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Roll Reversal

Chapter 1 - Introduction

I have written about my diaper adventures in the past, but I have never told the story about the first time I took control of my husband and made him my diaper slave. Girls, you are going to love this one!

My name is Kim and I am married to the best man in the world. His name is Chris. Typically, I am Chris's slave and often that means that I am put in the most humiliating, restrictive, and demanding situations that you can imagine. Usually when Chris wants to really test my submissive limits, he adds diapers to the equation. I have been forced to wear diapers in all kinds of situations and Chris knows that it embarrasses me to wet or mess my diaper, especially if we are out in public.

The funny thing is that I have a love hate relationship with diapers. I love Chris's attention when he forces me into a diaper. I love being put in humiliating situations, and the more humiliating the situation, the better it is for me and our love making. I am a submissive by nature and Chris is by far the dominate one in our relationship. That is why I wanted to turn the tables for one weekend and see if I could tap into a side of Chris that he may not have explored.

I wanted to take control and be Chris's master for the weekend. I knew it was not going to be easy because Chris is so much more powerful than I am. If I could pull it off, it would be so incredible to be able to boss him around and let him see what it was like to be a diaper wearing slave.

I actually started to get turned on by my own imagination of what it would be like to have Chris under my control. After all, how many times did I have to meet his demands? How many times was I forced to wet myself or worse while secretly wearing a diaper under my clothes? How would Chris react the first time he couldn't hold it any longer and the only solution was the diaper hugging him, waiting for his release? Could I actually demand oral sex from him and have him comply when I wanted it? What would it be like to dress him up as a little diaper boy or maybe even a little diaper girl? This was going to be fun, if I could pull it off. The stakes were high. If I failed, Chris would be on me like a rat on a piece of cheese!

I didn't come up with this role reversal idea on my own. I actually ran into some of Chris's reading material (while sneaking around in his briefcase). I am bad that way. Some of the material had the man being dominated by the female. I thought that Chris wouldn't have this material in his possession if he didn't have a secret desire to be dominated. I too wanted to take control even if it was for a brief weekend. I wanted Chris to know the feeling of being forced into a diaper and have to answer to my every whim.

It was not going to be easy to dominate Chris. I had to have a good plan in order to be able to pull this off. I had to include an element of surprise or Chris would never go willingly into the submissive role. I actually started making arrangements several weeks before my plan was put into action. I was patient. I waited for just the right opportunity to assert myself and become the dominatrix in our relationship. What follows is my account of the most incredible weekend.

Chapter 2 - My plan

Chris works hard as a dentist and keeps a lot of hours. However, every other Saturday and all Sundays Chris takes time off from his work. I wanted to pick a weekend that we would have the entire weekend together. That weekend was approaching.

Chris got a call from his college buddies to go drinking on Friday night. He made the usual promises to me that men make, but fail to keep. He said that he would be home around ten o'clock Friday night and that he would make it up to me and do something special the rest of the weekend. Boy, he didn't know how special it was going to get.

I didn't have tons of time when Friday finally arrived, but my preparations had been thorough and I was ready to put my attack plan in motion. I actually read several books and articles about women dominating men. I wanted to know what men liked about being dominated and I needed to learn how to go about it. I also purchased several items that I thought would come in handy, but I will tell you about those later. Clothes are very important to Chris. He always takes great interest in selecting my outfits and I wanted to return the favor and select his clothes. I also wanted to make sure I purchased some clothes for myself that Chris would find irresistible. How could I tease Chris if I didn't dress the part? This was going to be fun.

I almost forgot. We keep a locked closet in our house that contains all of our bondage equipment, sexy clothes, diapers, baby items, etc. Chris holds the key to this closet. It is part of Chris's need to keep control and I don't have access to its contents. However, I was able to find the key when Chris was out of town and I had it duplicated. There were a few items that I had not seen and it would be fun to introduce them to Chris instead of the other way around. I had everything I needed to make Chris my diaper slave.

Chapter 3 - Chris comes home drunk

It was not a surprise when I heard Chris come in very late. It was also not a surprise that Chris was very drunk after being with his friends. I met him at the door and helped him up the stairs. I was going to kill him with kindness in order to set my trap.

"Dear," I said.

"It is so good to have you home safe, I missed you."

"I know that you need these nights out with the guys and I understand."

"Honey, I know that you want to sleep in late tomorrow so I am going to help you into bed in our guest room."

"In that way, I won't disturb you tomorrow morning and you can sleep in." Chris walked and stumbled into the guest bedroom and plopped onto the bed. I removed his shoes, socks, shirt and pants. He was laying in just his undershirt and underpants.

"Chris, would you care for some aspirin before going to sleep?" He said yes and I gave him a couple of the nighttime aspirin just to make sure he slept soundly. The plan was working perfectly.

Chris fell asleep immediately, but I waited a short time before I took control. When I was certain he was sleeping soundly, I went to work. I might only have one chance to make my plan work so I had to work efficiently, but not forget anything. What Chris did not know is that I had placed a plastic sheet on the bed before the night began. The plastic sheet was fitted under the regular sheets. I also placed a pad in the center of the bed where Chris's mid-section would rest. This was not any pad. It was a pad that is used to help small children learn how to stop wetting the bed. If the pad becomes wet, an alarm sounds. The alarm is suppose to train a child over time to stop wetting the bed. I had another use for it in my plan.

So there Chris asleep, laying on his back in his underwear, and laying on a bed protected by a plastic sheet. The bedwetting pad was centered perfectly under Chris's bottom. Now I needed to secure Chris's hands in order to take true control. The manacles were already attached to the bed posts and just out of view. I had to act quickly and my heart was racing as I grabbed the first leather restraint. I gently pulled Chris's first hand over his head and secured it with the leather wristband. Almost immediately, I took Chris's other hand and secured it in a similar fashion. I probably didn't need to take the next step, but I didn't want to take any chances that my plan would fail. I snapped a lock on each wrist restraint to make sure that it was impossible for Chris to escape his bonds. I stood back to admire my work.

I had never done anything like this to Chris before and the power and excitement was rushing to my head. I kind of liked this new found power I had over Chris. The next thing I wanted to do was to get Chris's underpants off of him and replace them with a pair of my panties. I carefully pulled his underpants down his legs and removed them from his body. I selected a pair of my bright red, satin panties that I knew Chris loved to see me in. (I would find out if he loved them enough to wear...) I started to slip the panties up his legs and I startled him. He moved but didn't wake up. It was difficult, but I was able to get the panties on him by slowly moving them up his body. Mr. Chris (as I like to call his male member) was quite the sight resting inside my tight panties. I then secured his two ankles to the corners of the bed with leather restraints that matched the ones securing Chris's wrists.

There was a final thing that I wanted to do, but I also knew that Chris would probably wake up in the process so I had to be extra quick. I was not worried about waking him, but it would be a lot easier if Chris did not fight me while I put the gag in his mouth. The gag was one I found in our secret closet. It looked like a circle and it was made of leather. I knew that once I got the leather circle lodged in his mouth, secured the straps behind his head, he was mine to control. His mouth was wide open so it was easier than I had imagined. I slipped the leather O in place just behind his teeth and pulled the leather straps behind his head. Chris woke up startled, but I continued to fasten the gag until it was firmly in place.

"Now, now Chris lay still."

"I won't hurt you unless you need to learn who is the boss in our relationship." Chris was now wide awake and tried to speak. Only strange sounds came out of his mouth and his speech was unintelligible. He pulled desperately at his restraints, but he couldn't move and soon tired.

"Chris, you have ignored me tonight and now I must ignore you until morning."

"You look comfortable and you look so cute in my favorite red panties."

"I hope you are enjoying them as much as I like looking at "Mr. Chris" hiding under the satin."

"Does it feel smooth?" I reached down and gently rubbed his male member through the panties. It didn't matter that Chris was drunk, he quickly became as hard as a rock. I pulled the panties up just a little so that his member would stay in the panties.

"Wow, it looks like Chris likes to be tied up and put to bed in my panties."

"I thought you were such a big strong man, but it appears you are a little panty slave."

"I am getting tired and am going back to bed."

"You stay here, if that is OK with you," I said in my most teasing voice.

"I hope that my little Christy doesn't have to go to the bathroom tonight, because I don't want to be disturbed."

"Listen to me my little panty slave and listen not wet my favorite panties, understood?" Chris did not respond. I took a riding crop and snapped it hard on his leg. Chris jumped, but couldn't go anywhere secured as he was.

"When I talk to you my little Christy, I expect total respect!"

"Do you understand...nod your head if you do." This time Chris nodded in the affirmative.

"I will tell you the new house rules when you wake up tomorrow."

"Before I go, let me remind you...DO NOT WET MY PANTIES!" I left the room and it felt great to be in control.

