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Written by Alex402 and Janice1223. Rewritten 12/97 by Janice

I waited up half the night for Patti, my 25 year old daughter to get home.

It really angered me that she would defy me and show such disrespect. Oh, I suppose you're wondering why should I care, after all she is old enough right?..Well let me explain a few things so that you might understand the situation. Patti had left home when she was 18. She thought she was a big girl and decided that she could make it on her own. After seven years out on her own, she decided she could no longer support herself and survive by herself. She had been living with a man, twice her age, and he had got her started on drugs. Well as a result, her life for the past seven years was a living hell.

Patti had ended up in jail and a rehab center. Once released, she called me and asked me reluctantly if she could come back home. Being the loving father that I am, I told her she could move back in. I also told her very sternly, that if she came back home, she would be living under the same rules she lived under prior to her departure. In other words, the same rules that she had to obey as a child. Well Patti, was in such a bad mess, she agreed with reluctance. Apparently she didn't give the matter a lot of thought. She was going to regret moving back in.

Patti, was a very pretty girl, when she had left home. She was 5'6", about 125 pounds, long auburn hair, with green eyes. But When I came to pick her up she looked like she hadn't eaten in over two weeks, her long beautiful hair, was cut short, well above her shoulders, and she looked as if she only weighed 100 Lb.. She looked skinny as a rail. She needed to be back home where she knew her parents would take good care of her. How quickly she had forgotten about all of the rules of living at home again.

Just after two weeks at home, I discovered one day that she took my car without my permission, and noticed a big scrape on the side. Well she soon was reminded of the rules again. My wife and I agreed that enough was enough. We were constantly picking up her clothes, cleaning the microwave and kitchen after her mess, doing her laundry and cleaning her room, which was always filthy. The bathroom was left with toothpaste and soap scum, hair spray strewn about and her makeup messing up the sink. She was worse than a small child!....

It was 1:30 am before Patti decided to get her butt home that night. She tried to sneak in without being noticed, but I was waiting up for her. I kept the lights off, because I knew she would try something like that. Boy, was she surprised when she saw me standing in the hall with my arms fold waiting for her.

"Daddy!, what are you doing up?"

"Why I'm waiting for my little girl to get home.

" I said. Patti stood and looked at me with her little girl eyes pleadingly, "But Daddy you didn't need to do that, I'm a big girl now. I can take care of myself. Well Daddy, as you can see I'm home safe and sound, there wasn't any need for you to worry." She walked up to me, reached up and kissed me on the cheek, and said "Good night Daddy, I need to go to bed, and get some sleep." As she turned and started to walk away, I reached out and took hold of her upper arm turning her towards me and said, "Not so quick Patti, we need to have a little talk about a scrape that's on the side of my car. Do you happen to know how that got there? And I also noticed that the gas tank was very low. I thought maybe you might know something about this?" As I was saying this to her, I could see her eyes were getting bigger, she couldn't look me in the eye and she was slowly trying to pull away.

By this time, her mother had woken up and came out where we were discussing Patti's situation.

"Isn't it past your bedtime Patti?..What are you doing out so late?.." Patti ignored her, so I turned to my wife.

"Margaret, it seems our little girl here is doing as she pleases and not obeying the house rules, so it's time we reminded her about her behavior and took the steps to see to it that she becomes a good little girl." Patti was elusive, thought angry about the references to her acting like a child. She knew the rules and tried to change the subject.

"Ah, Daddy, I don't know any thing, really. And I really need to get to bed. So please let me go." As she was talking I was walking her into the dining room. I stopped by the side of the dining table and picked up a chair, turning it around. Patti's eyes watched my every move, and started to back away, but I held tight.

"Daddy, what are you doing, you can't be serious?...., your not going to do what I think you are about to do, are you????"

"Oh, yes I am, young lady! I told you that when you moved back home, you would be subject to all of the same rules as before you left home in the first place. And since you don't follow the rules, you are going to get punished appropriately. And we shall start with a good old fashioned spanking young lady!" I said. Patti fought a bit and muttered, "My God, daddy, I'm a grown woman now, I'm 25 years old, and too old to get a spanking! Now let go of me!!...I refuse to let you touch me!...." Patti said. Looking Patti directly in the eyes, I told her, "Well okay then Patti, I will let you go, but that means you will be moving out of this house tomorrow morning, right? Because as long as you live here in my house, you will do as I say, and if not, you will then cooperate with your punishment.

