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A Ride on the Tru-Way

Part 1

This is a true story. It happened to me Presidents Day 3 day weekend. The names have been changed for some stupid reason. Please let me know if you approve. There is more if you would like to read it.

It's a long ride from Atlantic City to Long Island. So I thought the best thing to do to make my ride a non stop ride was to wear my diaper and plastic pants. I've been wearing diapers since I was 15 years old. I love how they make me feel. I love wearing a diaper and using them for what they are made for. #1 not #2. There is a certain feeling you get when you pee in ones diaper. The diapers I use are very absorbent and the plastic pants help keep your pants dry just in case you over due the diapers capacity. I've never been lucky enough to find someone to share my little secret so I indulged by myself. I started wearing my diaper when I went out only a few weeks ago. No one could see if I was wearing one so I felt secure in my secret. I was happy that I decided to put one on before I left AC.

I lost my shirt so to speak at the Black Jack table and had just enough money to get me threw all the tolls. I was hungry, cranky and tired as I drove the thu-way home to Long Island. I had no money to stop for a cup of coffee or anything else for that matter. The only thing that was great was my diaper. I felt warm and comfortable regardless of anything else.

I was on the road for the better part of an hour when I felt my bladder start to let me know that I had to go. I thought to myself how great it was not to have to stop at a rest place to take a pee. I giggled and let my bladder go as I sped home. The feeling was warm as I filled my diaper. I didn't realize how much I had in me or I would have gone before I left Jersey.

I had the cruise control on so I just relaxed and enjoyed the warm feeling between my legs. I could feel my pee pee and balls get warm as the pee pee went down the front of my diaper.

I guess I was a little to relaxed and going a little to fast as I came around a turn and saw a disabled car in my lane. I quickly slammed on my brakes and turned into the next lane. There where two ladies in the trunk of their car maybe getting a spare tire out or something.

I managed to get control of my car after feeling my heart in my mouth. I pulled over and stop on the right shoulder. I was shaking so hard I peed in my diaper again.

I sat there trying to get control of myself when I heard a knock on my passenger door window. There stood a pretty older lady. Silver grey hair. Maybe 59 or 60 years old. I rolled my window down to hear what she was saying. She asked "are you OK young man"? I told her I was fine and that I was sorry if I scared her and her friend.

"Scared me" she said? "You're as white as a sheet".

"And if I'm not mistaken I think you might have had an accident in your pants too".

I looked down and saw a big wet spot on the front of my pants. My last pee went over the capacity of the diaper. I tried to cover it with my hand but was told "don't be silly it happens to all little boys when they get scared".

"Little boy" I said with a little bit of a tud.

"I'm 50 years old lady".

"Will I'm sorry 50 year old men do not pee pee in their pants" she said back at me.

"So you must be a little boy who was scared".

"I'm sorry" I said to her.

"I'm just glad I didn't hit you, your friend or your car".

"My friend is my Grand Daughter" she said correcting me".

"We were shopping at the mall and I got a flat".

"I was going to try to make it home but I couldn't steer the car"

"So we decided to stop and try and change the tire ourselves".

"I live right off the next exit".

"Maybe you could be kind enough to help my Grand Daughter and I change the tire" she requested?

It was getting dark I thought no one would see the wet spot on my pants. Being the gentleman that I am I said "sure".

"Let me see what I can do".

I unbuckled my seat belt and got out of my car. I walked back to her car and noticed the right front tire was flat. I said "well good news".

"It's only flat on the bottom" I said joking to her.

"OH very funny" she said. I headed to the trunk to get the jack and spare tire when I noticed her Grand Daughter in the passenger seat. She was 23 or 24 years old. Long brown hair with a beautiful smile.

I smiled back at her as I went to the back of the car. I heard the door open as both ladies followed me.

I pulled out the tire and jack as I heard the older lady say "it seems as though this young man was so scared he pee peed in his pants Samantha".

I heard Samantha giggle and say "don't all little boys have accidents Grandma"? "Yes Sam I'm sure they do sweet heart".

