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I was roused out of my nap by a very impatient Mona.

"Let's go Mr. Poopy Pants, we need to get you punished and cleaned up and dressed for dinner." I guessed I had been asleep for a couple of hours. My diaper felt snug as a result of filling it in my sleep with several loads and pee. Mona had brought a paddle in to the nursery with her and put me over her lap right there. She started in on my bulging behind with as much force as she could muster. It almost felt as though she were pushing my poop back into my ass. At each rest, she said, "You are just a naughty little boy, you aren't even worthy of my attention." Then it started again. During the third beating I started to poop again. Of course she could tell and she brought the paddle down even harder as I tried to push the log out, forcing it back in. This went on for a painful ten minutes. Again it felt like I was getting fucked. The pain was great but the stimulation was exquisite and I came lying across her lap. As I twitched she massaged my back side, rubbing her hand over the bulge. She finally said, "No control at all. Go wait in the bathroom for your baby sitter." Allowing me to stand and walk out. Mandy showed up to wash me in the shower, she was already naked and looked a little flushed.

"What happened to you?" I asked and she smiled and said, " Willow and Dolly happened to me." She pulled off my short-alls and t-shirt leaving the diaper to be removed in the shower. She peeled it off of me, turned on the water and scrubbed me clean.

"You get to dress like a big boy tonight," Mandy said as she diapered me back in the nursery. She pulled an under shirt on me and then picked out a nice suit. She dressed me and led me into the living room where Mona and Dolly were sitting, talking. Mona and Dolly both looked at Mandy appreciatively and smiled. She walked slowly, sexily, out of the room, to get dressed. Mona and Dolly looked spectacular, all dolled up. I moved to sit and then looked at Mona for permission, not sure why I did it. She smiled and nodded, with a victorious look. I sat moodily and said nothing. The conversation turned to me when Mandy asked, "Who's the baby sitter for tonight?"

"She's a student of mine," Mona said, "Her specialty is humiliation scenarios and is looking forward to having him to play with tonight." Inwardly I cringed. If she is looking to impress Mona, it will be a very bad night for me. My beautiful bride entered and I was reminded why I married her in the first place. She was decked out to the nines and looked amazing. She swooped down to me and gave me a kiss. It was just like old times for a moment. I smiled at Mona, tempting fate and was rewarded with a bit of a scowl. Sandy caught it too and didn't looked please, my smile broadened. I knew I was gonna pay for this but I just couldn't help myself. Dolly mixed some drinks and I was given another bottle.

Eventually all were ready and we prepared to depart when I filled my diaper again and they waited while Mandy changed me. Then we left. We dined at a very upscale restaurant and everything was great until I pooped again. Like I said before, there wasn't a lot of odor, but enough to be noticed and Mona excused herself and took me into the ladies room to be changed. There was a sofa in there and she made me lie on it. Their were several women in the room and they all looked surprised when we entered together. The restroom was divided with another door leading to the actual stalls. This outer area contained a vanity area to sit in front of a large mirror and along the other wall was the sofa. Mona begged the women's forgiveness saying, "I'm sorry for the intrusion, but this one has a dirty diaper and there really is no other place to change him." I stared straight at the floor hoping to be sucked down in the direction of my gaze. Mona received some nods of ascent and she removed my suit coat and pants. She pushed me back on the couch and opened the diaper bag she carried in with her and proceeded to change me. Most of the older women just ignored what was happening and left but a few of the younger women watched with rapt attention. I understood how this could be fascinating in its own right, but Mona had a quality that made everything she did worth watching. I blushed furiously as she exposed me and the mess I had made to these upscale women. It was even worse as she cleaned me with the baby wipes. There is nothing quite as emasculating as having a woman clean your poopy behind as other women watch. Of course Mona put on quite a show of it all. Re-diapered and redressed we were back at our table and I could feel the eyes of every other diner upon me. I was filled with the mixed emotions of wanting this to end so we could get out of here and never wanting it to end so I didn't have to face the new baby sitter.

Well as all things must, dinner came to an end and as I walked out I couldn't help but catch the stares of some of the female patrons and the questioning looks of there companions as to what was so fascinating about me. Those would be some interesting after dinner conversations. Back in the car, Mona sat next to me and whispered in my ear, " Elizabeth is going to make me very happy tonight." Even her name to me some how denoted cruelty. They entire drive to this baby sitter's place, Mona whispered little things in my ear filling me with a profound sense of dread. We arrived at a brownstone in the middle of a city block. Mona took me in alone. She hit the buzzer and a spectacular strawberry blond girl no more than twenty-five opened the door. She had hazel eyes and a cruel smirk on her face. She was wearing thigh high leather boots, matching leather short-shorts and a cropped top T that read "Your worst nightmare" across her exquisite breasts. Mona said, "Hello Elizabeth," kissed her and handed her the diaper bag.

"Please come in Mistress," she said and we entered. Once inside I was commanded to get on all fours by Mona.

"There is a change of clothing in the diaper bag. He poops in his pants about every forty-five minutes now and he constantly wets. He was particularly naughty this afternoon so I expect he will be thoroughly punished. A cute girl named Mandy will be by for him in the morning, Make sure he is too tired to do anything but sleep all day tomorrow." They kissed again, passionately and then Mona left.

"Well," Elizabeth said looking down at me, "You either love to be abused by women or you are the dumbest son of a bitch I ever met. Pissing off Mona, that is just unheard of. So which is it?" I looked up at her and decided that honesty was the better path.

"I guess it's a little of both." She smiled and bid me to follow her. I crawled into a room filled with all sorts of appliances whose purpose could only be to remove ones dignity. She looked through the diaper bag and found a onesie.

"Let's get you out of those adult clothes and into something more appropriate," she said and helped me to my feet. She took off my suit, sox and shoes and pulled the onesie over my head. Kneeling she snapped it closed.

"There, now you are ready for some fun." The word fun being very subjective I was sure. She attached my wrists to some leather straps hanging from the ceiling and manacled my ankles with an expandable bar making me stand spread eagle. She walked around me, touching me, feeling the diaper under my onesie. She stood behind me, arms around me with her hands on either side of my crotch, her knee up between my legs. I became aroused and she said, "This could be difficult. How should I humiliate some one who is already so pathetic. Your starting to poop in your pants, aren't you?" I didn't need to answer. I was sure she could feel the massive load expanding against her thigh which was pressing against my ass.

"Yup, you are pathetic. That gives me an idea, " she said and walked out of the room.

