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The Picnic


This story is mostly fiction, but has included a lot of "personal research".

If anyone would like to help in further "research" I would love to hear from you!

This is also my first story and can be distributed over the net as long as the story is not changed in any way. This story is not based on any child porn and if you are looking for this, I recommend that you look elsewhere as diaper lovers/adult babies are usually not interested or sexually aroused by real children.


The parcel arrived today so after I checked the contents, a pink baby dress, bonnet, and panties, that Michael had ordered from the internet. I called him and said I was ready to meet. He gave me some last minute instructions as well as confirming that I was now completely hairless and had stuck to his diet of pasta and pineapple for the last two days. When he was happy that this was the case, he told me we could go for a picnic in the woods not to far away for either of us to reach. He told me not to have a poo at all if I could help it. But also not to worry if I had already, as he had that aspect covered! I eagerly agreed and we made arrangements to meet the next day at the parking area.

I had met Michael a few weeks earlier on the internet, after I had said on a forum that I was just starting with diapers (mostly wetting) after a lifetime spent dabbling buying stuff then hiding it, then throwing it away. But now I realised I could never give it up, and so was determined to do something positive with my desires and I wanted to meet others especially to explore my bisexual feelings. I am in my thirties and married and Michael is single in his late forties. We had exchanged photos and during our chats had established a mutual need for diapering / being diapered, we also both rode motorbikes so it gave us an easy excuse to meet up.

It was a fine autumn morning the air was cool and the sun was out, not a cloud to be seen. I packed my tail bag carefully with a nappy change, powders and creams and on route to the parking area stopped at the shop to pick up the last thing Michael had requested. When I pulled into the parking area at the woods Michael's big BMW was already there, but I could not see him. I parked up close to his machine and got of my bike, no one else was parked. As I took off my helmet this fine, lean leather clad figure came out from a gap in the undergrowth near to me "Michael" I said with a start. "Hello Baby, are you wearing what I asked?" I nodded yes as I looked to the ground! My mouth was dry and my tummy fluttered, a little pee escaped. "And did you go to the shop this morning?" I held out the bag, he opened it and removed a studded tan dog-collar and lead. "Well done" he said "And if you are a good boy-girl today that is all the restraint we shall need". He then proceeded to fasten it around my neck, and put the lead away in his pocket. He pulled out a pink name disc and showed me the inscription BABY on it, before he attached it to the collar.

"Now let me see what you are wearing?" I looked around nervously but he told me not to worry, it was in the week and would be very quiet no one would be about. I undid the top of my leather trousers and opened the zipper, to reveal the bottom of the pink baby dress that was tucked in. "All the way off now, trousers boots and socks" he said. I did as I was told. He stepped closer reaching under my dress he gently cupped my groin and gave my penis a gentle squeeze through the plastic pants and padding of my disposable. "You are such a pretty little baby, we will have lots of fun today!" I just shuddered with nervousness and delight, some more wee squirted into my nappy. Then he turned me around and had me bend over the saddle of my motorbike, slowly he eased my plastic panties down to my knees and put his hand down the back of my nappy he fondled my bottom and teased the entrance of my anus with his finger, then I felt something cold being inserted into my bottom and pushed all the way in by his finger. "There" he said "just a little bit of insurance to make sure we get some action later".

Then he slit the underneath of the diaper with his pen knife to allow it to soak through and went into my change bag and fitted a second disposable over the first "Just to make sure you don't leak I think we will put your cloth diaper on too!" I had to help a bit holding it in place while he put the first pin in, then he made a few adjustments making it a really tight fit, my plastic pants were pulled back up smoothed over, and the cloth was all tucked away and he patted my thick bottom. He picked up my clothes and went to his motorcycle where he opened the top box removing some pink trainers and bobby socks "here put these on they are a present for you, I will keep your stuff safely under lock and key" he said as he packed away my things.

Getting the picnic things from his bike while I collected my change bag, he then took me by the hand and led me down a narrow footpath. He looked fine in his leather jacket and trousers. Whilst I walked and waddled beside him wearing my leather jacket, pink trainers and what looked like a flared pink skirt that barely covered my big plastic bottom. All the time the crisp air wafted around my bare legs adding to my feeling of exposure. After a few minutes we came through to a small clearing, across on the other side was a picnic bench. Michael said that this was the place, so we put our things down around the end of the bench. Michael then told me to take off my jacket which I did. He gave me an admiring look as I stood before him in my dog-collar, short pink dress, nappy and pink trainers. Then hugging me and kissed me on the lips, my heart leapt and my tummy began to gurgle.

