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Road Trip

Part II

My mother dragged me out of the car and made me wait on the sidewalk while she and my dad unpacked our things. I tried to plead with my mother to at least let me put some pants on, but she proceeded to ignore me. I shamefully covered my puffy brown diaper, hoping none of the guests would see me. I knew this was inevitable though, as my mother was going to drag me into the house without pants whether I liked it or not.

My Aunt Cecilia and Uncle Ted spotted our car in the driveway and within minutes came out to offer a hand. I guess they hadn't seen me because they didn't look at me initially. Once they spotted me though, they both stared fixedly at me as if I were some alien. I wasn't sure if they were more startled at the site of seeing me in a diaper or believing that I was standing on my grandparents front lawn without pants.

I was so embarrassed I released whatever little urine I still had in my bladder and blushed a bright red. They honestly must have stared at me for a good 2 minutes. My mother paid no attention to them, and didn't even attempt to refocus their attentions. She knew a bombardment of questions were on the way, and I guess she wanted to get inside quickly to allow me to field them.

Uncle Ted spoke first. He said in a hesitant manner, " that a diaper you're wearing."

I gazed at him, squinting like I was constipated or something, and answered an innocent, "yes, but my mother made me wear it."

Uncle Ted didn't seem surprised when I told him. I guess he knew my mother was a very domineering person. Aunt Cecilia spoke shortly afterward, still befuddled, and inquired, "are you wet?"

This really caught me off guard. I figured I was going to have to provide them with the long, embarrassing story of how my mother diapered me in front off all these people at a public rest stop. At the very least, I thought I was going to have to explain to them why I was in a diaper. They didn't really seem that interested - more confused and perplexed. Perhaps they didn't have the heart to ask the questions. At any rate, I responded honestly.

"I'm wet and I accidentally pooped," I muttered. Gosh, that sounded silly. ACCIDENTLY POOPING; I was basically an adult for crying out loud. How on earth could someone like me accidentally poop? I wish I hadn't responded that way, but it was too late. Aunt Cecilia started to walk toward me; I wasn't sure what she was going to do. My mother was no where in sight; she must have started talking to my grandparents or become preoccupied with something.

Aunt Cecilia then said in a firm assertive tone, "well come on inside and I'll get you cleaned up."

She grabbed my hand and started pulling me before I had any time to react. My diaper was a thick brown and smelled almost as bad as old moldy garbage. It was beginning to burn, and I guess I was thankful to have the opportunity to be changed. I was shaking though I was so nervous about my aunt changing me.

My uncle had disappeared somewhere and before I knew it, my aunt had led me into the baby room, where my little cousin John was supposed to be sleeping. Because my grandparents were very rich, they removed a room especially for him - complete with a changing table and all. Aunt Cecilia shut the door and pulled my shirt over my head, leaving me naked with only a saggy smelly diaper.

"Okay, climb up on the changing table," she demanded, and I obeyed. The last thing I wanted was trouble with Aunt Cecilia. If she brought my mother up, I knew my punishment would be severe, and I didn't want another punishment.

"You really made a messy poopy; this is certainly worse than any poop John ever made," Aunt Cecilia commented. I wasn't sure whether to be flattered or not; I didn't say anything.

She secured my arms and legs firmly to the changing table and started squeezing her my soiled diaper. She squeezed for a while, and I wasn't sure why, but she was putting me through agonizing pain.

"You're going to learn not to soil you're diapers anymore young man," she declared. The pain was unbearable and I started to cry. My mother must have called Aunt Cecilia on the cell phone and told her the whole situation. I figured she was probably playing dumb with me before for my sake - probably to embarrass me.

I screamed and screamed, but Aunt Cecilia just continued squeezing as if she were playing with a stress ball, bored at work. She seemed unperturbed by the whole scene, which certainly confused me. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, she stopped, unfastened my diaper, and exposed my penis and testicles. They were completely covered in poop, as was part of my stomach. All the squeezing had caused the poop to leak out of the diaper, leaving quite a mess.

Aunt Cecilia was equipped with quite a supply of wipes, and she gracefully took one out the container and prepared to wipe me.

She slid the front of my diaper under my buttocks and held my feet high up in the air with one hand and proceeded to wipe. The wipe felt soothing, to say the least, and my bawls had been reduced to sporadic squeals every now and then.

She wiped thoroughly but smoothly, taking her time with my butt and then working her way up to my penis. She even took the wipe and rolled her hand while gripping my testicles, giving me a orgasmic sensation.

I was still to freaked out to properly enjoy what Aunt Cecilia was doing for me. It took her 5 whole minutes to adequately clean me, using close to 20 wipes! I felt really clean though, and fresh, to say the least.

Aunt Cecilia then reached under the table and pulled out a jar or diaper rash ointment, thick white gel she used on John when he pooped. She took a glob in her hand and spread it generously all over my privates and butt, making sure she got in every possible crevice. She penetrated my rectum with her finger and wiggled it around a bit.

Next came the powder. The sprinkled the powder over all the places she applied the cream, and also on my tummy (I don't know why). The powder stuck firmly, leaving a mess that could best be described as gooey snow.

Finally, once I had been properly treated, Aunt Cecilia pulled out a baby diaper, only it appeared to be super-sized. It had blue and white stripes that covered the diaper and a sticker along the top with Barney on it. She slid it under my butt and waved it to and fro, breezing my privates. I started to laugh because it felt good, and did it harder. Just then though, as I was being pleasantly fanned, my grandparents walked in. Suddenly the situation became very awkard.


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