She returned with some clothes and released me from my bonds. She reached down and unsnapped the onesie and pulled it over my head. She sat me on my mess and then pushed me on my back. Grabbing the diaper bag she rummaged through it and pulled out a cloth diaper and some pins. She ripped open my disposable diaper and pulled it out from under me warning me to keep my dirty ass off the floor. She dumped the poop out of the disposable on to the cloth diaper and slid it back under me. Pushing me back onto my load she pulled the cloth up between my legs and pinned it snuggly. She got me to my feet and picked up a khaki pair of pants and holding them up to me said, "These look to be the right size." She held them out for me to step into them and I said, "Are there plastic pants in the diaper bag?' She laughed and said, "How will every one know when your wet silly?" and she put the pants on over my dirty cloth diaper. She pulled a shirt on me and had me slide into my loafers bare foot. She attached a collar to me and hooked a leash to that and led me outside to the street. We walked down the block and around the corner to a bar that had an open outdoor court. She found us a table and though I got some looks from the other patrons, not as many as I thought I would. Elizabeth must be a regular with her clientele in tow. The Tables were tall with wrought iron bar stools. Elizabeth seated herself and pulled me around to stand next to her. A sexy waitress came over and said, "Hi Liz, working I see."

"Yes, could you bring a towel along with my usual, this one wets." The waitress laughed and went to the bar. She returned with a cosmo martini and a bar towel. She dropped it at my feet and said, 'Spread that out under you and stand on it. If you piss on the floor, I'll spank you myself." I did as I was told. I could feel the front of my pants getting wet but I refused to look down at myself. My face flushed and I knew it was only going to get worse.

I noticed that people were looking at my crotch and some laughed. A few just looked disgusted and a few actually looked sympathetic. The waitress came back to refresh Elizabeth 's drink and said, "Do you want anything for Peter Pisspants here?"

"Yes, some water, but bring it in a bowl." The waitress laughed and walked away to get our order. A very attractive girl walked up and said to Elizabeth , "Maybe you should put a diaper on him,' with a laugh.

"Oh he is wearing a diaper, but it's cloth so he leaks," Elizabeth responded casually.

"Well why diaper him at all then?" the girl asked and Elizabeth yanked the leash, turning me around and pointing to my bulging ass said, "Oh, he poops in his pants too and this keeps the mess off the floor." The woman burst out laughing and returned to her friends to share the joke. I heard more laughing as the waitress returned with a martini and a bowl of water. It was placed on the stool and I was told to lap out of it. I bent to drink and started to soil myself again. The waitress saw my pants expand further and said, "He shits himself too, my god what a baby," and walked away. Two of the girl's friends came over to see for themselves. My ass was toward them as they approached and they started to laugh. Elizabeth spun me around to face them and the darkness on the front of my pants had spread down to my knees.

"So, what's the deal with this guy, our friend says he's got a cloth diaper on, can we see it?' I just wanted to die. Elizabeth reached around me and opened my pants and pulled them down a bit exposing my sodden diaper. These two were a bit drunk and burst out laughing. Elizabeth spun me around and the girls laughed harder. One of them pulled the back of my diaper away and looked inside.

"Just as we thought, shit himself," laughing all the way back to their table. Elizabeth refastened my pants. She finished her drink and turned me so she could look at me. I was wet to the bottom of my pant legs. She decided it was time to leave. I heard some snide remarks as we were leaving. We were stopped at the exit by the waitress.

"What did I tell you about pissing on the floor?" She said, not really meaning it as a question. She, with Elizabeth 's help, bent me over a stool and started to spank my ass with her bare hand. She did little more than flatten out the load in my pants against my ass, but it was humiliating beyond belief. We took our leave and headed down the block, back towards Elizabeth 's house.

We turned the corner in the direction of her house but stopped at a brownstone a few doors down. She led me up the steps and rang the bell. The door was opened by an Amazonian goddess. She had to be 6'2" at least with long blond hair tied into a pony. She was pretty, but not overwhelmingly so. She was wearing jeans and a t-shirt and was barefoot. In a pair of heals she would tower over me like I was a little boy.

"Just what have we here?" she said with a smirk.

"I'm babysitting tonight, could you watch him while I go get a change of clothes," Elizabeth said handing the lease to the woman. She stepped out on the landing and said, "Sure thing doll, but he's not setting foot inside, dripping like he is. We'll wait for you here." Elizabeth started to remove my pants saying, "I need to throw these in the wash, you be a good boy for Lexi and I will bring a new diaper for you too." She finished pulling my pants off and headed back towards her place. Lexi turned me around to have a look at me, "You are a mess," she said as I stood there on her front porch in just a wet and dirty cloth diaper and a t-shirt. She had me sit on the steps and she sat next to me.

"Are you a paying customer or a friend of Liz's?" she asked.

"Neither," I said, "I was dropped off here so she could humiliate me because, well, it's a really long story."

"If I know Elizabeth , she is going to be a while, go ahead." So I told her the whole story starting with my accident at fifteen, my diapered life that followed. How I met Sandy, About Dolly and Mandy and that night in the hotel room. How Mona had arrived and has been trying to break me. I told her everything. It felt good to get it all out. She listened patiently, asked questions here and there, and took it all in.

"That is some story," she said, "you should right it all down."

Elizabeth returned with some short alls and a disposable diaper and wipes. She proceeded to change me right there in the open, thank god it was dark out. Lexi aided by holding my ankles in the air while Elizabeth wiped my bottom. I was glad to have a diaper put back on followed by the short alls. Then Lexi reached down around me, grabbed me ass and put me on her hip just like a toddler and carried me into her house with Elizabeth following. This was, for reasons I can not explain, the most humiliating thing ever to happen to me. Lexi was amazingly strong. Inside her beautifully appointed home I was treated to another surprise. There was a lingerie party going on. A tall women's lingerie party to be specific. There were a half dozen amazons in her living room all modeling different chic and sexy bedroom wear. And they all seemed very excited to see me. I felt like I walked onto the set of "Land of the Giants." I looked around for Elizabeth but she had gone back outside to take care of the cloth diaper and wash the puddle away I had left beneath me on the steps. I was handed around from woman to woman like a new baby. They cooed at me and pinched my cheek. I felt so small. I ended up back in Lexi's lap. The party continued and Elizabeth returned with a bottle for me, earning me some more cooing and aww's. Lexi fed me the bottle cradled in her lap. I was starting to even feel comfortable when I started to fill my pants again. Lexi looked down at me with a knowing smile and I blushed. She asked if anyone would like to change the baby. A 6'5" raven haired beauty came over and picked me up, putting me on her hip like Lexi had done with a hand on my ass.

"Oh, my he does have full pants," She said patting my butt.

Elizabeth handed her the diaper bag with a cruel smile for me and we went into a bedroom.

"My name is Lori, what's yours baby?" she asked as she laid me down on a bed. I told her as she pulled at the snaps in the crotch. She pulled the tapes on my diaper and I sprung to attention. She smiled at me and said, "Hmm, don't you wish," and proceeded to change me like any other baby. She got me redressed and put me back on her hip. We returned to the living room to find Elizabeth talking to every one. She stopped when she saw us and said, "There's the naughty boy."

"You've got that right, he had a boner the whole time," Lori divulged and I cringed.

