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Lori and Lexi both towered over me and made me actually feel like a little boy. The let me walk between them and they each held one of my hands. I waddled between them must have looked pretty silly because people turned and stared at us which in a city this big is rare. About three blocks of walking brought us to a little restaurant with an out door serving area. Lexi asked for a booster chair but the waitress said that they didn't have any in my size with a bit of a giggle. Lori then asked if they had a bib and the waitress said, "Sure thing, it might be a little small on such a big baby, but I'll bring one out." When the waitress returned with the bib, Lexi asked, "Is there a place I can change his diaper?" The waitress looked right at me and burst out laughing. This was too much for her and she said no, that the bathrooms were too small and she would prefer that they not do it here. We ordered some drinks and the waitress asked if there was a bottle in the diaper bag for her to put my drink in. Lori, who had been caring the diaper bag, looked inside and produced an empty bottle for her. She looked a little shocked but took it to the bar and had them fill it with cola for me.

"You look a little tired from the walk baby boy, I will call and have the stroller delivered for you, ok?" Lexi said. Lori chimed in, "He has a stroller? That's so cute!" The waitress returned with the drinks and she handed me the baby bottle with a smirk. She looked to be about 19 and probably was a student. The uniforms here were a short black skirt and a white dress shirt. She certainly looked good and had amazing legs. I was ogling them when she caught me, put her hand under my chin and lifted my gaze to her face. She had a dazzling smile and she said, "Would you like me to put your bib on before you start to drool?" I blushed and she laughed and put the bib around my neck tying it. She leaned in to me and said, "Somebody has stinky pants, you do need to be changed, don't you?" She said she would check if we could use the break room in back. Lexi ordered us a round of burgers and fries and she went off to put in our order and see if the breakroom was available.

The girls talked about girl stuff and I sat and looked around at the other patrons. It was an interesting mix of urban professionals and college students. None of them paid any attention to me and I was glad of that. It was pretty warm out and I was a little uncomfortable in my dirty diaper. I was kind of hoping that Lexi could change me. I added to the load in my diaper as we waited and then the waitress came back and said the girls wouldn't mind if we used the breakroom. Lexi took me by the hand and led me into the restaurant and through to a room with lockers and benches. There were three more hottie waitresses in there all in varied stated of undress. They all stopped what they were doing to watch. Lexi put a changing matt on the floor and had me lie down on it. They were fascinated until the diaper came off and they saw it was poopy. That broke the spell and they went back to getting dressed. I was so embarrassed. Lexi cleaned me and put a fresh diaper on me. She had me stand and she re-snapped the crotch of my shart-alls. One of the waitresses asked what the deal was and Lexi said that I was her baby boy. All three of them just sort of looked at us and then we left to go back to our table. The food was there and we ate. The waitress came back a couple of times to refresh our drinks including refilling the baby bottle and when we finished, brought the check. Lexi showed the check to Lori saying, "I guess children eat for half price." I could see that my meal was half the cost of the girls even though we had the same thing. Lexi include the discount in her tip and thanked the waitress again for letting her change my dirty diaper. She said, "No problem, bring him by any time, he's a cutie." I blushed again.

When we returned to Lexi's place I was put down for another nap. I was a little tired and I drifted off to sleep thinking about how this wasn't so bad. There was no punishment to worry about and all I had to do was eat and sleep and poop in my pants. Not a bad life for a diaper lover.

I awoke to Lori rubbing my ass. She was messaging the load I deposited in my diaper while I slept. I turned to look at her and she smiled and said, "Hey baby boy, how did you sleep?" I said, "Um, good I guess, what time is it?" She said it was three in the afternoon and it was time to go to work. I was confused and asked what she meant.

"Lexi and I work at a strip club and we have to go in to work and you are going to come along. You'll have a dozen babysitters tonight, won't that be fun?" The vision of 12 strippers all baby sitting me was spectacular. Sure, it was going to be very humiliating at first, but I would think I would get to be in the dressing room the whole time and that would make up for it.

Lori changed my diaper and we met Lexi at the door. The three of us jump in the car and headed to the club. They told me that the party I had seen when we first met was a group of girls from the club and that the owner was a tall blond named Samantha. We arrived at the place and it was called "Sam's." We parked in the back and went in. The place was huge. The dressing room alone was of a scale that astonished me. Everything was huge, the furniture, the dressing tables, it all made me feel really small. The customer area had five stages and bars along both side walls fifty feet long. It looked as if it was once a ballroom converted into a gentleman's club. I was given this tour while being carried on Lexi's hip. She carried me into Sam's office and she stood up to greet us. She was at least 6 feet 8 and a real stunner. The quintessential Amazon Goddess. Blond hair, blue eyes and a perfect shape, proportional in every way for her amazing height. She took me out of Lexi's arms and held me up in front of her, "So this is your new baby boy!" she said, "You're just the cutest thing." She finished in baby talk. I blushed brightly and she smiled at that. She put me on her hip and we all walked out of her office and back to the dressing room. More of the dancers were arriving, some I recognized from the lingerie party. Just like that night, I was passed around like a toddler. One of the girls said, "Oh, I gotta get me one of these." Lexi said she would let her baby sit some time and the all laughed. I ended up back on Sam's hip and I filled my diaper as she held me.

"Uh, oh, somebody made poopies," she said.

"I'll change him later," Lexi told her and I was put on a giant couch to sit and watch as the ladies got dressed.

