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Out of Control and Into Nappies

Chapter 2

When her tears had subsided, Emily sat on her bed in silence trying to process what had happened to her. All she had on was a nappy. It bulged between her legs and felt snug around her waist. After what seemed like ages, she tried tugging at one of the tapes feebly but it was stuck tight and she didn't have the energy to pull any harder. Emily soon gave up and fell backwards onto her bed. There was a loud crinkle of her nappy. Emily burst out crying.

By now it was late in the afternoon and Emily had had time to get a feel for her new underwear and to calm down. O.k. she thought. My stupid mother doesn't know what she's doing, I don't need nappies and there's no way I'm wearing them. If I take this one off though it will just cause another scene, so all I have to do is stay dry and that'll show her I have control.

She wasn't about to let her mother beat her so she decided she would put on a brave face and act like she wasn't bothered. With this in mind she got up, wincing at the loud noise her nappy made, and started to get dressed. As she did so she quickly found that none of her jeans were going to fit over the bulky nappy so she had to settle for a long skirt (she did not want to give her mother the satisfaction of being able to notice her nappy). While she was getting dressed she noticed the opened pack still lying on the floor with some nappies scattered around, the label was facing up.

"Premium adult nappies" she read to herself "For very heavy incontinence, complete loss of control or those requiring 'special' care". Emily felt very embarrassed after reading this so she quickly gathered up the nappies and shoved the pack under her bed. Now she felt even angrier with her mum for putting her through all this, but mostly she was tired and miserable. No matter how much she tried to take her mind away from it all, she was constantly aware of what was between her legs, and she hated the feel of it.

But she wasn't going to let her mother get the better of her. When she had finished getting dressed Emily marched right down stairs to watch T.V with every intention of ignoring her mother. However this was not to be, because to get to the living room Emily had to walk through the kitchen and her mum was sitting down waiting for her.

"Emily dear, I hope you haven't taken your nappy off" came the voice of Emily's mother, blocking her before she could make it to the living room.

"Leave me alone mum, I haven't taken it off" she replied, thinking it best not to exacerbate the situation.

"Well we'll just see about that wont we" and with that she leaned over and lifted up her skirt, revealing the thick nappy underneath before Emily had time to react.

"Mum get off!" was all she could shriek as she tried to get to the door, but her mother kept a tight hold.

"I'm glad to see you didn't take it off" Her mother said "That must mean you want to wear the nappy"

"No! This isn't fair!" Emily was almost in tears as she said this. Her mother just chuckled.

"I want you to take this skirt off Emily so that I can check on you to make sure you don't tamper with your nappy" Emily did not like the sound of this so she struggled and tried to pull free but her mum just held on tighter.

"Emily dear, we don't want a repeat of upstairs now do we? There's a good girl" Emily knew she wasn't going to win if it came down to it, so she just bit her lip and did as her mother said, dropping her skirt onto the kitchen floor and then walking slowly into the living room. She tried to preserve some dignity but without her skirt to cover the nappy it was very difficult, especially since the obvious crinkling noise that the nappy made as she moved was now clearly audible. The first thing she noticed in the living room was that the curtains were wide open, so she hurriedly drew them to avoid being seen, since her nappy was almost fully exposed and her shirt did little to cover it. I just need to calm down she thought, this isn't going to last. So she sat down and turned the T.V on.

After watching T.V for a while she began to relax and even to forget about her situation that she hated so much, but part way through one of her favourite programs Emily felt an all too familiar feeling. It was a long time until commercial and she needed to pee. She was just about to let go without a second thought when she suddenly remembered what she was wearing and stopped herself. That was close! She thought. I have to hold it until I get my panties back; I have to show that I have control by not wetting this nappy! Emily came to the conclusion that she could hold on for a long time if she didn't lose concentration, so she decided she would go back to her room, as it was pretty late anyway. Once again though, as she passed through the kitchen her mother stopped her.

"Oh Emily, you're just in time for dinner. Have a seat at the table it will be ready in ten minutes" This sounded good to Emily who was pretty hungry by now, and she was sure her mum would let her take the nappy off after dinner. Ten minutes passed and her need to go was getting stronger, but she knew she could easily hold it until after dinner. Her mother had made a beef casserole with watermelon for desert, all of which Emily ate quite happily. Her mother had also given her a tall glass of cola that she drank as part of the meal without really thinking. After dinner was over Emily's full stomach weighed heavily on her bladder and she really needed to go. However, she was confident she could now be out of nappies so she asked her mum if she could take it off. The response almost brought tears to her eyes.

