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Warning: This story is not a quick story of being forced to potty in diapers while confined to baby clothes and being changed and restrained in and out of public while being cared for exactly fitting your age. It's more about the journey there and building up to it. Read at your own risk and as time allows!

Chapter 1

Ned cursed as he read another letter from the new CEO. A mere kid at 35 this new CEO made about as much sense as selling ice to the Eskimos. Ned a CNC specialist with a solid background in mechanical engineering could not see the benefit. Neither could his other friends who had been with him and the company for more changeovers in management than they could count. They specialized in making military hardware. You know the kind that people design to kill other people faster, better, and long before you saw them. Ned didn't care as far as he was concerned as long as the armed forces of the good ole US of A were taking care of business. That was so long as he could actually call it America in the hallways of work, out loud, and without getting sued by someone telling him it was unpatriotic to be supportive of his country. You know what I'm talking about. Ned was every bit an American and damn proud of it. This childish bullshit of every person taking offense for race and religion and what you name stuffed animals wasn't going to last forever.

Anyhow this new CEO didn't know beans about well the beans he was making. Just another spoiled rich kid in there raping another company for millions while the low downs were told no pay increases again this year. Ned had been thinking of a plan. It involved leaving and starting his own company and taking the talent here with him to do it. It would mean some serious years of hard work but it would kill two birds with one stone. It would leave the company he was with unable to finish their military contracts without their current talent pool. The loss of those contracts would probably make the company unable to afford their latest CEO flavor.

This would require some serious thought and some discussion with his wife. He smiled to himself suddenly the day was better. Despite the latest memo from the CEO telling him he had to go to yet another conference in Japan. One he had designed most of the robotic hardware for. Hardware that the last CEO had "mistakenly" traded away to the Chinese in exchange for an exclusive all expenses paid trip to Thailand with his choice of companion. Which probably had something to do with the reason Human Resources fired him as soon as he returned when the media scandal and photos started appearing. It was nice to know they did not always get away with everything.

Anyhow the memo basically told him he had to fly to Japan and explain how parts of the technology he had designed worked. It meant leaving his wife for an extended period of time again. It also meant he could not play a secret game of his which involved some very not professional attire. Attire that should anyone see him in would definitely end up with him fired or worse. A secret thought in his head chased away the last of his blues.

Grabbing his blackberry from his waist Ned emailed his wife that he would cook dinner tonight and he had to go on yet another trip. He knew his wife would really be unhappy about this. While most of the time she did not participate in his secret games she was aware of his proclivity and allowed it. Making a note to stop and get wine and some nice steaks on the way home Ned went up several floors to the company travel agent and began setting up his itinerary. While there he talked the travel agent into getting him at least business class. She had worked with Ned for years and always tried to make sure she went the extra mile for him. She wished that Ned would stop screwing around and just open his own damn company already and hire her to work there. She knew not only would she get the recognition she deserved, the perks would definitely be better. However she also knew it took a ton of capital to open the doors of a new company and a ton of luck to be successful.

Ned finished making his travel plans and e-mailed the itinerary to all his buddies and then left for the day. About half way home he got a text from the new CEO demanding to know where he was. Utilizing the cell phone feature of his Blackberry Ned called the CEO and explained that he had gone home to pack and get his equipment ready for travel. The CEO came unglued and started asking the usual nonsense questions that those at that level ask. Such as: don't you have a housemaid to pack for you, a wife? How long does it take her to for you pack anyway? Can't you call a service to pack for you? Why are you gone already its only 11:00 a.m. in the morning? The harangue went on for a moment and Ned employed a mental trick he had used since the company started a revolving door of spoiled rotten children as leaders. He tuned out and thought mathematically about the probability of the CEO actually doing something for the company that day that would make money. Usually this took a few minutes and he always ended up with the same answer. After a moment he realized that he was only half way through the possibilities he normally worked on when there was yelling in his ear. It was the CEO he had resorted to normal Toddler Tactics "scream real loud" until someone gives you what you want. Today was a different story. Ned waited until the tantrum was past then proceeded to calmly advise the executive that according to the memo from his office and signed in his hand meant that he had to be in Japan 8:00 A.M. local time next morning. As a result of the time difference it meant he could have dinner and make his 6:00 p.m. flight from LAX. The sudden silence of the phone was rather welcome. Ned wondered if like the proverbial toddler the man was getting ready to really cut loose. No sound came from Ned's cell for a moment he thought it had dropped the call. Then a quieter voice, I did ask you do to do that didn't I. I am looking at the draft I gave my secretary. Ned paused sure that the next thing would either be the CEO hanging up suddenly or another tantrum. Ned wished someday a CEO would take the third option which was recognize their mistake, apologize, and then say goodbye it would probably never happen. In a moment he heard a sharp intake of breath. You're going business class to Japan? I don't think I approved that now did I? Ned sighed, it was the toddler option. Always the toddler option with these CEO's it was shameful for the trade. He really needed to talk to his wife and see what she thought of starting his own business. Calmly Ned walked the CEO through the things a knowledgeable CEO would be asking another executive like the CFO? Ned explained that the company had for a number of years belonged to a club that allowed them business class seating for overseas flights. They paid a premium and provided a seat was available in business class were granted the seat for no more than a regular ticket. This did nothing to calm the CEO down rather it just pissed him off more because Ned was right. After some more screaming and yelling about how quickly costs and luxuries like this were going to be cut Ned managed to get in that his cell phone battery was dying so if the call dropped it wasn't personal and popped the battery out of his Blackberry. The silence was as golden as it was welcome. He guessed that while those luxuries were going to be cut he doubted the CEO's luxuries were going to suffer any. He sighed heavily they were all the same. Spoiled children in adult bodies with too much power a lot of education that never seemed to teach the student how to lead. This one was as much a winner as the last one.

