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The Schoolgirl's Revenge

Part 1

I never thought I'd find myself saying it, but I have to admit that sometimes the female of the species can be more powerful than the male. There you are, I've said it now, and I mean it. And why? Well I'll tell you why.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Richard Turner, and I live with my older sister Sally and my Mum and Dad. My father definitely isn't a 'new age guy', and ever since I was tiny, my Dad taught me that males were innately superior to females. I was still reasonably polite to my mother and sister, but I still treated Sally as an inferior, even though I was 3 years her junior. She was the butt of any number of jokes I inflicted on her, but in due course I would have good cause to remember her revenge.

When I was about 12, I used to go around with my friends Ted, Bob, and Mike. We had a talent for terrorising the neighbourhood, and no matter how many times we were punished it just didn't seem to curb our behaviour, which just seemed to escalate downward as we tried to outdo each other in deeds of antisocial behaviour. One of our favourite targets was the girls who used to attend St. Catherine's Girl's Grammar School, and that included my sister. More than once we were caught in the school grounds, and sometimes our behaviour involved breakages of windows, furniture, or sports equipment. Normally that meant that they told my Dad, he paid for my share of the damage, and I got a hiding. Until the day we went just a bit too far.

On one of our customary expeditions to the school grounds looking for trouble we found our way into a changing room behind the stage in the school gym. The room was full of various posters and costumes hanging up, and from what my sister had told me, I knew that the girls were preparing for a school production of a musical comedy. This involved one scene in which several of the girls were to be dressed as babies. In their bibs and bonnets, they were obviously going to provide some very comical moments. Well, how could we resist it? We pounced on the various costumes, and got quite carried away as we tried on various items and generally enjoyed ourselves. Unfortunately, our boisterousness resulted in several of the outfits getting ripped, and we became oblivious to the fact that we were being watched.

We suddenly stopped dead in our tracks as the door was flung open, and in came three teachers and half a dozen of the girls. Taking one look at us, one of the teachers shouted 'How dare you! You wretched young devils. Take off those things at once.' Caught red handed, we sheepishly changed back into our own clothes and laid the costumes down on a laundry basket. One of the girls went over to them, and held up two of the torn costumes. With venom in her voice she hissed 'Look what you've done you morons, these dresses are ruined!' My friends and I stood in a pathetic little bunch, and Mike mumbled 'Sorry.' 'Sorry!' exploded the teacher. 'You'll be sorry all right. We're going straight to the headmistress. Come along.' With the rising commotion, more girls appeared, and we found ourselves being pushed out of the door and into the playground. We were then escorted by a hostile group of sixth formers who jostled us in no uncertain terms up to the main school buildings. We reached a large wooden door with Amelia Winthrop. Principal. written on it. One of the teachers knocked on the door, and a voice from inside said 'Come in.' They opened the door, and a moment later, Ted, Bob, Mike and I were standing in front of a formidable-looking woman seated behind a large desk. The three teachers stood to one side. With a look of puzzlement, the principal said 'Well well, and just what do we have here?' One of the teachers then began a graphic description of what we had been doing, and as the story unfolded, the expression on the principal's face became grim.

When the teacher had finished relating the details of our escapade, the principal looked at us one by one and then said 'Is what she says true?' There was little point in denying it, so we all sheepishly admitted our guilt. 'I see' she said. 'You know, this is only the latest in a series of episodes we've suffered at your hands in the past, and this time you've gone too far. I'm afraid that it's time for you to be dealt with more stringently. I know you all from your previous misdemeanours, so I'll be getting in touch with your parents. At the moment I'm tempted to lay charges of trespass and vandalism, but I'm going to discuss this sorry affair with your parents before I decide what to do about you. Very well, that will be all for the moment.' We couldn't believe our luck, and we made a grateful retreat. Once outside, we made our way homewards, thinking that the least Miss Winthrop might have done would have been to call the police, but she hadn't. But our relief was premature. If we'd known how things were going to turn out, we would have probably preferred the juvenile court. After a short discussion on the way home, we went our separate ways.

