuring that it was probably a little inappropriate to leaf through them at the deli, I tucked the paper under my arm, grabbed the sandwich off the counter and headed into the office.

Checking voicemails and other messages from the last couple of hours I skipped out on Friday afternoon was something I enjoyed to do on a Saturday.

It made me laugh that these people had called and wanted something at the last minute on a Friday. These were the same people that I wouldn't be able to reach for the first half of the week because they were sitting in their offices with their heads in their asses. After the general office nonsense was taken care of, I put in about an hour of work before I started thinking about the classifieds. Being the only one around gave me the opportunity to leisurely read through all the listings of "porn star visiting for the a short time" and "big busty blondes with hundred dollar early bird specials." Toward the end of the list I came across a listing for an open minded woman who offered a "stern hand" for the right individual, fantasy and fetish were welcome. It was a couple hundred dollars for the hour, but the details in the ad sounded inviting enough to at the very least make a phone call.

I began to wonder what it would be like to fulfill a fantasy or two with a complete stranger for a nominal fee considering what she was offering. Maybe I could kill two birds with one stone and get off on two levels. A woman that was open enough to offer what she was offering would certainly understand my fetish right? Hell, this had to be a tame request in comparison to some of the other things she had most certainly been involved with. I picked up the phone and dialed the listing. The fairly deep voice of a woman answered and I fumble for the words, "Hi, uh, yeah, I was, uh, calling, uh, about the ad in the paper?"

"Sure hun, what can I do for you?"

"Well, uh, I was uh, wondering if, uh, you were available today?" My voice cracked. It was hysterical to me that talking on the phone with people about contracts that totaled in the millions, didn't phase me a bit, but speaking to someone who I was sure had little education and lived life by the crotch of her pants, made me a blubbering idiot. After a few additional pleasantries and her assurance that she was not a cop I got her address and scheduled an "appointment" for 2:00. So much for getting a bunch of work done today.

I nervously tapped my foot as I thought about what I had just done. Just the act of making the call was erotic to me. The woman at the other end, Jessica she claimed, said she would be more than happy to "take control" for an hour session. I sat there with my cock as hard as a rock as I imagined what could take place. She wouldn't go into detail on the phone but said that as long as I didn't break any of her rules, which would be discussed upon arrival, I would have a great time. Sounded good to me.

Somewhere between hanging up the phone and getting to her place, which turned out to be only a few miles away, I got the idea that incorporating one of my fetishes was what I should do. The fetish is harmless enough, just had to stop by a medical supply store (a much less embarrassing situation than the local CVS) and pick up some disposable diapers, powder and wipes. I thought about taking off my clothes in front of this women and standing there in just a pamper. That thought alone stiffened my little guy up and gave me that really squishy feeling in my stomach and groin. I decided that there would be little to no work done the rest of the day, especially with a diaper change pending, so I headed out the door. The woman that worked at the medical supply store was nice enough, and under the impression that I had a problem keeping my pants dry. I made it a point to go in there the first couple of times with a pair of sweatpants that were just a little too tight to cover up my padded butt. She had been really nice when I had "accidentally" had my pants slide down in the back revealing the diaper.

Blushing to a nice shade of crimson seemed to elaborate the embarrassment just enough for pity. Since then she had been very nice to me, going the extra mile to make sure that I wasn't embarrassed by my infantile underclothes.

I got to her store just as she opened at noon and was greeted with a big smile and warm hello. If only this nuturing creature would offer to get me into some clean diapers, I thought. I picked up two bags of extra large adult briefs, some powder and wipes.

"I don't know how those things stay on you," she said as I put them on the counter.

"My Harold, bless his soul, was twice your size and wore a medium."

"Well, I end up doubling these up when I go to bed and I feel like they don't make as much noise under my pants."

"OK. Everybody's different I guess. Is that all you need today Kevin?"

"Yes ma'm, that'll do it. Thanks very much."

"Oh, you're very welcome. You have a nice day."

"Thanks, you too." The walk out of the medical store was always uplifting. No real reaosn for it, other than I knew that I would soon be in a diaper. I still had an hour and a half to kick around so I took to the road with no real direction. In no time I was out in the suburbs where everything was plastic and cheap, or in the process of being built to look that way. There was a housing community being built on the corner of a "major" intersection where bulldozers and construction trailers sat void of people for the weekend. I pulled onto the dirt entrance and drove toward one of three groupings of trees that had been saved on the lot. Maybe they just hadn't had the chance to cut them down yet, I thought cynically. This outcropping would provide just enough privacy. I reclined the seat as far as it could go and stripped my pants and boxers down to mid thigh. I reached behind the passengers seat and ripped open the top of one of the bags of diapers. Arching my back to get the thing under me was a chore in such small quarters, but in a short time I was strapped in. It only took a few seconds before I realized that I had forgotten the powder so I arched up again and dumped it down the front and back. The diaper had filed with a bit of air so as I plopped down into the seat, a puff of powder filled the inside of the car with the scent of a nursery. I grabbed another diaper from the bag and wrapped it over the first, tearing a hole in the crotch of the first one to increase the amount of liquid absorbed. Once I managed to get my boxers and pants up over the diapers I was back on the road for another hour or so of driving.

