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Rebecca's New Position

This story features: forced babying, consensual M/F sex (epilogue), consensual F/F sex, masturbation, diaper humiliation, and Wet and Messy diapers.

Last night Rebecca had diner with her boyfriend and felt a little funny, so she went to bed early, when she woke up she was aware of many strange feelings, her arms and legs were immobile, something was filling her mouth, there was strange damp thick bulk between her legs, she was cold. Two figures stood above her in each other's arms. She realised that she was restrained and she tried a cry for help but realised that it was a dummy in her mouth! A dummy, she hadn't had a dummy since she was little girl, although she had secretly wanted one since, the prospect of having one stuck in her mouth didn't appeal to her. Seeing her murmur the voice spoke out, "ah baby's awake" Rebecca recognized the voice as her boyfriend's and tried crying again, this time a lighter voice answered her, "Sssh, baby, don't cry, mummy and daddy are hear" this confused Rebecca even more, the voice was that of her best friend, Jade, but why had she said Mummy and Daddy? And what was going on? Her boyfriend, David, spoke again, "Rebecca, honey, let me explain, we have been having an affair" Rebecca tried shouting in anger but was kept quite by the dummy.

"I'm sorry but I love Jade, so we're going to be a couple. However I still love you, but not as woman, as more of a parental I and Jade are going to be a couple and you....are going to be our baby." Rebecca's eyes shot wide open and suddenly turned bright red, she realised the bulk between her legs was a nappy! Moreover, it was wet and messy!

"Yes, baby" Jade said, "we love you, and from now on you are Baby Becky, our Baby Becky.

Baby Becky's poo shifted around her nappy as she squirmed in discomfort, she still could not believe what was happening. Last night she had gone to bed as a twenty one year old woman and she woke up as a two-year-old baby girl. Her head was still spinning as her new 'mummy and daddy' read out her rules;

"You are the baby, and we are mummy and daddy," Mummy announced, "so you will call us mummy and daddy and you will only talk in baby talk." Baby Becky could only think to nod in agreement, she did not like the humiliation but there was something about her new status that she liked, she always was a bit childish and enjoyed being the centre of attention. Mummy continued, "You are a two year old so you will wear nappies all the time and you will use them as a two year old would"

"Yes, and we will be taking measures to remove your continence." Daddy interrupted.

"Also you will not change your own nappies, or feed yourself, dress yourself or do anything a baby can't do". Mummy continued.

"That includes walking, you will crawl every where, unless one of us is holding your hand. If you break any rule you will be punished, either by spanking, humiliation or being kept in a dirty nappy."

Hearing being spanked excited Baby Becky, the idea of being put over someone's lap and having her skirt pulled, started to get her tingling and she warmed to the idea of Jade being her mummy. She always thought she looked like a goddess, one time whilst sleeping over at her flat Rebecca found a photo of Jade totally naked, she snuck it into her handbag and when she got home masturbated over it furiously. Since then she worshiped Jade, Rebecca would even do her washing for her just to smell her panties and sometimes she would steal a pair and when she got home wank herself through them.

Baby Becky suddenly felt a warmth spreading around her vagina and up her bum, it took her a few moments to realise she was wetting herself! And uncontrollably! Mummy and daddy noticed the nappy getting thicker, "I think we should get her changed before she leaks" mummy said. Baby Becky suddenly realised that, if she was Jade's baby she would be touched and loved by her, as she always wanted. She started thinking about it; nappy changes, baths, dressing, hugs before bed and kisses, she was going to be a good baby for her secret love.

"Yeah," daddy agreed, "Baby, if I untie you will you be a good baby?" Baby Becky nodded in agreement and daddy untied her. He easily lifted her up and carried her. As they passed the mirror, Baby Becky caught her reflection, her chestnut hair was tied back in babyish pigtails, her large breasts were naked and stood firm and her nappy was sagging heavily between her legs. The front was stained yellow and the back was brown. She felt a little embarrassed by her state, but she knew her mummy was about to change her, and that exited her.

Baby Becky was carried through into the spare room, it had started to be transformed into a nursery, and it only had a cot, a changing table and a wardrobe. When she looked around the room she felt even more babyish (if that was possible) when she the package of the nappies she was wearing, Pampers! Actual baby Pampers! They even had a baby on the packaging. They were specially ordered size 7 pampers and since Baby Becky was quite small she fit into them quite well. They were white with little babyish cartoons on them and pink details of ribbon and bows around the edges. Baby Becky was laid down on the soft rubber of the changing table. Mummy carefully undid the tabs and the nappy fell down between her legs. Mummy jokingly pinched her nose and pulled the sodden nappy from under Baby Becky's bum, refastened it, passed it daddy who dropped it in the table's nappy pail, he pulled another Pamper from the pack and handed it to Mummy, she raised Baby Becky's bum and slid the nappy under it. Mummy took some wipes from out of the bag and started wiping in-between Baby Becky's raised legs, she wiped around Baby Becky's little bum hole and between her checks. Baby Becky obviously felt embarrassed and little uncomfortable by this, but she loved that Jade was actually touching her! Mummy took another a wipe and gently started to clean Baby Becky's vagina, she started from the bottom and moved slowly up, gently wiping her outer lips and then started moving in slightly and touching her inner lips, until she reached her clit, this caused Baby Becky to moan slightly from behind her dummy. Mummy turned to daddy, "you're right, this will be easier than I thought" daddy smirked in agreement. Mummy kept on rubbing the little clit in small little circles causing Baby Becky to moan from behind her dummy, "does baby like that?" mummy purred to her new baby, Baby Becky could only murmur in pleasure, she finally had what she wanted and she was loving this. Still rubbing Baby Becky, Mummy gently slid a finger insider her and another then another until Mummies' whole fist was moving in and out of Baby Becky. Mummies' pace grew faster as Baby Becky neared orgasm, then suddenly Baby Becky moaned loudly in pleasure and her breathing grew faster, her toes curled as she reached orgasm and she fell back onto the table and panted as she recovered. Mummy quickly cleaned up Baby Becky's love juice and pulled the nappy up between her legs and fastened it securely in place. Daddy removed Baby Becky's dummy and in her baby voice she said "dank you mama, I weally happy being baba" mummy and daddy smiled to each other and looked at the new baby, it is going to be a good life together they all thought.

