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She smile down at me, god that smile was breathtaking. I noticed something else though. The front of the jeans she was wearing was bulging out a bit. I thought that maybe she was wearing a diaper. I got a little excited when she said, "It's time for today's lesson and lucky you, there will be an audience." She put down the side of the crib and made me crawl out onto the floor. She walked in front of me, gesturing for me to follow. I looked up at her tight ass, checking for a diaper bulge but could detect nothing. I followed her down the hall through the living room and into what was my office. When Sandy said that this would be my playroom, she misspoke. What she should have said is this would be Mona's playroom. The bright colored walls and the thick carpet were the only things that distinguished this room from a medieval torture chamber. There were restraints attached to almost everything in the room, each chair, table and padded bench. There were accessories hung on the walls, paddles and crops of leather and wood. It all looked so massive and menacing from my perspective on the floor. I shuddered to think of the harm that could be caused in this room.

Mona made me stand and bent me over a padded table. She attached me to it with wrist restraints and manacled my ankles spread wide apart on the floor. I heard others enter the room but I couldn't see who it was. From behind me I felt my onesie being unsnapped and pushed up on my back, exposing my diaper. Two hands caressed my ass checks through the diaper, then reached around and pulled the tapes allowing it to plop on the floor, it was very wet. Mona appeared in front of me as someone else was wiping my privates with a cold baby wipe. She stood in front of me and slowly unzipped her zipper.

"Have you ever been fucked by a woman?" she asked as she pulled out the large dildo that was making her pants bulge out. It was a strap on, double sided dildo and it was large, the other half of it impaling her. I watched as she lubed the portion protruding from her jeans and felt a gloved hand lubing my ass. I was shaking. I never have had anything larger than a finger inserted in there and this was bigger than two thumbs. As I am not a homosexual, the thought of a guy doing this to me would turn my stomach, but for some reason, watching this incredible woman, lubing this dildo like she was masturbating her own cock was sensual and exciting.

She moved to a position behind me and I could feel the cold tip of the dildo against my anus. It felt very much like a really hard load in my pants. She moved it in small circles, penetrating and removing it deeper each time. I gasped as the head pushed in past my sphincter. She worked it in slowly, not fully pulling out now, but pushing deeper and then pulling back part way. I finally felt the soft cloth of her faded jeans against my cheeks. Fully penetrated she started to fuck me in and almost all the way out. Back and forth. I can not fully describe this feeling, it was unpleasant and wildly stimulating at the same time. Mona began to speak as she continued to fuck me, "Naughty little boys need to learn their place in life. You are a plaything, a fuck toy, something to be used at our discretion, " in and out, rhythmically, "when and where we choose. You are going to get fucked every week to make sure you remember this." She continued for a time and then with drew. I gasped at the sudden emptiness.

That was just the first part of my lesson however. She showed me a leather paddle and then started in on a spanking. I was in tears almost immediately as my ass was still sore from the night before. She paid little attention to my pleas and the stinging assault continued. I could here murmurings from the unseen audience and finally it ended. Nearly sobbing now I felt hands applying soothing cream to my ass followed by a diaper fastened around me. I was left in this position, attached the table. This really was not what I signed on for and although it was very stimulating, I wasn't sure I wanted it to happen ever again, let alone every week. My erection eventually subsided and I felt my diaper growing wet. I realized that I had been left alone in the room, presumably to think about my punishment. Mandy arrived to release me and change my wet diaper. She said next week she was gonna get to suck my cock while Mona fucked me and wouldn't that be fun. I wasn't so sure but knew that my life had taken an unexpected turn. Pleasure and pain were to be inseparably intertwined. I was sure of only one thing, this was all Mona's doing.

Mandy snapped closed my onesie and helped me to my feet, "Let's go get you dressed for the party tonight." I had forgotten all about that. Dolly had invited some of her friends over. There was little doubt what the focus of this party was going to be, humiliate the diaper boy. Mandy led me back to the nursery where we found Kara picking out clothes for me. She had laid out several choices including a sailor suit which was little more than a white shirt with blue piping and a wide collar and white little boy shorts. Oh, and a sailor cap to ensure I would really look ridiculous. All of these over sized toddler clothes were silly but this was the worst and invariably was just the right look they wanted for the party. They dressed me up and nearly squealed with delight over how "cute" I was.

Kara and Mandy went to get ready for the party and I was left to my own devices. I went looking for my wife, I needed to talk to her. She was in what used to be "our" bedroom getting dressed to go out for the evening.

"Hey there baby boy," she said as I entered. I sat on her bed and said, "Can we talk?"

"Sure, what's on your mind?" she said continuing to get dolled up.

"I was just wondering," I said, "where does our relationship fit into all of this?"

"Oh, honey, we can have time together any time you want. It can be just like it was before, all you have to do is tell me. In fact I was thinking that we should have a weekend away together. Just you and me as husband and wife, would you like that?" I told her I would, that I missed her and even though this was all really exciting and fun, I loved her and wanted to show it. She smiled and we embraced. Mona came out of the master bath and smile at us.

"You know, you too should get a room," she joked, "Oh, that's right, this used to be it." We all kind of laughed although, I wasn't sure if it was a joke or a statement to let me know my place.

I took it as a hint anyway and left them to finish dressing. As I closed the door behind me Mona said, "See you later sailor boy." I went upstairs to Dolly's room and knocked.

"Come in," I heard from with in and opened the door. Inside I found all three girls all in different states of undress. It sure was pleasant to look at these hard bodies naked or nearly so.

"Hi there baby boy," Mandy said. They acted like it was no big deal, much in the way any woman would if a toddler walked in to a room when they were naked.

"So," I said, "just what can I expect for this evening?"

Dolly spoke up, "Just a typical evening with the girls." Mandy giggled at that.

"You know, a little wine, maybe play a few games." This made Kara laugh.

"And you, our cute little sailor boy," this said in baby talk, "will be the center of attention," she finished. This was going to be a long night. A passel of tipsy twenty something girls all doing their level best to out do each other in ways to humiliate me. I knew this was going to happen and I even kind of looked forward to it, however I was scared none the less. I guess it wouldn't truly be humiliating if I wasn't and that was a turn on for me. I resigned myself to go with the flow. I sat and watched them get dressed and listened to their conversation consisting mostly of fashion choices for the night. Then Kara turned her attention to me. Checking her watch she asked, "Do you have to poop yet?" I thought this a little strange and said, "No, I usually do that only in the morning, why?" She took on Mona's dominant look and said, "All those bottles I gave you today had a bulking agent in them to make you fill your diapers ten times tonight, I just wondered if it started yet?" So that's why she was so insistent that I drink one right after the other all morning. Part of tonight's fun would be me having full pants all night. I rolled my eyes and at the thought of it and Kara seemed to take offence to that. She stood me up and gave my ass several quick swats.

"It will be an especially long night for you baby boy if you are going to have an attitude," she scolded.

Not wanting to incur any further wrath, I beat a hasty retreat. I noticed the guest rooms on the second floor had all been made up. It looked as though this party was going to continue into Sunday. I returned to the first floor and on instinct walked into my old office. I stopped cold at the sight of all this instruments of punishment. I backed out slowly and ran into Mona. I jump in surprise and she used my moment of imbalance to push me back into the room.

"Didn't get enough this afternoon?' she asked. Damn it! Why was this woman always around to catch me at things I really wasn't intending. She took me in tow to a straight backed chair and pulled me over her lap. Instead of spanking me she just rubbed my ass over the shorts and diaper, the position was humiliating enough saying, "I will see to it that you fully understand your position here little boy." Laying over her lap like this, I started to feel the fullness in my bowels. The nagging pressure to poop started as she went on with her lecture.

"This isn't my doing you know, you started to lose control over your life when you lost control over your bladder as a teenager." The pressure was building now.

