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The Ride Along

This is the stoy of a ride I took a few years ago with a friend in his semi truck because I had ate time and Jim wanted to show how well he could drive (I was the one who taught him to drive) and now that I was retired medically I could get away for some time. When Jim called I was just bored outta my mind so I agreed to go (Jim is gay and I guess im gay to). Jim was due to arrive in two days so I worked like a fool getting my stuff ready. Clothing, extra money, a few books, my medications and since I 24/7 after a back injury a 2week supply of diapers and plastic pants also 7onesies to help hide my diapers. During this time I kept smiling and thinking of a fishing trip we had gone on when we were kids during witch the guys discovered me wearing diapers in my sleeping bag. When they had found me in diapers Jim and the others decided to buy more diapers and kept me wearing diapers and shoes the rest of the week also making me service them because I was the smallest and the simple fact they could.

When Jim finally he was proud if his new truck it was a 2000 Kenworth that didn't have a sleeper it had a apartment on back with a set of large bunks microwave, a satellite TV and a computer also it had a small sink and a porta potty. When I told Jim that he was lucky that they built better trucks now than when I learned to drive he smiled the make them like this because most drivers live in them full time like did. While Jim loaded my bags he asked if I wore diapers because of my back or because I still got off on wearing them and wanted to get treated like a sissy baby again? I told him it was because of my back but now I loved to wear them and yes I still loved to get treated as sissy baby. Jim laughed at that and said maybe he could oblige me and treat me as his baby toy during the trip and by the looks of things I wouldn't need to use the potty very much I said ok lets go and we started off heading to Reno first to pick up a load for Dallas TX. After driving and talking for a few hours I had to change my diaper because it was wet due to the coffee we were drinking so I got up and walked to the sleeper and proceeded to remove my pants and put a dry diaper on. After changing I asked Jim where I could put my wet diaper and Jim replied that just put it in the small wastebasket.

When we had gotten to Salt Lake City.we stopped in a large shopping center and as I got up to again to change my diaper Jim checked the truck and as I climbed out then we walked across the lot to a restaurant to eat. With dinner over Jim said he would meet me back at the truck and threw me the keys then walked towards the stores. As I climbed in I reached over and started the computer then proceed to check my e-mails when Jim returned he had a large package when he opened it I saw it was a little kids diaper pail witch he placed in a side cabinet telling me that his baby would have a place for his diapers.

When we started off again Jim told me we would only be going about 50 miles and stopping for the night at a rest stop for the night. As we stopped and Jim shut off the outside lights we went into the sleeper and I was told to use the bottom bunk as I removed my levies I started to reach for my sweat pants Jim stopped me and told me he liked me in just my diapers and T-shirt so instead I just pulled on my print pink plastic pants witch Jim wholly approved of. As Jim climbed into the upper bunk and I started to get in the lower one Jim asked if I remembered how to suck a guy off and I still enjoy it? When I told him yes he smiled and told me "then get over here and do a good job"As I reached over to pull his cock out of his underwear and started to lick and kiss the head of it till he got hard. When Jims cock was rock hard I opened my mouth and sucked the head in then started sucking Jim and sliding my mouth up and down his cock. When Jim's cock started to swell even bigger Jim grabbed my head and started to ram it down over his cock till his cock was buried in my throat and he started to pump his cum down my throat till I sucked him dry when Jim finished he said that I was still a good sissy and to go to sleep. When I was woken up by Jim 6 hours later Jim had started the coffee maker and as I crawled out of bed with my damp diaper still on Jim said to turn around and as I did Jim told me "you should remember this" and pulled open my plastic panties and diaper and started to piss down the back of it. As Jim finished pissing he told me to sit down in my/his toilet and he was going to check the truck before we pulled out.

When Jim climbed back into the truck I asked if I could change my soaking wet diaper and Jim said he would check and to stand in front of him when I did Jim pulled down my plastic pants. With the pants off Jim could tell I was starting to leak so he proceeded to remove my diaper and threw it in the new diaper pail them used baby wipes to clean me off. After the wipes Jim got out my baby lotion and powder then started to rub lotion on my crotch then bad me lean over so he could do my ass (I guessed just how much he wanted to do my ass when I saw his hardon through his levies. When I bent over Jim started to spread lotion on my ass then he stuck a finger up my asshole then a second one and started to finger fuck me till I loosened up. When my asshole was ready Jim made me get on my hands and knees then pulled his cock out of his pants and smeared more lotion on it when he was ready JIM asked if I was ready to be his sissy slut again. When I told him yes daddy I was ready for him and to just start slow Jim said "bullshit daddies get to do as they like and sissy's just have to take it however it comes". Then Jim worked the very head of his cock in and then shoved it in full length making me cry out but I was told to shut my sissy mouth and Jim started to pump his cock in and out hard and fast. After a few minutes Jim said' HANG ON SISSY DADDYS CUMING" and pumped his creamy hot load into my ass when Jim was finished he just pulled right out and sat down. As I stood up while trying to keep daddies cum from leaking out of my ass daddy told me to lay down and daddy would rediaper me so I laid down and Jim placed a dry diaper under my butt and proceeded to powder and fasten the tapes. When I stood up Jim picked up my plastic pants and held them open for me to step into then pulled them up and informed me to put on a T-shirt and that's all I was going to wear most of the trip.

