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A Ride on the Tru-Way

Part 2

I woke up in the morning. Sun shining in my room. I sleep so peaceful last night. No night mares. Nothing but pleasant sleep. I wiped the sleep from my eyes thinking about how lucky I was to finally have my one and only fantasy fulfilled. I'm so happy and rested I start giggling like a little toddler. Don't understand how I was going to go home after this.

It's been years since I've been at piece with myself. Life's hardships and trials. Nothing ever went right for me. Now this. Maybe something nice has finally happened to me. I'm lying in bed when I suddenly remember. Diaper pail? Diapers in the dresser draw? Changing pad? Grandma has all this baby stuff in Samantha's dresser? Why was all the baby stuff in her dresser?

Just then Grandma opened the door.

"How is my little baby boy"? "Did he sleep well" she said with a big smile? She comes over to the bed and reaches under the cover putting two fingers into my diaper.

"You're soaked" she smiles.

I'm surprised. I don't normal pee pee in my diaper at night. I do it during the day when I'm awake. Grandma gets up and goes over to Sam's dresser and pulls out a new diaper. Turning around she said "lets get you all changed so we can have breakfast".

My thoughts go back to why there are diapers in Sam's dresser and the fact that she is going to put me back into a diaper and feed me breakfast. I thought I'd be going home. I wasn't sure which of the two things I was thinking about to ask her first.

Grandma pulls the covers down and starts to remove my plastic pants and diaper. Grandma pulls my legs together by my ankles just as Sam walks into the room.

"There's our new little baby" she said.


"did baby wet his diaper last night" she asked?

"Wet it"? Grandma states "his soaked".

"Oh what a good baby" Sam answers. Sam tells her.

"Breakfast is all done Grandma".

"Good honey lets get this little guy down stairs and we can all eat".

Sam's smile just turns me into putty. Her walk, her baby talk was something I've always wanted to hear from pretty women.

Grandma finishes changing my diaper and helps me out of bed by the hand. Sam holds my other hand as they walk me to the kitchen. I sit in the chair as Sam reaches for the bib. Tying it tight around my neck she kisses me on the cheek.

I'm totally interested in what's going on and forget all the things I've been thinking about all morning. Grandma sits next to me and starts feeding me my breakfast. Oat meal. Warm oat meal. It tastes wonderful. Sam places a sippy cup on the table as she sits down to eat her own breakfast. Grandma is feeding me like a baby. Putting the spoon up to her lips and blowing on it before she places it my mouth.

Sam starts to eat as she asked her Grandma.

"Grandma so what are we going to do today with our new baby boy"?

"Well" Grandma replies"

"I think we'll go into the mall and buy some new things for our new baby".

"What do you think" Sam?

"Sounds like a good idea Grandma".

"He needs some new cloths".

"He can't walk around in just his diaper and plastic pants unless we are home" she answers.

"OK" Grandma tells Sam.

"You take the baby into the living room and watch some TV".

"I'll clean up and we will leave as soon as I'm done".

"Go get baby his adult pants and shirt from the dryer and help him get dressed".

Sam gets up from the table places her dish in the sink and runs to the basement. She returns with my clean pants, shirt and socks.

"Come with me baby boy" she requests. Sam grabs my hand and we walk into the living room. Sam turns the TV on. She puts the cartoon network on as she helps me get dressed.

Sam yells "OK Baby Jerry reach for the sky".

She startled me a little and put my hands to the sky. Sam starts putting my shirt on. She is inches from me. I smell baby powder but assume it's me. I put my arms around her when she gets my shirt down to my waste and give her a big hug.

"I'm glad my new baby is enjoying himself" she said and returns the hug. With a little push she pushes me away and gets my pants. I hold onto her shoulder as I lift up one leg then the other to get my pants on. She pulls them up and zips the fly and buckles my belt.

The diaper is a little to big as it took a good zip to get my zipper up and belt buckled.