Pulling into his favorite specialty grocery store Ned stopped by the butcher and talked with him a few minutes. The butcher lived on Ned's street and they knew each other pretty well. After securing a couple of really nice steaks for dinner Ned headed over to the wine section. He captured a nice mild oak aged apricot and floral Chardonnay to start and a nice heavy, bold Cabernet to go with their steaks. He grabbed salad fixings, a fresh loaf of artisan bread, and headed for the checkout. He grabbed a nice bouquet of fresh cut flowers for the wife, paid for everything and left for home to start up the barbeque.

Chapter 2

Once home he parked his custom G35M in the garage, put the white wine and salad in the fridge, started the barbeque, put the flowers in a vase, unpacked the steaks and left them on the counter to warm to room temperature, and then headed upstairs to pack. He estimated he would be in Japan at most for a week. He planned for 10 days just in case. He packed everything he needed lingering a few minutes over a hidden partition in the closet that stored his more "personal and favorite" items. He sighed maybe when he got back. It was not often that he got to have fun. There were times when his spouse was away for the weekend and he got to indulge all weekend. Those were tricky times because he knew most of the people on his street. It just would not do for them to know his secret or see him dressed in an outfit. He smiled it would be the thing that he would hold in his head while he was away. He loved his wife very dearly and was quite capable of keeping her happy. However as much as she was a part of his life so was this.

By now the barbeque was ready to go and the steaks had warmed up a little. He decided he would wait a little longer. He checked the Chardonnay found it just the right temperature to drink. Fetching a couple of glasses from the cupboard he pulled the cork, poured two glasses and checked his watch. His wife was a TA working on her Masters and then on to a Ph.d to teach at university. She would be home any time now barring the famous traffic the state was known for. He let the wine sit a moment and then approached the glass. A swirl to coat the inside, a sniff, and a light sucking slurp to sample the nose. Not bad it wasn't quite what he had in mind but it was close enough. The temperature was off a bit maybe after it had warmed up a degree or two. He heard rather than saw his wife's convertible silver mustang Cobra pull into the garage. Grabbing her wine glass he sauntered over to the garage entry and waited for her.

She got out of the car fuming about his impending trip. Saw the wine and Ned's look and dropped it. Too many times they had this argument. Some day she would be finished with her education and she would get a great job that would allow him some breathing room where he could choose what he wanted to do while she paid the bulk of the bills. For now they both knew they had to put up with it. When do you leave? Sorry love, I have to leave right after dinner. In fact I should be in there cooking it to perfection while we chat about your day. What say you follow me in and we chat while I cook? Handing her a glass he grabbed her book bags, closed her car door and hit the remote button for the garage door.

They both wandered in, Ned dashed over grabbed the steaks and ran out and gently laid them on the now glowing barbeque. Leaving the lid open he walked back in set the plate in the sink washed his hands and began prepping the salad and bread. Once everything was laid out he dashed out flipped the steaks and came back in. Refilling their wine glasses they continued talking about the day. Finishing the white Ned tossed the dead soldier and corked the red. Pouring just a sip in both glasses they swirled it and flung it down. Once the glasses were "rinsed" Ned poured a generous helping in each then left them to air a little. Checking the steaks and finding them done he plated them setting a timer for five minutes. While they rested they served themselves the salad and bread. Adding the steaks after five minutes they began eating in earnest. About halfway through the bottle of red the execu-sedan was there to pick up Ned. Kissing his wife quickly he dashed out the door promising to call her when he arrived. He did this because he did not want to see the single tear that ran down his wife's face. She wiped it away quickly and poured herself a refill. Right now it was the only solace she had.

Chapter 3

Ned's journey to Japan was on time and as comfortable as it could be. He spent part of the flight preparing notes and anticipating questions and their corresponding answers. He could guess pretty easily where they were having problems. Overall the Japanese were very good with engineering and software however big motion mechanics seemed to be a sticking point either way he would find out when he arrived. A couple of hours into the flight he shut his personal light off and tried to get some sleep. Because he was arriving in the morning local time he knew it would be some time before he got any meaningful sleep.

His jet arrived on time. Since Ned knew a little Nihon he was able to get by on his own. He also knew a little about local Japanese customs. They were fairly rigid and very specific. He did his best to appear alert and ready for business as if the flight here meant nothing at all. He stopped off at a shop and collected a few trinkets to give his hotel staff and the people he was going to work with. While he was shopping he called his wife to tell her he had arrived safely. Walking down to the transportation area sure enough, there was the sign. They sped him through customs and then to breakfast which consisted of either a bowl of steaming noodles or some rice and raw fish. He chose the noodles. Then straight to work, his baggage would be brought directly to the hotel. For the next 9 hours they reviewed technical aspects of the problematic areas, his hosts seeing that he was becoming less alert proposed going to an early dinner. You see once you arrive and are in the care of the Japanese it is considered rude to leave you alone. So pretty much someone stays with you until you are ready to fall over they wined and dined him for the next two hours. Hailing a cab they all piled in and took him to a kareoke bar. Where they all got drunk and sang not too badly. Dropping him off at his hotel and advising him that tomorrow was his own he staggered through the ceremony of greetings and gifts and fell into bed.