"I remember when your brother was scared of thunder storms he always managed to pee in his pants because he was so afraid of the thunder".

"Remember Sam" she asked her Grand Daughter?

"I remember Grandma" Samantha replied.

"But do you remember how we helped him"? "When we stayed over and you knew there was a thunder storm coming".

"We put him in a diaper so he could sleep at night and not wet the bed".

I heard Samantha giggled again as I was setting up the jack. I was as red as a beet. I felt my face get hot as it turned the color of a ripe tomato. I started to loosen up the lug nuts and replace the tire with the good one. I was so embarrassed I didn't say a word.

"So Grandma" Sam remarked "what is our little boy's name that's been nice enough to change our tire". I said "Jerry Hassle I'm from New York".

"And I'm not a little boy thank you".

The older lady said (I'm calling Grandma the older lady because I don't know her name) "if you're not a little boy, how come you wet your pants"?

"I got scared that's all" I blurted out. Then I realized I said exactly what they said.

"No I mean" I started to say "I just..."

"See Samantha he is a little boy and he needs his pants and underwear changed".

Grandma "maybe we should put him into a diaper in case he gets scared again on his way home" giggling at my expense?

"You've been so nice helping us the least we could do is invite him to dinner" the older lady said.

"And I will not take no for an answer Jerry Hassle" the older lady replied.

I was just knocking the hub cap back onto the tire when I heard her invite me to dinner. As strange as this has been I have to admit that I'm a little turned on about all this. But I don't want them to find out I have a diaper on. I will not here the end of it for sure.

I see the older lady whispers something in Samantha's ear. I then see Samantha run over to my car and get into the passenger seat. Hey I said "what are you doing"? "I'm sorry I said "but I can't come over for dinner really".

"I appreciate the invitation but I have to get home".

The older lady said "I told you I will not take no for an answer".

"The least we could do is feed you dinner for being so nice".

"Sam will give you directions and I will follow you".

But I ... she cut me off and said "move your wet butt and get into the car with Sam NOW PLEASE".

I was surprised at how forceful her voice was and hurried into my car. I didn't have much of a choose. I got back into my car and drive to the next exit and head to her house. We arrive in a matter of minutes. While we're driving Sam is giving me directions. She has her hand in my lap feeling my wet pants. I'm not paying much attention because I'm trying to think of a way to get my diaper off before they find out.

We arrive at the house, I park in their driveway. She pulls right behind me. I'm excited and nerves at the same time. I have never been lucky enough to have anyone know about my little diaper secret. They are both about to find out if I don't think of something quick.

Sam gets out first and opens my door. I step out just as the older lady is reaching the front door. She unlocks the door.

She walks in followed by my self then Sam. Sam locks the door and sits me down on the coach. As the older lady is walking into the kitchen she asked "how about a nice big juicy steak Little Jerry"? "How does that sound"?

I reply "really lady I'm not Little Jerry and it really isn't necessary". She said "Lady" she said "you can call me Grandma".

"Now how do you like your steak cooked" she asked again?

I look at her and say "medium rare please Grandma".

"Steak and potatoes it is then".

"Sam you keep our little boy company while I cook us up some dinner OK sweetie"? Sam came and sat next to me on the couch. She turns the 52" TV on. We start talking about this and that. I find out that she lives with her Grandma now since her mom died a year ago from a drunken driver. She gets a little teary eyed as she remembers her mom.

I tell her that I'm retired and work part time to keep busy. Grandma shouts from the kitchen "how long have you had this wetting problem baby"?

"I tell her again that I don't have a wetting problem". She replies back "if you keep lying your nose is going to start growing".

I blush again as I feel Sam's hand in my lap again while we are watching TV. All of a sudden Sam yells out "Grandma Grandma Come over here quick".

I have no idea what is going on. I thought maybe there was something on TV that she wanted to show her.

Grandma runs over to Sam who still has her hand in my lap. Grandma she said "the baby has a diaper on".

Grandma looks surprise and said how do you know sweetie"?

I can feel it and I can hear it every time he moves.

"You're kidding" she said.