Chapter 4 - The night is not over

I laid back in my bed and smiled. It all happened so much easier than I thought. Chris or Christy as I was starting to call him, was just down the hall in the guest room. I was guessing that he had a lot of thoughts racing through his head and I doubted that he would find much sleep. First, he had on a pair of panties. I wondered if the silky feeling was turning him on. He also was secured to the bed and my guess was that he was desperately testing his bonds to try and escape. I knew that escape was impossible because I did not leave this part of my plan to chance. He was being held firm and there was nothing he could do about it. I also thought that his need to pee was probably starting to get his attention, especially with his night spent drinking beer.

In the past and under Chris's power, I had felt that same growing, desperate need to pee and it always consumed my mind. I am guessing that he was trying to put his need to pee out of his mind. I also knew that it was impossible. My plan was working. He was the one in agony and I was the one in control. Turnabout was sweeter than I thought it would be. I smiled and drifted off to sleep.

I was awakened by a noise that sounded just like an alarm clock and it took me a second to realize what I was hearing. It was the bedwetting alarm that was triggered by the mat Chris was resting on. This meant that Chris couldn't hold it any longer and peed in my panties (or should I say HIS panties). I didn't jump up right away. I wanted him to fully experience the humiliation he must have been feeling. I also wanted to take some satisfaction in knowing that Chris was learning the feeling of struggling against bonds, struggling to keep himself dry, and failing in the process.

I remembered how hard it was for me to wet myself when Chris put me in similar situations. Your body says let go, but years of training tell you differently. My guess was that he suffered behind the silence of his gag until his body couldn't take it any longer. Now he would know exactly how I feel when someone else owns your body's functions.

I felt I had waited long enough and decided to check on my prisoner. I entered the room and it was a sight to see. Chris was still struggling in his bonds. He had wet his panties and his pee was all over the bed. I wish I had secretly observed him wet himself because he must have caused quite the fountain.

"My, my, what do we have here?"

"Has my little Christy wet the bed?"

"I thought I told you not to wet my panties and I trusted you to keep them dry."

"You just don't know how to listen to me, do you?"

"I guess that Christy needs to be dressed in something other than big girl panties."

"Maybe Christy needs to wear a diaper."

"If you don't want to wear a diaper then please tell me."

"Cat got your tongue?"

"I guess no response means that you agree that a diaper would help you with your little problem." Chris could only lie in silence behind the gag. His moans were audible, but I couldn't understand a word he was trying to utter.

It took me a while to pull the cotton sheet off the bed with Chris secured to the 4 corners of the bed and laying right on top of it. It required that Chris arch his back and roll from side to side to make it possible. I gave him another friendly reminder with the riding crop when he didn't move as fast as I wanted and eventually I was able to remove the wet sheet. I took the pad out from under his bottom during the process. He still remained in his wet panties and I left them for last.

"Does Christy want out of her big girl panties?" I reached to pull them off his body , but took my time. I made sure that I touched his penis through the silky, wet material, but never enough to bring him to orgasm. This was fun for me and it looked as if Chris was enjoying himself too.

I didn't want to risk releasing Chris's legs to get the panties off so I grabbed a pair of scissors to cut them off. Chris shook his head in agony as I approached with scissors in my hand.

"Don't worry, Christy, I am not going to turn you into a girl permanently...I just want to cut those wet panties off your body." He laid still. I cut the panties at both sides and pulled the damp material from his hips. With the cotton sheets removed, Chris now rested directly on the plastic sheet protecting the bed. He was still securely bound and I tested the binds just to make sure.

"Christy, are you ready for your first diapering?" I can tell by your little friend between your legs that you are quite excited about being diapered."

"I am going to have to find a diaper that will fit over that nasty erection you are sporting."

"Can you lift your bottom for Mommy or will Mommy have to get the wooden spoon to encourage you?" Chris nodded that he would cooperate. (Was I making progress with my prisoner?) I went over to the dresser and selected a diaper and pink plastic panties. I slapped Chris's butt to have him raise it off the plastic sheet and he lifted it up in response. I slid the diaper under him. Chris had made me diaper myself in the past, but I had never diapered Chris before now. I had diapered children before and it all came back to me.

"Mommy wants to make little Christy very comfy." I pulled the diaper around Chris and secured the tabs. I checked it to make sure it fit just right and it fit perfectly.

I stood back and admired my work.

"Christy, you look so cute, but you need to wear a plastic panty to make sure you keep the bed dry." I unsnapped the plastic pants so that I could slide them under Chris and secure them in place. Chris wouldn't lift his bottom in an act of defiance.

"Christy, lift up your bottom now!" He refused and stayed put. I picked up the wooden spoon and smacked the bed hard.

"Do you want Mommy to spank you instead of the bed?" That was all I needed to do and Chris raised his bottom.

"That is better."

"I want little Christy to know what it is like to wear plastic panties." I snapped each snap closed until Chris was secured in his new, pink, plastic panties. I checked my work to make sure everything was snug. My plan was on target.

"You have proved to be a little bed wetter and I had to put you in a diaper and plastic panties."

"I am still angry at Christy for wetting my favorite panties." The wet panties were still laying next to the bed. I picked them up and waived them close to his face.

"Do you see what you did to my panties?"

"They are all wet and now they are ruined.

"It is your fault that I had to cut them off your sorry bottom."

"Maybe you should think about what you did to Mommy's panties."

With that I took them and brought them directly to Chris's face. The gag he was wearing had a little leather circle that forced his mouth to remain in the same open position and that made my job easier. I took the soiled panties, worked them into the leather circle, and into Chris's mouth. He tried to resist my hand, but he was powerless in his bonds. I finished pushing the panty in place and knew that he could not push it out of his mouth with just his tongue.

"There, you go you little panty slave... I hope you enjoy sucking on your own pee."

"Next time I hope you think twice when I put you in my panties and tell you not to make pee-pee."

"Now that you are wearing a diaper, I expect it to be wet when Mommy checks you in the morning."

"Don't disappoint me!"

I left him again in total darkness and silence to contemplate what had happened. I was exhausted and went back to our master bedroom to sleep. (Is that why it is called a master bedroom? I laughed at my own question and drifted off to sleep.)

Chapter 5 - Saturday morning

I was anxious to see how my baby prisoner was doing and walked down the hall to his room. Chris was sleeping. He looked adorable and I wanted to straddle him to make love, but that would have to wait.

"Is my favorite little diaper slave awake yet?"

"Does Christy need her diaper changed?" Chris woke up and I approached his bed.

"Let me check your diaper to see if you were a good girl and wet it like you were told." I could tell by Chris's panicked face that he didn't do as he was told. I slid my hand under his plastic panties and down into his diaper. It was dry.

"So baby has a hard time listening to Mommy?"

"I see that baby is hard, is that keeping baby from wetting her diaper?"

I put my next plan into action.

"Since baby doesn't wet yet on command, I must show you how it is done." I produced a funnel with a flexible tube attached to it. I reached over and put the flexible tubing down the front of Chris's diaper and held the funnel in my hand.

"If Christy won't wet, then I will show you how it is done." I removed my panties and made sure that Chris could see exactly what I was doing. I climbed up on the bed and moved so that I was kneeling over Chris's chest. My legs were on each side of his chest and my pussy was starring him right in his face.

"Watch closely Christy, I want to make sure you see how to wet a diaper." I put the funnel between my legs and pressed it firmly against my pussy.

"Mommy needs to pee so badly after such a long night." I closed my eyes and relaxed my muscles the best I could. Chris knew what was about to happen to him and squirmed in his bonds to try and resist. It was pointless. At first it was difficult to pee into the funnel because I was having trouble relaxing enough to pee. The delay worked to my advantage because I could feel Chris continue to squirm under me and it just made his anticipation last that much longer. I took one last breath, released it slowly and started to pee into the funnel.

I didn't want to miss Chris's expression so I opened my eyes while I continued to pee. My pee made a hissing noise as it hit the plastic funnel and I rocked back and forth while I emptied my bladder. With my free hand I made sure that the end of the funnel's hose never escaped Chris's waiting diaper. Chris's expression seemed obvious. He looked startled, but it appeared that he liked what was going on. I know how nice a diaper feels as it becomes heavy and wet and now Chris was able to experience that same feeling. It took awhile to finish peeing, but I finally finished. I removed the damp panty that was still lodged in Chris's mouth and moved closer to Chris's face until my legs straddled his face. I instructed Chris to place his tongue through the front of his O ring gag and he complied.

"Christy, I have just peed and I need you to clean me up with your tongue." It was a bit of a struggle, but Chris pushed his tongue through the leather circle and touched my pussy. I took his head in my hands and moved it around to make sure that I was thoroughly licked clean.

"Christy, you are at least good for something."

I reached down and pulled the tube end of the funnel from Chris's diaper. I then turned around on Chris's chest so that my face was looking at his diaper and Chris had an intimate view of my ass. I backed up so that my butt was pressed against his face.