"The ironic part is that what happened to you should really happen to all boys." It was growing painful. I was not going to fill my diaper in front of her, over her lap like this. She continued to rub my ass, "you see, men never really grow up. Yes they get bigger, but you are all driven by the same basic needs that never change from when you are little boys." When was this going to stop! I was going to lose it at any minute and she just kept on going.

"Crawling at your mommy's feet. Boys just need to be cared for and controlled, disciplined and taught." It started moving, the first of what was going to be many massive loads. There was nothing I could do to prevent this worst of humiliations. She stopped talking and rubbing. Her hand stayed in one place, feeling the load push out of me and fill the seat of my diaper. Even though I couldn't see her face, I just knew that she was smiling.

"See what I mean? Just a naughty little boy." She patted my bulging behind to emphasis her point and stood me up.

"Go find your baby sitter and show her what you did," she said and sent me on my way with a final swat. This woman, she had all the power. There was nothing I could do even if I had wanted to. I made my way back upstairs. Dolly's door was open and I stood there looking I'm sure, very sheepish.

"Yes baby?" Dolly said after finally noticing me.

"Mona sent me."

"Yes, Mona sent you to what?" Kara asked.

"Mona sent me to show you what I did," and I turned around so they could see the bulge in my shorts. Kara walked to me and pulled the back of my shorts and diaper away from me and looked in saying, "It's about time diaper boy, I was beginning to think you needed an enema." I just couldn't stop myself from saying, "With friends like you, who needs an enema..." I covered my mouth knowing it was too late. Especially when Mandy burst out laughing. Kara spun me around to look right in my eyes. She was smiling but I found no comfort in it.

"I gave you far warning little boy," she said and I got a sudden chill.

Kara pointed at a corner of Dolly's room and said, "Sit down." I moved to the corner and as I started to sit she said, "Facing the corner naughty boy." This girl certainly learned fast. There was no brooking her authority and I turned and sat down on my massive load. Standing behind me she leaned down and spoke into my ear, "Tonight was going to play out one of two ways, fun little baby sitting games or really hard core humiliation. You have made the choice and I hope you enjoy it." I sat staring at the corner thinking about what she said. I was uncomfortable because I was very hard. The unknown of what they were going to do coupled with the load in my pants that I was sitting on made my cock ache.

I heard the door bell ring downstairs and they left me sitting, to go answer the door. I could hear laughing and talking as they greeted their guests. The chatter quieted as they moved off to another part of the house. I heard someone approaching and looked to the door to see my wife walk in to Dolly's room. She actually looked sympathetic as she said, "Aw, my poor baby boy is having a time out." She got down on her knees and hugged me saying, "Mona and I are going into the city for the evening. We'll be back sometime after brunch tomorrow. Now don't get into any more trouble tonight." She kissed me on the forehead and stood up. That look frightened me more than anything so far. Sandy was a very strong woman and sympathy was not her strong suit. If she felt bad for me I can not imagine what was in store for me. She gave me a reassuring smile that failed to reassure me at all and left. Once again my mind drifted towards thoughts questioning this whole thing. Yes, it was a dream come true in many respects however there were some pretty significant nightmare qualities to it. Like getting ass fucked every week, spanked with out warning, sleeping in a crib and being bottle fed cement mix causing me to poop almost constantly. I was already feeling the need to move my bowels again and I hadn't been changed from the last time. Now I was going to be tormented by a bevy of babes I haven't even met yet, or worse, I probably knew some of them as Dolly's friends.

I think it is easier to be humiliated by someone you do not know, or rather doesn't know you. I'm sure Dolly's friends that I have met have an image of me that conflicts greatly with how they are going to see me tonight. I can only assume, but I think that image before was as a confidant older guy bordering on a father image. Now, well I will just be pathetic in their eyes and was that what I wanted? The alternative is to give it all up and just walk away. No, I was sure I didn't want that. I heard the door bell again and more excited chatter. It sounded like they went out side and talked and laughed in the front of the house for a while before they came back in. Still I was left to sit and wait, the urgency building in my bowels. Finally I heard someone's approach. Dolly arrived and had me crawl beside her to the top of the stair case. I looked into the faces of a dozen beautiful girls standing in the foray. The anticipatory smiles beaming up at me changing to aws and oohs and cooing. Dolly stood me up and made me circle for them so they could get the full effect. More of the same mixed with a smattering a giggles. She took me by the hand and led me down the stairs. I was blushing furiously as I looked from one face to the other looking for those I might recognize. There was Stacy and Laura, girls Dolly knew since grade school. A girl I only knew as Birch, her real name or a nick name, I wasn't sure. Samantha, or Sam as she preferred and then I saw Willow . She was a hippy chick and I always found her to be very seductive. She had such a casual air about her that made me feel like sex was like breathing for her, a constant necessity of daily life. The rest I didn't recognize as Dolly's friends however I did remember some of the faces from our excursion to the video store.

We reached the bottom of the staircase and I was engulfed in a sea of caressing hands and cooing comments. There was the inevitable discover of the condition of my diaper which drew a variety of reactions from eww gross to cutesy comments like, "Aw, baby gots full pants," and "Look at his cute poopy butt." And, it got worse, at that moment an overwhelming cramp hit me and I doubled over and pushed hard gasping in pain. Teetering there on unsteady legs I doubled the size of the load in my pants as they watched. Mandy blurted out, "God I want fuck him when he does that," which garnered her some funny looks and laughter.

"What? Making a guy poop in his pants makes me horny," she stated unashamedly. More laughs and cajoling followed and she decided to prove her point. Leading me into the living room with the party following she laid me down on the floor. She pulled my shorts off and pulled my throbbing cock out of the diaper. Her excitement intensified by the audience she slipped out of her jeans and mounted me right there. She was slick with her feminine moisture and I moaned with the pleasure of finally having my need fulfilled. As always Mandy was quick to come and she slid off of me and played with herself through her climax gasping the word, "Next."

I groaned at the sudden stop of my stimulation, but was rewarded by Willow . She was wearing a short plaid skirt, looking very much like a school girl. Of course she wore no panties and she straddled me and took me inside of her. She looked down at me and smiled. She didn't move at all but her skills became evident immediately. She started to flex her inner muscles and I felt her as though she were massaging my cock with her pussy. She sighed softly and I started to pulse inside of her. She rocked gently back and forth and the tingling in my ass from the poop in my diaper became too much. I erupted in shocking waves, uncontrollable spasms shook me. This was the most powerful and incredible orgasm I have ever had. All through this she had that knowing little smile on her face, watching me as if to say, "I am so good at this." Seeing the violence she created in my orgasm was apparently her greatest turn on because suddenly she through back her head and moaned loudly. I felt her griping climax in my cock which was still in the throws of ecstasy and I shouted, "OH!" The audience started to applaud and Willow got up on shaky legs and actually took a bow. Laughter ensued.

I was a quivering mess on the floor. Willow joined Mandy in proclaiming the virtues of fucking a guy in a dirty diaper when Kara stepped in. This was not at all what she had planned for me and was taking control of the situation.

"Let's get this diaper boy cleaned up so we all can have some fun with him," she stated. With some help, she cleaned me up and put a new diaper on me, then made my crawl into the 'play room.' I was attached to the same table as before.