Now you have a choice Patti, either you take the spanking you have coming to you, or you can find another place to live, it's that simple." Margaret stood by with a smirk on her face. Patti was backed up to the corner and had to make a decision quickly. Patti just stood there in a daze, not saying a word, and looking downcast sullenly. She knew that she didn't have any other place to go, except back on the streets and she didn't want that. As she continued to stand there, she started looking around the room as if someone was going to come to her rescue, shifting from one foot to the other and her arms hanging down to her side. I was growing impatient and said sternly, "Well Patti, what's it going to be, I don't have all night." There was a slight pause and then she said, "God, you don't really give me much choice, so can't you find another way to punish me, I mean come on dad, I'm 25 years old! A spanking, that's so unreal, to think that you would even consider spanking me." I gave her a stern look and reeled back, "But as we both know young lady, that's just the beginning and we will carry out all of the discipline, I assure you!..." Taking Patti by both arms, I stared her in the eyes and said, " Patti, once again, when you asked to come home, I told you it would be by my rules and my rules alone, now either you take the spanking, or find another place to live." Patti didn't say a word, she just let her arms hang lose, looked me in the eyes and said, "Daddy this isn't fair! And you know I don't have any place to go, so I guess I will have to agree to your silly old rules, and take a spanking!..But I warn you, if you try anything funny with me, I'll report you to the authorities." I ignored this last comment. Before Patti came home, Margaret and I sought custody and Patti was released to us and would be her legal guardians. In other words, she had the status of a child, not a prim and proper twenty five year old woman.

Patti's face didn't have that happy look about her, as I sat down in the dining chair. I took hold of her hand and forced her to stand straight in front of me. Margaret stood behind her just in case. I reached up for the snap on her jeans, as she jumped back and said, "NOO way dad, you aren't going to take my jeans down!" Margaret now held her by her shoulders.

"OH YES I am Patti, and your panties are coming down also, for your rudeness.

This isn't some game we are playing, you know I always gave you your spankings are given on the bare bottom." Margaret grabbed her wrists and forced her to raise her arms above her head, so she wouldn't interfere. Patti just gave just looked at knowing full well that her jeans and panties were coming down, so she just stood there as I unfastened her jeans and slid them down to her knees.

She was standing there in front of me, head hanging down, hands folded in front of her, with her jeans down to her knees. Taking her by the hand, I pull her until she was laying across my lap. Her legs were stretched out, and her body was laying across my right leg. I placed my left hand on her back, and with placing my right hand down on her soft pantied covered bottom, I said, "Well Patti how does it feel being across your daddy's lap again, it's been quite a few years, hasn't it, my girl."

"OHHH Daddy, please don't spank me, I'm too old to be treated this way." Patti said. I raised my hand in the air and brought it repeatedly across her pantied bottom.

She jerked and jumped, but I held her tight. It felt kind of funny at first having Patti across my lap again, it's been seven years since I had her in this position. And just like before, she started her promising to be good.

"I know SMACK!! that SMACK!! you won't ever SMACK!! SMACK! SMACK!! be naughty SMACK!! SMACK!! again young lady. SMACK!! SMACK!! SMACK!! By the time I'm SMACK!! SMACK!! finished with SMACK!! you, you won't be SMACK!! SMACK!! sitting down SMACK!! for a SMACK!! SMACK!! week!"

"OWWW! God Daddy, it really hurts, please stop!" Patti was squirming across my thighs, trying all her might to get up, so I reached down and pulled her right arm up behind her back. Then I took the waist band of her panties and lowered them down to below her ass cheeks. Margaret took the cue and pulled them completely off. She then said, "Patti, you have been very rude towards your dad and your use of the English language is deplorable. perhaps you need something to think about!..." With that I stopped her spanking momentarily as Margaret grabbed her by the hair and Patti opened her mouth extra wide, just in time for Margaret to stuff her solid panties deep within her mouth.

Patti coughed and tried to spit them up, but Margaret slapped her and pushed her head back down and I resumed her spanking.

I could see that her ass was already turning red, but not red enough to please me. Holding her arm with one hand, I began an assault on her bare bottom.

"Patti, I'm SPANK!!! SPANK!!! so SPANK!!! ashamed of you SPANK!!! SPANK!!! to have to put you SPANK!! back SPANK!! across my lap SPANK!! SPANK!! like a five SPANK!! SPANK!! year old SPANK!!" Patti, was really screaming her lungs out, "OWWWW! GODDD! DADDYYY! PLEASEEEE!!, MY BUTT IS HURTING!! I CAN'T TAKE ANY MORE!!" I gave her another twenty-five good hard spanks on each ass cheek, then I stopped. I patted her by now very red butt and told her to get up stairs, take a shower, get her pajamas on and get to bed.