Not only were these women amazing to look at, the costumes they donned were erotic as hell. Some went with cutesy, others dressed tough in leather and chains and everywhere in between. I sat, open mouthed through it all and they hardly gave me a second thought. They were dressing for men and I was only a baby. It made me feel ashamed for some reason however that was the least of my problems. I wanted sex and it didn't seem like that was going to happen anytime soon. When Lexi finished getting ready she came over to change me. As she was wiping my bottom I asked her about the raging hard on I had, if there was anything that could be done about it.

"Silly baby, all little boys get hard when they get their diapers changed. It will go away on its own." She diapered me and that was the end of it. Although I did notice one of the dancers paying attention to our little conversation and she winked at me. I hoped against hope that she was winking to signal to me that she might be willing to help me out.

The DJ arrived, a cute pert little brunette and the only girl in the place not over 6 feet tall. She chatted with the dancers and went over play lists with them. She noticed me and asked, "What is this all about?" Sitting on the big couch she could see the snaps in the crotch of my short-alls. One of the dancers enlightened her, "That's Lexi's rent-a-baby," and she laughed at her own joke. The DJ looked at me funny, shrugged and went back about her business. I tried to get the attention of the dancer who winked at me but to no avail. They were all busy getting ready as the doors of the club opened any minute and patrons were waiting outside. This was a very popular club and it was going to be a busy Thursday night.

A very hard looking brunette in leather sat down next to me and lit up a smoke.

"So, is this your thing, being a baby?" she asked.

"Well, not exactly," I said, "It kind of evolved into this. It's a long story."

"Well start talking baby boy, I don't go on for an hour." So once again I poured out the whole story. Several others that didn't go on right away listened in. I really portrayed Mona as an evil villain in the version I told hoping to solicit some sympathy. When I finished, looked from one to another of my audience trying to gauge their reaction but I got no clear vibe. The tough one sitting next to me seemed to appreciate Mona and I knew there was no help from her. Some of the others just looked non-committal. Still, there was always a chance. I tried to find out their names but all I got were stage names and that wouldn't help me in contacting them. So I just forgot about it and enjoyed the sites.

They each went out in turn to perform and then work the crowd. Each in turn came back and changed into new more provocative attire and headed back out to the stage. In all honesty it became boring after a while and I fell asleep on the couch occasionally waking to watch more changing take place. Both Lexi and Lori checked on me from time to time and I was given a bottle to drink about every hour and a half. No one bothered to change me for the rest of the night and by the time it we left I had such a load in my diaper that it almost started to push out of the leg openings. Lexi changed me at home and I was left to sleep the rest of the night.

It was almost noon when I was awakened by Lori. She was rubbing my butt as usual and I had quite a load for her to push on.

"Hey, poopy pants, it's time to get up," she said and I shook off the sleepiness that gripped me. She took me into the kitchen where I found that my high chair had been delivered. She put me in it and strapped me in. I was naked except for my sodden dirty diaper. She put a bib on me and fed me some breakfast accompanied by a bottle of the mix. I asked where Lexi was, "She's shopping," Lori told me and proceeded to clean my face with my bib. She released me and carried me back through the bedroom and into the bathroom. She set me in the tub and removed my dirty diaper. She turned on the water and washed me from head to toe, dried me off and carried me back into the bedroom to be dressed. I filled my diaper again as she pulled the short-alls on to me and she said, "I'm not changing you again so soon diaper boy." She put some socks and sneakers on me and picked me up. She carried me outside and there was the stroller. She put me in it and pushed me down the block. As we passed Elizabeth 's place, Lori stopped and went up to her door and rang the bell. Elizabeth came out and walked with us. The girls talked and I just listened in.

Elizabeth said, "So how is it going with the new baby?"

"It's been fun so far. He has been very well behaved. The mix we got from Mona makes it so he always has a dirty diaper, but they are easy to clean up. All the girls at the club think he is adorable to," Lori responded.

"You know I am available to baby sit any time," Elizabeth added and I almost yelled out, "NO!" but knew that would get me into real trouble. Then Elizabeth asked the most important question, "How long do you plan on keeping him?"

"Well, I'm not sure. Lexi made the deal with Mona. I think it was for two weeks, but she may not want to give him up that soon," Lori said, devastating me. Two weeks with no sex? That would be worse than Mona's daily punishments. I missed Mandy and our early morning romps. I had to find a way to make it home. I had been to compliant, I needed to make some trouble so they would tire of me. The trouble was, these women were entirely too strong and could easily over power me. This had to be subtle, some kind of annoyance that would make them tire of me quickly.

We arrived at a park. It was relatively empty and so we had the kiddy stuff all to ourselves. I was made to sit on a swing while Lori pushed me. Then they made me go down the slide a couple of times. Finally they put me in the sand box and sat on a bench watching me and continuing their conversation. They were just out of earshot as they were speaking quietly. I noticed a really hot young blond approaching pushing a stroller. She couldn't have been more than 19 and she was pushing a $500 stroller with what looked like a three or four year old in it. This was obviously a nanny or au pair.

She looked at me in the sandbox with a skeptical look and approached the girls. She was asking them about me, I could tell from the gestures and they must have allayed her fears. She approached the sandbox and said with a delicious English accent, "Now Trevor, play nice with the big baby," taking the boy out of the stroller and guiding him into the sand box. Before her sat down she pulled back the waist band of his shorts and looked in, checking the seat of his diaper, "Well it's not you," she said and turned to the girls, "I think your baby boy has a bit of poo in his nappy." I was so ashamed. Always with some one new, I feel such humiliation.

