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I went back to my office and tried to work. I was frightened and thrilled at the prospects of just what humiliation were they concocting. It would most assuredly be something public, but what? I wear diapers every day so just being in public wouldn't be enough for these two. Dolly knows that even exposing me in public wasn't that big of a deal for me. A couple of years ago she, Sandy and I were in the park. I was wearing sweat pants and my pocket got hooked on the bench when I got up. Pulled my sweats to my knees, fully exposing my diaper to the crowd that was there. I just laughed it off and didn't really care. There must be something else they have in mind. I did my best to forget about it and just do some business. I was surprised when Dolly showed up in my office, was it after 5 already?

"Hi Daddy, are you done for the day?" she asked.

"Sure thing honey, how ya been?" I said as I got up and hugged her. She put a finger down the front of my pants, checking my diaper saying, "Just glad my week is done, um, you need to be changed." I was kinda embarrassed because Dolly never really mentioned anything about my diapers before and it threw me a little to have her be so blunt.

"Uh, yes, I um, do need to change..."

"Come on Daddy, Mandy's waiting for us in the bedroom." She took my hand and led me to the bedroom.

Mandy was already on the bed, her shorts removed exposing her wet diaper. Dolly pulled off my pants and pushed me down next to her. We lay side by side as Dolly looked down at the two of us.

"Hmmm, I think we have one too many baby's here tonight, and since Daddy has to wear diapers,... Mandy gets promoted to baby sitter for the next 24 hours." Mandy shouted, "YEAH!" and jumped up, tore off her diaper and wiped herself before pulling her shorts back on.

"As for you naughty boy, I understand you have taken it upon yourself to punish my poor Mandy," Dolly said with mock severity.

"I was just..." I stammered but Dolly cut me off, "You were just getting yourself into a whole heap of trouble. Now, were are going to take you out tonight. We are going to have dinner and then we are going to our favorite strip club. And, if you behave yourself we will even get you a private lap dance. Sound like fun?"

OK, it did sound like fun and that's what worried me. This was a reward not a punishment. Just what was their plan for revenge? I would just have to wait. They dressed me for an evening out and then they each got ready. It only took an hour and twenty minutes by we were on our way to my favorite restaurant. The girls were giggling in the car and I asked what was so funny, "Nothing," they said in unison which sent them into more fits of laughter. I noticed an odor coming from the back seat and I asked if one of them needed to be changed. More laughter erupted and I decided it would be smarter just to shut up.

Dinner was sumptuous and I forgot all about their scheming. We talked about all sorts of things, save what they were planning and what life was going to be like for me from here on out. I paid the check and mentioned that I should go change before we went anywhere else. They each took one of my arms and escorted me back to the car with Dolly saying we can do it at the club. I certainly didn't want to change my diaper in the mensroom at a strip club but they weren't hearing me and put me in the back seat of the car. Dolly drove us toward our destination and I again noticed the smell of a dirty diaper. It was coming from my diaper bag and when I reached to open it, Mandy, turning around in the front seat, pushed my hands away.

"Don't want to ruin the surprise do you?" My whole body tensed with the shock of realization. They were going to..

"We're here naughty boy, let's go in and get your diaper changed. I was frozen. I should have known they would be this devious. The back door open and Mandy pulled me out. Dolly reached in and pulled the diaper bag out and the nearly dragged me to my fate. The strip club, which was dry, had a private area for V.I.P.'s and Dolly and Mandy had booked it for tonight. I was led through the crowded main room filled with horny 18-20 year old guys and spectacular naked women. I looked at the raised dance stage where three different girls were strutting there stuff in different states of undress. One in a g-string and a cowboy hat spinning a lasso. Another in cut off jeans like Mandy wears working out on a pole. A third, completely nude sitting in an inflated kiddy pool pouring oil on herself. The music was loud and the lightshow added to the surreal nature of the scene. Dazed by it all I followed my caretakers into a back room. The door closed behind us shutting out most of the music.

The room was small with two leather chairs and a curved booth along one wall like they have in fancy restaurants except there was no table. Dolly set the diaper bag down on a chair and pulled out a large changing mat. She set it on the bench part of the booth and started to undress me. She took my coat and removed my tie as Mandy opened my belt followed by my pants. She slid them down and eased me back on the changing matt. Dolly untapped my diaper and pulled it down exposing me to the cool air. Mandy was ready with the baby wipes and cleaned me up and I do mean up. I lifted so the wet diaper could be pulled out by Mandy as Dolly pulled the means for my punishment from the diaper bag. It was one of my diapers, but I could tell it had been unfolded before and something placed in it by the way she held it. Mandy had saved my out put for the last two days, added it to my load from this morning and they were about to make me wear it here, for the hotties that were going to give me a lap dance. I just wanted to hide. Mandy lifted my legs up pulling my ass off the changing pad. The offending articled was slide beneath me and she lowed me onto that huge cold lump. They quickly pulled the diaper up between my legs and taped it in place.

They stood me up and pulled my pants back up and secured me in them. They were noticeably tight in the seat as they stretched to accommodate three days worth of hard poop. The first girl came in. She stood there smiling as Mandy and Dolly folded the changing mat and put the wet diaper back into the diaper bag. I saw her wink at Dolly. I guessed that she and Mandy had been here before. Dancer number one was a willowy red head with large altered breasts. She had on a pair of tight white shorts that ironically looked like a diaper and a green shirt tied in the front that matched the color of her eyes. She slinked her way over to me and said, "Are you ready for this?" Some soft music began to play and she backed me to a chair with just a single finger in the middle of my chest. I sat on that giant lump in my pants and she started her act. Thinking that the girls had clued the dancers in on what they were doing I started to relax.