"Well then, I guess a spanking is in order, but shall we wait until he dirties his diaper again?" There were some puzzled looks so Elizabeth enlightened them, "He fills his diaper about every forty five minutes." There was some giggles at that revelation. I looked at Lexi who had a serious look on her face. Was there some sympathy there? If there were she didn't show it as they decided that I would be spanked now and again when I pooped in my pants. I was passed around from one lap to the next and spanked quite soundly. I was in tears as I ended on Lexi's lap. She was sympathetic as she was cupping her palm as she spanked me. It made a lot of noise but didn't really hurt. This was a relationship I was going to cultivate. With her strength, I could enlist her to help me turn the tables on Mona.

She kept me across her lap, rubbing my ass as the conversation turned to other things. It was soothing and gave me a chance to think of a way to ask her for her phone number with out Elizabeth knowing. The time passed and eventually my bowels started to move again. Lexi continued to rub my butt like nothing had happened until some one actually asked her if it was time for more spanking. She acted like she didn't even notice that I had filled my pants and started to smack my ass in the same way she did before. They each got a turn and Lexi picked me up off the last ones lap and put me on her hip again. We were far enough away from Elizabeth that I took my chance. I whispered in her ear that I needed her phone number. She patted my bulging ass twice in way of reply. As she carried me back toward Elizabeth , I felt her slid something into my pocket. I just hoped it was a business card with her number on it. She put me down next to Elizabeth who re-attached the leash to me. She had my shoes there by the door and said thanks and good bye. I looked at Lexi one last time and she winked at me.

Elizabeth led me back to her place. Once inside I was taken to the punishment room and re-attached to the hanging straps and the manacles. We were joined by a young girl, maybe nineteen or twenty. She had short black hair and big eyes, a little funny looking, but kinda cute.

"So this is the diaper boy," she said as she circled around me. She stopped behind me and put both her hands on my butt. She massaged the load in my pants, playing with it like it was play dough, reforming it into a big ball. She gently patted my ass, resting her chin on my shoulder, she spoke to me, "Did you really think that challenging Mona was a good idea?" Great, I thought, another Mona devotee.

"I mean, what did you hope to accomplish? Did you think you would change her mind," she laughed, "Nothing can change that woman's mind." The gently patting was building to a full spanking now.

"You should feel lucky to be worthy of her attention. She is very selective of the clients she takes on." The spanking continued until my load was flattened against my ass again. Then she repeated the process of reshaping it. I was getting tired which led to my indiscretion, "Look, what ever your name is, you can worship the ground she walks on but to me, it's just dirt."

Oops. I found out, a cardinal rule in the S&M game is never insult another's Mistress. The paddle came off the wall in a big hurry and my ass was blazing in no time. Elizabeth finally stopped her saying, "Misty, that is enough!" I was just short of sobbing, the tears streaming down my face.

Elizabeth dismissed her helper and then proceeded to change my diaper. She unhooked the straps of my short-alls and pulled them down to my knees. She removed the diaper and cleaned me up. She applied salve to may sore ass and then put another disposable on me.

"You know, you really are a glutton for punishment. Do you really have no idea what the rules are?" I said, "Rules? What rules? I am at the mercy of a deranged Dominatrix who loves my wife and thinks if she can break me she will have her all to herself."

"If you are so unhappy about it, why are you playing?" she asked pointedly. I told her that this was a very good question and then I poured the whole story out for the second time tonight. When I finished she said, "So it is a little of both." I must have registered my confusion on my face, she went on, "When you first arrived, I asked if you loved abuse or were stupid, and you said both." I nodded remembering. She pulled my shorts back and as she did, Lexi's card fell out of my pocket. I saw Elizabeth track its course to the floor. She stopped fastening the last strap on my shorts and bent to pick it up. She held it in front of her as though it was hot and looked me directly in the eye. I looked down at the floor but her hand was under my chin immediately and she drew my face up to look at her.

"I am only going to ask this once and I will know if you are lying. Did you ask her for this or did she just give it to you?" I answered with out hesitation, "I asked for it."

"Why?" I took some time with this answer, "I liked some of the lingerie at the party, thought that Sandy , my wife would like it as a present." This I said with out moving one eye muscle away from Elizabeth . She too kept her eyes locked on mine in a piercing stare. Slowly her look softened and she slid the card back in my pocket.

She called to Misty to bring some coffee. Not that I was gonna get much sleep in this position, but Elizabeth decided that I should be wired all night so I would crash in the morning. Misty entered with a tray that had a coffee pot and a baby bottle on it. She glared at me as she set it down and left the room. Elizabeth poured some coffee into the bottle and just like a mom, checked the temperature of the coffee on her wrist. She put the nipple in my mouth and said, "Drink it all up baby boy or we will go back out for a walk with no pants." I suckled on the bottle and emptied it. She poured another, and another after that. I felt the short alls getting damp. The caffeine had me peeing almost constantly. Elizabeth removed the shackles long enough to remove the shorts and then secured them once again. She pulled out another disposable diaper and changed me just in time for me to fill it in the back. She made me finish the pot of coffee and then called for another one. I was already twitchy and wasn't sure why I needed more. Once I had finished pot number two I was left alone. I was nearly shaking I was so wired. I continued to pee and poop at an almost continuous rate, but still no one returned. After the third hour of being alone, my diaper gave up and plopped on the floor between my legs. The sound must have alerted them and both Elizabeth and Misty returned to clean up the mess. Misty took care of the floor while Elizabeth scrubbed me. A cloth diaper was put on me, pinned very snuggly and then suspenders were put over my shoulders and attached front and back. A bucket was placed on a foot stool that straddled the bar between my legs and I was left again for a long time.

I had no idea what time it was but I heard the door bell ring and realized it was getting light outside. My muscles ached and I longed for sleep. My diaper dripped continually into the bucket and I filled it to the point that it was uncomfortably tight. The most beautiful sight greeted me as Mandy walked into the room. She gasped at the site of me all but hanging there. I must have been an awful site. She removed the sopping wet diaper and decided to cleaned me up before she released me. Then she re-diapered me in a disposable and freed me from my bonds. I ached all over and my arms were too heavy to lift. She dressed me in some shorts and let me lean on her as we walked to the car. I asked if she could get my clothes from in the house as my tormentors were no where to be seen. She went back in and returned with my diaper bag. I asked if my short alls were in there and she looked questioningly at me but checked. Yes they were there. I was asleep before we hit the end of the block.

When we arrived home I was dead to the world. I have no idea how they got me into my crib but I woke up in it, feeling terrible. I had a pounding head ache and my arms and legs were sore. I looked around my room and say Mandy reading in a chair.

"How did you get me in here?" I asked in a croaking horse voice. Mandy jumped, I startled her, and said, "Daddy! You scared me. Are you OK?"

"No, I feel awful, what time is it?"

