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Robby's Punishment

Robby was twenty-one years old and loved to hangout with his best friends. They always did all kinds of things together. On their twenty-first birthday they went out to a bar and had the best times of their lives. They were so drunk that they forgot their names. A cop pulled them over and realized that the boys were drunk. All of the boys and Robby were thrown in jail. It was nothing big but it was an over-nighter. The only reason that they got out in the morning was that Robby's parents post bail. They took all of the boys back to their houses and Robby had a surprise for him when he got home.

Robby's parents did not like it when Robby got into big trouble. This was really pushing it and crossing the line to his parents. They were going to make sure that this never happened again that he would stay sober for good.

When Robby and his parents got home, they all went into the kitchen to talk. Robby's mom, Linda, went and made Robby a cup of coffee. Robby took a big gulp and his father started to talk to him.

"You do know that you screwed up and that you are in big trouble; right? You will also never do this again; got it?"

"Yes dad, but..." the room started to spin and everything started to go black. Before Robby knew it, he was unconscious.


When Robby woke up, he was in a crib with a cover with a lock on it. He also felt something between his legs. It was wet, soft, and somewhat tight through the crotch area. It didn't take him long to figure out what it was. It was a wet diaper! Just then, his parents walked in and he was furious.

"What the hell are you doing to me?!"

"I told you that I don't want this to happen again. You are always getting into trouble and your word means nothing to me. Your mother and I are going to start treating you like a baby because babies never get into trouble."

"This isn't fair! I hate you! You are the worst parents ever!"

"Well, that will be different at the end of this month. By then, we will the only ones that you will ever like and trust. You will hardly be able to do anything on your own."

"I still hate you for now at least."

"That's okay." Robby's parents left the room and decided not to change his diaper for a couple of days. He will have to learn to love them and accept this whether he liked it or not.

"Well, when the hell will you get me out of this disgusting diaper?"

"By the end of the week if your lucky right now."

Robby was quick on his feet on this one, "Well, I am your baby now right? So that means that you have to change my diaper when it gets dirty."

"You're right." Robby's dad took the top off of the crib. Robby's dad took him out and strapped him to the changing table that was across the room. Now Robby was unable to escape. His dad took off the diaper and started to clean up Robby. Robby was able to look down and sadly, and furiously saw that his pubic hair had been shaved off. He didn't even bother saying anything. Robby's father through out the other diaper and put a new one onto Robby. He then took Robby into the other room and looked him into a play pen. He left Robby in there until he needed another change. It went like this for four days until Robby's parents went out to dinner.

Robby's parents figured that since they were treating him like a baby that he would need a baby-sitter too. He called his girlfriend. She knew what was happening and didn't like it one little bit. That was why she said yes when they asked her to baby-sit Robby.

When Kristen, Robby's girlfriend, arrived, his Robby's parents told her about the rules. As soon as they left, Kristen changed Robby out of his dirty diaper and into adult clothes and let him wear his boxers.

"Thank you so much. I love you unconditionally."

"I love you too. Why exactly did your parents do this to you again?"

"They did it to me because they didn't want me to get into any more trouble. They think that treating me like a baby and making me wear diapers; which I am going to say is not really that bad; that I won't get into any more trouble. I really don't understand them sometimes."

"Wow, what did you say about wearing diapers?!"

"I said that it isn't that bad. I didn't exactly mean that I like wearing them."

"What do you mean "that"? And what do you mean "exactly"."

"I mean that I can't say too much bad about it. I think that sometimes I even like wearing them. Like when I'm busy, I don't have to stop what I am doing just to go to the bathroom. Do you know what I mean?"

"No, not exactly."

"Trust me, they aren't that bad."

"Whatever. I don't really think that you know what you are talking about."

"Listen, will you just try them for me. I mean, wear them for like half an hour, until my parents get home. Then you could go to the bathroom and then I will change you. You could see what I feel and you could see my point of view when I talk about diapers."

"Well...okay. Just half an hour. I will do it for you."


Robby went over to the changing table and told Kristen to get onto it. Once she got on it he took of her pants, shirt, and panties. He then instructed her to lift up on her butt and he slid the diaper in underneath her. She let her butt down, Robby powdered her up, and then taped together the diaper. Once he finished with her Kristen did the same for him.

"You're right, this isn't so bad."

"Yeah, do you have to pee or poop or even both yet?"

"Well...I do have to pee. I don't think that I want to try pooping in one of these yet."

"Well then just pee into it."