Then it got worse, "Should I have a go at him?" she asked. Both Elizabeth and Lori smiled brightly and said, "Sure!" at the same time. Lori brought her the diaper bag and The nanny took out the changing pad and spread it on the grass. She took me by the hand and led me over to lie down on it saying, "There's a good lad." She grabbed the snaps in the crotch of my short-alls and pulled them open. She pulled the tapes on the diaper and exposed my very hard penis.

"Looks as though somebody's up for a wank," she said and smiled down at me. Just like Lori and Lexi, she did a very professional job of cleaning me up and re-diapering me, just as you would a child. I ached for release but got none. She snapped my pants got me up and swatted my behind sending me back to the sand box. Trevor was busy digging in the dirt and really paid no attention to me at all. There may have been something wrong with the kid but then again, who was I to judge. The Nanny went and sat with the girls and they chatted whilst Trevor and I ignored each other.

I wished I could hear the conversation as it was quite animated as my baby sitters filled in Trevor's baby sitter on just what was up with me. There was a good deal of laughter, I was sure at my expense. Soon it was time for us to go and I was placed back in the stroller. The nanny leaned in and pinched my cheek and said, "You be a good tot now, I will see you later," with a wink. I hoped that meant she was gonna show up and fuck me because that was all that was on my mind at this moment, however I doubted it. As they pushed me towards home Elizabeth asked if I'd had a good spanking since my arrival. Lori said that I had been a perfect little boy and there had been no reason to spank me. Elizabeth asked her why a reason was needed to spank a boy and they both laughed. I started to poop again and because they had neglected to strap me in I was able to lift myself enough for it to push out into my pants. When we arrived at Elizabeth 's door step I was taken out of the stroller and she sat down on her steps and put me across her lap. She gave me a good spanking and then put me back in the stroller for the rest of the trip, all of fifty yards, to Lori and Lexi's place. Lexi carried me into the house commenting on my poopy pants and put me down for another nap with out changing me.

Lexi had been waiting for our return with some concern. Lori hadn't left a note to tell her where we were going and she had been worried. Sitting and waiting on the front steps for our return, Lexi was a little clingy when she carried me to bed. Patting my bulging butt and holding me close to her, she seemed to be a little manic. I heard the argument that ensued after I was put in bed. Lexi's voice all strained wit anger and Lori sounding very incredulous, not understanding what the big deal was. This frightened me because it really was no big deal, why was Lexi acting like this? And if she was this possessive after only a couple of days, what would she be like at the end of the two weeks?

I was laying there thinking about all this when Lexi came in and sat on the bed. She pulled me up into her lap and gave me another bottle. She held it while I drank and she played with me hair, "I hear you made new friends at the park and Lori said she found a nanny that would like to take care of you some time. Maybe this weekend she can come and baby sit you, would you like that baby boy?" I nodded and Lexi smiled.

"Finish this bottle all up and then I will change your poopy diaper." I did and she did and I started to get sleepy. I wondered if she added something to the mix in that bottle to make me sleepy. I heard more discussion going on as I drifted off.

To my surprise, it was Elizabeth that was there when I woke up.

"Hey sleepy baby, all done napping?" I told her I was and she said, "Lexi and Lori are at work and you and I get to spend some time together tonight." She put a hand on my ass feeling what I had done in my sleep. She told me to get up on all fours and I knew why. She started spanking me, concentrating on the lump in my pants. She thoroughly flattened it against my ass. It didn't hurt at all, I was so used the spankings but it did make me extremely hard. She didn't care though and I was led into the kitchen and put in the high chair for supper.

"Um, I was wondering, how is every one back at my house doing?" Elizabeth told me that they all went on a vacation together, Sandy , Mona, Dolly and Mandy would be in Europe for the next two weeks and that I wouldn't be hearing from them. I asked her if it was hard having her Mistress gone for so long and she smiled, "It's like not having your baby sitter, you find other ways to fulfill your needs." I asked, "Speaking of needs, I was wondering if my needs could be fulfilled at all? I have been hard since I got here and they treat me like a baby so there has been no release." She cleaned me up and took me out of the high chair. I was still waiting for an answer as she led me into the living room and sat down on the couch. She pulled me over her lap. My erection was nestled down into her lap and she started patting my ass.

"If you get off before I tell you, I will take you back to my place and let my assistant have her way with you. If you are able to control yourself until I say, I will let the nanny come over tomorrow night and fuck you. Deal?" I said yes and asked how long I needed to hold off. She looked at her watch and said, "I will spank you and play with you for ten minutes, if you last that long you will get your reward."

She had my diapered cock trapped between her thighs and she started to spank my ass, each swat sending a tingle through me. In addition the movement caused me cock to slide between her thighs just enough to create further stimulation. I knew if I didn't do something I would lose this challenge. I thought of that nasty little bitch back at Elizabeth 's and what she would do to me and it help. She scared me more than Mona and to be left at her mercy was a thought that almost made me go flaccid. Elizabeth must have perceived this so she tried something different. She turned me over and cuddled me, exposing a breast she put her nipple to my lips. She tried to get me to suckle her as she stroked the front of my dirty diaper. I again focused my thoughts on 'Misty' the evil Mona devotee. She would just love the opportunity to make me hurt in ways unimaginable. This was working. Not even the beautiful breast being offered me was going to make me give in. Elizabeth tried an entirely new tact. She slide me off her lap and then started to undress for me. She was going to ride me, and I knew that I would have a very difficult time surviving that. She slid out of her tight jeans and pulled off her shirt. She slowly pulled her thong down looking directly into my eyes. As she was braless her perky breast were tantalizing as well. She undid the straps of my short alls and pulled them off of me. There was an obvious tent in my pampers and she pulled me out. She straddled me and lowered herself on to my erection, guiding it in to her. She was wet and oh, how I missed the feeling of a pussy enveloping my cock. She started to grind and then made the mistake that saved me. She said, "Misty is gonna so enjoy you tonight." I was griped with fear so strong that I softened. She could tell yet again that something was wrong. She stopped and looked at me. I felt her flexing those inner muscles that some women have great mastery of in an attempt to recover her control of me. I tried to think of things that Misty would do that I that I would really hate to counteract what she was doing. It was an epic battle of wills, hers to make me cum and mine to remain chaste.

