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Tiffany was beautiful and she knew it. No matter how she wore her long blonde hair or covered herself with loose-fitting clothes, she always seemed to attract attention. Why was it, she often wondered, no one was interested in her before? As a teenager, she had been thin and lanky, taller than many of her classmates. To make matters worse, she wore eyeglasses and developed a habit of poking the frames with her middle finger, a habit for which she became the object of derision. Now that she was in her twenties and wore contact lenses, men were always gawking at her. She hated the way they were always trying to peek up her skirt in restaurants, or catch a glimpse of her shapely derriere in grocery stores. They had laughed at her when she was little; so now she would be unattainable.

That is, until she moved in with Ellen and John.

Tiffany had answered a classified ad for a live-in housekeeper. Ellen and John, though not married, shared a house on the exclusive North Shore. In return for cleaning and running errands, Tiffany received a rent-free room and refrigerator privileges.

Ellen owned a valuable antique vase which had been in her family for generations. One day, while Tiffany was vacuuming, she felt a tug on the cord and heard a crash. To her horror, the vase lay in pieces on the floor.

She was speechless, knowing no degree of apology could possibly suffice.

"I--I'm sorry," she stammered.

"I'll pay you back, I promise."

"Yes," Ellen replied, with a sigh.

"I know you will."

"I'll get a second job," Tiffany said.

"No matter how long it takes, I'll pay you the full value, whatever it is."

"No, that won't be necessary," the Ellen said.

"But how can I repay you?" Ellen stared at her contemplatively.

"I'll tell you how. For a period of one year, you will do anything I say." Tiffany nodded, envisioning endless days of housework and laundry.

"You will do what I say, when I say, where I say. In fact, you will also obey John." The word "obey" had an ominous ring.

"You mean, like a slave or something?" Tiffany asked nervously.

"No--more like a child. If you disobey in any way, you will be punished. This is the only acceptable way you can make up for the vase. You will be punished for breaking the vase, in any event."

"What do you want me to do?" Tiffany asked.

"I'll choose the time and place," Ellen said.

"I was invited to a party tonight," Tiffany mentioned.

"Do you want me to stay home?"

"No," Ellen said.

"Go to your party. Have fun and forget about the vase for now." At the party, Tiffany forgot all about Ellen's vase. She spent much of the evening gossiping with her friends Paul and Karen, who kept trying to match her up with a man named Derek, their next door neighbor.

Late in the evening, the doorbell rang. Tiffany was surprised to see Ellen enter the room.

"What are you doing here?" Tiffany whispered in her ear, "I didn't know you'd be here, too.

"It's time," Ellen replied.

"For what?"

"For your punishment."

"Please," Tiffany whispered, blushing.

"Not here. Not in front of them." Then she begged again: "Please." Ellen grasped the girl by her chin and gazed into her eyes.

"Why don't we take a vote?" Tiffany's face reddened.

Clapping her hands to quiet the crowd, she announced loudly, "Tiffany has been very bad and needs to punished. I will leave it you. Should she be spanked?" The guests laughed.

"Yes, definitely," Karen said enthusiastically.

"With her pants up or down?" Ellen asked.

Tiffany blushed and shut her eyes in humiliation.

Inexplicably, she felt herself becoming aroused.

"Down!" Karen exclaimed.

"Very well, then," Ellen replied.

"Who wants to volunteer their belt?" Paul was the first to hand Ellen his heavy leather belt.

"Stand there," Ellen said, nodding toward the center of the room, "and take down your pants." With an expression of abject despair, Tiffany walked to the designated spot and, turning her back to the guests, first unbuttoned and then unzipped her pants. Shutting her eyes in embarrassment, she pushed her pants down over her thighs as far as her knees, exposing her delicate white panties.

"Grab your ankles," Ellen ordered her.

Swallowing hard, Tiffany bent over and held her ankles, thrusting her buttocks toward her fascinated audience.

Taking up a position behind the humiliated girl, Ellen stuck her shoe between Tiffany's thighs and nudged them apart until they tugged on her pantlegs. The inexplicable excitement that Tiffany felt grew stronger.