"Sit down for me sweetie" she said to me. I sat down on the couch and started to watch cartoons. She put my socks on them my sneakers.

Grandma enters the living room and asked Sam if we were ready. I have been out in my diaper before but nothing this obvious. We head for the door and Grandma gets her keys. Sam opens the back door of the car and buckles me in and closes the door as she gets into the front. Grandma is already in the car and the car is running. Grandma puts a binky in my mouth and tells me "we will be there soon". We drive away from the house. Sam keeps looking back at me while she is smiling.

We get to the mall in no time. Grandma parks in the front of the entrance. Sam opens the car door and puts my binky into her pocket and helps me out. We walk into the mall hand and hand. Grandma on one side and Sam on the other. No one gave us a second look.

I've never been in this mall so I don't know what kind of stores are in here so I just follow them down the middle of the mall still holding hands. We walk a long way to a clothing store and enter. The lady sees Grandma and said "good morning may I help you this morning". Grandma said "yes that would be nice thank you". Grandma seems to know where to go as the lady follows us.

"What are you interested in this morning" the lady asked.

"Something new for your Grand Daughter maybe"? "No" Grandma replies a little annoyed.

"Something for my Grand Son".

"You have a Grand Son too" the lady announces.

"Well how cute are you" the lady said as she pats me on the head.

"Grand Daughter" in this store? I said to myself. Now this is getting really interesting. Some things are starting to make some since. The things I was thinking about this morning and the baby powder. I look over at Sam and she is as red as a tomato. But she's smiling.

Grandma starts looking through the boys clothing picking out a few things. All the cloths are baby cloths but big enough for an adult. In her hands she has a cute Tee Shirt with Bugs Bunny on it. A pair of cover alls that have trains on the bib part. She moves over to another section and picks up a blue shirt and a yellow one with snaps down the inside of the legs. Grandma places all the stuff she picked out up in front of me to see if they are the right size. Satisfied she starts for the check out followed by the sales lady Sam and me. Sam is holding my hand tightly as we go by the exit to wait for Grandma. I look at Sam and she is still as red as a tomato.

Grandma pays for the items she picked out and we leave the store. I hear Grandma said.

"What a big mouth that lady has" and starts to giggle. Sam starts to giggle too.

We go over to the food court for something to eat. If silence was golden. I would be rich. We finish our lunch and head for the parking lot. We get into the car and Sam buckles me in again and puts the binky back into my mouth as we drive back home.

"Well" Grandma said.

"It looks like the cat is out of the bag so to speak". Grandma continued "When Samantha's parents died shortly after wards she started to wet the bed because of the traumatic death of her parents".

"I decided that the only way to keep her dry at night was to put her into diapers until things got better for her".

"The problem was that I enjoyed babying her so much that I decided to treat her as a baby again".

"Sam agreed about 11 months ago that she enjoyed her diapers and it would be OK to indulge me so to speak".

Sam said "I know how you feel Jerry Hassle when you put your diaper on".

"Warm, comfortable and secure".

"And with the love I get from Grandma what else could I want in life".

"When Grandma saw your wet pants she thought it was an accident".

"But when I took your pants off last night and we saw your diaper we knew there was something more".

I was sitting in the back sucking furiously on my binky taking all this in. I was so excided I peed in my diaper.

Grandma was watching my ever movement and facial expression. I looked at her and smiled and she smiled back.

"Samantha honey" she said "I think by the smile he has on his cute little face, you have a playmate". Sam turned around and looked at me. I smile at her and she returned the smile".

Grandma pulled her car right next to my car not behind and gets out of the car. She helped Sam out first and then me. Sam and I both grabbed the things she bought and went into the house.

"Now let's go up to Sam's bed room and get you into these new cloths" Grandma said. We head up to Sam's room and put the new things on the dresser.