The dancer was straddling the chair thrusting her pussy at me when she stopped and said, "What is that smell?" Mandy and Dolly both shrugged at her like they had no idea and she said to me, "Stand up!" I looked to the girls for help but they just smiled, a malevolent sparkle in their eyes. I heaved a huge sigh and stood up. The dancer spun me around and bent to look more closely at my ass and sniff.

"Have you got a load in you pants?!?" she asked in a tone of shock bordering on disgust. I turned toward her but couldn't look her in the eyes. She said to the girls, "What is this, fetish night?" Mandy spoke up, "No, he's just a big baby, he poops in his pants all the time, that's why he wears diapers." The Dancer lifted my chin to look into her eyes and said, "Let's have look at those dirty diapers of yours." She undid my belt and opened my pants and pulled them down just as dancer number two walked in.

She was a leggy blond, I think the same one who was working the pole. She had on the cut-offs but nothing else.

"What the hell..." she said before she caught herself and started to laugh. The red head said, "we have us a big diaper boy and check this out, " pointing at my ass, "It's full." The Blond came up and with out hesitation grabbed the lump in my diaper. It was obvious to every one that I was both humiliated and incredibly turned on. Red head grabbed my rod as the blond massaged my load and I was over come. My knees went weak and I was about to come when they both stopped. I opened my eyes and saw that Mandy and Dolly had stopped them.

"He's being punished, don't get him off yet." Dolly said and I wanted to scream. The pushed me back into the chair and secured my wrists with straps attached to it. There was nothing I could do but suffer as the two dancer's then turned their attentions to Mandy and Dolly.

I was in blissful agony watching the girl on girl on girl on girl action with out any way to abuse myself. Then Dancer number three arrived. A sultry brunette, long and silky, both hair and body. She sashayed in and sat on my lap, my bone poking her naked ass. She noticed the plastic feel of it and got up again to look. She noticed I was in a diaper and touched it. She must have notice the aroma as well because she slid a hand under me and felt the lump in it. She turned to look at the girls who had been watching this and they all laughed. She looked at me and said as though I wouldn't understand, "Why is this guy wearing a dirty diaper?" Leggy blond said, "Diaperboy is being punished." Silky brunette said laughing, "Aww, and he has such a bulge in his pampers, front and back."

"You know," red head spoke up, "It's not really a punishment unless we spank him." I shot her a dirty look and she laughed. They untied me and made me kneel on the chair leaning my chest on the back. There was no way to get myself off in this position either. They each took their turns disciplining me as they continued to play with each other all in front of me of course. I was sure the next time they even touched the front of my diaper I would explode.

Silky brunette got a torturous idea, "How about we see how long he can hold out? Now diaperboy, I am going to stroke you through your diaper and if you can keep from coming for, saaay 60 seconds, we will change you, but if you can't, you stay in your dirty diaper for the rest of the evening." Everyone but me seemed excited about this new game. I didn't think I could hold out for 6 seconds let alone 60 but I certainly would try. Silky Brunette started to caress the front of my diaper and whisper in my ear, "Come on diaperboy, come for mommy." I thought about removing the bell housing on the transmission of my '68 charger but leggy blond started in on the lump in my diaper, pushing it against my anus. That incredible tingle started up my spine and I shot my wad convulsively. My whole body began to spasm again and again. I didn't make the 6 second mark. It was met with laughter and clapping and swats to may ass. I collapsed into the chair utterly spent. Red head told me to suck my thumb and silky brunette said I looked so cute curled up on the chair. The girls went back to playing with each other and I actually napped a bit. They woke me saying it was time to go and I begged to be changed. No dice, I was redressed and taken out of the club.

The girls decided that we needed to continue this party at home and we needed some wine and videos. Dolly drove us to a liquor store. She and Mandy pried me out of the back seat to go in to the store. They led me around, one on each arm looking at all the vintages. There were a few people in the store and they made sure that we stood close to all of them. I was made to wait until there was some sort of reaction before we moved on. Most were just looks of disgust at the smell. The girls would giggle and move me to the next populated area. Finally we chose some wine and went to pay. There was a very attractive woman behind the counter and she smiled at me. I smiled back and Mandy took it upon herself to ruin the moment, "Hey Dolly," she said, "I think the diaper boy is flirting." My face reddened and the woman gave me an incredulous look. I just shook my head and looked at the floor. Mandy took it further. Looking in the back of my pants she said, "And he needs to be changed too." The woman stifled a laugh and gave me back my change. We left to the sound of laughter in our wake. I just couldn't wait for the video store...

I started to plead with them to let me stay in the car while they looked for videos. I mean this was all very exciting and the humiliation was exquisite. But I didn't think I could take anymore. They didn't care, this was all payback for making Mandy go to the car wash and the spankings I gave her. They were going to play this out as far as it would go. Dolly drove us to the Blockbuster and again I was escorted inside. On the way in Mandy grabbed my ass and made sure the load, which had flattened against my ass, was bulging again. She wanted it to be very noticeable even if you weren't close enough to smell it. Practically dragging me through the place we repeated the game from the liquor store. There was a group of girls about the same age as Mandy and Dolly and we linger near them. One of them turned, sniffing and Dolly pointed at me shrugging as if to say, "We can't take him anywhere." She turned to her friends and the whispering started. I didn't want to look at them but I certainly didn't want to turn my back toward them. Stealing glances at me they each worked their way around to see the bulge in the seat of my pants. Mandy and Dolly paraded me around them so they could all get in on the joke and the giggling ensued. We had yet to find a single video and already I was so embarrassed I wanted to leave. I could here the comments behind me now, "Did you see that guy,...Poopy pants,...Dirty diaper,...Big baby,...What's wrong with,...Oh my gawd!" I wanted someone to shoot me, but with my luck I'd live and end up in the emergency room wearing this dirty diaper. Finally they found some movies they wanted. On the way out we had an entourage. The group I had heard the comments from had followed us out into the parking lot. Dolly had lagged behind and was talking to one of them. Mandy took me to the car and got me buckled into the back seat. As she was closing the door I heard a burst of laughter from that direction.

