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It was finally here, the day Sandy had waited for all her life. Today she would marry the man of her dreams.

Steve and Sandy had met 3 years earlier at another wedding, the wedding of Sandy's best Friend and now Maid of Honor, Michelle and her husband, Mark. Mark and Steve were college roommates and Steve was Mark's best man. Sandy was Michelle's Maid of honor, just as the two had promised when they were 12. At Mark and Michelle's wedding reception, Steve and Sandy danced every dance together and many of the guests had wondered who was more in love, the bride and groom or the couple who had just met.

Well, today was Sandy's turn to walk down the aisle and she was never so nervious. Not about getting married but about what she would be wearing under her dress. You see, Sandy wore diapers, adult ones. Not because she had to, but because she liked to. She had been wearing them for years and years and only Michelle knew because she and Michelle both wore them. It started out as a game for them when they were little girls playing house. They would each take turns being the mommy and the baby but to really play baby, one must have a diaper to change.

Michelle used to sneak diapers from her baby brother's changing table everyday and hide them until the girls got together to play, then they would take turns diapering each other. This went on for many years and continued even today, Sandy's wedding day.

The bride room was alive with excitement. All the brides maids were so excited for Sandy and Steve. Sandy's mother stood behind her gazing into the full length mirror at her daughter.

"My little baby is all grown up, seems like just yesterday when you were in diapers." her mother said with a tear in her eye unaware of just how right she was. Michelle snickered.

"Come on, Mrs. Smith, it is time for you to take your seat in the church"; said Michelle as she gently led Sandy's mother towards the door.

"Ladies!" Michelle called to the brides maids,"Can you give Sandy and I a moment alone, please?" The room cleared leaving Sandy and Michelle alone for the first time all morning. Michelle closed and locked the door as the last of the brides maids left the room.

"Okay, Sandy. Are you ready to do this?"; Michelle asked.

"Yes, I am." Sandy replied "Well, let's see, you have your something old, the antique diamond ring Steve gave you. Your something blue is the garter around your leg, and your something borrowed is the hanky from your Grandmother. Now all you need is something new." Said Michelle being as thorough as possible and walking to a duffle bag hidden in the corner.

"Well, here is something new." she said while pulling out a new white diaper from the bag.

"Lay down and let me put this on you so we can join the others." Sandy gathered her dress up and slipped out of her panties then layed down on a blanket that Michelle had just spread out on the floor. Sandy raised her bottom and Michelle slipped the diaper under her. Michelle powdered Sandy's bottom generously as she had done many times in the past, then fastened the diaper around her middle.

"I have a little surprise for you. Sort of a wedding gift" said Michelle as she pulled out a pair of pink, plastic rhumba panties from the bag.

"These should keep that pretty dress of yours nice and dry all day." Sandy raised her feet so Michelle could slip them on up over her diaper.

"They feel so good" said Sandy "Just like when we were kids. Thank You." Sandy stood once more in front of the full length mirror but this time she had her wedding gown gathered up so she could she her new pink plastic rumba panties.

The sound of organ music was growing louder from the church. Michelle helped Sandy straighten her dress..

"Don't worry, you'll do just fine and I'll tell you a little secret. I'm wearing too." Michelle whispered into Sandy's ear as she leaned in to kiss Sandy on the cheek.

The two women left the bride's room with bouquets in hand and joined the others at the back of the church. The wedding march began to play and one by one, the brides maids all made their way down the aisle. What a picture perfect day. Sandy could see Steve's face Light up as he saw her.

Michelle walked down the aisle just ahead of Sandy, smiling all the way to the to the alter where both Steve and Mark were waiting. The organ began to play even louder as Sandy started her trip down the aisle on her father's arm.

"You look so beautiful, my dear. Like a shiny new penny." he whispered to her while trying to smile while all those cameras were flashing and snapping at them.

Sandy's plastic pants and diaper crinkled as she slowly walked down the aisle. She was sure that she was the only one that could hear it and that Michelle was the only other person who was aware of her little secret.

Sandy's father leaned his head slightly towards her.

"What's that strange rustling sound?" he asked doing his best to keep his look ahead and look around at the same time.

"I think it is just my dress, Dad and all the slips and bustles rubbing together. Don't worry, it is supposed to do that." Sandy whispered back trying to keep a smile on her face while talking and secretly hoping he would buy that.

They made their way to the alter where he raised her veil and gave her a kiss on the cheek and whispered "I love you, You'll always be my lil' girl." He wiped a tear from his eye and took a seat next to Sandy's mother in the first church pew.

Sandy turned to Steve and smiled. They leaned in to give each other a kiss and the ceremony began. The priest went on and on for what seemed like hours and all the while Sandy stood there so utterly happy. The only thing that could make this moment better for her was if her diaper was wet, but could she do that in church? She half listened to the father continue, she already knew what he was saying because he had said it all at the rehearsall just a few days ago. Her attention was on her very dry diaper and her new plastic rhumba pants.