Nothing was said for a couple of days, until one evening Mum and Dad said they had been asked to go up to St. Catherine's for a meeting with the headmistress. What worried me was that so had the parents of Ted, Bob and Mike, so I had a pretty good idea what the subject was going to be. They were gone for a full three hours, and when they returned I anxiously asked them what my fate was to be. My mother grinned, and my father chuckled as he said 'Well, we decided that if the school are prepared not to lay criminal charges, we will let them see to your punishment. They've got something in mind that I'm sure will guarantee that you never want to go near the place again. I think you'll also learn a lesson in humility, which is something you seem to be a bit short of. We're not going to tell you the nature of your punishment in advance. You'll just have to wait until Saturday week before you all go up to the school to take what's coming to you.' And that was it for the time being. No belting, no nothing. I began to worry, especially when Sally came home from school one day, took one look at me, and burst out laughing. 'What is it?' I said impatiently, 'Is it to do with my punishment?' 'Oh yes' she giggled, 'Wait till you see what we've prepared for you. This is going to pay you back all right, especially for all the revolting things you've done to me in the past. I can hardly wait for Saturday!' Out of sheer curiosity, neither could I.

Saturday morning finally arrived, and at 10 o'clock Dad drove Sally and I up to her school. When we arrived, he took us in, and a moment later Sally guided us to a door that she opened. She grinned as she said 'Here we are Richard, welcome to your punishment.' Dad smiled, looked at me and said 'Well go on Richard, in you go. I'll leave you to your fate.' He pushed me in through the open door, turned around, and disappeared. Sally closed the door behind us, and I turned to look around me. I didn't like what I saw.

The desks of the classroom had been moved to one side, and hanging up on a clothes rack was the white baby dress I had larked about with before, now repaired. Laid out on a large flat desk was a baby's disposable nappy, and I had a horrible feeling as to who was going to be the wearer. What made it all the more likely were the eight tall athletic schoolgirls standing next to it, grinning at me in anticipation They were all about twice my size.

'Well here we are at last girls' said Sally as they moved towards me, 'Meet my revolting little brother Richard. I think it's time to take him down a peg or two.' 'Or three' tittered one girl.

They had obviously planned the operation in fine detail, for without a word they grabbed me by the arms and dragged me over to the desk. With frightening efficiency they stripped off my clothes until I was standing there stark naked. Then without a pause they effortlessly picked me up by the arms and legs, and laid me down on my back on the waiting nappy. With my arms and legs held out spreadeagle fashion, one of the girls brought the front of the nappy up between my legs and fastened the adhesive tabs securely in front.

Keeping a firm grip, they pulled me to my feet while Sally took down the baby frock from its hanger. With a grin on her face and her head on one side, she held it up for me to see. Being left over from their show, it was the very personification of what a little girl's baby frock should look like. It was made of white satin, with a peter pan collar and short puffed sleeves. It fastened with a long row of small pearl buttons up the back, and had pale pink and blue smocking across the front. To finish off the baby look, the frock had a sash belt which tied in a bow at the back. 'Now, my little baby sister' said Sally, 'Since you seemed so keen to wear it the other day, you can put it on again. Arms up.' Willing hands pushed my head into the frock and my arms through the sleeves, and she pulled it down around me. Then she buttoned it up behind me and tied the belt in a secure non-slip double bow behind me.

'Feet next' she said. In a moment I was lifted up to sit on the edge of the table. Again held securely, I was helpless as Sally continued with her revenge. She picked up a pair of white cotton ankle socks with a lace frill around the ankle, and pulled them onto my feet. Then came the shoes. Black T bar patent leather, with straps that buckled on securely at the sides. They were about 2 sizes too small for me, but with the aid of a shoehorn, Sally squeezed them onto my feet and buckled them on tightly. I could feel my toes being squashed, and hoped that I was not going to have to walk very far in them. Prophetic words. I wasn't going to be doing much walking, but I was going to regret the reason why.

The girls now allowed me to stand up so that they could inspect me. 'Oh yes' said Sally with an approving chuckle, 'Quite delightful. Now let's see, time to put on your reins I think.' I recoiled as she picked up a large set of pink leather baby reins fitted with strong D rings at the shoulders and chest. With a broad grin on her face, Sally held them up for me to see properly. They had transfers of baby animals on the front, and three little bells that tinkled as she shook them. Stepping up to me, she pulled my head and arms through the straps, and then buckled them up securely behind my back. Unable to reach the buckle behind me, there would obviously be no way that I could remove the reins on my own.