Dolly finally got in and said to Mandy, "it looks like we may be having a party on Saturday." I just wanted to get changed. This diaper was getting very uncomfortable and it was starting to leak. We arrived home and I was let out and brought into the house. I was told by dolly to go wait in the bathroom. I went in and waited. Mandy came in and said that I would be easier to clean in the shower and she started to undress me. She left me standing there in just a dirty diaper as she took my clothes to the laundry room. She returned and slapped my ass and said, "Scoot!" pushing me towards the shower. I stood there and she got undressed. She performed a little strip tease for me like I had seen at the club and then turned on the water. She peeled the dirty diaper off of me and started to scrub me. I was both emotionally and physically erect. When I was clean to her satisfaction she put her arms around my neck and lifted her self up on to me, wrapping her legs around me. We kissed as she worked her hips on my cock. I was cupping her firm behind and help her rhythm. As she started to climax it drove me over the edge and we came together. I became week and slid down the shower wall to the built in bench. We rode out the after shocks together and then washed each other again. I could soap and rinse her hard body all night.

When we finished in the bathroom I was diapered by Mandy, put in a T-shirt and brought to the family room where Dolly was into her third glass of wine already.

"Vino my love," she said to Mandy as she handed her a glass. They kissed. Dolly sat down on the couch and said, "Come lay on my lap baby," and she produced a baby bottle filled with wine.

So we started to watch movies, my head in Dolly's lap, my bare legs across Mandy's as she caressed them. I was so content and feel asleep.

In the morning I was in my bed. I don't remember how I got there but Mandy and Dolly were on either side of me snuggled up close. It was a very comfortable moment except for one nagging problem. My ass felt like it was on fire. I must have developed a diaper rash from all the recent abuse and lying in a soaked diaper this morning wasn't helping things. The problem was, I didn't want to disturb these two beauties who looked so peaceful. I took it for as long as my endurance would hold and then I tried to get up with out disturbing them. It didn't work. Mandy stirred first saying, "Mornin' Daddy, " All sleepy and cute.

"Good morning precious, I'm sorry but I have to get up." I said as I kissed her on the forehead. She smiled and said, "Dolly, we have to change Daddy." Well at least I wasn't Diaperboy this morning. Dolly just kind of mumbled and rolled over, falling back to sleep. I explained my problem to Mandy and she said that she knew what to do. We went into the bathroom together and she pulled my shirt off, then removed my diaper. She started the water in our big tub and had me get in. I stood there as it filled around my legs and Mandy got undressed. She got in with me and very delicately washed my sore behind. It's a a pretty big whirl pool tub and it took a while to fill but eventually we were both submerged to our necks in a sitting position. I sitting more gingerly than Mandy. She washed my hair and every where else for that matter and eventually we simple lounged in the tub together.

"You were such a good boy last night Daddy," Mandy stated, "So, today you get a reward. Anything you want."

"Anything?" I asked to clarify.

"Uh huh, Dolly said she would go along with anything. We talked about it last night after you fell asleep. She was as horny as I was after you let us have our way with you. You missed some really great sex, sleepy head," she said playfully.

There was only one thing on my mind for today and Dolly was in for an interesting time. She did agree to let me have what ever I want while she was drinking and satiated with sex, however a promise is a promise. Mandy must have guessed what was going through my mind, "You are gonna make Dolly wear a diaper, aren't you?" she said with a wry smile.

"You bet your sweet ass baby girl," I said with a great deal of self satisfaction. She giggled and hugged me, her big tits splashing water on my face. She kissed me and I kissed back. I was easily aroused these day and she felt my rock against her leg. There is nothing like sex in a hot tub in the morning with a perky little nymph. When it was over we drained the tub and Mandy dried me off very gently. She applied some diaper rash cream in a thick coat and then got a thick cloth diaper for me. She pinned it snuggly in place and then said, "I think if we keep you hard all day you won't pee as much, so we won't put on your plastic pants. That way your skin will get more air and heal more quickly. Besides there are two of us to change you now so its all good."

I asked Mandy if she wanted to try the hand in warm water trick with Dolly to start her diapered day, but she said she would take no part in making Dolly mad. I relented, but it would have been fun and there is a plastic sheet protecting the mattress. I was ready to get started and we went back into the bedroom and dove on top of Dolly.

"Alright, I'm up, I'm up!" she shouted and looked at us through blood shot eyes.

"Does my baby girl have a hang over?" I asked in baby talk.

"What the,... baby girl? Oh shit, last night we,...Mandy I will get you back," she growled. Mandy gave her that innocent look with a shrug, like 'I don't know what your talking about.' "Fine, let me just go to the bathroom,..."

"Oh no you don't," I cut her off and pushed on to her back. She was naked and so it was easy to get her pampered. She looked just as cute as Mandy does, even with the scowling glare she sent Mandy's way. Mandy submitted to diapering with no hesitation and now I had a pair of baby girls.

I could tell Dolly had to go, but I didn't know if it was one or both. I made them crawl to the kitchen, swatting there cute diapered asses as we went. Dolly made it to the table but no further. She tensed her body and I could here and see that it was both.

