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Robert's Diaper Punishment

Chapter 1 - The Chores

Diana's voice was soft but stern and Robert knew she meant business.

"I am going to have my hair and nails done. Here is a list of chores and I expect them all completed before I return."

Robert knew better than argue.

"Yes, Darling, consider them done."

"I'll be back at 3:00 ...bye, Honey"

It was Saturday and the last thing Robert wanted was a list of chores. But he also knew what would happen if he didn't do them so he began working. The Hendersons were coming over for dinner tonight and every thing would have to be perfect for there rich neighbors. There was much too much for Nadia to do by herself.

Robert was a tall, handsome man and he knew it was his outstanding looks that got him where he was. His near perfect body and boyish features made him look 10 year younger then his actual age of 32. Coming from a lower middle class family Robert never dreamed he would be living this kind of life...a 14 room house...swimming pool...2 cars: a Hummer and a Mercedes...a summer home on cap cod with dock and speed boat.... He had all the things most guys only dream of, but there was a trade off. It was agreed before their marriage that Diana would be the boss. He would to do what ever Diana said and submit to her discipline and punishment if he failed her. If he did anything to really piss her off he would be left out in the cold without a penny. And, indeed, that was written into the prenuptial agreement the Robert signed. In return he would be given anything he wanted and allowed to do pretty much anything he wanted as long as he had her permission.

Although he would never admit it, he liked the fact that she was so strict with him. He needed discipline and Diana was just one to give it. The punishments were sometimes harsh but never cruel and he kind of liked being treated like a little boy. His slightly immature personality and submissive nature made him the perfect candidate for this type of domestic situation. The only thing he hated was the humiliation she would put him through, sometimes in public.

He began his chores and about half way through the list he took a break and played some video games. After a while he was caught up in the game and lost track of time. Then he remembered..."Oh my God! It's 3:00" he thought out loud. He jumped off the couch just as he heard the jingling of keys... The door opened and Diana walked in. Robert's heart was in his throat and she saw the panic in his face as they met at the door with a hug.

"So, how was your day, baby?" She asked. She was wearing her 'I know what's going on. You can't get away with anything' expression...eyes narrowed and the left corner of her lip slightly curled into a smirk of a smile.

"Ggood, Dear." Robert said nervously, looking down at his toes.

"Did you finish the chores I gave you?"

"Well, kind of...

"THAT IS NOT AN ANSWER. You answer that question with a yes or a no. You either did what I asked or you did not. I will ask you again; did you finish the chores I gave you?"

His face tingled with the shame he felt and he knew that he was in big trouble.

"No ma'am, I'm sorry I did not" He mumbled timidly in a shaky voice. He felt the butterflies in his stomach begin to do their little dance.

With that she put her right leg on the hallway chair and pulled him by hair across her knee. The sudden pressure on Robert's stomach made him fart and a wave of embarrassment flushed over him. In a flash she had yanked down his sweat pants and underwear and was spanking his naked bottom with such force he felt his whole body jolt and quiver with every smack. Before long Robert's ass cheeks were on fire and he was whimpering and begging for mercy. He felt the familiar sting in his eyes as the tears started to form. The sound of the blows echoed in the marble hallway and he knew that Nadia could hear from upstairs where she was making the beds. After the spanking was over she let him up and held him in her arms as he cried like a baby.

Although Diana was strict and domineering but she was also very loving. Yes, she would admit to her friends that Robert was her boy-toy and that she married him for his body, but the truth is she did love him very much. Although she had no desire of having kids herself, treating Robert in this manner satisfied her maternal instincts to some extent. She found that she enjoyed their punishment sessions very much on an emotional and a sexual level as well. She found that seeing him cry especially turned her on.

After letting him cry on her shoulder for a couple of minutes, Diane told Robert to pull up his pants and finish his chores. He wiped his red eyes with the cuffs of his shirt and bent over to pull up his pants.

"Wait a minute, Robbie. Let me see your underwear."

Roberts face felt a sudden heat as he looked down. His new, white Fruit of the loom briefs had a light brown stain right along center. He thought to himself, "Oh God NOOO! How could that have happened? I'm always so careful about wiping."

"Jesus Christ, Robert, do I have to teach you how to wipe your bottom again?

You have just earned yourself another punishment, little boy! Since you can't seem to keep your underwear clean you may put on diaper and keep it on till further notice. All toilet privileges are hereby revoked."

"Bbut what about the dinner party tonight?"

"If you're good until then I may let you wear pants over the diaper."

Filled with shame Robert ascended the marble staircase to the 2nd floor.

Entering the master bedroom he got undressed and put his cloths in the hamper. He went to the large triple mirror to see how bad his butt was. Both cheeks were bright red and there were spots where you could see the imprint of Diana's hand.

Nadia walked in a placed a bundle of freshly folded laundry on the bed.

"She give you good one this time, no? Not as bad as last week, I think."

Nadia took a clean hand towel from the pile, wet it with cold water and handed it to Robert.

"Here, put this on your make you feel better."

"Thank you, Nadia."

He held the cool towel against his flaming hot buttocks and let out a sigh of relief.

"She wants me to wear a diaper again. Can you get one for me please?"

"Ok, I bring it now."