"Would they really keep her diaper from leaking all day?" she wondered. No other way to find out than to give them a try and so she did.

The front of her diaper started to feel warm suddenly and the smile on her face got a little bigger.

"Ahhh, now that's perfect." She thought to herself. Then she wondered whether she would have time to change into a new diaper or back into her panties before the reception. She was not planning on telling Steve about her diapers on their wedding night, if ever. She thought about it and fiqured that there would be plenty of time for a quick change in the ladies room of the reception hall even if it were just back into her regular old panties.

She turned her attention back to the ceremony just in time for the "I do's."The priest pronounced them husband and wife. Steve took her into his arms and the two shared a very passionate kiss as family and friends in attendance watched and "ohhhed." Then applause broke out and the happy newlyweds bounded down the aisle towards the door. Michelle and Mark followed and then the rest of the wedding party and guests.

A great stretch limo awaited the bride and groom just outside the church doors. Steve and Sandy climbed inside. Mark jumped in too.

"Where's Michelle?" Sandy asked.

"She said she had to go get a duffle bag from the bride's room before we left." Mark told her.

";She said she didn't want anyone else to take it by mistake or something and said you would understand."

"Oh, yeah. Okay, we'll wait. That's fine." Sandy said a little nerviously. She really didn't want anyone else to take THAT bag because her panties were in it along with some more diapers should she need them.

Michelle finally arrived with the bag in one hand and her bouquet in the other. She hopped in the car and instructed the driver that it was okay to go now.

"What took you so long?" Mark asked like a typical husband as though his wife took too long in the bathroom.

"Just had to find a few things and Sandy's mom was there helping to pick up after everyone." Michelle said as she made a suttle motion to Sandy.

"But every thing is fine, I got what I needed and left as quickly as I could." The four of them toasted with champagne in the back of the limo on the way to the reception hall. This was the happiest day of their lives and they were going to enjoy every minute of it that they could.

Once they arrived at the reception hall, Sandy made her excuses from her new husband and pulled Michelle aside.

"You won't believe it. I did it, I did it, I actually wet my diaper during the ceremony!" Sandy excitedly whispered to Michelle.

"Now quick, get me some wipes and my panties so I can change before the rest of the guests get here."

"Sure, hang on. They should be in the bag." Michelle grabbed the duffle bag and started to rummage thru it. She pulled out a box of baby wipes and handed it to Sandy then continued to look for the panties.

"Uh oh, Sandy, I have some bad news. I can't find your panties and you are wearing the last diaper. I had 3 with me for today but I wet mine earlier and had to change it." Michelle told her diapered friend.

"What am I going to do? I can't stay the whole day in a wet diaper and what if I have to use the bathroom?" Sandy said in a very worried tone.

"Wait, you have a the rhumba pants on, just take off the diaper and wear just them." Michelle suggested.

"I can't do that, I'll sweat too much in them." Sandy replied.

"Well, unless you want me to ask to see if anyone has any spare panties with them, I suggest you stay in the diaper, wet or not." Michelle said in an almost joking tone that was lost due to the heat of the situation.

"Oh God, I'll die if anyone notices. And what am I going to tell Steve later on our Wedding night?" Sandy was about ready to cry.

"Look, it will be okay." Michelle continued "Keep your dress bustled in the back and with all the music from the band, no one will be able to hear the rustling of the plastic pants or the diaper. Relax, it will be fine."

"But what about Steve?"Sandy asked again.

"Don't worry, when you get to the hotel, pull the shy bride routine and tell him you want to change into your teddy in the bathroom." Michelle explained "Then go in, take off your dress, slip the plastic panties in your makeup bag and take off the diaper. He'll never notice."

"Are you sure, Michelle?" Sandy said doubtedly "Positive, He'll be so horny that all he will be thinking about is getting his own clothes off and then your teddy. Don't worry, he'll never suspect a thing." The two friends returned to the reception area where their husbands were waiting.

"See Steve, what I tell ya, now that you're married you'll be waiting outside the ladies room forever." Mark said with a smirk on his face and a drink in his hand.

"Come on Gorgeous, let's go enjoy our party so we can cut out of here early." Steve said to Sandy with a wink of his eye.

Michelle looked at Sandy with an "I told you so" look on her face and the four of them entered the now crowded reception hall.

Hours had passed but the party lasted. Sandy had wet her diaper several more times out of desperation and it was now very wet and swollen. Wearing a wet diaper all day was usually someithing Sandy did for fun but this time she didn't have a choice. She either had to wear it or go without anything on under her gown. The thought of being forced to wear diapers was both humiliating and exciting at the same time.

