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Playing With Myself - A Female Perspective

I find myself home alone for a few days as my hubby is out of the country on business. We could find no time for a quickie before he left, so I am extremely horny. I showered this morning after my morning run and feel nice and fresh and have just gotten dressed. I am wearing my favorite bra and matching panties today; a virginal white lace bra that enhances my perky breasts and matching tiny thong holds my shaved twat delicately all day under my clothing like a secret that will not be discovered by anybody during the course of my day. I feel bored as I tuck my crisp shirt into my pants and start buttoning them up. They fit like a second skin, not too tight, but they stick to my every move and me during the day. I have no plans today and know that I will end up wasting time watching some television and grocery shopping then planning a meal for myself to eat alone tonight.

I find myself going to one of the guest rooms and opening the closet doors. There I find what will make my day full of thrills and ecstasy. I go through the boxes and bags I have in there. You see I have a weakness for diapers and the accoutrements that go along with them, such as plastic pants and soaker pads that are nice and thick. I have a wonderful selection; something that money buys I think to myself. What will it be today? I select a Molicare Super Classic soaker pad and lovingly cut slits all over it, then set that aside. I next select a Molicare Overnight diaper and cut slits in this one as well. I really love to hear a noisy - crinkly sounding diaper so I also select a thin cheap diaper that will more then cover my already thick diaper selections. I like my diapers to fit taught to my body, so I pick out a pair of snap-on plastic panties that are not lined, I don't want a flannel lining to muffle the noise of my diaper. I take out my baby powder and a special toy that I love to insert in myself for these occasions; it is a light pink soft gel form that has what looks like a curved fishing hook then a nice bulbous protrusion in front of that. I can still pee freely even when I have this in place. I layer my diapers on the bed and start to remove my pants and then my white lace thong - this can be worn after I have been pleasured I think to myself. I crawl up on the bed and lay so softly onto the thickly padded diaper that will be encasing my thighs and my crotch for a time today. I love the feeling of the soft diapers touching my bare skin. I then powder myself and fantasize that my husband's big strong hands are applying the powder and rubbing it into my twat and all around my bottom. I fantasize that he is telling me that his baby needs to be in diapers for her own good. Ummmm! Just the thought of my hubby standing over me while the diaper is pulled up between my legs and around my crotch is making me miss him more and more. As I continue to think about my wonderful lover that is away from me, I insert my toy deep inside and marvel as just how wet and sticky I am already from just laying down on the diapers, if my loving hubby was here now, he would be telling me that is why I need to be diapered, I always seem to be wet when he touches me. I adjust the soaker pad and tape the Molicare in place nice and snug. I can feel how the diaper and soaker pad are holding my toy in its place - a feeling I relish! I then reach for the final diaper and snugly pull that between my legs and feel it pulling the other diaper and liner tighter against my bottom. I then slide the plastic panties under my very padded bottom and proceed to snap them in place. I love how this last piece of my fantasy presses my diapers closer to my body. I happen to love wearing pants when I am diapered, and since there is no way that the pants I did have on will fit, I pick out another pair. They are a pair of faded blue jeans that are a size bigger then what I need. I love to lie down as I slide the jeans over my feet and then pull them up over my hips and very padded diapers. I imagine that my daddy is pulling them up and adjusting them for me. Then I button and zip the jeans and sit up. The feeling of the padding around my crotch is so wonderful. My bottom feels like I am sitting on a pillow. I get to my feet and then tuck my shirt back into my jeans. I take my first steps and realize I have a serious waddle happening here - OH JOY! I stand in front of my mirror admiring my very obviously diapered state in these pants. I love to fantasize that my loving hubby has forced me into the diapers and is going to take me out in public so that people will see me and know that I am wearing diapers and plastic panties - the shame is such a turn on to me - I can feel myself getting wetter as the minutes pass.

I finish putting my shoes on and relish sitting on the bed to do this. I then head down to get breakfast made. I love walking up and down the stairs when diapered, the padding seems to move and tickle my clit with every step I take. I proceed into the kitchen and get things out to make my breakfast, as I finish I put my eggs and toast on the plate and walk to the table. I dearly love this table as it has squared edges; they tend to fit nicely between your legs when you set the plate down. I linger after setting the plate down and slowly bend my legs as to apply more pressure to my diaper in the clit area. I can feel my toy inside me and it is tickling me. I am now starting to forget that my food is getting cold as I start grinding against the table edge. This produces an orgasm that is so intense that I fold over the table to prevent myself from falling to my knees and knocking my face with the table. I lay there folded over the table, I open my eyes and my eggs and toast are in front of my face, no longer steaming hot. A little chuckle escapes my throat and I feel that I am no longer bored. I realize I have a wonderful day ahead of me. As I stand, I get shocking surges of spasms that feel as if they are originating in my clit and diving into my feet and surging into my shoulders, my entire body spasms with every move as my toy is tickling my swollen engorged clit; a result of that wonderful orgasm. I sit gingerly in my chair; as it feels like a finger that won't stop tickling you and that you can't get away from. I finish my breakfast and load the dishes into the dishwasher. I proceed to the laundry room to start a load of dirty towels and feel that my bladder is full - must just be that post-orgasm pee. I hold onto the washing machine and spread my legs and just release all the tension in my body and the most wonderful hot stream of urine is filling my diapers. I can feel it pooling in my crotch and I adjust my body to let it move to other areas of my diaper. When I am done, I have to laugh and think about what a normal life I am living, exercising, eating breakfast, doing the laundry, and oh! I forgot - having a massive orgasm on the breakfast table then pissing my diapers while doing the wash. Who said a housewife leads a boring life! I proceed through my day and even venture outside to walk to the mailbox and check to see if the mail is here yet. I continually wet my diaper for the next few hours and then decide that I should do some grocery shopping. I remove my diapers and clean myself up. I sprinkle a little baby powder on myself just so I will smell it during the day. I slip back in my white lace thong and pull on my pants that I started with this morning and head out. Just another day in my boring life I giggle to myself.

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