I sat on the picnic blanket as Michael prepared our things, then he offered me to stand as he reached into his pocket and withdrew the dog lead, he guided me to sit at the bench while he threaded the lead around the table leg through itself then finally snapped it to my collar. "I don't want my new little girly-boy wandering off or getting lost in the woods and I need you to stay here while I go back to get the rest of our things. I'll be back soon, here is a bottle of juice for you, and a little pill to help you feel more relaxed. Drink it all up before I get back baby" Michael said. He then popped the pill into my mouth and pressed the bottle too my lips, I started to drink straight away, to give me a distraction from my predicament. Then he was away back down the path with my leather jacket. Panic started to rise through my body, but subsided as I continued sucking on the bottle.

Now the cramps in my bowels started to increase and my tummy was filling up to. I fidgeted around the bench waiting for Michael's return. At last he came back with a small stove and some changing pads. He released my dog-lead from the table and said I had been a very good. He checked my nappy and asked if I had started to poo yet. I said I hadn't. He said that it was time for his little girl to do her poo poos into her nappy he pulled my lead down until I was on all fours in front of him then reached under and began to massage my tummy and my crotch and whispered encouragement in my ear saying I was going to be his baby girl and to let it expel. I rocked back and forth on to my haunches pushing gently and felt the first burbling gush of hot mushy poo squirt into my nappy. This excited Michael no end and he massaged my rear pushing it all around as more and more mess oozed, spurted and bubbled into the nappy with its accompanying aroma, which was not that strong. Then I began to pee as well. I felt a warm rush of liquid around my crotch meet the sticky mess around my backside. The feeling of naughtiness and relief was ecstasy. I rested on my knees while Michael heaped praises on me telling me what a clever boy-girl I was as the last squirts came out in delightful bubbles.

Michael began to lower his leather jeans to his thighs revealing his straining manhood encased in a thong of delicate red lace with little retaining clips at each side. He sat down on the end of the bench and gently pulled me by my lead until my face was in his crotch, he smelt clean but delicately musky I looked up at him and he smiled and said I was HIS baby and that it was time to pleasure him. I gently unclipped one side of his thong and released his penis, the head glistened and some pre come was oozing out already. I placed it in my mouth and swirled my tongue around the end and at the same time I cupped his testicles in his lacey thong and rolled them in my fingers, then I eased them out of his knickers and began to stroke my fingers up and down the length of his shaft as I bobbed and sucked on him. Michael gently pumped, stroking my head and reaching under to squeeze my nipple with quick sharp pinches, all the time encouraging and reminding me of my messy babied status.

Then a crashing noise from the other end of the clearing got both our attention, we both froze and looked to see in the distance an older man walking his dog, he appeared to be just crossing the clearing at his end. Fear gripped me but Michael whispered that I should stay put as I was shielded from his sight by the bench and our baggage, Michael's leather jacket was on the bench and he moved it over to cover his bareness, he then pushed a little to let me know to keep going and I began to suck again but I was trembling. Just then I felt something brush my behind, then the wet nose of the walker's dog was under my dress and pressed firmly against my nappy having a good sniff! I gasped in shock the walker turned and glanced our way, he just stood there for a moment. Michael gave a little wave the walker acknowledged then called his dog back, I received another long sniff and lick and then he was gone. I sighed in relief and little pee escaped into my nappy. Michael laughed quietly "So.... you like doggies too you naughty little girl!" He then encouraged me to carry on. It took little while to resume the pace, but I soon had Michael breathing heavily telling me he was going to come in me and that baby should drink all her milk. His penis went really hard and his testicals contracted as his warm salty semen squirted into my mouth, I lapped it all up with just a little running on to my chin.

As he withdrew he un-clipped my lead, bent down and gave me a full kiss and pushed his tongue in deep tasting his sperm in my mouth. "That was lovely" he said "and now we can have some lunch". I put him back in his thong and pulled his trousers back up. Leading me to the blanket we sat down, the mush in my nappy was cooling now and spread further up my back and pushed back against my anus as it worked its way to my front, and some staining was visible around the leg area of my cloth diaper. Michael delighted in my discomfort and he delved into his bag, out came a white plastic bonnet and bib. I was put in to these to "keep me clean" then I was hand fed small bits of ham roll, and a bowl of baby food heated on the small stove, then some puree. All the time Michael cooed and wiped the spoon across my face and made me messy as I ate.