"Let's look shall we" she said to Sam?

Grandma holds my arms from behind the couch and Sam starts to unzippers my fly.

"Look Grandma he does have a diaper on and plastic pants too".

I'm about to die of embarrassment now for sure. Sam pulls my pants all the way down to my ankles.

"Why you lying little baby boy" she said.

"You've been lying to us all this time" she said a little upset. I should take you over my knee a spank you for lying to us like that.

"Sam take those shoes and socks off and take his pants off too".

"But I can explain" I yell out".

"Really I can" I protested.

"Sure you can" Grandma said.

"See you really are just a little pissy baby boy like I said you were". It's OK baby we know how to take care of baby boys don't we Sam"?

"Sure Grandma we take care of my brother all the time and his 27".

I'm busted big time. I know I can't talk my way out of this one. I don't know what to say or do now.

"Look Grandma" Sam said "his blushing".

"It's OK Baby Jerry we got you and there is no way out".

"I'm parked right behind you".

"You can't move your car unless I let you out".

"You lied to us so you either cooperate or I will not move my car" Grandma said to me.

"You can have a nice dinner with us baby style or tied to a chair".

"It's up to you".

Well for one thing. I don't like to be tied up. So what choose do I have again? I swallow my pride and admit that I got caught and say Ganma din din. Granma smiled and Samantha giggled.

"Oh boy we have another baby to take care of" Samantha said.

Both the ladies know they have me where they want me. A baby for now.

I stop struggling and Grandma lets go of my arms to return to the kitchen. Sam removes the rest of my cloths. I'm sitting on the couch with only my plastic pants and diaper on. A wet diaper at best.

"Shall I change the baby Grandma" Sam asked?

"No sweetie lets eat first then you can change him".

"Din din is ready".

Sam grabs my hand and helps me off the couch and leads me into the kitchen. She sits me in a chair and puts a baby blue bib around my neck that she got from a draw in the kitchen".

"This belongs to my brother". I'm sure he won't mind sharing" Sam tells me.

Grandma comes over to the table and gives Sam her dinner. She returns with a plate. The steak is cut into little pieces with some mashed potatoes and carrots. Grandma sits next to me and starts to feed me like I'm 1.

"Now you eat all your din din baby and ganma will give you some puddy".

"Now open wide for the choo choo" she giggles".

Grandma feeds me until I'm my plate is clean.

"What a good baby boy".

"You ate your entire din din for Ganma". Here is some nice puddy for being a good boy". Sam starts feeding me the puddy making sure she has it all over my face and hands".

"Such a messy baby Grandma" Sam tells her.

Grandma said "looks like baby may need a bath before going to bed tonight".

"Can I give him his bath Grandma" Sam requests? "I love giving my brother his bubble bath when he comes over".

"Sure sweetie" was Grandma's response.

"You take him into your room and remove his diaper and I will run the water for his bubble bath".

"OK Grandma" Sam said.

"Come with me baby".

"Time for your bubble bath with Auntie Sam".

Now I'm getting nerves. Sam is going to take my diaper off and give me a bubble bath.

"How much more embarrassed am I going to be today" I say to myself? "This pretty young lady is going to get me ready for a bath".

"What is going to happen to my little pee pee when she gets me naked"? "Am I going to embarrass my self even more"?

Sam helps me up and grabs my hand as we go up the stairs to her room. It's the first time I realize as I follow her. Sam is tall and has a beautiful body from behind. In her room there are pictures of her mother and her brother on her dresser. Her room is painted all in pink. Ruffles on the curtains and her bed. Stuffed animals all over the place.

Sam brings me over to her vanity and sits me down on the chair.

"You wait right here baby and I will get the changing pad" she said as she heads for her dresser. She pulls out the pad and places it on the bed. She ushers me over and sits me down on the pad.

"Now lay back baby and I will take you wet diaper off" she requested and pushes me on my back.

I'm not sure of she is going to react after she takes my plastic pants and diaper off because my pee pee is starting to get hard from all the attention. Sam starts to remove my plastic pants and tells me how cute they look on me. She likes the little teddy bears on them.