"Who said you would be getting out of nappies after dinner? Because I certainly didn't!"

"But please mum! I hate this!" she cried, "I don't need nappies, I can control myself!"

"Its barely been a few hours and you're whining like a baby already" her mother answered "I'm not satisfied that you've proved to me you really don't need them, so you'll be wearing them a bit longer" Emily just dropped her head and left the table to go upstairs while her mother continued "Don't forget, if you cant keep that nappy dry you'll have to wear another two before I let you wear normal underwear again" Emily was distraught! She never said that before! Emily thought. She was just about to turn around and protest but then thought better of it. And besides, surely she would be able to hold it for a few more hours at least, and she could go to bed soon anyway. Then it would have to come off.

Emily got to her room and slumped onto her chair. It was just after eight o'clock. If I go to bed at ten then I only have two hours to wait and that'll be no problem Emily thought. But just to be sure, I'll sit here nice and still so I cant possibly have any accidents. And so she sat quietly on her chair listening to some music for two hours. More than once she had to stop herself from just letting go while listening to the music, as she was so used to doing before now. But she managed to last and at ten o'clock she got up and went back down stairs.

"Goodnight mum" She said, "looks like we won't be getting much more use out of those nappies" said Emily, now with an air of victory about her that showed in her tone of voice.

"How come?" Her mother said, determined to make her daughters victory short lived.

"Because I'm going to bed now" said Emily sounding worried once more "and I'm dry"

"You might be dry now dear" came the reply "but you know you wet the bed sometimes so you'll be keeping that nappy on until I've checked you in the morning. Then and only then can you take it off" Emily was just about to protest when her mother interrupted "Do I make myself clear young Lady?"

"But." was all that Emily managed "I said do I make myself clear?"

"Yes mum" came the defeated half-hearted response "Then off to bed with you. Goodnight dear, see you in the morning" She planted a kiss on her daughter's forehead then patted her nappied behind as she turned to go upstairs. She was fairly certain that her plan to humiliate her daughter into acting responsibly was working like a charm.

Emily lay in bed unable to sleep from sheer discomfort. She needed to go quite desperately now but was still able to hold on. Her determination was commendable. I'm gonna be hard pushed to make it through tonight! She thought. But if I can just hold out until morning this will all be over and I'll be out of nappies forever. As she laid there, resolute in her conviction and curled up to give her the best possible chance, she drifted off to sleep.

Emily dreamt that she was standing on top of a steep cliff. Dark storm clouds raged in the sky above her as far as she could see. Thunder crashed, lightning struck and fierce winds howled all around her. Emily felt extremely frightened and desperately uncomfortable. Suddenly the clouds erupted, and a torrent of rain cascaded from the sky in a mighty deluge and before long everything in sight was flooded, except Emily, who lay curled up atop the cliff shivering with fright. At long last the rain subsided, the clouds parted and sunlight began to gleam down onto Emily, who now felt very calm and relaxed at the storm being over.

She awoke feeling happy and refreshed. It was a Saturday morning and a beam of sunlight was projecting onto her wall having entered through a crack in between the curtains. She looked at the clock, 8.16am. It suddenly dawned on her; she had made it through the night without wetting.

"I did it!" she exclaimed. Ecstatic thoughts ran wild in her head. I proved to my mum that I have control, despite being forced into a nappy for over 14 hours! And what's more, I feel great! I don't feel the need to go at all. She felt like she had the energy to run for the entire day she was so happy. First things first though she thought. Emily tried to sit up, but stopped dead. There was something heavy between her legs. All the energy drained from her as she felt her crotch with her hand. That's why she didn't feel the need to pee.

The nappy bulged as she touched it, and it was soaking wet. Emily sank back down into her bad. It all made sense now; she had needed to go so badly that she'd wet the nappy in her sleep. She couldn't believe how she'd gotten her hopes up. A single tear rolled down her cheek but she quickly wiped it away and sniffled. A few moments later she heard the one voice she did not want to hear "Emily dear, will you come down stairs. Your breakfast is on the table" her mother called "I'm not hungry," replied Emily, which was true. She didn't want to eat a thing "Nonsense dear, you have to have some breakfast. Come down stairs"

"Really mum, I'll get something later I promise" Emily was clutching at straws now. But it hadn't seemed to work, as she could hear her mother making her way up the stairs.

"Emily, I wont tell you again. You come down stairs right now or I'll come in and drag you down." By now her mother was stood outside her door and Emily needed to make sure she wouldn't come in.