Afterwards he laid me down for rest with a bottle of milk while he cleared away some of the things. The sun warmed my face, the bib was removed and I closed my eyes and slowly drifted to sleep. After about half an hour Michael gently woke me massaging the front of my nappy and giving me little kisses. "Are you ready for some more" he said "lets get you sorted".

He placed a changing pad on to the table. As I got up Michael attached the lead back on to the collar and guided me to the bench he told me to gather the hem of my dress and hold it to my shoulders, I placed my knees on the seat and bent forwards over the table above the changing mat as he indicated, leaving my nappy exposed. He moved around in front of me he threaded the lead through the gap in the planking of the table and gently pulled on it pinning me firmly to the table top. My plastic pants were taken all the way down my legs, over each foot in turn, removing them completely. They were placed on the table beside me, then I raised my tummy a little to let him undo the nappy pins and my cloth was removed also. The tapes were undone on the disposables, Michael peeled them back revealing the sticky mess all over my bottom. I raised my tummy so that he could pull the nappy from under me, but a hand on the small of my back pushed me down into my dirty nappy. "Not yet baby Daddy hasn't finished" Michael let the back of the diaper fall between my legs as he began to wipe of the mess from my bum, some of it he pushed up behind my scrotum and the excess was wiped away. The dirty wipes being left on the table so I could see and smell my mess. Then with his finger he cleaned gently inside my hole using some lotion as massaged me. I let out a long sigh, this was great!

Michael came round the side of the table I turned my head to look at him, he had removed his trousers and was just wearing his thong and fitted white top, and looked magnificent. He bent down and whispered in my ear that as I had been such a good baby that he thought I was ready to give myself completely to him now. I gave my consent. He rubbed his penis and pushed it into my mouth I gave it a couple of licks with my tongue then he pulled out, crouching in front of me he produce a large dummy, saying "Baby suck on this and we won't have any more squealing to give us away" he tied the thick ribbon behind my bonnet so it couldn't pop out.

He moved back behind me. I felt the head of his penis pushing up against my anus it was painful at first and I winced as he continued to push, his hands gripped my waist and then the head was in past my entrance and he held me like that for a while, before slowly thrusting back and forth going in a little deeper with each stroke as I relaxed I could feel him filling the whole of my bum and stretching my hole. I began too enjoy it and started to groan quietly. Then he was in to the hilt and I felt his balls pressing against my thighs, a few more strokes then fully to the hilt again, then he stayed there and began to grind me into the table, my tummy was fluttering. A few strokes and a grind, more strokes another grind and the pace began to quicken, Michael was panting and thrusting harder, soon he was just thrusting faster and faster I felt him stiffen and as his sack contracted he squirted his seed into my belly....whilst he gave a loud grunt of satisfaction.

As he began to soften he withdrew, he stood back cleaned himself up and got dressed. I was still secured to the table. Now I could feel some of his cum dribbling out of my bottom. Michael opened my legs a little and pulled the dirty nappies between my legs and refastened the tapes, squishing the poo into the back of my bum as he went. My dummy prevented me from asking why I hadn't been changed, so I just gently sucked on it instead. Michael released the lead and helped me off the bench, he removed the hem of my dress that I was still clutching and smoothed it all out. "There, you look so sweet" he led me over to the picnic blanket. "Did you enjoy that?" It was great but I still couldn't speak so I just nodded and gurgled happily into my dummy. Laying me down with my head in his lap he reached over and put a bottle of milk into the sauce pan to warm. Turning back he began to stroke my tummy under my dress reaching up to squeeze my nipples. I was getting hot and horny and started to wriggle in my mess. Releasing my dummy he explained that as I was just at the beginning of my training, I would only be allowed to have my own sexual release after I had messed in my diapers This would reinforce obedience to him and add more dependency to my diapering. Moving around me he nibbled my neck as his hand went down over my diaper squeezing the mess around my bum and then rubbing my erection through the plastic. I started to move my hand to my nappy, but was told sternly "No! Baby does not touch herself". I stopped instantly and sucked my thumb instead. "That's better Michael will milk his baby" he said. And reaching down into my nappy he wrapped his hand around my dick started stroking up and down and gently. Soon the pace increased my breathing became faster I groaned as huge spurts shot out of my dick. Michael shielded it with his hand so instead of going all over the sperm collected in pool on my tummy. More praise.