"Christy, you know what to do...lick me slave!" I in turn put my lips to the out side of his diaper and kissed his hard throbbing cock through the plastic material. I massaged his diaper with my hands as my kissing continued. Chris was doing a great job with his tongue and I knew if I continued playing with Chris or he continued licking me, we would both explode with huge orgasms. But that would have to wait, because I wanted to keep Chris at the brink of sexual fulfillment. I knew that if I waited, Chris would be a more willing but somewhat frustrated slave. It would also provide me with even more motivation to torture poor Chris and watch his frustration grow.

I climbed off of Chris's chest and saw the disappointed look on his face.

"It seems like the name Christy is fitting for you so that is your name for the rest of the weekend, understood?" Chris reluctantly nodded.

"I am going to take my shower and then come back and get you ready for the day."

"You are in a pretty wet diaper, but it is my pee and not yours that is keeping you warm and comfy."

"You still have not wet your first diaper, but I think that will change."

"Oh by the way, don't go anywhere while I am in the shower."

"Relax my little diaper slave and welcome to my old world of surrender."

Chapter 6 - Saturday continues

I took my shower and considered my next steps. I was so pleased that I had Chris right where I wanted him. I knew that I must dress the part of a domineering woman so I selected a black leather skirt to wear. Chris always loved how I looked in leather. It was called a corset skirt because of the distinct leather lacing that went up both sides of the skirt. It fit me tight and the leather made me feel sexy and powerful. I finished getting dressed and completed my look to appear as domineering as possible. Now I needed to attend to Chris.

"I see that you stayed in your bed like a good little girl."

"Did you make pee-pee in your diaper while Mommy was getting ready?" Chris shook his head no.

"You will." This next stage in my plan was difficult, but only from the standpoint that I had to be careful and not provide any possible way for Chris to escape. I took his diaper and plastic panties off. I also cut his tee shirt off so that he was laying completely naked except for the bonds that held him to the bed and the gag that was still buckled around his neck.

"Christy, if you are a good girl, Mommy is going to take you to the big girl potty and let you go pee-pee."

"Would you like that?" Chris nodded yes.

"I can't just release you yet from your bonds because I don't want you wandering off."

I pulled out bondage mittens that we kept for our playtime, but Chris had never worn them. I was always the submissive recipient in the past. I knew how effective these mittens were if I could just get them on his hands. I also had a special dog collar that I bought for Chris to wear. It was the type that sends an electric shock to the dogs neck if the animal fails to respond to a command. It was controlled by a small remote control device and supposedly a very effective training device. Some friends of ours had one just like it for their dog and said it was excellent for obedience training. My plan was to use it to keep Chris in line and help train him to listen to my commands.

When I pulled out the mittens and collar Chris squirmed, but he knew he wasn't going anywhere. My aim was to be as dominate as possible so that Chris knew I was in control. I wanted him to know that he would have to listen to me or there would be consequences. It was easy snapping the collar around Chris's neck. It was a little more difficult getting the bondage mittens on Chris's hands, but I did them one at a time and never let his limbs become unsecured from the bed posts during the process. The bondage mittens were made of pink leather and were not flexible. I know that when I had to wear them in the past, it was virtually impossible to do anything for yourself. I locked them around Chris's wrists so there wasn't going to be any removing them until I was ready. Chris's ankles were still tethered to the bed posts so I felt safe removing his gag and releasing his arms from the bed posts. He sat there with his legs still secured to the bed, bondage mittens in place, and a shock collar around his neck.

"You look adorable Christy, but you are far from being dressed for the day." Chris began to protest, "Kim let me out of these bonds right now!"

"You had your little fun, let me out now!" If was time to see how effective the training collar was at controlling Chris. I purposely didn't respond immediately to Chris's outrage. I simply picked up the remote so that Chris could see exactly what I was doing. I pushed the button on the remote and delivered a moderate shock to Chris's neck. My intent was not to hurt him, but to let him know that I could. Chris jumped in response and let out a yelp. He grabbed at the collar and tried to remove it. I just watched in amazement because I knew that with the bondage mittens secured to his hands, he would not be able to undo the buckle to his shock collar. I laughed.

"Christy, your hands are useless."

"Trust me."

"Only I can remove your collar and mittens so I would suggest you be nice to me."

"By the way little Christy, the shock I delivered to you was just a moderate shock."

"This little training device can go much, much higher and each time you misbehave, I plan to ratchet the dial up a notch."

"It also has a nice feature that allows me to deliver a warning tone to your collar and not deliver a shock."

"This feature is suppose to be used to train the animal and let him know that a shock is coming if he doesn't respond to the master's command."

"The directions say that once an animal has been trained by the shock collar, the tone is usually enough to stop the animal dead in his tracks."

"I hope that this device works on you too."

"I want you to become fully trained so that you are truly my little dependent diaper slave." Chris tried to protest again, but I held up the remote control and gag and that was enough to keep him quiet.

My plan was to put him in diapers, but I wanted to clean him up before I got him dressed. I also wanted to let him go to the potty because I thought it would be more fun feeding him bottles all day and watching his agony grow. After all, Chris may have felt a wet diaper this morning, but he still hadn't had the pleasure of wetting one on his own. His first diaper wetting needed to be special and I was going to make sure that it was memorable.

"Christy, I am removing your bonds attached to your ankles and I want you to follow me to the bathroom."

"Don't! I repeat! Don't step out of line or you will regret it!" I walked Chris into the bathroom and told him to sit on the toilet and do his morning business. He started to get up when he finished peeing, but I did not give him permission and sent a shock to remind him who was boss. It startled him and he gave a short yelp again.

"Did I say you could stand?"

"Be a good little slave." Chris asked nicely, "Kim may I get off the toilet now?"

"That is better little Christy, but in the future call me master or Mommy, do you understand? "Yes, Mommy."


I gave Chris a bath and he was ready to be dressed. I dried him off and started to lead him out to the room to get dressed. Then without warning he tried to bolt out of the room. He got as far as the bedroom door, but with his bondage mittens on he could not turn the door knob. I let him struggle for a minute and then delivered a hefty shock to warn him to stop. Chris immediately fell to his knees. I could tell that the pain really hit him this time.

"Kim, I mean master, please don't shock me again, I will be good, I will be good."

"Time will tell little Christy, but I can see that you are not to be trusted yet." With that, I told him it was time to dress him for the day.

I had several different outfits that I purchased for Chris to wear this weekend and the tough thing was figuring out which one to put him in first. My criteria was it had to be humiliating to wear. That was the criteria he always used on me when he was in control. I thought that he might be most humiliated if I dressed him as a little girl, complete with diapers, of course. I pulled out a pink little girls dress that I ordered over the internet. It was very girly, very short, and it flared out around the bottom of the dress. I liked this particular dress because once I got Chris into it, his diapers would be peeking out from the bottom of the dress. This would add to the look I was trying to achieve.

Chris cooperated during the entire time I dressed him. I made him lay on the floor on top of a diaper changing matt and put a very thick disposable diaper under his bottom. For safe measures, I also included a disposable diaper lining to increase the thickness of his diaper. This was best I thought because I didn't know how long I was going to keep Chris in his diaper and thought I better give him a lot of protection. Also, I wanted him to feel extra bulky between his legs so that he was always aware that he was in a diaper. I was loving this and Chris could not hide his excitement either. He was rock hard.

"Boy, Christy is a natural diaper slave," I teased. I pulled the diaper up between his legs and secured it with the tapes. Next, I took white duck tape to finish the job. I wanted to make sure his diaper was on extra tight and would not be taken off until I took it off. I put the tape over the existing tabs and then wrapped a piece of tape around the waist of Chris's diaper. With the bondage mittens on Chris's hands, the diaper was not going to be removed by Chris. Next I shook out another pair of large, pink, plastic panties and worked them up his legs. Chris instinctively lifted his bottom so that I could finish pulling the plastic pants in place. Was he learning?

I added to Chris's attire by putting him in white tights and black shoes. The dress was pulled over his head and I zipped up the back of the dress. I stepped back to look at my new little diaper girl.

"Boy Christy, you look like you are going to a birthday party."

"You look so pretty today." I asked Chris to take a swirl in front of me to enhance his humiliation. He didn't obey at first and I hit the remote to deliver the warning sound. That was enough for him to obey. He was showing progress, but I knew that he could not be trusted. In no way was I going to remove the collar or mittens. Chris took a little spin and the ruffles holding out his dress mixed with the visual image of his pink plastic pants was adorable.

"You look so cute, Christy."

"I would love to show you off, but for now I will settle for taking a few pictures." I snapped several pictures of Chris on our patio, holding stuffed animals, and in all different humiliating positions. I didn't tell Chris what I was going to do with the pictures because my goal was just to let Chris know that I had them in my possession. I wanted Chris to think I could make life miserable for him if I was pressed to do so My plan seemed to be working fabulously!

