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Peeing my Pampers

I was in grade 3 and 8 years old. I was in the toilet stall in the Boys� change room of the gym and was changing my wet diaper before P.E. I must have been to intent on changing my diaper to notice that someone had entered the washroom. My pants were at my ankles and my hands were going to the tapes of my diaper when the door to the toilet stall opened and there was my friend Quentin. We both froze for a second (even if my diaper hadn't been wet before it certainly was now) long enough for him to get a good look at my getting-wetter-by-the-second-diaper. I was the first to come to my senses and slammed the door shut.

I quickly surveyed the damage (my diaper had leaked a little but hopefully the hour we were going to be in P.E. would dry my pants off enough to make it not noticeable. I changed my diaper as quickly as I could and put on my shorts. Quentin and I barely said a word to each other all through P.E. All through lunch Quentin kept trying to talk to me.

Finally, I agreed to go over to his house after school. As soon as we got to his house his mother took him into his room. A couple of minutes later they emerged only Quentin wasn't wearing any pants and instead of underwear he was wearing a diaper. Quentin practically shouted that I was wearing diapers, too. Peggy (Quentin's mom) looked at me skeptically while I dropped my pants to reveal my wet Pampers. Peggy's demeanor immediately mellowed and she asked me if I would like her to change my diaper, to which I replied yes. After I stepped out of my pants she led me into Quentin's room and closed the door. In the corner was a 3/4 full box of toddler-sized Pampers and on the bed was a changing pad. She got a fresh diaper from the box and told me to lie on the changing pad. She popped the tapes of my wet diaper and slid it out from underneath me before wiping my groin clean. While she changed my diaper she asked me why I was wearing diapers. I told her the truth, that I loved wearing diapers. She asked what my parents thought of my diapers, again I told the truth: They didn't know I wore diapers.

With my diaper changed I went out to play with Quentin. I discovered that he only had a week left in diapers and that although he didn't really mind wearing them he only peed in them when he couldn't hold it anymore but he was allowed to use the toilet to poop. I almost put him in a state of shock when I told him that I wore diapers because I enjoyed it and that I also enjoyed pooping them but I absolutely loved peeing in them. Then I squatted down and began to push he looked at me questioningly until he saw the seat of my diaper expand as I pushed a hot load into the seat of my Pampers. He started to ask me awkwardly if he could touch it I only nodded as I was enthralled by the feelings of the poop at the back and now the warm flood of pee spreading across the front and down towards my poop. I noticed that as soon as he placed his palm across the front of my diaper he instinctively jerked away as he began to pee himself. Then I told him to close his eyes and relax and really feel what it felt like to wet his diaper. I sat down in my mess and rubbed the front of my diaper as I pushed the last squirt of pee into it and I watched as Quentin soaked his diaper and slowly a faint smile spread across his lips.

As soon as he was finished he took off to find his mom and ask if I could stay for dinner. His mom told him to sit down and wait until she talked to me. When she found me she said she WAS going to ask if I needed a diaper change but it was quite obvious that I did. She led me into Quentin's room and began cleaning me up saying that it looked as though I REALLY did like wearing diapers and as she put me in a clean diaper told me that Quentin asked if I would like to stay for dinner. I said sure but I'd have to call my mom and get permission. Peggy (Quentin's mom) said okay but to wait until she had finished changing Quentin's diaper because she wanted to talk to my mom.

I went into the kitchen and waited while she changed Quentin's diaper. Once the door to Quentin's room opened and my diaper-clad friend came bounding out I began dialing my home phone number. My mom answered and I asked her if I could have dinner over at Quentin's. Mom said 'sure' and I thanked her and told her to hang on because Quentin's mom wanted to talk to her. I gave Peggy the phone and raced off to tell Quentin the good news. He was down in the basement playing with his slot car track, I eagerly joined in. We continued racing for about an hour and a half then we were called up for dinner. We both raced upstairs, Quentin in the lead...we had just entered the kitchen when Peggy called out, "Cheryl, make sure the boys wash their hands before dinner!"

I turned to see who Peggy was calling to (although I knew Quentin's sister well, she had never seen me in a diaper) and looked into Cheryl's eyes...then her eyes looked down at my diapered crotch (and as if to punctuate the moment a small stream of pee escaped my bladder leaving a wet patch the size of a quarter on the front of my diaper, but when her eyes returned to meet my gaze she was smiling. The three of us went to the washroom to wash our hands, Quentin was done first and Cheryl was holding a towel out for me to dry my hands with and she commented, "Wow you sure are cute in that DIAPER!"

When she said "diaper" another squirt of pee entered my diaper, she hung the towel up with one hand while grabbing one of my diapered butt cheeks with the other. We all sat down for dinner (sloppy joes one of my all time favorites) Cheryl and I were seated beside each other and Quentin and his mom were opposite and I don't know if it was obvious to either Quentin or Peggy but Cheryl couldn't keep her eyes off my diapered crotch, that is until about halfway through the meal when I finished wetting my diaper. I felt the need to pee building all through dinner and I tried to be as inconspicuous as possible I took a big gulp of my lemonade and leaned back as I simultaneously took a bite of my sloppy joe and released my bladder. I swallowed as my hot pee hit the padding of my diaper and soaked it, spreading across the front and trickling down between my balls. I took another bite and chewed as I felt the moisture trickle down past my balls in between my ass cheeks. I tried to shift my weight sending an errant splash dancing across my sphincter. I realized that all eyes at the table were upon me and stopped peeing and eating.

