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My life really changed when I got out of the navy. I wore the pants around my house until we moved in with my mother-in-law, Sharron. My wife Ann started working as a nurse at a nursing home and I worked from home as a web designer. Not long after we moved in Sharon retired as the head nurse from the same nursing home Ann started working at. I remember how it started I took an order to design and maintain a web site for a local strip club. Ann and her mother didn't like the idea but it paid very well. I went one night to the club to get a feel for it and get some info. I came home about 2 o'clock in the morning, drunk and smelled of smoke. I set the alarm off wakening the whole house. Ann made me take a shower cause of the way I smelled. She joined me to help me so I wouldn't fall. I started to get excited and we started having sex there in shower. I was going town thrusting my penis in her. She got down on her all fours so we both wouldn't fall. I started again with hard thrusts when I slipped out of her wet pussy. I quickly reinserted thrusting all the way in. Ann gave a scream as I continued thrusting. She told me to stop, I was in her ass. I was close to cuming and kept going. I came as she was pulling away from me. I just stood there as my head spun and she yelled at me. I tried to apologized saying it was an accident. She ran out of the bathroom still crying and yelling. Sharon came to see what was the commotion was. Ann told her what happened. I went and lay down; Ann came back in still yelling at me. She said that she was bleeding. I said I was sorry again. She accused me of doing it on purpose cause I always wanted to try. She told me to sleep on the couch. I passed out on the couch still hearing Ann and her mother talking. Ann woke me up on her way out to work. She still wasn't in a nice mood, and then she looked down and started yelling something else. I wasn't listening due to my head pounding from a hanger over. I finally caught what she was saying; I wet the couch in my sleep. Half asleep I went to the bathroom and peed again leaving my wet short on the floor and wrapping in a towel, I chugged down some water, then crashed in our bed. Next thing I knew Ann was waking me up when she came home from lunch. She was mad I missed an appointment with a client and still mad cause her rear was sore. I she had every right to be mad at me and that my hangover was punishment for drinking. She smiled and leaned onto the bed and kissed my forehead. She then felt the wetness on her knee. I wet the bed in my sleep. Ann yelled at me to go take another shower. I overheard Ann complaining to Sharon about my wetting again, saying she has to deal with that kind of crap at work. Sharon made a crack about them at least her patients wore diapers.

"They're about as helpless as babies," Ann said. Sharon responded Just like Scott. They went down stairs and I finished my shower.

Part 2

I thought she had gotten over the other night's little mishap and accidents. Ann was dressed in a black teddy and started foreplay by kissing and rubbing. She was kind of aggressive and I liked it. When she stripped me naked she took off a silk scarf from around her neck and letting it slide all over my body. Ann gave my penis couple strokes but she was rough in her touch. She got up and went to the bathroom and returned with a bottle of massage oil. She twirled the scarf around my head and she asked if I wanted some fun. I smiled as she blindfolded me with her scarf. Ann had me kneel on the bed as she got up behind me, pressing her breast against my back. I heard the cap of the oil then I felt the cold oil as she poured it on my chest. One hand she rubbed my chest and the other she gave my penis couple more strokes. She asked if it felt better with the oil. I moaned yes as she stroked some more. She started using both her hands to spread the oil over my chest. It felt good especially feeling her breath on my neck. Her attention switched to massaging my back then. She let the oil run down my back causing me a shiver. I tried to wipe it out of my crack but she slapped my hand away but reached under and play with my balls. She pushed me down so I was on my hands and knees on the bed as she continued to rub the oil in. she came around to the front and pulled my face into her crotch. I could smell her juices through the teddy. Ann continued to rub the oil in, taking her hands, reaching to my butt and massaging towards my head/ her/ This did two thing first pulled my face more into her crotch and second it spreaded my butt checks. She held my penis straight down and poured some more oil down my butt crack and it ran onto my balls and penis. Which she gently massages with a couple strokes. She massages some of the left over oil over my rear and then would spread then glide her hands down my oiled body to my neck. Ann did this one more time but the next time she pulled my checks apart and held them. I wasn't sure of what all happened next but I felt something right on my hole, it threw me for a second cause I could feel both of Ann's hands. Then I felt something being rammed into my ass. It hurt and screamed and I tried to pull forward but Ann was holding me. I heard two voices say how does that feel. I begged for it for her to take it out but then a voice said that I didn't stop when I was asked. I then recognized it as Sharon's voice. I pleaded more for them to stop. For a second I thought she was removing it cause it was coming out but Sharon just was starting to move it in and out of me. I buried my face in Ann crotch to muffle my crying. Sharon started to really fuck my ass. I don't know when but the pain turned into pleasure. Ann moved her crotch away from my face and that is when they both heard the difference in my moans and screams. Ann said to her mother that I liked it; Sharon then started pound my ass. This sent me over the edge and I cried out, my eyes rolled back into their sockets, and came without anyone touching me. My body shock as I let out a massive amount of cum. Sharon stopped and withdrew her sex toy out of me causing my bladder to release onto the bed. Ann quickly grabbed a couple towel, trying to soak up my mess before any damage. All I could do was rolled onto my back. I then saw Sharon wearing a strap-on dildo over her pants. It was about 9 inches long and was the size around as a soda can. Still catching my breath I commented on how big it was. Ann commented that I took it all. Sharon added and enjoyed it. I started to get upset. I quickly covered my nakedness with the sheet. I yelled at Sharon that she raped me. Ann sparked up and said Rape, you want to talk about rape you raped me last night in the ass. This is just payback. Sharon said

