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So I was headed to the city where my Step-daughter, Dolly, goes to college for a business meeting. Her mother is quite a few years older than I am so our relationship has always been like peers rather than parent and child. We've got along very well and as a result I have met a lot of her friends. One in particular is her best friend Mandy who I always thought was a little too flirty with me. I obviously have a thing for more mature women and never gave her flirtations much thought.

Besides, what would a young hottie like that really want with me? I'm not much to look at and then there is the other thing. I have had to wear diapers since I was 15 due to nerve damage sustained in a car accident. I know my step-daughter knows about my problem and I just assumed she told her best friend.

Anyway, I was gonna be staying at a hotel near where they live. They are room mates and do most things together except of course this weekend. I called Dolly when I checked in to my hotel to let her know I was in town and Mandy answered the phone. She told me Dolly was out of town for the weekend. I expressed my disappointment because I wanted to take them both to dinner. Mandy told me she was free and would love to go. Well I was stuck, I couldn't back out of my offer, so with inward trepidation I told her that it would be great and would pick her up at seven.

Did I mention she was cute? Well that is really kind of an understatement. Now mind you I like older women, but I couldn't help but be a little captivated when she came walking out to the car. She is blond and blue eyed and shapely in all the right places. If you are looking for the right image, try sexkitten! I asked her where she would like to go for dinner realizing too late that that was a mistake. She told me that she had her heart set on the Down Towner Restaurant. This of course is the restaurant in the hotel complex I am staying in. I didn't want to sound like I was suspicious so I drove back to the hotel and in we went for dinner.

Dinner was good and the conversation was great, so much so that I didn't pay attention the amount of drinks I had and by the time we were done I was in no condition to drive. For that matter I was not very rational about anything.

She told me that I couldn't drive her like that so we could go up to my room and she would call a cab. That we could talk while she waited for it to arrive. Alcohol can really make me stupid so I agreed.

Two things happened when we got back the room. Neither of them involved calling a cab. First, the diaper I was wearing started to leak and I had a big wet stain on the front of my pants and then Mandy kissed me.

I pulled away from her and asked what she was doing. She said that she thought kissing me would make my wet pants less embarrassing. That I would be more comfortable if she showed me that it wasn't a big deal. That actions speak louder than words so, she kissed me. I was just too drunk to argue with her logic. She approached me again backing me against the wall, I was all the steady on my feet anymore, and said that I should get out of those wet pants. She unbuttoned them and unzipped my fly exposing my soaked disposable diaper. She froze for moment, staring. Then she tugged my pants down and got a closer look. She stood up straight and looked me in the eye and asked what this was all about.

I told that I assumed Dolly had told her about my problem and explained what was wrong with me. She smiled a wicked little smile and moved me penguin like over to the bed and shoved me backwards. She took my shoes off followed by my wet pants. She asked me where my diapers where so she could change me. She just sort of took charge and I just complied, did I mention I had a lot to drink? She was so enthusiastic about this that the embarrassment and clear understanding that this was wrong was secondary. She retrieved a diaper and some wipes and went about the business of changing my diaper like it was an everyday thing. And I let her. I must admit, when she cleaned my privates, spending a little too much attention in a specific area, I did rise to attention. She was hot after all even if she wasn't my "type." She smiled at this and played with it a little more. I let her. Bending over me she said to lift up so she could slide the new diaper under me. As I did she opened her mouth and took me inside. I quickly lowered myself and she let me slip out, smiling again.

You know how when you've crossed the line, it gets easier to keep on going...

Well she asked if I thought it would be alright if she "didn't waste this hard-on." Sliding out of her jeans and crawling on top of me. She was enthusiastic about this too and rode me like banshee.

When we were both spent she finished diapering me and lay next to me on the bed. She asked me what it was like. Thinking she meant the sex I said that it was amazing. She said that she'd like to try wearing one too if it was amazing. It dawned on me that she was talking about the diaper and for the first time since puberty I achieved an erecting with a couple of minutes of orgasm.

This was something new. As I stated before, my "thing" was for mature women and now confronted with the opportunity to have a hot young 20 year old girl in a diaper made me tent the pampers. I wasted little time find one of the disposables from me supply and diapering this little lovely baby girl.

She started to crawl around on all fours across the mattress. She looked incredible, sexy, alluring. She curled on the bed and put her thumb into her mouth. I patted her behind and asked her how it felt. She purred at me that this was awesome.

She asked me what it felt like when I wet. I put my hand on her crotch and said that the feeling was like a slow warming, kind of like a warm and gentle hand messaging, and she shivered...

Then I felt her let go. Her warmth filled the crotch of the diaper and she purred.

"Aaahhhhmmmmmm." This just became more and more erotic for me.

I was so incredibly turned on and she noticed. She asked me if I ever did anything more than just pee in my diapers. The question caught me off guard and I blurted out that I often poop in my pants. She giggled and said she wanted to experience everything I have.

She slid back into her jeans, "for the full effect" she said and straddled me on the bed. She started kissing me and as she did I felt her tense up. Her cute little diapered bottom was resting on the top of my thighs and I felt the bulge growing in them.

From what I have heard these young girls only poop once of twice per week and it usually is a sizable and extremely firm log. She moaned and arched her back plunging her hand down into her pants, playing with herself as she pushed out her load. She was undulating against me, sliding up and down against my thighs and diapered cock. I put my arms around her feeling the seat of her jeans, feeling her sweet round cheeks, feeling the lump in her diaper. She screamed out her orgasm...

I was wild with desire. Even if I was reluctant to stray before at this moment my wife could have been in the room, yelling at me and I wouldn't have cared. I wanted this little vixen, I wanted her in her poopy wet diaper and I wanted her now.

I eased her gently over on to her back. I slid her jeans off of her again and slid the wet diaper to the side so I could have access to her. I pulled myself out of the top of my diaper and entered her again. She moaned as I pressed my weight against her and the load in her diaper pressed against her ass. She was still in the throws of her last orgasm as another took her.

She screamed for me to poop in my pants too and I started to push after each thrust into her. Something started to move and I pushed a load into my diaper I exploded into her. Never have I experience a climax of this force and for a moment I feared losing consciousness. I dropped onto the bed next to her and tried to catch my breath. Mandy laughed and called me an old man baby.

We lay next to each other and laughed. She kissed me again and again and we snuggled in dirty diapers and each others embrace. We slept.

