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The Picnic

Part 2 (First Weekend)

It had been a few weeks since our picnic but now I was being invited over for the whole weekend starting Friday. We had a seen each other a couple of times in between meeting at country pub for an evening drink. I was instructed had to wear a disposable nappy and plastic panties, under my regular clothes for each visit and was not allowed to use the toilet. On the each occasion I was taken out to the car park to have my nappy inspected, which involved him slipping my trousers to my ankles while my nappy was thoroughly massaged as I was ordered to pee. This after a couple of drinks was quite easy. We then went back inside for a last drink.

I got off the bus at the end of the street where Michael lived and walked the last bit towards his house, which was a semi-detached Victorian three story house set back from the road. I was excited and nervous at the same time I would be his for the whole weekend, the longest I had ever played before and the most time I would have spent with him. He opened the door and beckoned me in to the hall. Once inside he closed the door and picked up my bag, he led me up the stairs into a second bedroom, this was my room to the left there was a single bed in the corner, with wooden bars, and metal rings fastened at various points along the side. There was a large rug in the centre of the room with various toys laid about, a double wardrobe and dresser on the far wall and on the right hand wall running just underneath the window was an adult sized changing table, with all the equipment stored on shelving underneath this also had secure fastenings about it.

"I have spent the last few weeks preparing all this for you baby and there is even more to see later, I hope you enjoy it. I've got some special surprises planned too, now let's get your grown up stuff off!" Michael said. As he put down my bag and began to undress me down to my Plastic pants and wet disposable diaper. I lay on the table as guided by Michael a dummy was popped into my mouth and he then began to slip off my pants and disposable. I was then wiped all over and had nappy cream plastered around my backside with special attention given to my anus as a finger was inserted in and rotated about then after a few minutes teasing and pumping it stopped before I could cum, Michael picked up a medium sized butt plug and slowly forced it into me then I was pinned tightly into a cloth nappy with a couple of extra soakers to make sure the plug could not move, the plastic pants followed by some very frilly white lace cover pants. As I sat up and felt the plug push deeper into me. He put a white broderaise cotton tabard on to me that laced at the sides with simple lose ribbon ties under the arms it barely reached the top of my thighs so the nappy was almost completely exposed. I then put my arms out as he slipped over a pink leather harness around my chest which was buckled up so tight, that I could not take a full breath; finally some pop socks completed my outfit.

Michael took me down stairs to the lounge which was well furnished. In the middle of the bay windows was a full size high chair he sat me down in it then adjusted the waist and crotch straps that locked me in. My harness was clipped to the back rest and finally the table was slipped into place. The front curtains where open and I could see into the garden, although there was some sparse foliage across the front people could see in if they got the notion to look this way, this did not seem to bother Michael in the slightest. 'Do you like the chair?' he said. I nodded my approval. 'I had Frank, the man we met in the woods make it, and the changing table. He is a retired carpenter and it seems he is very keen to make us some special things. There are even a few extra features built in. It opens to become your potty isn't that clever. He will be pleased you like it! To get a discount I have agreed that he can come over and watch you use it.

I was given a pill to take and a bottle of warmed milk. Whilst I sucked on this he told me some house rules for the weekend. I was not to use the bathroom obviously, or ask to be changed, that would be done by him when he felt it necessary. I was free to leave now if I wanted but later would not be an option, I was to call him daddy and carry out all his requests without question of fuss, if not I would be punished in any manner he saw fit. He wanted me to be happy, but good!

After my bottle Michael said that he had a visitor coming around who would help me with gift he had arranged for the weekend. I did not quite follow but was more than happy to stay my head was now feeling light. I looked around the room there was a large TV and Hi Fi at one end lots of shelves and books He didn't hide his interests there were a few books on sexuality, cross-dressing, ab and gay stories, as well as biology and psychology. Underneath the shelves was what looked like a large cage but it was covered in a blanket with a few magazines on, probably nothing to do with my interests.