He awoke next morning reeking of Saki and sweat. Changing into the provided robe he showered and then headed for the Jacuzzi tub en-suite. He needed some hot tea and a massage. About three hours later he felt semi human again. He dressed and then called a couple of local friends he knew. Since he had e-mailed them in advance they knew he was in town and all of them had set aside time to spend with him.

The trip was a great success and he was treated quite well. He had a few odd experiences. For one foreign country's do not have the same hang ups about sex and costumes as the USA does. During one of his day trips aboard the bullet train Ned happened upon a woman who had a young girl of about 15 with her. The girl was dressed quite juvenile and to Ned's surprise the woman who was with her was apparently her caretaker. Now staring is considered rude in any polite society however Ned could not take his eyes off the two. The girl was wearing a pinafore style dress with puffy bottoms. Her hair was tied in two pigtails with ribbon tied in bows atop them. She clutched a well worn teddy bear to her. She started to fuss and fidget after awhile. Her caretaker started talking to her in low tones. The girl continued to fidget even worse. Eventually she became very still. After a moment she started to make little whimpering sounds. Her caretaker pulled a corner of the puffy pants down and stuck her finger in. Shaking her head she took the child's hand picked up what was obviously a diaper bag and they made their way into the bathroom marked for caretakers. In a few moments they both came out and the little girl seemed happier. They took their place again. The girls' caretaker pulled out a bottle and gave it to her charge where it was drunk down eagerly. All the while Ned could barely keep from staring at them both to the point where they would likely report him to the conductor. He was fascinated and thinking in his mind what a great thing it would be to move here and be treated that way and it was not considered a big deal. After the bottle was gone the girls' caretaker pulled out a large pacifier stuck it in her charges mouth and fastened a ribbon to the top of her dress so it would not be lost or dropped. Then she pulled a light baby blanket about crib size out of the diaper bag wrapped it around her charge and cuddled the child to her. In a few moments the child was sleeping as peacefully as if she was actually an infant! Ned was beyond fascinated and was quite beside himself.

The train ride was a long one, about 5 hours. The child continued sleeping. Ned braced himself and then got up from his seat. Using his most polite Japanese Ned summoned up the courage to approach the woman and talk with her. She was actually quite friendly and Ned was able to find out that the woman was child sitting for a wealthy couple for a few weeks. The wealthy couple had gone to another country on business and she was the only sitter they could find on short notice. The girl actually was a diaper lover/ teen baby for her parents so she had no issues and was thrilled to be treated in the open public exactly the way she had always wanted. The woman offered her card to Ned who out of politeness could not decline and offered his in return. He tucked it into his pocket apologized for interrupting her and returned to his seat.

When the girl woke up she started to whimper right away so straight to the restroom again for another change. The little girl smiled and winked at Ned as she flounced by in her puffy pants. They both returned to their seats and the trip finished without any further events.

Chapter 4

Ned had now spent about 4 days in Japan. He had called his wife every day to update her in between her classes. Since he did not know how long he was going to be stuck there he just called her on a daily basis. Most of the complications had been overcome and the engineers were actually pretty happy. When he asked what application his work was being used for he was told that not even the engineers knew the final purpose. They did assure him that at some point in the future he would be shown. Thinking this would lead to another trip to Japan in the future Ned stopped asking. He had no wish to be away from his wife and his secret practice of relaxing himself. He did ask though how many more days they would need him and they assured him he could return home the following Monday. In the meantime they went back to work and began showing Ned some new plans they were working on. Ned was pretty sure the executives of the corporation would not be too happy if they knew Ned was being shown future plans for other projects in progress. They assured him what they were showing him he would not have to worry about ever revealing to anyone. Ned should have been more aware of what they were saying and how they were saying it however he ignored it. Ned was advised he would be off the following day.

Ned sighed and relaxed back in bed. By now he was starting to get the hang of Japan time. He showered, had a hotel massage, and then dressed and went out on the town. Ned had planned a visit to a local shrine area that he had known from previous trips. Instead of taking his map with him like he usually did he decided to wing it. Let the day take him where it would. Ned wandered for awhile and then noticed he was somewhat lost. He saw a shop with some interesting items in the window and wandered in. About two steps in the door he realized he was amiss in not paying attention to the traffic that was coming and going from the store. There were pairs and more coming and going from the store. The little groups all contained people who had someone dressed like a large child with them. Intrigued Ned wandered around the shop fascinated. As he wandered around checking prices, hugging an adult sized stuffed animal, checking out cloth diapers and disposables and wondering if was brave enough to purchase anything here. They literally had everything you could need for caring for an adult baby. Crib blankets in the latest and softest colors and fabrics trimmed with satin or stitching. Crib sheets in prints for girls and boys and non gender specific. Comforter sets complete with sheet, bumper pads, matching blanket, comforter, and diaper stacker. Wall hangings in pastels or bright geometric patterns, cribs, high chairs, playpens, changing tables and strollers all of them full size for adults or teenagers. There were diapers of every kind and size, plastic pants of every color and size, and plenty of baby clothes. Clothing was set up by age: Infants, toddlers, and young children with enough allowance in them for diapers. Everything you could ever need was there. Onesies, sleep and play suits, booties, sleepers, play clothes, day clothes, night clothes, snowsuits, special mittens, coats, sweaters, socks, shoes, formal wear, tights, all of it was pre-made and ready to wear. Of course all of it was made with diaper changes in mind. Snaps were only used for short distances on the clothes. In their place zippers and Velcro were used on the long stretches like pants. In addition almost every piece of clothing had been cleverly designed to keep the wearer from accessing the snaps or Velcro to remove it themselves or gain access to their diapers. To feed baby and keep them happy there were pacifiers, bottles, sippie cups, diaper bags and just about anything else you could need to tend a grownup child was there for the asking.