In the harsh light, and scent, of dawn we awoke. Not a word was spoken as we showered together, scrubbing each other clean of the nights debauch. She asked if she could wear a diaper for the short trip back to her apartment. I thought of offering to put it on her but I kept a lid on my desire. This was wrong, terribly wrong after all. We dressed in silence, I, willing myself not to look as it would only inflame my passions again. It did no good as even with her tight jeans on I could see she was diaper and I wanted her again.

She spoke of school and projects and everything but what happened last evening. I dropped her off and she gave me a hug and whispered in my ear, "Until next time daddy."

I was guilty. So to make up for it I did everything I could to make and keep my wife happy. I cooked I cleaned and made sure our sex life was based on her pleasure. However when ever we did have sex, it wasn't my wife I was seeing in my mind. Which heightened my feelings of guilt?

The weeks passed and I started to get over my indiscretion, but a new unease began to unsettle me. The end of the school term was approaching. Both girls would be coming back home for the summer. Mandy spent a great deal of her time at our house and I didn't see that arrangement changing this summer. My wife casually mentioned that Dolly had found a job for the summer but Mandy had not yet. She asked if I new of any openings to help her out. I told her I would think about it, and asked what kind of job she would like for the summer. My wife said that Mandy had decided to switch her major to nursing and would like to work as a nurse's aid for the summer. I told her I didn't know anyone in that field but I was sure she could get a job taking care of someone privately. Oh, boy, was that a stupid thing to say.

I could see the light bulb go on above my wife's head. This was bad.

"You know," She started and I jumped in to head her off, "Actually I think I do know someone." She wasn't listening any more.

"We have been looking for a way to help her and her family out," she continued, "her mother is having such a hard time financially, and Mandy hasn't had any training yet so she probably wouldn't get hired anywhere right away. She could get some practical experience taking care of your health issues, do a little housekeeping for us, it would be perfect!" She had a head full of steam now and I knew from experience that there was little I could do to stop her.

I tried anyway, "But honey, she's like a daughter to me, she would be embarrassed by this and so would I. I'm sure she wouldn't want to..." Wasted breath.

"It's perfect; I'll call her and tell her we have a job for her. She can even help you with your work, kind of a secretary for you home office as well. And adult children take care of their parents all the time so stop worrying, it will be fine," she said with finality.

I had a decision to make. I could confess what happened and risk losing my wife, and destroy a friendship between my step daughter and her best friend or I could allow the most incredible sexual experience I have ever had to set up shop right in my house for an entire summer and hope that it remained a secret. I was weak.

Two days before the girls were expected home I got a call on my cell phone from Mandy. I almost didn't answer as I was so frightened, and excited, about the prospects of what was to come. I pushed talk and said hello.

"Hey daddy, how are you?" she said sweetly. I decided to go with honesty, "Um, a little nervous? We haven't talked about, you know, what we did or about, um, what we are gonna do..."

"Yes, I think it's about time we do, don't you?"

"Well yes, I suppose," I said, "I am really at a loss here, I mean what happened shouldn't have and now with you coming to take care of me for the summer, I just, well I just don't know what to say."

She almost purred, "Wwwelllll, I think that you have very little choice in the matter. I am going to be your nurse all summer and you have to follow nurse's orders. And so, my orders are for you to relax and enjoy the fun we are going to have. I have it all planned out in my mind."

She went into some detail about how we would play. She liked the fun we had and wanted to be able to explore it further. She told me how on some days she would play the role of baby girl and on others she would be my babysitter. She spoke like some one who was young and hungry for the taste of everything life had to offer and I was her dinner table.

I mentioned again that it would be the end of my happy life if anything were ever to be discovered about this. Another miscalculation. I could almost feel her power grow as she said, "Then I suggest you follow my rules and everything will be fine."

I asked her what the rules were and she explained them. They were all a variation on the same theme; she would be in charge, all summer. I told her I could put a stop to this right now by just confessing to my wife and she said, "But daddy, you don't want to do that do you. Bye." Not a question but a statement, and she was right.

The girls came home on the weekend and we all had dinner together on Saturday night. Dolly had a date and Mandy stayed behind to talk with my wife about her new job. I sat listening as the two of them spoke as though I wasn't there.

My wife started in with, "He needs his diaper changed about every two hours. Most of the time he is so involve in his work that he forgets until his diaper leaks. Normally he changes himself during the day but the practical experience will be great for you. He also has medication that he must have through-out the day so make sure he takes it. I usually have to call and remind him." Mandy took this all in with, what looked like to me, a smug look on her face.

I must have looked like I was sulking because the both looked at me and smiled. My wife said, "Now it's no big deal, in fact, let's get the first time out of the way." She all but pushed me into out bedroom with Mandy in tow. She told me to take down my pants and lie on the bed for Mandy. I was really worried that Mandy might give away the fact that she had done this before. She didn't. She knowingly kind of fumbled her way through changing me and even looked a little embarrassed herself. As for me, I focused on the pitching stats of every major leaguer I could think of. Mandy did a quick job of wiping me and had the diaper taped before there was a hint of arousal on my part. My wife told her that she needed to clean me more thoroughly next time and Mandy smiled a wicked little smile at me, which my wife thankfully did not see.

They left me to re-dress and went on to talk about Mandy's other duties during the day. I sat in the bedroom and thought about this. I wanted to play with Mandy. As much as I loved my wife, all I could think about was the week days we would spend together. Mandy as my baby girl, her straddling my lap, the feeling of her diapered bottom bulging against me lap as she rocked against me. Once again I tented my pampers and had to think about something else before I could re-join them in the living room.

All day Sunday was filled with a combination of fear and excitement. Tomorrow morning would be a replay of that night a while back and I was in a constant state of arousal. My wife was busy all day with normal Sunday activities and so she didn't have time till late for some playing around. I went down on her, eventually. First I did the long slow tease. Kissing and caressing every part of her except her nipples and clit. She was trembling by the time I turned my attention to her breasts and positively shaking when I parted her nether lips with my tongue. If I was gonna cheat on her, she was at least going to be sexually satisfied.

So Monday dawned and my wife rose early leaving me to sleep in a bit. A gentle hand awoke me and I saw the clock, it read 7:40 and I thought out loud, "Honey, you're late for work!" Mandy's voice started me when she said, "No silly baby, I'm right on time."