"Do you like teddy bears baby" she asked?

I say "yes" as they came off and put into a diaper pail next to her desk.

Sam starts to remove the tapes from the diaper as she asks "do you have a mommy in New York baby"?

I tell her "no mommy" I'm looking around her room hoping the boner I have hidden under my diaper gets ready to make an appearance.

That's to bad she said "because I think you need a good mommy to take care of you".

"You're such a cute baby" she said with a big smile.

Sam is bending over me just about to remove my very wet diaper as I notice her big beautiful 34C breasts. This is not helping my now rock hard pee pee. Boy would I like to latch onto one of them I said to myself.

All of a sudden I feel a cold breeze on my balls and pee pee. I realize that my diaper is now down between my legs.

Wow Sam said "It looks like my baby likes what I'm doing". Sam bends down and gives the head a little kiss.

"I like the fact that you're all shaved down there".

"It makes diaper changing easier to keep clean" she said with a little grin. She puts my ankles together and lefts my legs up as she removes the diaper from under my butt.

"OK baby time for your bath".

"Come with me" she said. She helps me up and holds my hand and walks to the bathroom. Grandma is already in the bathroom turning the water off when we walk in. She immediately notices my hard pee pee and said "Sam looks like our baby likes all this attention". OK baby get into the tub for Grandma.

I left my leg and sat down in the water. It's warm and there is a ton of bubbles. Grandma tells Sam "start washing his hair first". Grandma sits down on the toilet and watches Sam as she starts washing my hair. Sam reaches for the hand held shower and starts rinsing the shampoo from my head. Sam grabs a wash cloth and pours some soap on it and washes my face and behind my ears.

I have to admit I'm in heaven. I've never got this much attention from anyone like this before and that includes my mother and my X wife. Maybe if she did we would still be married. But then again?

Sam is doing a good job washing every part of me above the water. She re soaps the cloth and motions for me to stand up. I stood up with out realizing I was standing. She starts washing my behind first then my legs. She continued to my front parts and between my legs too.

She is doing such a good job washing me and has me so turned on that I'm afraid I'm going to pop right there in front of both of them. Sam stops in time and reaches for the hand held shower again. She rinses me off good. Grandma grabs my hand and helps me out of the tub into a big warm towel.

Grandma is smiling at me as they both start drying me off good.

"Now you're all ready for bedy bye" she announces.

"Let's get you into a nice warm diaper and to bed. They rap the towel around me and usher me off to Sam's room again.

They lay me on my back again on the changing pad. Grandma reaches into the draw and gets a diaper and some baby powder. Sam lefts my legs up and Grandma Places the diaper under my butt.

She reaches for the powder and sprinkles a little on my butt and front. She rubs the powder in and pulls the diaper between my legs and tapes both sides tight.

I've never been diapered by anyone before. The diaper is nice and tight around my waste and legs. Grandma tells Sam "you sleep with me tonight so the baby can get some sleep". Grandma helps me up and Sam pulls the covers down. I walk to lets call that a waddle over to Sam and lay down in the bed. Grandma disappears as Sam pulls the covers up and tucks me in. About 5 minutes later Grandma comes back in with a baby bottle. She gives it to Sam and gives me a kiss on my forehead and tells me to sleep tight and leaves the room.

Sam lies next to me as she holds the bottle to my lips. I immediately open my mouth and suck on the nipple. I have a baby bottle at home so I have no problem getting warm milk into my belly. I'm sucking on the nipple and looking at Sam's breasts wishing it was one of her nipples in my mouth. I finish sucking the bottle dry as Sam removes it from my mouth with a pop. She gets up and again goes into her draw. She turns around with a blue binky and puts it between my lips. Sam reaches for a teddy bear sitting on the window sill and places it in my arms. I start hugging it while sucking on the binky.

She kisses my forehead and tells me "go to sleep because tomorrow is a big day for the new baby of the house".

She turns off the light as she walks out of the room. I'm sucking furiously on the binky wishing it was Sam's nipple as I fall asleep in heaven.

To be continued.....

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