Ned wandered around marveling at all of this. This store was not something that was available on the internet he would know if it was. He found out why when he began talking to one of the shopkeepers who noticed him hugging the stuffed animal. Making a point not to stare at the stuffed animal Ned was unconsciously hugging the shopkeeper asked Ned to follow him and walked him over to an area set up to look like a waiting room of sorts. Here the shopkeeper indicated he could sit down. After Ned sat the shopkeeper bustled off for some tea telling Ned to wait right there. Returning the shopkeeper set the tea down and began telling Ned about the history of the shop.

Sometime recently the Japanese government began to realize that the world population needed to be reduced and child rearing was far too haphazard. Any individual that was sexually capable thought having a child was all fun and games, and in certain religions a requirement until it arrived. Then if it was poorly matched the parents would beat it, fail to educate it, and generally release yet another ticking socially maladjusted time bomb on the unknowing public. It was thought that by requiring people to obtain a license to have a child would be the answer. In keeping with that and in order to raise the standards for the best future possible they required parents to pass some very extensive testing. This would ensure that if a license was issued the child would be born to parents not only willing to raise it right it would be loved and receive the best care. Those who did not pass the psychological, mental, an emotional testing were denied a license. As a result there were considerably less children being born in their society. The penalties for having a child outside this arrangement were severe, very severe. Ned asked what the civil punishment was but with a shake of his head the shopkeeper returned to his original discussion. While this had been going on for only a short time it meant that having a child in a home was becoming more and more rare. As a result those who wanted a child in the home were resorting to three different methods to answer the need. First was to keep the child they had before the new rules had taken effect in the home and keep treating it like a child as long as it was willing. The second choice was those who had always been adult or teen babies privately were suddenly finding themselves in great demand. The third option was to pass all the tests and have a child normally. However that could take years to accomplish. You see times had changed rather than being kept hidden from sight this small slice of societal unknowns (Infantilists, diaper lovers, and adult babies.) suddenly found a place where they were accepted and welcome. Society would adjust and not surprisingly it had fairly quickly. As a result the need for stores like this one had exploded. The reason the store did not offer its goods online was because the rest of the world had yet to accept or catch up. It just reduced the need to be secretive, the exposure to bad press (which we all know is forever evil) and litigation from foreign countries for selling what most others ignorant of the practice of paraphilic infantilism, adult baby's, or diaper lovers mistakenly thought of as an offshoot of pedophilia. As a rule we do not ship to foreign countries even if you purchase the goods here. So if you want the teddy bear you have there I will have to ask you to pay for it at the front and take it with you. Ned hugged the teddy bear one more time and handed it back to the shopkeeper. Thanking him Ned took a last look around and walked out.

Ned was not aware that all of the traffic here was recorded on live video monitor. By not exporting any of its products the store was able to force the type of people it looked for to come to them. New visitors were logged and current customers were kept on a list along with who they currently had as a child with them. Part of this was overseen by the government the other was overseen by a couple of different research groups. His visit and behavior had been recorded with very high tech equipment and was duly noted. Several calls were made after everything had been analyzed, approval was granted to proceed. After approval several agents were dispatched to the engineer's home with several briefcases full of paper sent directly to the airport by private car where they boarded a corporate jet that lifted off within moments.

Chapter 5

The following morning was a Saturday and there would be some work conducted later in the day. Ned arose stretched took a Jacuzzi bath and refreshed himself with a hotel massage. He could not get that shop out of his head he dearly would have loved to buy some items there to add to his special collection. However he did not want to have to declare those items to any customs agent stateside. He resolved to revisit the shop and speak to the manager about how to handle that, there were some items there he had to have. There had to be a way after some cash was spread around to facilitate the items into the states. He would go after work group today and see what could be done. Dressing for work he went downstairs got into the waiting company car and was whisked off to work.

Entering the lobby he went through the normal security checks. Today however he was escorted to the elevator where the security agent entered with him. This was unusual using most polite and formal Japanese he questioned the guard respectfully. The guard simply answered there was a heightened terrorist alert so everyone was being escorted today that entered the building. Being a weekend few people are coming in which makes it possible to escort each one. That was another thing that set alarm bells off in Ned's head most Japanese were horribly industrious and often worked a 6 day week and from all appearances the building was practically empty. He knew this having spent last Saturday here and this floor was bustling like a regular workday, his alarm heightened. He began wondering just how safe it had been to look at the other work plans his group had shown him. Arriving at his floor the guard escorted him to the secure work area asked for his visitor's card he swiped it and escorted him in, without handing his card back. The guard tucked the key card in the pocket of his uniform and continued walking with him towards his work group which was huddled together normally talking quietly to themselves and working. Entering the work area the guard shut the door behind Ned keeping his key card which at this point he did not worry about since he was going home on Monday anyway. Ned joined the group mid discussion and before he knew it they were intensely debating some mechanical issues. Thirsty Ned asked anyone politely if they wanted anything to drink and headed to the fridge for some bottled water. Taking out a bottle Ned popped the cap and drank deeply trying to re-hydrate after last night's revelry. He almost missed it but a look passed around the entire table when he finished his drink of water. He furiously thought for a moment to remember if he had broken any Japanese protocol. About this time the drugs in the water swiftly entered his system and he began getting dizzy and sleepy. The last thing he remembered was a few associates rushing to catch him, he felt himself lowered to the floor softly and gently. Someone put a rolled up jacket under his head he could hear voices talking low and steady the drugs continued their work and he fell asleep.