Michael said that I was not to worry and that he had looked after a few babies before, but that I was the first who was going to be a baby girl. He got out a photo album and showed me. It looked a few years old there were some nice pictures of young men in diapers being fed and changed another few showed them being spanked and on the last page showed one of them crouching inside a cage secured by a harness, he had no clothes on and his bottom was very red and had a large dildo sticking out of it. I looked over and recognised the cage! A shudder went through me there was a darker side to Michael. But he squeezed my hand in reassurance.

"It is alright baby" he said "That baby was hard to train though he is fine now, and even went on to become a 'daddy' to some of the others. I think he has at least two now!"

Just then the doorbell rang! I peed myself the thick nappy soaked it up. Michael came back into the room with a very slim and pretty young woman in her early 20's. She was wearing a purple beauticians short smock dress and carrying a small box. This is Sally and she runs her own mobile beauty business.

"This one is lovely Michael lots of potential" she said "What kind of look were you after?" she continued as she checked my face, hair and then moving behind me unclipping my harness and removing it whilst she cupped my chest and squeezed my nipples.

"I have some new hormone tablets that will do great things here she said moving her hands down to my waist then on to my nappy squeezing my groin it will help down there too, but she feels fairly small anyway".

"I wanted a toddler to five-ish mainly and maybe the occasional maid or some of our other fetish stuff, after more training perhaps." He answered giving her a knowing look.

"Right" said Sally with a big grin "Better get started".

I was strapped back into my harness and locked to the chair. My hair was then brushed out and put into two small bunches and tied off with ribbons then my eyebrows were plucked and trimmed I wondered what I would do after the weekend to hide them. Then Michael came around and strapped my hands to the chair and put a high collar on to keep my head still, "This will look great sweetie" he said as Sally removed an ear piercing gun from her box she loaded it and pressed it to each ear in turn. Michael kept praising me and saying I would be a beautiful baby girl for him and he rubbed the front of my nappy. Before I could raise any question I had two gold studs. The collar was removed and my hands released.

Sally took some photos of me for her 'Portfolio' and gave a couple to Michael. Then she was ready to leave. After arranging to do some extra baby sitting for him and leaving various pills and some cream on the coffee table, she gave Michael a deep kiss then left.

Michael turned and smiled at me.

"Wasn't that a nice surprise! Let's get you down from your chair and you can thank me properly" He undid all the straps in the chair and eased me out and to the floor, my legs were like jelly and I quickly slipped to the rug on all fours. Michael drew the curtains and dimmed the lights, then stripping off to his cream silk French knickers and tight vest, he beckoned me to him with small tugs of my harness as he sat on the edge of the big leather sofa. I crawled to him between his smooth well toned legs and began rub his erection through his French knickers.

"When you're a big girl I will let you wear some of these, but that won't be for a long while. Now suck me off and show me how grateful you are for your earrings baby." He pulled my dummy out and slid his engorged cock out from his knickers and placed it to my mouth. It was instinctive as I first licked the tip of his penis gently a few times before I took him into my mouth curling my tongue around the head and stroking his shaft with my fingers and fondling his balls through the soft silk.

"Good girl! I want a perfect performance for our guest tomorrow too". I could hear the words but none of it meant anything the sedative had really blown me away.

He pumped into my mouth slowly as I sucked the pre come that was oozing from the end of his cock. It tasted sweet. I stroked him more, running my fingers in the gap between his anus and his testes. While he stroked my head with one hand and the gripped my harness firmly with the other rocking me back and forth in time with his thrusts, soon the pace increased and he held my head more tightly. When he could hold back no longer, he said "That's it sweet heart, time for daddy's special treat" As he squirted his juice into my mouth and down my throat I swallowed as much as I could but some dribbled out. Michael then got up and had me bend over the coffee table he pulled back my plastic pants and unpinned my nappy which was damp but not soaked through. Michael then played with my plug pulling it in and out getting me all hot and hard he started to rub my erection but as I started to reach a climax he squeezed me painfully and my erection disappeared immediately.