"Now, who wants to fuck him?" I shuddered at the though of going through this again so soon. There were several volunteers including Stacy. She was best described as cutesy and I always though she would make a great baby girl. My guess was she was tired of the role as submissive and wanted to play a dominant role tonight while she had the chance. Kara went first saying that they had to hurry before I, "Pooped again." She inserted the dildo into her and attached the straps. Some one yanked off my diaper and lubed my ass while she applied lubricant to the dildo. I remained 'soft' through Kara's turn and the next, but the third girls turn started me up again. The mixed pain and pleasure was intense and when there were no more takers I was quickly re-diaper. Kara continued to direct things by giving a demonstration in spanking techniques. Many took turns with different paddles. It wasn't really painful because of the padding of the diaper however all the anal stimulation had resulted in another major cramping followed by the prompt filling of my diaper with another huge solid load. It made no difference, the spanking continued with the bugle in my diaper only giving them a well defined target. During all of this, the different girls took turns squatting down at the edge of the table where my face was, saying humiliating things to me like, "How do you like getting fucked," and, "Naughty boys need lots of spankings," and, "Did you poop in your pants again?"

When the disciplining was over, some of the girls wanted to fuck me like Mandy and Willow had. I was put on the floor again and they rode me as before only this time I wasn't ready to come for any of them. Through it all I was given a bottle filled with red wine. I almost came when the last of them rode me as I pushed more poop into my diaper. But she finished just as I was building toward climax and left me standing upright and throbbing. Some one said, "Oh, I think baby wants to come again." One of the girls whom I did not know or recognize stepped up and took me in her mouth. She put a hand under me and started to massage the load in my diaper as she gobbled my knob. I shot her my wad and she swallowed it though there couldn't have been very much. She put me back in my diaper then said, "Time to change the baby." I was cleaned up and re-diapered.

My shorts were located and put back on me along with some sneakers. I heard some whispers and giggles and I was led outside through the front door. Waiting for me on the front walk was an adult size stroller. One of the girls in this little group worked at the local zoo. They had these strollers for rent to patrons with disabilities. She had 'borrowed' this one at the behest of Dolly. Of course I was pretty sure that the original request had come from Kara. I froze when I saw it and didn't want to go anywhere near it. I don't really know any of my neighbors, it just isn't that type neighborhood. We all live in our big houses with our big secluded yards and just ignore the fact that we live next to each other. That didn't at all assuage my fear of being paraded about in a stroller. Confirming my suspicions, Kara grabbed the handle of the stroller and pushed it behind me. Several hands guided me into it and the various straps were secured around me. Kara put a pacifier in my mouth to complete the look. The whole gaggle started fussing over me with all the same cutesy comments. I had no idea just where we were going to go. Dusk was coming on and that would make me more difficult to distinguish, at least at a distance.

They say that your intestines, if you stretched them out, would cover a distance of twenty seven feet. I believe every inch of mine were full. Already the next waves of urgency were building in me. I'm not sure what it was exactly that Kara made me drink but it produced the largest hard bowel movements I have ever experienced. My greatest concern now was how I was going to be able to push out the next one secured tightly in this stroller. I couldn't raise myself up an inch and I would need several to have enough clearance under me. I wasn't sure if we were going anywhere, the girls just stood around me talking.

Finally it was decided that we would walk down to the Galleria Mall. Our house was about two city blocks from the entrance to our gated community and across the road that bordered our neighborhood was a very large mall. Luckily it closed at 10pm so by the time we got there we would only have about an hour in the place. Kara and the big blond Sam pushed me and off we went. We got to the mall with out incident but I was growing more and more uncomfortable. I really needed to push out the next load as it was protruding slightly stretching me wide, but it had no place to go. I was fidgeting and trying to make room but was scolded by Kara. All across the huge parking lot I was gasping around the pacifier with each cramp that hit me. The main entrance opened to a giant atrium which rose up the three floors of the mall. As it was close to closing time so there weren't that many people there and none paid any attention to us. Just the usually assortment of skater boy mall rats hanging around the food court.

I finally spit out the pacifier and begged to be released.

"What's a matter baby boy?" Kara asked and I explained the situation.

"Aw, baby gots ta poop," she said and seeing the perspiration on my brow and the pain I was in pleased her I think, but she released me anyway. As I stood I was able to push the huge load into my pants to alleviate the pressure and pain to my great relief. Although, now I was standing in the middle of a mall with full pants. Mandy was right there to pat my bulging behind with that sparkle in her eye. She pushed me back into the stroller and whispered to me, "I wanna fuck you again." So now I was bulging front and back. She strapped me in and we made a circuit around the place.

We went into an Old Navy store. There were two very cute but bored looking clerks working and they seemed to brighten up at the prospect of something to do. Dolly spoke to them saying, "Hi, we have a special problem we need some help with," gesturing to me. The two hotties looked at me and then each other. Keeping a lid on there obvious amusement, one of them said, "What kind of 'problem'?" Dolly released me and had me stand up for them. Turning me around she said, "We need some jeans for him with enough room in the seat to accommodate his diaper." My face flamed red.

"Uh, yes I can see that," she said looking at the way my little shorts were stretched in back accommodating the poop in my diaper. I heard an almost suppressed giggle. The other clerk said, "Well, lets get him back to the changing room and I'll bring a few pairs for him to try on." I was brought to the back of the store. There was an area with three mirrors, two set at an angle to the middle one. My shorts were pulled off of me exposing my diaper. The two clerks joined us snickering, the first one held a pair of jeans out in front of me to step into. She pulled them up for me and buttoned them. She turned me so my ass was toward the mirror and ran her hand across my ass feeling how they bulged in the back.

"Is this the look you were going for?" she asked with a smirk.

"Yes," Kara said, "just enough room in the seat for Mr. Poopy Pants here." This caused them all to laugh. They were not finished, we tried on all the jeans they brought out patting my ass each time to see how well they fit over my load. While they were checking the fit of the last pair of jeans on me I was hit with another cramp and added to my mess.

"See how nicely this pair stretches out in the seat," the clerk pointed out as they laughed. They changed me back into my little shorts, bought the jeans and put me back into the stroller. They invited the clerks back to the party and we left for the return trip, me sitting a few inches higher than I was on the way there.

On the way out of the mall, we were stopped by security. A little old man about 90 years old or so he looked and very large blond woman who couldn't have been thirty. They were wearing uniforms similar to the police.

"Just what is this all about?" The woman asked pointing her night stick at me. Dolly spoke up, "This is my cousin, he's 'special' and we took him shopping." The blond wasn't convinced and said, "Get him out of the chair." The released me and stood me up. I just stared at the floor. The blond looked over the stroller and then noticed the bulge in my pants and asked, "So what have you got stuffed in there?" and she grabbed the seat of my shorts. A wafting of odor hit her and she realized her mistake.

"Oh! I am so sorry, please forgive me, I am truly sorry..." The girls all erupted in laughter. The woman stopped apologizing realizing she wasn't in trouble. The older man looked confused and she said to him, "He needs a diaper change." The old guy looked down at himself and said kind of loudly, "No I'm fine for now." They all broke out laughing again. The big blond eyed me a little hungrily I thought and said to Dolly, "Do you want to trade diaper boys," with a laugh. The old guy was oblivious to all this due to apparent deafness and we were allowed to go.

I was returned to the stroller and our little group continued out of the mall. We reached home without further incident. I was brought back to the nursery and changed by Mandy and Willow . They teased my erection but that's all and re-diapered me. My sailor suit was removed and a onesie was put on me followed by a pair of the jeans they bought for me then we re-joined the party.

"Nice pants diaper boy," someone said as we entered the room. They laughed and I blushed. There were several open bottles of wine about and some were empty. It was decided that we would play a game of truth or dare combined with spin the bottle. Who ever spun the bottle would have to kiss the person it pointed to and then ask a question or give them a dare. Kara amended the rules for me however to include a spanking with the kiss. I suggested that the rule be extended to everyone but was ignored.

