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Sarah awoke to find that her thick Abena bedtime diaper was totally soaked. She pouted as she knows the rule that little girls in wet diapers do not get to change until after breakfast. Slowly she came to and made her way downstairs to the kitchen. She could hear that her "Daddy" was in the shower getting ready for another day at the office. Without even realizing it, the water sound from the shower made her pee her diaper almost without delay. Looking down at her diaper bulge more, she sighed and sat down to enjoy some Cheerios.

Her hope was the if she finished a bowl and sippy cup of juice by the time Daddy was out of the shower, she would get changed right away.

Out of the bathroom she could hear "Sarah, oh wittle Sarah... get your butt in here!"

She stopped eating and waddled her way to the bathroom, each step reminded her of how thick and soaked her diaper was.

"Well good morning sunshine, I see somebody really used her diapers last night." With that her Daddy kissed her on the forehead and started to massage the bulky soaked diaper between her legs. No matter how many times she had it happen, she still loved the way a wet diaper feels when it is pressed up against her. Her Daddy kept rubbing the front of her diaper, she closed her eyes and thought about how great it was to be in diapers and obedient to her Daddy. The more she relaxed and enjoy the feeling, the more she realized that she was really losing control and becoming a good little submissive diaper girl. Her Daddy pushed her diaper down exposing her waxed diaper area.

"Sine you were such a good girl last night, Daddy is going to let you take a shower and do whatever you want." Sarah was truly thrilled by that statement. As much as she loved her new role, there was a part of her that missed being able to masturbate whenever she wanted. As she stepped into the lovely steam shower, she reached for the shower massager and quickly began to get nice and clean. The pulsing water felt amazing on her most sensitive area, and she knew that her diaper area would be spotless form the water. She climaxed twice very quickly and then proceeded to rinse her body clean.

She exited the shower and wrapped a towel around her body and headed for the bedroom to see what Daddy had chosen for her to wear that day. She loved the routine, there was always a rush of wondering what her clothing for the day would be. She had gotten pretty good at sensing what she might end up doing in a particular outfit. Today surprised her. As she entered the bedroom, laying on the bed was a nice thick Abena diaper, light pink terry cloth shorts and a tank-top. She was disappointed as it looked like she would be staying home for the balance of the day. Her Daddy quickly picked her up in her arms. She loved the fact that her Daddy could pick her up like a child. He placed her on the bed and removed the towel. Instincts took over quickly, she closed her eyes and opened her mouth. Before she knew it, her pacifier was in place and she was sucking away happy as could be. The crinkle of the diaper being unfolded made her smile, and she picked her hips up without prompting. Her Daddy was a very skilled man when it came to diapers, he applied a nice layer of Balmex to her diaper area and an even coat of Johnson & Johnson baby powder. With her Diaper in place, Daddy then went to her socks and put on a very cute pink pair that made Sarah feel even more babish. What surprised her next was that her Daddy put a sports bra on her. Glancing down he could tell that she was starting to get confused about the events of the day, which made her Daddy grin. Next the tank top was pulled down over her head, leaving her dressed except for shoes and the shorts that would go over her diapers, but fail to conceal them in any manner. Daddy then took her shorts and shoes and proceeded to leave the room, and prompted Sarah to follow him out to the back yard for a surprise. As she walked downstairs, she began to wonder if Daddy had broken down and bought a sandbox for her to play in, or a swing set, or... before she could finish the thought she was standing before a nice new pink bike. It was very little girlish, but clearly a "big girl" mountain bike. With that her Daddy was getting her shoes on and lastly he pulled up her terry cloth shorts.

Daddy began to speak, "this bike has a special feature, it keeps track of how many miles it has been rode. What I have planned for you today Sarah is a nice long bike ride. Thankfully your diapers will cushion your butt from the seat. I'll be home at lunch, and I expect you back and to have done 10 miles by then. Oh, and as for where you ride, I want you to stick to the college campus today. Sarah and Daddy lived in a nice sized college town with lots of young college co-eds around campus.

Sarah began to blush.

"Oh, I almost forgot, I think your shorts might have shrunk a little in the wash this week, I'm guessing that once you get on the bike, the top of your diaper will be visible and probably a little between your legs" her Daddy said. The look on Sarah's face was priceless, fear, humiliation, and displeasure of riding 10 miles like that.

"By the way, if I get home for lunch and you are not done, or did not ride 10 miles, you will be in serious trouble, now be a good girl for Daddy." With a kiss and a pat on the butt, he was off.

Sarah looked at the bike for a minute and decided that she might as well get it out of the way. She went inside and pulled out her MP3 player and a water bottle with cartoon characters on the bottle. It had been years since she rode a bike, but the old saying was true, once you learn how, you really never forget. After a couple of blocks she had her footing and was doing fine. The ride from their house to campus was nice, lots of trees that were starting to change color, and to Sarah's delight, few people. Within a couple of minutes she was at the edge of campus, she pulled her bike up along side a bus stop and only then did she realize from the reflection of the glass how totally noticeable her diaper was. Not only was at least three inches of the top showing in the back, but clearly showing form each side of the pink material between her legs was a solid inch of shiny diaper plastic. What was worse was how the terry cloth shorts were nearly see through, from all angles it was clear that she was diapered, thickly diapered at that.