She slid off my lap like a wet rag, I took a hold of her shoulders helping her to her feet, big tears streaming down her face, she was deeply embarrassed and picked up her jeans as she was told and couldn't face either her mother or me. It looked as though she was about to say that she was very sorry, but didn't. Remembering how I use to treat her, when she was a little girl, I said, "Wait Patti, there's one more thing we need to do." I let go of her and told her to wait, and I would be right back.

Going into the kitchen, I returned with the bottle of Castor Oil and a table spoon. Patti looked up and when she saw the bottle, of Caster Oil she gasped, and said, "OHH NOO DADDY, NOT THAT TOO!" I didn't say a word, just walked over to her side, took the cap off the bottle, and poured out a table spoon full.

"Open wide," I said to Patti. She held her head up, but refused to open her mouth as she realized just how bad this little girl medicine was, so Margaret helped her along by pinching her nostrils tightly, forcing her mouth open. I held the spoon up to her mouth and pushed it in. She choked and gagged as the castor oil made it's way down her throat. She added a soft moan, and the look on her face, was something like you would see in a horror film. For extra measure, I gave her a second dose and she nearly threw up. This delighted both Margaret and I.

I gave her a hug and kissed her on the forehead, and told her "Off to bed now, because there's more punishment coming to you tomorrow. This was just a light spanking to let you know, that you are not too old to be spanked, and you also should remember the other part of your regular punishment."

"Oh no dad, you can't be serious, your not going to give me an enema also!"

"Yes Patti, you know that routine by now, for when you get spanked and the Castor Oil, there's an enema to follow the next day, plus more spanking. If it was earlier in the day, you would get all of the above at once!....Now off to bed young lady or we will have another spanking for you now!" Margaret and I sat down to discuss Patti's continued breaking of the house rules and came up with a new one. This punishment would definitely guarantee peace and quiet in the household and see to it that she stays in the house.

Margaret laughed and nodded. Patti was in for another surprise real soon. We also decided to enact a clothing humiliation that we had used when she was younger and that worked very well. She would not like this at all. She probably thought that we had forgot all about it.

By the time morning came around, Patti had already been up and gone shopping with some of her friends , boy was I mad. She knew that she had more punishment coming, but she left anyway. Was she ever going to get it now!! The next morning, Patti was not in her bed when i checked at 9AM. She was gone and I was angry. She was really in for it now!....I had my breakfast and made a few calls. Then I heard a car pull into the driveway and walked up to her room to await her presence.

I sat in a big over-stuffed chair when I saw the door open and Patti came walking in. She looked at me with a surprise, but didn't say a word, for she knew it wouldn't do her any good. I got up and walked over to her, taking her chin in my hand, pulling her face up looking at me.

"Patti, I'm now going to finish your punishment, you have been a very naughty girl." She just looked into my eyes with a pout, she said, "Daddy, please, my bottom is sooo red and it hurts something awful. Can't you please let me off? I learned my lesson, really!....I will do anything you and mom say." I think Patti knew by the look in my eyes that she was talking to deaf ears. I let go of her chin, turned and walked over to her big chair, turning it around with the back of it facing us.

Looking back at her I said, "Patti, I know that your bottom is very sore and red, but you not only disobeyed me, but you also lied to me. I feel that you need to be taught a very good lesson and a hand spanking is not quite enough." I went over to Patti's closet, opened the door, and pulled out her own black belt. It was about 25" long, 1/4" thick and about 2 1/2" wide. I walked back to her side telling her that I was going to use her belt, so she would be reminded about this belting when ever she wore it.

But first, she was going to get an enema, just like when she was a little girl. Here it was just 11:30AM and I was in my grown daughters room about to give her an enema and a belting! I didn't think I would ever be doing this to her again, not after all of these years.

"Patti, I want you to get undressed completely, just like when you were little."

"But DAD, I'm 25 years old, I'm not going to get naked in front of you!" All I had to do was look her straight in the eyes and said, "Patti do it now!" She was angry now.

"Where's mom?..." I laughed.

"Mom's away for the day, she won't save you now!..." And she knew that I was getting mad. So off came her shirt, tight jeans, and shoes, she hadn't been wearing a bra. She just stood there in her little pink panties with her arms trying to cover her small but firm breast.

"Patti, I expect those panties to be off and you on the bed on your tummy , when I get back in here with the enema, is that understood?"

"Yes daddy," is all Patti said, staring down at the floor.

I walked over to Patti's coat rack and carried it back over to the side of the bed. I picked up the enema bag from the floor where I had laid it, when I had to spank Patti earlier. I went to the bathroom and prepared the solution. I added liquid Ivory soap and castor oil to make her cramping severe and mixed it up before pouring it into the bag. The room was very silent now, except for me hanging the bag on the coat rack, was all that could be heard. Patti had a look of fear on her face. I picked up the jar of Vaseline, took off the lid, took the enema nozzle, a six inch douche nozzle with a fluted tip and stuck the tip of it in the jar of Vaseline.