I rolled over to find a vision. The oh so sexy Mandy, in a half shirt, her breasts straining against the cotton fabric, and cut off jean shorts. Very short infact. They had been trimmed off just below the pockets in the back. The tight orbs of her ass exposed seductively. She turned herself in a little circle so I could get the full effect.

"Do you like my nurse's uniform?" She giggled as I made it obvious in the front of my wet diaper that I did.

She put her hand on my erection and smile at me, "That's a good boy," She cooed at me and telling me that it was time to get me out of my wet pampers. She untaped the diaper and pulled it down exposing me.

"Today, I think, I will be the babysitter. You are going to have to wait for release because I have a lot to do, so be patient." She changed my diaper, careful not to let my excitement peak. I said that I usually use the toilet in the morning and then shower.

"Yes, but not today. You see I will decide all those little things for you. You can just concentrate on work, and my ass."

After I was secured in a dry diaper she took my hand and helped me to my feet. She put her arms around my neck and kissed me, passionately. I pushed my hardness against her tight abs and she said, "Not yet my baby boy," and she led my to the kitchen to feed me some breakfast. We talked about what I had to do today. I had a teleconference at 9am. Phone calls to make until 1pm and then I had an appt. with a client at 2pm across town. She took it all in, calculating just how this would fit into her plans for the day. I started to feel that nagging pressure in my bowels and told her that it's about time I go to the bathroom to get ready for my day.

She laughed.

"You are ready for you day baby boy, except for some pants maybe," she giggled.

"Come on, I find you something to wear," and she led me back to the bedroom and rummaged around in my closet and drawers. I fought the urge to fill my diaper as she searched. I didn't usually do this during the week. It was kind a secret pleasure I saved for Saturdays when my wife was out. Oh and the occasional romp with my step daughters best friend in a hotel room after she had done it first.

She noticed my discomfort.

"What's wrong baby boy, do you have to poop? You do, don't you?" She wrapped her arms around me and hugged me cooing, "You're my baby today and its okay, I want you to," placing her hands on my diapered ass, "I want to feel you poop." I pushed and was rewarded as a huge firm load slid into my diaper cupped by the delicate palms of a very excited Mandy.

"Good boy!" she said as she turned me to have a closed look. She patted the large lump in my diaper and said, "Let's get you changed." I went to lie on the bed and she said, "Not that silly, we need to get some pants on you and some socks and shoe," I must have worn my confusion on my face. She continued, "I have strict instruction to change you every two hours, you have an hour to go." She laughed out loud at my forlorn expression. She chose a pair of bib overalls for me and had me step into them. She pulled them up snuggly and attached the straps for me.

"Now go to work baby, I will come and get for a change at 9:45."

So, my conference call was the last thing on my mind. I listened half heartedly and contributed only when needed. Mandy came into my office promptly at 9:45, but I was still on the call. She smiled and looked at her watch, and left. As soon as the call was finished, at around 10:15 I went looking for her. She was cleaning in the living room and I said to her that I was ready for that diaper change. She smiled and put her hand on my ass, "Yes, that's quite a load you got there," rubbing the lump in my pants.

"I will come and get you at 11:45 when you're scheduled for a change."

"But it's been two hours," I said sounding a little like a little boy.

"Aww, you missed the last changing time because you were busy. I have a schedule to keep and you will just have to wait." The phone rang. It was the house line not the office and Mandy picked it up and said hello.

"Everything is fine," It was my wife checking up on us.

"Yes,.. but I do have a question, does he always dirty his diaper or is this something new?..." I could have fallen through the floor. Just what kind of game was she playing here?

I always took great pains in hiding my desire. My wife was very caring of my condition, even claimed that it was part of why she fell in love with me. She actually walked in on me when we were first dating one morning and found me shaving in the bathroom in just a t-shirt and a diaper. The confidence I showed by not even flinching that she was seeing me like this made her want me. I never let on that I actually like diapers and even pooping in them. What happened next floored me even moor.

"I think I can do that," she said with that nasty smile.

"I'm not so sure he will put up with it though..."

"Ok, she wants to talk to you," Mandy said handing the phone to me. I took it from her, glaring, I said, "Uh Honey?" She started in on me, "You know, I kind of expected this from you. First you fight the idea and then you so resign yourself to it that you take advantage of the situation to be too lazy to use the toilet. I have instructed Mandy to discipline you for this indiscretion and you will submit to it, do you understand?!?"

"Yes dear," I said weakly and she hung up.

"My god what have you done?" I asked.

"All in good fun," she smiled and proceeded to take me to the bedroom.

"Get on the bed on all fours baby," she said simply. I did as she said and she unhooked the straps of my overalls and pulled them down to bunch around my knees.

"First I am going to spank you, and then I'm gonna fuck you and then I'm gonna change your dirty diaper, cause you are a stinky little boy."

Mandy grabbed the back of my diaper at the top and pulled it snug against me. I can only assume the bulge at me seat was very prominent as her aim was perfect. She swatted away at her target, mashing the load against me ass hole. I became so hard that my cock actually began to hurt. It was throbbing, keeping pace with the accelerated beat of my heart. She took great pleasure in this I think and I begged her to just fuck me. She laughed at me torment and shifted me around so I was sitting on the bed with my back against the headboard. She pulled me out of the top of the diaper and let it stand there erect and she shimmied out of her shorts and straddled me. I was inside her and she just remained still, feeling me inside of her. She wriggled a little and I again became aware of the load I was sitting on. It tingled my ass and I erupted. She commanded me to stay hard as she rode my cock. I continued to spasm from my orgasm. She said she was so ready for this as her shorts had been stimulating her clit all this time and she too reached a thundering climax.

She showered my neck with kisses as she shuttered through her after shocks and squeezed me inside of her. Slowly I deflated and she crawled off of me and put me back inside my diaper. I dosed as she said she couldn't wait to experience this for herself tomorrow.

She woke me after an hour and we showered together. We lathered each other and let our slick bodies become intertwined. We reveled in the soapy, sudsy deliciousness of a warm shower. Her young, taut body was a marvel to explore. It was a shame to end that joy, but it was getting late and I needed to prepare for my appt. We got out of the shower and she dried me off. Gentle, erotically going over every square inch of me with a soft fluffy towel.

Back in the bedroom she diapered me and dressed me for my meeting. I look pretty good in a suit and she seemed to enjoy this look as well. As I was leaving she embraced me and said that she wouldn't be here when I got, but that she couldn't wait to be the baby tomorrow. I left before my erection became noticeable.