"Fine, fine! Just let me get dressed first o.k?" said Emily, trying frantically to find the dry nappies.

"Oh no you don't. You will come downstairs with your nappy showing so that I can see you haven't tampered with it during the night. Do you hear me?" her mother knocked once on the door for effect.

"O.k. o.k. Just a minute." she answered, fumbling around.

"No Emily, you have 10 seconds to get down those stairs, and if you're not out of your room by the time I get to the kitchen I'm turning right back around to drag you down and worse" Emily knew that tone in her mothers voice, and she knew it meant business. She mused for a few seconds in the middle of her bedroom floor, holding a dry nappy in her hands. She hated just to look at it, but she wanted more than anything to put it on to fool her mother. However, Emily could hear her mother's footsteps descending down the stairs and she did not want to make her angry. So she let the nappy fall to the floor, leaving it wherever it landed, and walked out of her room. She made sure she closed the door loud enough for her mother to hear it.

As she trudged down the stairs, Emily tried to remain on top of things. So I'll have to wear two more nappies, big deal! All I have to do is keep them both dry and that'll be no problem. Despite desperately trying think positively, Emily was having a hard time believing her own thoughts. She slowly entered the kitchen, keeping her gaze on the floor. Her nappy sagged heavily. Emily's mother approached her, even though it was quite clear she was wet, and ran a finger along the inside of her nappy to check. Emily could only look away in embarrassment.

"Well dear, it looks like you do need nappies after all. You obviously have no control."

"That's not fair!" Emily managed, both upset and angry with her mothers cruelty.

"Its not fair?" responded her mother "You can't seriously try to tell me that you do have control, when your nappy is quite clearly wet! Is that what you're saying?" Emily could only kick at the floor.

". Yes" she mumbled, not knowing what else to say. She still focused on the floor by her feet.

"Oh really? Then that must mean you wet your nappy on purpose like."

"No! Mum that isn't fair!" Emily interrupted, but her mother just continued ". like a stubborn little child. Either way you obviously can't manage without nappies so you'll be wearing another two just like I promised yesterday. Now sit down and eat your breakfast" and with that, she walked over to the fridge to get some milk. Emily was experiencing a range of mixed feelings and emotions, one of which was sadness, but the most dominant was discomfort. She knew this was probably the worst time to say anything but she thought she had to.

"Um, mum?" she asked quietly "What is it now Emily? If you're trying to make excuses its not going to work!"

"No, its um. can I have a dry one now?"

"What was that? Speak up dear I didn't quite hear you. You want a what?" Emily knew her mother was just playing her, but she was passed caring.

"A nappy." She managed "Can I put on a dry nappy now please? I want to change out of this wet one"

"Firstly dear, no you can't. You will stay in that nappy until I say otherwise. And secondly, I will be the only one changing anything around here. After you've finished breakfast I'll put you in a dry one, o.k?" Emily was not o.k at all, and she couldn't contain herself any longer! She threw the biggest tantrum that her mother had ever seen in her life.

"Mum! This is so unfair!" She shouted and stamped her feet "You forced me into nappies and now you're trying to treat me like a baby! I'm only wearing one because you attacked me yesterday, and I only wet it because you wouldn't let me take it off! I don't need nappies! I have control! And you're not changing me! You're not, you're not, you're not!" She ran over to the table, and sat down with her arms folded. She was crying her heart out.

"Emily! You stop making that racket and calm down right now! I've never seen such a big baby!" Her mother quickly moved to the table and sat down opposite her.

"Alright Emily, you can change your own nappies. But only when I say so and you have to take responsibility for it, understand?" Emily nodded her head without looking up. Through her tears she was actually surprised, she didn't expect her mother to give in to anything. In fact she thought she was in for another forced change.

Breakfast was over shortly, and Emily asked if she could go change. After sitting in a soaking wet nappy all through breakfast, she was beginning to feel less uncomfortable in it. And although she thought she would probably get used to it after a while, she didn't want to. Her mother stopped her once more.

"Emily, you should take these with you" She handed her a tub of baby wipes, some baby powder and some nappy disposal bags.

"Now Emily, I'm trusting you here, I really should be the one doing it but I'm giving you a chance. I want you back down here in no more than five minutes in a clean nappy, otherwise you'll be in nappies for the next month at least and you'll never change yourself again."

"I understand," replied Emily, knowing that was coming next anyway. She took the wipes, the powder and the bags and hurried upstairs, knowing she didn't have much time to do everything she intended to.

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