The band leader announced it was time for the traditional tossing of the bouquet and garter. Sandy stood at the head of the dance floor with her back to the crowd and tossed the bouquet over her shoulder to all the single ladies hoping that they might be the next to marry.

Then a chair was pulled out to the middle of the dance floor and the band leader motioned to Sandy to come and take a seat. Steve knelt down and lifted the hem of Sandy's dress to above her knee. He put his hands around her ankle and slowly moved them up her leg. The silkiness of her thigh high stockings made him excited so he played it up for the crowd for laughs. His hands grew closer and closer to the spot where the garter was around her leg. Seeing how many laughs he was getting from their friends, Steve pretended that he hadn't found the garter, like it had somehow travelled further up under the dress. He slid his hands further up her leg until he felt something....something different. It wasn't silky and smooth like Sandy's other panties. It was soft but rubbery.

"What could this be?" he thought to himself and in another attempt at humor mixed with curiosity, he lifted Sandy's skirt and tossed it over his head to take a peak. The party guests roared with laughter.

Steve saw the pink plastic rhumba panties that Sandy was wearing under her gown. He touched them again then slide his finger in one of the leg holes and felt the smooth plastic covering of Sandy's disposable diaper that was now swollen to it's maximum absorption point. Surely it would have already leaked if not for the plastic panties that Sandy was wearing over it. He pinched at the plastic covered diaper then carefully found the leg opening of the wet, swollen diaper. He pulled at the elastic leg opening and slid his finger inside and felt the inside of Sandy's warm wet diaper. He brushed his finger gently across her vagina. Realising that he was sitll being watched by the crowd of guests, he pulled his hand back out of Sandy's plastic panties.

He slid his hands back down to the garter on Sandy's leg and started sliding it down her leg, over her knee, delicately slipping it down her shin, over her ankle and eventually off the end of her foot. He emerged from under her skirt victoriously with his prize in hand, he stood and threw his arms up over his head. The crowd cheered.

Sandy stood up and raced out of the hall. Steve wanted to go to her but was pulled in the other direction by a group of single men waiting to try their hand at catching the carter.

Sandy raced for the ladies room once again, this time she was followed by her mother and maidren of honor, Michelle. As they entered the bathroom, Sandy sat down on one of the large chairs in the lounge area and started sobbing.

"Men can be such pigs." Sandy's mother snapped.

"Take a wonderful day, such as this, and turn it into something dirty with their child-like behavior. Why I remember once...." Sandy interupted her mother mid sentence.

"It's not Steve's fault, Mother, it's mine.!" Sandy began sobbing harder.

Michelle reached for a box of tissues on the vanity and offered some to Sandy.

"Oh honey, if it's anybody's fault, it's mine. I talked you into it, and who is the one who gave you them as a wedding present, not to mention, I was the one who got you to start doing it all those years ago. So you see, if it's anyone's fault, its mine. Can you forgive me?" Sandy stretched out her arms to give Michelle a hug and her forgiveness.

"You're right, it is all your fault." Sandy said while laughing through her tears.

"Wait a minute, how can any of this be Your fault Michelle? Am I missing something here?"questioned Sandy's mother a bit more confused than before.

The ladies room door swung open and Steve entered. Michelle took Mrs. Smith's hand and led her towards the door.

"Let's give them a moment alone, they have a lot to talk about." said Michelle as she led Mrs. Smith back to the reception hall. Sandy heard Michelle saying to her mother "Do you remember when Sandy and I were kids and we used to...." as the door closed behind them.

"Is everything okay?" Steve asked of his tear streaked bride. Sandy wiped away the tears in her eyes with the now wadded up tissues that Michelle had given her earlier "You tell me. Do you think everything is alright." Sandy said in a quivering voice.

"Sweet heart" Steve said as he slowly walked toward her.

"Why wouldn't everything be alright?" He was either in denial or hoping Sandy would confess to him about the diapers.

"I know you saw them, Steve. I could feel you touching them, touching ME. Admit it, You saw what I was wearing, didn't you?" Sandy said as if she was mad at him for playing dumb.

"Well of course I saw them, Sandy. I'm not blind, just in love." he said with a grin on his face.

"But I don't understand, you never wore diapers before, I mean, you a baby I'm sure but why now? Why on our wedding day?" Sandy looked down at where her feet would be if they were not under her long gown. She spoke very softly "Well, you's really...well, Michelle talked me into it." Steve walked a bit closer so he could hear her better, gently raised her chin with his finger and gazed into her eyes.

"It's okay, honey, I love you and I always will," Steve said as he lost himself in her pure blue eyes that were all puffy from crying.

"But sweety, that diaper is awful wet. I don't think it will last until the end of the reception, do you?"