"Well, it's around two. But if you need to sleep some more it's alright..." she said dejectedly. She put the rail down on the crib and started to change my diaper. It was a real mess. Once she finished I willed myself to get up. I took Mandy in my arms and I kissed her. I told her how much I appreciated her saving me this morning and then I put her in the crib. I took her shorts off of her and diapered her. She looked so happy and it brightened my mood. I got her on her knees and put my hand on her diapered ass and whispered in her ear, "Can you poop for daddy?" She giggled and started to push. I had my other hand on her breasts, caressing her erect nipples. I felt her poop sliding out into her diaper, it was very firm and large as it expanded her diaper against my hand. She moaned in pleasure and the diaper grew warm with her pee as well.

"That's my baby girl," I said as I patted her ass. I picked her up and put her on the floor. I knelt down between her legs and buried my face in the crotch of her diaper. She squealed with pleasure as I cupped her ass in my hands. As usual, she came quickly, but wanted more. She had me get on my back and she pulled me out. Pushing her diaper to the side, she mounted me and started the slow grind. It took me longer to come than normal and she climaxed again before me. Finally I shot my wad and we lay together on the floor.

Mandy asked what had happened last night and I told her all the humiliations I experienced. She was interested in the tall girls at the lingerie party, saying how fun it would be to really feel like a little girl in the presence of tall women. I told her that maybe I could arrange that. She kissed me and said, "Are you ready for a long hot bath?" Nothing sounded better right then and we got up and headed into the bathroom. Waiting for us in the hot tub was a naked Willow . I cleaned Mandy up and she put a cloth diaper on me to wear in the tub in case I pooped. She squirted a lot of body wash into the diaper so that area would get very clean inside the diaper. We joined Willow , who I believe was stoned and started to wash each other. Well, mostly they washed and massaged me. I started to feel great and I soaked and watched Mandy play with Willow . This was enough to make the rest worth while, but I still wanted to turn things around with Mona, one way or the other.

When the bath was over, I was dried off and re-diapered. Then I diapered Mandy and asked Willow if she would like to wear a diaper and she just said, "Sure, whatever." Mandy seemed excited by this and I had two baby girls for the afternoon. They wore nothing but a disposable diaper and played baby games with each other as I watched them. We ate a late lunch on the terrace and talked about what they had done the night before. They told me about the clubs they went to for dancing and Mona's fetish club. They watched as other people acted out strange scenes of bondage and discipline. I asked if it was any stranger than the three of us having lunch in diapers and they laughed. I asked where Dolly was, and Mandy said she was spending the day with Mona, while Sandy worked. I rolled my eyes at the thought of Dolly under the tutelage of Mona, but I said nothing.

Willow got up and started toward the house and I said, "Where do you think you're going young lady?" She turned and said, "I have to pee."

"Come right back here and sit down," I said, "You are wearing a diaper." She looked down at herself and said, "Oh, yeah, I forgot." She came back and I stopped her and put my hand on her crotch. She took the hint and let herself go. I felt the warmth spreading and saw a look of pleasure on her face. She really was a go with the flow kind of girl. Mandy was already wet and we had a round of change the baby girls out on the terrace. They both changed me and I had them get in the crib for a nap. I had work to do and I needed some time to myself. I looked through me things looking for my short-alls. They weren't there and the horror struck me that maybe they had been washed. I went to the laundry room and sure enough, they were in the dryer. I pulled them out and the card wasn't there.

I went down to the rec. room where my computer had been moved and got online. I googled the name Lexi along with the street name. No hits, so I went back and checked the washer and dryer. Nothing there either. I wondered if Elizabeth removed the card after she took my short-alls off of me. Not being one to give up I searched the diaper bag and there it was. I kissed it and went to call the number. I got her answering machine and left a message that I would call again, but not to call me. I committed that number to memory.

I went back and checked on my baby girls, they were making out in the crib. I watched them for a bit enjoying their playfulness and then told them to try and sleep. They giggle and went back to playing. I went into my old room and started to look for clues about Mona. She had taken over my closet and I started going through her stuff. She spent a lot of money on clothes. All top designer labels, beautiful stuff. The shoe collection was worth a fortune all its own. But there was nothing I could use, just an indication of good taste. I gave up on this and went back to play with my baby girls. I found them playing inside each others diapers and I pulled them out of the crib one at a time and spanked them. Just a few playful swats, I checked their diapers but they didn't need to be changed yet. They both checked my diaper and decided I did need to be changed. I was distracted by other thoughts and wasn't even hard when they exposed me.

"What's a matter daddy?" Mandy said to me and I snapped out of my reverie and took in the sight of these two cuties in nothing but disposable diapers, I sprang back to life and they both giggled.

All the crib play had made these to very horny and they wanted some cock. Mandy mounted me first, pushing her diaper to the side she rode me fast and hard. Screaming to a climax she slid off so Willow could ride and she lie next to me on the floor and rubbed the front of her diaper through the after shocks of orgasm. Willow took her time. She looked down at me with a glassy eyed smile a did a slow grind. Mandy watched excitedly as Willow 's body started to tense up and she went red in the face. I could feel her diaper expand against the tops of my thighs as she filled it. Her pussy tightened around my cock as she did and it was an incredible feeling. When she finished pooping she started to buck wildly on my cock and moaned out, "Oh My God!" I felt her pulse around me rod as she climaxed and that was enough to get me to blow. She snuggled up on my chest and we twitched together for a while. Mandy was patting Willow 's bulging ass saying, "Didn't I tell you it was amazing?" Willow just said, "MmmHmmm."

The two of them wanted to take a shower and who was I to object. We all got naked except for Willow 's dirty diaper, we pealed that off in the shower and started the water. We soaped and scrubbed Willow first, then gave Mandy a going over. There is nothing quite as sexy as a young hot body all covered in lather. They both shared the duties of washing me and for the first time in days, my ass wasn't dirty. Last nights coffee over dose really cleaned me out. I had a thought to have Mandy drink some of the cement mix before bed time tomorrow night so Thursday could be an all day pants filling day. I got my baby girls all dried off and they diapered me first for obvious reasons. When I got up to diaper them, they pushed me back down and said, "Sorry baby, but according to Mona's rules, You are the baby again at five o'clock." The put a onesie on me and took me into the kitchen for a bottle and a snack. I could tell the bottle had the stuff in it as they fed me in the high chair. Between the first and second bottle I asked Mandy if she wanted to drink some of the stuff for Thursday. She laughed but didn't answer. I was told that dinner was to be at Seven when Sandy , Dolly and Mona returned. I said that I thought they were staying in the city but Mandy said, "That was last night silly boy."

I was left in the high chair while Mandy and Willow took turns either preparing dinner or tending to me. The bottles came one right after the other. Willow took me out of the high chair to change me after an hour went by and started to put me back in when I asked her if I could just watch some TV till dinner. She just shrugged and let me go. I went to the downstairs rec. room and called Lexi again. She answered, "Hello?"

"Uh, Hi Lexi, it's me."

"Me who?" She said. I told her who it was and she sounded pleased.

"How are ya little guy?" she said, though not condescending. Most men were little guys to her.