That evening my wife had a few things to say about what had happened during the day. (If she only knew!) She scolded me like a child for making Mandy have to deal with a dirty diaper. I told her I didn't appreciate her telling Mandy to spank me and that set her off. She went on and on about how I was taking advantage of the situation, my condition and her good will. That if I continued to behave this way she would make sure that I was spanked every day so I should just behave. I really felt small.

I went to bed early. I dreamed I was in a cage and Mandy was poking me through the bars with a stick. I was awaked by Mandy, who in fact was poking at me to wake up.

"Mornin' sleep head," she said and I sat up. She pushed me back down and started to change my sodden diaper. She was wearing the same cut off shorts but a different half shirt. Once I was re-diapered she announced, "My turn!" and flopped down on her back next to me. I help her shimmy out of her shorts and put a diaper on her. She stood up and I pulled her shorts back up slowly up her legs, over the diaper. She buttoned them and turned around. Her padded ass was delectable, the pampers showing at the waist band and out the bottom. I put my hand on her ass and felt the soft jean fabric with the padding underneath and sighed. My god she was sexy.

It was time for a little payback and I sat on the bed and pulled her across my lap. She squealed with excitement as I started to spank her ass. It was pure pleasure for both of us as the cushion of the diaper kept her from any real harm. When I was satiated for the moment I let her back up and she attacked me. We rolled around on the bed together kissing and caressing each other. After a time she was on top of me and she stopped and looked into my eyes. Her face reddened and I realized she was pooping. She was straddling me and felt her filling her pants as she rocked back and forth on my crotch. I was over come and I came. As I bucked against her she looked at me like she was angry.

"You're done already aren't you!" she said.

"Um, yeah, kind of..." I mumbled.

"But daddy, I wanted to play some more!" she pouted. I moved her off of me and laid her on her back. I slid off he shorts and started to eat her through the diaper, lapping at her front. I put my hands under her, cupping the lump in her diaper, lifting her up towards me. She moaned and wiggled herself into my face. The padding of the diaper rubbing against her clit as my tongue danced over it. She screamed out, calling for the almighty and shuttered into a climax. I made her get on all fours and repeated her performance of yesterday. I pulled her diaper up snug in the seat and spanked the bulge in it until she climaxed again. She rolled over and looked all cute even though she was sweaty, "Change me daddy." She said and I obliged by pulling her shorts back on her.

"You can just stay in your poopy pants until its changing time young lady," I said with a great measure of satisfaction. I pulled on some sweats and went to the kitchen for some coffee.

She appeared at the door way of the kitchen carrying a diaper.

"I told you that you can wait like I had to,.."

"No daddy, this is for you. Since you came in your diaper I thought I should change you. Now lay on the floor." I rolled my eyes but lay down. She had me rise up as she pulled my sweats down. She untapped the diaper and used it to clean up my front. She pulled it out from beneath me and slid the new diaper under me. She taped it snuggly and had me stand. She took my sweats and said that she wanted to see me fill my diaper. I told her I wasn't ready yet so she made me some breakfast. We talked about silly things as we ate and by the time we were finished it was time. We went back to my bedroom, because we both new what was going to come of this and I got up on the bed. I was on my knees and she cupped her hand under my ass. I gave a push and a log slid out into my diaper and her waiting hand. My bladder emptied at the same time. Mandy cooed at me, "Daddy's poopin." This was like the fountain of youth because I hardened immediately. Mandy giggled and said, "Somebody needs to fuck again." She pushed me on my back and pulling me out the top and pushing her diaper to the side she mounted me. She rode me till we both were spent and we cuddled together in bed for another hour.

She teased me into arousal again and led me into the shower. We soaped and scrubbed each other clean and made love again in the shower. I was certain, I couldn't take too much more of this, and she could go on forever. And this was just day two of a long summer.

After showering, we dried each other and Mandy said, "Carry me daddy." So we weren't finished for the day. I picked up her naked body and we went back into the bedroom. I set her on the bed and she told me to lie down next to her. She grabbed a diaper and put it on me saying, "You first daddy, I don't want to have to mop the floor." The she flopped onto her back and waited for me to reciprocate. I diapered her and got her redressed and she kissed me and went off to clean.

I went into my office and started my day, an hour and a half later than usual. Mandy kept popping into my office to see how I was doing and her diapered butt under those short cut offs was making me a little crazy. I haven't been able to screw twice in the same day for years and here I was getting an erection again after getting off twice in the same morning. After two hours of getting little accomplished, my mind just wasn't on work today; Mandy came in and sat on my lap.

"It's time to change my daddy's diaper," she said and I felt her pampered butt and realized she needed to be changed too. I got up from my chair with her in my arms and again carried her to the bedroom. This time she was first and I took my time. This little vixen was very horny and I was able to get her off very quickly while I cleaned her with the baby wipes. I diapered her again and then it was my turn. She attempted to return the favor but I just wasn't able to climax so easily after the two successes earlier, so she diapered me still hard and sent me back to my work. I was not comfortable at all.

She brought in some lunch after a while and we ate together in relative silence. I caught her looking at me with a grin on her face and I said, "What?" She said, "This is going to be the most fun summer I have ever had."

"Look, Mandy, I have obviously been enjoying your attention, and I would love for it to go on and on, but I do actually have work that I need to do, and I'm old, I just don't think I can keep up this pace with you. Also I feel so guilty, I mean don't you feel anything..." I was babbling. She looked very serious for a moment, thinking, and then she said, "It's too late. We can't stop now. I love this, all of it and I won't stop..." pausing to let it sink in she went on, "...and you don't have a choice."

She walked out of my office with the dishes from lunch, her diapered bottom sashaying behind her. I had a lot to think about. My conscience was dogging me but I really didn't have a choice, or at least the choices I had were miserable. Ruin my marriage, my relationship with my step-daughter, her friendship with Mandy, all destroyed for sure if I stopped this now. It still could go sour, but it wasn't assured and it would be the end of the games, which I had to admit to myself, was incredible. It was my wife who put us together and since it was her doing, couldn't that, shouldn't that mitigate some of the guilt? Funny, given enough desire, one could justify just about anything.

I didn't see Mandy for the next two hours. I think she was making me stew on what she had told me. When it was time to be changed again, she stood in the doorway to my office. I looked up to see her in a sexy pose, smiling at me.