"Baby is not allowed to come yet! You know the rules, messy nappies first! He removed the plug completely now and inspected my dilated sphincter and seemed satisfied that it remained open for some time before returning to a normal. After greasing the plug some more, and rubbing it around in the spunk on my chin he placed it against my hole and pushed it firmly in which was accompanied by a satisfying squelch noise. My nappy was pulled back between my legs and re-pinned, again really tightly, followed by the plastic pants and cover.

"You stay here on the rug and I will get changed and get you some dinner." He left me with some colouring books. He came back twenty minutes later with some bowls. After moving my chair next to the table in the dining room, he brought me through and strapped me in, I felt the dildo push deeper and dilate me more, then a hard plastic bib with a lip to catch the spillages was strapped on me. I was then fed two packets of 'lamb casserole' baby food mix some creamed rice pudding and a jar of puree. All extremely quickly, so it was smeared all over my face and dropping into the bib. What a messy girl. Then he ggave me a spoonful of green liquid it was horrible and I dribbled it out.

"Oh know you don't" he said.

"Just for that you can have four spoons." I tried to refuse but he slapped my bare thigh hard until I co-operated.

"Keep this up and you'll get more than a spanking missy." I took the rest of my formula and then was given three bottles of milk to drink while Michael tucked into his steak. I let a long stream of wee fill my nappy.

After dinner a large play pen was brought out and I was locked into it with some building blocks to play with, when the dishes had been done Michael came out and checked my nappy which was very heavy, I had hardly noticed when I pissed myself now.

I was then taken back to my room and undressed ready for a bath. Michael put some plastic sheeting down on the floor and while the bath was being run he smothered me with a depilating cream paying special attention around my bottom, my plug and my wee wee. I was taken to a big bath room which had a large corner bath. I was told to get in and Michael lovingly sprayed me down with the shower head as I writhed in the bubbles. We played some games squirting each other with some toys that he had left there for me.

Then it was time to come out. I was put on the changing table dried, creamed then powdered. Then a thick disposable nappy was put on me it but not before two extra soakers were inserted. Then a terry towelling nappy was pinned into place. The plug was still firmly in my bottom. I was given a cotton vest to put on followed by a bonnet. Then an all-in-one pink footed pyjama.

Back downstairs I was given some more milk, one of Sally's new pills, before Michael read me an erotic story about a sissy princess that lived in castle with lots of strange magical animals. After I had finished my bottle, Michael told me that he had invited a very special person to come over tomorrow and he wanted to show me off in all my babied status. I was to be totally obedient and carry out all his requests without question.

"The time for backing out has long since passed my sweet baby", he said as he rubbed my crotch too sooth away any concern I might have.

Then I was led up to my cot and strapped in for the night. So that there was absolutely no chance of getting any sexual relief, my hands were put in mittens and tied to the bars. He kissed me on the forehead and gave me one last bottle with another sedative, I wet my nappy before I finished then fell into a deep sleep.

At about 7:30 I was awoken by the curtains being drawn open and a very cheerful Daddy opening up my cot. He removed my sleeper and led me downstairs to breakfast, I was put in the high chair, my soaked nappy was beginning to leak now. Two portions of porridge and some toasted soldiers, Michael tucked into to sausages and bacon, I groaned. Slap across the face.

"No fussing missy, baby's not big enough to have grown up breakfasts". I fed myself as instructed while Michael read the paper. Then I was given a hormone pill and a bottle of warm milk to drink.

Our guest would be arriving at 10:00 so it was time to get ready. With breakfast finished I was led waddling to the nursery where I was helped on to the changing table. Some poles were now slotted into the sides by my feet. As I lay on my back Michael had me raise my bottom as he slid my pants all the way down and undid my nappy, dropping the cloths and soakers into a bucket "you can clean that up later" he said. Then as he slipped the plastic pants down over each ankle in turn, he placed each foot up into a sling on the side and strapped my hands to the side of the table. Then he slowly took the Plug out of my bum, it had been in so long I felt empty and very loose as it was removed.