Rebecca had quickly been made into Baby Becky and most importantly, she was doing it willingly! That day they all had a great time, Rebecca had acted like the baby she now was all day, without question.

After her nappy change Baby Becky was dressed in a pink adult size Babygro that read; 'Pamper Me!' She was carried downstairs and put into a high chair for breakfast, which she 'got more on her than in her.' After that, she watched cartoons and played with her new toys, until about lunchtime she made a big mess in her nappy, she was fed lunch and left to play in her sagging nappy. Crawling around felt strange, she could feel the softness of it rubbing against her thighs when she moved and when she sat down the feeling of it squashing against her bottom was more than strange but she still for some reason loved it and when Mummy and Daddy weren't looking she would press the sodden wad of the nappy against her sex. After dinner Baby Becky was put down for a nap, when she woke up Mummy and Daddy decided that a walk would be good, Baby Becky had a pair of trousers put on her, some booties and mittens, she was panicking when the outdoor coat was put on her. Outside she thought, but people might see me. She was lifted into the adult sized push chair and locked in place, she couldn't escape, luckily for her it was autumn and fairly dark, the few people that were out walking who noticed the push chair was a little a large had no idea a twenty one year was riding in it. When she got home Baby Becky was changed out of the starting to leak nappy and put down for bed; she gently dropped off with a bottle.

Epilogue; Jade's Pleasure

David was lying on the bed when the door opened, Jade walked in wearing only a black and pink leather corset, with matching panties and suspender belt. She leaned against the doorframe seductively and David took her in, she was beautiful. She had black medium length bob with a streak of red dye running across the fringe, her beautiful symmetrical face had a petite little nose and bright blue eyes that shone brightly over her face, and although her breasts were modest they were firm and youthful and her nipples literally pointed to the roof!, she had a curvy hourglass figure and long legs, her skin tone was a light tan that only added to her sexiness. The two lover's eyes meet and they walked towards each other and immediately took each other in there arms and started passionately kissing each other, starting on lips and moving to kiss each other's necks and behind the ears. David stooped and undid the corset and let it fall to the floor, David coupled Jade's breasts in his hands and kissed them, as she caressed his buttocks. David slowly moved down Jade's body kissing her everywhere, when he reached her panties he kissed her through them and gently pulled them down to her ankles, so that her small patch of trimmed pubic hair was visible, lifting her up by her tight bum David laid her down on the bed and kneeled over her, she Kissed him on the lips as she undid the buttons on his shirt, and it slipped loosely away. David slid down and started kissing Jade's inner thigh, teasing her by ignoring the burning in her clit, he hovered above her engorged labia adding to the passion burning in gentiles. She wanted him now, and her passion took over her as she grabbed the back of his head and thrust it into her throbbing cunt, she delighted as David began nuzzling her. He pulled back slightly and started pleasing her clit. Jade was gently whimpering in pleasure as she played with her erect nipples. David had started even more intimately on her; he was probing her vagina with his tongue as he undid his belt and kicked his trousers off. Jade was nearly fulfilled as the as the speed of David's tongue probing her sped up and up and she came for the first time that night.

David's cock was throbbing inside his boxers as Jade kneeled facing him, she waited a moment before sliding his underwear down and letting the eager cock free, like Jade's breasts it was average, but what mattered was he knew how to use it. Jade wanked David a few times and then turned away from him and got on all fours. before he had chance to delve into her, Jade put her hand over sex, blocking him from entry, teasing David as he had done to her earlier. She began fondling herself and looking over her shoulder at David, giving him a cheeky a smile, he could only rub Jade's breasts from behind as he waited for Jade to take her revenge, eventually the passion took over him and he pulled Jade's hand away a penetrated her. She moaned as he thrust into her for the first time, he pushed hard then light, fast then slow and in in synchronization to his hands on Jade's breast. It was long before the both exploded in orgasm, and collapsed on top of each, panting and sweating, Jade looked at the clock, "still early" she said suggestively, David chuckled as began playing with Jade's nipples, "It'll been a long night" he jokingly replied.

The End

Baby Becky will return in: 'Rebecca Gets Settled In

P.S Please e-mail on [email protected] with any requests of comments, please if you liked it tell me why, it's the greatest honor you can pay author, oh I'd love to see this story illustrated, if you would like to, e-mail me with a rough from the story and I'll let you know, I'll repost with the illustrations and you'll be credited as an illustrator on it.

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