Chapter 6

Reaching the states the group of Japanese business men began checking all documents and straightening out their business attire. What they were going to try was unprecedented and every detail must be seen to and addressed properly. As the jet descended into LAX suitcases closed, ties were straightened chairs were brought into upright landing positions. The jet touched down gently rolled to a private terminal where it's cargo of business men were quickly and professionally checked through customs. Entering a private sedan of Rolls Royce origin the men snapped their safety belts closed and the car silently rolled out of the hangar, the jet was refueled, washed, checked thoroughly and then sealed, its crew was stabled at a nearby hotel.

Chapter 7

Ned awoke slowly opening his eyes he went to move his arms and found that they would not work yet. Turning his head he noticed white bars, teddy bears, and a mobile. He recalled seeing that mobile at the store in town, hope and fear flared at the same time. Turning his head to observe his condition better he noted that his crib was a model he had not seen in the store, in point of fact it was considerably taller. Ned doubted even if he could stand he could get his chin on the top cross rail. A necessary feat if he was to escape, of course when he could move again. Using his mental skills of eyeing something for measurements and still being unable to move his arms and legs he approximated the crib to be about 5 ½' wide and about 8' long it was certainly roomy. The bumper pads went all the way around this vast expanse and were about 18-20" high. They were a pastel blue color with an adorable baby pattern of tiny teddy bears in various stages of being cared for, being changed, pushed in a stroller, fed, and tucked into bed. At the end of his crib for it was none other than, he noticed a thick, soft, comforter in a matching light blue with a picture he could not completely see due to it being folded showing a teddy wearing a diaper and the word B in blue satin, he had to assume it was the matching set for his baby bedding ensemble. The mobile above his bed had small fish on it and looked like a windup, of course he was about 8' away from it vertically it had carefully been placed where he could see it but not get entangled in it. Next he moved on to himself, he knew he was wearing a diaper for no one would go to this level of detail and fail to diaper the baby, especially since he was unable to move practically at all. His outfit was a sleep n' play as they called them, yellow with a small duckie on the chest over the heart ending at his encased feet. A zipper went all the way down crossed his crotch area and continued on down his left leg all the way to the ankle, just like an infants. The outfit was very soft and smelled a little like baby powder and diaper plastic, however it was a little form fitting and showed the diaper bulged between his legs. He doubted he was wearing a single diaper this looked more like he had been diapered overnight style for a heavy wetter, doubled with plastic pants. If he had to guess he was probably wearing disposables since he felt both dry and wet at the same time. Cloth always made you feel wet the minute you were. He guessed by the puffiness of the diapers he was probably due for a change, he was not sure how he had wet only that he had. That was either the drugs or they had resorted to a catheter of some sort to make him wet uncontrollably. Turning his head again he noted that there were no stuffed animals to cuddle no blankets and no toys in the crib with him fitting for someone at infant stage as he had no pillow either. The nursery was just warm enough that his clothing kept him warm but not overly.

His arm started to tingle and Ned tried to move it to his great joy it actually responded a little. Soon it would be time to look out on the world he was in. To Ned's dismay as soon as he was able to move his arms from his sides he noticed that his hands were encased in mittens matching his terry cloth sleep n' play. These were not ordinary anti scratching infant mittens these were the real deal used on mental patients though modified to look babyish. So he had his arms which ended with his hands encased in mittens he could not get out of nor use.

Just about this time a head of enormous proportions popped over the bars and looked down on him from what appeared to be an incredible height. Ned let out a cry of such intensity the face instantly softened and came closer towards him, two arms with enormous hands on them came into the crib and lifted him out gently and like an infant, one hand cradling the head and one along the body supporting the spine. The hands Ned estimated were easily 18-20" across and proportionally the correct size to the width of the hand and arm, however even at that Ned's head was cradled in one enormous hand. His caretaker started crooning softly to him and began walking across the room, this was a female as near as Ned could tell at least from the voice and the obvious breasts he was currently nestled against. Ned had caught a look back as he was gently lifted out of his crib, it was tall and the drop to the floor from the top cross rail would probably have broken some part of his body, badly. He would not be trying to escape that way anytime soon. Ned was placed over the shoulder of his caretaker, when his caretaker walked the wind seemed to whistle by. In short order he was being gently laid on what he had to assume was a changing table, his "mommy" for lack of a better term had in the tradition of moms everywhere gently pressed his diaper in the crotch area when she picked him up to determine if he needed a change. Soft and squishy needs a change, yielding but still firm can wait awhile, firm no need to consider a change yet. Ned's diapers was very soft and squishy requiring a change, all the while he was being spoken to in soft tones interestingly enough he could not understand a word. He kept trying to understand the dialect or language he was being spoken to in, he could not place it, so much for communicating with his caretaker through anything except crying or screaming.

After laying him gently on the changing table his caretaker reached to his neck undid the zipper flap freed the zipper from some sort of little Velcro pocket and proceeded to zip it down. Only then did she bring the vinyl safety belt across his waist and buckle him in. His diaper was very yellow and puffy from the amount of pee in it as it bulged through the unzipped cloth nearly immediately, Ned tried to raise his arm to cover himself and then realized against this giant he was truly helpless he let his arms fall to his side and prepared himself to enjoy his first true diaper change since he was an infant.