Also putting my finger in the jar, I scooped up a little of the Vaseline, and smeared it all over the nozzle, making it slick and shine. I reached over and patted Patti on her bare bottom and said, "Well dear are you ready for you enema?" She made a little whimper and said, "NO!....AND I DON'T DESERVE ONE EITHER!..YOU CANNOT KEEP TREATING ME LIKE THIS!...." I slapped her bare butt and continued getting her punishment ready.

"STOP THE FUSS RIGHT NOW YOUNG LADY OR ELSE!...." Patti whimpered and relented, crying.

"Yes daddy!.." I could see now, that Patti had submitted to me, and wasn't going to give me any more fuss.

Sticking my finger back into the jar, I took some more of the Vaseline out and put my hand down to Patti's bare ass cheeks. With my fore finger and thumb, I spread her ass cheeks as wide as I could and placed several of my fingers with vaseline in between them. Patti made a soft low moan, as she felt my cold greased tight little asshole. I moved my finger around the outside of her asshole, and slid my finger tip inside of her little rose bud.

Working my finger in a little further, I pushed it all the way inside her.

Letting her get used to it, I just held it still, not wanting to hurt her.

Patti, moved her butt around and told me it hurt, and said, "OH DADDY, PLEASE! TAKE YOUR FINGER OUT!" I told her just a little more and than she let my finger slide almost all the way out and then pushed it back in a little, just to make sure she was open and ready for the nozzle.

Pulling my finger out all the way, I replaced it with the tip of the enema nozzle. I held the tip right up next to her opening, and let just the tip slide in.

"OHHH! DADDY! NOOO!" is what you could hear Patti say, as I slide the nozzle all the way in.

"Now just relax, honey and it won't take long. It's been awhile since you had one of these and it might take some getting use too. And if you are going to remain living here, you will have to get use to taking them more often." I said to Patti, as I reached over to the clip on the hose. Releasing the clip with one hand, I put my other down on to Patti's ass cheek.

"Ohh! GAWD! NOO!! DADDY!!, PLEASE STOP!!" I knew then, that the warm soapy water was flowing into her bowels, for the first time in over seven years.

"Okay baby, just relax and it will be over before you know it."

"I'm only treating you this way, because you acted like a naughty little girl, and you know, that when you act like a child, Daddy has to treat you as such." I told her. Patti was moaning from the pressure of the water and the Ivory soap filling her bowels and stomach. The addition of the castor oil added to her torment and made retention difficult and increased her cramping. I could tell she didn't like this one bit. I look up at the bag and noticed that over half of the bag was empty, now. My 25 year old daughter, who thought she was too big for this, is now laying her on the bed getting her bottom filled with an enema. Boy, wasn't this a sight to behold. I thought to myself.

"Daddy! PLEASE! IT'S MAKING MY STOMACH HURT! CAN'T YOU STOP NOW?" I moved my hand over to her now swollen stomach, and rubbed it for her, "Just a little more, baby, and it will be over." I said to her. Letting the enema bag empty into her, I slowly took the nozzle out of her asshole.

"Okay, honey, that part is over, I want you to just lay there and hold it for a few minutes."

"Oh please daddy, I feel like I have to go!", Patti told me. I looked at my watch, I wanted her to hold it for at least a couple of minutes.

"Just another minute, honey and than you can go. I want this to be something you will remember. And hope that you will be a good daughter from now on." After waiting another minute, I patted Patti on her bottom and said, Okay, you can go now." Patti jumped up off that bed in a flash, holding onto her stomach all the way to the bathroom. I gave her a couple of minutes, and knocked on the door and said, "Patti, I want you to get cleaned up, and then put your pajamas on and meet me back in your room." I could hear her mumbling now. I smiled. Pajamas?...At 11:30a.m.?......She must have been wondering why! I gave Patti about ten minutes to get cleaned up, before I returned to her room. When I entered, she was sitting on her bed in her pajamas, reading a book.

"Those aren't the pajamas I had in mind young lady"...I held up the clothes I had selected for her to wear and she pouted.

"You remember then what we used to make you wear to behave don't you?..Well your right!..These are your punishment tights and this is what you will wear from now on in this house!...Maybe then you won't gallivant all around with your friends.

Little girls belong at home and your tights will see to that!...." Patti shook her head no and with an angry expression on her face. I smiled, Oh yes!...You will wear these after your strapping!..."