"Mind, you don't have an accident yet baby, our guest wants to see you do everything okay!"

I was wiped all over then powdered, the attention was lovely, I had fallen for Michael completely I just stared into his blue eyes whilst he moved around me rubbing in the powder to all my crevices making me gasp as hand ran over my tummy massaging it before moving between my buttocks. I arched and tried to force his hand to give me more stimulation but it was hopeless my feet were in stirrups and my hands were strapped down. A greased finger was inserted into my bottom, "No need for any further help here today. You should be able to do poopy when daddy asks, hey baby?"

I was then put into a really thin diaper followed by some snap on plastic pants. Just then Sally came into the room carrying a bag.

"Hi Sally, she is changed, do you want to finish getting her ready?"

"Sure, I have left 'Tommy' downstairs for you!"

"Be a good sissy while Auntie Sally dresses you darling. I will see you when you are ready."

I was unfastened from the table and led to the wardrobes. There I was given a white cotton slip that reached to mid thigh height which was flared with taffeta. Sally choose a simple dress in light green cotton material round neck, short bodice with Puffed shoulders an imperial waist line skirt that reached down to just about my mid thigh. She held it out for me and I stepped into she turned me round and zipped me in, then did the waist ties in a bow at the back. Next came some below the knee white patterned cotton socks and some light green ballet slippers to match the dress.

She sat me down at the dresser brushed my hair into two little pig tails again, to show off my earrings. Then she applied some make up, a light coating of foundation, some eye liner and then a big dollop of rouge on each cheek, I was finished off with some lipstick to match. I looked like a baby doll. Finally she attached a leather collar and lead.

"Right lets get you down and you can meet my boyfriend 'Tommy' you will like him. He is a baby too! In fact he is one of my Uncle Michael's old babies. I liked him so much Uncle said I could keep him. But he has been a bit naughty lately so I have brought him round for a bit more training." She led me down stairs by my lead.

When we came into the room the curtains were drawn and the lighting was down I could see a woman sitting in a high backed leather chair at the end of the room which had been set up with two stand lamps behind show she was mostly in shade. With one hand she held a masquerade style mask to her face concealing her identity and looked to be wearing a dark silky blouse, a knee length, full skirt and heels. Sally told me to curtsey and twirl for our Special Guest who had come all this way to see me, which I did. Then I was bent over while she showed the lady my plastic panties before I was told to sit down on the floor and be a good girl. My lead was clipped the fire place, Sally said it was time for her to get changed 'for her baby' then turned and left the room.

Michael was in the centre of the room by the coffee table and had a paddle in his hand. He was standing over Sally's 'Tommy' who was on his knees, bent over the table, unable to move as his leather collar and wrist cuffs had been fastened to D rings on the end and sides. He was very athletic, with a smooth shaved body and appeared to be in his early twenty's. Dressed in cropped T-shirt and had been wearing some shorts, along with disposable nappy's and plastic panties. But these were now around his ankles.

"Tommy, my niece says you have been a naughty baby staying out late and drinking with your buddies, and not showing mummy enough respect. Is this true baby?" Tommy nodded and started to blubber saying he was sorry and wouldn't do it anymore. Too late for Tommy, Michael made him kiss the paddle before inserting a penis gag into his mouth and strapping it tightly behind his head. He moved around to Tommy's bottom stroked it gently with his fingers, then as Tommy began to relax SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! He kept going for at least ten more strokes onto alternate buttocks. When this had stopped there were tears running down Tommy's face and his bottom was burning red. Michael opened a draw and picked up a large red jelly dildo after applying some jelly to the end. He got a tub of moisturising cream and rubbed it into Tommy's bottom with a couple of fingers. Then the dildo was pressed against his entrance and with one swift motion pushed in about 4inches. Tommy jerked and howled then he lay still as Michael pumped it in and out quickly.