'There' she grinned, 'Pretty as a picture, and the frock and reins fit you perfectly. You're going to look just lovely as soon as I've done your hair. Sit him down girls.' They sat me down in the chair again, and two of the girls held my arms behind the chair back out of the way. Sally picked up a mid brown pageboy style wig from the desk, and started brushing it. 'Now' she said, 'Sit up and keep your head straight.' With the girls holding my head firmly in place, she pulled the wig onto my head and brushed it neatly into position. Cunningly, the wig was fitted with an elastic band that she pulled down and placed under my chin, so that it would be impossible for me to shake it off. Standing back, she was obviously pleased with my appearance, while the others nodded their approval. One of the girls giggled and said 'The hair ribbons now. I think that his hair should be tied in two bunches with nice pretty bows. Can I do it?' 'Sure Fiona' said Sally, 'You've probably had lots of practice with your little sister.' 'I sure have' laughed Fiona. 'Give me the hair bands, will you?' Sally gave them to her, and she started to style the wig into two bunches. With the experience of having arranged her little sister's hair many times, she deftly wound the elastic bands around the base of each bunch of hair so that they stood up in an infantile fashion. 'Now for the ribbons' said Fiona. Picking up a length of white satin hair ribbon, she tightly wound it several times around the base of one of the bunches, and tied it in a neat non-slip bow. Then she took the other ribbon and did the same to the other bunch to form a neat matching pair. Finally, she fastened two plastic hair slides in place, one on either side of my head. They were in the form of small pink bows, and were obviously designed to look particularly dainty.

'There we are' smiled Fiona, 'Now stand up and let's have a look at you.' I did as I was told, and the girls burst out laughing. 'How delightful' giggled one, 'What an absolutely adorable little girl! What do you think of your new baby sister Sally?' 'I think she looks just perfect' laughed Sally, 'From now on Richard, you are going to be a sweet little girl. By the way, I've been thinking of a name for him, and I thought that 'Emily' would be rather nice. Do you think it suits her?' 'Oh yes' smiled Fiona, 'Emily. That's a perfect name for a little girl. All right then, from now on her name is Emily.' She took me by the hand and stood me in front of a full-length mirror. 'So, Emily' she sniggered, 'How do you like your new appearance? Pretty enough for you?' I was horrified at my transformation. There in front of me stood a sweet little girl wearing a very cute white baby frock and pink reins which made me look even more babyish. The hem stopped in proper baby fashion just above my knees, and was set off perfectly by the white ankle socks and black T bar strap shoes. The crowning humiliation was my pageboy hairstyle with the two neat bows of white hair ribbon on either side of my head. I groaned with despair, wondering how much worse things could get. If I'd only known.

'OK' said Sally, opening a drawer and taking out a roll of packaging tape, 'Let's take care of baby's handy pandys shall we? Hold out his hands and clench his fists.' Under the girls' firm control, my hands were held out, and Sally proceeded to wind tape around both my clenched fists until they were just two helpless lumps. To finish off, she produced a pair of white woollen fingerless baby mittens that she pulled on over my bound hands and tied on securely with pink ribbon wound round the wrists.

'There we are then' grinned Sally 'I think that's it for now. Are we ready for him to join the others?' 'Just a second' said Fiona, 'I'll just go and see if they're ready.' She went out of the room, and came back in a few moments. 'Oh yes' she laughed, 'They're ready all right. Boy, is he in for a surprise!' 'All right then' said Sally, 'Let's go.' 'Just one thing' said Fiona, 'Before we take him in there I think we'd better make sure that baby Emily keeps nice and quiet. With what's in there, she could become a bit noisy.' 'Good point' said Sally, 'Have you got the punishment dummy?' 'Just here' grinned Fiona, 'I'll do it.' She went to a drawer in the desk and took something out which she held up in front of me. It was an oversized baby's dummy with a round pink plastic circular mouth cover and a ring at the front. The large silicon rubber bulb was designed to protrude into the mouth, and there were two long pink ribbons hanging from the dummy to secure it in place. I stared at it in fascinated horror, and instinctively jerked back. But willing hands held me securely and I couldn't move. Grinning at my reaction, Fiona said 'Just remove the wig for a moment and help me get it into his mouth, will you?' Sally grinned and nodded as she removed my wig and laid it on the table. Fiona said 'Ready? Right, now!' She held my nose closed with her fingers and pulled my mouth open, while she quickly forced the huge soft bulb of the dummy deep into my mouth, filling it completely. Two of the girls held my head still while Fiona wound the dummy's securing ribbons tightly round the back of my head and to the front again several times before tying them in a non-slip bow at the back. Finally, she picked up the wig, replaced it firmly on my head, brushed it tidily in place, and rearranged my hair ribbons in neat bows again.

Desperate to show my outrage at this insult to my male pride, I furiously tossed my head from side to side and tried to yell into my dummy in protest. But with the rubber bulb filling my mouth and holding down my tongue, all I could manage was a quiet muffled 'Mmmmm! Mmmmmf! Mmmmmmmp!' At this the girls burst out laughing and giggling, and my sister was delighted.