His caretaker zipped the zipper all the way to his ankle freed his left foot and then proceeded to bend his other leg and free the right foot. This done his mommy then unsnapped his onesie in the crotch area and tucked it up under the upper portion of his sleep n play. Gathering both ankles she lifted his bum clear of the table and swished the now undone clothing to the side and clear of the diaper change area. Right about now Ned understood the need for muscle relaxants, if was able to move his legs he might have tried to resist when she lifted him clear of the changing table or his outfit and would have ended up with broken legs. Grabbing both sides of his plastic pants she whisked them down exposing his very sodden diapers to the world. As cold air hit his nether regions Ned started to whimper whereupon a pacifier was gently pressed against his lips. It was pressed gently but firmly against his lips back and forth until he opened his mouth and it popped in. He began to suckle on it since there was nothing else to do. About the time his sodden diapers came into view Ned heard another voice that sounded vaguely like it was looking for someone. His mommy responded and in moments a second face a little larger and taller by about a head appeared next to his caretaker.

Again the language was unintelligible to Ned which infuriated him. He wasn't a genius or anything with languages however he just wanted to know what they were saying. It was weird laying there in baby clothes wearing obviously soiled diapers exposed to the world being cared for by two people so large they not only dwarfed you they made your size seem inconsequential and pointless. Ned doubted even if he had escaped his crib and somehow made it to the door he would even have been tall enough to reach the handle. For good or bad Ned was truly a baby to his oversize caretakers. Though something was incredibly off about them he thought perhaps it was the drugs making his mind not so agile. The second face peeking in on him must have been his daddy caretaker a giant hand reached in and played with his tiny fingers for a moment. Ned wrapped his strongest finger around the others and squeezed which was laughable given that moments before the drugs had just started to free up his muscles. Oh Ho strong grip for a little guy that's my boy. The giant hand was gently disentangled and taken away, a few more sentences between the two and he could hear his daddy walk away.

Meantime the diaper change continued apace, while his daddy had distracted him his mommy had un-taped his sodden diapers (Ned was gratified to see he had been right about the disposable issue.) tossed them into a bucket somewhere near the table and assembled a fresh cloth one. In no time at all he was being safely and snugly pinned into a fresh fluffy diaper while his mummy tucked her hands under the cloth to make sure it was not too tight and the pins did not stick him. Ned did not catch a glimpse of his diapered area so he suspected or felt rather that he had been shaved (Ned had actually had all his hair there and on his face removed by laser, it would be months before it grew back and when it did it would be really fine like baby down.) based on the sensations coming from his diapered area. In moments Ned was freshly powdered, diapered, and installed in a new pair of plastic pants with little sheep on them. His legs were gently tucked back into his outfit and he was zipped up. He was unbelted and again lifted gently to the shoulder of his caretaker. His caretaker dipped for a moment causing Ned to panic and let out a cry which was instantly met with more soothing noises and patting on his diapered bum, which made a sound that had always soothed Ned. Collecting a white blanket with a light yellow, blue, and pink pastel stripe on it from a pile neatly folded underneath his changing table it was draped over him and the arm was back against him. Ned felt warm fluid dribbling into his freshly changed pants, for a moment he panicked as he was pressed against the chest of his caretaker and then realized where he was. He was wrapped in a soft blanket wearing a terry sleep n play with a duckie on it his hands ended in mittens that prevented his fingers from working while underneath he was wearing a soft fluffy cloth diaper securely encased in pastel plastic pants which he was busy already moistening against his will. If he was wetting there was not much he could do about it except relax his head on the shoulder of his caretaker and see where this led. Ned did have to admit in spite of the circumstances and where they might lead he did feel secure and very well taken care of.

Walking to the door of his nursery which was enormous Ned noticed a baby gate at the entrance. The latch was more than 9' from the ground even if he got use of his legs Ned doubted he had anything high enough in the nursery to stand on to reach it. This was starting to look more serious than he had ever intended. With the pacifier still stuck in his mouth he was carried down stairs to what was obviously a kitchen of some sort. Here he was gently laid in a well padded infant carrier lined with a plush form fitted sheepskin that he sunk deeply into which felt like it wrapped around him. Ned was securely buckled in with the blanket wrapped around his arms and feet. His caretaker disappeared for a moment and then re-appeared with a bottle of warm milk obviously meant for him. Placing it against his lips she encouraged him with soothing noises to suck on it. Allowing it to slip into his mouth Ned started sucking on the bottle when about 2/3 of was gone the drugs in the milk took effect and he began to get drowsy again. By the time he was being burped Ned was completely asleep and had no recollection of being burped. In fact when he awoke again back in his crib he was wet, hungry, and in the dark.

Chapter 8

Technicians bustled out of sight several blocks away in the command center for neighborhood, checking and monitoring machines that beeped and flicked their lights at them. They had a complete 360 degree view of Stage "589 Stroller Way" each home on Stroller Way had the same setup just like the other streets that were part of this exclusive research area. Since this was their first "resident" they were extra alert for any problems or concerns. How this went and the benefits were too far in the future for any of them to guess at. However if there was anything the Far Eastern cultures were great at it was starting and keeping long term projects on track and successfully executing them. There were still some challenges to work out, one the automobile sequences needed to be done on an enormous motion simulator which was still being built. The muscle tone of the "residents" must be accounted for otherwise bedsores and atrophy would lead to amputations not a pleasant thought. Drugs could only be used for a maximum of 90 days before they started to cause real harm. The neighborhood did not yet have enough residents to make a stroller outing or restaurant outing a possibility. However after 30 days of success with the first resident the neighborhood would begin being populated. Success was crucial as the amount of money spent on this study would boggle the mind. These concerns were rapidly being addressed and resolved by the finest minds on the planet.

