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By: Sassy in Pampers

I have been getting braver as a diaper lover as of late. I no longer flinch at the register while buying my diapers, and I have also been getting more daring about going out while wearing my diaper. This new-found bravery could have to do with the fact that as I get older I realize that it doesn't really matter what other people think of me. Our time on the planet is short enough without letting others rule our behavior.

I've been wearing diapers regularly as a play-time item since not long after my divorce 3 ½ years ago. I've only worn them outside the house one other time, to drive my daughter to school under my sweats (we woke up real late one morning). The whole time I could hardly contain how horny it made me out in public in diapers. I also realized I'd be screwed if I got pulled over for something, and it was that fear that kept me diapered in the house for another year.

A couple of weekends ago I had to return a Christmas present to a mall almost an hour drive from my house. It was a nice Saturday morning for February, the sun out, even a few birds singing. My daughter had spent the previous night at a sleep-over, and wouldn't be home until late in the afternoon. I decided today was the day that 'Sassy In Pampers' would be 'Sassy in Public Pampers'! Besides, I'd never run into anyone I know that far away.

I pulled a fresh diaper on and taped it extra tight. I even used an extra couple of strategically positioned pieces of duck tape to be sure it was snug. I then pulled on a pair of jeans that are now somewhat loose since I've managed to keep off the 12 lbs. I lost for Christmas. It was a great fit, you could barely see a panty/diaper line. Besides that, I would be wearing a hip length coat, or I could tie it around my waist.

Just before I left I decided to up the ante a little. I went up to my bedroom, slid my diaper off and pulled out a few of my favorite toys. First, I lubed up a small vibrating butt plug and pushed that into place. It made me feel so full as the narrower nestled into my sphincter. Next came Joni's Butterfly neatly adjusted over my clit. I almost came as I pulled my diaper and jeans back into place. I looped the sires for the remotes behind the belt on my jeans to avoid them falling out at the wrong time A final inspection in the mirror and I was ready to go. I could feel my pussy lips swelling with excitement as I locked the front door behind me. I was in heaven, and nobody around me knew I was hit by a mass of sensations as I slid into the car seat. My full ass, the padding of my diaper sliding across the seat on the outside and tickling my pussy lips on the inside. I had to sit there for a minute just to adjust to the feelings. I didn't want to get into an accident in the middle of an orgasm! The drive to the mall was relatively uneventful, except for a bumpy stretch of road that made me glad I hadn't replaced the shocks in my car yet.

As I locked my car and walked toward the mall a heavy, guilty feeling came over me, like every eye was on the woman in the diapers. As I continued to walk around an no one burst out laughing or anything I realized it was just my imagination and so I got on with my errand. After returning the item, I strolled around the mall for a while. I reached into my pocket and turned the Butterfly on a low hum; I had to stop and look like I was window shopping for a minute, letting my knees recover from the first waves massaging my clit that had been for almost 2 hours! I stopped at the next bench I found and discreetly rolled my bottom on the seat as my clit was being deliciously vibrated.

After a near-orgasm right there in the middle of the mall, I decided it was time to start heading home. I instinctively thought I should find a restroom before the hour drive home-Then I realized "Silly Girl, you have your diapers!" I relaxed my mind on the walk back to the car and the hot urine began to flow, filling my diaper to what I was scared might be the over-flow point. But again, it was my overactive imagination, the diaper handled it fine. The wet diaper was letting the heavy crotch seam on my jeans ride up and rub my pussy lips even more. The last 2 rows getting back to the car were sheer ecstasy-I had on my wet diaper, which was gently sawing my pussy lips back & forth, with the Butterfly still exciting my clit. As I stepped up to the car, I felt like I had reached a safe-zone or something, so I reached into another pocket and turned on the butt plug. I could not see the remote in my pocket, and I accidentally flipped the switch all the way to 'Hi', sagging into the driver's seat as my first full orgasm of the day hit me.

I sat there being multi-buzzed for about another 10 minutes, but I had to get going after the second pass of the security patrol. Before I pulled out I put on my seatbelt, but not in any way intended by General Motors. I pull the belt over my left leg and lap, and then between my legs, clicking the latch securely into place. The shoulder harness went perfectly over the Butterfly, pulling it harder against my clit than its own straps did. I leaned my body forward a little, and the belt sawed wonderfully over my crotch. I pissed once more on the way home, and my butt was really beginning to need to be emptied.

I stripped as soon as I got in the house, then reached through the leg of my diaper to pull out the butt plug, but I never made it to the bathroom. It was a good thing I still had the diaper on. My ass had been so loosened up through the day, there was no way it could stop the load that had been building. I just bent over and let my Butterfly continue to massage my crotch as my already soaked diaper was expanded with a hot load of poop. I pulled my jeans back on, savoring the feeling of the warm mass spreading up & out in my diaper. I laid on my be for a while with my ass in the air, like a little baby, only able to concentrate on the wet and warm feelings in my diaper.

All too soon I realized it would be time for my daughter to come home, so I had to get cleaned up. As I put away my toys, I thought to myself "What next, should I go to one of those diaper parties?" I don't think I have that much nerve.

Love & Kisses, Sassy in Pampers

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