Sam came over to me and started to get me undressed. Grandma left the room and I heard the water running in the bathroom. Grandma came back into the room just as Sam was removing my diaper.

"Look Grandma" Sam said.

"He really likes being a baby he pee peed in his diaper again".

That's why I'm running a bath. You too Sam. I can wash both of you at the same time and start dinner while you two play nice. Grandma went over to Sam and started undressing her. She was naked standing with her hinny facing me.

My pee pee got rock hard again and I was embarrassed when she turned around and saw it. Sam winked at me and smiled.

"OK you two lets get you cleaned up before dinner" Grandma said. We headed to the bath room following Grandma. She turned the water off and helped us both in.

Sam was beautiful. Big round tits. Short brown hair. No hair at all around her pussy. Her skin was as smooth as a baby. Sam sat at one end and I sat at the other. Our feet playing with each other under all the bubbles. Grandma reached for the wash cloth and started on Sam first. I sat there watching her go over every inch of her body. I was dieing. My pee pee was rock hard. Now it was my turn. Grandma started washing me all over. She didn't miss a spot including my rock hard pee pee.

"OK" Grandma announces "here are a few toys to play with while I start on dinner".

"Do not get out of this tub with out me understand".

"Es Grandma" was our reply.

Toys I said to myself I don't need any toys I know what I want to play with.

Grandma closed the door and told us to behave. The minute the door closed I went straight over to Samantha tits and started sucking on one. She reached for my cock and started holding it while pumping me up and down. She wanted me and I felt great that she would be interested in a 50 year old man. I sucked and licked her tit from one to the other. I was in another world. Fantasies come true. I had a lady that would diaper me, baby me, feed me and care for me. AND I had a playmate.

I was thanking God for sending me home broke at the right time. Never in my life would I have an opportunity like this again. I wasn't sure how long it would last but I was prepared to do what ever they wanted me to do to make her, them happy.

I was going like a mad man. Sam said "I think we better cool it before Grandma catches us".

"Wait until tonight" she said as she popped her tit from my mouth.

"OH please Sam just finish me off PLEASE" I begged.

"No bad baby Jerry" she said.

"You will spoil the water and she might find out what I did".

"Later I promise" she said.

"OK Sam what ever you say" I replied.

"Now pick up one of the boats" she commanded.

"I will play with the doll". We started to play with the toys. We were giggling like to little baby siblings when Grandma came back in.

"OK you two silly babies" she said.

"Let's get you out and dried off".

"Sam you're the baby girl you come first" she said. Sam stepped out of the tub and Grandma grabbed her and started to dry her off. She wrapped the towel around Sam and told her to go to her room and wait.

Grandma started drying me off and did the same thing to me. I went into Sam's bedroom she was lying on her bed with her eyes closed. I lay next to her. I could feel her warmth threw the towel.

Grandma came into the room and went right to the dresser and took two diapers out. She grabbed the baby powder on her way over to us. She opened Sam's towel exposing her beautiful body again. Grandma had her diapered on in no time. She helped her up and put a pink shirt on her that she got from the bottom of the dresser covering those big beautiful tits.

Grandma diapered me in no time too and reached for the bag with the new cloths. She took out the blue shirt with the snaps and started to put it over my head. She laid me down on my back and continued to pull the shirt under my hinny and snapped the legs closed.

"OK let's go down stairs".

"You can watch TV while I finish dinner". We followed Grandma holding each others hands. We sat on the couch. Sam turned the TV on. We sat there not really watching TV but making silly faces at each other while Grandma finished dinner.

Finally Grandma announced that din din was ready come to the table. We got up. I went in first. Sam spanked my bottom as I passed her. Saying quietly cute hinny. Grandma set our dishes on the table and sat in the middle. She started feeding Sam then me. She alternated with one spoon. Sam had a pink sippy cup with ponies on it. I looked for mine but there wasn't one.