Tears welled up in my eyes as I began to be overawed with guilt and confusion. Michael just held me still and whispered that it was all okay, I shouldn't feel bad that this is what I needed to be, he would look after me and I would become his Baby Girl from now on. Then he got a small spoon and began to scoop up my semen. "Open wide baby, it's time for your juice" he then hand fed me all of my cum, saying that I was going to have a lot of that in the future as a baby girl and to enjoy it! When I had finished he gave me the milk bottle to wash it down while he put a care mat under me and slipped my plastic panties to my ankles. Removing the disposables he wiped my bottom with them then rolled them into a ball and put it on my chest so I could smell the mess and remind me of what a I had been doing today. He finished up with some wipes and powder then put me into a fresh disposable, it felt so nice dry and thick! My Panties were pulled up and my dress all smoothed out. "Time for a little walk" he said.

We packed away our things and took them back to the bikes and locked them up. Then he led me down another path where we had some terrific views of the river. Michael pulled me off into the bushes and gave me a good fondle of my chest saying I'm sure we can make these titties a little bigger for you soon! I didn't say anything but sighed at all his attentions, he had really swept me away. Just then some twigs snapped really close by, I went straight down to on to all fours to hide. Michael was cool. Then out from a tree near the footpath I could see a figure, it was the old man who we had seen earlier, but with no dog just a 35mm camera and a huge lens....................

"I'm sorry he said I didn't mean to scare you" the old man said. "I was just curious"

Didn't mean to scare me!!!! I was shaking like a leaf and the pee poured into my nappy overflowing the disposable and collecting in the bottom of my plastic pants, some dribbled down my leg. Michael dipped his hand into his pocket and got my lead and quickly clipped it to my collar in case I tried to take flight. "It will be alright baby" He reassured me. The old man stepped forward and said his name was Frank and that he wasn't going to report us or anything but that he had come back without his dog to satisfy his own curiosity. He had seen the pink of my dress through the bench and wanted to know for sure what we were about. Mike asked how long he had been watching us. "Only about five minutes I had to take the dog home and get my camera. I hadn't even got a picture yet." He showed Mike the camera who confirmed that no film had been used. He noticed my soggy pants when I stood up "Wow she has peed her nappy it's full of piss, is it SHE or HE?". "It's going to be a she but I've only just started her" Michael replied.

"Can I have a feel then?" Frank asked. Michael tightened the grip on my lead. "Sure, but don't get her excited yet she is not allowed" (He was obviously getting off on this too.) The old man stepped forward and stroked my back then rubbed his hand over the front of my nappy cupping my balls, and giving my dick a big squeeze. I shuddered and now I was getting excited at the way I was being handled and talked about. "Cute real cute" Frank said. "You will have let me know when you are taking her for walkies next time, I'd like to watch'". "Perhaps one day" Michael answered "Now we really must go'. "One photo" Frank pleaded. "you never know I might be able to do you a favour" Handing Michael his card. "I'm retired but I still do stuff". I was curious but Michael said thanks and put it in his pocket before I could see it. "One photo, then. How about this" Michael said, as he stuffed his hand down the front of my nappy and grabbed my dick. CLICK!!! Thanks mate, see you again! And with that Frank had turned and walked off in the other direction.

Michael turned walked away towards the direction of the bikes pulling me by my lead. The nappy squished away and slipped around my buttocks as I walked behind him. Taking me aside to grassy patch behind the bikes he and laid me out, for my last nappy change. Putting me in my last disposable, he slipped another suppository up my bottom before taping me up. Getting my stained cloth out of my bag and pinning me in that too for good measure. Whilst pulling my plastic pants up, he said that the last suppository should clean me out properly and it wouldn't take long so I should head back home without delay. We got the rest of my clothes ready and he held my leather jeans as I gingerly stepped into them. It was a squeeze but they fitted around my bulge as he snapped them shut, He gave me a big hug and kiss rubbing my crotch to as we said our good byes. "I will call you next week, be ready" He said as we got back on our machines. I started the engine and my bowels churned over........ Again.

To be continued.

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