"Will it hold all of it?"

"Yeah. Just let it go. Then after like fifteen minutes or less I will give you a change."

"Okay...Here goes."

Kristen did exactly what Robby told her to do. She just relaxed herself and started to pee. She actually enjoyed it too. The two of them played with the baby toys for the rest of the night. Kristen didn't even worry about being changed because her and Robby were on the couch making out. Just then they heard Robby's parents pull into the driveway. Kristen still forgot that she had the diaper on.

"Hello kids," said Mr. Fischman.

"How was he behaved?"

"He was very good Mr. Fischman. I hardly knew he was here."

"That's good. Now, how much do I owe you for watching him?"

"Thirty bucks."

"Okay. Here you go. Thank you again. Are you busy this weekend? My wife and I are going away to our lake house."

"No...I don't think I am. I would be glad to watch your son for the weekend."

"Okay, that's great. See you Friday morning."

Kristen was walking out and all of sudden the diaper she was wearing made some noise. She kept walking but the diaper made more noise and both Mr. and Mrs. Fischman noticed.

"Are you wearing a diaper?"

"Yes...I am Mrs. Fischman. I am in the middle of my period and I ran out of pads. I didn't want to go looking through your house so I just grabbed a diaper and that worked well enough."

"Okay my dear. See you this weekend."

Kristen went out to car and drove down the street. She got to a Walmart and threw out her used diaper. She was all ready for this weekend of staying with her boyfriend and wearing diapers.

Robby was also really excited about the upcoming weekend. He knew that he would be able to be himself but still wear diapers and make out with his girlfriend. He couldn't think of any better weekend.


The weekend came before both Kristen or Robby knew it. They were so excited. Robby's mom was just finishing putting on a clean diaper when the doorbell rang. It was Kristen with a sleeping bag and a suitcase.

"Hello, Kristen," Robby's mom cheerfully greeted Kristen.

"Hello, Mrs. Fischman," chimed Kristen.

"I can't wait to baby-sit your little Robby."

"Yes, we are going to miss him. Well, take care now. We will see you guys on Tuesday around noon or later. Good-bye."

"Good-bye," cheered Kristen.

As soon as Robby's parents were down the road and out of sight, Robby got into his adult clothes and changed Kristen into her diaper and back into her clothes. They both spent the day watching t.v., talking, making out, and changing each other's dirty diapers. They had a great time.

Sunday evening at around 7:00, the phone rang when Kristen was about to change Robby's diapers.


"Oh, hi Kristen. This is Mrs. Fischman. I am sorry to make you stay longer to watch my son but there has been a terrible storm and we won't be able to get home for another week. Do you think that you will be able to watch little Robby for us?"

"Deffinetly. I would be glad to watch your son for you."

"Thank-you so much."

As soon as Mrs. Fischman hung up, Kristen told Robby about what was happening. Then she went back to changing his dirty diaper. When she was all finished Robby sat up and said, "Why don't you ever mess your diapers. Whenever you have to poop you just wait and go on the toilet. You should try it in you diapers. I will admit that it isn't the best feeling ever but it beats getting up and then you only have to do it later when you are finished with everything else. Like, you and I could be making out and instead of getting up to shit, I just do it right then and there."

"Well, I guess I will try it. The only reason I haven't done it yet was because I like to wear diapers with you and I am afraid that if I poop and don't like it that I might not like to wear diapers any more. I will think about it though."

"Okay. That's good to hear."

Robby and Kristen went back the couch to make out and watch movies. The next day went by as usual. The only difference was that they decided to go out to a drive in movie. Right before they left they ate some dinner and changed each others diapers. Robby spiked Kristen's drink with metamucil. They took Robby's souped s-10 to the movies.

It took them about 15 minutes to get to the drive in movie. That only meant that it would take another 15 minutes for the metamucil to start working. The two kids got ready to watch the movie and laid on the bed of Robby's s-10. Right when the movie started Kristen started to feel the shit coming on.

"I have to go to the bathroom."

"Don't worry about it. You have a diaper on; remember?"

"Yeah, but..."

"But what?"

"I have to poop."

"That's fine. Just poop into your diaper."

"I don't think that I want to. Like I said, I like wearing diapers with you but I don't want to take the chance with pooping in one."

"Well, just try it. If you don't like it then you will never have to do it again."

Kristen took a gulp and agreed. It took a little while for the shit to start moving. It then took another five minutes for her to get it out. She didn't think it was that bad but she didn't completely like it either. She decided that it isn't too bad and that she didn't really mind messing her diapers. Robby said that he would change her diaper when they got back. The two of them stayed for two movies before returning home.