"Time for daddy's diaper change again, "she stated and I rose and walked to her. She put an arm around my neck and one finger to my lips and spoke, "is there going to be any more discussion on this?" I slowly shook my head and she giggled. I followed her to the bedroom checking her diaper as we went. It didn't need to be changed, but it was time for her to be a big girl again anyway. She changed me and I help her take her diaper off. No sex this time.

She left for the day and I went back to my office and worked like a maniac until my wife arrived home. She was tired and cranky and I kind of left her alone for a while. I found her in the living room looking at the mail and brought her a drink. She asked me how things went today and I flatly said, "Uh, fine."

"Well, Mandy seems to be working out just fine. This place never looked so good." It's strange that I hadn't really notice what a great job she was doing when she wasn't fucking my brains out in a dirty diaper! I said, "Yes, I hardly see her except when she is taking care of me,..." and my sexual desires I didn't add.

"Well good, I'm glad you to are getting along ok, I was worried about you at first." I thought to my self, "No nothing to worry about here with me and the sexy nympho you hired to screw me silly" I had to stop thinking like that; it was going to get me into trouble.

"Dolly is going to spend the weekend over here, her father is going out of town, " she said and I just nodded. Dolly didn't like to stay at her father's house alone. In fact I wished that she would spend more time at our house, she a great kid and fun to have around.

"Mandy is staying her also..." I prayed the reaction I had on the inside didn't surface, "Yeah, great, it will be fun." I said and cringed on the inside.

I slept pretty well that night, mostly due to sexual exhaustion. Before we fell asleep I pleasured my wife. I simply masturbated her while I sucked her tits. She offered to reciprocate and I told her that I knew she was tired and this could just be her night for fun. There was nothing suspicious about this; we often did a solo pleasure act for each other on any given night.

I awakened with the feeling of a hand on my diapered ass. I turned to see Mandy sitting on the edge of the bed just watching me sleep. She had been massaging my ass through the diaper and I was all tingly.

"Good morning baby," she said and realized that it must be my turn again. I rolled over to display the tent she created and it made her smile. I was pretty soaked and the bedding was even a little wet. She noticed, "Naughty baby wet the bed!" she said in mock anger and she ripped open my diaper. Pulling it out from under me she made me roll over face down. She started to spank my bare ass, and it hurt.

"Hey, wait a sec," I shouted and tried to turn back over. She pounced on me, sitting backwards on me back and continued the spanking, but not so hard. When she was satisfied that my butt had been properly attended to, she let me roll back over and she diapered me.

And she made me crawl into the kitchen. My erection intensified as my view of her backside was perfect from this angle. She was wearing the tiniest little sweat shorts I had ever seen, her ass visible below the bottom edge. They were gray, just like the latest version of half shirt she was wearing. When we got to the kitchen she stopped and backed up a little making me plow into her tight little rump with me face. She squealed with delight and helped me get into a chair.

She made me some breakfast and coffee and we chatted.

"So, I understand you'll be staying here this weekend, " I said.

"Yes, won't that be fun! I'm gonna be able to change you all week end, in fact your wet bed gave me an idea. I'll bet Mom will let me change you in the middle of the night too." She always called my wife 'Mom'.

"I don't think that is such a good idea, I mean Dolly will be here and, well, I think we should just play it cool while everyone is around, don't you?"

"Hmmm,... no, I think that you are going to behave and let me make this as fun as I want to, but we can talk more about it on Friday. It's time for you to load your pants for me," she said with the excited gleam she gets in her eyes.

She was really getting to know my schedule and I started to go back to the bedroom. She followed swatting my ass the whole way. Things had started moving by the time we got me up on the bed. I was on my knees again, her hand cupping my bum. I really pleased her today pushing, with great difficulty, a massive load into my diaper. Half way through she really pushed, stopping me in mid contraction. I gasped and she laughed and eased up letting me finish. Pushing me forward on to my hands she spanked my full diaper as she had before. I was wild with need to release me seed.

"Not yet baby boy, " she said as she found a pair of sweat shorts for me and pulled them on me. She found me a t-shirt and took me into the living room.

"Sit here on the floor; I have a surprise for you." I sat down on the huge lump in my pants and waited. She came back with a baby bottle filled with OJ and sat next to me. She guided my head into her lap and slid the nipple into my mouth.

"Drink it all up baby and I'll fuck your brains out, " she said and I got right to it. Baby bottles aren't very big and I was finished in no time. She put my head on the floor, pulled off her shorts and crawled on top of me in the 69 position. Hovering her gorgeous ass above me she settled her pussy down on my face and I went to work. I service her with great enthusiasm as she only toyed with my erection through both my shorts and diaper. When she came, it almost put me over the edge. She spun around quickly, slid both my shorts and diaper down enough to free me and guided me into her. She arched up, putting her weight on my mid section. The load in my diaper smashed against me giving me the wild tingling sensation in my ass and I erupted inside her. She rode my pulsating cock to another orgasm and let me slowly slip out of her as my erection flagged. She kissed me, gently. Our tongue danced against one another as our breathing calmed.

"I don't know why you fight me on this, aren't you enjoying it too? " she asked with the innocence of the young.

I pondered her question for a bit.

"I do enjoy this, really. It's just the whole situation could blow up in our faces. You know Mom is the one with all the power here. She makes all the money, sure I work but the little bit I bring in is just a drop in the bucket. Besides, as a lawyer she would destroy me in a divorce and I don't want that anyway. I love her and I don't want to hurt her. Then there is your and my relationship with Dolly. What would this do to all of that? There is a big picture here that I don't think you see."

She was smiling, that Cheshire cat smile that made me feel clueless.

"Funny you should bring up the big picture, it might be bigger than even you imagine..." and the door bell rang. We got up off the floor and I looked out the window. The FedEx truck was outside. We happened to be on the route of the sexiest FedEx driver they have. There was always a little flirting between us when she dropped off packages here. If she knew most of what she delivered was diapers, I don't think she would be quite as flirtatious. Mandy took my hand and led me right t the door. Before I could protest she opened it and started talking to the FedEx girl.

"What have you got there for us?" She said and I could tell it was a couple of cases of diapers. She responded by saying she didn't know what it was. Mandy asked her in so she could check the contents before signing. I was trying to hide behind the door but I could tell she caught wind of my full pants. She gave me a crooked smile saying with her eyes, "what's going on?" I just smiled back weakly and shrugged. Mandy tore open one of the boxes and pulled out a bag of diapers.