"Patti, I want you to go over to your chair, pull your pajama bottom's down all the way to your feet and bend over the back of it." She looked at me not saying a word, but just did as I said.

"Now Patti, I'm going to spank you with this belt and I don't want any fuse from you. Now stretch up on your toes and lean over, I want that bottom of yours up high." I stood there looking at my little girl submitting to her deserved punishment. Her little bottom was sticking right up ready for me to begin. I walked to her side with the belt doubled over and told her I was going to begin.

I held the buckle end in my right hand, stretched the other end out with my left, raised it up above my head and brought it down across both of her ass cheeks, right in the middle. She Tensed up, sucked in a mouth full of air, and then laid back down. I saw a bright red strip appear where the belt had just landed. I raised the belt again, and delivered another. WHAP!! WHAP!! WHAP!! Patti, could not stay down, she jumped up reaching back with both hands grabbing both of her ass cheeks.

"OWWWWW! DADDYYYY!!! PLEASE!!! I CAN"T TAKE IT!!!" I heard her words being said through her tearful pleas.

She half turned and looked at me. I could see tears running down her face.


"Turn around Patti and bend back over the chair, I'm not finished." With her eyes full of tears, she slowly did as I said. WHAP!! WHAP!! WHAP!! "Am I going WHAP!! to WHAP!! WHAP!! have you in WHAP!! WHAP!! here again WHAP!! for WHAP!! this?" Patti could not answer me, she was laying over the chair bawling her eyes out.

I helped her up, took her over to her bed, and I sat down and took her onto my lap. She just sat in my lap holding onto me crying her heart out. Big tears were running down her cheeks. I was patting her on the head and saying, "It's okay, Patti, you're still Daddy's little girl." After we sat there for a few minutes, looked into Patti's eyes and said, "Now remove your pajamas this instant".

She looked quite flushed and embarrassed as she removed the pajamas and placed them neatly on the bed. Then she pulled on the white Barbie panties with red elastic and the Dark Pink turtleneck with long sleeves. She was not allowed a bra as I told her that little girls aren't allowed such things.

She sat on the bed and pulled up the red nylon tights and stood as I helped her stretch them up over her red and inflamed buttcheeks. I stretched the elastic waistband to annoy her and checked the fit. I know that this annoyed her to no end, so I made sure I was thorough and concise. I then helped her put her shoes on. To treat her so childishly gave me a feeling of superiority over her as I used a shoe horn to guide on her black patent platform tie shoes and tied them with little childish bows. Now she whimpered again...She hated wearing tights and I knew it!...

"But daddy!...I hate wearing tights, it's so childish and the turtleneck is too short to cover even the elastic waistband. What if my friends or relatives come over?..Oh daddy!..." I smiled at her and said, "It's too late for that Patti. You will be tights punished for your own good! Besides your mother and I are tired of you walking around in your tight pants. Now you will wear tights instead. Your mother will pack away all your tight pants and give them away to the Salvation Army". I then stated, "This is your punishment for lying and betraying me. Now go and stand in that corner with your hands on your head. I accompanied her to the corner and left the room. As I stood at the door, I had a good laugh at her!....With her hands on top of her head, not only was the waistband of the tights in view, but a good part of her bare back above her belly button, I laughed at the reinforced crotch and seam up her backside and those extra tight and one size too small Barbie little girl cotton panties. She was very uncomfortable and humiliated. She was fidgety and acting irritated at the childish manner in which I treated her.

"Unless you want another enema young lady, I suggest that you stand straight and not to make any noise, Is that understood? Patti stomped her foot on the floor.

"OK, I guess you'll need a thorough cleansing after lunch then, right?..." She didn't answer and stood straight, so the message must have hit home.

I went downstairs and as I entered the parlor, I noticed a car pulling up!..It was Cynthia, a friend of my wife and her 20 year old daughter Pam. I greeted them at the door and invited them both in. I knew they had a lunch date with my wife but unfortunately was detained in traffic. I invited them in and they began preparing lunch. I excused myself and went upstairs to get my daughter, as she was still facing the corner. I snickered to myself at her appearance.

"Just like when she was a young girl.", I thought.