'Lovely' she grinned, 'I've always wanted to shut you up, and you certainly are now, aren't you? All right then girls, that'll keep baby Emily nice and quiet, so let's take her to meet her little friends shall we?' Strong arms manhandled me out of the room and down the corridor towards an open door, and I was bundled into the room and held fast by my captors. What I saw took my breath away. Surrounded by several dozen giggling schoolgirls were three large sized babies' pushchairs, two singles and one side by side twin, all obviously big enough for older toddlers. But it was the occupants who had my undivided attention. There were three cute little baby girls firmly strapped into them. The only problem for me was that the three babies were Ted, Bob and Mike.

They were writhing and squirming helplessly against their restraints, but these girls knew what they were doing. What made the effect more humiliating for the boys was their involuntary attempt to shout in protest. Like me, they all had punishment dummies tied tightly in their mouths, and the only sound to come out was 'Mmmf! Mmmp! Mmmm!' The girls fell about with laughter, enjoying every moment of it.

My friends were dressed identically to me, except for the colour of their baby frocks. One was rose pink, one primrose yellow, and the other was cornflower blue, all made in the same baby pattern as the one I was wearing. They all wore strong leather baby reins, and their hands were imprisoned just as mine were, with their wrists and upper arms securely strapped to the sides of their pushchairs. They were also restrained by straps connected to the D rings on their reins, and by their ankles, knees, waist and neck. Like me, Bob's wig was arranged in two cute bunches with bows of pink hair ribbon to match his baby frock. Ted and Mike had their heads covered with identical white baby bonnets tied tightly on with wide securing ribbons in a large bow under their chins. Their hair had been combed forward in a neat fringe, and the sight of their faces staring wide-eyed over their dummies, framed by the rims of their bonnets was the very essence of a cute little baby girl. The two of them were securely strapped side by side into the twin pushchair, while Bob was in one of the single ones. It was obvious who the vacant single pushchair was intended for.

'Right then, let's get baby Emily into her pushchair shall we?' laughed Sally. Strong hands effortlessly dragged me struggling over to the pushchair, turned me around, and forced me down into it, while Sally and Fiona began to fasten the restraints. Sally first brought four straps attached to the back of the pushchair over my shoulders and around my chest, and clipped them into the D rings attached to the front of the reins. She pulled them tight and buckled them up securely before fastening another strap around my waist. Finally, she fastened a strap gently but firmly round my neck, immobilising my head. Meanwhile, Fiona fastened the ankle straps which secured my feet neatly together to the foot rest, and further up, an additional strap went around my legs just above the knees. This was attached by two additional straps connected to each side of the pushchair, which meant that I couldn't move my knees from side to side. Two of the girls now held my arms straight down by my sides, while Fiona strapped my upper arms and wrists to the sides of the pushchair. I could now see how clever they had been to immobilise our hands. Wrapped up as they were, it would be completely impossible for me to undo the straps with my fingers and free myself. I was literally as helpless as a baby, and completely at the girls' mercy.

I too was soon tightly restrained in my pushchair in the same way as the others, unable to move. Like the others, I couldn't resist a natural urge to shout in protest, but with the large bulb of the dummy filling my mouth I could only manage a muffled 'Nmmm! Mmmmp! Mmmmf!' The humiliation was excruciating. There we were, my tough friends and I, dressed as sweet little baby girls helplessly strapped into their pushchairs, staring wildly over our dummies and squirming with frustration. It was more than I could stand, but far worse was to come yet. When the girls' mirth began to subside slightly, Sally looked down at our helpless, struggling forms and said 'Now babies, we're not going to keep all this fun to ourselves. No, we're going to take you for a nice long walk into town. Won't that be nice!' Our reaction of shock and horror was predictable, and once again the girls burst into peals of laughter as we redoubled our hopeless efforts to free ourselves.

'Right' said Sally, who seemed to have taken charge, 'We need two more nannies. I'll have the pleasure of parading my baby sister Emily around town, and everybody else can have a go later. But first, let's just show our babies to Miss Winthrop on our way out.' Unable to do anything, and literally as helpless as babies, we were wheeled out of the room and down the corridor to the headmistress' study. Sally knocked and was bidden to enter. She stuck her head around the door, and a moment later Miss Winthrop came out to have a look at us. A broad smile crossed her face, followed by a chuckle. 'My my' she grinned, 'Don't they look adorable? And such lovely quiet babies; those dummies are working well. I must say girls, this form of humiliation is a much more appropriate punishment than prosecuting them. They were caught dressed as babies, so as babies they will remain. I take it you girls are finding this a satisfying form of revenge for all the revolting things they've done in the past?' 'Oh yes Miss Winthrop' said Fiona. 'And is it true that we can do anything we like with them as long as there's no physical pain or danger involved?' 'Absolutely' laughed the headmistress. 'They are entirely at your disposal until you report back to me at 5 o'clock. What do you intend doing with them now?' 'Oh we thought it might be nice to take them into town' grinned Sally. 'No doubt the shopping precinct should be quite busy, and hopefully, some of their friends will be around to see them.' Miss Winthrop laughed and said 'Perfect. Yes that's a lovely idea. Somehow I don't think these wretches are going to trouble us again after this. Well done.' Looking at her watch she said 'Well, I must get on with my work, so have fun girls, and make sure you're back by 5.' With a last chuckle she returned to her study, leaving us at the mercy of our tormentors.