Dolly gave the bottle a spin, claiming the first turn goes to the host. The bottle stopped, pointing at Stacy and Dolly gave her a passionate kiss. I looked at Mandy to see if there was a reaction but she looked delighted. Stacy chose a dare and Dolly thought for a moment, looking at me she said, "I dare you to wear and use a diaper." There was some excitement about this choice, Stacy was the cutesy one of the bunch. She protested that Dolly gave out two dares saying, "Wear and Use, were two separate actions." The jury sided with Stacy and she was led off by a very happy Dolly toward the nursery. The game waited for their return. Once again I felt the need to poop. I wondered how much could come out of me when Dolly and Stacy returned. Stacy was wearing just her shirt and a diaper. Dolly had put her hair into pigtails and she did really look cute. Stacy spun the wine bottle and it next stopped, pointing at the girl I knew as Birch. Stacy excitedly jumped into her lap and they started to make out. After that Stacy looked up into Birches eyes and said in a little girl voice, "Truth or dare mommy?" Everyone laughed and she said, "Truth."

"Hmmm,..." Stacy said, "When was the first time you kissed a girl?" Birch shot a look at Dolly and said, "Well, actually when I was in high school, I hooked up with Dolly at a party in Tommy Johnson's basement." I looked at Mandy to detect any jealousy there. Of course there was none, Mandy and Dolly must have an understanding. One of the other girls piped in with, "Who hasn't hooked up with Dolly in Tommy Johnson's basement?!?" and they all laughed. Must be an inside joke.

Just as I was starting to get uncomfortable, Birch spun the bottle and it stopped on me. A chant started up, "Spank the baby, spank the baby." Birch had that bad girl look to her, like she's been stealing cars since she was kid, or turning tricks, not for the money but for the thrill. She smiled wickedly and pulled me over her lap. She started in on my ass and I cramped up and filled my pants as she spanked. She noticed because that spanking became a little more furious as the seat of my jeans expanded.

"Mmmmm, that is fun," she said to Mandy, "Now I wanna fuck him too." She let me stand up and cupping her palms around my bulging butt she kissed me. Our tongues did a little sword fight for a time until she finally broke away saying, "Damn I'm horny! I'm picking a dare for you and it's to go down on me right here and NOW!" Pushing me to my knees in front of her, she slid down her pants and sat on the edge of the sofa to give me easy access to her wet pussy. I dove in and went to work, having her screaming in no time. Mandy sat on the floor next to me the whole time patting my behind and offering encouragement. Birch screamed out her appreciation garnering me a round of applause. I knew that I wasn't telling the truth anytime tonight from the excited look in the eyes of my tormentors. I left her quivering on the couch and spun the bottle. I wanted, more than anything for it to land on Kara, but it stopped before the big breasted Sam. She smiled and said, "Come give mommy a kiss." She had me sit on her lap and we lip locked. It was nice and when she finished with kissing me she said, "Dare." I dared her to breast feed me in front of everyone. She had a nipple in my mouth faster than I thought possible and I suckled away on one of her huge breasts. She held me on her lap and patted my behind as I worked over her excited nipple. She interrupted me to spin the bottle and change breasts.

The game continued around us as I enjoyed this wonderful sensation. The girl it landed on kissed Sam as I was 'feeding.' Sam put a hand down her pants and started to play with herself as I suckled. She quietly got herself off and then we were done. She put me back on the floor were I had been sitting for the game and the bottle was spun by one of the girls I didn't know who had just confessed to her most embarrassing moment. Something about her period in sophomore gym class that drew knowing smiles and laughs. I sat there in a dirty diaper and tried to adjust my hard cock as watching all these girls kiss each other was so exciting. Not to mention the breasts and pussy I had such intimate access to.

I was getting sleepy and after my third yawn, I was told it was time to put the baby to bed. I had to crawl all the way back to the nursery and into my crib. They pulled off my jeans and unsnapped my onesie. My diaper was untapped and pulled down between my legs. I was lifted by two girls as a third cleaned my up. A cloth diaper was slide beneath me and pinned tightly in place. Plastic pants were pulled over my diaper and the diaper was tucked in. The onesie was re-snapped and I was given a bottle filled with water. The crib rail was slid back in place and I was left alone in the soft glow of the night light. I fell asleep almost immediately, but was awakened an hour later by cramps. I pushed out another massive load and then fell back asleep. This happened again about and hour later. I think I did it again in my sleep because I dreamed that I was in the mall trying to hide from the crowd. I didn't want anyone to know I had a dirty diaper but everywhere I hid there were more people. The scene shifted and I was in a night club. In the middle of the dance floor I stood surrounded by beautiful dancing girls and I pooped in my pants as they watched me. When I woke up again it was light outside and I was on my stomach. My diaper felt really snug and I felt my ass. The load in my diaper must have weighed a couple of pounds. I lay there dozing for quite a while, until Kara showed up looking very bright eyed. She must not be a drinker.

She said, "Mornin' baby boy. How'd you sleep?" She put down the crib rail and put her hand on my ass.

"Now that's what I would call FULL pants." She laughed. She had me crawl out of the crib and she patted my ass all the way to the kitchen. There it was. I knew it was just a matter of time. An adult size high chair was waiting there for me. Kara helped me to my feet and into the high chair. Sitting on that big load was a little uncomfortable but I was strapped in place just the same. The tray was attached and she started to make me some breakfast. She brought me a bottle of OJ and I asked her what was in it. She didn't answer my question but promised coffee if I drank it all up. So once again I was ingesting the cement mix due to my addiction to coffee. Kara brought a plate of scrambled eggs, toast and coffee in a sippy cup. She placed a bib on me and fed me. She was a natural at this and will make a great mommy some day and her nasty side makes her a great adult baby sitter.

Even though I had pooped all night I had to go again. I wasn't sure if I could get any more into the diaper I was wearing. If it hadn't been for the onesie, it would slide right off of me due to the weight. I asked Kara if she would change me before I pooped again and she said no. I started to whine about it and she pulled me out of the chair and spanked me. I could hardly tell from the load in my diaper but it was still very humiliating. She took me by the hand and led me upstairs to all the guest rooms seeing if there was anybody awake enough to want to fuck the dirty diaper boy before she cleaned me up. During this another log slid into my over loaded diaper and it started to leak. I felt the pee wetting the inside of my thighs. There were no takers so it was into the shower for a clean up. She got naked and turned on the water. She removed the onesie and we stepped in. she pulled the plastic pants down with one hand holding the diaper up with the other. She made me hold on to it, front and back while she removed the pins. Then she pealed it away from me and used it to wipe away all the poop stuck to my ass. She dropped it in the corner of the shower and used wash cloths to scrub me clean. My ass was flame red from the rash that had set in. She scrubbed me all over and washed my hair. She allowed me to soap her up and I enjoyed the slippery feel of her hard body. Her hair was pulled up and looked as if she had washed it already this morning. We rinsed and stepped out to dry off. Back in the nursery she put another cloth diaper on me after a generous application of rash cream on my cheeks. She put a regular t-shirt on me and we went out on the terrace together to await the rise of all the others. She alternated bottles with cups of coffee. I just new I was in for another full day of full diapers. One by one we were joined by the revelers from the night before. I was changed when ever I was damp to allow my rash a chance to heal by a different girl each time.

Around eleven Sandy and Mona arrived with sweet rolls, bagels and croissants. It was quite a group out on the terrace and the conversation was lively. A recounting of last nights events was told humiliating me further. I started to pout and was dragged across Mona's lap for a spanking. She really didn't like it when I sulked and gave me a few smacks. I was in tears right away since my behind was burning already from the rash. She patted my ass on her lap and said that I was acting like a baby, which made everyone laugh. I was released and I stood off the side in pain, wiping my tears away. I listened as they went on to talk about what happened after I fell asleep. The clerks from the Old Navy store had come by and they were brought in to see me in my crib. They watched as I stirred and filled my diaper. How they all had to sneak away so I wouldn't hear them laugh. I could see Mona listening intently as the description of the sexual free for all that followed. Even Sandy seemed to enjoy what was said and I thought about how different this would be if it had been sex with guys involve instead of all girls.