Grandma finished feeding us and went back to the stove. She came back with a baby bottle. She said that she knew I like the baba so she would feed it to me. Sam grabbed her sippy cup and Grandma grabbed my hand as we made our way to the living room. Sam sat at one end of the couch and Grandma sat at the other end. Grandma patted her lap for me to lie in. I hopped in her lap as she held me in her arms. She held me like a baby. Head on her shoulder. One arm around my waste. She put the nipple by my lips and I took hold and started sucking on it.

She whispered to me "are you having a good time Baby Jerry"? "It's nice that my Grand Daughter has a new playmate" kissing me on my forehead.

Sam moved closer as she put her hand on my leg. Grandma continued to whisper "I hope you will think of this place as your home away from home".

"I know you have to go home tomorrow".

"So in the morning I will diaper you, feed you and you can leave anytime you're ready".

I started to get tears in my eyes. Grandma saw this and said while hugging me tight.

"OH don't cry Baby Jerry".

"We have to go to work too in the morning".

"You should always know that you are welcome when ever you like". OK cutie?

"OK" Grandma announces "it's time for all good babies to go to sleep. It was a hard day for all of us".

"Now let's get you both to bed". She takes the empty bottle from my lips and helps me to my feet. Sam stood up and started for Grandma's room. Grandma pats my diapered hinny as I follow Sam. Sam gets to Grandma's room and said "good night Baby Jerry".

Grandma interrupts her good night and tells Sam.

"If she is a good girl she could sleep in her own bed with her playmate". Sam walks to her bed room and pulls the covers down and lies down. Grandma kisses me on the forehead as she pulls the covers over us.

Grandma kisses Sam on the fore head and heads for the door. She turns the light out and closes the door.

Sam and I wrap our arms around each other and just cuddy. She smiles so sweet. The baby powder smell. The smell from her hair. I move closer and kiss her on the lips. She returns my kiss with her tongue. We start kissing and touching. I have my hands all over her body and she is doing the same. I reach under her shirt and start squeezing her tits. She moans softly as she pulls her shirt off. I suck her nipple into my mouth and gentle suckle.

Sam's hand goes down between my legs rubbing my pee pee. She can't get her hand in my diaper because of the snaps on my shirt. She starts to unsnap the crotch pushing the shirt up over my diaper. I lean up and remove it. She forces her hand into my tight diaper and grabs my rock hard pee pee. Moaning ever so softly as the pleasure of her hand is making me moan.

I slid down her belly and grab the taps of her diaper and undo them. Her diaper become loses as I push the diaper between her legs. She opens her legs to make it easier. I continue to her waste and tickle her belly button. Moving down I find the smooth surface just above her pussy.

Still on a mission to her love canal, I continue down. I find her slit wet and warm. I lick her with my tongue licking in her juices.

Sam has to let go of my dick as she puts her hands on my head. Running her fingers thru my hair. She moans and pushes her hips up to meet my flicking tongue. My hands wonder to her ass and I push her harder into me. Licking every spot my tongue could reach. I put my tongue deep into her. She takes one of her hands out of my hair to put it on her mouth. Moaning and fucking my face with her hips.

Sam reaches for my head and pulls me up to her waiting lips. She kisses me passionately. Tongues fighting in each other mouth. She grabs the sides of my head and presses her lips to mine. My hands are all over her. She starts lowering herself to my chest. Kissing my nipples. Kissing and licking down to my belly button. She is playing with me making me crazy for her. She undoes the tapes of my diaper and finally she has the head of my dick in her warm mouth. I feel her tongue licking my head and the shaft.

I know I'm getting close to exploding. But I don't want her to stop. Her warm mouth feels so good around my dick. My dick pops out of her mouth from her suction. She continues down to place her tongue on my balls. She licks and holds one at a time in her mouth.