"I'm glad you got here, " Mandy grabbed me and spun me so my ass was toward them, pointed at my bulging behind and continued, "he has pooped in his pants and we just ran out of diapers. I couldn't change him till you arrived." I searched the floor in front of me for a crack to crawl into as I heard my sexy FedEx girl start to laugh.

"I guess that is lucky, " she said, "please go ahead and change him, I can wait." I turned to look at her and saw the smirk on her face. Mandy took the hint and had me lay down right there in the front hall.

"Could you keep and eye on the baby while I go and get some baby wipes for his messy butt?"

"Uh, sure, go right ahead, " she said and she knelt down next to me.

"So all those deliveries were diapers for a big baby huh? " she said with a giggle.

"I, uh, I um,..."

"Shhh baby, don't say a word, " she said smiling down at me. I could feel the heat of my blushing in my cheeks.

Mandy and Sexy FedEx girl worked together to clean and change me into a new diaper. I started to find out some things about myself. Humiliation really turned me on. I didn't know until then that much the excitement generated by what we have been doing was the humiliation inherent in it. Mandy went out side with Sexy FedEx girl to get the other cases of diapers chatting away about what was happening in my house. I didn't hear most of it, but Mandy was very animated and I could see there was much more going on here than I knew.

"Ok, " I asked after the Sexy FedEx girl left, "what aren't you telling me, what's going on here?" It came out a little too whiney I think but it did have the desired effect. Mandy looked at me much in the same way you would a child who had a bad dream.

"Oh, don't be scared baby; everything is going to be great, in fact better than great!" She picked up the mess in the hall, the wipes and powder, the dirty diaper and left me thinking. I couldn't trust the idea that Mandy's perspective on great would match up with my own. I didn't have too long to ponder this as I was summoned back into the bedroom. Mandy had thought up a new humiliation for me.

"I want to change your diaper again, " she said matter of factly. I said something about it only being 15 minutes since she and the Sexy FedEx girl changed me but she just pointed to the bed and I obeyed. Off came my shorts and the surprisingly damp diaper. She started the cleaning process, which I was up for. Thoughts of the Mandy and the FedEx girl filled my mind. I closed my eyes and savored the memory when Mandy Said, "Ok, lift up baby." She was just gonna put another diaper on? Must me more teasing, I thought as I raised my ass off the bed. I felt something cold touch my ass when she said I could relax. I settle my ass down into the same poop I had been changed out of a moment ago. Mandy quickly pulled the diaper up between my legs and taped it in place. It was a new diaper so she must have emptied the contents of the one I filled into this one.

"What the hell, Mandy?" I said a little too loud. She laughed and said, "Don't be crabby baby, I wasn't done with you in poopy pants, but I couldn't resist the opportunity to have my new friend help change you." She selected some tight jean shorts for me and pulled them on me. The bulge in my seat was very prominent and she ran her hand over it. My hard cock was very uncomfortable in the tight shorts and I tried to adjust my self. Mandy pushed my hand away and said, "Let me take care of that," and put her other hand on my front. I stood there with her massaging both front and back. It was delicious and painful at the same time. I turned and embraced her. I cupped my hands under her ass and lifted her up. She wrapped her legs around me and we kissed, her arms around me neck. I leaned over on the bed and lay her down. We continued kissing and rolling around on the bed.

"Please fuck me again, " I said and she giggled.

"Such a horny baby today."

As we showered together, which was as much fun as everything else we were doing, I started to ask her questions.

"Was our first time a set up, or did it just happen? " I asked as I caressed her breasts with a soapy wash cloth. She was lost in her ecstasy and spoke with out thinking, "It was too easy, Mom knew you'd go for it." With more silky body wash applied to the cloth I started to wash her pussy and ass, "So my wife is behind all of this?"

"MmmHmmm, she knew all about your love for dirty diapers and mine too actually. That's why she got us together." She moaned as she approached yet another climax. Oh to be young. I slowed my rhythm, teasing her and asked, "Does Dolly know?"

"Know? a lot of this was her idea. She's been diapering me since the seventh grade!" and the thought of Dolly putting her in diapers affected us both. Mandy screamed through her orgasm and I was in complete shock.

So the pieces were coming together, so to speak. Dolly and Mandy were more than just friends. Dolly had been playing diaper games with Mandy since, well, since her mother and I got married 7 years ago. It dawned on me where all the diapers went. Before they went away to school, I always seemed to run out of diapers before I thought I should. I started ordering more often, which I didn't mind because of Sexy FedEx girl. I wondered how my wife found out about the girls activities. We had gotten out of the shower and dried each other. I just could get enough of this girl's body. It was so hard and soft at the same time.

As she was diapering me again I asked her how long my wife, her name is Sandy by the way, knew about her and Dolly.

"Oh, from the beginning. Dolly told me about your diapers and I got all excited. I was a real tomboy growing up and didn't mind getting dirty like most girls. I also like to poop in my pants, just loved the naughty, dirty feeling. When you and Mom hooked up, I guess Dolly found out about your need for diapers then and told me about them. I asked her if I could have one. You know how strong Dolly is, just like her mother and took control of me. It was fun, so much fun. She diapered me and I filled it. The diapers added so much to the experience. Anyway, we were down in the rec. room and Dolly called Mom and she found us like that. Me in one of your diapers, they were huge on me then, with a big load. She asked us a bunch of questions about what was going on, what we were feeling. She made it so comfortable to talk about it. I told her about my feelings for diapers and boys and girls. Dolly said that she didn't really like boys, but she really liked me. That's when Mom told us that she too didn't really like boys, except you Daddy. That if she hadn't met you, she would had divorced Dolly's dad anyway and started to go out with women."

So my wife is a lesbian, with the exception of me.

"So, why did she arrange for you and me and all this?"

"Well, she's met someone," Mandy admitted.

"A woman you mean, " I said and she nodded.

"And she is having you soften the blow before she gets rid of me?" I asked felling my world crumble.

"Oh hell no, " Mandy blurted, "She loves you so much! She wanted to give you, well, "me" so she could indulge in her needs with out guilt." Wow, I was stunned. I love my wife so much. I mean I would have been happy with her decision to have a lover. I always felt as though she saved my life. I was so lonely and alone when we met. I didn't think I would ever find a woman to love me because of the diaper thing. I just relegated myself to believing the best sex I would get would come out of a bottle of baby oil. She changed all that. She made me feel like a whole person. I would have done anything for her, especially giving her the freedom to be with another woman, hell I would have encouraged it had I known. I asked her how Dolly fit into all this.