"Well, alright considering. I don't have a lot of time here so I'll get right to the point. You seemed very sympathetic last night and I wanted to know if you would help me."

"Help you how?" she asked.

"Do you know Mona?"

"Just by reputation," she said.

"Well it's deserved, I am powerless against her and I need someone who isn't so enamored of her that they follow everything she says, and has the strength to make her submit if needed."

"You want me to beat her up for you?" she said and I could hear the smile in her voice.

"No, just make her,...look, I'm not sure what I want to do I just need to know if you are interested in helping me, we can work out 'what' later." There was a long silence and it worried me. Finally she said, "I'll consider it, call me again when you have more time to talk." She said and I arranged a time on Thursday.

I hung up the phone and turned to see Mona staring at me. She gave me one of those breath taking smiles and said, "Who were you speaking with?" in a light breezy non-threatening tone. As if I was going to fall for that, I smiled back and said as though it were nothing, "This woman I met on Tuesday night, she sells lingerie and I thought it would make a nice present, but I'd like it to be a surprise, so please don't tell Sandy ." I was certain she didn't believe a word of it, but she didn't say anything. Instead she decided to beat her frustrations into my ass. She dragged me to the playroom for a pre-dinner ass whooping. She attached me to the spanking tabled, unsnapped my onesie and pulled my diaper down in back exposing my ass cheeks. She selected her favorite leather paddle and started in on me.

"I know you are up to something baby boy and you will tell me." I think all the abuse had toughened up my ass because I didn't even cry. I just took it and said nothing. Sandy entered the room after a bit and said that dinner was ready. Mona gave me three more sharp smacks and pulled my diaper back up. Sandy released me as Mona re-snapped my onesie and we joined Mandy, Willow and Dolly for dinner.

The high chair had been placed in the dining room for me and I was strapped in. Now I could feel the burn from Mona's attack, sitting down. I was fed by Mandy, and made to drink two more bottles of the mix while we ate. The dinner dishes were cleared and Kara arrived, just in time for dessert. I guessed that Mona had asked her to come, probably for another lesson because when we finished it was she who got me out of the high chair and took me back to the play room. She changed my wet diaper and removed my onesie completely before attaching me again to the spanking table. While we waited for Mona she asked me, "What is it like, to give up all your power to some one else?" She wasn't mocking me, she was genuinely interested.

"I guess there is a thrill to the unknown aspect of what that person will do," I said, "I mean, we surrender our power every day in small ways, to the driver of a vehicle we are in, to doctors when they treat us, but when you do that you have an expectation of the result. With Mona for example, I have no idea what she will do at any given time. It scares the hell out of me and makes me excited at the same time, you know what I mean?" I certainly wasn't going to let her know that I hate what she is doing and want to make her stop. I trusted Kara as far as she could throw me. If anyone was under Mona's spell it was her.

Mona entered the room and asked Kara, "So how'd it go with the boyfriend?" Kara looked a little pleased with herself and said, "Oh, he bailed. Didn't like the new rules I had for him and he certainly wasn't pleased with the spanking. He didn't get turned on like the baby here." Mona said, "Well, some men can not be trained, and others," she emphasized her point with a hard smack to my ass, "they are resistant but they eventually will submit." Not likely I thought to my self.

"Anyway, you are better off with out him, as you can see," another hard swat, "They can be nothing but trouble." Kara laughed at that and asked, "How do you tell if they are trainable?"

"Some are easy to spot, they can be weak and pathetic like the diaper boy here. Some are strong in public but crave the discipline of a strong Mistress behind closed doors. I can see it in how they react to me." Kara interjected, "But don't all men melt before your gaze?" This please Mona and she smiled and said, "Well, yes, but some become a puddle and those are the ones I know I can train. And speaking of which, let's start this lesson." Mona instructed Kara about technique and form of discipline. I got quite a beating from both of them, all with the diaper in place as to mitigate some of the pain. Then I was released and allowed to watch as Mona attached Kara to the table and gave her a spanking. She used several different instruments on her pert ass and had her in tears in no time. This was all very exciting and I absent mindedly began to play with myself through my diaper. Mona caught me and said to Kara, "It looks like somebody needs to be fucked again." She released her and then put me back in her place. Mona took off her pants and strapped the dildo in place as Kara ripped off my diaper and lubed up my ass. Mona then gave Kara a lesson on ass fucking a guy.

By the time the lessons were over I was ready to go back to sleep. Re-diapered and onesied I was put back in my crib with another bottle. I finished it under the watchful gaze of Kara. She then tucked me in and said, "Tomorrow, I will do everything you do, so behave yourself or I'll get punished just like you and then I will make you pay the next time I baby sit. Are we clear?" I nodded and rolled over to get some sleep. She was in for a world of hurt tomorrow, I didn't care what the price was. The first of my renewed bowel incontinence hit in the middle of the night. I got terrible cramps that woke me out of a sound sleep. That stuff they give me has awful side effects if you don't keep drinking it. I pushed a giant load into my diaper and the cramps continued until I pushed an even bigger load out before I could go back to sleep.

Things were back to normal when I was awakened by Mandy. I was adding to my full pants as she gently shook me and there was no cramping. She unsnapped the onesie and pulled me out of my diaper and mounted me. There is nothing as pleasant as morning sex with Mandy while wearing a loaded diaper. We came together and then it was off to the shower to clean me up. She scrubbed me quickly and got me out, dried and re-diapered just in case. Left in just a diaper we went to the kitchen so she could feed me breakfast and more bottles of the mix. She had to release me in the middle of breakfast so I could poop again. After breakfast she took me back to the nursery where Kara was trying on a diaper. Mandy helped her get it on and she too was naked except for the diaper. She had big pink nipples and I wanted to suckle on them. Instead I got another bottle, but so did she. I found out that Kara was given the mix last night as well and would be pooping just as much as I today. She didn't seem too enthralled by the idea. I was overjoyed.

I still had full pants and was told by Mandy that she wasn't allowed to change me again. Both Kara and I were brought to Mona in the play room. I was made to sit on the floor and watch as Kara was strapped to the spanking table. She looked to be in distress and I knew what that was all about. The first cramps from the stuff we drank were hitting her and she was fighting it. I knew that was going to be a losing battle, though I took great pleasure in her discomfort. Mona knelt at her face and told her that this first lesson would be easy as having to mess herself would teach her just as much as a severe spanking would today. Mona picked her favorite leather paddle, her favorite for my ass any way and stated a slow swatting. Kara gasped as she started to lose control and Mona allowed her to finish before continuing the spanking. I watched in fascination as her diaper expanded outward as the large firm log pushed out of her. I was so hard that I almost started to play with myself, however Mona's watchful gaze prevented it. Her bladder gave way as she finished and I watched her diaper darken in the crotch. Having to sit still through this was more painful than the spanking and I realized, that was what Mona had in mind. The spanking continued and I was rapt in fascination as Mona flattened that bulge against Kara's ass.