I can't hold on any longer and grabbed her face. Pull it up to my waiting mouth and kiss her. She rolls me over on my back and guides my throbbing dick inside her. She's warm and wetter than before as my dick slides deep inside her. She stops a minute as it rests inside her. Then starts moving up and down on it. Her hands are on my shoulders, mine are on her hips. She starts moving faster as I rock and roll with her.

Her eyes looking into my eyes. Smiling and enjoying I think what she hasn't had in awhile. Faster she rides me. I'm getting so close to letting my sperm into her. I hold back the best I could but she is going faster not letting me relax for a minute. She wants me to let go. I feel how warm she is inside. I can't hold it any more and let a blast go. Then another and another.

Sam squeezes my shoulder blades as I can feel her having her own orgasm. Riding me faster and faster. Sam rest into my chest totally exhausted. I reach for the sides of her face with two hands and kiss her. She kisses me back and lays her head on my now sore shoulder.

The pleasure I received from her was like no other women I have ever been with. Her hand stroking my chest. Both of us panting, breathing hard and fast.

"Baby Jerry" she said, "can you come back next week end"?

I tell her "of cause I'm coming back".

"I'm your playmate now right"?

She replied "yes you are baby".

"Yes you are".

We lie there for a few more minutes. Holding, hugging, and cuddling each other. Sam rolls off of me and reaches for my diaper. She retapes it in place, snaps the crotch closed again. I reach for her diaper and do the same to hers.

We pull the cover up and wrap our arms around each other like before we started making love. I'm warm and feel much loved and hope that she is feeling the same. Sam reaches over to her night stand and places a binky in my mouth and puts one in her mouth.

That's the last thing I remember until waking up in the morning still in Sam's arms hers in mine. So pretty laying there. So peaceful. I hear the door open and hear foot steps coming to the bed. I hear Grandma whisper "are you two up yet"? I look up and point to Sam and shake my head no.

Grandma understands that she is still sleeping and leaves the room leaving the door open.

I move over to Sam and kiss her on the cheek. She moves slightly and I kiss her again "saying wake up Baby Samantha". She opens her beautiful green eyes and smiles at me.

"Good morning Baby Jerry" in between her binky she said.

"Good morning sweetie".

"Time to get up".

"Grandma was just here to see if we were up yet".

"Are you wet" I ask?

She nods her head yes.

"Would you like me to change you"? Again she nods her head yes. I get up and walk over to the dresses. I reach for a diaper and she tells me "to bring two". I turn around and smile at her. Before returning to the bed I reach for the baby wipes.

Holding all this in my hand I return to the bed. Pull the covers down, pull Sam closer to the end of the bed so her legs hang from the bed. I reach for her tapes and remove her wet diaper. I put her diaper under her and take a few baby wipes and start to clean her up. I take the baby powder sprinkle some all over her and rubs it in. I'm starting to get hard again. I managed to pull the diaper between her legs and get it taped tight.

Sam grabs me on top of her when I'm done and kisses me as she rolls me on my back. She giggles as she gets up and starts changing my wet diaper.

She walks over to her dresser and reaches into the draw and grabs my teddy bear plastic pants. She helps me put them on by pulling my legs threw the openings and pulling them up over my diaper. I hear her say while the binky is still in her mouth "you better come back or I will cry until you do Baby Jerry".

"I like playing with you".

I tell her "I wouldn't want her to cry so promise I will be back this week end if it's OK with Grandma".

Sam helps me get dressed in my adult cloths as we head to the kitchen. Grandma hears us coming and said "looks like my babies are finally up".

"I thought I would have to eat by myself".

We sit down at the table. Grandma takes Sam's binky out of her mouth and puts it into her pocket. Places our breakfast in front of us as we eat as adults.

Sam asks Grandma "can my playmate sleep over next weekend please".

"Sure baby what ever my little girl wants" she replies.

"Would you like to stay again Baby Jerry" she asked.

I look at her and tell her.

"I have never in my life been this happy".

"YES I'd be happy to spend time with my new family and playmate".

The End.......

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