Chapter 7 - I decide to leave Chris with someone to watch him

I had been planning this weekend for a long time and acting out my fantasy was even better than I could have imagined. Chris was still dressed in his pink party dress and diapers. I would check him from time to time, but he wasn't wet yet. It hadn't been that long since I allowed him to pee in the toilet, but my guess was that the pressure had to be growing. I wanted to make sure the pressure continued so I made Chris drink several baby bottles of apple juice. The rule I established was to have Chris drink one baby bottle each ½ hour. I was sure that this would deliver the desired effect. It was funny to watch Chris try to suck out of the bottles.

What I told Chris next came as a total surprise to him. I announced that I had to run some errands and would be gone a few hours.

"Don't worry Christy, I won't leave you all alone."

"He panicked."

"OK Kim, this has gone far enough, if you think you are going to bring a babysitter in for me, you are mistaken."

"I will not allow you to do this to me!" I responded, "Don't get your diapers in a bunch silly."

"You need someone in case you need help."

"You remember when you tried to open the door and couldn't even turn the door knob, don't you?"

"What would happen if there was a fire and you needed to get out?"

"I wasn't planning to do this, but I will let you in on my plan."

"You will see that indeed a friend of mine is coming over, but she does not need to know you are even home if you stay quiet when I put you down for your nap." She is coming over because I told her that the furniture we ordered weeks ago was suppose to be delivered today and I needed her to sit in our home to meet the delivery."

"If you really need her or draw attention to yourself, then I am sure that she will be there to 'help' you."

"If you lie quietly in your bed and be a good little girl like you are told, then chances are she will not know that you are even in the house."

"I will feel so much better knowing that you are safe."


Chris looked worried and further defeated. I secretly was doing cartwheels. All of the times Chris had put me in embarrassing situations and I could do nothing but take it. Now it was my turn to make Chris squirm and feel humiliated. It was fun.

"Let's get you up stairs and ready for your nap."

"I gave Chris a quick little shock to let him know that I meant business and wasn't going to tolerate any antics on his part. He waddled up the stairs. I felt more like a guy than I girl because I purposely followed Chris from behind so that I could look up his dress while he climbed the stairs. Pink was definitely a great color for Chris's plastic covered bottom.

Chris started down the hall to our bedroom, but I said, "Christy you are headed for Mommy's room, that isn't where little Christy takes her naps." I took Chris's arm and directed him toward another room in our house. We had a nursery put in so that when my sister and her children would visit, she had a place to put her baby. Chris and I use my sister's kids as an excuse for maintaining a nursery and my sister appreciates it. What my sister does not know is that I frequently am put in the nursery during our baby games. Today was Chris's turn to "enjoy" the comforts of the nursery.

Just a quick word about our nursery. It is complete with a crib, changing table, playpen, and decorated in little animal prints. It looks like something out of a magazine because all the furniture was custom made to Chris's specifications. Each item is slightly larger than the typical infant size and built stronger so that it can accommodate an adult...a baby adult. The crib for example, uses a junior sized mattress and has a reinforced bottom. What only Chris and I know is that it also has a lid that can be attached to cover the top of the crib and it is made to look just like the side bars on the crib. Basically, when the top is locked in place, it becomes a baby cage. The changing table is sturdy too. It has small metal eyelets in the corners that can be used to help snap an unwilling baby's limbs in place for her diaper change. I have spent many hours in this nursery, but always as the baby and never as the Mommy. Today it was Chris's turn to lay in the crib and look up at the ceiling until I chose to get him. Role reversal was a good thing.

Since Chris still had a dry diaper, I was just going to remove his dress and tights for his nap and let him sleep in a pink, baby looking tee shirt. Of course his diapers, plastic panties, collar, and mittens would stay in place too. I added a few new items as well. I attached a little bell to Chris's collar, and another bell to each mitten. Finally, I tied a string of bells around each of Chris's ankles. He looked perplexed, but I didn't offer any reasons for the additions. I asked Chris to lay down so that I could put a diaper cover on over his plastic pants. Chris knew exactly what the diaper cover was all about because he used one on me in the past. The diaper cover I chose was pink to match the rest of Chris's ensemble and it was made of very sturdy vinyl. The cover served two primary purposes. First, it fit nicely over a diaper and plastic pants and it caused the wearer to have to keep his or her legs spread wide apart because it was extra wide between the wearer's legs. It forced the baby's legs apart and made the baby feel just a little more conscientious of her diapered state. Second, it could be adjusted and locked around the baby's waist. I especially liked this feature because I didn't want Chris trying to force his mittens down the front of his diaper or be able to remove his diaper in any way. I took great pleasure closing the two small locks on Chris's diaper cover.

"There you go Christy, no way you will be playing with yourself now."

When I had Chris dressed just like I wanted, I helped him get into the crib. It was somewhat awkward for Chris because his legs were being forced apart by the diaper cover. He gave one last hesitation, but I sent a sound to his collar and he knew that he must jump in the crib or be shocked. I placed Chris on his back and kissed him on his forehead. I reached down one last time to massage the front of his diapered area and he was still rock hard. This was a dead give-a-way that my little baby was enjoying this more than he let on. I told Chris, "Well little Christy, I see you are all ready for your nap."

"Your babysitter will be here shortly should you want to call her for help." I didn't lock the top on the crib this time because I had another plan. My strong sense was that Chris was not going to wander the house as a baby with my friend in such close proximity. I did take one last precaution. If you read my account of my sorority initiation, then you will know what I did next. I locked a small chain around Chris's ankle and passed in through the bars of the crib. On the end of the little chain I attached a small alarm that women carry in their purses. The idea behind this device is that if a woman is attacked, she can simply pull out the ring on the alarm and piercing noises are generated to hopefully scare off the intruder. I secured the alarm to the dresser outside the crib so that Chris could not reach it. The only way to get to the alarm was to climb out of the crib. The problem was that the only way he could leave his crib was to pull the pin out of the device because the chain passed through the bars. I went through all this in detail so that Chris would understand his predicament and feel humiliated.

"Christy, Mommy's advice is for you to stay in your crib while I am gone and take your nap like a good little girl." Don't get out of your crib or my friend Karen will hear the alarm go off and my guess is that she will come running up here to check out the noise."

"You might want to be quiet too because each time you move around in your crib your bells could give you away."

"Like I said earlier, Karen does not know you are in the nursery, unless of course you draw attention to yourself."

"I will be right back and bring you a baby bottle for your nap time."

I return quickly with Chris's bottle.

"Is my little girl comfy and cozy in her warm bed?" Chris started to talk to me, but addressed me as "Kim" instead of Mommy or Master. I ignored him until he caught his mistake and addressed me properly.

"Mommy, when are you going to return and what happens if I can't hold my pee any longer?"

"Baby is really stupid, isn't she?"

"I will return when I return and that is all you need to know."

"Does a real baby know when her Mommy is going to return?"

"Why should you know when you can expect me?"

"And about having to pee?"

"I guess that you should feel real fortunate that Mommy put you in a nice diaper for your nap."

"I was thinking about putting you in big girl panties and having you sleep on the bedwetting mat."

"But I learned last night that you are not ready for big girl panties...are you Christy?"

"Besides, do you really want the bedwetting alarm to bring Karen in to assist you?"

"Sometimes Mommy is confused by your silly questions."

"Maybe you secretly want Karen to find you here in your diaper outfit and crib." Chris said, "No Mommy, no Mommy I do not want to be found like this!"

"OK then, be thankful for your diaper and rest well."

"You should sleep just fine after being up most of the night."

"But Mommy, I can't sleep." I have to pee so badly, that I can't sleep."

"Silly baby, you can control your comfort and put yourself out of your misery."

"Christy, you really have more freedom than you know."

"You are free to wet your diaper any time you want."

"Your diaper is waiting for you and only you."

"Mommy, baby is having a hard time peeing in my diaper."

"I guess you will have plenty of time to figure that out."

"If a baby can figure out how to wet her diaper, then this big baby should be able to figure it out too."

"The next time I come into this nursery, I will be changing your first wet diaper."

"Enjoy yourself."

Karen came over and I am sure that Chris heard the doorbell ring. I wanted Chris to live in fear that his secret could be found out by Karen. I made a special point to invite Karen upstairs to see some remodeling we had done to our computer room. It was a lame excuse to get Karen upstairs, but I wanted Chris to hear us talking and walking around the upstairs hall. I was loving the fact that he was just behind the closed door of the nursery living in absolute fear of being discovered. I was wondering if he was wetting himself or still holding out. (What Chris did not know was that I had locked the door to the nursery so he wouldn't be discovered by Karen. That information I kept to myself!)

I said goodbye to Karen and took off for my errands.

Chapter 8 - Chris tells his tale from the crib

Kim asked me to add my perspective on my afternoon spent in the nursery and I agreed. As Kim mentioned, I love being the one in control. So it was extremely strange for me to be so totally out of control and so far out of my comfort zone. I was a grown man; although I didn't feel like one or look like one laying on my back in a crib. Kim's plan was simply ingenious. On the one hand I could get up and leave at any time by simply crawling out of the crib. On the other hand, I knew that this simple act would likely draw the attention of Karen and that would have been suicide for my reputation in the community. And where could I go with my hands securely locked in bondage mittens? I may not even be able to open doors. I felt helpless and humiliated.