Peggy said, "Finish your dinner Mike, I'll change your diaper when we're all done eating." I resumed eating whilst looking down at my diaper only to find dull-yellow plastic looking back at me, not the gleaming white of an unsoiled diaper like the one that Quentin was wearing. I finished my sloppy joe and while Quentin and Cheryl cleared the table was taken to Quentin's room to have my diaper changed. While I was getting my diaper changed my mom arrived. She was sitting in the living room when Peggy opened the door to Quentin's room and led me out wearing just a T-shirt, socks, shoes and my diaper. Mom was sitting across from me holding my pants and bag and not looking at all surprised to see her 8-year-old son walking towards her wearing a disposable diaper. I was in shock and released all the urine left in my bladder while simultaneously crapping my pants.

While mom was thanking Peggy for having me over for dinner I was filling the seat of my diaper after soaking the front of it. Mom snapped me out of my state of shock by telling me to thank Peggy, and say goodbye to Quentin and Cheryl. We walked out to the car with mom still holding my pants and me in a messy diaper without a word. Once in the car I noticed a box of toddler-sized Pampers in the back seat. I started to try and ask how mom knew about my diapers but every time I tried she cut me off with; "Wait till we get home." So I sat in my slightly damp but quite messy diaper until we got home.

Once we were parked in the driveway we got out but I noticed that mom didn't grab the box of Pampers from the back seat, nor did she ask me to do it. She just marched me up the front stairs and into the house. Once in the living room I noticed that some things had changed, like the changing station over in the corner, complete with diaper pail, wipes, baby powder, lotion, diaper rash cream, and several stacks of Pampers. Mom led me (not unexpectedly) through the living room, the kitchen and upstairs where I noticed that the door to my room was gone. She stopped outside the door frame to my room and gestured for me to go inside. Fearing to look but needing to get it over with I stepped through the doorway and came face-to-face with my new changing table (mom had been busy), which was stocked with wipes, baby powder, lotion, diaper rash cream, and what must have amounted to no fewer than 3 full boxes of Pampers. My dresser was gone (to make way for the changing table and diaper pail), the mattress on my bed looked like a giant crib mattress as-a-matter-of-fact my bed looked considerably more like a crib than it did an 8 year olds bed. I turned around to face mom expecting to receive either a severe beating or at least a 200 decibel shouting spree. To my utter surprise what I received was a lift onto my changing table, a firm hand on my chest to make me lie down and the straps done up across my chest while mom began changing my diaper!

"I had a very interesting conversation with Quentin's mother after you gave her the phone," she began, "at first she was asking if there was anything you were allergic to and then she informed me that when she had finished diapering her son after school as part of his diaper punishment, her son informed her that YOU were also wearing diapers and that before Peggy could even ask you if what Quentin said was true you dropped your pants exposing YOUR WET DIAPER. Doing what any good mother would she asked if you needed to have your diaper changed and while changing you asked why you were wearing diapers, to which you replied..."

Lying there, strapped down on the changing table with the odor of the messy diaper I was still wearing lingering in the room and looking up into mom's eyes I realized that she was waiting for an answer, "...I love wearing diapers..."

I meekly offered. Mom smiled at that, " said that you LOVE wearing diapers. Then she asked what your parents thought about your diapers and you said..." I didn't have to wait for the pause to sink in this time I knew what mom wanted me to say, "They don't know that I wear diapers..."

At this mom stood up straight, "Of course we don't know that you LOVE wearing diapers if you don't tell us! Why is it that I have to find out that you LOVE wearing diapers from someone else's mother? Were you too scared to tell your own mother that you LOVE to wear diap..."

Mom trailed off as she noticed both the look of fear on my face and the new shade of yellow my diaper was turning.

"Oh my god! Michael..." she exclaimed as she hugged me while I lay on the changing table peeing myself.

"Shhh, shhh, it's okay. I'm not mad," mom shushed.

"You're not?" I squeaked. Right then mom's whole demeanor changed, "No, I'm not mad...Why do you think I bought you all these diapers? And the changing table? And the onesies?" That one drew my attention.

"Onesies?" I asked.

Mom said, "I'll get to that one in a second." she winked.

"...If you really love wearing diapers as much as Quentin's mom says you do...then I want you to wear them too. Now do you really love wearing diapers?" mom asked with a tear in her eye.

"YES!!!" I exclaimed (although it should have been fairly obvious what with me strapped to a changing table in a leaking, messy diaper and all).

"Good!" mom said smiling as she began changing my leaky, messy diaper, "And I want you to be perfectly comfortable in your diapers. That's why I removed your door, you shouldn't need any privacy with your diapers. Right? When you need your diaper changed you should feel comfortable having it changed wherever you are, by whomever is supposed to be changing you. You shouldn't be embarrassed to have your diaper changed in front of anyone should you? And to help you with that (and for not telling me first) you're going to spend the next week in daycare being treated just like a baby and you're going to spend the next month in diapers 24 hours a day 7 days a week!!" she finished changing my diaper and stood me up on the changing table.

I immediately wrapped my arms around her and said, "I LOVE YOU MOMMY!!" Mom hugged me back and said, "I LOVE YOU TOO MICHAEL! " then she picked me up and carried me over to my bed/crib and laid me down. "Hang on a second baby, Mommy will be right back." and she left the room.

She came back a couple of minutes later with a baby bottle full of warm milk. She put the nipple in my mouth and I started sucking as I wrapped my hands around the bottle. Mom said, "Now you go to sleep, you have a big day ahead of you in daycare. Sleep tight baby." I was so tired that I didn't even notice her change my soggy diaper in the middle of the night, even so I still woke up soaked.

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