Just then Sally came back in. She was now wearing a very short red PVC sleeveless smock dress and red strapped sandals. Poking out from under her dress was an enormous black dildo strapped over her matching red PVC panties.

"He is ready for you now sweet heart" said Michael. As he removed the jelly dildo, Sally slipped down behind Tommy and pushed her own dildo home. Tommy groaned but it didn't all sound like pain. Sally slipped it in and out as Michael offered her encouragement.

"I think you need to fuck him like this more often dear. Then he will respect you. Also I have these!" and he pulled out some very babyish frilly plastic panties that had a small padlock in the back.

"When he goes out put him in these. And if you want him back home sooner slip a suppository in him, I'll show you." Just then she climaxed, and gently withdrew. Michael pushed a suppository up his bottom then unlocked him from the table and pulled of his nappy off, at his point he then realised that Tommy had ejaculated over the coffee table. Michael pulled me over and told me to lick the table clean, I was hesitant, but he picked up the paddle. I crawled over and started to lick the cum off the table. Then I was told to clean Tommy's tummy and wee wee "You wanted this remember baby? Be a good girl for daddy!" I licked around Tommy's belly button and lapped up the spillage then went down on to his willy which had got very stiff, I quickly licked him clean and let him go. He was then made to put on some fresh pull ups then the frilly pants and with a click they were locked.

Tommy was then shut into the cage.

Michael looked at me and taking me by the collar.

"Crawl up on to the table now baby. We want you to do pooh poohs for Daddy and Mummy" he pointed over to the lady in the chair. He made me bend over a little. I was so nervous with all these people here and what had been done to Tommy. But I strained a little and some wee squirted into my nappy, with it being so thin a little pool gathered in plastic pants. Daddy moved closer placing a hand on my back to make me squat and then he massaged my willy and tummy "There's a good girl, push a little harder." I did so and a huge lump began to make its way into my pants I had to gyrate my bottom around to ease its passage and then slowly, it plopped into the seat of my panties.

Daddy cupped it and pushed it around my bum, and I began to get an erection, he was very pleased and had me waddle over to the lady to show her. She held out a hand under my dress first checking the back of the nappy squishing it and then feeling my hard on through the front of my panties.

"Has baby got any more?" Michael asked. pushing some more shit started to come out and then I lost control and the hot soft mush just started to flood into my pants, which sagged heavily some started to dribble down my legs. But it was a relief just to have got it all out.

Sally went out and came back in with a large red rubber sheet. The floor was cleared and the sheet was laid down. My shoes and socks were taken off and I was made to sit on the mat which pushed the pooh further up and around in my nappy. Then I had to crawl around chasing a ball. After a while I had to kneel while Sally lifted the front off my dress and petticoat telling me to hold up the hem so it wouldn't get dirty. She then sat beside me putting on some plastic gloves she rubbed all around my sodden nappy and squished the poo pushing it to the front, and rubbing it all around my balls and cock. I was feeling like very naughty and dirty girl. Michael placed a plastic feeding bowl on the floor in front of me. Sally continued to masturbate me through my nappy squeezing my erection and cooing "What a good little girl I am for my daddy" Michael sat next to our special guest who was now stroking herself. He asked her if she liked what she saw, and if she would like any assistance with some relief of her own. To which she nodded her approval and was then led to my high chair her skirt was raised to her waist revealing her own clear plastic pants without any nappy, she was guided into the chair and strapped in by the waist.

Sally bent me over the feeding bowl. As my breath became shallow and rapid, she opened the front of the nappy and the pungent smell hit me. As I orgasmed she pumped out my juice into the bowl. Another ripple of ecstasy went through my body then the nappy was pulled up and over my shrinking cock and she patted and squeezed the front, letting the remains of my ejaculate mix with the mess in my knickers.