"Ten lashes will be sufficient," Ellen said. She brought the belt down violently on Tiffany's pantied bottom, filling the room with the loud slap of leather against fabric.

Tiffany cried out, flinching slightly, and struggled desparately to maintain her balance.

Nine more times the belt descended, each time producing the same response. With the last lash, she nearly lost her balance.

"Because you flinched," Ellen said with a smirk, "we will have to start again from the beginning. This time, with your panties down, as well." Blushing furiously, Tiffany pushed down her underwear, completely baring her shapely bottom and thighs. She tried to pretend this was not happening. Yet, at the same time, the humiliation that she felt made her incredibly excited.

Ellen administered the next nine lashes even more harshly, bringing violent sobs from the tortured girl's lips.

"For the last one," Ellen said, "you will hold your cheeks apart as wide as possible." Tiffany began to sob as she placed her hands on her bottom and submissively spread the cheeks, exposing her pink anal orifice.

Ellen drew the crop down hard, oblivious to Tiffany's cries, not just once, but three times in rapid succession.

"Don't stand up. You will continue holding your cheeks apart," Ellen said, lowering the crop, "for the pleasure of the male guests." Red splotches appeared on Tiffany's smooth, round buttocks, forming a wide streak, like a brushstroke, across her pink anal orifice. She sobbed without inhibition, hearing the female guests giggling quietly.

"You can get up now," Ellen said after awhile.

Tiffany rose, grasping her panties, but before she could lift them, Ellen blocked the silky garment with her shoe.

"No," she said sternly.

"Since you were so reluctant to display your bottom, your underpants will remain at your knees for the rest of the evening." Stifling a sob, Tiffany let go of her panties and stood upright.

"Hands behind your back now," Ellen said, extracting a roll of surgical tape from her pocket.

"Your hands will be restrained so that you cannot cover yourself or interfere in any way." Obediently, Tiffany held her hands behind her back and crossed her wrists. Seizing her by the hands, Ellen lifted Tiffany's arms high against her back, extracting a whimper from the humiliated girl's lips. Smirking, Ellen taped Tiffany's forearms together from elbow to wrist, restraining them high above her waist.

"There," she said, completing the job.

"Your hands will remain bound indefinitely, until you have earned the right to use them again." There was widespread laughter, as Tiffany struggled to hold back tears. She had never before experienced such a profound level of sexual arousal, a fact which made her feel even more humiliated.

"Of course," Ellen added, "you will be entirely dependent on others to dress or undress you."

"Why do I have the feeling," Karen said with a grin, "her panties are going to stay down indefinitely?" Tears of humiliation streamed down Tiffany's face. Karen giggled, glancing at the men, who were leering intently at the captive girl's exposed lower body.

"She's such a cry baby," Karen said.

"Yes, isn't she?" Ellen said.

"Well, if you're going to act like a baby," she said to Tiffany, wiping the miserable girl's cheek with a tissue, "then you'll be treated like one from now on. Tell me, Tiffany, what do babies wear?"

"Baby clothes...?" Tiffany asked tearfully.

"What do babies wear under their baby clothes and before they're big enough to wear any clothes at all?"

"Diapers..." Tiffany replied, sniffling.

"Right. So what should you wear from now on, little baby girl?"

"Diapers," she said, blushing.

"Beg," Ellen said sternly.


"Please may I wear diapers from now on? Please, please..."

"Yes, but skimpy ones," Paul said, with a wink.

"Yes," Ellen agreed, "just little strips of diapers, fastened with great big diaper pins. The pins will be useful in other ways, too." Karen giggled.

Tiffany was laid on the floor. Her legs were lifted by the ankles and widely parted. She heard the sound of cloth being torn into strips. With despair, she saw Ellen fasten the diaper around her, securing it with three-inch safety pins.

"But babies don't dress themselves," Ellen said.

"You must not touch your diaper at any time," she said to Tiffany.

"Understand?" Tiffany nodded.

"I won't, I promise."

"Only another person can pull it down or pull it up, or take it off, or put it on. Anyone will do."

