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Plexiglass Pamper Box

I work with this older lady, I think she is around sixty years old. We always got along well as I make her laugh and it helps make the work day go by faster, We talk at lunch quite a bit and one day I asked her if she had any children. She didn't, but said she babysat all the time.

"Why do you ask" She wanted to know, so I shrugged it off saying I just thought she might have children my age that I may have gone to school with.

We headed back to work and she dropped her pen on the ground. She bent over to pick it up and I glanced down to see her panties sticking out of the top of her jeans. They were blue, with little flowers on them. She stood up and caught my eye watching her, so I knew she saw me looking at her panties, but she didn't say anything. Everything was normal between her and I the next day - which was Friday, the end of another long week - so I didn't think twice when she invited me to come over for dinner that night. I promised to be at her house right at five o-clock. Right at five I knocked on her door, and she answered it immediately as if she had been waiting for me.

"Hi Timmy, come in.: She greeted me with a smile. The house smelled deliciously of fresk cooking food, but while we waited for the meal to be done she gave me a tour of her home. We moved quickly through the kitchen, parlor, dining room and her bedroom, and then she showed me the guestroom. It was a normal room with one exception. On the dresser there was a large Plexiglas box that held a bag of pampers. I went over to take a closer look and asked her if it was a collectable or something.

"No, " she answered evenly, "That box is for the teenagers I baby-sit, for when they act up, It's a punishment box. My heart sank with a thud.

"Diaper Discipline." I said in a rusty voice.

"Yes, Diaper Discipline, does that bother you Timmy?" She asked with an evil grin. I shook it off saying I wasn't bothered, just surprised... and then she surprised me even more.

"Good, because you are going to be my next diaper victim!"

"What?" I asked, really shocked now.

"You heard me Timmy, " She said sternly, "I saw you looking at my panties when I bent over, and after dinner you're going to pay for it." I was nervous, but we sat down to eat her wonderful meal. Part way through dinner she told me it was nice to have someone visit for the weekend.

"Oh, I can't stay the weekend, " I said, "I have to go home tonight."

"I don't think so Timmy, " She said without blinking, "You go call whoever you have to right now, because after dinner it will be discipline time until Monday morning when we go back to work." Reluctantly I got up and called my girlfriend. I told her I was at a friend's house and he needed help with some repairs.

"Okay Honey, see you Monday night" My girlfriend said a little too quickly. I hung up with a heavy heart and returned to the table to finish what felt like my last meal. The second I put my fork down my host went from friendly coworker to the babysitter from hell. She pulled me into the parlor by my arm.

"Why did you look at my undies?" She asked as she was pulling my pants down. She ordered me to lay across her knees to be spanked, and true to her word she began slapping my bare bottom the second I was in position. Her hands were surprisingly good at abusing my backside and I was crying like a baby by the time she was done.

"Now, go get into the bathtub!" I was left alone in the bathroom for just enough time for me to run the water and sit down... then she came strolling into the room and pointed down at my crotch in the water.

"What is that down there?" She asked, grabbing a handful of my pubic hair causing me to wince in pain.

"Shave it all off!" She demanded handing me a razor, then she left the room again. I did my best to shave myself smooth, only cutting myself once or twice. I was standing on the bathmat drying myself when she returned. She grabbed my by an elbow and pulled me down the hall and into the guest room. An oversized comforter had been removed from the guest bed, and now able to see the bed in full I saw it was actually a crib whose bars had been lowered down and hidden from me during the tour. The dresser, I also realized for the first time, was actually a changing table. A soft pad had been placed on it during my absence, and now I found myself being helped onto it.

"Lay down Timmy" She instructed as she reached for a diaper and some baby powder. Unfolding the diaper she told me to 'lift up' and when I did the diaper was quickly slid under me. She sprinkled a heavy layer of baby powder over my penis and testicles, then pushed my penis downward and closed the diaper up, taping it snugly on both sides.

"Get up." She demanded as she reached for more clothing. I stood as she shook out a paid of rubber pants and I obediently stepped into them and allowed her to pull them up and over my diaper. Following the pants, she worked a footer sleeper up my legs, and then around my arms, zipping me in.