"god I can't believe I just did that," she said with an air of exasperation. Mandy attacked her. I remember how she would get when ever I filled my pants and it was more so when Dolly did it. Mandy was kissing and caressing Dolly all over, Dolly responded and they were in a free for all on the kitchen floor. Mandy was right, I stayed hard and I didn't wet my diaper. Mandy had Dolly on her back and was lapping at the front of the diaper making Dolly writhe about in ecstasy. It was incredible to watch. Dolly had a thundering climax and she shouted out to the almighty. Barely catching her breath, she tore off Mandy's diaper and started in on her. She was on her knees, face down in Mandy's muff, her full diaper pointing up at me. I started to stroke my self through the cloth. I didn't think I could come again so quickly but I did it anyway on instinct. Mandy as we have learned is all but insatiable and came too with squeals of joy.

"Oh daddy, that was something," Dolly panted out and I knew I had a convert.

I decided that we should have breakfast on the terrace. It was a beautiful morning and the outdoor furniture can be hosed off when my cloth diaper becomes wet. I had Dolly re-diaper Mandy while I toasted up some bagels, poured the coffee into a carafe and we went out to enjoy the morning. I made the girls carry everything out and I couldn't resist rubbing Dolly's bulging back side. She actually blushed a bit and smiled at me. The rear of our house is very secluded and the girls thought nothing of being out there in just a diaper. They have sunbathed in the nude out here for years. We laughed and talked about that previous nights fun. Dolly had a number of questions for me as we had not talked about all this yet. She shared with me that fact that she had fantasized about babysitting me since she first found out about my condition.

"I was thirteen when you and Mom got married and I was just starting to figure out my sexuality. I knew I liked to be in control and the idea of having someone be dependant on me. That's why I am into girls I think, because girls being dependant is more gender specific. Mandy and I started playing baby games and I just loved the role of babysitter. Then talking with Mom I better understood my feelings. Since she is bi-sexual she helped me understand my feelings and since she has always been my idol I think I took on a lot of her personality traits. I used to watch the way the two of you interacted. I wanted to have that kind of power in a relationship. I was pretty certain that you were unique and I would never find a guy like you. It didn't really matter because I loved Mandy. I can't imagine myself with any one else." I was so happy to be having such an open conversation with Dolly. Our discussion continued until I felt wetness on the back of my thighs and heard the drips hitting the terrace. I had wet my cloth diaper. Mandy went in the house to get another diaper so Dolly and I could continue talking.

Mandy returned with another cloth diaper, wipes and rash cream. They worked together to clean me up and get me diapered. Dolly announced that it was time for her to be changed and I spoke up, "I think, young lady, that you need to learn a little dependence of your own. You will be changed when I say, do you understand?" For as long as I have known her, Dolly has had a look she can summon up that says, 'do you really want to try me?' When she was young, it was cute, now though it was a little frightening. For all I knew, my position of power today was tenuous at best. I didn't know for how long it would last nor if I it would occur again. So I pushed past my trepidation, ignored the look.

" Defiance has consequences baby girl," I said and I pulled her out of her chair and across my lap. Mandy looked on in stunned silence as I positioned Dolly across my lap and spanked her. Dolly submitted stoically but I could tell that I was making a huge mistake. I had better enjoy this because the payment for this was going to be pretty steep. When I was satisfied I let her stand back up and she looked down at me. I felt a chill rise up my spine from the look she gave me. I physically shivered and Mandy burst out laughing.

"Are you going to behave?" I said with a complete lack of conviction.

"Yes Daddy," Dolly said with an icy glare.

I asked Dolly to refill the coffee pot and she took it and left. Mandy started right in, "You are so for it. I don't think you realize what she is capable of. I mean that little stunt is really gonna come back to haunt you." I knew she was right. I was in some serious trouble. Dolly is a force of nature and when she gets her mind behind something, nothing will stop it. Last Night, the strip club, the shopping adventures after, I was driven along by the sheer force of Dolly's will. The idea of truly resisting just never crossed my mind. So I had better enjoy today for all I could milk out of it.

Dolly returned to the terrace and I asked the girls what we should do today. Dolly said something about changing her diaper but Mandy had a great idea. She suggested we go to the beach. Dolly shot and angry glance her way. This sounded like fun to me, my two diapered girls frolicking around in the surf. I agreed to cleaning up Dolly before we left for the beach and I took her into the shower. I removed her dirty diaper and scrubbed her clean. She was built much like her mother. Her breasts were large and her ass was soft and supple. Not quite the hard body like Mandy who obviously spent a great deal of time in the gym, but shapely none the less. Dolly's most remarkable feature was her piercing eyes. She could stare down a tank. Mandy joined us in the shower and helped me finish washing Dolly. The Dolly and I washed Mandy from head to toe. My cloth diaper was soaked from the shower and started to sag. Had it not been for the raging hard on, it most probably would had slid off my hips to the floor. The girls laughed at what I looked like and they each undid a pin allowing the cloth to plop onto the floor. I shut off the water and we dried each other. The girls put a towel between my legs and on each side of me held it together like a diaper and walked me into the bedroom. I was diaper first for obvious reasons. Another thick cloth diaper, after the application of the rash cream and then I diapered each of them, also in cloth. They each put on a white bikini top and unless you were close, couldn't really tell they had on a diaper, but I knew. I put on some swim trunks over my diaper and we headed to the beach. Mandy suggested I sit on a changing pad in the car so as not to ruin the seat, since I wasn't wearing plastic pants.