"That's the tough part in all this. We didn't know how you would feel if she got involve. Ultimately, she would become a baby sitter for both of us. I mean she already does that with me, but we didn't know how you would feel about it. You have been like a real father to her, even though she has a father. Do you think you could let her change your diapers?"

This was a little strange. I do need to wear diapers and children take care of their parents all the time. The sexual aspect of this wouldn't come into play because Dolly isn't into guys and, "What does Dolly think about you and I?"

"She knows all about it. As much as I love her she knows I also love cock. She would rather it was with you than some guy that might take me away from her..." she said.

"So, what is the plan then, how is this going to play out?" I asked.

"Well, on Friday, after you filled your diaper for me, " she paused for a moment obviously enjoying the thought, "Dolly was going to 'surprise' us. She was going to act like what I was doing was wrong and make me wear a diaper so I could learn a lesson about what it felt like, you know, as punishment for making you fill your pants. Oooh, I get so exciting thinking about how fun that was going to be..." I got an idea.

"So let's do it, " I said, "Don't let on that you told me everything. Since this all a game anyway, let's play it out." I was rewarded with one of her devilish smiles.

"I just knew you'd come around, " she said.

So the stage was set for a whole new existence for all of us. My lovely wife had a lesbian lover, my step daughter was going to become a babysitter to Mandy and I. I was the luckiest man on the planet. That is if you're a guy who loves to wear diapers and have beautiful women baby sit and be a baby with you.

Thursday was as much fun as Tuesday had been. Mandy was back to her cut off blue jeans and she looked so cute with a diaper peeking out top and bottom. I got dressed and told her I was taking her out for breakfast. She balked at that a little but I overruled her protest with a simple, "Daddy says so!" We went to this great little mom and pop diner I knew where all the waitresses were hot young co-eds from the local community college. Mandy was more turned on than embarrassed by the attention she received from her peers. Our waitress seemed to have a hard time concentrating on her job. I think she was a little hot for Mandy because she couldn't keep her eyes off of her. I'm used to cute girls not really looking at me, but it was as if I wasn't even there. We sat at a table and you could clearly see the diaper peeking out of the waistband of her shorts. Mandy was in a perpetual blush the whole time and leaned toward me and whispered, "I am so gonna fuck you when we get in the car." Thank god for tinted windows. I noticed our waitress checking out Mandy's diapered ass as we paid our check and I left her a big tip. True to her word, Mandy straddled me in the car and pulling me out of my diaper; she pushed her diaper and shorts to the side and started a slow rhythmic bounce on my shaft. I felt her tense and knew she was making a deposit in her diaper as she fucked me. Her rhythm increased and became frantic and she reached a climax. She shuttered and lowered herself on me and I could feel the lump in her pants on my lap. She stayed still but I climaxed anyway as rubbed her ass feeling what was inside those tight jean shorts. We stayed like that recovering for a time until I told her it was time to go.

She moved to her seat sitting gingerly on her bulging behind. She put me back in to my diaper securely and we headed for home. I got a mischievous idea and before we got there I turned into the drive of a car wash. The kind where you get out and wait for it to go through by itself. Mandy looked at me with trepidation and I said, "Turn about is fair play." I drove up and got out as the attendant came up. Mandy was frozen in place and I told the guy I wanted the works. This not only meant that it would take longer but that Mandy couldn't stay in the car cause they were going to fully detail the interior. She got out and walked with me inside. I turned to see the attendant gap mouthed over what he saw, a sexy young thing obviously diapered. It made me laugh. I put my arm around Mandy keeping a hand on her ass and played with the lump in her shorts as we walked up to the cashier. She was maybe 18 or 19 and looked as bored as could be. I gave her my receipt and she rang us up.

I think she started to notice Mandy's emanation and looked down, first at my pants then at Mandy's shorts. Her diaper was clearly visible above the waist band and I think she became embarrassed. Anyway she snapped her attention back to the cash register and counted out my change and handed it to me. I smiled at her and she gave me a crooked smile back. I walked Mandy over to the large windows to view the wash process. It also gave the cashier and un-obstructed view of Mandy's bulging behind. I caught her out of the corner of my eye ogling the site. I said loudly enough to Mandy, "I didn't bring a change for you baby girl, maybe we should wait out side." Mandy looked up into my eyes with a mixture of anger and something else I couldn't put my finger on. Later I found out, it was the thought process that happens when Mandy was plotting revenge.

I have been to this car wash before and usually there are one, maybe two guys there at the end that dry the car off. This time there were six. Including the attendant that we met at the start. Even though there were three times the usual, my car wasn't getting dried off any faster. Every one of these guys had there attention elsewhere, like Mandy's diapered ass.

She didn't say a word the rest of the way home. Once inside I told her that I would change her in an hour, after she got her chores done. Still red in the face she disappeared to do her work. I went into my office. It was time for my morning dump and I decided that today I would use the toilet and then take a shower. I went to find Mandy to tell her what I was doing. She was down in the rec. room on the phone. I listened from a discrete distance.

"...yeah, I'm thinking a little change in plans...well, he took me out in public this morning...Of course they could tell, I'm wearing those tiny shorts he loves...I thought we were going home so I...Yes, but instead we went to the car wash...All those creepy guys checking me out...uh huh,...That's a great idea...K, tonight then...I love you." I snuck back upstairs. I was really worried. I'm sure she was plotting something with Dolly and it couldn't be good. I was standing at the top of the steps when Mandy tackled me. She sat on top of me, bouncing on my lower abdomen saying, "Poop for me daddy, poop for me." Like I said earlier it was time and I am nothing if not regular. My bowels gave way and I loaded my pants.

We started necking and it moved to the bedroom. More kissing and caressing. We enjoyed each other for an hour and then headed into the shower for clean up. She fucked me again in the shower and then we went back to bed for a nap, after diapering each other. Snuggling in bed as we drifted toward sleep I wondered if I should ask what was up with her and Dolly but sleep took me first.

I awoke to that comfortable feeling of being in someone's arms. Mandy was still napping and intertwined with me. I stuck a finger into her diaper and found it to still be dry. The motion woke her up and she smiled and said, "Hi daddy."

"Hello there baby girl."

