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The Perfect Day

I awake to my girlfriend kissing me on the neck then sticking a bottle of chocolate milk in my mouth. She then whispers to me not to say a word while she explains. She then starts to tell me how she has been on my computer and stumbled across a story I was writing to submit to the greatest website in the world

She then says my day is coming true. She gets in my nightstand and pulls out a disposable diaper. She tells me to raise up and slides the diaper under me then she goes down and starts sucking my cock. It seems like forever she is sucking away and as I start to squirm she stops and laughs and says

" your in my control all day".

She then proceeds to powder my cock and pulls the diaper up taping it in place. Then she pulls out boxing tape and tapes it up really good. All the time just a smiling as big as she can she then tells me to get my plastic pants on I tell her I need to pee first she smacks my hand and says again in a mean voice "I said put your plastic pants on....NOW" so I get up and do as I am told.

Now I am in my computer room where my clothes are putting on my vinyl bloomers (the blue ones with cute teddy bear prints these are awesome to prevent leaks I got them from . ) as she comes in and tells me to get dressed we are leaving. I ask where are we going and she tells me "wherever I want and your going to obey me or else".

Now we arrive at the local fast food breakfast place and go in she orders for both of us without even asking me what I want. So we sit down and eat breakfast as we are eating she tells me to pee I look at her weird and she puts her hand on my thigh and slides it over my crotch and whispers in a commanding voice "Pee Now". Stunned I try to pee ive had to go all morning now its being difficult but with a little work I finally fill my diaper with warm urine. We then finish our breakfast and leave.

As we get in the car she tells me to drive to the mall. I plead with her to let me go home and change but to but to no avail. So we drive toward the mall on the way she leans over and kisses my cheek and says that's my good boy. She then slides her hand in my pants and presses on my diaper and smiles and says " hmmmm still warm" she then starts to rub my penis through my diaper, instantly ,I get hard as a rock she continues with that for about 5 mins then suddenly she stops and pulls her hand out she then takes my hand and pulls up her dress to revel a depends diaper the pull up kind she then puts my hand down on her pussy inside the diaper and smiles suddenly I feel the warm flood of pee from her all over my hand soaking the be continued (if wanted)

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