It was about a twenty minute drive to the beach upon arriving I was reminded of something. In all the excitement of the morning I had neglected to use the toilet. Since it was early in the beach season there were no port-o-potties out yet and I was going to have to just hold it till we left. We picked a spot near the water and set up out little camp. The girls had packed some food and drinks and a big blanket. I directed the girls to build a sand castle and watched them at work. They were so cute playing in the sand in cloth diapers and I again was aroused. I got in and started helping them. It was taking shape and we were actually having fun. Mandy started to fidget a little and I asked what was wrong. She said she had to pee. I told her to stand in front of Dolly and I with her feet apart. She giggled and did as she was told. The diaper started to darken between her legs. She tilted her head back and closed her eyes. At first it started to drip and then a steady stream pours from the sagging diaper. She put her hands on her hips and bent over slightly to watch the end of the show as we had. I was so enthralled that I took my attention away from restraining my bowels and I filled my diaper. Mandy and Dolly ran down to the water to rinse the pee out of her diaper by playing in the surf.

I was surprised to hear a voice behind me.

"Are those your girls?" I jumped a little and turned to see a very attractive woman in her mid thirties.

"Uh, yes, well one is my step daughter and the other is her friend," I kind of stammered.

"Interesting bikinis they are wearing, they look like they are wearing diapers," she said with an air of, superiority was it? I decided to throw this woman a curve ball and see if she could hit it.

"Well actually they are, you see I am incontinent and have to wear diapers so they wanted to be supportive and wear them too." I lowered my trunks at the side reveling the pin securing that side of my diaper. She stared at me blankly for a moment taken off guard by my candor.

"I see, how um, nice of them," she said.

"Yes, it was the only way they could drag me down here, I hate being in public since I've had to start wearing them," Oh how the truth can set you free, well, mostly truth. It was great, here I was standing with a dirty diaper and the woman I was talking to was the one who was uncomfortable. I could tell she had caught wind of my loaded diaper and her gaze slid down toward my waist. She was un-nerved by the awkward silence and blurted out, "Do you need to be changed?" She caught herself and covered her mouth and then started to apologize.

"Please, don't,...look, that was a perfectly logical thing to say," I said to her, "and yes I do need to be changed. Unfortunately there is no privacy on this beach and I am stuck like I am until we leave." She looked at me incredulously and said, "But certainly you are not staying long like that are you?"

"If need be, the girls went to all the trouble of wearing diapers so I would feel comfortable out here I am not going to spoil their fun because I have, well, you know..." I trailed off. She just kind of shook her head and walked off toward the water. I watched her go enjoying the sensation of freedom. She approached the girls and I saw them walk over to her out of the water. The talked for a while and then I saw the girls look at each other and start to laugh. The woman looked to be scolding them and then walked off down the beach.

They came running back to me and I asked them what that was all about. They told me that she had commended them on their thoughtfulness and then said to them, "You should take him home now because he needs to be changed." Dolly went on saying, "I told her you were fine that your cloth diaper would dry in the sun, but she said you were more than just wet, are you?" She turned me to check my but, "Oh she could tell you have poopies, anyway I told her that probably like having full pants and she kinda told us off, took back her compliment and stalked off, what a bitch." I noticed the woman watching us from a distance and I thought I would have some fun. I grabbed Dolly and started to swat her diapered ass. The diaper was wet so I'm sure it stung a little. She yelped and said, "what was that for?" I gestured like I was yelling at her but spoke normally, "She is watching us and I thought I would give her a little show."

Dolly turned to look at the woman and pouted. It was truly adorable, her lower lip out and sagging wet diaper. I really felt like she was getting into character. The woman had apparently had enough and continued down the beach. We all sat on the blanket together and had a couple of beers. By this time I was pretty soaked and I suggested that we head home. My swimming trunks were starting to show a stain from the mixture of pee and poop. We packed up the car and headed for home. It was time for another group shower and the fun began all over again. I could what these two young waifs go at each other all day. Especially all soapy and wet. When they had teased me long enough it was my turn to be scrubbed. They took there time with me, wanting to make sure I was thoroughly clean. As Dolly was using a wash cloth a little deeper than was necessary, Mandy soaped up my cock and stroked it. I have always said, "Soap is such a slut!" and all the teasing and fun of that morning paid off quickly.

It was back to disposables for my baby girls, but they insisted I stay in a cloth diaper so my skin would heal and cryptically mention, "Because you'll need it to be better." There was a plan here that wasn't aware of. I knew the girls planned a party for tomorrow night but I was certain something was going to happen sooner.

We enjoyed lunch on the terrace. I made the girls feed each other offering a prize to the one that was least messy when we were done. They took great pleasure in spilling on each other and making a general mess of their faces and breasts. In the end they started to kiss each other and there messes equaled out. I took great pleasure in their clean up scolding them for being such naughty babies. I put them down for naps out on the chaise lounges and told them they better behave or daddy was going to spank them hard, on their bare asses. This of course guaranteed mischief from Mandy. She sure enjoyed a good spanking. I too dozed on the terrace.

I awoke to the two of them changing me into a dry cloth diaper. When they finished I asked who was first.

"First for what?" Dolly asked and I said, "For your spankings, you didn't think I forgot did you?" Dolly glared at Mandy and said, "She's first, it was her fault." Mandy started to bend over my lap when I stopped her. I tore her diaper off and placed her over my lap. I gave her ten quick swats and she wriggled about on my lap squealing. Then it was Dolly's turn. I remover her diaper and positioned her for her spanking. As I started to swat her I felt my lap grow warm, and wet. She was peeing on me and having a hard time stifling her giggles. Most of her pee was absorbed by my diaper and the warm wet feeling made me hard again. I really lit into her soft round behind and actually had her in tears before I finished. And then all hell broke loose.