I knew that it was just a matter of time before I had to wet myself. I tried to hold off as an act of defiance against Kim, but I was the one suffering, not Kim. After awhile I actually tried to wet myself. Truth is that Kim dressed in her leather outfit and making me her diaper slave was driving me wild and that kept me in a perpetual state of arousal. I found it almost impossible to pee in this state. The added element of peeing into a diaper, would not let me relax enough to just let it flow. The fact that I could not have Kim sexually or even touch myself was also driving my frustration and excitement levels to new heights. Yes, Kim was tormenting me and she knew how to push all of my buttons.

My need to pee kept growing stronger. I was desperate and fidgeting in my crib. I took one final attempt to reach down and remove my diaper, but the diaper cover was closely locked around my diapered area. I also had to be very slow with my movements because each time I moved, the bells attached to me would jingle. That noise sent panic through my body.

I remember wetting my diaper in intimate detail. I guess because it was a first for me and because it was more arousing than I ever knew possible. I placed both of my hands between my legs. The bondage mittens didn't allow much, but I held myself as tightly as I could. The pressure took over and my pee began to escape into my dry diaper. Wow, what a feeling. My pee was coming faster and faster and I was wondering how much fluid my diaper and liner could take. I had read many accounts of how wetting a diaper feels, but until it happened to me, I didn't know what I was missing or how it felt. It was true what people said. The wetness truly races through your diaper. I was mortified, but so turned on. I was rubbing myself through my diaper cover the entire time I was wetting myself. I am sure that I could have made myself come if I continued, but the bells on my wrists were about to give me away so I stopped moving my hands. I finished wetting my diaper and laid back in complete frustration. I was not going to be able to come without great risk of being discovered. I was literally shaking with excitement and sexually frustrated beyond belief. I had never felt such powerful emotions.

It seemed like hours before Kim returned. I lived the whole time in fear that Karen might wander around our house and discover me in the process. Thankfully, that didn't happen. I could hear the two ladies talking when Kim returned. Kim was apologizing to Karen because the furniture wasn't delivered. I knew that the delivery wasn't due for another week. Oh that Kim can be so sneaky. By now I was getting used to the wet feeling that surrounded me, but I didn't get used to my shame. I actually added to my diaper a couple of more times waiting for Kim. What else does one do in a crib? I got a great appreciation of how Kim must feel when I diaper and humiliate her. The effect it had on me was mixed. I was aroused, but I also wanted to turn the tables on Kim. I wanted in the worse way to put Kim in this crib and let her be the one on her back; wetting and waiting for her Daddy to return. But that was not meant to be that Saturday. I was the slave and couldn't see an immediate way out of my predicament.

Chapter 9 - Sex at last?

I entered the nursery and found my baby just where I left him.

"Christy, how is my little diaper slave doing?"

"I think I smell the strong odor of your pee-pee."

"Did you finally wet your diaper?"

"Let me see."

"OH, I guess you did wet yourself!"

"Now, aren't you glad that Mommy put you in a diaper?"

"I have been ignoring my best little girl so let me get you out of your crib and change your diaper."

I helped Chris onto the changing table and took the extra precaution of attaching his bondage mittens to the eyelets on the table, but left his legs free. I didn't think he would escape, but I didn't want to take any chances after he just spent 3 hours locked in a crib and sitting in a wet diaper. (I was worried about Chris taking revenge on me as his frustration grew.) I unlocked the diaper cover and removed his plastic panties. I couldn't believe how heavy his diaper was. It was drenched. One thing remained constant and that was Chris still had a full erection. I cleaned him up and took my time to powder his sensitive skin. The effect on Chris was obvious and he was moaning like a girl in heat. I knew how far I could take Chris's excitement and still be able to stop before he experienced a "happy ending." I took him right to that point and teased him, "My little diaper slave seems like she wants Mommy to continue, but Mommy is disgusted by your rude behavior." He pulled at his bonds and begged for relief, but I stayed firm. I knew Chris would be a more attentive slave if I could keep him excited, but not let him come.

I read in one of Chris's books about a woman having to endure a dildo in her butt underneath her diaper and I had that in my plans for Chris. This was another reason that securing his hands to the table turned out to be a good idea. I took some petroleum jelly and rubbed it deep into his butt crack. Chris probably thought I was just preparing him for his next diaper, but I was preparing him for a little more. I picked up the dildo from under the table so that Chris couldn't see it. I could have waived it in front of his face, but chose the sneak attack instead. I worked a small finger into Chris's back door and I could tell Chris was enjoying it. I replaced my finger with the tip of the dildo and began to slowly work it up Chris's backside. Chris tried to expel the intruder with his butt muscles, but I kept moving it up until it reached its final resting place. I taped his new diaper in place and that helped hold the dildo in place. I found new plastic panties and put them on over his diaper. I then pulled the diaper cover up between his legs and this forced Chris's legs slightly apart. When the cover was pulled as tight as I could get it, I snapped the two small locks on it that locked it shut.

"Look at you Christy, it looks like you are wearing a diaper chastity belt."

"That is probably a good thing for a diaper slave so that she stays true to her master." The diaper cover ensured that the dildo would stay securely in Chris's bottom. It also meant that Chris had no chance of removing the dildo. His frustration continued.

"Christy, let me release you and help you onto the floor." The diaper cover is spreading your legs and it looks like it would be uncomfortable to walk."

"In fact, for the rest of the day I want my baby Christy to crawl."

"You will not be allowed to walk."

"By the way, I noticed that you didn't thank me for putting that 'little intruder' up your back entrance."

"Where are your manners?"

"I see you still have a lot to learn."

I walked over to the corner of the nursery and sat in the rocking chair. I instructed Chris to crawl over to me. I was still wearing my leather skirt and spread my legs to give Chris a little peak as he crawled in my direction.

"This has been a long and tiring day for Mommy."

"I need to sit back and relax while I let you relive my sexual tension with your mouth." I hiked up my skirt to reveal that I had put on a tight pair of red rubber briefs. I knew that this would drive Chris wild and that was all part of my plan.

"Put your mouth and tongue on my crotch."

"I want to feel you licking me through my rubber panties." Chris looked so cute between my legs and I felt so powerful directing my new diaper slave. I took his head in both of my hands and pushed his face tightly to my rubber panties. Wow, what a feeling of sexual power! Today's activities were driving me wild and it was not going to take long for me to come. I stopped Chris momentarily while I reached down to slide off my rubber panties. I pushed Chris's face back to my waiting pussy and rocked back and forth as waves of excitement took over my body. I was almost yelling when my climax consumed me.

"Nice job my slave."

"I suppose you want some relief too." I took the rubber panties I was wearing off the floor and pulled them over Chris's head.

"Christy, my little diaper slave, you look silly wearing my rubber panties over your head, but I bet you are enjoying smelling the rubber and your Master's scent."

"Rubber panties get me so hot and I am afraid my juices collected in the panty's rubber crotch."

"Can you smell your Master my little diaper slave?" Chris didn't say anything, but lowered his head in shame. I wasn't done humiliating him yet. I took the rubber panties off his head and held them up to his face.

"I want you to put your tongue on these panties and lick them clean so that I can wear them again." Chris reluctantly started licking the panties and I stroked his head.

"Now my slave, it is time to get over my knee."

"Chris started to complain, "...but I thought you were going to take care of me sexually, not give me a spanking."

"That is your problem...little diaper babies are not suppose to think."

"Besides, looking at the front of your diaper all day tells me that you are enjoying this just fine."

"Now get over my knee and shut up!" I was going to spank Chris, but first I wanted to remind him of the dildo he was wearing in his he needed to be reminded? With Chris over my knee, I reached down over Chris's diaper cover and put pressure on his bottom. My intent was to wiggle the dildo through his diapers. The dildo would not move much as it was tightly confined in his diaper, but I was more concerned about having Chris feel the psychological power I had over him.

Chris loves to have his butt played with so his pleasure and moaning was real. I stopped because I sensed Chris was working up to a climax. I was still the boss. I was going to chose if and when Chris was going to get relief. I picked up the wooden spoon and began to spank Chris's bottom. He struggled, but I had a good grasp on him and he knew he was in no position to struggle too much. I kept spanking his bottom. It was making more noise than hurting him because after all he was diapered.

"Christy, I want you to practice your counting."

"Can baby Christy count to ten so I can keep track of the number of strokes?" Chris counted to ten as I delivered the remaining blows. Actually I was surprised he went along with this, but it showed how much progress I was making with Chris's discipline. Chris was a very strong man, but I was getting to him and he actually shed a few tears. I took him in my arms and rocked him the best I could.