For a moment she wanted to head home, but she trusted Daddy and knew that she needed to do this. With that, she set out for her ride across campus, blushing from embarrassment. She tried in vain to keep her head down, but found herself more worried about people's looks and sure enough, more than a few heads turned. After 15 minutes she had adjusted enough to the experience that her guard started to come down, only then did she begin to notice how dry her mouth was. Looking around for a drinking fountain she realized that in order to satisfy the thirst, she would have to go into a building and use a public drinking fountain. In front of her, about 100 yards was an academic building, she rode up, looked around, not seeing much activity, she decided to try it. Once inside the building she had to walk down a hallway about 30 yards to the drinking fountain. In the quite hall, her diapers crinkled with a noise that was more than noticeable, it was loud. At the drinking fountain, she bent over to get a nice long drink, gulping the water down for a solid 20 seconds.

From behind her came a soft female voice "Don't drink too much, that diaper might leak." She froze, a rush of panic, she could feel the blood rush to her face, slowly she picked her head up and turned around. The girl softly smiled and said "let me guess, sorority pledge right? I remember when I pledged we got hazed pretty good, but I will admit, this is a great one. What one are you pledging?"

Sarah, still in shock, tried to speak...

"Um, ah... you know I'm so embarrassed that I'm drawing a blank" trying to buy some level of forgiveness with a shy smile.

"Embarrassed?" I would say so. The girl looked at Sarah with a quisitive look, she glanced down and noticed that Sarah's diaper had a slightly different color in the front, she squinted, and then dropped her jaw." You aren't even a student here are you?! That diaper is wet, you really wear diapers don't you?"

Sarah, still in shock could only reply with "No, I'm a student, it is a joke, honestly."

"Oh hush, you are not" Only then did Sarah notice that more people were in the hallway, she realized that a class had either finished or was about to start. The girl turned to another girl walking in the hallway.

"Lori, get a picture of this with you camera phone, this girl is wearing a wet diaper!" Sarah, now decided she had enough and started walking away. As she did she could hear the girls giggle. She got outside to her bike and as she was about to hop on she heard the girls voice.

"Wait, I'm sorry, I wasn't trying to be mean, I.... ummm actually find it kinda interesting that you are in diapers, would you be willing to tell me about it?"

Sarah, more confused than ever looked at the girl, "ummm sure, I guess."

"Cool, what are you doing for lunch?"

"Well, I actually have to get home, Daddy wants me back there before he gets home."


Sarah began to blush, not realizing what she had said.


"Oh this I gotta see, let me grab my bike, I'll ride with you"

Before she knew it, her and the girl, whose name she found out was Wendy, were riding bike to her house for lunch.

When they got to the house, Sarah quickly put her bike away and invited Wendy in. Sarah, knowing the house rule that her diapers were never to be covered inside, immediately removed her shorts, prompting Wendy to blush.

"Sorry, I have rules I have to follow, one of them is my diaper must always be visible inside the house."

With that they sat on the sofa, and began to talk. Wendy had many questions and after a few minutes Sarah was totally comfortable and sharing her life story and what she loved about diapers. At several minutes of chatting, Wendy broke the ice.

"So, ummm, could I try one?"

Sarah was in disbelief, while she was totally submissive to Daddy, she loved the idea of diapering another woman.

"Sure, only one condition, I get to put it on you."

Wendy blushed, and smiled...


Once they entered the bedroom, Sarah took over, it was almost nature for her to still dominate younger women. Sarah was very excited, not only was she diapering another woman, but a beautiful young sexy one at that. Sarah began to unbutton Wendy's jean shorts, and pulled them down and off her ankles. The sight of this young woman in her bikini style panties excited Sarah. She smiled and slowly used her fingers to remove her panties. Wendy's diaper area was also shaved and she began to blush as she laid there totally exposed to whatever Sarah wanted to do. Looking up at the clock, Sarah felt comfortable that she had at least a half hour to play before Daddy returned.

"Wendy, can I ask you something sorta personal" Sarah asked as she brought out the supplies to properly diaper Wendy.

"Sure" came the reply.

"Well, I don't know how else to ask, other than to be forward about it, but..."

Before she could finish the sentence, Wendy had pulled her in and was kissing her on the lips.

"Yes, I have been with a woman. That was what you wanted to know, isn't it"

All the sudden Sarah felt embarrassed, "yes it was actually"

Wendy smiled and laid back awaiting her diaper. Sarah began kissing her on the knees and slowly worked her way up Wendy's legs. It had been a very long time since Sarah had been this intimate with another woman, and the thought of tasting how sweet Wendy's wet juices would be made her very eager. Sarah licked and teased her clit and inserted two fingers to play with her. Sarah, had Wendy climax within minutes. As Wendy laid there on the bed, in post orgasmic glow, Sarah quickly diapered her up. Wendy smiled as she felt the bulk between her legs, and stood up and began to waddle around.

Looking at the clock, Sarah felt the need to move things along.

"Wendy, could we trade e-mail addys or phone numbers, in case you ever wanted to talk some more?"

Wendy simply replied "Sure, let me write my info down" After a minute she give Sarah a piece of paper with all her contact info.

" I have to run or I'll be late for class, I expect to hear from you!" With that she kissed Sarah goodbye, put her shorts on, and left.

Sarah, amazed at the morning's events, sat on the sofa and replayed the whole ordeal. The more she thought about it, the more it turned her on, Daddy would be home any minute, and with any luck if she played her cards right, she would be able to seduce Daddy, as she once again needed release from the arousal she was feeling...

To be continued!

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