Before the party broke up, I as changed again out on the terrace into another cloth diaper. The girls all said their good byes and left including Mandy who was going to spend the night at her mothers house. So it was just Dolly, Mona and my wife to spend the afternoon with me. I was a little worn out from all the activity of the last couple of days and was looking for a break anyway. This was not to be the case however as Sandy said, "It looks like it's just you and Mona for the rest of the day, Dolly and I are going shopping." Panic over took me as the thought of being alone with that evil, beautiful woman scared the shit out of me, literally.

"Wait, can't I go too, I mean I haven't spent much time with you two and..."

"Sorry baby boy, but I promised Dolly that she and I would have some mother daughter time, but don't worry, Mona will take good care of you," She said in a failed attempt to comfort me. I looked at Mona and she smiled at me, but I could sense that I was in for a terrible after noon.

I stayed out side so as not to drip in the house and the three of them went in, I assumed to get ready. I sat there dreading what was to come. I could only imagine the depths of her malice towards men in general and me in particular. Sandy and Dolly didn't even say good bye, probably not wanting to listen to me beg to go with them again. I was really becoming pathetic. Mona returned with a bottle for me and a dry diaper. She made me stand up and she took the wet diaper off me. Kneeling down behind me she examined my butt.

"You certainly have a nasty rash going there diaper boy," she said and wiped me front and back and applied rash cream. She put the cloth diaper down on one of the chaise lounges and I lied down on it. She pinned it in place and sat me up, positioned herself behind me on the chaise and pulled me back into her. She fed me the bottle.

While I drank it down she spoke to me, "You know baby, we can have fun together, it doesn't all have to be discipline." I started to relax a little when she said, "It just has to be mostly discipline," and laughed. Mona went on, "The trouble is, I will only spank you for your punishment and I can't do that while you have that rash, so I need to find a different way to discipline you this afternoon and I think I know what it will be." She put a hand on the front of my diaper and I stirred to life.

"That's a good boy. I am going to keep you hard and you are not allowed to touch yourself or you will be spanked, rash or no rash, bare bottom with a paddle. Do you understand?" I nodded bobbing the bottle in my mouth up and down.

When the bottle was empty she put it aside and started to whisper in my ear, "Wouldn't you just love to fuck me baby? Just think of it, me, mounting your cock, your hands on my ass as I grind on top of you. Mmm that would just be delicious, wouldn't it?" I started to throb and knew I would be in pain in no time.

"Do you like my ass? Would you like to touch it?" She got up from behind me and put my hands on her ass. I felt her soft, faded jeans covering the tightest buns I have seen. I was crazy with desire. She walked out of reach and turned to look at me.

" Sandy tells me you are pretty good with your tongue. I'll make a deal with you, if you do a good job I might let you touch yourself when I am satisfied." I knew that meant I wouldn't be allowed but I didn't care, I wanted to go down on her anyway. I stood up and she removed her jeans and panties. She sat on the chaise and I positioned myself between her thighs. My desire for her was not quenched but I did so enjoy making her scream out for a change. I employed every technique Sandy ever taught me and a few I came up with on my own. Mona played with her own fabulous breasts while I ate her and she shouted out her approval. Finally she clamped her thighs together stopping me from my ministrations. She lay back panting and occasionally spasmed. She looked down at me after releasing her grip on my head and for just a moment, I saw a new found respect. It disappeared just as quickly and was replaced by that knowing superiority look she most often had for me.

She made me stand next to her to check my rigid member. The only moisture in my diaper was from pre-cum. She teased my balls a little through the gauzy soft cloth making me twitch. She smiled at that and I thought for a moment she was going to let me get off. What she did say was, "If your behind wasn't healing, you would get such an ass fucking right now." I hesitated to say anything for fear of it being the wrong thing but I just had to ask, "Was I good enough for a reward?" She laughed.

"You are such a dirty little boy, I think we need to secure you from temptation," And she led my in to the house and straight to the 'play room.' She attached me to the spanking table and squatted down by my face so she could talk to me.

"You will learn your place naughty boy," she said.

"Now, lets have a look at that red ass of yours." She pulled my diaper down exposing my rump. She wiped off the cream so she could see how it was healing.

"You look much better already, in fact I think I can fuck you. I felt the lube being applied up my ass and then heard her strapping on her dildo. She gasped a bit as she inserted the end in her and then the sound of slick gel being applied to 'my' end. It didn't hurt as bad as I thought it would from the rash on my ass, just the discomfort of being penetrated. She fucked me until she reached orgasm and my cock throbbed in the pain of needed release. When she caught her breath she pulled out of me and pulled the diaper back up. I immediately filled it.

"Looks like I finished with you just in time," she laughed and patted my ass. She forced me to drink yet another bottle of cement mix. I threw caution to the wind and begged for release. It was all she was waiting for and the spanking began. She used a paddle to swat the lump in my diaper, but not too hard, just enough to cause further stimulation to my ass. Tears welled up in my eyes. Still with out pity she began mocking me, "Oh baby, don't cry. You deserve this. You are just a naughty little diaper boy, a naughty little dirty diaper boy." The light swats continued through this and I cramped again and added to the load.

"See? You are just a big baby and the sooner you understand, the easier this will be." She was conditioning me. I realized what her plan was. It was to make me forget about being a man, forget about being a husband. If she could break me, she would have Sandy all to herself. Thinking about this made me lose my erection and my bladder emptied. The cloth diaper quickly became saturated and a steady stream splashed on the floor between my shackled legs.

Mona left the room, returning with an arm full of cloth diapers. She placed several on the floor to soak up the pee, and then pinned two more over the top of my sodden dirty diaper. She unfastened my restraints and all but dragged me back out side. She sat me on the stone terrace and sat in a chair next to me.

"Just sit there at my feet and think about what a big baby you are." She played with my hair and stared at me. Each time I looked up at her she smiled that devastating smile. The tears kept rolling down my cheeks and I really was on the edge. I had never before felt so powerless.

I thought about waking up in the hospital after the accident when I was fifteen. I had I.V.s and tubes coming from me. I was disoriented and confused. There was a beautiful nurse there and she started to soothe me.

"You were in an accident," she told me, "you are going to be fine though. We got you all fixed up. Are you feeling any pain?" I hurt a little but my mind was swimming a bit. I told that and she smiled and said it was the medication. She was so caring and nice that I thought I was in love. After a day or two she came in to remove my catheter. She place a pad under me and carefully pulled the tube from my penis. She waited to see what would happen and I noticed that I was peeing but didn't feel the need to pee. I asked her if that was a result of the catheter and she told me the truth. She waited for the dribbling to stop and removed the pad. She put it to the side and picked up a disposable diaper. She explained that there was nerve damage and that I would have to wear a diaper from now on. She said it very matter of factly, like it was no big deal, but also like I had no choice in the matter. Since that was true it made it worse and I felt powerless at that moment, under the control of a cute girl.

This was worse. Not only did I not have control over my bladder, but my bowels were being untrained as well. In addition, this woman made me feel like I had no choices left in life. She could make me do anything, at any time. She was right about one thing, this was all set in motion by that terrible crash so long ago. Keeping me at her feet was reinforcing her power. As I had been given about twice the amount of bulking agent today as yesterday I cramped again. I pooped and emptied my bladder again. I was a mess. A puddle began to form under me, yet she just looked at me smiling. Finally she said, "Look at yourself diaper boy. You are just a naughty little boy aren't you? Sitting there in your dirty wet diaper, don't you feel like a baby?" This conditioning went on and I simply wept. It seemed to make her excited. It continued like that and I was growing more and more uncomfortable. Mona decided that I needed a nap. She changed me into a disposable diaper and led me to the nursery. She put me in the crib and raised the rail. I cried myself to sleep.