I got everything I wanted out of Chris's first day as my diaper slave. The evening was almost over for Chris because I wanted to get him to bed by 8:00pm. I thought this would show him that Mommy was the boss and made up the rules, even his bedtime. Before putting Chris to bed for the night, I fed him baby food, cleaned him up, and put him back on the changing table for his nighttime diapers. This time I selected cloth diapers for Chris. I decided to remove the dildo from Chris's butt because he might have to go poo in the night and I wanted him to use his diaper if that situation presented itself. I knew Chris would wet a lot during the night because I had been giving him fluids constantly throughout the day. I selected 4 thick diapers and slid them under Chris. I did the usual powdering and then pinned the diapers in place. Chris was going to feel thickness between his legs like he never felt before. My idea was to use 4 diapers so that Chris would be incapable of taking his mind off of the feeling between his legs.

I didn't put plastic panties on Chris and he started to ask why. I told Chris, "You ask too many questions."

"Now back in the crib you go." What Chris did not know was that when I changed the crib sheet I placed the bedwetting pad under his crib sheet. If it got wet in the night the alarm would again sound. I thought by now that Chris's hands probably needed some relief from the bondage mittens, but I also didn't want Chris playing with himself during the night. I secured a new leather collar around Chris's neck and locked it in place. This collar had two leather wrist restraints hanging from the collar that were meant to secure a person's hands. The length of chain was only about 8 inches on each chain so I knew that once I put Chris's hands in the restraints, he would be unable to lower his hands to touch himself. It was now safe to remove his shock collar and his bondage mittens. Chris was actually more helpless in his current state with his hands locked to his new collar.

I tested his ability to defend himself to make sure that his bound state was effective.

"Is my little Christy ticklish?" Chris immediately tightened and tried to protect himself. I knew Chris was very ticklish around his belly.

"Christy, is baby ticklish on baby's tummy?" I began tickling Chris's stomach and Chris was rolling around in the crib hysterically. He tried and tried again, but he couldn't push my hands away. The leather restraints chained to his collar were not going to let Chris protect himself. I was convinced that he was sufficiently bound for the night.

I reached down below the crib and unfastened the top piece for the crib. (It is stored under the frame of the crib.) Chris's hands were helpless, but unless I locked the top on the crib, he could climb out. I wanted to have Chris feel captured and bound and if this crib didn't do the trick, nothing would. I attached the bars to the top of the crib and locked it in place. I put on some soft nursery rhymes and left a little night light on in the room. I also turned on a nursery monitor so I could hear everything going on in the room.

"Good night Christy."

"Sleep tight my little diaper girl." I left the nursery and Chris behind to contemplate what might happen next. I took one final glance to see Chris curled up in his diaper and looking out between the bars of his crib. He was my diaper girl. He was clearly under my control and his sexual frustration and humiliation had to be almost unbearable. I knew that my plan was working and I couldn't wait for Sunday morning.

Chapter 10 - An early morning in the nursery

My sleep ended abruptly when Chris's bedwetting monitor went off. I had to laugh. I was getting up in the middle of the night like any mommy caring for an infant, but mine was on the plus side of 30 years old. The sound could only mean one thing - Chris wet through his four cloth diapers and triggered the alarm. Do I let him stew for awhile or change him? The sound was not going to stop so I went down the hall to the nursery.

Chris was looking at the door when I opened it. I gave him a very cheerful, "Hello my little baby."

"Are you all wet again?" Chris gave me a sarcastic remark, "What do you think?"

"Are you some kind of rocket scientist to be able to figure out that I am wet?" It was then that I wished I had left Chris in his shock collar. I would have used it. I unplugged the bed wetting monitor and started to leave the nursery. Chris suddenly asked, "You aren't going to leave me here the rest of the night in a wet diaper, are you?" I was quick to respond, "You must be a rocket scientist to be able to figure that one out!" I am sure he got my point and I slammed the door behind me as I left. Chris would have to roll around in his wet diapers until morning. I was not going back in there and felt I needed to reassert myself. I had to once again show him I was still the boss of him. He was not the boss of me, today. Chris tried to test me and I wouldn't have any part of it.

Morning came and I woke up to go make coffee. I didn't hear anything on the nursery monitor so I decided to check in on Chris before going downstairs. I peeked in and Chris was sleeping like a baby! Go figure.

I was sitting and drinking my coffee and started to think through my next move with Chris. It was Sunday and tomorrow it would be back to normal. (That was if our relationship could approach anything called "normal.") My plans were to take Chris out in public as my diaper slave. This would not be easy and it was my biggest challenge in my new role. Fortunately I had a solid plan and I went upstairs to get my baby ready for the day.

Chapter 11 - I introduce Chris to "time out"

Chris tried to sit up in the crib as best he could when I entered the nursery. The bared top of the crib kept his movements restricted.

"How did my baby sleep all night in his wet diapers?"

"Not too bad," Chris answered.

"I feel like I want to get out of these wet things," he added. I teased him: "Wet things? They are called diapers...they are YOUR wet diapers."

"Well, if you are a good baby, you will find that Mommy can treat her baby very nice."

"I am going to take you out of your crib to be changed, but I am going to leave your hands locked to your collar."

"I don't want baby getting nasty with Mommy or trying to do any inappropriate touching of yourself while your diaper is being removed."

I removed the top of the crib and helped take what must have been a cramped baby out of his crib. I directed Chris to the changing table and helped him get on top of it. Chris didn't struggled trussed up as he was. I secured one hand at a time, never releasing his current bonds, until Chris's hands were secured to the two corners of the changing table. I then was able to released the collar and wrist restraints that Chris wore through the night.

"Let me see how wet baby got last night."

"Look at baby...he is sooo wet."

"All four of your diapers are soaking wet." I unpinned his diapers and threw them into the diaper pail. Wow, talk about diapers landing with a thud as they hit the pail...

"Mommy has some surprises for her favorite baby today."

"Does baby like surprises?" Chris looked very unsure as to how he should answer my question and looked at me with fear.

"The first thing I want to do with my baby is make sure that he is a good baby."

"Last night you were a bad baby and talked back to Mommy."

"Baby Christy is going to be punished before he is allowed to eat his breakfast."

I produced something that I am sure got Chris's attention. I made a collar & leash for Chris's penis out of a small metal chain. Actually, it was a small choke collar that dogs wear around their necks. The way it operates is the chain tightens around the dog's neck when the dog's master tugs on his leash. This usually gets the dog's attention and he becomes very docile. My intent was not to use the chock collar on Chris's neck, but to attach it to the end of his penis. I knew that the chain could slip off his penis, so I took additional measures. I slid several rubber rings around the end of Chris's penis. The rings would help keep the chain from sliding off his male member. If I tugged on his leash, the chain would tighten around his penis and I could direct Chris to wherever I wanted him to go. It was actually a pretty simple device, but it was going to be an effective way to control Chris's movements.

"Does Christy know what this chain is?"

"Christy should know because Mommy read all about how to use this little chain in Christy's reading material."

"It seems that Christy keeps secret naughty books and magazines that talk about these sorts of things."

"It is a good thing Mommy found your reading material so that I could learn how to become a good master for my new diaper slave."

"I hope Christy appreciates being led around at the end of a leash." Chris took it all in and genuinely seemed concerned.

I finished putting the metal loop of the chain over Chris's erect penis and made sure the rubber rings were in place. I grabbed the loose end of the lead and gave it a slight pull. It worked perfectly. The chain closed around Chris's penis and Chris gave out a little yelp. As soon as I let up, the chain loosened and lodged itself against the rubber rings. I repeated this several times to make sure the chain worked properly and never fell off Chris's penis. It worked like a charm. I smiled and was proud of my little invention. It was time to put it to work.

"Christy, before I release you from the diaper changing table I want you to do Mommy a big favor."

"Will you help Mommy?" Chris didn't answer and I think he was getting more worried by the minute.

"Fine, Mommy is going to take your silence as a yes." I handed Chris two solid pieces of metal about the size of large popsicle sticks. I placed one in each of Chris's hands.

"Hold them real tight in your hands." I tried to catch Chris off guard and proceeded to take one of his hands and wrap strong tape around it. I kept wrapping his hand until I felt that it was secured tightly to the metal object he was holding. He complained, but I did the same thing to Chris's other hand. In effect, both hands were made useless. I wanted to hide his taped hands and make it look like Chris's hands were injured so I proceeded to wrap each hand with the elastic medical tape. It was the same tape used to tape strained wrists, ankles, etc. All this made Chris looked like he had severely hurt his hands, but more importantly his hands were now useless. Bondage mittens had their uses, but now I could take Chris out in public and not worry about him resisting me. Mission accomplished.

I did not diaper Chris, but released him from the changing table. I grabbed the end of his penis leash that was dangling between his legs and gave him a slight tug to let him know that he best follow me.

"Christy, please open the door to your nursery."

"Here is the key."

"I don't think I can with my hands all taped up." Chris replied.