"Just what do you think you are doing young man!?!" my wife shouted from behind me. I stood up so fast that Dolly tumbled on to the terrace in front of me. I started to stammer some vague apologies as I helped Dolly up off the ground. Standing there, looking like a prison warden, in a white silk shirt and a tight black leather mini skirt was my beautiful wife. She was a more mature looking Dolly, with all the stern looks and intelligence of her daughter. At this moment she looked nine feet tall. Standing beside her was the most stunningly beautiful woman I have ever seen. Her hair was chestnut brown, as were her eyes. Full pouting lips, even more full perky breast, braless under an almost sheer black blouse. She wore tight white jeans and the same stiletto heals as Sandy was wearing. They looked like a checker board standing there together and the thought almost made me laugh, had I not been so terrified. Mandy and Dolly excused themselves to go and get dressed and I watched the other woman eye their naked forms hungrily as they left.

I stood there in silence in my wet cloth diaper and t-shirt waiting for her wrath. She would never understand that it was just a game.

"Mona," Sandy said to the beauty with her, "could I have a moment alone with him?" She said it like a dirty word. Mona smiled, a smile that made me ache inside, and said, "Sure thing love, I'll go see what the nymphs are up to." So she was going to kill me and she didn't want any witnesses. When we were alone, Sandy said, "Have you been having a good time?" with a bit of a smirk. If she would have shot me I would have been less shocked. My bladder had released at that moment and I felt the rivulets of pee down my legs.

"I uh, that is to say, we were just kind of, well playing..." I trailed off.

"So I gathered. Are you happy with the current arrangement?" she asked again."

"Well, yes but, are you pissed at me or what here?" I had to know.

"We'll pick up the game again in a minute, I want to talk seriously for a moment. Are you happy about this?" I was overcome. It was hard to speak because I was filled with an overwhelming sense of love for this woman. Not only did she not mind what was going on, she was the mastermind behind it.

"Do you know how much I love you," I said. She smiled and said, "Good, now we can continue," she grabbed my ear, "Come with me young man, you need to be changed and spanked!"


She dragged me through the house scolding me as though our little conversation had never happened. My protest was reserved to the occasional, "Ow, ouch!" from her tugs on my ear lobe. In our bedroom she laid a changing pad on the bed and had me lie down. She promptly walked out and I was left thinking about what was to come. It was all so exciting and scary. I wondered if I was going to ever get the chance to have any control in my life again. I considered the prospects of entire weekends at the mercy of not just one but four baby sitters. I was pretty sure that the week days would be much like the past week. But what was to happen for the rest of today not to mention the weekend. I started to get a chill as the wet cloth pinned about my groin was cooled by the air conditioning. I heard approaching foot falls and looked to the door. It was Mona. Even though she had been there before to see me in my wet diaper, I felt a wave of humiliation. She smiled that achingly beautiful smile again and said, "My name is Mona and I am here to, how shall I put it? Set the expectations for our relationship." She produced from behind her a leather paddle with a wooden handle. The shiver I felt this time was not from my cooling pee soaked diaper.

She directed me to get on all fours saying that we would 'talk' while she disciplined me. I knew not to contradict her even if I could, such was her beauty. The diaper was very wet and I braced myself for the stinging. She kneeled on the bed next to me and started my punishment saying, "I have no interest in men," SMACK "however," SMACK "You, are not really a man, are you?" SMACK "More of a little boy," SMACK "and a naughty little boy at that," SMACK, SMACK "So, I was willing to get involved with Sandy," SMACK "because she promised me that I could treat you," SMACK "anyway I wanted to." SMACK "So, since I believe," SAMCK "that little boys with out discipline," SMACK "grow up to be vile men," SAMCK "I will do this," SMACK, SMACK, SMACK "every time I see you." SAMCK "Do we understand each other?" My ass was on fire and I unfortunately, didn't answer quickly enough. She smacked my ass three more times.

"Yes, I understand," I almost shouted.

"Good," she purred, "now, let's get you out of that wet diaper." I carefully got onto my back and the exquisite Mona unpinned my diaper. I was rock hard, however she paid little attention to that. She wiped my front and had me roll over so she could apply some cream to my sore backside. My rod was aching as she massaged the ointment into my ass cheeks. She unfolded a disposable and placed it on the bed and helped me to roll over onto it. She had some difficulty in getting it on me securely with my raging hardon however she obviously had no interest in relieving my discomfort.

"There you go baby boy, all done. Now, crawl into the living room, we have a surprise for you."

I followed her into the living room, staring at her perfect heart shaped ass in those tight white jeans. She even walked with a sensuality that made me crazy. In the living room Mona curled herself up next to Sandy on the sofa. Mandy and Dolly sat much in the same way on the matching loveseat. Sandy asked, "Did things go well in there?" And another one of those smiles erupted from Mona and she said, "I think we understand each other."

"Good, now to business," Sandy went on, "we have to make some new arrangements and I think we'll start with the baby boy. Now that my bedroom has a new occupant, we are going to have to move you to the nursery." I looked up from the floor at her questioningly, "Um, what, I mean,..." There was a smattering of giggles and Sandy got up followed by the rest of the girls. She took my hand and helped me to my feet and led me down the hall, past our bedroom to the guest room. So this is what Mandy had been up to all week. The queen size bed set and matching dresser was gone. In its place was a adult size crib and matching dresser all in white. There was a diaper stacker fully stocked with both cloth and disposable diapers.

"This is the nursery and one of us will put you to bed each night baby, it will be fun."

"I don't think so," I grumbled. I do enjoy wearing diapers, but I was never interested in being a baby.

"No one asked if it would be fun for you," Mona added, making the girls laugh again.

"Your office is going to be converted to a playroom next week. You're retired. Mona is going to move in and will be here to help Mandy take care of you all week," Sandy informed me.