"The laughs and talk about her at a birthday party was rightfully received. There was Patti attired in red tights, white panties and a dark green turtleneck and her clumsy tie shoes forced to greet our friends and relatives. I would use the same reason as I did then!...That would do the trick!...." I then entered her room and spun her around. Placing my hands on her shoulders, which forced her to look me straight in the eye, I said, "Now Patti, you will come downstairs for lunch now, understand?..." She looked me tearfully in the eye and took my hand. I surmised that she didn't know anyone else was in the house, as I wanted her to feel humiliated and ashamed, as well as surprised. I made her walk ahead of me downstairs to greet our guests. She reluctantly did so and we went straight into the kitchen. Patti was in shock as she saw the both Cynthia and Pam standing there, staring back at her and just as surprised!....She jumped and immediately turned around, but there was nowhere to go for I blocked her way!.... The ladies giggled as they looked at her and Pam being very curious spoke up!...."HELLO PATTI! (giggle)...Nice tights!...Shouldn't you be properly attired??..." I think at this point both ladies noticed the Barbie panties too, but wasn't sure. Patti's face turned red with humiliation. I laughed at this and responded, "Well I warned her that I was having guests over and she apparently didn't care until now, so she will stay dressed this way!...." Patti looked at me with daggers in her eyes. Pam laughed and held her hand to her face!....

Patti balked and moaned.

"Don't let them see me this way!..dammit I'm not a little kid anymore. This is soooo humiliating!. Laughter filled the room.

Then I grabbed her by the arm and sat her down at the table. I made her sit in a higher chair, one that I used for cutting hair, so she would be seen in her punishment attire for all of our amusement. This chair had a locking tray that I rarely used and decided to leave off, so we could get a perfect view of her. Pam stuck her tongue out at her in a snotty little girl way and snickered. I whispered to Cynthia, she then smirked and brought out dinner.

No food was placed in front of Patti and for this she grew restless. Then Pam placed a warmed bottle of baby formula and a bowl of hot mushy oatmeal mixed with stewed prunes in front of her. She looked up at me with daggers in her pouty little girl blue eyes!....

Before Patti could speak up, I looked straight at her and warned, "If you don't sit still and eat every drop, you'll get a thorough colonic irrigation in front of our guests young lady!." Pam laughed.

"Does that mean an enema??....." Cynthia nodded and laughed too. I looked at Patti and frowned.

It was delightful to see her so humiliated and ashamed. Patti cringed and ate the hot, pasty oatmeal and horrid prunes. She was really having a tough time swallowing the pasty mess, but did so reluctantly. Then she put the babybottle to her lips and began to drink the Similac infant formula. She made sourpuss faces at the taste, which wasn't pleasant and it was very warm which was not to her liking. The bubble sounds that emitted from the bottle made Pam laugh a bit and I'm sure Patti was annoyed with Pam making faces at her. We ignored her deliberately in our adult conversation. but just like a naughty little girl, she began to seek attention and annoy daddy as she mimicked, played and grew restless at her choice of food for lunch. Pam crossed her fingers, sliding them back and forth, as she whispered, "Shame, shame, shame...." Cynthia smiled in a condescending way.

That did it!...She finally got my attention alright, but in the wrong way.

All she had to do was to be quiet and finish her babyfood. I got up and as I did, in walked Margaret, my wife!.... Margaret smiled.

"Hello Cynthia, Hi Pam!...OhOh!...Has our little girl been naughty again?...Oh My!...And so improperly dressed!...Shame on you Patti!...." I laughed too.

"Our little girl apparently didn't care how she was dressed to receive guests. What do you think we should do about that?..Oh, and she was very fidgety at lunch!...." Margaret looked at the ladies and spoke, "I see!...Well I think a spanking is in order to start!..." I went for the long handled wooden spoon. I pulled her away from the table and facing me, I ordered her to raise her arms up over her head. I then with one motion, pulled her tights and panties to her knees, then pulled her across my lap. I brought one arm around and up into her back, holding tightly onto her wrist and started the spanking.


(TO BED) WHACK..WHACK (FOR THE NIGHT)......" Patti screamed in agony and acted much like the little girl she was being punished for and crying. I let her up and made her once again hold up her arms as I brought up her Barbie panties, then stretched the red tights over her sore asscheeks, very slowly and deliberately. By then, both ladies noticed the childish panties that could be clearly seen through the transparent toddler tights. Pam smirked at the reinforced seam as well.

"Such improper wear in public, naughty girl!...", thought Pam to herself, then said aloud, "Barbie panties?..Oh my!....I've seen them sold in the little girl's section mother!....Can you believe it??...." Pam laughed whole heartedly. Cynthia nodded and joined in the laughter. On the other hand, I was glad Patti was getting her comeuppance. The humiliation and shame would do her a world of good....

Pam smirked and Cynthia nodded in agreement.

"Such a naughty girl!..She deserves to be sent to bed!...Indeed!!!..." Pam laughed and laughed at her.

Then I made Patti stand before both women and wanted her to feel as uncomfortable as possible.