"Christy, if you open the door right now, Mommy will go down on her knees and give you a blow job." Chris attempted to take the key from me, but it was pointless. Not even the tips of his fingers were showing through the wrappings that surrounded his hands.

"Well, I see my big baby hasn't learned how to open a door yet...such a shame."

"You are going to need your Mommy today." My point was made. He was my slave and he knew it.

I was able to easily pull Chris behind me with his penis leash and he was very good at following me. When I stopped, Chris stopped. And when I walked, Chris followed.

"This is just like having a little doggie on a leash," I teased.

"Maybe later I can teach Christy to do tricks at the end of her leash."

"Would Christy like to learn new tricks?" Chris nodded, but I knew he was going to be very agreeable while I had a firm grip on his lead.

I directed Chris to the basement by tugging on his leash. He was most cooperative. He could not fight me without causing himself sever pain. I was in control. I led him to the treadmill and attached the end of his leash to the front of the equipment.

"Baby needs some exercise after being cooped up in her crib all night." I turned on the treadmill at a slow speed and stayed to watch Chris's workout. Every once in awhile I would spank his butt with the wooden spoon to encourage him along. I never saw a more diligent person exercising. Chris knew that if he didn't keep up with the moving belt, his penis leash would pull the chain tight around his cock and he would be in serious pain. His hands were of no use wrapped as they were. I looked at Chris and was proud of myself. I was quite the master after all. I was enjoying my new role.

When I tired of watching Chris exercise, I took Chris back upstairs. It was fun to lead Chris around on his special leash. I would have continued with Chris's training, but I was ready for another cup of coffee. I thought Chris needed just a little more punishment so I put Chris in "time out."

"Christy, I want you to stand in the corner while Mommy has another cup of coffee."

"Mommy did not appreciate you being a bad little baby last night so I am going to put you in 'time out' so you can think about how to please Mommy better."

"Mommy didn't like your sassy comment about being a 'rocket scientist' and Christy was a bad little baby girl." With that, I pulled Chris's hands behind his back and handcuffed them together above his wrapped hands. Next, I pulled Chris's leash so that he was standing in the corner of the room. One of my preparations for the weekend was to screw a ring into the corner of the wall at the height of Chris's penis. I used this ring to attach his leash. When I snapped the leash in place, the short metal chain closed around Chris's cock and it would not let Chris move out of his corner. He had to stand there with his head staring directly ahead. He couldn't sit or move unless he wanted his little penis leash to close around his cock and squeeze him without mercy.

I made Chris stand in the corner for 30 minutes before releasing his leash from the wall.

"Did Christy learn a lesson?"


"Yes, what?"

"Yes, Mommy."

"I learned to be a good baby and not to talk back."

"Oh I see."

"If you misbehave, it is back in 'time out,' understood?"

"Yes, Mommy, I understand."

"Good, let's go to the movies then."

Chris was horrified.

"Movies, I am not going to the movies!" Chris's hands were still locked behind him, his hands were tightly taped and wrapped, and his leash was still at my disposal so Chris was easy to control. I pulled Chris's leash and got him in position over my knee. With the wooden spoon I gave him ten hard swats. I had never seen Chris like this before. He was actually crying like a little boy or girl after being spanked. I comforted him, but remained stern.

"We are going to the movies and that is it!"

Chapter 12 - The challenge

I came out of my Mommy character to explain a few things to Chris. I was not relinquishing my dominate role, but I wanted to introduce a fun game to play with Chris and this seemed to be the right moment to introduce my challenge. <dir> <dir>

"I am introducing a game for us to play when we go to the movies. It is quite simple. The first one to wet loses the game. Before you start asking a lot of questions, let me tell you that I am willing to put up a great prize if you win. You have been after me for anal sex for a long time and I will be your willing partner, if you win the contest. You set the stage, you tell me what to do, and I will be yours completely. It will be a night that you will never forget. Your desire will be my pleasure. I thought about a prize if I win. You must take me on a weekend trip to N.Y to see a Broadway play of my choosing (and spend the weekend as my diaper slave). It is that simple...if you think about it, you can hardly loose in this contest."

"However, I don't fully trust you. More importantly, my master role and your slave status does not change for the rest of today. Your hands will be kept as they are, bound in tape and useless. You will look as if your hands were injured. People will not know that underneath your clothes, you are my little diaper slave. Further, we will both drink 32 ounces of fluid every ½ hour starting now and continuing through the movie."

"I am not going to ask you again if you want to come to the movies today. You will come with me one way or the other. (I was dangling Chris's shock collar to remind him that I could take additional measures if I chose.) Questions?" </dir> </dir>

Chris thought for a moment, but he knew he was defeated. This was going to be a strange situation for Chris because he had never been in public with a diaper on. Until this weekend, he had never wet a diaper since his infant days. I knew from my personal experience that wearing a diaper in public was going to be a huge step for Chris. He was going to be self conscious that people were looking at him. He would be worried if there were any telltale signs of a bulky diaper. And if he had to wet it, wow! He was going to feel the humiliation as he filled his diaper with his own hot, wet, pee. I wasn't going to play totally fair during our contest, but Chris was going to have to learn this lesson the hard way. Chris said he didn't have any questions. He was mine to control. I was the master and loving it.

Chapter 13 - It is off to the movies

Preparation was fairly easy except for the fact that Chris couldn't get dressed with out my help. Putting a diaper and jeans on Chris was easy for me to do. Getting Chris's shirt over his taped and bandaged hands was more difficult, but I managed. I showed Chris how he looked in the mirror and his diapered behind was not very visible. If you knew Chris was wearing a diaper, then you could make out its shape. But for the most part, Chris would not draw attention. This seemed to help Chris with the fact that he would be out in public with a diaper secretly hugging his most intimate area.

I put on a disposable diaper too. I made sure Chris saw that I was playing fair and was dressed in a diaper similar to his. I also knew that showing myself to Chris in a diaper would turn him on, so why not keep him sexually frustrated a little longer? (My diaper was an overnight diaper while the one I dressed Chris in was a regular disposable diaper. I wanted the extra protection.) The entire time we were getting ready we were drinking fluids. I made sure Chris drank every drop. I reminded Chris that I already had several cups of coffee while he was in his crib and during his time out. (I never drank the coffee during his time out, but Chris thought I did and that was all that mattered. He wasn't in a position to see anything during his time-out except for the wall immediately in front of his face.)

While Chris's diaper was fairly inconspicuous under his jeans, my overnight diaper was thicker and the outline of the diaper over my bottom was more noticeable under my jeans. I told Chris that I would have to drive and needed to run upstairs to get my purse. What I really did was take the opportunity to slip my diaper off and pee one last time before we left. I re-taped my diaper and joined Chris downstairs. I got Chris in the car without a struggle and I drove us to the movie theater. I had to help him open the car door because he was helpless with his hands bandaged the way they were. Everything was fairly normal. We bought our tickets and got in line to buy popcorn and two large drinks. I made sure I whispered in his ear to ask about his diapers.

"Are you wet yet?" He seemed so nervous and embarrassed, but his answer was always, no. I knew it would be just a matter of time before he had to wet his diaper. I also knew that even though I cheated a little, it was possible that he could hold out longer than me. Both of us have a real competitive spirit and I was sure we would fight our biological needs to the end.

We sat down for our movie and kept drinking our drinks. I reached over and put my hand on top of his jeans. I wanted to feel Chris's cock through his diaper and I wanted him to be conscientious of his diapered state. It wasn't too long into the movie that Chris asked to stop the contest. He wanted us to leave. He told me he couldn't go through the embarrassment of wetting his diaper with people sitting all around him. I told him a deal was a deal and we were in this until the wet ending. He knew he had to sit there because he was unable to take himself anywhere without my help. Inside I was loving his agony. I too get embarrassed in these situations, but my personality thrives on it. The more I am forced into humiliating situations the better my sexual libido becomes.

Chris was becoming more restless, but we didn't stop our regular sips of our drinks. I had to hold Chris's cup so that he could reach the straw. I thought I could easily keep my diaper dry longer than Chris could, but I was becoming less sure. I had to beat Chris. We drank and drank some more. We were like kids laughing at our predicament and growing agony.

I decided to let out a little pee to relieve the intense pressure in my bladder. I wet just a little into my waiting diaper, but didn't let on to Chris. How I love the convenience of a diaper! I was going to know if Chris wet his diaper because I played a nasty trick on Chris before we left our house. The diaper I put on Chris was tampered with by yours truly. I slit the outer plastic layer in several spots. Chris was not able to get a clear view of his diaper when I put it on him and then he couldn't see the diaper at all once he was in his jeans so he had no idea that his diaper had tiny little tears in the plastic cover. (I told you I was a little stinker and didn't play fair!)