I think she realized her error and started again to slowly grind against me.

"You know diaper boy, that nanny was really turned on changing your dirty diaper today. She said it was all she could do not to fuck you right there, only the boy she takes care of being there stopped her. She thought you made such a cute diaper boy," she purred. That was not fair, I was fully hard again and she quickened her pace.

"Wouldn't you just love a strict nanny pounding your pud for you? And she was such a cute blond with that great British accent." Now I was in trouble. I started to feel that build up toward release and wondered how long it had been since she started. I looked up at the clock and saw I had made it. Eleven minutes had passed and just as I was about to go over the top, she noticed it too and stopped. I was throbbing inside her and she raised up and got off of me. I cried out, "Pleeease, you just can't..." she put a finger to my lips.

"Yes I can. I promised Misty that I would let her have you tonight and now I can not, unless, you are willing to trade. I will finish you off if I can let her have you?" I almost went for it but got a hold of myself and said no. Elizabeth carefully pulled my diaper back up over my erection, however the stimulation was still too much and I exploded into my diaper. She stood watching me with a look of disgust on her face but I didn't care. My balls were drained and I was incredibly relieved. I paid for it with a bare assed spanking when she changed my diaper.

I asked Elizabeth about this reward she promised as I received a spanking for cumming. She said that she lied, I wasn't to be rewarded and that I had better just behave or she would give me to Misty anyway. I got to thinking then about what else she lied about. Like how could my wife go to Europe with out telling me. There would have been some hint as to their travel plans before now and they certainly wouldn't have gone on short notice like that, I mean who travels overseas with out planning. I figured it was a ploy to make me feel dependant and not try to contact my wife or Mandy.

Elizabeth decided it was time for dinner and brought me into the kitchen to feed me. As soon as she got me in the highchair the door bell rang. She left me there and went to answer it. A short time later the nanny from the park entered with her. She cooed at me sitting there like a big baby and tied a bib around my neck. Elizabeth left to go who knows where and the hot young nanny fed me. She was all proper and treated me like her regular charge and I tried to ask her questions between mouth fulls. She told me her name was Sara and she had been in the states for about a year now and worked for a couple with just the one child. I asked how old he was and she said her was almost 5. I asked if there was something developmentally wrong with him and she replied, "Yes, I'm afraid his parents are quite dim. He seems to be just an inconvenience for them and has had others taking care of him his entire life. I think I am his tenth nanny." That explain quite a bit and I felt bad for the little guy. I asked who was taking care of him now and she told me that his parents just put him in a playpen in the evenings and ignore him.

"I am trying to bring him around but even I need time off."

I thought it strange that she would want to play with an adult baby on her time off and said so. She just laughed and said, "This is different, I get to fuck you when I change your dirty nappy." So, at least Elizabeth told the truth about that.

"I am fucking the husband, but since we have to be discrete, it isn't nearly enough," she confessed. I was a little overwhelmed by her frankness. But then again she was from a different culture and who was I to judge her anyway. I finished what she fed me and she let me get out of the chair. She grabbed my ass and said, "Naughty baby has poopy pants." She swatted my ass all the way back to the bedroom. I was hard again by the time I was having my pampers changed and true to her word she climbed aboard for a ride on my cock. I wasn't ready to cum again so she was able to enjoy my rock to orgasmic content. I was still hard when she re-diapered me and she said I should keep that handy till I needed to be changed again.

She left me in just a diaper and she led me back out to the living room where we continued our conversation. She asked about how I got to this point in my life and I told her. Emphasizing the point about the stuff they make me drink, I filled my diaper during the story. She asked me what it felt like to wear a "nappy" and I told her she should try it. This just made her laugh and she changed the subject. I brought it up a short time later and again she giggled. I asked her what she was afraid of and she looked very serious for a moment and said, "Fear has nothing to do with it. My curiosity is natural. Here you are, an adult with no physical handicap and yet you poo in a nappy. I just wanted to know what the experience was like because I think Trevor likes it when his nappy is full as well. He has a tendency to hide from me when he's poo'd and doesn't want to be changed." I did my best to explain the sensations of having full pants and the stimulation that causes pleasure, but I finished by saying, "You can never really understand until you've experienced it." Again she laughed, but I caught a sense of wonder in her that led me to believe I may just get this little hottie into a diaper.

"So, do you want to find out? Just for purely scientific reasons, you know, to better understand what Trevor is going through?"

She looked thoughtful for a moment and then said, "I just couldn't, it would be to awful really."

"How do you know?" I asked trying to persuade her.

