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Sara the Diapered Teacher

Part 3

Jen pulled her fingers out of Sara's vagina and examined the cum on her fingers. A thought occurred to Jen, she reached her other hand down into her skirt and started rubbing the lips of her vagina, and then she held her cum covered fingers up to Sara's mouth.

"Clean mommy's fingers," Jen stated motioning Sara to lick them clean. Sara opened her mouth obediently and cleaned her juices off Jen's fingers. Jen smiled at her domination of her former instructor now baby in her complete control.

"That's a good baby; baby Sara knows what will happen if she disobeys." Jen still fingering herself began to breathe heavily, and her body began to quiver with anticipation. She was on the verge of an orgasm and couldn't hold it off anymore, and with her senses on fire from ecstasy she came into her panties.

Jen quickly recovered her composure and looked down at Sara sitting on her puffy diapers. Jen had Sara stand up and she removed her skirt Sara stood there now in only diapers and her shirt. Jen set the skirt on Sara's desk and removed her shirt too. Jen found a pair of scissors in Sara's desk and began to cut the shirt and skirt. While Jen worked on Sara's clothing Sara caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror she had on her desk. No longer was Sara the educated adult she looked like she was two except for her breasts wearing the puffy yellow diapers. She noticed she was also smiling a little when she saw herself, 'Why am I enjoying this?' Sara thought to herself.

Jen returned to the almost naked Sara standing behind her and put her newly cut clothes back on her. Jen had cut the sleeves off the shirt lowered the neck line and cut off a few inches below her breasts to show some more skin. The skirt had been shortened from modest to slutty it was short enough to show half her diaper. If she wasn't wearing diapers the skirt would have only reached barely past her ass. Jen admired her work she eyed Sara up and down her curves complimented by her clothing diapers puffing out to Jen she looked like pure sex.

"Gorgeous," Jen stated simply.

"But Jen I can't go out like this," Sara whined.

"Mommy Jen," Jen corrected quickly.

"Now, Baby Sara I'll have none of that talk." Jen reached into her purse and pulled out a pacifier and popped in Sara's mouth and told her to suck. Sara did so fearing punishment.

"Oh, Sara I bet you're starving here let mommy feed you." Jen unbuttoned her top and revealed her D breasts. Sara took a examined Jen She was blonde, slender, very attractive, wore a short skirt , had large voluptuous breasts and an ass most girls only dreamed of.

"Funny," Jen commented shirt open breasts exposed, "I'm about to breast feed my former teacher turned my baby."

"I'm not a baby!" Sara pouted through her pacifier.

"That's right babies wear diapers and wet them and suck on pacifiers and have mommies to breast feed them. Hmm, I wonder who the infant is? Probably the one wearing diapers." Jen smiled. Jen sat down on the floor and pulled Sara over laying her head on her lap. Jen guided her nipple into Sara's mouth and Sara began to suck. The milk was good Sara thought as she sucked on the nipple of her younger student. Sara felt very little sucking on the nipples of such large breasts. Sara drank Jen's milk until she was full. Jen wiped the milk off Sara's lips, "That's a good baby," Jen said cleaning Sara's face.

Sara was at war with herself she wanted Jen very badly but she was her student and if she tried to make any move voluntarily it would be out of line, she was only 17 almost a full decade younger." Sara thought about the situation and came to the conclusion that it didn't matter because if anyone found out what Jen was doing to her and or that she actually enjoyed it she would be humiliated. Sara resolved to make a move and maybe try to turn around the situation. Sara liked the idea of possibly having Jen as her baby but now was not the time. At this point Jen held all the cards, Sara's dignity and replaced it with a diaper soaked with shame and passion.

"Now let's get up on your desk and ill change you into some fresh diapers." Jen said pulling a large folded up diaper out of Sara's purse. Sara behaving climbed up onto her desk and laid back. Jen removed her soaked double diaper and threw it in the trash can. Jen cleaned her teacher's vagina with precision and haste, and then added some baby power. Jen gently rubbed the baby powder over her teacher's perfect thighs and vagina.

Sara stared at the ceiling wondering how she had gotten into this situation didn't pay much attention to Jen who worked quickly replacing her soaked diaper with a fresh disposable. Sara missed the feeling of a warm wet diaper, it was comforting to her she felt safe, loved, warm and wet not because of the urine soaked diaper. She lied there for a moment enjoying the feeling of a fresh diaper and trying to look on the positives of the situation. She was at least getting to live out her fantasy of being someone's baby and sexual partner. She just wished it was more on her terms this isn't really what she wanted but it was at the same time Sara was very conflicted between her mind and her desire.

Then there was a sound behind Jen both Jen and Sara looked over and saw someone, a girl, entering the room and closing the door behind her. Jen and Sara both froze as they saw the girl turn around.

"Hi, Miss Sara I....what the hell is going on here?"

To be continued...

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