"Well, probably not, it is kind of full." Sandy said looking lovingly back into his caring green eyes.

"But I don't have another and my panties are missing."

"Hey, we can deal with that. Wait here. I'll be back in a flash." said Steve as he left the ladies room. Sandy waited for her beloved while it seemed every woman from the reception came and went in and out of the ladies room. Finally, Steve returned with a large brown bag. He made sure the room was empty of everyone but himself and his wet bottomed bride. Once he was sure they were alone, he locked the door.

"I have the answer to your problem right here my love." Steve unfolded the top of the brown paper bag and pulled out a bottle of baby powder, some diaper rash cream, baby wipes and a new package of adult disposalbe diapers.

"There is a pharmacy just down the street, I ran down there and got you these." Sandy wasn't sure whether to be happy or sad. She would be glad to get out of that wet diaper after all this time, but did she really want to put on another diaper now? "Honey, you couldn't find any panties for me?"

" I didn't even look for them. I kind of like the idea of my bride also being my baby." Steve said as he tore open the package of diapers.

"Now lay down right here and let DADDY change you." Sandy smiled as Steve said the words "Baby" and "DADDY." For all these years, she had only ever had Michelle change her diapers and now in one day she got both a husband and a new Daddy to change her diapers for her. She gathered up her dress as she had done with Michelle earlier that morning, and laid down on the floor.

"I have one more little surprise for you, sweety." Steve reached into the bag and pulled out a pacifier.

"If you want to wear diapers and be MY baby, you will have to use this too." At this point Sandy would have done anything to get out of that wet diaper, so she opened her mouth and let Steve put the binki in for her.

"And one more thing," Steve said while looking into the bag, "For the rest of the reception, I want you to use this too." Steve pulled a baby bottle out of the bag and handed it to his baby girl.

Again, Sandy felt as though she couldn't refuse or else she may never have gotten out of that nearly overflowing diaper. From behind the pacifier, Sandy muffled "Okay." Sandy raised her bottom off the floor slightly so that Steve could slide her pink plastic panties down and off of her going as slowly and gently as he did with the garter. Then he loosened the tapes that held her swollen diaper on her. The diaper was so full that the material beneath the tapes looked as though it had been stretched. Steve pulled down the front of the diaper and layed it between Sandy's knee's that were slightly bent and turned outward.

He grabbed hold of the wipes and began wiping Sandy's diaper area.

"Hmm-mmm, Just what I was afraid of."

"What's wrong, Steve? Have I gotten a rash?" Sandy asked straining her neck in a failed attempt to see what Steve was talking about still maintaing to keep the pacifier in her mouth.

"It doesn't look like any baby's bottom I've ever seen." Steve replied, then he turned back to the bag and brought out a package of razors and some shaving gel.

"Something must be done about this" He tore open the razors with his teeth and spread the shaving gel all over Sandy's now Un-diapered area.

Steve worked and worked and after some time, cleaned her again with baby wipes and announced "There, clean enough to eat off of." trying to sound like some floor cleaner ad from TV.

"Now let's get you into a fresh diaper, baby" Sandy raised her bottom off the floor as Steve slid the old diaper out and the new, clean diaper back under her. He opened the diaper rash cream and spread it over her freshly shaved vagina "This should help keep it from itching." Then he powdered her as well.

"Don't you just love the way this smells?" He slowly started to raise the front on the diaper when he noticed Sandy's hand moving towards the freshly powdered part of her body.

"Oh, does baby want to see what it feels like to be shaved down there?" Sandy had never shaved so much of her bikini line off before and to have it ALL gone now was very intriging. She shook her head yes and put her hand down there. It felt soft and smooth and wonderful.

"We'll have more time for that later sweety, but for now, we have guests waiting." Steve said as he pulled Sandy's hand away and brought the diaper up around her.

His diapering techinque was different than Michelle's but so must be the technique of a real mother and father. Steve fastened the diaper much more firmly around her than Michelle had ever done and Sandy liked this. She could feel it touching her now bald vagina and she liked it. It was very arousing.

Steve grabbed hold of the pink plastic panties again and said "Here, better put these back on too, We have a lot of drinking and dancing yet to do and I don't want baby's diaper to leak." Sandy lifted her feet as Steve put the panties back on her. He slowly made his way back up over her legs and then over her diaper. He helped her to her feet.

"Come on, Baby! Our guests are waiting." he gathered up the dirty diaper and wipes, tossed them in the trash and put the rest of his purchases back in the brown bag "Better hang onto these for later. We might be needing them again." he smirked as he put the bag under one arm unlocked and opened the door for Sandy "After you, My dear." Sandy walked out of the ladies room and now Steve could hear the rustling of her diaper under her gown.

"Sounds like music to my ears." he said smuggly as they returned to the banquet.

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