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Part 1

'Ping' - the computer screen flickered and the message appeared - "Yes, it'll be great to meet up Ace, why don't you come around to my place on Friday at 7pm, I'll text you the address", "YES !!!!" , Brian Bailey gave a little fist pump, "Joanna's Matchmakers come ups trumps again" Brian smiled as he recalled all the previous 'meets' he'd had with the single females he'd connected with through the dating website "This'll be number 13...... unlucky for some" he winked to himself, "And I'll be the lucky one" Brian Bailey, or 'Ace' as he liked to call himself, considered himself very lucky. He was blessed with the looks of a young teen despite his advancing years, he was just under 6ft, very slim with long golden locks and bright blue eyes. Matched with these looks were a quick wit and a way with words so he considered himself the ultimate babe magnet and he was certainly popular with the more mature members of Joanna's matchmakers. The image that went along with his online profile seemed to call to the 40+ childless ladies registered with Joanna's, and Ace had had his fun over the last couple of weeks. The dates always seemed to follow a similar pattern, Ace would meet the member at her home and he'll invite himself inside holding a bottle of cheap wine and start the sweet talking on the available seating. He'd stroke hair, gently touch skin and generally sweet talk his 'prey' into submission. By the time the second alcoholic drink had been finished Ace had his dates down to their underwear and his hands roaming over their mature bodies. He'd spend the night, indulging himself in all manner of sexual acts and come the morning when his dates would ask if all his promises of further dates would happen, he'd don his clothes and smile "Maybe", "I'm Brian 'Ace' Bailey y'all, and I'm out of here" and leave very quickly before any further questions could be posed. He regarded it as his calling card and made sure he said the same thing every time. Twelve times he'd done this and despite the following text messages and emails from his disappointed and annoyed conquests he never returned any contact again.

"Plenty more where they came from Ace would would say to himself, they'll get over it" His thoughts were broken with the noise of his cell phone going off, signalling a text message had arrived.

"Great" Ace said looking at the screen, "Sarah's address is only a few miles away".

"With any luck I might even get a weekend out of this one, especially if she wears her work nurses outfit" The next few days passed quickly and soon it was Friday evening.

Ace had spent the previous hour getting ready to seduce his latest date, a long shower was followed by a very close shave that accentuated his young looks to the max. But now dressed in a crisp white shirt, faded denim jeans and a pair of Nike trainers Brian Ace Bailey exited his car carrying his normal bottle of alcohol and approached the rather impressive house in front of him.

He gave the door bell a firm press and waited for the owner of the property to answer.

With a squeak, the door was opened and Brian smiled at the site that greeted him. Sarah, his date, looked even better in real life than in her site photograph, "Very similar to a Victoria Principle post Dallas" Brian thought to himself, "Very sultry and very sexy".

"Hi Sarah, I'm Brian, very pleased to meet you" Ace leant forward to kiss Sarah on her cheek as way of a greeting" Sarah returned the greeting "Hi Ace, very pleased to meet you, "Why don't you come in" she smiled and opened the door further to allow Ace access. Brian entered the lounge and waited to be invited to sit.

"Brian, sit down" Sarah said from behind him "Shall I open that lovely bottle of wine and pour us a glass each?"

"Sure babe" Ace replied and handed Sarah the bottle.

"I'll open it in the kitchen and pour it there to save on the mess" Sarah added and left the room.

Brian Ace Bailey sat there looking around the lounge he was sitting in, "Nice place" he thought to himself.

"I wonder if it looks the same in the morning" he smirked to himself.

Sarah returned "Here you go Ace" Sarah handed Brian a glass of wine.

"Thanks" Brian replied, and took a sip.

"Blggghhhh" inwardly Ace recoiled "This cheap wine tastes gets worse and worse" he thought. Sarah sipped her wine and joined Brian on the sofa.

"Let the 'battle' commence" Brian thought to himself "So tell me about yourself Sarah?" he said.

"Well said Sarah, outside of my work as a nurse I am a member of a girls club and of course there is Joanna's Matchmakers", "Sounds good, the nursing sounds good, I bet you have to dress really well " Brian said feigning interest.

"Well, I have to wear a nurses outfit" Sarah replied, " It's very short, some fellas consider it very sexy although others say it makes me look like an old maid". With his best Burt Reynolds smile Brian quickly offered "How about you model it for me and I'll give you my expert view" Sarah smiled "Finish your wine and I'll change whilst I pour you another" Brian quickly gulped down the foul tasting booze and offered Sarah his empty glass "Thanks babe, make sure you wear stockings and a garter belt" he added as Sarah got up and left the room.

Brian spent the next ten minutes imagining he sight that he would be met with on Sarah's return, his anticipation was such that he did nt notice the tingles that had started to happen across his whole body.

The door to the lounge opened and in walked Sarah. Brian gasped as he eyeballed the vision of beauty in front of him. Sarah was dressed in a bright white nurses uniform, freshly ironed it showed off Sarah's figure perfectly, the hem of the dress rose as Sarah moved across the room and Brian glimpse bare flesh above the stocking tops and thought that all his prays had been answered.

"What do you think Ace?" Sarah asked as she sat beside Brian. Brian smiled "Very nice". At that point the door bell went, Sarah stood up "Ace, you stay sitting there while I answer the door" Brian watched Sarah leave the lounge, lecherous thoughts racing through his mind.

"I'll just myself a bit more comfortable" Brian thought and went to unbutton his shirt for Sarah's return.

"What the hell?", Brian thought, try as hard as he could, Brian could nt raise his hands to reach his shirt. He then tried to get up from the couch and found that his legs would nt work either "DAMN, I must have be having some sort of an attack, SARAH !!!!" Brian shouted loudly.

The lounge door opened and Brian turned his head to see Sarah standing in the door way.

"What's a matter Ace?" Sarah asked.

"I can't move, Sarah", "I think I'm having some attack" Brian screamed with worry, "You're a nurse, please examine me and see what's wrong".

"I don't need too" Sarah replied, "The reason you can't move your arms or legs is due to the drug that I put in your wine" Sarah noticed the puzzled look cross Brian's face and added "I've got a few old friends that want to say hello to you Ace, some of the members of my girls club I mentioned earlier". At that point three figures entered the room and each face was familiar to Brian.

"You of course know my friends Val, Jane and Nancy very well" Brian certainly did, they were three of his previous Joanna's matchmakers twelve conquests.

Brian remained quiet as Sarah continued "Brian or can I still call you Ace, we have all suffered with your childish ways, you have made grown up promises to us in your attempts to get us in to bed and then come the morning you run away like a kid. Well, enough is enough, if you want to act like a child then you'll be treated like a child. By the time this weekend is over you'll be either ready to behave like an adult or we all my get the babies we always wanted" Brian looked on in horror as one by one Val, Jane and Nancy all approached carrying various items of baby clothing, "Brian Ace Bailey y'all or B.A.B.Y for short, settle back and let us enjoy teaching you a lesson" Sarah announced from behind Brian as the three ladies reached in to remove Ace's clothing...................

After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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