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Santa had been feeling very down and depressed because all the children were very bad and greedy this year and their parents weren't much better. So he was just ready to cancel Christmas. He was being so moody Mrs. Claus decided he needed some special treatment. So after he had snapped at the elves again for like the hundredth time of the day she put her plan in order. First she ordered some special diapers. They were very cute and had Christmas designs on them. But she knew that he would not willingly let her diaper him. So she went to the kitchen and had the cook prepare some Hot coca with a really strong diuretic to make him wet his pants plus she had the cook put special laxatives that looked like chocolate chips in the cookies.. She lovingly prepared a tray and took it to Santa. He was very happy to see Mrs.. Claus and decided to take a break. While he was eating his snacks she went to prepare the nursery. It was just like a baby nursery only everything was made extra heavy duty to accommodate Santa's large jolly size. After she had everything set up, she went to check on Santa. When she entered the room she noticed he was sitting there crying She kind of secretly smiled because she figured the snack had done its job. She didn't dare let Santa see her smile though. So she asked him what was wrong. She was always amazed at how childlike Santa was at this time of year. Santa was so ashamed he told her he had wet his pants. She acted very sympathetic and put her arms around him. She held him close to her and comforted him. She patted his back and said things like it is ok baby Mamma will take care of you. Santa thought that was an odd thing to say and asked her why she had said it. She told him that she just thought he could use the comforting and he had to admit it did make him feel better. Then Mrs. Claus told him to be a good little boy and come with her. Santa realized he really liked this new role. It wasn't very often that someone want! ed to do something for him. Usually it was everyone demanding things from him.

So he decided to keep playing along. When he saw where she was taking him he tried to protest and pull back. He had been in this part of the house years ago when he was so sick he couldn't care for himself. he felt very ashamed because he remembered that he was so out of it he hadn't been able to make it to the bathroom. He had to admit it did feel very nice when Mrs. Claus had talked him into letting her diaper him.. He wondered if that was what she had in mind. He tried to protest and pull away again and Mrs. Claus slapped his wet bottom. She told him he was just a naughty little boy that needed his Mommy to take care of him. He begged her to just let him take care of himself but stopped resisting as she led him into the room. After she got him into the room she proceeded to undress him and get him cleaned up. When she tried to lead him to the changing table he tried to pull away and while he was doing that he wet himself again. He was so humiliated that he stopped trying to get away. While she was helping him up on the table he pleaded with her not to diaper him. By this time Mrs. Claus was sick of the whining and put a pacifier in his mouth. Then she proceeded to diaper him. The diapers were so thick he could not even close his legs. He had to admit it felt pretty good. As it turns out Mrs. Claus had gotten him diapered just in time. Because just then the laxatives kicked in and he pooped in his diaper. He was very upset but Mrs. Claus comforted him and said it is ok baby Mommy is here t take care of you. He was so upset he didn't realize it when he called Mrs. Claus Mommy and asked her to change him. She just smiled and helped him down off the table. He could barely walk his diapers were so thick. Mrs. Claus then helped him into the crib and told him she would change him after his nap. Acting very childish he said but Mommy I don't want to take a nap I want to play. That made his wife smile and she hugged him playfully swatted his cute diapered bottom and said that no it was nap time and helped him into the crib. Santa was very tired so he agreed. So Mrs. Clause kissed him one more time then closed the rail of the crib so he couldn't get out.

About and hour later Mrs. Clause went to check on Santa. After she let him out of the crib and changed his diaper she asked him if he was ready to be a big boy again. He said yes that he was feeling much better. Mrs. Clause suggested he stay diapered though just in case he had an accident. He agreed as he was getting used to the diapers and was kind of enjoying them. Then he shyly asked Mrs. Clause if she thought it would be ok for him to be diapered forever. She was so happy she said she thought that was a good idea. She promised to take good care of him . As they were walking to the workshop she told him her idea about getting back at all the naughty children and their parents. She showed him some magical powder the Elves had invented that would turn anyone it was sprinkled on incontinent for one week. Santa was very excited at this idea and told the elves to make enough for everyone on his Christmas list. Everyone would be very surprised to wake up Christmas morning and find nothing but diapers under the tree. Mrs. Clause told him he would need alot of help in order to do that . So she arranged teams and split up the list. After everything and everyone was ready to go they set out on their mission. As soon as the elves got to these houses they would go to the parents bedroom at first and sprinkle the powder on them first.( The best thing about this powder is it mad the person unaware of what was going on and made sure they would stay awake.) After they sprinkled the powder the proceeded to diaper the parents. After that they went to all the children's rooms and did the same to them. The elves giggled with glee as they did it. After everyone was done with their part of the list they all went back to the North Pole it had been a long and exciting night.

The next day Santa couldn't wait to get to the magical Santa cam. They had just set it up last night so they could see what would happen when everyone woke up. People were very shocked to wake up and find themselves diapered and yet they realized they had used their diapers. In a state of shock they all went to their living rooms and discovered that Santa and the elves had left a note explaining that they would need diapers for a week. People were very upset at first. But then a strange thing happened as the week went by. Parents actually started paying attention to their children again and most of them found out they enjoyed babying and taking care of their children again. They also realized the diapers helped to bring out their inner child. After the week was over Santa was really surprised and very happy about how their little experiment had turned out. Best of all since Mrs. Clause had kept Santa diapered he was also very happy and since he was happy he stopped yelling at the other elves which made them happy.

The End

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