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After feeling very drowsy, I once again feel into a very deep sleep. This time when I woke up, it was to Brooke saying " Adam, wake up baby. Come on, open your eyes sweetheart." I was once again in wrist restraints and laying in the crib .

" Christina, baby Adam is awake." Christina then walked in and asked me if I was ready to behave. I was still drowsy but complied and said yes. I had a terrible stomach ache and realized that I hadn't had anything to eat in quite a while.

"O.k., I will do anything that the two of you ask, just let me go." Christina said, " Brooke, I still don't think he is ready to be trusted yet. We have a handy man coming over today and also a electronic technician." Adam, we have to move you for a few hours out of your nursery and we can not take the chance of you doing anything stupid." I looked at Christina and said "ok fine." I already knew what was coming so I asked if she would tell me before I was given another injection. Brooke looked at Christina, smiled and said " I think that maybe be is beginning to learn, lol.

" Christina reached into a pocket and pulled out a syringe and I once again felt a sharp sting in my arm. This This time the shoot didn't knock me out like I thought it would, but it did make me feal very relaxed. After 5 minutes or so they lowered the side of the crib and removed my restraints. I sat up and was taken by the wrist into their bedroom. In their bedroom I was told to lay down on their bed and I did as I was told. I was very hungry and asked if I could have something to eat. Christina said " I can't give you anything thing solid because of the medicine I gave you." I begged her for anything.

"Please, at least something to drink !" Brooke left the room and came back later with a baby bottle with what looked to be milk. Christina then got on the bed with me as Brooke handled her the bottle. I was laying down and Christina told me to set up and as I did, she moved over to me and told me to lay down in her lap.

" Be a good baby and open your mouth." I was so hungry I didn't care at this point and did as I was told. Christina then put the nipple in my mouth and I started to suck. It wasn't milk in the bottle, it was baby formula !! I tried to spit it out of my mouth, but I was helpless. It tasted weird. Hard to describe, but it was kinda sweet.

"Just close your eyes, relax, be a good baby and drink your bottle." While I started sucking on the bottle, Christina was holding me very tightly and then she started to run her fingers thru my hair. Brooke then came over and stuck a couple of fingers inside my leg into my diaper.

" OMG baby, you're soaked !!" I was so embarrassed. As I was drinking the bottle, I felt Brooke unfasten the snaps on my onsie and then she unfasten the three tapes on both sides of my diaper. She then told me to lift up my butt and as I did she slide a changing pad underneath of me. She removed my wet diaper and slide a clean dry one underneath of me. I then felt something kinda cold and it was her using baby wipes to clean me up.

" Christina, would you please roll baby Adam over on his side." She did as I was still sucking on my bottle and I felt something incredible cold being rubbed all over my back side. I was then put back on my back where Brooke continued to rub cream on me. I tried to talk, but every time I tried, Christina would just put the bottle deeper in my mouth.

" O.k. baby, almost done. I just need to get you powered and we are finished." I was almost asleep again, but I remember feeling powder being sprinkled on me and then I could feal my diaper being pulled up tight and then being fastened. I feel asleep and woke up in my crib again but this time it was different. I wasn't in restraints but I looked up and my crib had a top to it !! I sat up thinking this was my chance to make a run for it and realized they I couldn't push the top open. While I was sleeping, someone had came and installed a locking top to the crib. I then heard someone running down the hallway towards the nursery. I quickly layed back down and the two ladies asked me what I was doing. I said nothing, I swear !!!! Christina then looked at Brooke and said" I told you it was a good idea to have the hidden camera installed in the nursery." I couldn't believe it !!! They were now able to watch me 24/7 weather they were in the room or not ! My nightmare was just getting worse.

To be continued...

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