"an eye for an eye and an ass for an ass." Ann asked her mother to leave to help calm me down. Ann knew how to talk to me to get me to feel bad. In her most quietest voice she told me I hurt really hurt her the other night. It physically hurt as you found out but what hurt me the most was you didn't stop when I asked. I have asked you to do lot of things that you don't do. So has my mother. We wait on you hand and foot. Your meals are fixed and served to you; your clothes are washed and folded or hung up; I even lay your cloths out for you when you have an important meeting; and we clean up after you, just like a baby. In fact this is the third time we've had to clean up your pee. So the second part your punishment is since you insist on being waiting waited on like a baby then, you will be treated like one. I got all defensive and asked what that meant. Just then Sharon appeared carrying some stuff. I saw some baby power wipes and a diaper. I told both of them no way in hell was I going to where a diaper. I got up taking the sheet with me. I heard my wife yell with

"Scott, you're bleeding." I looked back to see a small red spot on the bed I took and touched my rear and it came back with some blood on it. Both of the girls had me lay down on the bed. They raised my legs and took couple of the baby wipes and wiped away some of the blood. Sharon told me that I torn a little bit cause of the anal sex, but it wasn't serious. Ann said that she bled some when I had anal sex with her. Sharon said some cream would help and Ann held my legs up as Sharon applied some cream to my rear. I didn't see it but she also slid the diaper under me. Ann lowered my legs and pulled the diaper up. I started to say something and I got a look from my loving wife that would kill, She quietly said for me to lay back and accept my punishment or else I would never sleep with her again and she would file separation papers. I knew the way she looked and sounded she was dead serious, so I did what I was told. Ann took some powder and sprinkled it over my penis then taped the diaper in place. I stood up and felt my diapered butt. It was an interesting feeling. Sharon told me to go watch some cartoon while she and Ann cleaned up the bed. Ann looked at her mother told her she was surprised how much I bled. Sharon just smiled and held up a little tube. It was empty but she could tell it had some red fluid that was in it. Sharon told Ann that she was surprised how I really got off on getting raped in the ass. Ann was equally surprised and kind of jealous of my organism, Sharon agreed with that. I sat down on the couch it total bewilderment. I couldn't stop touching the diaper; I liked the feeling of the material and the feeling around my penis. Both ladies came downstairs, Ann with an armful of dirty sheets that I peed on. Sharon sat down next to me and she explained that they were not picking on me but just wanted me to be more aware of how I acted and treated others. She told me that when she suggested this punishment to Ann she agreed and would follow through with it; Sharon added that she followed through with Ann's strap-on punishment. Ann came back and asked if her mother explained the rules. Sharon said she was about to. The rules were I was to be in a diaper at all time, it was to be used. I tried it interject but was told these rules were not negotiable. I was not to change myself and had to ask to be changed. I was not allowed in the bathroom or the kitchen without an adult. I was not allowed to drive and could not be left alone without an adult. I sat there thinking I've lost all my freedom. Ann asked if I understood the rule. I said yes, and then she corrected me and said yes Maam. Sharon asked if I wanted something to drink, I said yes, but she asked Yes What? I corrected my self and said yes maam. She comes back with a sippie cup. Rubbing it in she hands it to me

"here baby." I sat there and drank my drink.

More parts to come.

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