"Yes," Mona enthused, "I can help with your upbringing every day." I got a twinge from my sore ass. Noticing my discomfort made her smile. I guess there is no such thing as paradise. My life just became all about diapers and discipline. I just hoped that Mandy was still gonna fuck me. As if she could hear my thoughts she slid up next to me and put a hand on my ass. I winced a little and she gently massaged my diapered ass.

We headed back out to the terrace for cocktails. The girls prepared some snacks and the drinks. They brought them out and I noticed that there was a baby bottle on the tray with the drinks. Mona and Sandy sat on the deck chairs and I was made to sit at Mona's feet. She gave me the bottle and, to my delight, it was filled with a whiskey sour. The girls pulled up chairs to join us and they started to talk, about me but not to me. It was a lively discussion of the day's events, what happened at the beach, my soiled diaper. They talked with Mona as though she was an old friend and I wondered how long the relationship had been going on. I figured that the night this all started with Mandy had set the plan in motion, but how long had they been planning this. Every time I tried to interrupt the conversation, Mona would put the bottle back in my mouth holding it there until I started to suck on it again. When I finished the bottle, another was put in it's place and I was getting a little drunk. I got a little bold with the courage that can only come from booze and I through the baby bottle away from me. I had some questions and I wanted answers. Before I could speak though, Mona reacted.

She pushed me over forward and started in on me again saying, "Naughty boy, you will speak when you are spoken too," swatting my ass with her bare hand. Mandy intervened and said that she would take the baby to the nursery. She got me to my feet and took my hand. I was a little unsteady and she took a hold of my arm and helped me into the house. We went back to the nursery and she helped me into the crib. I smiled at her as she started to get undressed. Bless this angel of mercy, she got into the crib with me and straddled me. She kissed me and teased me a bit before she freed my cock from the diaper and lowered herself on to it. She slowly rode me. I was so grateful and told her so. She said that watching Mona spank me was just as exciting to her as making me poop in my pants. Speaking of it made her reach a climax. The whiskey was keeping me from getting there so quickly and she continued to ride me through her spasms. Through her panting she said, "Just, wait, for, what, she, is going, to, do, to you, tomorrow." The fear and exhilaration that thought created was enough to push me over the edge.

Mandy cleaned me up and put a new diaper on me. She pulled up the side of the crib and told me to take a nap till dinner was ready. I dreamed of Mona and punishment. Her naked, but just out of reach. I finally woke up to the faces of Dolly and Mandy looking down at me smiling over the rail of the giant crib. I felt so helpless and small. I was wet so they changed me and then brought me to the kitchen. Friday was usually pizza night and they had order from my favorite place. I sat as far away from Mona as I could and was allowed to eat like an adult aside from the sippy cup filled with Chianti. I wondered if there was a high chair in my future. Mona would probably see to that. She seemed to thrive on the abuse and humiliation she heaped upon me. I'm sure I would enjoy it if she would only fuck me, but that didn't seem to be in the cards. Unless that was what Mandy was hinting at earlier. I would just have to wait and see.

The after dinner conversation was pleasant and I actually got to ask some of the questions that were nagging at me. I found out that Sandy had met Mona last year at a convention. She was a "hostess" employed by the hotel and convention center that Sandy had been at last year for the Bar Association. In addition she was a professional dominatrix. She moved here from Vegas at Sandy 's request and had been staying in a hotel for the last 6 weeks waiting for Sandy 's plan to come to fruition. I commented that it was all unnecessary since I would have been happy to let Mona be a part of Sandy 's life. Mona explained that it had been her idea. That figured, there was an element of torture to my not knowing what was going to happen.

After dinner it was decided that the girls were all going out for the evening. I was pleased by this because a little alone time would do me some good. I had a lot to think about. I went to watch some TV while the girls all got dressed to go out. About an hour later the door bell rang. Mandy and Dolly raced each other to the door and I didn't give it much thought, probably some of their friends going out with them. I pulled a blanket over me in case they invited them in. I looked up from the TV to see a beaming Dolly and Mandy standing on either side of their friend Kara. You know how beautiful girls travel in packs? Kara was no exception to this rule. She had a body like Mandy's. Honed to perfection from many hours in the gym. Fiery red hair cascading down in curls, she had the look of mischief in her sparkling green eyes. Dolly said, "here's the baby boy, you only need to baby sit until you put him to bed, then you can take off. We won't be home till late." The shock must have clearly registered on my face because they all laughed. Kara sauntered over and pulled the blanket off of me, "I always wondered what your diaper looked like," turning to the girls, "I could always tell he was wearing a diaper under his pants, bulging just like my grandfather's pants at home." She leaned in toward me and in a voice reserved for little children, "Do you need to be changed baby?"

I guess it was stupid of me to think that Dolly hadn't told all of her friends about me and this little plan. I blushed and became erect. This pleased all three of them and I was taken back to the nursery for a diaper change. Kara was very thorough, especially with my asshole. She went up there to the second knuckle with that baby wipe. She was very good at putting the diaper on me as though she had done it many times before. I guessed that she helped care for her grandfather at home. I also guessed that she must be a raver, as she produced a neon green pacifier and popped it into my mouth. This was a little to much and I spit it out. Dolly picked it up and replaced it in my mouth saying, "Don't be naughty baby or I will have to go and get Mona." I started sucking on it furiously in a show of good behavior. Kara giggled, "Some body is scared of Mona!" Defeated I just decided to go along with this new situation.