"In the same way I know that getting stabbed would be awful, even though I have never been." Well, her logic was sound. I gave up on it for now and asked what the plan was for tonight. She told me Elizabeth had a client show up unexpectedly and had to attend to him. So it was just the two of us. She was told to treat me like a child but then again she just couldn't let a good stiffy go to waste. I thanked her for that and said that I thought I would be ready to cum anytime now if she wanted to change me again.

"One of my other baby sitters, Mandy, likes to fuck me when I have a dirty diaper, and to be perfectly honest, I really like that." She looked intrigued and said, "Well, let's have another go, shall we?" She pulled me out of my diaper and straddled me again. We screwed in a sitting position and I kissed and nibbled at her pretty neck as she did a slow grind. It didn't take long and I exploded. Climbing off she said, "There's a good lad, let's get you changed."

Sara changed me in the bedroom and then dressed me in a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. Slipped some socks and sneakers on me and said, "Let's go for walk, shall we." We headed out the door and down the block. She held my hand, but it was more like a girlfriend then a nanny leading her charge. We just walked and talked. It was getting on towards twilight and it was a beautiful evening. We came to a little coffee shop and she asked if I would like to go in. I said that I would love to and in we went. She sat us at her "favorite table" as she was a regular.

"What is the nature of your relationship with Lexi?" she asked. I explained that I had been dumped on her to get me out of the way from my wife and her lover. That her lover really had no use for me and wanted to make my existence at my own house unbearable so I would just go away.

"I love my wife and just want her to be happy. I think she believes that all of this is making me happy and maybe it is. I mean I love the whole 'naughty little boy' treatment. I have had some of the most incredible sex, present company included." She thanked me and said that it was fun for her also. The waitress approached and took our order. She winked at me and left to get our coffee.

I mentioned that I was surprised at the attention I had been getting lately, that I never thought of myself as much to look at.

"You have the boyish charm that women love," she said, "and all the more so from you submissiveness. I saw it right away in the park, you just look like a little boy that I could snuggle up to." As the waitress delivered our order I had to lean forward in my chair as I deposited another load in my diaper. My face reddened and the waitress stood staring at me with a puzzled look on her face. She finally asked, "Are you alright?" Sara spoke up, "He's fine, he is just having a poo in his nappy." This didn't help the waitress as she didn't quite get the British slang.

"I'm sorry, he what now?" she asked. Sara started to laugh and said, "He is pooping in his diaper, " she translated. This only further puzzled the waitress.

"He is, why is he,..actually I don't want to know," she stated and walked off to share her story with her co-workers.

Sara laughed and said, "You did say you enjoyed the humiliation, yes?" I nodded, though blushing.

"Well I must admit, I get a bit of a thrill doing it to you. How far are you willing to go with this? I mean, if I took down your jeans and checked your diaper right here, would you let me?" she asked with a twinkle in her eye.

"I just don't want to get arrested, I am very concerned about public exposure and just how far we can push it. These people around us may not find it very amusing to have my dirty diaper exposed," I explained. Our waitress returned with the manager of the coffee shop. The manager, a girl not much older than the waitress, asked, "Is what I hear true? Have you shit in your pants?" I was more than a little surprised by the question. Sara spoke up, "That's a bit rude don't you think?" The manager, recognizing Sara said, "I just can't have this sort of thing going on in here Sara, I don't want to lose my other customers, you understand?" Sara smiled and said that she did not understand, "I am baby sitting this poor handicapped man and you want to throw us out? That just isn't right!" She took me by the hand and we walked out. Once outside she burst out laughing and said that she didn't think she would be welcome in there anymore.

Sara said she new of an underground rave that was going on tonight and wanted to know if I wanted to go. I asked if we could go home and change my diaper first and she said it would be more fun to go as I was. She said I would feel right at home as everyone would be chewing on paci's and looking like babies. It was about six blocks to the party and we walked holding hands again. I could listen to her talk all night, her accent was intoxicating. We turned down an alley and found a stair case that went down to a basement. I could hear the music as we descended and it blasted at us when the bouncer opened the door. The place was full of young teens and twenty somethings all dancing and grinding each other. Sara was correct in that more than half of them had pacifiers in their mouths. There were strobe lights and laser lights and glow sticks everywhere. We were approached almost immediately by someone selling ecstasy and Sara purchased some for each of us. I had never tried it and she just popped it into my mouth. She pulled a pair of pacifiers out of her bag and put one in each of our mouths also.

She led us out into the middle of all these writhing bodies and we began our own grind with each other. Before long there were bodies rubbing against us and I felt hands all over me. It was thrilling and I was really enjoying myself until I felt hands on my ass. They were rubbing and squeezing the lump in my pants and I kind of panicked. I turned to find two beautiful girls, twins, smiling at me around their pacifiers. The snuggled in close to me and reached around to grab my ass again to feel the poop in my diaper. One of them leaned into my ear and shouted over the music, "Are you wearing a diaper?" I turned toward her and nodded. She shouted again, "So this is poop in your pants?" I nodded again. She started to giggle and shouted to her sister what she had discovered. Her sister already figured it out and while they played with the bulge in the seat of my pants, Sara dry humped against my front. I was so hard and started to get really hot. I was running my hands over all three girls and couldn't get enough of touching them.

We moved off the dance floor and into a little side room and just touched each other, everywhere. The foursome started to get really hot and then the clothes started to come off. The girls got naked and I was down to my t-shirt and diaper. One of the twins was feeling my ass as I started to poop again and they, all three, put a hand on my ass to feel it come out. This sent them all into a frenzy of tactile pleasure and Sara went down on one of the twins while the other pulled my cock out of my diaper and impaled herself on it. I had a nipple between each thumb and forefinger and we were moaning in pleasure when we started to hear shouts and screams from the dance area. The place was being raided by the police.