When they got home, Robby kept up his promise. The metamucil worked really well and Kristen's diaper was really full. He almost gagged when he opened up the diaper. Kristen on the other hand really liked when Robby changed her messy diaper because it felt better when he cleaned up a messy one then just a wet one. After she got changed, Kristen cleaned up Robby and the two went to bed together in Robby's bed.

In the morning they found a very nasty surprise. The surprise was Robby's parents standing right in front of them.

"What the hell is going on here?"

"It's not what it looks like Mr. Fischman."

"Then what is it?"

" had a nightmare."

"So you decided that he could sleep with you?"

"Yeah, and my period isn't over yet and since the fact that you had to stay longer, I ran out of pads again. I wasn't really able to get more so I used diapers again."

"Okay. Just...don't let it happen again."

"Okay. I have to go now so I will see you on Friday."

"Okay. I will see you again."

Kristen left and Robby's mother went and changed his diaper for him. Robby was then placed into his playpen. He was not very happy that his parents were home but he was glad that Kristen would be coming back in a day. He only wanted his parents to trust him enough to let him go out again.


"Yes honey?"

"Can I go out again and try to prove to you two, you and daddy, that I can be good again?"

"I don't think so. I don't think that you can go out without having to use your diapers any more. You may have become incontinent. Plus, I don't really think that your father and I can trust you again. You always got into trouble and you got sent to jail for one of your problems too. I don't think that you have enough of a good history to get you out of this one my dear."

"Well, what if I go with Kristen. She could help keep an eye on me and help keep me out of trouble. You guys also really trust her. She is very responsible and never got into trouble." Robby crossed his fingers when he said this because he knew that Kristen had gotten into a lot of trouble before. She had just never been caught yet.

"Please! Can I, I can prove myself."

"I have to talk to your father about this young man. Maybe if you could show that you are learning your lesson we might give you repreave for a short time. Talking like a grown-up isn't something that most babies do. Do you understand me?"

"Yeth momma."

After saying that, Robby's mother stuck her finger under the leg guards of the diaper to check and see if it was wet. Sure enough, Robby was wet. He still had complete control of his bladder because his parents were only going to try and make him incontinent by making him wear the diapers. He just decided not to bother with holding it for a long time. This way he still practice bladder control. After his mother was finished changing him, she put him back into his playpen.

"Tank-you mommy"

"Your welcome dear."

That night, Robby's parents talked about letting him try to prove himself again. Robby's mother thought that it would be good idea but his father did not. They argued for a long time but Robby's mother finally won the argument. He was allowed to go out with Kristen on Friday while Robby's parents went out on their date. The only thing was that Robby had to wear his diapers.

They told Robby all about this and called up Kristen and told her that she was to take Robby out on Friday and she agreed immediately. Robby didn't mind having to wear his diapers because he actually like to wear diapers. In fact, Kristen had bought some of her own diapers and was going to bring them with her on Friday.


When Friday came along, Robby was so happy that he wet his diapers twice as bad as usual. He couldn't wait to go out with his girlfriend tonight and get another chance to be free.

Five o-clock rolled around very fast. Before Robby knew it, his parents were getting ready to leave and the doorbell rang.

"Are you ready to go out tonight?"

"Deffinetly. My parents told you that I have to wear diapers still though, right?"

"Yes. They told me all about it. Are you ready?"

"Yes. Let's go."

"Behave Robby, you aren't getting any more chances."

"Okay," and with that, Robby and Kristen took off down to the mall. While they were in the car, Kristen told Robby that she bought some diapers and that she was going to put them on in the parking lot of the mall. The two of them would spend the night shopping in their diapers.

When they got home they found out that Robby's parents were already home.

"How was your night out Robby?"

"It was great. I had a good time with Kristen."

"That's good. Your father and I have had a long talk and we decided that we will let you go back to living your life as normal. But...if we catch you in big trouble again you will come back here for good. GOT IT?!"

"Yes. Can I have the keys for my truck back then?"

"Sure...but don't you want to get out of your diapers now?"


"Why not?"

"I don't want to....I kinda can't," he lied of course, "I need them and dad caused me to loose control."

"Oh, well we are really sorry. Here are your keys."

Robby took his keys and him and Kristen sped off into the night. The two went steady and got married. They have two kids now, Greg and Christina. Neither one of the kids are potty trained.


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