"But what will she do when she has to go to the bathroom?" Karen asked with a grin.

Tiffany looked at her with despair.

"She'll have to beg someone to help her, of course," Paul replied enthusiastically.

"Yes," Ellen said.

"Preferably, a male." Then addressing Tiffany, she said, "You'll take him into the bathroom and beg him to pull your diaper down and watch you while you sit on the toilet. Then you'll beg him to wipe your anus and your vagina and pull your diaper up. Of course, you will do anything else he tells you to do." Tiffany nodded, terrified of displeasing her tormentor.

"But what if her diaper is too loose," Karen asked, coyly.

"And it slips down. What will she do, then, if she can't touch her own diaper?"

"It stays down until she can convince someone to pull it up." Karen giggled.

"I guess that means she'll be walking around with her diaper at her ankles..."

"Tiffany, come here, please," Ellen said.

"Crawl on your knees." Tiffany obediently made her way to Ellen on her knees, keeping her eyes fixed on the floor.

"Look me in the eyes," Ellen ordered.

Tiffany raised her face, her blue eyes twinkling with fresh tears. The level of sexual arousal she felt at that moment surpassed any feeling she had ever before experienced.

"It's time for your feeding," Ellen said, "Work your way across the room. Beg each male in the room to feed you his sperm.

Suckle his penis just like a baby bottle. Be sure you swallow every drop. Your obedience and performance will dictate the severity of your punishment afterward." A tear trickled down Tiffany's cheek. Yet, secretly, she was incredibly excited. What was happening to her, she wondered? "Well," Ellen said impatiently.

"Get going." Submissively, Tiffany crawled over to Paul and knelt at his feet.

"Please feed me your sperm," she begged. Her eyes were filled with distress.

"Please, please..."

"Oh, all right, if you insist..." Paul replied with a laugh.

He stood up and lifted the miserable girl's face by the chin. She opened her mouth submissively and took his swollen member between her lips. He grabbed her by the back of the head and moved her mouth up and down on his shaft according to his pleasure.

With a moan, he ejaculated down her throat, forcing her face against his pelvis. Obediently, she sucked and swallowed until she had consumed the last drop of his hot, viscous sputum.

When he released her, she crawled dutifully to Derek and repeated the performance.

When all the men were gratified, Tiffany lay down on the carpet with knees tucked up against her breasts, confused by the new sensations she was feeling. She was being humiliated and degradraded, more than any human being should expect to be, and, yet, it filled her with a sense of fulfillment--even ectasy.

"Tomorrow, I'll take her shopping for supplies," Derek said.

"...diapers, pins, curling irons, vibrators, rectal probes. I'll have her try them on in the store."

"Excellent," Ellen said.

"Lead her up and down every aisle.

Would you like that, little baby?"

"Yes, please," she replied, submissively.

"Take her shopping," Paul echoed.

"In her diaper?"

"Of course, in her diaper," Ellen said.

"She will wear only diapers from now on. Of course, we'll let her wear a little babydoll gown in public. Sewn very short, so that everything shows."

"From now on?" Derek asked with bemusement.

"Absolutely," Ellen said, smiling as Tiffany blushed harder.

"As far as I'm concerned this is a permanent, full-time thing.

>From now on, she will be diapered and live as a baby. She is forbidden from touching her diaper at any time. She will be diapered only by others and undressed by others. If her diaper gets wet, by any means whatsoever, she will immediately be stripped, spanked, and changed. No matter where--on the sidewalk, in a department store, in a night club. That means if it rains and her diaper gets wet, or if someone spills a drink on her diaper, off it comes then and there, and her little butt gets blistered."

"That will be happening constantly, I should think," Karen said with a giggle.

"Guys will be spilling drinks all over the place."

"I might spill a few myself," Ellen said, smiling, "just for the amusement value." Addressing the diapered girl, she added: "This is your new position in life. Do you understand?"


"If you disobey, or even hesitate to obey, you'll be severely punished. Of course, you'll often be punished just for our amusement, like tonight." Ellen handed her a chrome-plated phallus.

"You will now make yourself have an orgasm," she said with a wicked smile.