She left and returned in a moment with a double thick cloth diaper and pins.

"You want I help you, Roberto?"

"No, thank you Nadia, I can do it." She could see he was ashamed and left him alone to diaper himself.

In the kitchen Diana was making a pitcher of her signature margaritas. She was squeezing limes into the blender when Nadia entered.

"Oh, hi Nadia, how's he doing?"

"He's ok ...a little sore...he be fine. What he do you make him wear diaper?" She said in her charming broken English.

"He left stains in his underwear. I guess he was so excited to play his video games he didn't take the time to wipe properly." Diana said with giggle and a smirk.

"Ha ha ha...He is like little boy! How cute!". Nadia exclaimed.

They both had a good laugh at Roberts expense and shared a margarita before beginning dinner preparations. Just then a buzzer rang. Diana glanced at the monitor in corner of the kitchen. The camera showed the street in front of the house and the delivery truck in front of the gate.

"Oh, it's the florist with the center piece for tonight. Would you buzz him in, Nadia?

"Yes, Ma'am..."

Robert descended the marble staircase now clad in a diaper and slippers....nothing else.

He found his list of chores and went to the next one. It read: Take Out Garbage.

"Oh great," he thought, "Now the whole neighborhood's going to see me like this"

He grabbed the 3 hefty trash bags and went out the side door. The cool march air made him shiver as he dragged the bags to the side of the house. He walked the cobblestone path that ran adjacent the driveway to the garbage shed at the end of the driveway. The 6 foot stone wall that surrounded the house blocked anyone from seeing from street, so unless someone happened to be walking or driving by he was safe. But then there were the neighbors on both sides who would have gotten a good view had they looked out their windows. Rob wondered what they would think about a grown man wearing nothing but a diaper.

He was dropped the last bag into the bin when he heard the motor of the electric gate roar to life. His heart stopped as the heavy iron gates began to open. He stood frozen as the delivery truck drove past him and parked at the top of the driveway near the front door. As fast as he could he made his way back to the house and slipped in the side door. Had the guy seen him? He must have! Almost in tears from the embarrassment, Robert hid in den until he heard the door close and the truck drive away.

Later that evening when they were dressing, Robert had tried to get out his diaper punishment but Diana would not allow it.

"Please Diana, don't make me do this. I'll wear the diaper for the rest of the weekend but not tonight. Please!" Robert pleaded with his wife.

"Sorry, but the punishment stands. You will wear the diaper and use it all night. You should be thankful I'm letting you wear pants over it. If you keep up your whining I might change my mind. Now, before you get dressed I have something for you. Go take off everything and lay down on the bed."

Robert did as he was told and Diana went into their spacious master bathroom.

She came out a moment later holding a red enema bag filled with 2 quarts of warm soapy water.

"Since you will not be allowed to use the bathroom this evening, I don't want you embarrassing me with anything smelly in your diaper. This will solve the problem."

She hung the bag from a hook next to the bed and removed 4 silk scarves from the dresser draw. She tied each of Robert's arms and legs tightly to the bed posts so that he was entirely helpless. Robert knew that begging would do no good so he quietly submitted to the humiliating procedure. Diana then placed a thick bath towel under his groin. She put on a pair of rubber gloves (so she wouldn't mess up her freshly done nails) and lubricated middle finger with ample amounts of Vaseline. Then, knelling on the bed between Robert's legs she spread apart his still red ass cheeks exposing his tight rose bud. First she massaged the outer rim of his anus while slowly dipping the tip of her finger inside. She twisted her wrist working her finger inside deeper with evey turn until it was as deep as it could go. Robert moaned as she brought her finger in and out faster and harder. Then she added another finger and Robert squealed like a little girl as they were pushed deep inside his rectum. She continued fingering him for several minutes just to amuse herself and then inserted the enema nozzle. She opened the clamp and let the warm soapy water flow into Robert's bowels. Robert moaned as the water began to fill his rectum. Every few seconds she would stop the flow to let the water go deep inside him before starting again. Before long Robert had the entire bag inside of him.

The cramping was bad and he squirmed around on the bed trying hard to hold it all in.

His being spread apart as they were made this more difficult.

"I'm going in the shower now and you better not let one drop out till I'm finished. Do you understand?"

"Yes Ma'am."

Robert began to sweat as the strain on his anus grew. It took all the concentration he had to hold back the ½ gallon of water inside of him. He would feel it starting to come out and have to squeeze with all his might to hold it in.

Meanwhile, Diana took her time in shower. The thought of her husband tied up and in his pathetic state was a big turn for her Using a silky hand lotion she began rubbing her clit and fingering her vigina until before long she was having orgasm after orgasm. It was more than a hour before she exited the bathroom.

"Please, please ...I got to go real bad...I can't hold it any more...PLEASE."

There was panic in his voice and Diana knew he had enough. His entire body was drenched in sweat and the bed around his face was soaked from tears. Diana untied her husband and laughed as he ran full speed to bathroom holding his ass. She stood in front of him as he sat on the bowl moaning with the water pouring out of his ass like fountain.

"Eat me now, my pussy good!" She grabbed him by the hair and pulled his face into her sopping wet pussy." He licked and sucked for all he was worth and Diana had several more gushing orgasms.

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