I wanted Chris to feel the embarrassment he put me through on countless other occasions and this was how I was going to try and repay him for my misery. My hope was that Chris would have to wet, and when he did, his jeans would show the telltale signs that he wet his pants. If Chris thought wearing a diaper hidden under his clothes was embarrassing, my guess was that wetting his pants in a movie theater was going to be worse. I'm bad.

I took one of Chris's taped hands and held it tight to show support. I knew he was not going to be able to hold his pee another second. Chris put his head back and just let it go. He was peeing in his diaper! I had won. (Well he didn't know I peed first.) I put my hand on the front of his jeans and massaged him gently while he filled his diaper. He was moaning quietly while I moved my hand over his rock hard cock. It seemed to take Chris forever to finish peeing. I couldn't tell in the dark movie theater if his jeans were wet yet, but his jeans still felt dry. I thought that it may take a while for the wetness to penetrate all the way through his diaper and into his jeans.

I was so focused on Chris, I forgot for a minute of my own need to pee. Chris reached over and pushed hard on my lower stomach area. I was a goner.

"That isn't fair!" I began to immediately fill my diaper in response to Chris's sudden push. I instinctively reached down between my legs and tried to stop the flow. That didn't help anything. My pee continued to fill my diaper. Chris was getting turned on by my frantic attempt to stop wetting. I was in an incredible state of arousal.

It took us awhile to comprehend what had happened. We were sitting in the theater and both of us were in need of a diaper change. We both wanted to embrace and take our excitement to the next level, but the reality of the situation prohibited it. We needed to leave the theater and we were both wearing sopping wet diapers. I was fairly confident that my diaper would hold all of my wetness, but it would also be so much larger now in its wet state and more visible under my jeans.

I again reached down between Chris's legs to see if his jeans were wet. They were. Chris probably couldn't tell his jeans were wet being that it was so dark in the theater and he was sitting in a wet diaper.

"Chris, I think your jeans are all wet."

"No my diaper is wet, not my jeans," Chris said in a panic.

"Feel your jeans for yourself." Chris reached down but couldn't feel anything with his hands bandaged the way they were. I think Chris knew his jeans were soaked, but couldn't come to terms with his new predicament. I grabbed his wet crotch with my hand so that my hand got nice and wet. I put my hand to his nose.

"Chris, my dear, smell my hand."

"Better yet, smell your pee." Chris took a whiff.

"It appears that baby made pee-pee in his pants."

"But I am wearing a can it be that my jeans are soaked?" Chris asked. I paused and then said, "I don't know Chris, I guess you need to wear a diaper liner next time." I was not going to let Chris know that I purposely slit his diaper so that it would leak into his jeans.

Getting out of the theater without being seen was going to be difficult. I knew Chris would cooperate fully because he wanted out of this place and in a hurry. I led Chris out the side entrance so that we didn't have to cross the main lobby. We got to the car without being seen. In the car we embraced and I told Chris that it was time to go home and make passionate love. He was so horny and so hard that I thought he was going to burst out of his diaper and jeans. His jeans were soaked in front and all the way down both of his legs. I took every opportunity to tease him about his condition.

"Diaper boy is oh so wet."

"If you are a good little diaper boy, then I will bring you home and change you."

"If not, we may just find another place to go." Chris begged to go home.

Chapter 14 - It was time for Chris to get even

When we arrived at home I told him that I was going to release him as my slave. I also reminded him that he lost our little diaper game because he wet first. He was going to have to take me to a Broadway play and act as my diaper slave during our weekend away. Chris reluctantly agreed.

I told him I was going to take a shower, but that I would release his hands from the bandages. It was hard to take all of the tape off of Chris's hands, but he was finally free. I told Chris to remove his wet jeans and diaper and pranced off to take my shower. I was so proud of myself. I had turned Chris into my diaper slave and even tricked him into losing my little game.

I was taking my shower when Chris burst into the bathroom. I looked out of the shower to see that Chris was holding a wet diaper and his wet jeans.

"Kim, I took off my diaper and discovered something." I panicked, but replied, "And what might that be?"

"Kim, it seems that someone slit the plastic on my diaper!"

"Would little, Kimberly know who might have done this?" Chris could tell by the panic in my eyes that I was caught. I desperately pleaded, "It is not what you think, it wasn't me..." Chris just laughed and told me to finish my shower.

I didn't know what to expect, but I knew Chris was going to get even. I walked out of the bathroom and saw what Chris had laid out on the bed. There it was...all the baby clothes and bondage stuff to turn me into his diaper slave.

"No, no!" I cried. Chris simply took me by the hand and laid me on top of the waiting diaper. He took his time to powder me by making small little circles over my shaved pussy. He then diapered me with a disposable diaper. I knew better than to protest. I expected to be put in plastic pants, but Chris pulled out another disposable diaper.

"Kim lift your bottom." I did as I was told and Chris slipped the second diaper under my bottom. Before he taped it on me, he took a pen knife and slit the plastic on the diaper I was already wearing.

"Little Kimberly, is this the way you slit a diaper?" I knew exactly what he was doing. Chris was going to get even! He was going to double diaper me and that meant that I was going to be in a diapered state for some time. He carefully diapered the second diaper around me and pulled a pair of rubber panties up my legs.

"Kimberly, I took an extra precaution and double diapered you for the night."

"This is for your own comfort," he said with a smile. I had never worn two diapers at the same time and the effect it was having on me was amazing. My legs were spread wide and I felt like such a baby.

"Let's see...I guess it is customary to make sure Baby doesn't play with herself in her crib tonight so I am going to put this on you." Chris produced a straight-jacket. I tried to protest, but Chris simply was too strong and easily put my arms into the canvas arms of the jacket. I continued to struggle, but this seemed to just turn Chris on and make him more determined. With my arms in the straight-jacket, Chris took his sweet time to buckle it closed in the back. He crossed my arms in front of my body and the straps of the canvass sleeves were fastened behind my back. I continued to struggle and pulled desperately trying to escape.

"Kim, you haven't worn one of these jackets have you?" Chris asked.

"Let me out now!" I shouted in defiance.

"Now is that the way a good baby acts before she is put to bed?" Chris was now having fun at my expense.

Chris then reached down to grab the strap that was swinging freely between my legs.

"Kimberly, I am going to pull this strap between your legs so that your diapers can hug you tightly through the night."

"You wouldn't want to wear loose diapers and leak, would you?"

"I founding leaking to be very embarrassing at the theater today so I am trying to 'help' you."

I knew that Chris was playing with me. Turnabout was awful. I couldn't resist with my arms secured in the canvas jacket. Chris was meticulous and pulled the strap between my legs. Before securing it in place, he adjusted it several times to make sure it was tight between my legs. Chris buckled it in place at the small of my back. I was clearly bound and not getting out without Chris's help. My diapers were pressed into my body by the tight strap. My arms were useless. I stood before Chris. I was now his diaper slave.

"Before you are put down for the night in your crib, get down on your knees in front of me."

"Open your mouth and give me a blow job!"

"If I don't like it or think you haven't done a fantastic job, you will be fed a little something to help you poop this evening." I struggled in my straight-jacket, but got down on my knees and brought Chris to orgasm. He absolutely exploded in my mouth and I knew that I had to take it all down. Chris patted my head and said, "Kimberly that was very nice, but I still think I will give you a laxative to make your evening a little more interesting." I tried to protest and Chris took that opportunity to put the pill in the back of my throat. He stroked my throat like I was a dog and I swalled the laxative.

Chris then led me to the same nursery where I had Chris sleep the prior night. He easily lifted me and laid me on my back in the crib. Chris then proceeded to feed me a huge bottle of apple juice.

"Baby Kimberly, I don't want you getting out of your crib so I am going to leave you in your straight-jacket."

"I am also going to put the bars on top of your crib tonight so you feel secure." I rolled around on my back in a last effort to protest. Chris lifted the barred gate and placed it over the crib. He locked it in place and checked his work. I could see I was not going to escape.

"Since you were so good to me as my Mommy today, I want to make sure that I am a good Daddy."

"Is my baby secure and comfy?" I looked at Chris between the bars. I felt so small. I felt so secure under Chris's control and I knodded. He blew me a kiss and said, "Night, night little Kimberly...Sleep tight...Try to keep your diapers clean tonight."

I laid there on my back in my crib. Two diapers and rubber panties hugged my bottom. The straight-jacket was a constant reminder of my bondage and the control Chris had over me. I found that any movement in the straight-jacket would move the strap between my legs. The feeling was nice, but did little to really stimulate me through the massive layers of my diapers. Despite my predicament, I was madly in love with Chris. I wanted to make love to Chris so bad, but I was locked in my crib for the night. My sweet thoughts of Chris were interrupted as the laxative started to work on my stomach. I knew then my diaper was not going to stay clean through the night. I laid in agony. I was not sure which bodily function would give way first, my bladder or my bowels. I knew one thing for certain. I was going to be a slave to my waiting diaper and serve it with all I had in me. It was going to be a long, restless, agonizing night. Paybacks are hell. Good night until next time...

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