I had a marvelous dream. I was fucking Mandy and she was wearing a diaper as was I. She was screaming, "Poop for me baby!" over and over and I did each time she said it. We were on the bed from the hotel room where we first screwed around only the bed was now on the terrace. The clerks from the Old Navy store were cheering us on and Mandy was bucking up at me wildly. The girls who now, dreamlike, morphed into Dolly and Kara started swatting my full diaper and calling my name. I was just about to come when I awoke to find Mona swatting my ass and saying my name to wake me.

"Hump that mattress one more time and you will regret it," she said menacingly. I was so close, just a little more stimulation would put me over the edge. I looked into her eyes and knew that was just what she wanted. I remained perfectly still. I was not going to give her an excuse. She would have none of that though, she put her hand on my bulging diaper, I had filled it through out the dream, and rocked me gently. Pushing on the load and causing stimulation in my front was simply too much. I came, and came and came. I spasmed and twitched and rode it out till it stopped.

"Only little boys have wet dreams," she said with a smile that seared me. I wanted to complain, I wanted to say that she got me off the same as if she had grabbed my cock. I wanted to tell her all this and more but I knew it wouldn't matter. Mona made the rules and could just as easily break them. She made me sit on my load and she pulled my t-shirt off. She brought out a onesie and pulled it over my head. Laying me back she pulled the onesie down around my diaper and snapped it in place. I was made to crawl in front of her and she swatted my ass all the way into the living room. Again I was made to sit at her feet. She read a book, occasionally toying with my hair as I sat and pooped again. After a time the door bell rang and Mona said, "That must be the pizza I ordered, go to the door and get it baby." It was getting to be almost supper time. I got up and got some money, then answered the door. It was a young girl no more than nineteen. When I opened the door she just stood there staring at me in my onesie. Mona called from the living room, "Have her bring it to the kitchen would you?" I led her to the kitchen with my bulging behind in full view. I could tell she was stifling a laugh. She took the box out of the carrier bag and set it on the table, "That's a, $14.89," she said with a big grin on her cute face and I gave her a twenty and said, "Thanks." Mona entered the kitchen and asked, "Did you give her a good tip diaper boy?" Mona was enthralling to everyone who sees her and the delivery girl was no exception. Her young eyes fairly sparkled at the site of Mona and she said, "Yes he did," and blurted out, "is he mentally challenged or something?" She covered her mouth thinking she had been rude, but Mona said, "No, he's just a typical dirty little boy who can't keep from pooping in his pants." She chuckled at this and left.

Mona strapped me into the high chair and put several pieces of pizza on the tray in front of me along with another bottle. She attached a bib and said, "Don't make a mess baby, at least, not outside your diaper." I ate and drank what she gave me alone. She had left the kitchen with a plate and a glass of wine. By the time I was finished I had to poop again. My diaper was wet and full and because of the restraints I couldn't lift my self up to deposit another load. The pressure and cramping continued to build. I cried out in pain from a strong cramp and called for Mona. She came back, plate and glass empty and asked, "What's wrong diaper boy?" I asked to be released and she asked why.

"Because I'm finished with my pizza," I said.

"Oh, let me get you some more," she said as though oblivious to my discomfort. Another cramp hit and I gasped out, "No!, please let me go."

"But why baby?" she asked. I couldn't take it any more I said, "I need to poop," I nearly shouted.

"So poop, your diaper is already dirty." I could barely speak, "Please, I can't, strapped, Ugh, uh,..." She smile through this and finally relented. She slowly removed the tray and set it aside, then she undid the straps and I lifted my self and pushed, turning red in the face as a massive log moved through my sphincter. I got on my feet and stood there while Mona check out my ass.

"I think it's time we changed your stinky diaper," she said and led me to the nursery.

She took the onesie off of me and peered in the back of my diaper.

"I think we should do this in the shower she said and led me to the bathroom by the hand. She stood me in the shower in case my sagging diaper gave way and I watched her disrobe. A more perfect body doesn't exist in this world. She joined me in the shower and pealed the diaper off of me, using the front of it to scrape off any residual poop. She set it outside the shower and then turned on the water. She scrubbed me from neck to toe. Then she bent me over and gave me a bare handed spanking on my wet ass. It stung horribly and she scolded, "I told you not to get yourself off, I warned you and you just wouldn't listen. You are such a dirty, naughty little boy." I was almost sobbing when she finished. She made me stand there and watch her dry herself and then she dried me. Back in the nursery she applied a generous coat of rash cream to my ass and then put a cloth diaper and plastic pants on me. She put the onesie back on me and put me in the crib.

"Don't you make a sound till your mommy gets home," she threatened, put up the side rail and left me alone. I continued to cry though I couldn't tell you why. I was sad I guess. She made me feel like I was bad. All at once I came to the conclusion that she had almost broken me. I got a grip and started to think about other things. Like fucking Mandy. Like being a daddy to her as my baby girl. A little strength returned to me and I laid back and smiled, Not yet Mona, not yet.

Mona returned with a bottle for me, it was just water. She put the nipple in my mouth and I grabbed the bottle. With out a word she left again. I thought about what I needed to do to stay strong. How to keep my focus on being an adult, a man. All the pleasure I derive from this has to do with being a man treated like a boy. If I let Mona regress me, I will just become the boy and I knew I didn't want that. I drifted off to sleep again.

Dolly woke me up. She put the rail down and shook me until I turned to look into her pretty face. She smiled and said, "Everything ok diaper boy?" I wasn't sure of an answer to that question. I had moved my bowels in my sleep and that was a bad thing as far as I was concerned. I didn't remember dreaming about going. I didn't wake up at all and go. I must be actually losing control.

"I really missed you," I said.

"I can just imagine," Dolly said with a knowing smirk.

"Let's get you changed before you pop your diaper pins." I noticed that it was dark outside, so I must have been asleep for a while. My diaper was really full and it took Dolly a while to clean me up. She applied more cream and then put another cloth diaper on me, followed by plastic pants. She snapped the onesie closed and then let me walk with her to the living room where Sandy and Mona were talking. They grew quiet at our approach. Dolly sat me on a chair and went to refill my bottle. Sandy cheerily said, "How was your afternoon with Mona?" I looked at Mona and she flashed me a brilliant smile. I wasn't sure if it was a warning or permission to speak candidly.

"It was, um, long," I said trying to tread carefully. Mona's smile slacked slightly and there was a flash of anger in her sparkling eyes. Well, if I was screwed anyway I might as well plunge on, "In fact it was awful, if I had a choice in this,..."

"Which you don't," Mona cut me off.

"Yes, I see that," I said and looked to Sandy for some support. She patted Mona's knee and nodded for me to go on.

"I understand the plan here," I said, "I know what Mona is trying to do. At the risk of bringing down her further wrath, let me just say, I will not be turned into a toddler." Mona broke in again, "just look at yourself baby boy. You are a toddler. You have to wear diapers, you can't control yourself in any respect. This afternoon I caught him humping his crib mattress," she said to Sandy .

"Why would you expect us to treat you any differently?"

Dolly returned with the baby bottle and handed it to me right on cue to make Mona's point. I wasn't finished yet, "Look, you can make me wear the clothes, you can make me drink from a bottle, you can even make me fill my pants every hour with what ever you've been making me drink in those bottles, but I refuse to let go of being a man,..." As if plotting against me, my own body picked this moment to betray me and my face redden as I filled my diaper again. Mona said to Sandy , "See, he doesn't even ask to use the toilet anymore. You married a big toddler and it's about time he recognized this fact and stopped fighting it." I finished pooping and looked at Sandy . I mopped the perspiration off my brow and must have looked very pathetic.