"Patti, your mother and I decided that since you have been too wild and out of control that you will undergo more stricter punishment to curb your behavior. First, remember back in the bedroom I told you that you will be wearing tights about the house just as you are now!..." Margaret took the cue and continued.

"That means young lady, no more jeans or tight pants!....Just tights and little girl panties. You will also wear cotton turtlenecks and your clumsy tie shoes!...Since you insist upon wearing these clothes in front of our guests and embarrassing us, then so be it, you shall have your way!...." I then spoke.

"I think it's partially because she enjoys wearing such humiliating attire and showing off her childish underwear in public. Margaret!..." Pam interrupted for a moment, trying to hide her laughter.

"Did you know that the turtlenecks come in a wide variety of colors??....I believe that Land's End or L.L. Bean's has them in at least sixteen different colors. Would you like to borrow my catalog??" She smirked as she looked at me with the news.

"Why thank you Pam. Margaret and I will be placing an order shortly. I'll look forward to receiving that catalog from you." Patti shot daggers at Pam. Margaret frowned at her daughter. She had been looking forward to this ever since we found out that Patti was coming back home. She apparently wanted the attention and now she would get what she deserved. Margaret spoke sternly and stared straight at her.

"In addition, we have decided that everytime you break a house rule, you will go to bed. I predict that this will be a very quiet household, as we envision you in bed a great deal of the time. You will have a new strictly enforced bedtime to keep you off the streets. Also since you won't work, you made that decision very easy for your father and I. Your bedtime will be 4p.m.each day, that is during the week." She paused as Patti looked at her cross. Her shame could be clearly seen. Margaret continued.

"Your weekend bedtime schedule will be 3 p.m., even if guests are present. Is that clear??..." Patti looked up and started to complain. But not to her mother, whom she disliked a great deal, but pleaded to her daddy, which made me feel superior.

"Daddy!...I'm a grown woman and you must stop treating me this way. I will not go to bed at such a childish hour!....I...." I cut her off mid-sentence.

"SILENCE PATTI!...That will be enough. Your mother already told you the rules, Now I want you to apologize for your behavior and then MARCH UP TO BED!!!......" I grabbed by the ear and held her as she apologized in utter humiliation.

"I'M sorry!...(sniffle)....Goodnight"...(sniffle) She was downcast, as she couldn't face the ladies and their smirks and nods, as they were in agreement with her father. Pam and Cynthia nodded with smiles on their faces. She was spun around and marched up to bed by her ear. The clock then chimed at noon. The laughing at the table continued as Patti was marched by force upstairs and into her bedroom. As we walked up the stairs, Margaret was being applauded for exercising her matronly authority and shortly after, the sound of high heels on the stairs, indicated that she was coming up to help me.

Once there, she was made to stand in the corner as I turned to face Margaret who just entered the room. She spun her errant daughter around and lectured her.

"Patti, As a result of your comeuppance at the dinner table, I am going to invite Pam and Cynthia to help in preparing you for bed. That's your punishment!...Now stop that sniffling and stand straight, facing the wall!...." I smirked and stood aside, admiring Patti's plump bottom outlined in those extra small childish panties outlined by her red punishment tights and followed the seam that ran up her backside. I went to the intercom station and called for the ladies to come upstairs and assist. They were giggling and laughing. Soon there were footsteps heard they entered the room. They saw Patti in the corner and giggled. Margaret turned to the ladies.

"Pam, would you please close the curtains and blinds?..It should be nice and dark for Patti's bedtime!.."Cynthia drew down her bedclothes and Pam closed the heavy curtains and blinds, blocking the beautiful sun of a fine summer's day. I got out a new punishment device and set it up.

"Great idea!...", Pam exclaimed.

"A Fisher Price baby monitor. Now you can check on her every waking moment to see if she is compliant...,neat!..." Cynthia nodded and laughed. Patti moaned in the corner, deeply ashamed and humiliated "Turn around Patti!...NOW!....", Margaret said with authority, as she pulled off her turtleneck, revealing her naked breasts and dropped a cotton flowered nightie over her head, brushing it into place. Pam smirked at her exposed breasts. I then pulled out some padded hand mittens and with Cynthia's help, forced her fingers into the individual slots and put on them quickly and efficiently. We fastened them with velcro at the wrists. Patti was appalled and surprised at these two innovations: restraint mittens and a baby monitor. Margaret addressed her fidgityness and to my liking.

"Well since you will be in bed a very long time, you won't be allowed to use the bathroom so, we'll have to put you in diapers." Patti's eyes lit up!...This was too much now!.... DIAPERS!!!!...", she screamed.