"All finished Timmy, time for a snack!" She said lightly and led me back to the kitchen. As we walked I could hear the crinkle of the diaper and pants. I hadn't heard that sound, or felt a diaper between my legs since I was a toddler. In the kitchen she made me watch as she fixed a bowl of ice cream and then melted some chocolate laxative to top it off with. She spoon fed me the sweet ice cream and bitter laxative-laced chocolate topping. When I had eaten every last spoonful she announced it was my bedtime. I started to get annoyed seeing it was only 7:30, but she sternly told me that she was the babysitter and it was bedtime. Like a whipped puppy I followed her back to the guestroom and let her put me in the crib. She handed me a baby bottle full of milk and kissed me on the forehead. She raised the crib bars locking me in, then turned to leave. As she walked away I saw her panties sticking out of her jeans again and couldn't help smiling.

"Good Night Timmy" she said with a knowing smile as she flicked off the light.

"See you in the morning." She slowly closed the door and left me laying there in the dark. I started to sip from the baby bottle and noticed the milk had a funny taste. It has been laced too, I thought, but I was surprisingly thirsty and figured it couldn't be much worse than the laxative which was now gurgling and churning in my stomach. The laxative took effect suddenly as my body went rigid in a painful cramp. I strained to hold it in until the cramp passed and then leaped over the crib bars and grabbed for the doorknob. Damn! It was locked! I felt the first round of mushy poop escape me and spread warmth across my backside. Knowing it was too late and I was screwed I climbed back in bed, closed my eyes to keep from crying and let nature take it's course. The smell was terrible, and I wanted to call for help, but her words echoed in my ears "See you in the morning." She had planned this and I was stuck. I laid there, starting to cry and tried to force myself to go to sleep so morning would come.

"Someone is stinky in here!" Was the first thing I heard the next morning. I opened my eyes to see my babysitter lowering the crib rails and pulling back my blanket.

"Let's get you cleaned up." She said, and took my hand. I followed her to the bathroom where she carefully removed my soiled diaper and stood me in the shower. Thankfully, she left me to wash myself. When I was done showering, she called me into the parlor and told me to lay down. I saw she had gathered another diaper and more clothes and whined "In the day too?" She patted the floor in front of her and I got down on my hands and knees and then laid down on the carpet.

"Now, we need to do this quickly, we have errands to run." She said, and I sat back up again.

"No way! I'm not going out of the house wearing this stuff!" I said, but she insisted that I was. I again said no way and stupidly added that she couldn't make me. Without a word she grabbed my shoulder and pushed me over, exposing my bare bottom which she started spanking furiously. Okay, okay!" I cried and when she stopped, I turned over and laid still while she diapered me and dressed me in a pastel yellow shirt and blue shorts that did little to hide my diapered state. She made me sit in the backseat, a large diaper bag taking up the front seat beside her. We pulled into a supermarket parking lot and as I was getting out of the car she handed me a bottle "Drink it up." she said. It was butter and I knew it was more laxatives. I followed her around the store as she shopped and soon realized she was intentionally stalling, waiting for what my body told me was coming. I didn't bother to ask to use the restroom, and didn't fight, I just filled my diaper right there where I stood. When the scent hit her she said "No problem, I'll change you." and took me into the ladies room. I was so humiliated laying on the floor of the ladies room as my babysitter changed my soiled diaper, and then the worst thing I could have imagined happened as one of the stall doors open and I suddenly found my girlfriend looking down at me.

"Having fun?" She asked with disgust in her voice.

"At a friends house my ass!" She screamed and bent down to slap me across the face.

"You can keep him, " She said to my sitter, "I don't want a giant baby." I felt horrible and started to cry as my girlfriend literally walked out on me.

"It's okay, " My sitter consoled me, "I was going to keep you anyway. For now on you'll live with me and call me mommy." And I knew it was true. From weekend punishment to lifetime of babying from the lady with the Plexiglass pamper box.

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