Blushing, Tiffany placed the degrading object to her clitoris and shamelessly masturbated as the party guests watched.

With a sob of humiliation, she was overcome by the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced.

Clutching her knees, she curled her body into a fetal position. Immediately, Ellen gave her a wicked lash across the welts on her shapely bottom. With a yelp, the humiliated girl rolled onto her back and quickly spread her knees to expose her vagina. For good measure, she gave the miserable girl another lash across the inside of her opened thigh.

"You know you are never to put your legs together in the presence of a male," she said softly.

"I'm sorry," Tiffany pleaded desparately.

"Now you'll have to be punished again." When the Tiffany failed to reply quickly enough, Ellen stuck the toe of her shoe under the miserable girl's chin and lifted her face.

As Tiffany nodded, tears dislodged from her eyes and streamed down her cheeks.

"I can't hear you."



"Please may I be punished again? Please."

"Lie down on the table." Tiffany obediently climbed onto the marble coffee table and lay down on her back with her knees apart.

"Gentlemen, would you be so good as to hold her down?"

"Oh, sure," John said.

"Somebody has to do it, I suppose," Paul said with a wink.

As the two men lifted Tiffany's legs over her head, John could not resist inserting a finger between her labia and probing her vagina at length. Then he opened her anus and inspected it, before probing her rectum as well. When he withdrew his finger, they lifted her ankles and drew them back on each side of her head, exposing her lower orifices. Tightening their grip, they held her firmly in this position.

"Open your mouth," Ellen ordered.

When Tiffany obeyed, Ellen stuffed Tiffany's diaper in the unhappy girl's mouth.

Tiffany closed her eyes as Ellen raised the belt. Over and over again, the leather strap descended, as Tiffany whimpered into her diaper-gag. When at last the punishment stopped, Tiffany opened her eyes to see Karen standing directly over her. She had apparently been savoring the humiliated girl's expressions of abject desparation.

"Do you have something you wanted to say?" Karen demanded more than asked.

Tiffany nodded hastily, willing to say anything. Karen removed the gag.

"Thank you," Tiffany said submissively.

"If you remember all your rules," Ellen told her coldly, "your punishments will be much easier."

"I won't forget again," she said, "I promise." Tears of shame streamed down her face.

In her heart, she knew that no matter how obediently she followed the rules designed to humiliate and degrade her, they would always invent new ones to punish her for violating.

And, she wanted that with all her heart.

Not surprisingly, when Karen and Paul decided "unexpectedly" to drop by Ellen's the next evening, they found Derek already seated in the living room, watching television with John.

Tiffany, virtually naked, knelt between Derek's legs with her face in his lap. Her skimpy diaper was barely noticeable draped around her ankles. Derek was holding her by the hair and leisurely guiding her head up and down, apparently on his stiff member.

Tiffany's hands were still bound behind her back high above her waist, though fresh tape had been applied. Her legs were parted widely, and her shapely bottom was thrust out so that her pink anus was clearly visible to anyone who chose to look. Paul studied the scene admiringly before taking a seat.

As the evening progressed, the men passed Tiffany around like a snack tray. She spent time on each lap, submissively allowing her user to inspect and probe her orifices at his pleasure. She orally gratified each man.

At various intervals, Ellen intervened to spank Tiffany with a riding crop, entertaining the guests with her blushing and squirming.

Tiffany understood that her obedience and submission were the basis for her well-being, which in her case meant reprieve from punishment, or at least the prospect of lessening its severity, recognizing that, in any event, punishment was inevitable. Addicted to the thrill of humiliation, she more than willingly undertook the tasks designed not just to titillate and gratify her tormentors, but to degrade herself, as well. In reality, both designs went hand in hand. The more she humiliated and degraded herself, the more it titillated and gratified her tormentors, thereby lessening the severity of her inevitable punishments. She saw what pleased them and strived to maximize their pleasure.

Would she really be released from her obligation after one year, she wondered? Or would Ellen invent new reasons to keep Tiffany a diaper slave indefinitely? She thought she knew the answer. In her heart, she hoped she was right.

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