When I sat in the front seat I asked what if someone sees me and was told don't worry that the only ones that could see into the truck were other people in trucks and most only see from waist up. But the ones that did see me would love what I was wearing or would let me know how cute his baby was. Jim then started the truck and pulled out of the rest area onto the highway as we picked up speed I was told to get Jim some coffee and to sit back and enjoy the ride. We drove for about four hours and pulled over at a truck stop for fuel when Jim got out I quickly stepped into the back on the sleeper so no one would see me and how I was h dressed in just diapers and shirt.

As Jim climbed back into the truck and pulled into the back lot so he could park so we could go in and eat I told him I would just wait in the truck so no one would see me and Jim laughed and told me he would bring me something back. While waiting I booted the computer to check my e-mails and to see what was going on back at home. When Jim came back out he had a small bag with him and told me he had gotten the baby something to eat I opened the bag to find 3 large cans of simlack baby formula and a baby bottle. As I looked up I was told that if Jim felt like it that would be the only thing I was getting then he proceeded to make me a bottle and told me to go lay down and take a nap but when he stopped again the bottle had better be empty.

When I woke up about 2 hours later Jim told me to make another bottle and enjoy the ride so I made a bottle and then turned on the TV to see if I could get anything to watch. As I watched TV and drank my bottle Jim asked how wet I was/ when I told not very he said he would fix that! He then pulled over in a wide spot and stepped into the sleeper and proceeded to make me stand up and turn around so he could use his toilet when I did he pissed into the back of my diaper and got out to check the tires. Jim returned to truck and asked how it felt to sit in some one else's hot piss? When I told him it felt great Jim told me to get up front and he would let me change my pissy diaper. After a few miles I started to pee so Jim told me I could change now and I got up to remove my diaper and then clean up when I finished I started to sit down but Jim told me to crawl over to him because he wanted a blow job. While I was sucking Jim's cock he was talking to one of his friends on the c.b. Radio and told him that he had a sissy slut sucking him off as he was driving. His buddy told Jim he wished hi could get some of that action and Jim told him to meet him later that day when I finished I asked who that was and Jim told me I would meet the guy later.

Later that evening we pulled into a truck stop and we were followed by another truck that parked next to us as Jim shut the truck off a big black guy walked to the truck and Jim motioned him to climb in. When the guy climbed in Jim introduced him, as Terry when Terry looked at me he asked Jim why was the sissy wearing a diaper? Jim told him that I was his gay sissy baby then Terry asked if I used my diaper and was told yes "we both use his diaper" when Terry asked how do we do that Jim had me stand up and when I did Jim filled my diaper with his warm piss and told Terry to try it. When Terry walked up he pulled open the front of my diaper and told Jim I must love it because I had a hardon then proceeded to piss in the front of my diaper. As I finished Terry was telling how that felt so good but really wanted a blowjob too so Jim made me get down and start finding what black guys tasted like. When Terry pulled his cock back out he told me that I better show him how good I was and I would enjoy some real big black cock. So I kneeled down and started to do what I did best and sucking as much as I could get into my mouth.

When Terry started to move his cock in and out of my mouth he kept trying to get more in till I was gagging and Terry was telling me how good it was then started to shove his meat in farther till I was really this point Terry started to cum but it was so much it started to run down my face and off my chin as kept swallowing Terry told Jim I was a real good cocksucker and what else was I good at? As Terry pilled his now limp cock out Jim told him that I was good to fuck too. Jim had me stand up and when I did there was a puddle of piss where my over full diaper had leaked so Jim told me I would get a real ass whipping later. After my diaper was pulled off Jim grabbed my baby lotion and rubbed it on my asshole and his cock then had me lean over the lower bunk then rubbed the head of his prick against my asshole then shoved it in hard and to the full length. After just a few minutes Jim was pumping my ass full of cum then he pilled out and told Terry that he thought I was ready for him. When Terry grabbed my waist he said' here comes the real meet sissy boy" and rammed his dick home then started to fuck me long and slow. (Note here when you hear how big black guys cock is believe it) Terry started to slowly fuck my asshole and he kept it up longer than I would have thought he could after what seemed like an hour buy was really only about 15 minutes Terry started to pump my ass fast then pulled me tight and filled my ass with his seed. When Terry finished he told Jim I was a real find and he had the best attachment a truck could have then they both laid me down and put a dry diaper on me then a dry pair of plastic pants.

When I was rediapered Jim said he had almost forgot then sat on the bunk and made me lay over his knees then proceeded to beat my as and when Jim's hand got tired Terry took off his belt and so Jim used it for 4 or5 more swats. Jim then pulled my diaper and panties up and Terry offered to take us to dinner so they let me put pants on and we went to the restaurant for a meal since I only had coffee and formula that day I was hungry so I wanted a big meal. After eating and Terry paid for the meal Jim asked which way Terry was heading when he said west Jim told him we were headed for Dallas and would see him later. As Terry pulled out Jim asked if I liked that and I told him yes he told me if I wanted he could arrange it for every time we stopped when I agreed we climbed into the truck and as we got ready for bed I wondered just how much I would get fucked over the next 2 weeks and just how much dick I would get to suck. But that would be another story...

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