"Oh no you won't, I've had enough, get away from me!...." Margaret walked out of the room momentarily and returned with a brown bottle and spoon. She removed the lid and poured the contents onto the large spoon. Patti clamed up when she saw that and with my help, I held her head back and pinched her nostrils.

Margaret placed the spoon into her mouth and Patti tried to spit. I placed a towel across her mouth, as Margaret poured another and we repeated the process. Patti was trying so hard to spit up the castor oil!....I then introduced another neat idea. I shoved the adult sized pacifier right into her mouth. Patti stopped screaming and Margaret and I strapped it behind her very tightly. Patti's eyes started to roll around and she made the most hideous faces at this intrusion.

"Gee Patti, it can't be that bad!...You just can't talk, that's all, right?..." Pam looked over at me.

"Yes that's true Pam, but this special pacifier has one more indignity for the adult child....(pause) It comes in flavors!....." Pam and Cynthia looked puzzled as I smirked.

"Yes flavors such as black licorice, soap, baby formula, nail biter solution and Patti's favorite...castor oil. Recognize the taste Patti?...It lasts up to twenty four hours without a refill. Hope you enjoy it!....That's why you'll need the diapers!..." Now the ladies laughed.

They both lowered her tights and panties to her knees and placed the three soaker pads within the diaper. They coated each pad with vaseline and sprinkled some sweet smelling baby powder. Then carefully placed the cotton garment between her legs and efficiently taped it tightly in seconds. Then her panties and tights were drawn back up. Pam snapped the waistband of her tights and laughed.

"Mother, do you remember when you used to make my bratty brother wear my tights for misbehaving?.." (Cynthia a nodded) "I used to snap the waistband of his tights too..hahaha..." Cynthia laughed.

"Of course I do and he was better behaved in tights more than pants, so he wore them all the time in the house or yard. The neighbor girls he used to terrorize were so thrilled to see him this way. They would taunt him for hours!.." Patti was forced into bed on her tummy and covered with blankets, six total.

I used blanket pins to secure her tightly and prevent her from getting up, another neat idea, as Pam put it laughingly.. Margaret and I looked at each other satisfied. This would prevent her from turning on her back, a position she preferred. I kissed her on the forehead, as did Margaret, and she then walked out of the room and returned with another neat idea from the bathroom. She hung the Red Faultless enema bag on the stand and coiled the white tubing and douche nozzle.

"Let this be a reminder young lady, that after our guests leave, daddy and I will return to see that you use your diapers properly." Pam seemed to be excited over Patti's treatment.

"Does that mean that she will expel into them?...." Margaret of course nodded and turned out the lights, waiting until Cynthia turned on the nightlight on the far side of the room, then the room was plunged into total darkness.

"Goodnight Patti!...I will return at dinnertime with some another bottle of warm formula for you. If you feel the urge, use your diapers. That's what they are for, goodnight and sleep tight!...." I turned on the receiver to the baby monitor and clipped it to my belt.

Margaret was very ingenious in the selection of all these neat bedroom punishment devices. It was Pam that noticed a tag that had been placed on the monitor.

"That's neat!...What does it say?...." She then stooped to read it aloud and laughed even more. It says, "Patti has been naughty and punished by an early bedtime again!", written in bold print. As I explained to the ladies, "That's so everyone knows and don't have to ask!..." They laughed and nodded in approval.

"Goodnight Patti, sweet dreams!....", chorused Cynthia.

"Yeh goodnight brat!..." Pam stated sarcastically, feeling superior and more mature than the little girl that was laying in bed. We paraded out of the room and Margaret closed, then locked the door.

The sounds of footsteps faded off into the distance as Patti became groggy and closed her eyes. The sleeping pills dissolved in her formula did the trick. When her friends would call later, I would tell them Patti was put to bed as a punishment for being a bad little girl. They probably wouldn't be calling anymore...." She laid in bed, hearing us laugh and talk about her as she learned another lesson in humility.....Her baby monitor would pick up the slightest of sounds and before she closed her eyes, she stared at the curtains and the glimpse of sunshine rays trying to break through without success. The room would stay dark now, for it was her bedtime.

It would be a long night for Patti indeed!....

The conversation downstairs, revolved around poor Patti and the laughing picked up in momentum. Patti was burning with anger as she could hear them making fun of her!....Then Pam asked with a serious look on her face, "If both of you are working during the day, who will be watching Patti?...(pause) I would love to babysit!...." Pam leaned back smiling. I smiled too.

"Of course you can!...That's a great idea, don't you agree Margaret?....We all laughed.

"Wouldn't Patti be frosted to be babysat by a girl five years younger than herself!..." And just maybe another day she might even grow up!....(But I doubt it) THE END

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