I thought about the phone call I over heard and decided to make a pre-emptive strike. I unbuttoned her shorts and slid them off, "I don't think I need to be changed yet daddy, " she said all cute. I wasn't to be put off. I tore open her diaper and flipped her on her back. She squealed as I started in on her pert little ass. After reddening her up a little I asked her, "So, (smack) just what are you planning, (smack) with Dolly? (SMACK)" She tried to wriggle away but I kept a firm grip on her and added two more quick swats.

"Ok, ok, it wasn't Dolly, it was Mom..." Oh shit. I wasn't so sure of my footing now.

"Um, you were talking to Sandy ?" I asked, "on the phone in the rec. room?"

"MmHmmmm, and I can't wait till she finds out about this...," she said with an air of superiority. This was bad.

"Um, baby girl, we don't have to tell her about this, it was all just in fun, you know, the game we play, yes?" I was back peddling now.

"I don't know daddy, why don't you bury your face in my pussy and try and make me forget."

My tongue went to work and I got her off again and again until she shouted out for me to stop. She was laughing in between gasps and I suspected something. She kept on laughing and said she lied, "It was Dolly on the phone, she and I are gonna make you pay for today and nothing will make me tell you what.

" She had the giggles now and I diapered her quickly, and then tickled her till she peed. I spanked her again with the wet diaper on, but she still refused to tell me anything. I was glad she wouldn't, this was fun and I enjoyed it more this way.

Mandy made us some lunch and I fed her hers. Then I took her into the living room and we sat on the couch together, her in my lap. I gave her a bottle to drink. She was a good baby girl and drank it all. I changed her wet diaper and let her go back to work. I had a lot to do also however, just like the previous days, my heart just wasn't in it. My mind kept drifting to what was to come tomorrow when I would no longer be in charge. Maybe there was a way to turn the tables on these two and make them be the babies. Not too tough with Mandy, I think she would enjoy it. Dolly was a tougher situation. If she is just like her mother as I believed she was, there was little I could do to make her think this was a good idea. Of course she may just love the idea and just doesn't know it yet.

I had a lot of thinking to do; I didn't like my job that much anyway.

About mid-afternoon Mandy came slinking into my office. She crawled on to my lap and nuzzled my neck.

"What's up baby girl, do you need to be changed?" She said "Uh huh, and so do you." I carried her to the bedroom and we changed each other. She was laying on the bed, kinda curled up with her thumb in her mouth looking at me.

"Looking all cute like that is not going to make me forget about your plotting young lady," I said to her which brought a smile to her face. I spanked her again. I should have done it on her bare ass but I love the sound and feel of spanking her diapered ass. She even accommodated the process by pushing her tight little bum up to make it easier.

"Just out of curiosity, " I asked, "which do you prefer? Baby or baby sitter?" She was curled up again and I was caressing her back.

"Hmm, I think I prefer to be baby sat by a girl and baby sit for a boy. Although I really like it when you are the daddy, you make it as much fun as when I have a girlfriend take care of me."

"So, you would have more fun if I stayed your daddy?" I tried, hoping against hope. She laughed and said, "Nice try daddy, but you have to understand something. The whole naughty little girl experience for me comes from pooping in my pants. That is what really brings out my submissive side. If I don't have to poop, like every other day, I always feel more in control and nothing enhances that like being a baby sitter. Especially for a guy, where every little thing he does is under my complete control. Making you fill your pants is such a power rush, I could cum while you do it. I just wish you could control your pee, making you wet your diaper through out the day would be delicious."

"But what about Dolly? Is she really into this too?" I pried for more information.

"Oh yeah, definitely. It's how our relationship progressed from being just friends. It was about the time that you and Mom got married. I got home from school that day and knew my Mother wouldn't be home till late. I was looking forward to pooping in my pants all day and Dolly kind of noticed that I wasn't my self at school. I got home and filled my pants, I was enjoying the feeling of naughtiness when Dolly walked in on me. I was so humiliated and turned on. I didn't know what to do. She asked me what was wrong and I started to cry. She gave me a hug and I really hugged her back. Dolly noticed the smell and put her hand on my ass and felt the lump there. I became stiff in her arms thinking I was about to lose my best friend. She asked if I had had an accident and I started to sob against her shoulder. I didn't want to tell her the truth, that I was a freak. She become very maternal and kept stroking my hair and saying it was ok. When I calmed a bit she kissed me. It was the most gentle, tender kiss. I became almost wild with desire for her. I kissed her back. We necked for a while and I admitted to her what I did and why. I always thought that Dolly liked me, you know, like that and it always just felt right. Anyway we ended up with her giving me a bath and it progressed from there. She told me about your problem and asked if I might like to try wearing a diaper. We played once or twice a week since then."

"Has Dolly ever worn a diaper?" I asked, "Yes, she tried it once but it wasn't her thing. I found out about a guy in high school that we thought was into the baby thing. I saw him buying adult diapers. We approached him after class one day and invited him to my house to study. He was kind of a geek and was surprised that we were even talking to him. We both convinced him that we needed his help with one of our classes and since he was one of the smart kids he agreed. When he got there we jumped him, stripped him and put him in a diaper. It really turned me on, even more so because we found out he wasn't into diapers. His Mom made him pick up the diapers for his grandfather who lived with them. I was just more exciting to know that I really was in control of him, he wasn't just going along because he liked it. He got over the shock pretty quickly because of the sex. You know how erotic a diaper change can be so he obeyed and did what I made him do in his diaper to get his rocks off by a hot chick. We toyed with him for a while but Dolly started to get jealous and we turned him loose."

"Jealous?" I asked.

"Well sure, she really isn't in to guys and she started feel a little left out. When I make a guy dirty his diaper, I just have to fuck him. You've seen how I get. Anyway, she thought I was liking the guy. He was disappointed but I showed him some pictures I had taken and told him to take his memories and go."

"Did you like him?" I asked.

"Oh hell no. He was a toy, like a vibrator. Fun to play with, it gets you off, but in the end just something to put in a drawer when you're done."

"Like me?" I was curious.

"It's different with you. I love you and so does Dolly. She can't wait to play with you too." She said. The phone rang. Mandy grabbed it off the bed side table, "Hello...Hi Mommy, how are you?...Yes, he's been a very good boy today...Uh, huh....k, bye," she hung up.

"Mommy won't be home tonight Daddy, she has...something to do. But don't worry, Dolly will be here and I'm gonna stay over and we are going to take really good care of you," she said with just a hint of malice.

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