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Out of Control and Into Nappies

Chapter 1

"Emily dear, won't you come. oh! Emily! Are you doing it AGAIN!?" Emily didn't even look at her mum to reply, but just shrugged and continued watching TV, acting as if she didn't notice the rapidly expanding wet patch on her crotch. She of course did notice, but really couldn't be bothered doing anything about it. Her mother could only watch as she soaked her skirt and panties and eventually the expensive sofa that she had cleaned just yesterday! This had to stop.

Emily was a fairly normal schoolgirl, performing averagely in class and popular with most of her friends. She had one quirk however that her mother could not understand. Emily was incredibly lazy when it came to using the toilet, preferring not to have to get up if no one was around who mattered.

And not just the rare occasions when a bathroom was perhaps a little difficult to get to. Her mother had even found her in wet clothes after she had been brushing her hair in front of the bathroom mirror, about 1ft away from the toilet! At home, Emily would stay in her wet clothes until she decided to get changed for whatever reason. She never seemed to mind at all that her crotch was very often soaked, and she cared even less that her mother was constantly washing clothes, furniture and carpets. Sometimes she wet her bed, sometimes she didn't. For Emily it wasn't out of her control it was all just a matter of choice. And it was driving her mother mad, who had been cleaning up after her for some time. But no matter how much she tried to reason with her, shout at her and even cuddle her, she was unable to get through to Emily who just never seemed to care in the slightest. Now she was at her wits end.

"Emily! I can't believe you did it again! Don't you remember the chat we had last time?" Emily did remember the chat. She remembered lying to her mum just to get her to shut up. Now in her wet skirt and panties she just continued to watch TV and ignore her mother yet again.

"Emily are you listening? I thought you were supposed to be meeting your friends in a few minutes?" This did make Emily listen, who looked at the clock before jumping off the wet sofa and dashed upstairs. That made her give a damn didn't it, her mum thought angrily. Emily returned moments later in clean clothes only stopping to hand her wet clothes to her mum.

"Where are you going?" Her mum asked.

"Out." Came the reply with relatively little sincerity.

"What time will you be back?"

"Later." And with this Emily grabbed her coat and left the house, leaving the door open as she went.

"I can't take this anymore!" her mother yelled to herself "I know there's nothing wrong with her she's just being lazy!" she slowly walked back into the kitchen and made herself some tea. She began to cry.

"This isn't fair, why can't I have a normal teenager?" After a few more minutes sobbing she began to think. Maybe she wouldn't be so stubborn if she had something to lose. Well I know I'm not putting up with it anymore that's for sure! By the time she had finished her tea she had decided on the only reasonable solution, not just for her sanity but also for her daughters lapsed attitude.

At last she was ready to click the order button. Buying things over the Internet is easier than I would have guessed, she thought. It says the delivery will be made in 4 days and anything else I can get at the shops, so she has four days to get her act together otherwise... She sat for a while pleased with herself, when suddenly there was the sound of the door opening. Emily must be back her mother thought. As she walked down stairs to greet her daughter she found Emily taking her coat off with a large, wet patch on her jeans. This is new she thought.

"What did your friends say to that then?" she inquired, hoping that it had embarrassed her enough to get a reaction.

"They weren't with me on the bus ride home" came the answer. So there was nothing new after all.

"Four days" her mother menacingly called to her "that's all you have, four days to stop being stubborn" Once again Emily completely ignored her simply saying "Mum, what's for dinner?" Her mother would normally be enraged at this but now she had enough reason not to. That's right missy, you just keep being awkward and we'll see what happens, her mother thought as she moved to prepare dinner.

Well four days passed and despite numerous warnings from her mother Emily showed no signs of changing whatsoever. She even pooped herself one day at the dinner table and just left her soiled underwear on the bathroom floor for her mother to find. The fourth day arrived and with it came the usual Friday post. But this time, there was something different in the form of a large square package.

"Great!" her mother said to herself.

"Now we'll see what Emily has to say when she gets home from school!" She did not really plan what she intended to say or do; only imagining the impact it would have. However, it came to 5.30 in the evening and her mother had not heard Emily come home. She must have slipped in without me noticing she thought to herself. So she went up to Emily's room to check if she was there, and with her she took the package. Sure enough, there she was laid front down on her bed reading a magazine. A small damp area could be seen on the bed emanating from her.

"Emily dear" she said softly "do you remember what I've been saying to you for the last four days?" Her mother waited for a reply but none came "Well there are going to be some changes around here" and with that she dropped the package onto the bed, forcing Emily to turn and face her.

"That is, there are going to be some nappy changes" Emily could see now that there, sat on the bed, was a large pack of small white adult sized nappies. The pack had quite noticeably been opened. Emily's reaction was not as her mother expected.

"Whatever" she said in a low pitch "Why do I need nappies? I have control"

"Obviously you don't" her mother replied, taking one of the nappies out of the pack "now put this on" Emily began to sit up "You can't be serious?" she remarked sounding a little more concerned.

"Can't I?" said her mother "This has gone on long enough!" and she pointed to the wet patch on the bed.

"So I had a little accident, its not a big deal" Emily folded the covers to hide the wet spot "Emily." Her mother began to edge closer "You are going to wear this nappy one way or another" A mighty struggle followed next, as Emily's mum tried to force her into the nappy. Emily resisted her, screaming and shouting all the time and kicking the pack off the bed. Her mother braced her against the bed holding both of Emily's wrists with just one of her hands and pulled her skirt down. Emily kicked her off and began frantically trying to pull her skirt back. However, this just allowed her mother to grab hold of her and tug at her shirt, almost ripping it, until it flew off. In a desperate attempt to stop her mother, Emily let go of her skirt which fell to the floor leaving her vulnerable. Her instant reaction was to cover her front with her arms and she began to cry. Her mother seeing this pushed her daughter back onto the bed, whipped her wet panties off and grabbed the nappy she had been holding.

By this time Emily was feeling tired, vulnerable and defeated. Thus she could barely offer any resistance as her mother placed the nappy underneath her, pulled it over her front and taped up the sides. All the while Emily sobbed and struggled weakly. When the last was tape in place she gave in to exhaustion and just lay there, utterly defeated. Her mother patted her behind "There now, that wasn't so bad was it?" she said with a hint of cruelty. Emily could only continue to sob pathetically as her mother got up to leave the room. Before she opened the door she paused and turned back to her daughter who had slowly sat up.

"And that nappy stays on until I say otherwise, you hear?" despite Emily refusing to look up, her mother knew she was listening.

"If you prove to me that you have control by not wetting that nappy, I might be satisfied that you don't need nappies. Do I make myself clear?" She didn't wait for a reply before leaving the room and closing the door. Emily could only hang her head as the tears rolled slowly down her face.

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