"Aw, I'm sorry honey, but you did have a choice. Almost two months ago, you chose this in a hotel room with Mandy. When I discovered you were pooping in your diapers when I was gone I figured out that this is what you really wanted. We put you in a situation to see if it was true and this is what you chose. So, here is the deal. You can have two days per week to be an adult, or at least as much of an adult as you can be. Mona and I will stay in the city on those days. The rest of the time you will be a toddler. You will submit to Mona and I, or anyone we choose." I asked, "What is the alternative?"

"The alternative little boy, is that you will regress fully and have no time to be an adult. If you think today was harsh you ain't seen nothin' yet," Mona said with that smile that made me melt.

I hung my head. I knew that I wasn't going to get a better deal than this. There was one more alternative, I could walk away from all of this. I would be poor, and fully incontinent not knowing if these treatments they have been giving me would wear off. I felt like a condemned man. The only hope I could hold on to was that maybe, some day, I could reverse the tables on Mona.

"So, what's it gonna be baby?" Sandy asked. I nodded my head. Mona made me lay across her lap. Her idea of a hand shake on this deal was a spanking, to cement the idea in my mind that she was undeniably in control. It was meant to humiliate rather than hurt. She then put me at her feet again. She and Sandy started to talk about other things as though I wasn't there.

"Where do you think you're going?" Mona asked as I crawled away. I was really bored and I just assumed they forgot I was even there. She got up and grabbed my ear. I crawled as fast as I could as she dragged me back to her chair. She put me over her lap and randomly spanked me while she continued to talk with Sandy . This was such a humiliating position to be in, my bulging ass up on her lap and my feet and head hanging down. She felt my body tense a bit as the next log started to emerge. She put her hand down on the load already there and applied pressure, keeping me from pushing it out. I gasped from the ensuing cramp. I tried to push it out again but she help firm and continued talking like she wasn't doing anything. I had attracted Dolly's attention and she asked me what was wrong. But for I could speak Mona said, "He is trying to poop in his pants again. It must be his favorite thing to do, see how hard he strains to make himself more of a mess." She let up just at that moment and the force of my pushing really must have bulged out my ass as they all kind of laughed at me. Looking up I could see Dolly and Sandy looking at my behind. Mona patted at the ever expanding bulge and said, "Honestly, I don't see how he can be an adult at all or why he complains about being treated like a little boy when he does things like this."

I was so embarrassed. It really did look as though I was trying to poop. She was very good at this. Mona spoke up, "Dolly, be a dear please and go change Mr. Poopy pants. When you are done you can put him in his crib for the night."

"C'mon diaper boy, its beddy-bye time." Dolly said as she had me crawl next to her back to the nursery. She had me lay on a changing pad on the floor. She unsnapped my onesie and pulled down my plastic pants. I could smell the urine but realized that there was very little odor from all the poop. In fact I was referred to as stinky pants a couple of times but there has only been a slight smell, more like old dirty diapers rather then the powerful stench of fresh poop. In addition I have noticed that my bowel movements had been very hard and relatively easy to clean up, not very sticky. I asked Dolly, "Just what is the stuff I have been drinking?"

"I don't know what it is but it sure produces some big results." She said as she used the wet front of my diaper to wipe my ass. Putting it aside she used some wipes and cleansed me front and back. She grabbed two cloth diapers and put them together under me, "We don't want you popping your pampers in the night, so it's cloth diapers for a while." She pinned them on snuggly and let me stand while she shook out a fresh pair of plastic pants. She had me step into them and pulled them up over the thick diaper, tucking in here and there. She knelt in front of me and reached through my legs for the onesie, pulled it through and attached the snaps together. With a swat to my ass said, "Into the crib diaper boy."

As I got situated, Mona arrived with a bottle. Since it was juice I knew it was mixed with the stuff.

"So you get a full nights sleep," she said putting the nipple in my mouth, "At least something will be full from your sleep." She laughed at that and put the crib rail up. Dolly smile and shook her head and left. Mona stood there watching me, making sure I drank every last drop.

"You really thought mommy was gonna save you today didn't you? Well we'll just see about your two days, I'll take those away from you soon enough and I will break you little boy. I will have you regressed before you know it." The rest in baby talk, "Sweet wittle baby boy, him with poopy pampers all the time, he is so gonna learn his pwace, isn't he?" She turned and walked out, carrying the empty bottle. This woman was on a mission, but why? Discovering that would be her Achilles Heal. Somebody hurt her or made her feel like a child when she was growing up and if I could get that information I could use it to against her. Those psychology courses I took in college just to get to know that hot chick are going to pay off.

As I lay there drifting I wondered what happened to her. Her name was Terri and I so had a crush on her. I scored some points with her by helping her with some of the theories she had a hard time grasping. We started to date, just coffee, then a movie or two. She was aggressive and made the first move, I remember, kissing me at the end of our first date. I was hesitant to let it go further, I hadn't really built up enough confidence in myself at that point in my life. She seemed to get a little anxious and after a party we went to, invited me in to her place. She was a little tipsy and I had had a few and after a little making out on her couch she slid her hand into my pants and discovered the diaper I was wearing. She jumped up and looked down at me saying, "What the hell?!?" I shrugged and told her my story and she laughed. I was stunned. She laughed and teased me.

"You're just big baby, I can't believe I wasted my time on a big diaper wearing baby!" She just went to her bedroom and closed the door. I got up and left. She didn't even acknowledge me when we saw each other after that. I don't think she ever told anyone but it put me off dating for a long time. Yes, she was a miserable bitch and though I try not to wish harm on anyone, A little would be ok. Sleep took me.

The morning dawned bright and beautiful as a sexy Mandy crawled on top of me in the crib and awakened me with kisses.

"I missed you baby boy, how was your Sunday, Hmmm?" She was straddling me in the crib and the kissing continued. She was wearing those cute little cut offs and as I reached around to cup her fine ass I started to become aroused. She felt it and said, "Oh, does baby boy wanna fuck me?" with a laugh.

"Lets check you out first," She said as she crawled off of me and unsnapped my onesie. Sliding a hand between my legs and under me she said, "Wow, that's quite a load you gots in your diaper little boy." And she pushed my onesie up my stomach and pulled the plastic pants down a bit, "And soaking wet too, you'll just have to fuck me in the shower," she stated. God it was nice to have her back.

She brought me to the bathroom and stripped the onesie off of me, and her shirt and shorts off of her. She took my plastic pants and diaper off in the shower and then turned on the water. She gave me a thorough cleaning and then turned off the water. I looked at her and then at my raging hard on. She laughed and said, "Oh don't worry baby, I'm gonna fuck you, I just know that you are gonna poop soon and we need to get you diapered. She dried us both and rushed me back to the nursery. She put a disposable diaper on me and then had me get on my knees in the crib. She started to massage my ass through the diaper and I pushed a little. We were both rewarded as a massive log slid into my diaper. Mandy patted it for a bit saying, "That's a good baby," and she pushed me on my back and pulled out my cock. She pulled her shorts to the side and got on me. She moaned softly as I impaled her and started a slow rhythmic grind. I really loved this girl and she was truly the reason I could put up with all the rest of the abuse. We got off nearly at the same time and she stayed on top of me as I grew soft, snuggling up on my chest. She kissed me again and then got off saying, "Come on baby, it's time for you to go see Mona.

I had to crawl beside Mandy as we went to the playroom. Mona was waiting for us and she attached me to the spanking table. She paddled me for ten minutes and lectured me about "my place" and that I was "just a naughty little boy." When she finished Mandy took me back to the nursery for a diaper change, then to the kitchen for some breakfast. She gave me a bottle to drink while she prepared it and I could tell it was a mix of juice and the stuff that makes me poop. She fed me my breakfast and coffee in a sippy cup. Mandy seemed to really enjoy having me in the high chair, but I realized that her excitement was just her thinking about her turn in it on Tuesday. I couldn't wait for tomorrow. An entire Mona free day, and I get to be the daddy. As she was feeding me she talked about our plans for today.