I stopped off at a convenient store that was tucked away in the back of a shopping center. It was a miracle that this place was in business, but a blessing that so few eople would be there right now. I hopped out of the car and quickly crossed the parking lot to the store. A couple of girls with Central Florida sweatshirts held the door open for me as they left. It was certainly my imagination but I thought about one of the girls noticing my diapers and following me into the store. Whe I turned to look, no such luck.

As I had thought, there were two people in the store not counting the clerk, so my anxiousness over being noticed started to subside. There was an older man at the counter that had some sort of hunting coat on and was methodically scratching lottery tickets as he leaned on the ice cream case.

When I got to the back aisle, the top of the head that I saw turned out to be a very large woman who appeared to be looking at the three options she had for pads. As I have become accustomed to, I was back there just to walk through and see if there were adult diapers. As I passed behind the woman I was sure to make the crinkle of my diapers audible by adjusting my pants. I then waddled slightly as I went by and stopped in front of a bag of attends disposable underwear. I shot her a glance and she looked away. She was more embarassed by my wearing diapers than I was and looked up only to give me a half smile and walk away. It was a turn on to know that she would go home and tell someone that she had just seen a grown man waddling through the store in a diaper. I grabbed a jug of gatorade, paid and left.

Considering the amount of coffee and gatorade I was drinking I figured my bursting bladder would be right on time for my appointment. It was about twenty minutes until the hour as I wound my drive down and began looking to a parking spot near Jessica's building. I had timed everything really well and the cramp in my stomach was getting worse and worse as I got into the elevator with a backpack over my shoulder. I went up to 6B as instructed and knocked on the door. The sound of a lock being unlatched came from the other side and the door swung open. She was hot. Not, knock dead gorgeous, cream in your pants hot, but had a really curvy body, big hips and was extremely sexy. She was wearing black pants, that tapered at the end and a silk blouse that revealed just enough of her ample breasts. Her hair was brown with hints of the sun's work and she had it pulled back into a ponytail that was tied just below her neck.

"Are you Carl?"

"Uh, yes."

"Well, come in."

"Thanks." As I walked past her the sound of my diaper seemed deafening. She closed the door, turned around and said" So, first things first, here are my rules. I am god in this apartment. If you make me uncomfortable, you leave. If you do anyhting that upsets me, you leave. If I decide that I don't want to be around you any more, you leave. You will respect me and my place. And you will pay the two hundred dollars up front." She continued on briefly about some of the things that we could do and about "safe words" and making sure that everyone showed respect and had a good time. I went over to the table and put the money down as she said, "Now drop your pants and lets see if you need to take a shower first, and I want to know your real name" I looked at her.

"Drop them, Lets see, I don't change dirty diapers." My jaw dropped, she knew right away.

"Well, my name is Kevin and I'm not dirty, but I'm a little-"

"Wet? OK- go change your diaper. The bathroom is over there."

"But I thought maybe-"

"No, you can put on a clean one if you want, but we're not going near each other until you're clean. And don't use any powder." This wasn't what I had planned. I was now embarassed by the diaper and wished I had just come over and had sex. Through all of this, I had a raging hard-on and really needed to blow the load. I took the diaper off and my ass was caked in wet powder- a real drawback to just dumping the powder down your pants. I decided that I had come this far, so I cleaned up and put another one on. As I walked out, she grabbed me by the wrist and pulle me over to a couch.

"You wanted a stern hand?"

"Yes, I-" She bent me over the arm of the couch and put her foot on my leg behind the knee, telling me how long it would be until I would be able to sit down. She proceeded to rip the back of the diaper down, exposing my ass. I knew the safe word but for some reason never said it. She beat my ass purple. I was crying and drooling all over the floor when she finally stopped.

"You wanted to have sex, didn't you?" she asked harshly. I managed a nod.

"Well, you're going to get it." She said, thrusting what felt like a baseball bat into my ass.

"You stay right where you are." She got up and strode into the other room. It was impossible, but it seemed like she had grown about two feet. This imposing figure re-entered the room in nothing but a g-string that had a ten inch dildo hangingoff it. Had the blood not all rushed to my head from the spanking, I would have turned white. Instead, I was stood up and led around to the back of the couch, my diaper falling to the floor.

"Please-" She hushed me and bent me over the back of the couch. I felt my asshole expand from the plug as I was pushed down. She pulled it out and I felt the wind enter my ass for the first time. She replaced it with the tip of the dildo that was covered in cold gell. The gell was soothing, the plastic cock in my ass was not. The next ten minutes were a blur, and my initial feeling of superiority over this woman lasted about a minute before I was reduced to her diapered bitch. She banged into me until I stopped crying and began moaning from being broken in. When she saw that I was beginning to enjoy it, she quickened her pace. The constant pounding from behind was all I was focusing on and had no idea that I had just soaked her couch with pee.

"Some one is going to have to wear those diapers for a while after this!" she yelled in my ear. All of a sudden, she discovered what I had done.

"You little bitch! I going to..." To be continued...

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