Kara began to moan and I could feel the excitement building in her. The tingling caused from having your dirty diaper spanked is indescribable, it has to be experienced. Before she over stimulated Kara she stopped and released her. I was put in her place and Kara was made to sit and watch. Mona began with me and I could her the crinkling of Kara's diaper. Mona reprimanded her to sit still and the sound stopped. As she turned her attention back to my ass, I started to poop again. She started to instruct Kara on the technique she liked to employ here of not allowing me to push my load out and the exquisite pain it caused. She even had Kara get up and showed her how to stop the passage of my BM as it tried to slide out. She had Kara note the discomfort I was feeling and to experience the power she had over me. I was alternating between gasps and panting as my bowels fought against the pressure they applied. Kara almost squealed in her excitement over this and continued to torment me until I almost screamed. Then all at once I was allowed to finish as she plunged her hand into her diaper and frigged herself furiously. Mona scolded her, but I could tell it was half hearted and Kara sunk down to her knees as she got herself off. I couldn't see what was going on behind me, but it had seemed as though I was forgotten and it sounded like they were kissing. I heard a zipper and as Mona was the only one in the room with pants on I knew my lesson was over.

I could hear the unmistakable sound of licking coupled with heavy breathing and Mona shouted for Mandy to come and get me. She did and I was released and hurried out of the room with just a brief glance and Kara's full diaper up in the air as she was on her knees face first in Mona's pussy. That would have been nice to hang around for. Mandy was taking me outside when the door bell rang. She brought me with her to the door and it was Sexy Fed Ex girl with more diapers. She came in and Mandy signed for them. She smiled at me the whole time and I turned red in the face. You would think that by now I wouldn't be embarrassed but I was just the same. I was made to go out and help bring in the cases of diapers and there were twice as many as usual. At one point Sexy Fed Ex girl thought I was moving a little slow and swatted my bulging butt to get me moving. I froze as she landed her swat and she stood there with her palm cupping the big lump and she said to Mandy, "Diaper boy really needs to be changed." I recovered and quickly went into the house. She just laughed and got back in her truck. I helped Mandy put all the diapers away and then she changed me into a new one. As she did she teased me into a new erection. She toyed with it a bit and then diapered me. I had a look of frustration on my face and she laughed. Se took me out to the terrace and got me another bottle. She fed it to me while I laid in her lap on a chaise. Before long I was filling my diaper again. Mandy made me stand so she could feel it come out again, then she made me go down on her. She said she was so horny from watching Kara do this to Mona and she came quickly.

It was time for lunch and she put me in the high chair, still in the dirty diaper. Kara arrived carrying a diaper and some wipes and asked Mandy to change her. Mandy said, "Sorry honey but the baby is having lunch in a dirty diaper so you will too." I offered to give up the high chair to Kara, which earned me a glare. Mandy was in a playful mood and said, "That's a great idea." I was removed from the high chair and Kara was put into it. Mona arrived and asked what was going on. Kara started to protest but Mandy cut her off saying, "Mona, you told me that Kara should experience everything the baby is going through, so I am feeding her in the high chair," Mandy always had that fire and it served her well. Mona just nodded and helped her with lunch. I sat in a regular chair and taunted Kara, making faces at her. I know it was juvenile but I was just a baby wasn't I?

Kara and I were given bottles to drink and I kept smiling around the nipple in my mouth at Kara. She was shifting uncomfortably in the high chair, sitting on her loaded pampers. I saw her eyes go a little wide and I was sure the first cramps were hitting her. I knew just how uncomfortable it was to have to move your bowels and not be able too. Today was a great karma day, since just that morning, Kara enjoyed making me miserable in just the same way. She was trying to lift herself up but the straps on the high chair made that impossible. She begged to be released and Mandy said, "Not yet honey, we have to feed you lunch." She gasped out a complaint and Mona moved to take her out of the chair, but Mandy stood her ground.

"If there are no rules, how can you expect the baby to behave," she said to Mona. For Mona, this was a problem. Making me suffer was great, but not her little protégé`. Mona relented and went back to making lunch but continued to look in Kara's direction with concerned looks. I was in heaven. Kara refused to look at me and I luxuriated in her discomfort. I even got up to show her that I was pooping in my diaper again and it didn't hurt at all. She noticed this and glared at me, the tears starting down her cheeks. Finally Mandy allowed her a moment to stand up so she could go. She grunted loudly as the big dump was finally released, adding to the bulge in her diaper.

As soon as she finished she was put back in the high chair and we were both fed lunch. My grin was ear to ear all through lunch. Following lunch we were both changed and put down for naps. We shared the crib which was a little awkward as Kara was just hating me at this point. She stayed on her side with he back toward me. I slept with the same grin on my face. I woke up to see Kara looking at me. I smiled again at her and she whispered in my ear, "You are going to pay for this baby boy." I said, "Careful, the day isn't over and I can get into LOTS of trouble." She furrowed her brow and didn't say any more.

Mandy came in to check on her babies and we were both in need of a change. She took care of us expertly and taken out to the terrace. Sandy was home and I gave her a hug. As I was releasing her I noticed Mona coming outside, and I finished by planting a big kiss on Sandy . It had the desired effect, I was dragged across Mona's lap for a bare assed spanking. She blistered my behind. Mandy had gone for a new diaper and some cream for my behind and was ready with it when Mona finished. Before I let Mandy take care of me however I looked at Kara and said, "Next." She looked up in surprise as though she never expected me to be so bold. Mona looked at her with some sympathy but pulled her across her lap the same as me. She pulled her diaper away from her ass and started to tan her behind. Not as used to it as I, she was balling in no time. Then it happened, Mona stopped spanking and kind of pulled her hand away from Kara's ass as though she were stung. I saw what the cause was for just a moment as Mona Grabbed the back of the diaper that was laid back away from Kara's ass, to catch the huge log she was pushing out. Her bladder gave way at the same time and since the diaper wasn't attached, Mona's lap was flooded with Kara's pee. I simply lost it. A fit of giggles hit me like I was a kid in church and somebody farted.

As you can imagine, this caused a bit of an uproar. Mona stood up knocking Kara to the ground her loose diaper coming off and making a mess. I have to say, looking at Mona with that soaking wet crotch made me hard as a rock. She stormed into the house to change and Mandy proceeded to clean up the mess that was Kara. Dolly arrived home at this moment and joined us for the aftermath. Sandy explained what had happened and Kara sat there looking like a kicked puppy. I couldn't have been more pleased. I was in for a terrible time but it was worth it.