Chapter 9

Arriving at the Engineer's house precisely 30 minutes to the dot after the spouse got home the four men departed from the Rolls Royce and walked up to the door. Knocking firmly the men took non aggressive poses, cleared the face of any emotion and waited.

Opening the door the spouse looked out at the four impeccably dressed men on her doorstep, across the street a neighbor called out to her to see if she was okay. Not sure yet she waved at the neighbor to come over and join her. One of the men parted from the group and went to greet the new comer, the other three politely asked to enter so as to avoid loss of face. Presenting their cards as attorneys at law as one they waited to enter.

Their companion spoke quietly with the neighbor for a moment presenting his card. A few more words and the neighbor disappeared back into the home all interest in the event forgotten. No one ever wanted to be involved when the IRS sent two agents along with two agents of the NSA, the neighbor could not back away fast enough. A moment of reflection and an askance of forgiveness and the fourth man joined his fellows on the doorstep. By this time the spouse had made a call to one of the numbers on the card had the information confirmed and invited them all in.

She did not understand yet who they were or what they wanted only that they wielded serious money backed power. Her neighbor was not usually one to be cowed so easily, so whatever was said had the intended effect. All four waited patiently on the porch to be invited in, after a moment seeing no other alternative other than to keep them waiting out here in the open and contribute to a scene she invited them in.

Placing themselves around her dining room table they beckoned her to sit. Opening their briefcases as one they all pulled out paperwork closed their briefcases and waited. At some unseen signal the leader began to speak, your husband has run into some trouble in Japan. Raising his hand gently and slowly to forestall obvious protesting he resumed: The trouble is not too serious however the long term affects are. Basically Japan is caring for your husband as of right this moment until the legalities are dealt with. Your husband was shown blueprints and documents by his fellow workers while on assignment with us. These blueprints were not to be seen by anyone outside our corporate network. This transgression was not completely your husbands fault part of the error was a breach of etiquette by his fellow work group associates. It was unexpected that your husband would work so well within the group. It is believed due in part to his awareness of Japanese culture that allowed him to work with the group so well normal customs were dropped resulting in his being treated as Japanese. A compliment to your husband's awareness of our customs very few others manage such complete immersion into our culture. However this leaves us with a sticky legal situation, your husband cannot be released from the country for at least two years. Within that time the blueprints he has seen should cease to be critical to Japan's security interests.

A look passed around the table a nod from the leader and they began again. There is no way for us to approach this politely so we will just begin. You see we are well aware of your husband's proclivity to practice infantilism. This surprisingly dovetails with our project for which your husband saw the blueprints and is now an integral part of.

We must provide you a little history in which to place this in context. In an effort to control our population which to date has been very successful we now have more elderly people than young. Things are out of balance for us we need the young to care for the elderly which as you are aware become more like children again as they age. It is the natural cycle of things. Your husband saw plans for a national care program our government is developing to care for the elderly and those with mental and emotional issues. However Japan has fewer and fewer young people to care for our elderly as well as a certain lack of interest in caring for them. To answer this Japan has in development large scale robots to answer the call. These robots are part of what we hope to be the answer to these pressing care questions. Indeed these very robots are being used to care for your husband while he is treated as an infant. If the hardware and software can be trained to care for an infant the programs can directly be transferred to normal size robots to care for the elderly where there is little distinction. It has been Japan's primary goal to develop our robotics to the point of providing the elderly world with an economic alternative for quality care that is oblivious of how much they get paid and how much rest or time off they get. These capabilities are beyond the average human being but not beyond the average capability of a robot. Indeed a robot can care for you 24/7 without rest or pay while staying mentally stable.

In order to develop the final stages of this world improvement endeavor your husband has unwittingly joined this program. You see adult babies/diaper lovers or infantilist's are perfect to test these large scale robots on. Because they wish to be cared for as a baby it allows us to fine tune the governing hardware and software to the point it needs to be at to care for an elderly person with perhaps say Alzheimer's. Now this is not without some sort of benefit to you as you will be without your husband for some time. Sadly during the first year of the program you will not be allowed to contact him at all. He will be made aware that you are safe and cared for as we are notifying you today that your husband is safe and being cared for exactly as he wants to be. The benefit to you we wish to offer is an all expenses paid trip to the University of your choice for your Ph.D. All expenses will be paid, lodging, stipend, and tuition this will help fill the time your husband is missing. Your husband will be returned to you safe, sound, and complete within a minimum of 2 years not to exceed 4. His return will be based on when the Ph.d is finished.

Let us advise you if you should say no your husband will remain in Japan for at least the two years or until the corporation deems his return will present no threat to our long range goals. This contract will at least allow you to benefit during his absence while providing you a way to financially secure your future. We apologize this has happened however it does have certain benefits to all the parties concerned. Pausing for a moment to allow the spouse to collect herself after such devastating news they resumed. Your signature on these contracts will allow our corporation to take care of all the necessary details for your Ph.d and related details. We will go over these with you carefully and explain the details. During the second year of your husbands "visit" with us we will allow contact twice within that year. Contact will increase each year as you work towards completion of your Ph.d and your husband assists us in bringing our long range research program to a close. We will of course provide mental and emotional help to heal the gap that will develop between you two during his "visit" with us. However I think you will find we are quite thorough in our efforts.

For the next two hours paperwork was gone over, explained, signed, and eventually completed with copies provided. As soon as they were gone the spouse went to the wine cabinet found the best wine they had corked it waited an hour and then sat and drank the bottle non stop. Passing out on the floor in tears shed for a husband she would not see again for a long, long time.

