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Diaper Days

Sara watched as her parents pulled out of the driveway leaving her alone with her baby sister, Holly. Sara had to babysit for Holly for the next week. She had agreed to her parents' agreement of she could go shopping with Holly, call all her friends but none could come over. They had left her money for getting new diapers when they ran out. Sara didn't mind, she was getting a decent pay for this and could embrace her baby side.

She's always loved having Holly right up the hall from her, the smell of the nursery often wafted into her room. The smell of dirty diapers and baby wipes made her feel like a kid again. She sometimes stole a diaper from the diaper pail and wore it around the house when no one was home. This week would be nothing but diaper time with her sister.

Just then she heard Holly cry. She went to the nursery, Holly lay in the crib crying and Sara knew why, her diaper was wet. Her mom had given Holly a bottle a few hours ago so Sara was sure that was it. She picked Holly up and put her fingers in the back of the diaper to check, yep, wet.

She carried Holly over to the changing table and took off Holly's sundress and undid the tabs of the diaper. She lifted Holly's legs, removed the diaper and set it aside, she then cleaned Holly up and put her in a clean diaper and carried her back to the crib. Sara eyed the diaper pail. It was pretty full. She had plans for those diapers. She walked back over to the changing table and picked up the wet diaper. She pulled down her pants and kicked her undies aside. She put the diaper on and closed the tabs. Sara eyed herself up the mirror and liked how she looked. Elmo smiled back at her from the diaper.

Sara went over to the crib, picked Holly up and carried her downstairs to her play pen. Sara turned on the TV to watch cartoons. After a few hours Sara realized she had to pee. She just relaxed and let nature do its thing. After what felt like forever she felt the warmth of her own pee in the diaper. She ran upstairs to get a new diaper out of the diaper pail. It took a few diapers but she found one that was just wet. She went back downstairs to watch more cartoons.

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