A washed and re-diapered Kara sat on the patio looking a little sick. I think I would have also if I had just pissed on Mona. She had a way of dismissing the relevant facts that there was no control over what happened and punish any way. Kara was doing this to learn, not because she liked it and if Mona remained true to her nature, Kara was in for a serious ass whooping. It was hard to feel sorry for her after all the pleasure she had taken in humiliating and punishing me. I just hoped I would be allowed to watch. I noted a change in the look on Kara's face to one of terror and turned to see a very dangerous looking Mona walk out on to the terrace. She walked right up to Kara, towering over her and snapped her finger and point at her heal. Kara got on all fours and followed her as she walked past me. There was another snap directed at me and I too was made to crawl behind her. I was almost gleeful as I was going to be able to watch Kara's punishment.

We were led back to the play room and Mona stopped and said to Kara, "I want you to watch very carefully as I demonstrate your punishment." What was that now? I thought I had heard her say "Demonstrate" and that could only mean one thing. I was hauled up and attached to the spanking table. My diaper was pulled down just far enough so that I was fully exposed but any thing that came out of me would land in it. I was started out with the leather paddle as a warm up, once I was stinging and red she moved to the small wooden paddle. This was followed by the large wooden paddle. I was sobbing by the time she stopped, only to find out she was waiting for me to finish pooping. I didn't even know I was and it slid out of me and into the diaper around my thighs. When I finished she used the cat-o-nine-tails to criss-cross my ass with marks like a burger on a gill. Finally she pulled my now dirty diaper back up and gave me a hand spanking just for the humiliation factor. The only consolation for me was Kara took no pleasure in my abuse this time as she was next and looked plenty frightened. Even when released I still lay there, heaving and sobbing. Mona called for Mandy and asked her to get the stroller so I could be wheeled out and put in my crib to cry this out.

Mandy brought the stroller in from outside and helped me in to it. She rolled me back to the nursery and carefully changed my diaper applying a generous amount of soothing cream to my tender behind. I was just sniffling when she put me in the crib to take another nap. She said she would wake me for dinner and left. Mandy's gentle ministrations almost made the beating worth while, I was really beginning love that girl, more than just as my step daughter's friend. Even though I was worn out I couldn't sleep. I just lie there thinking about what I needed to do. Tomorrow I would have another chance to talk with Lexi and maybe plan out some sort of revenge. Maybe even get rid of Mona altogether, although that didn't seem likely. More than anything, I wanted to give her a taste of her own medicine so she could know what it felt like to be treated this way. I started to think about that perfect round behind of hers in a diaper and it made me hard. Then the thought of spanking her, making her submit, followed by taking her from behind, I was throbbing in my pampers. I couldn't help myself and I started to gently rub the front of my diaper as my imagination made the feeling of the diaper into her pussy taking me in and out again. I had to stop as I heard a crying Kara approaching down the hall. Dolly was there to help her into the crib with me and we lie there, side by side, not talking. I wondered if they had changed her before they brought her back because I didn't smell a dirty diaper.

Finally she turned toward me and said, "Do you want me to take care of that for you," referring to the tent in my diaper. I was a little taken aback. But the look in her eyes spoke volumes. She finally understood what I was going through. I smiled and said, "Please." She grabbed my cock through the diaper and barely started to work it when I shot off a load into my diaper.

"That was quick, " she said with a smile and I said, "I, uh, started with out you." This made her laugh and we snuggled together and fell asleep.

Kara's moaning woke me up. She was still having trouble with the cramping.

"It's easier if you just push it out, it's going to come out any way," I said to her. I helped her up on to her knees and massaged her tummy as she pushed another load into her diaper.

"Do you really like doing that?" She asked me.

"Well, yes I do, but didn't you get a tingle when you were spanked with poop in your pants?" and asked her.

"Uh huh, but I still don't like actually making a mess in my pants, it's just,...dirty." We agreed that it was mostly a gender issue, girls being raised to be clean and boys to be dirty. Mandy was an exception because she was such a tomboy growing up. As though she read my thoughts, Mandy entered the nursery to change us for dinner. She eyed Kara's full diaper with envy as she changed me first. I could tell she couldn't wait to be my baby girl tomorrow.

It was my turn for the high chair tonight. It had been moved into the dining room and Mandy fed me my supper, Mona fed Kara. Dolly and Sandy fed themselves but watched Mandy make a mess of my face as she missed my mouth on purpose. In between bites I drank another bottle of the mix, noting that Kara was not given any. I guessed that her baby treatment would end tonight. After supper, Mona and Sandy left for the evening. They wouldn't be back until Thursday night. Kara went home also, still in a diaper because the mix still hadn't finished with her, she took several diapers with her. I asked Mandy if she wanted to start early and she jumped at the chance.

The first thing I did was get her to make herself a bottle of the cement mix, then I took her back to the nursery to be diapered. Dolly came along to help. She was in a very playful mood and teased Mandy while she diapered her. She was wild with desire and wanted to screw around, but Dolly was enjoying this and made her wait. Dressed in just a diaper and her crop top T, we settled into the living room, all three of us on the couch. We took turns giving her bottles with the mix in it. I too drank several of them.

I saw Dolly slide her hand into Mandy's diaper. Mandy was leaning against Dolly and she purred as Dolly made contact with her wet lips. Dolly was working it and Mandy had a look of bliss on her face. I leaned in and pulled Mandy's T up and started to suckle on her breasts. She moaned and I knew that she was going to climax at any moment. I took on of her hands and put it between my legs where she cupped my ass as I filled my diaper with another massive log. That did it and she screamed out her orgasm. She pushed me back on to the floor and pulled my cock out and mounted me, pushing her diaper to the side. She rode me to another climax. She got on her knees and helped Dolly get her pants off, then went down on her while she sat on the edge of the couch. She reached back and pushed her diaper aside again inviting me to take her from behind, I slid into her and started to grind. She worked over Dolly with her tongue and her face was pushed into Dolly as I rhythmically rammed her from behind. I got off followed shortly by Dolly and we all collapsed back on the couch in an orgasmic glow. Dolly and Mandy put me to bed for the night.

In the morning I woke up intertwined with Mandy. I hadn't awakened when she got into the crib with me, but snuggled up to her in my sleep. We both had full pants and I woke her by caressing the bulge in her diaper.

"G'mornin' Daddy," she said with a sleepy grin. We kissed and caressed each other into arousal, and Mandy pulled me out and mounted me. We took our time, savoring the experience. Mandy pushed another load into her diaper and climaxed with the effort. Her pulsing around my cock helped me to join her. Satiated for the moment, it was off to the shower for our morning clean up.