The lights were now turned off. Michael led me led me in a crawl, on to a stool just in front of the figure in the high chair. My bottom slipped around inside my mush filled nappy, Her legs opened as my head was guided by my collar and leash to her plastic encased crotch her skirts were dropped back over me and Sally's hands undid the poppers on the sides of the plastic pants. Hands on the back of my head pulled me into the soaking lips of my mistress I began to lick up all the juice in the pants and then on her open vulva before pushing my tongue in deeper and finding her swollen clit I heard her gasping quietly as I continued. A larger firm hand was on the front of my nappy squeezing it.

"Still soft" Michael said as if confirming a fact for those present.

As I continued she began to grind herself more and more roughly into my face before a final orgasm covered my face with a flood of her juices. I was pushed back quickly, as the skirt was lifted from my head. The lights were turned on and I was looking straight up into the face of, Katie my Wife!

My heart nearly stopped. I was frozen with fear. My life was over there was no hiding now.

But she just smiled at me. I could see there was a great satisfaction in her expression and it was not just from the orgasm I suspected??

Michael was there beside me he held me in one arm and stroked my bottom with the other.

"It's alright baby, she knows everything, your mine now!"

I was confused I began to babble uncontrollably. Had I been caught? Setup? What is going to happen to me?

Sally cleaned my face and popped a big dummy into my mouth tying the ribbon tight to keep me quiet, "Sssh, I'll get you some nice warm milk and a sedative to calm you down sweetie". As she left I was sat back down on to the sheet, my cooling mess pushing around my bottom re-enforcing my diapered status and the things that my wife had just witnessed.

Then my wife spoke, and began to explain 'my' situation.

"James, I new things were not going well between us for quite a few months now. I had my new circle of friends and social life. While you, became even more reclusive. Locking your self away in you den night upon night. But I never suspected this!"

Michael un-strapped her, and she stood up peeling off her panties.

"Look at you!" Bending over she stroked my head continuing her appraisal.

"You have Earrings, Little girl's clothes, you are wearing and using nappies and having intercourse with men apparently!"

I know I have had a lover for many months now, but you and this... Wow!

"I never new you had it in you!"

She sat down on the sofa.

"Just recently we thought you might have found another woman. This was obviously not to my satisfaction as I didn't wish to lose my nice house and comforts with a messy separation. Finding Michael's number in your clothing I thought I would ask your 'new' mate as a concerned wife, if you were having an affair behind my back. After not being satisfied with his denials of your infidelity, I checked him out some more and heard that he was known to entertain young men!"

"So we followed you both to the pub and seeing you together in the car park I knew something was up and that it was possibly much more to my advantage?

I challenged Michael again showing him the photos of your liaison in the car park with your trousers around your ankles I wanted to know what was going on, and asked if it was drug dealing or something. Michael denied this. I knew that you didn't have sex in the car park. But couldn't make out what you were doing in the shadows. I even offered to arrange some counselling for you! if you were confused about your sexuality. But he explained you would never come clean as it was much more complicated. So knowing that you were coming here this weekend I insisted that I see for myself".

"And although I found this all disgustingly amusing. It is not what I expect of a husband or lover. I even wore those plastic panties at Michael's request to keep you interested. You can have them back now, by the way" and she sat forward and placed them on my lap.

Michael gave her a glass of wine.

"So this is your life now! You are to be baby Hmm! Jamie...Jazzy and I am leaving you in the care of Michael".

"While you, are leaving me and my lover, the house. For now! But there will be no divorce unless you want me to tell the whole world of your new lifestyle, and I have all the evidence to back it up too"!

Just then Sally came back with two bottles of milk. She gave one to Michael with a sedative pill for me and the other was for Tommy who was on his hands and knees in the cage she opened a flap and started feeding him the bottle. At about the same time he started to get restless, as he could no longer hold his bowels back from expelling their contents into his baby pants, and they filled out as he let go in a bubbling gush a little of the mess began to dribble out of the crutch and down his legs.

"My two messy babies" Sally squealed in delight.

Michael took out my dummy and lay me down. I took the sedative and immediately began sucking from the bottle. He and my wife went into the kitchen to discuss the details of the arrangements. I started to drift off to sleep temporarily escaping my predicament.

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