Chapter 10

Ned let out a little whimper his diaper was sodden (They had to have a catheter of some sort on him in order to make him dribble endlessly without feeling.) he needed a change desperately. Before letting out a cry Ned decided to do some looking around. Of course he could not see or move much due to the drugs however he did see a dim light now that his eyes has adjusted a little. It was obviously a night light doubtless to keep him from being afraid of the dark. Not being able to move much really sucked and while he was reveling in the feeling of being completely helpless this was a side to it he definitely did not like. He was completely and utterly as helpless as an infant in this situation. He could not understand his parents other than by tone, if he was hungry or needed to go potty he had to cry for the one and the other well he was already doing that thanks to the catheter and diapers. Just then he noticed he needed to empty his bowels too, okay this was definitely too real. Its not like his parents were going to come fetch him out of the crib take his sodden diaper off and hold him over the toilet so he could do his business. He tried to relax and decide if he wanted to soil his diaper on his back or on his stomach. In the end he decided to go with just lying there and letting it happen. There was nothing quite like being imprisoned in a crib surrounded by baby items helplessly dressed in infantile clothes you cannot get out of wearing a diaper knowing you have to use but not quite trusting it to hold and dreading the smell afterwards. Shortly he could hold it no longer and it pushed into his waiting diaper where he could smell this latest addition along with the urine already soaking his diaper. The difference he discovered now was that as an infant you are unaware of the smells as an adult you knew you smelled you were just unable to do anything about it. He needed a change now, he tried using English and Japanese calling out hello, help me, with no results. He resorted to whimpering and fussing which resulted in the nursery light coming on and the huge face peering down at him again along with the usual soft comforting sounds. This time it was the "daddy" of the two who lifted him out and carried him to the changing table all the while making sounds Ned was sure were about the poop in his diaper. Changed again into another fluffy soft cloth diaper and blue plastic pants with baby elephants on them he was once again hoisted onto a shoulder with a light baby blanket thrown over him and being held under his diapered bum. His daddy however had a cloth diaper thrown over his shoulder as burp and drool protection for his clothes which Ned gratefully rested his head on since the drugs made him continuously drowsy and relaxed. His daddy walked across the room and opened a shade which let daylight into the room. Ned had thought for sure it was nighttime already instead if was still daylight they had pulled the shade to make sure it was dark so he could sleep! His daddy hauled him into the kitchen again where he was once again fastened into his infant carrier with the blanket tightly tucked around his legs and arms while strapped in across his tummy. Unable to do anything except comply Ned could do nothing other than wait for the bottle of warm milk which he was sure was forthcoming. In a moment there was no sounds at all in what Ned was sure was the kitchen of the place. Instead he heard a slight clearing of the throat looking around as much as the infant carrier allowed him strapped in and securely wrapped in the baby blanket as he was he noticed someone his size standing on a chair!

Hi Ned, said the figure in perfect English. Finally! Thought Ned I am to be rescued as nice as this was he was not sure he wanted to continue being treated this way. It was all fun and games when he could enter and exit baby mode at will, it was another story altogether when he was comparatively baby size and unable to do anything about his condition at all. Ned blushed in embarrassment at being seen dressed like an infant and so clearly restrained as one. However he need not have worried as the figure raised a hand, no Ned no need to panic we know all about you and your wish to be cared for as an infant. Now we need to get down to business here, listen to me closely because you will not see another human being who will tell you what is going on for a long, long time. You were exposed by no fault of your own to blueprints not only for the large scale robots that are your mommy & daddy which was what you helped the team solve problems on you also saw plans for our eventual world market of automated caretakers we will sell to the elderly. You see Ned as people age and the cost for actual human caregivers increases few will be able to afford human care. Everyone will be able to afford our robots to care for either themselves or elderly relatives. You were shown the plans for our advanced series which we have not finished the R&D on therefore we cannot let you leave Japan until those plans are no longer in any danger from competitors you might share the information with. Normally in this type of situation your untimely death would have been arranged, here the figure sighed, that would have been ancient tradition. However these days there are too many complications with unexplained deaths and this was much easier. Ned you get to stay alive and you get to live exactly the way you have always wanted. This is not a permanent situation. Your wife would probably die from a broken heart if you were to have to stay forever. However due to your accidental exposure to our R&D plans we have cause to keep you in the country for some time until it is deemed those plans are no longer in danger. It is anticipated you will be with us for a couple of years during which time you will unwillingly or not participate in our ongoing research program. You will be allowed to experience your childhood again over the next couple of years. Due to issues regarding physical limitations you will be allowed to enter 1 year old stage in a couple of months where you will be allowed to walk around on your own in your nursery and under the watchful eye of your robotic parents. At that time you will be taken off most of the drugs as your body will have been trained to deal with someone else caring for you. You will continue to be given a muscle relaxant for some time as that will not damage your body long term except for some minor muscle loss. Your wife has been notified and I am informed been given a unique opportunity to turn your visit with us into a benefit for both of you. As part of the bargain she will experience in your absence an all expenses paid trip to the University of her choosing to obtain her Ph.d. You will be allowed to talk to her one year from today's date. Each year after that as you are raised from childhood again by your pseudo parents you will be allowed to talk to her more often. Second year you will be allowed two calls and Third year you will be allowed to talk every quarter with the Fourth year we anticipate returning you to your wife. So, relax enjoy the care you will experience and thank you for your participation in this program that will benefit so many when you leave it. Ned opened his mouth to speak only to discover that the mystery figure was gone and his mommy was putting the teat of a bottle at his lips and enticing him to drink.

Finite for now.

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