The twins grabbed their clothes and ran naked, Sara stayed with me and started to get dressed. I looked for my pants and found that in their rush to escape, one of the twins grabbed my jeans and ran off with them. A police officer entered the little room we were in and stared at me for a bit before arresting us both. He put those little zip tie plastic cuffs on us and we were pushed out of the place and into a police van. I was freaking out, over heated and flying on the ecstasy. I sat on the bench in the police van between Sara and another girl who looked at me and started to laugh uncontrollably. The inside of the van was surreal, with people screaming, laughing, crying and yet still trying to touch each other, though their hands were bound behind them. I started to hyperventilate and was sweating buckets. I passed out.

I awoke in a bed with side rails. I was cuffed to one side and started to focus on where I was. It looked like a hospital room and I had an I.V. in the arm that was attached to the bed side. It was still dark outside the window and I was very woozy. My mouth was very dry and my head was pounding. I was covered by a sheet and I felt down with my free hand. My diaper had been changed and I was wearing a hospital gown. There was a styrofoam cup on the table next to the bed with a bendy straw sticking out of it. I reached for it and took a small sip. It was water and continued to take small sips till the parched feeling in my mouth eased. There was a curtain that divided the room and I couldn't tell if I was alone or not. I felt my bowels give way again and I looked for the button to call the nurse.

A beautiful red head in a white uniform entered before I found it and asked how I was doing.

"Where am I?" I asked.

"You're in the hospital. They brought you in a couple of hours ago. Aren't you a little old to be at a rave?" she asked with a smirk on her face.

"Yes, I'm too old for a lot of things," I said and asked to be changed.

"Yes I wondered about that, do you have a medical need or is this a kinky rave thing?" I explained that I had no bladder control since my accident as a teenager. She responded, "That doesn't explain the lack of bowel control," as she changed my messy pants.

"That can wait, you came in with no ID so I have a bunch of questions for you starting with your name." I gave her all my info and she went to call Sandy . I just hoped that she wasn't actually in Europe . I fell back to sleep waiting for nurse red head to return.

I don't know for how long I was out but the red head woke me up as she checked my vitals.

"Did you get a hold of my wife?" I asked as she pumped up the blood pressure cuff. She held up one finger, telling me to wait a sec. When she finished she said, "I talked to some one named Mona who said they would be right down to collect you. I explained that you were not going anywhere till the police released you." I rolled my eyes and blushed with shame.

"You made another mess in your diaper, didn't you?" She asked as she rolled my over to check. She put her hand on my ass and felt the big lump I deposited in my sleep. She started to change me and asked just what was going on. I told her about my situation, how it developed over the last couple of months and that if she really wanted to help me she would try to get in touch with Sandy .

She said, "I'll see what I can do," with a smirk on her face that belied her statement. I also asked her about Sara, but she said she didn't know anything about her.

"All I can guess is that she is in custody," she said and left to dispose of my disposable. I was feeling a little more clear headed and started to check out the room. I noticed the clock on the wall read 2:20, but I didn't know if it was morning or afternoon. I guessed that it was morning even though the curtain dividing this room blocked the window, I figure I would still be able to tell if the sun was shining. Nurse Red Head returned again and told me that Sandy was on her way to get everything straightened out but did not sound at all happy. That same smirk was on her face and I felt a great deal of humiliation, and arousal.

I reached for my water and promptly tipped it over and spilled it all over the floor. Nurse Red Head sighed exasperatedly and went to get something to clean up the mess. She returned with another nurse, a cute brunette with more childish patterns on her scrubs. She was carrying a baby bottle. As Nurse Redhead dried the spill, Nurse Brunette put the nipple of the baby bottle in my mouth. It was full of water and I drank. She smiled at me and said to her co-worker, "You were right, he is a kinky little freak." I blushed furiously and she laughed. They left laughing leaving the baby bottle behind.

I started to drift again when a very angry looking Sandy appeared next to my bed. I police officer remover the cuff from my wrist and walked out shaking his head. I looked down to see that my diaper was exposed and the baby bottle was lying next to me. I returned my eyes to Sandy and neither of us spoke for a while.

Finally she broke the silence, in her most demeaning tone said, "I guess I can not trust you to behave when you are with a babysitter. So, to teach you a little discipline, you will spend the next two weeks under Mona's personal care. She will help you to learn how to behave." I started to stammer out my objections but she put a finger to my lips, shushing me.

"This is for your own good baby boy." I wept.

I was released on my own recognizance and returned to my home with Sandy . I wasn't given any clothes and we left the hospital with me wearing my gown and a diaper. She said very little to my during the drive and the feelings of dread compounded with every mile. As we pulled into the drive I noticed the house was mostly dark save a light burning in what was formerly my office, now Mona's room for punishment. I tried to think about anything but what I was in for. I began to tremble as we walked toward the front door and Sandy was suppressing a laugh. I looked at her and asked, "How can you do this to me, don't you love me?" She laughed out loud. Taking my face in her hands she looked into my eyes and said, "It is because I love you. This is what you want and deserve. In addition, Mona is like a sexual dynamo after punishing you and I love that too. So this is your best way to show you love for me."