Before Mandy and Dolly returned to continue getting ready, they opened the walk in closet and ushered Kara inside. The started to whisper and giggle and I heard a couple of "Awws" and "Oooh cutes." I approached cautiously and peered in to see them looking through some clothes. Dolly said, "C'mere baby," and held up what looked like a toddlers short-alls. Except that it was very big, big enough to fit...I started to back away, right into Mona. I jumped in surprise and they all laughed.

"What's the matter baby, don't like your new clothes?" Mona asked as she pushed me back in to the closet. Kara grabbed the short-alls and held them up in front of me, "So cute, we are going to have so much fun dressing you up tonight." Standing right behind me, Mona told me to lift me arms. I did and she pulled my t-shirt off. The shirt hooked on the pacifier and tearing it out of my mouth. Mona picked it up, looked at it and said, "Nice touch." Mandy said, "Kara brought it for him." Mona put it back in my mouth. Kara selected a big, baby blue onsie off a shelf in the closet and pulled it down over my head. She knelt down and snapped the crotch closed. I felt ridiculous.

"Come on girls, lets leave Kara to play," Mona said. Mandy and Dolly exited and then Mona pulled me in close to her. She swatted my ass and said, "You will behave for the baby sitter, am I right?" I nodded.

Kara had a glint in her eye and I just knew this evening was going to be interesting if nothing else. The first thing she did was to put me in the short-alls. I stepped into them as she held them and she pulled them up and attached the straps to the bib front. She made me model it for her to her obvious delight.

"Crawl for me baby," she said. I got down on my hands and knees and crawled around a bit. Then she had me lie down on my back so she could open the snaps in the crotch, "See how easy it will be to change your diapers?" She snapped then back up and picked out another outfit. I had to model all the over sized toddler clothes for her including a footed sleeper. She giggled and cooed at me the whole time.

After all of that she left me in just the onsie and we went to watch TV. She filled a bottle with grape juice and I contentedly drank from it with my head in her lap. I stared at her breasts the whole time and I guess she noticed. When I was finished with the bottle she pulled up her shirt and put one of her big pink nipples to my lips. I toyed and teased it with my tongue. When it was fully erect I started to suckle on it. Kara put her head back in ecstasy and moaned a bit. She put her hand on my crotch and said, "I think it's time for one of those fun diaper changes Mandy told me about," and we were off to the nursery. She made me get in the crib and unsnapped my onsie. She got some wipes and ripped open my diaper allowing my erection to stand tall. She cleaned me and then got undressed. She mounted me and pulled the side of the crib up. Hanging on to both rails she started to ride me saying, "Fuck me baby, fuck me baby!" over and over. I reached up and grabbed her breasts, pinching the nipples.

"Oh yeah, baby, that's it, Fuck ME!" she screamed as she came. I could feel her climax, her pulsing around my shaft.

"You tell me before you are ready to come, understand baby boy," she warned me as she rode out the after shocks of her orgasm. Slowly she started a rhythmic motion up and down again, she wanted to come again and I couldn't be sure that I could last that long. As she started to build to another climax I said that I was ready to come now too, "Don't you dare," she commanded really grinding now. I tried to think of other things but lets be reasonable here. I was being fucked by a luscious red head in a crib! The surge of her orgasm was to much for me and I unloaded into her with more force than I thought I was capable of after having come already today.

Through her climax she scolded me for coming.

"Naughty baby, you are in very big trouble," she said as she climb off of me. She put down the side rail and got out. Leaving me there, she went to the bathroom. When my erection fully subsided I started to pee and my onsie and the sheets I was lying on got all wet, still I waited. Finally she came back looking freshly showered with just towel wrapped around her. She got me up and decided that I needed a bath. She had me get in to the tub and started the water then went back in the nursery to change the sheets. When she returned with a diaper and a new onsie, the tub was full and she got in and scrubbed me.

"I better not get pregnant naughty baby," she said, "and you are in for it now. Mona is going to have something to say about this I'm sure." I became terrified and said, "But, it's not my fault I tried to..." She cut me off, "Mona said you were to do as you were told and behave, you didn't and you will just have to take your punishment."

"Please Kara," I pleaded like a child, "I will do anything you ask, just please don't tell Mona."

"Anything?" she said creating a sense of foreboding. Looking up into those emerald green eyes sparkling with bad intent I had to make a quick choice. Suffer the indignities of this unknown possibility, or face the wrath of Mona of which I was keenly aware.

"Yes," I said, "anything." The malevolence all but crackled off of her as she said, "Good." We got out of the tube, she dried me off and took the diaper, the onsie and me back to the nursery. She had me spread my legs and she pulled the diaper up between them. She didn't fasten the tapes, but rather sat down on a chair and pulled me over her lap. She pulled the diaper back exposing my bare ass and said, "My boyfriend is in great need of a spanking, " she caressed my ass as she continued, "and I want to do it right. I have never spanked a guy before and if you let me do this with out making a sound, I won't tell Mona. OK?" she said.

"Um, ah, yes?" I said weakly and prepared for her onslaught. From the first contact I knew I was in trouble. This girl could hit hard, even with her bare hand. Blow after stinging blow resounded on my tender behind and I just couldn't take it.

"Oh god please stop," I shouted and started to full on cry. She continued however and I was in full sobs by the time she quit. She stood me up and fastened the diaper. She held me while I got control of myself. I was just sniffling when she let me go and pulled the onsie over my head. She got down on one knee as she snapped the crotch closed and she put me in the crib. The whole time there was a familiar look on her face. As she smiled down at me over the rail I recognized it as the same look Mona had when she disciplined me. She told me to suck my thumb as it would help soothe me. I did as she said and quietly whimpered curled up in a fetal position. Kara's parting shot before she shut off the light was, "Now I have to wait for Mona to get home," and she shut the door. A beating like that can take a lot out of you. I was a sleep in no time.

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