Soaping and scrubbing Mandy's body is a pleasure with out end. The feel of her hard body as it grows slick with suds, the way she twitches as I wash her recently aroused naughty parts. Even with out coming there is a sense of the orgasmic in it. If you ever have the means or opportunity to indulge in this, I highly recommend it. I'm sure any twenty something female hard body will do. The sad part was the necessity to hurry as the next round of pooping may happen at any time. So we were quick to dry off and re-diaper each other. Then it was time for breakfast. I wouldn't let Mandy wear anything but her diaper and I got dressed in a t-shirt and some jean shorts. In the kitchen I put her into the high chair and gave her a bottle of juice to drink while I made us something to eat. Mandy Said she wanted some pancakes, the thought of feeding her and having syrup drip on her perfect breasts for me to lick off made me stir in my shorts and I whipped up some batter. As they were cooking on the griddle, Mandy became uncomfortable with the need to poop and the inability to push it out. I told her she would have to hang on or the pancakes would be ruined. She screamed, "Fuck the pancakes, I gotta poop!" and I laughed. I turned them down so they wouldn't burn and released her. She held her ass off the chair by pushing on the armrests and quickly filled her diaper. I watched out of the corner of my eye as I tended to the flap jacks. She sighed her tremendous relief and settled herself back down into her big load. She moaned her pleasure and smiled at me. I brought over a plate, re-attached the tray and began to feed her bite after bite dripping with syrup and butter. When she had her fill I removed the tray and started in on her clean up with my tongue. She squealed as I contacted her nipples and went to town on my dedicated clean up. Mandy had one hand down her diaper and she brought herself the rest of the way home. While nibbling her nipples I filled my pants as well.

The door bell rang and I took Mandy by the hand and we went to answer it. I froze in terror. It was Elizabeth and Lexi. The two of them, together at my door could not be a good thing. Mandy asked my what was wrong and I said that I was surprised to see them. She asked who the tall girl was and I said I will introduce them. I opened the door and invited them in.

"Mandy, this is Lexi and I think you know Elizabeth ?" They exchanged pleasantries and I asked, "What uh, what brings you here?" As if I didn't know.

"Well," Elizabeth began, her icy eyes boring into me, "Mona wanted us to make sure you're okay. After your cryptic phone call to Lexi, she was worried about you." I looked to Lexi, searching her eyes for the sympathy I saw in them two nights before. It was no where to be found. She smiled at me in a way that reminded me of the look a woman gives a baby. I had confused a maternal look with sympathy. Elizabeth took my chin in her hand and brought my focus back to her.

"So, we are here to help you pack. You are going to stay with Lexi for a while. She very much wants to be a mommy and you will fit the bill nicely." So that was the pay off. Instead of helping me she was helping herself to me. She picked me up and put me on her hip like a toddler and I was carried back to the nursery, her hand planted firmly under my bulging ass. Mandy looked very disappointed at first but Elizabeth took her aside and spoke with her for a time and then she seemed quite pleased. More deals behind my back. Women are treacherous if nothing else.

I sat on the floor and watched them pack onesies and short-alls, t-shirts and bibs. Short sets and that stupid sailor suit, socks and sneakers followed by wipes were all put into suit cases. Mandy and Elizabeth returned with bags from the kitchen with bottles and other things. They started taking stuff out to the car. Lexi picked me up again and patted me ass. She asked me if she should change me now or when we get to her house. I told her both. She put me down on the floor and changed me just like a baby. There was nothing sexual about it. I feared that all the fun I was having was about to end.

Mandy gave me a very passionate kiss good bye and I was buckled into the car and we left. Lexi put a pacifier into my mouth as she drove in an attempt to keep me from asking any questions. I felt betrayed and a little nervous about what was happening. There was no mention of how long I was to stay with her or even if I was ever coming back. I felt a little like crying, as though I was home sick. Lexi kept looking over at me and smiling, but she didn't say a word the whole trip into the city. Mid-morning traffic wasn't too bad but I still filled my diaper before we reached her place. I was finding that the more of the stuff I drank to make me poop, the less I was peeing. It must be absorbing the water out of my system. Interesting trade off, bowel incontinence over urinary. I don't think it's marketable to the general public as a cure though.

We arrived at Lexi's place and she carried me in on her hip like before, one hand on my ass. I took the pacifier out of my mouth and asked, "So, how long am I here for?"

"She put it back in and set me down on a couch that I noticed was larger than normal. I also realized that she was probably closer to 6 foot 5 then 6 foot 2. She sat next to me and looked into my eyes and said, "The deal is, that I get you for at least a week. If you behave it will be fun and if you don't, well, let's just say that Mona is hoping you won't." I cringed inside and asked, "So what constitutes good behavior?"

"Good question baby boy," she said with obvious excitement, "Let's go over the rules. I want a baby, but I can't have one. I can't adopt because of my line of work and you were offered to me to try out. If this works, I'm going to get a guy just like you. So, for the next seven days, you are two years old. You will toddle, and talk like a baby, you will be fed and bathed and put down for naps. You will act just like a baby boy the whole time and I will be your mommy. My room mate Heather will be your aunt and we will both take care of you." I had to ask, "Were you a part of this from the beginning?"

"No actually, it's serendipity that you came along," she said with that sparkle in her eye.

The girl from the night I was here that changed my diaper walked into the room.

"Lori, do you remember the baby boy?" Lexi asked.

"You mean little stinky britches?" she said, "I changed his dirty diaper." She picked me up like I was a feather and plopped me on her hip.

"You have poopy pants again, don't you wittle boy?" she said in baby talk. I confirmed what she said with a blush. Patting my ass she said, "Let's go get your poopy pampers changed." Just like Lexi, she was all business and I wondered how masturbation fit into the rules, cause 7 days of being changed by these two beauties with no relief would be more frustrating than I can imagine. Cleaned and diapered I was fed a bottle in Lori's lap and then put down for a nap. I was sure there were going to be plenty of these.

I didn't really need to sleep and I just sort of looked around the bedroom. I was in a normal bed for a change and I wondered if my crib was going to be delivered. This must be a guest room since it didn't really have the feel of a regular occupant. Near as I could tell it was the only bedroom on the first floor and had its own bathroom. The bed was normal single width, but it was very long, it must have been custom made. I was lying on top of the duvet cover, which was gender neutral. There was a bed side table with a lamp and a dresser. Next to the dresser was a case of diapers in a cardboard box. There was a closet, but the door was closed so I could only assume that my toddler clothes were in there. As I lie there I realized I was filling my shorts, and I wondered why I didn't even feel the urgency to poop anymore. I thought about how that could have happened so quickly when the ass fuckings came to mind. Could there have been something, some anesthetic that was applied to the dildo that Mona used on me? It would eventually wear off so I would just have to wait to prove that out.

Lexi came in to check on me. Seeing that I wasn't sleeping she got another bottle for me and fed it to me there in the bed.

"Drink up little guy, it's almost time for lunch. We are going to go out for a burger, but first we need to get you dressed. I just love you in the short-alls." I finished the bottle and she remover the shorts I was wearing for the short-alls from the closet. She didn't change my dirty diaper though and the feeling of the short-alls being pulled up snug between my legs, pushing the load against my ass was stimulating. The was furthered by the position she carried me on her hip, with her hand holding my ass where it bulged, all coupling to make me very horny. My erection was poking her in the hip and she looked into my eyes and smiled at me. It wasn't a come on and fuck me smile however. It was more of a "Oh, how cute, the baby has a boner," kind of smile. Lori joined us at the door and we headed out into the city to have lunch.

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