I had to admit to myself that this is really what I want and if Sandy benefited from it as well, that was all the better. Sandy brought me directly to Mona in the "playroom" and my hospital gown was removed. Mona didn't say a word to me as she attached me to the spanking bench. Sandy and she embraced and kissed for a moment and then Sandy left.

"Mona looked in the back of my diaper, "Well, Mr. Poopypants, you couldn't stay out of trouble could you." She started in on my dirty diaper with a paddle.

"We have some catching up to do diaper boy. You will be spanked before every diaper change and fucked after each clean up. There will be a lot of both because you will be filled with my special formula night and day."

She continue the spanking for a time and then she left, returning with a joyous Mandy who was so happy to see me. She lovingly removed my diaper and scrubbed me clean. Then she lubed me inside and out and Mona, strap on in place began impaling me. I was still suffering from the effects of the ecstasy and the sensual stimulation was amazing. I was rock hard and would have agreed to al most anything for a reach around. Instead I got a baby bottle placed between my lips by Mandy and I suckled on the cement mix like it was nectar.

Mona was finally satiated by the abuse and told Mandy to diaper me and put me to bed with the warning, "Allow him to climax and your next on the bench!" Mandy acquiesced and diapered me carefully as I was so ready to blow. She led me back to the nursery and I was pleasantly surprised to find Kara in a second crib. She was sound asleep in just diaper, a pacifier hanging loosely from her sleeping lips. Mandy giggled at my reaction and put me in the other crib. She kissed me passionately and then raised the side rail and left the room. Exhausted for the events of the night capped by the abuse at Mona's hands I feel deeply asleep.

I was roused to semi-consciousness twice to drink down a bottle before I was yanked from my crib mid morning. Mona all but dragged me to the playroom and attached me to the bench. My diaper was so full of poop it sagged but I was spanked anyway. She held it in place with one hand and wielded the paddle with the other. In a repeat of last night, Mandy cleaned a lubed me for the anal abuse Mona so enjoyed. Sandy joined us and actually sat on my back and necked with Mona as she slammed my ass. They finished each other off on some cushions on the floor as Mandy re-diaper me. Kara was place in front of me, I could smell her dirty diaper. She pressed the front of her diaper to my mouth and I began licking it, her through it. I felt her diaper warm and realized she was peeing as I licked her. I felt hands on my ass, it was Mandy, messaging my anus through the diaper, causing me to move my full bowels into her hands. Mona and Sandy were climaxing followed closely by Kara. For all I knew Mandy was playing with herself as I heard her moans as well. Everyone in the room got off but me.

Mandy changed Kara and then they all left. Mandy returned after a bit with some shorts and a T-shirt for me. She got me dressed with out changing me and slipped some sneakers on my feet. We rejoined Sand, Mona and Kara in the entry way and we headed out for breakfast. The shorts I was wearing were too small and you could not only see the diaper but the bulge in the back was very noticeable. I was made to carry the diaper bag. Where ever we were going, I was going to be changed there.

We arrived at a Denny's and headed inside. The hostess asked us to follow her and Mona grabbed my hand and let the other three lead the way. Trailing a bit I noticed Mona was actively scanning the dinning room until she saw what she wanted. She steered me toward a tabled with a bunch of college age girls sitting at it and as we passed she stopped me and said loud enough for them to hear, "Wait a minute Mister, Let me check your diaper." This caught their attention and they turned and watched as Mona grabbed the back of my shorts and pulled them out to look in my diaper.

"Just as I thought poopy pants, lets go get you changed," and led me to the women's restroom. Once in side she pulled my shorts down and then waited for a moment to see if any of the girls would enter. Two of them did and as the door opened, Mona started to un-tape the diaper. She changed me standing up as the floor was filthy. I stood there exposed to the amazed eyes of the girls who didn't even pretend to use the facilities. The just watch, mouths open as Mona washed my behind and then re-diapered me. I just stood staring at the floor.

She pulled my shorts back up and as we exited said, "I owe you a spanking and a fucking don't forget." Like I could forget that. I heard the laughter of the girls we left behind even as the door closed.

We found where the others were seated and joined them. Mandy gave me a sympathetic look. From a few tables away I could hear the story of what happened in the restroom being retold to the friends of the adventurous girls. Mona produced a baby bottle from the diaper bag and I had to drink down more of the mix in public. When the waitress arrived for drink orders, she barely suppressed a laugh. Every one ordered coffee and Mona gave her an empty bottle to fill with juice for me. When she came back she also brought a bib to tie around my neck. Breakfast was order and the conversation was about me at the table. It wasn't missed when my face redden and I filled my diaper again. Thankfully it was decided that another trip into that filthy restroom was out of the question. I would just have to sit in my poopy pants till we left.

Even though our table was not on the way to the door, the girls who witnessed the show came by to get another look before they left in a fit of giggles. I worried that I would be seeing them again as it has happened before. Mona was very good at finding a way to include those who found my situation funny into our lives again. Breakfast arrived and I was fed by Mandy first, then Kara as Mandy ate. I put up with it as though it was normal so as not to further incur Mona's wrath. We finished and paid and headed out to the car. This Denny's was in the parking lot of a mall and the girls decided we should do a little shopping.

They dragged me from store to store as they looked at shoes and clothes and I added to the huge bulge in my diaper. The took me into a trendy blue jeans place and I had to try on a dozen different pair of jeans while they asked the cute sales girl, "Can you tell if he has full pants in this pair?" She smiled at each question and even played along, pushing on my ass to try and flatten out the lump with out success. They bought every pair so as not to return them to the rack after I wore them with a dirty diaper. Of course they wouldn't allow me to use the dressing room, I had to change out in the open for all to see.