"We are gonna go to the zoo this morning and then we will have lunch in the park. After that we need to get you home for your nap. After your nap you get to spend some time again with Mona and then we are all going out for dinner." I cringed at the mention of Mona time but she ignored it.

"Then, after dinner, we are dropping you off at a baby sitter and we are going out clubbing," she finished excitedly.

"Hold the phone here," I said, "Dropping me where?"

"Well, we are having dinner in the city and we won't have time to bring you all the way back home so we arranged for a sitter downtown."

"When you say we arranged, you mean Mona don't you," I said dejectedly.

"Well, yes, but I'm sure it will be fine, we will pick you up in the morning." Mona, the master of the curve ball, and who goes clubbing on a Monday night? I didn't even want to imagine what she had arranged for the night. I just had to focus on tomorrow, the fun we would have with me in control.

Mandy released me from the high chair and led me back to the nursery. She changed my dirty diaper and then dressed me for the day in a t-shirt and short-alls. She packed a diaper bag and we headed out to the garage. She strapped me into the back seat in the Suburban and I noticed that the giant stroller was in the back. She got behind the wheel and we backed out to the street. On the way, Mandy took a turn I knew wouldn't take us to the zoo. I started to ask when she said, "You didn't think I was going to push you in that stroller by myself did you?" and laughed. We drove down a tree line street of nice middle class ranch homes. Sitting on the curb in front of one of them was Willow . She got in the front seat and turned to face me.

"G'mornin' baby boy, are you ready for some fun at the zoo," she said in baby talk. I just smiled at her. Mandy asked her to give me a bottle and she crawled in the back seat with me and fed it to me. About half way to the zoo I filled my pants again.

When we arrived Mandy parked a little away from all the other cars in the parking lot. She and Willow got out and took the stroller out of the back. Then they got me out and told me to lie down in the back of the truck. Mandy started to unsnap the crotch of my short alls to change me when a van pulled in the space next to us. I couldn't see it, but Mandy and Willow were trying to keep from laughing. It said St. Agnes Academy for Girls on the side of it. Willow leaned and said to me, "I hope you like catholic school girls in uniform, because you are about to have your dirty diaper changed in front of about ten of them."

There I was having the crotch unsnapped of the short-alls I was wearing as nearly a dozen catholic school girls, in white shirts with ties and plaid skirts came walking around the back of the truck. They spotted what was happening and they gathered around taking furtive looks around the truck for their teacher.

"What's going on?"

"What's happening?"

"What's wrong with him?" all came in a hushed flurry. Willow turned to them and said in that deadpan, stoner voice, "We're changing his dirty diaper, cause he pooped in his pants." So matter of fact, like it was so obvious. There were more questions but they stopped as Mandy yanked the tapes open and exposed me and my messy diaper.

"Ewww!" almost in unison came from the closest girls as they saw I did indeed have a poopy diaper. I heard a voice calling for the girls and most of them darted away. Two of them ducked down a bit and continued to watch. Mandy cleaned me up and teased me a bit to get me hard again. Then re-diapered me and closed up the snaps. The two that had watched smiled sweetly at me and then walked off to catch up with their class. I was helped to my feet and then put into the stroller. I was still red in the face from the audience. Willow produced another pacifier, neon blue, and popped it into my mouth. I saw the girls ahead entering the gate and was quite certain it wasn't for the last time.

The pushed me in and we strolled though some of the exhibits. We stopped at a bench and another bottle was produced. Willow held it while I drank and the two girls that lingered for my diaper change walked up and started talking to Mandy. They were seniors at the academy and one of their classes was in the care of developmentally disabled children and adults. They talked about the institution that was part of their campus. They asked Mandy what level of development I was at.

"I would say he is like a five year old, only he isn't potty trained." As if on cue, my bowels started to move and strapped into the stroller, I wasn't able to push it out. Willow saw that I was in distress and asked what was wrong. I told her I needed to get out of the stroller. She let me loose and helped me stand. Mandy and the girls were watching very closely as I doubled over and pushed out a huge load.

"See, he can walk and talk but he needs to wear diapers," she said patting the new lump in my shorts. They each stepped up and felt my ass.

"How often do you get to change him," one of them asked. I thought to myself that I had another Mandy here because there was a light in her eyes seeing me like this. Mandy told them that they would wait till later and put me back in the stroller sitting on the lump I made. They both leaned down and cooed at me, "You are such a cutie!" and wandered off.

I was given another bottle to drink but allowed to hold it myself as they continued to push me around the zoo. We passed another group of the school girls and there was a little laughter and pointing. It actually became a little boring and I dozed for a while in the stroller. I woke up with another urgent need to poop. I wasn't moving and I couldn't really see behind me but Mandy and Willow were no where in site. I cramped and gasped. I didn't want to call out for them, it might attract unwanted attention. I felt around behind me where the straps buckled but I couldn't reach. Another cramp hit and I yelped. Panting now, I notice the two school girls walking toward me. I didn't really want to talk to them but I was in desperate need. They noticed that I was in trouble and they came over to me.

"What's the matter cutie?" the blond one asked me.

"I need to get up right now," I gasped. The brunette said, "Aw, he's gotta poop again." She undid the latch behind me and the blond helped me up. I pushed more into my diaper as they watched. They talked to each other as though I didn't understand them, "He sure has a full diaper, do you think we should just put him back in the stroller?"

"I don't see a diaper bag so we can't change him." Putting a hand on my bulging shorts, "He really poops a lot, feel this..." Another hand on my butt.

"Where do you think his care takers went?"

"I don't know, it's pretty irresponsible for them to leave him." I finally spoke up, before they called the police, "Um, girls? I'm not disabled. The girls were just humiliating me by saying I was a five year old." They both looked at me and laughed. The blond said, "Then why do you poop in your pants?" I just sort of shrugged and Mandy and Willow came out of the near by restroom. They joined us and asked what was so funny. They were let in on the joke and they continued to humiliate me as the strapped me back into the stroller. It was getting on towards lunch and they said their good byes and we left the zoo.

Mandy and Willow changed me again in the back of the suburban, stowed the stroller and we were off to a park for a picnic lunch. We arrived at a huge park and we walked though a wooded area till we found a very secluded spot. Mandy spread out a blanket and Willow started to unpack our lunch. Mandy fed me another bottle as I lay with my head in her lap. They took turns feeding me. When we finished lunch we sprawled out together on the blanket and talked. Mandy had her hand on Willows tight ass and was just massaging her cheeks and all of a sudden, Willow jumped on Mandy and started kissing her. They rolled around together making out and caressing each other. Then they turned their attentions toward me. They were kissing me and each other and it was awesome. I was so into our little make out session that I hardly noticed that I filled my diaper again. Willow discovered that I had pooped while rubbing my ass and said she wanted to fuck the dirty diaper boy. The straps on my short-alls were released and they were pulled off of me. I was pulled out of the diaper and Willow , wearing a short skirt and no undies, climbed aboard. She moved very slowly, grinding and humping me. She was building to a slow climax and she started to moan. Mandy shimmied out of her shorts and straddled my head facing Willow . They kissed as I strained up to lap at Mandy's pussy, while staring at her gorgeous ass. What a site we must have been. As Willow climaxed she changed places with Mandy and I lapped at Willow through her orgasm aftershocks. Mandy started to scream and that was enough to make me erupt. The girls fell into me and we panted and gasped in a little heap together.

Mandy put her shorts back on and they changed my diaper. The short-alls were put back on me and we packed up and headed for home. I certainly could use that nap. There was one more bottle for me to drink on the way home. Mona was waiting at the door when we arrived and I was treated to another spanking before I was put in my crib. Sore and tired I drifted off to sleep.

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