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I realized at the time and said I have to fly back home tomorrow. I thought it was Sunday but found out that I had lost a day and it was really Monday.

"We know baby, we are both going back with you." I said how I couldn't wait to leave but I was confused to.

"You see baby, we have been videotaping you every since you got here and if don't do everything we tell you to, we are going to send a copy to all of your friends and family." I then realized I was screwed. If anyone ever saw the tape, I could never show my face again anywhere ! So a couple of hours later, there we were, the three of us on a cross country flight back to my home. I was told on the flight home that we were only going there for the day to take care of my affairs. When we landed , we went to my apartment where there were movers already packing my things into boxes and what was left was already in the truck. Brooke (the attorney) had already taken care of my lease and had also informed my family that I was moving in with them. Before I knew it we were already on a plane on our way back to what is today, my home. The ladies were kind enough to let me wear my regular clothes during the trip and not embarrass me in any way. Right before we landed, Christna look at me with a huge smile and thanked me for behaving during the trip. She then asked me to roll up my sleeve and you know what happen then. The next thing I remember, I am in a wheel chair in the back of one of those medical transportation vans. The windows were tinted and I could hear how Christina was bragging about how she told the airline that I was on medical transport and that I was under her care. Before I knew it, the van stopped and I was being wheeled into the house. Still feeling kinda droogy, I was taken to the nursery and told to lay down on what I can only describe as being a huge changing table.

"Do I need to give you a shoot baby?" I said no, I know the drill. After being stripped of my clothes, I was once again put into a diaper and this time what are one piece, footed pajamas but with the zipper being on the back where I couldn't reach it.

"Get in your crib and try to get some sleep baby. tomorrow we are going to have a busy day." I did as I was told and Brooke then closed my crib and I heard the sound of a lock being fastened.

"Good night baby Adam, we both love you very much." One of the ladies then put a c.d. into a small stereo and it was soft music along with a very soft spoken voice. It really relaxed me and I quickly fell asleep. When I woke up, Brooke and Christina were already in the nursery talking and laughing.

"Good morning baby Adam, did you have a good sleep?" I said yes and I was asked again if I was willing to take there offer.

"Can I have a week to think about it ?" I was told take all the time I needed. Brooke said " baby, I have a couple of things that I need for you to sign, ok ?"

"Sure, I'll sign whatever needs to be." Another huge mistake I found out later.

"From this point on if you are to talk, it will only be in baby talk." Huh ?" From this point on to are to call the both of us only by mommy. Shake your head up and down if you understand." I did and they both laughed.

"If you are hungry, you are to start crying or say baba." For now that is all you are allowed to say. I agreed by saying "ok mommy." I was asked if I wanted to get out of the nursery for a while, I said "yes !!" I was feeling kinda warm and one of my mommys asked me if I was O.K. I couldn't talk so I didn't know what to say. I shocked my head back and forth wanting to say no.

"Lets take your temperature baby. O.K., can you turn on your tummy for mommy ? I then realized how my temperature was going to be taken and I wish I would had said I felt fine. With one of my mommys trying to distract me , I felt my diaper being taken off by the other. I started to shake and my mommy said " baby, you know I'm a doctor, I will never hurt you ! Try to relax." With out warning I felt a very cold object being slowly put inside of me. I started shacking even more and my other mommy asked if we were almost finished. I then started to cry. I couldn't help it, it wasn't that big of deal.

"I think the hypnotic c.d.'s are really working, he is starting to really act like a baby." Then it was all over with and I heard my mommy say " yes, he has a temp of 102.7.

"Oh, my poor baby. Would you like to go in the other room and lay in mommys lap?" I shock my head up and down and my mommy took me by the wrist into the family room.

"Brooke, would you please get my doctor bag from our room and bring it to me dear." I was then told to bend over on the couch and when I did I felt a very, very strong pinch on my bottom and I started to cry. My mommy then grabbed me and made me lay in her lap.

"Close your eyes baby , it's ok...." I then looked up at my mommy and said "baba."

"We don't have anymore formula baby, I haven't had a chance to go to the store." I really started to cry even more. Brooke looked at Christina and said "why don't you try to feed him the way we have talked about Christina?"

"O.K., we might as well try it , huh?" Christina then told me to move backward in her arms more and close my eyes. She then brought my head even closer to her chest and then I felt her moving something against my face.

"Here baby, open your mouth nice and wide." Right when I did, I felt a nipple in my mouth and I was shocked ! "Now start sucking baby, just like you have before with a baba." I couldn't believe it it !! Mommy was trying to breast feed me !!! I was still shocked but I must admit, I did feal safe and protected. Then without warning I started to taste a liquid that was very warm and sweet. I spit it out at first being surprised and I heard my mommy tell the other one, " I'm lactating !!! I'm really producing milk !!!"

" Baby, please don't stop sucking, please !!" I then got use to the taste and did as I was told. It was such a great fealing, plus I was being feed . I kept sucking for what seamed like an hour and before I knew it, I was falling asleep..... To be Continued....... any commits or ideas please contact......... actor27@yahoo...... This is a fictional story & nbsp; <!-- compressed/chunked Mon Dec 14 08:24:28 PST 2009 -->

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