Loaded down with bags, including my diaper bag, I walked a pace behind the girls. I was exhausted and had had enough. Mona had one last humiliation planned for me. Sort of a repeat of what happened at breakfast. There was a group of young girls just hanging out in the mall, go figure. Mona stopped and turned to me and said, "Turn around so I can check your diaper." This phrase, when uttered not in the presence of a baby, is a real conversation stopper. The group was riveted as Mona pulled at the back of my shorts once again.

"Oh my, what a pants full!" Mona said and then she swatted my ass. The reaction as expected was gales of laughter. She turned to the giggling girls and asked where the ladies room was. They cheerfully volunteered to show the way and we were off to humiliate me once again with a very public diaper change.

The girls led us to the Ladies room and we followed them inside. They were a typical gaggle of mindless twits you would find hanging out at the mall. I was unburdened of my packages and my shorts were unceremoniously pulled to my ankles. This delighted our onlookers and one of them was bold enough to step up and look in the back of my diaper. Mona asked her if she wanted to clean me up but she just laughed and returned to a watching position.

Mona un-taped the diaper and pulled it away from me. Clean up was relatively easy as the poop was hard and in no time I was re-diapered, however my shorts were removed and I was made to exit the mall with no pants. Mona chastised me loudly as we left saying, "If you are going to poop in your pants you shouldn't be allowed to wear any, they only get in the way when I have to change you." The onlookers gaped at us as we passed.

I was strapped into my seat belt and another bottle was given to me to drink. I finished it and dozed lightly as we drove. When we stopped I opened my eyes to find us not at home, but on the campus of the local nursing college. I looked about wide eyed trying to figure out what we were doing here. Mona turned in her seat and said to me, "We are going to leave you here for the after noon. You are going to be a practice dummy for the CNA class. You are going to have your diapers changed for the next couple hours by several classes. It should be great fun for you." I rolled my eyes at that comment and got a sound spanking right out in the open for it.

Carrying my diaper bag, I was led by Mona into the nearest building. The girl at the desk looked at me and said, "Let me guess what he is here for?" Mona laughed, "Yes this big diaper boy is a teaching aid for your CNA classes." The girl told Mona she would take it from hear and with an admonishment from Mona to, "Be Have!" she left me there, pantsless.

The receptionist was cute, dressed in tight fitting hospital scrubs, she had a rocken' body, dishwater blond with big brown doe eyes. She took me by the hand and spoke to me as though I was slow, "It's okay, we'll take good care of you, don't be scared." As if my life were a series of things happening right on cue, I filled my diaper.

"Awww, does he need his diaper changed already? The first class starts in a few minutes so you will just have to wait a little while," she said slowly and deliberately as though to a child. Leading me down the corridor, she turned into a class room with several hospital beds and tables and a few stools.

"Just lie here and the class will be in shortly." She helped me on to one of the rolling beds.

She stayed with me until a a tough looking RN with short dark hair and wire rimmed glass arrived. They spoke about me briefly and the receptionist left. The RN stood over me and said, "Can you understand me?" I said yes and she continue, "today we have three classes. There are about ten students in each, so we will change your diapers ten times each hour. If you do not behave, you will be secured to the bed." I nodded my understanding.

Ten young girls wondered into the classroom and crowded around me. They were all shapes and sizes and looked at me hungrily.

"Ladies, this subject will allow you to practice changing diapers. His diaper is dirty at the moment and probably will be again before we are finished, but each of you will cleanse him as though it is dirty each time. Remember that a clean patient has less risk of skin breakdown and other health issues. Do a thorough cleaning." She chose one of them to go first. She stepped right up, donning gloves and ripped open the tapes of my diaper. She pulled it down between my legs and used a wiped to clean my front. It was strange but in the clinical setting I did not get an erection, even when she spent time wiping my penis. She gently rolled me on my side and, taking her time, wiped my back side, even pushing the wipe up my ass a little. Removing the dirty diaper, she placed a clean one down and rolled me back on top of it. She checked me for rashes and finding none, she re-diapered me.

This continued through the class. I filled my diaper again before the hour was over and one of the girls made a comment to the effect of, "He is a prodigious pooper," to the laughter of her classmates. The instructor admonished her for a lack of professionalism. Only one of them seemed to have trouble as she had put the clean diaper down upside down and the tapes were in the front instead of the back when she pulled it up through my legs. After correcting her mistake she was fine.

The second class was a lot more embarrassing because there where two guys in the group and it just made me feel sick when they cleaned me. I'm not a homophobe, it just was horribly uncomfortable to have a guy touch me that intimately. I survived, keeping my eyes closed tightly. There was only one dirty diaper for this group.

The third group was a train wreck. The instructor had to step in several times to help them and they still couldn't get it right. When they were finished the RN had to re-diaper me herself. I guess I got used to it, but over all it was an awful experience. When Mona came in to get me she asked how it went and I simply said, "Fine." I wasn't going to give her the satisfaction of knowing how bad it was. This of course was another error of pride. She arranged with the RN instructor for me to return every week, "Since it was fine for you," she said with a smirk. I had a feeling that Mona and the RN knew each other very well.

From here we went home and I was taken to the play room for a spanking and an ass fucking. Mona was very slow and deliberate and made sure I was completely cowed before she was finished with me. I ate dinner in the high chair and was put to bed early, which was fine by me.

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