'Right then' said Sally, 'Let's begin our walk shall we?' They wheeled us out of the front entrance, down the driveway to the school's main gate and into the street. I attempted to cringe down out of sight, but restrained as I was, I remained in full public view. It was about thirty minute's walk to the town's main shopping precinct, and here our humiliation began to intensify. It wasn't long before we were attracting quite a lot of amused attention, especially from parents with babies of their own in pushchairs and prams. The hilarity grew in frequency, and as we wriggled and writhed in our restraints the giggling and laughing increased.

After an hour or so of this agonising humiliation, the girls decided to stop for a coffee. They came to a pavement café with tables and chairs outside, and carefully lined up our pushchairs in a neat row against the wall facing into the precinct. Putting on the pushchair brakes, they knew that we were going nowhere. Sally now produced a large white card she had prepared, and held it up for us to see. On it was written THESE BOYS VANDALISED OUR SCHOOL TO AMUSE THEMSELVES, SO NOW THEY'RE AMUSING US INSTEAD. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO LAUGH AT THEM. She put it down in front of us for everyone to read.

The girls sat down at a table next to us, and ordered some coffee and cake in preparation for a leisurely break. We sat helplessly in full view, and soon quite a crowd had gathered to laugh at our predicament, especially when they read the girls' explanation. Many of them congratulated them on their initiative, and there was certainly no sympathy for us. As the girls finished their coffee, Sally looked at us, grinned, and said 'Well, now that we've had our tea, I suppose it's time to give our babies theirs. Take out their dummies will you?' Four of the girls removed our dummies, and I heaved a sigh of relief as I wiggled my aching jaw. 'Just one thing you lot' said Sally, 'I expect absolute silence from you while we feed you. Just one peep from any of you, and those dummies will go back in your mouths as tightly as we can tie them. I wouldn't recommend trying it.' That was threat enough, but our dismayed expressions must have said plenty at what happened next.

Sally opened a bag and took out four brightly coloured plastic bowls and spoons designed for feeding babies. More ominously, she produced some jars of baby food, a packet of Farex baby cereal, four pre-filled baby bottles of milk, and a large jar of what looked like chocolate mousse. She went into the café with the bowls and packet of Farex, and returned a few minutes later carrying a tray. On the tray were the bowls full of prepared Farex cereal and the baby bottles of milk. She put the tray down, and taking four baby's bibs out of her bag, she held them out and said 'Right, who'd like to feed one of the babies? Except for my brother. He's all mine' she grinned.

Three eager volunteers came forward, and each took a bib and bowl of cereal before sitting down next to their victim. Like the others, Sally fastened my bib on with two strings tied behind my neck, and dipping a spoon into my bowl of cereal, giggled as she looked at me and said 'Come on now baby Emily, open wide.' Knowing that refusal would be totally fruitless, I decided to take the path of least resistance, and opened my mouth. Following my example, Ted, Bob and Mike did likewise, and our humiliating meal began. The small group of onlookers burst into laughter as the girls began to feed us with the bland, mushy cereal.

Our next course was a jar of strained vegetables and one of fruit jelly. Next came the chocolate mousse. Sally unscrewed the lid of the jar, and without washing our bowls, filled them to the brim with the contents. Then the girls continued to feed us, taking care to smear plenty of it around our mouths and down our chin in true baby fashion. That done, Sally took the four baby bottles full of milk and handed them around to the other girls. We knew better than to resist, and grudgingly submitted ourselves to this even greater humiliation. With one girl to each of us, we all had the rubber teat of our bottle thrust into our mouths with the command to suck. Any attempt to resist was rewarded with our nose being pinched until we opened our mouths and continued to drink the warm, sweet milk. It was horrible.

While this was going on I was suddenly horrified to see my worst nightmare approaching. A group of boys from my school, all of whom I recognised, strolled curiously towards us. As they came closer and saw who we were, they burst into howls of helpless laughter, and the comments of the girls only helped to make them laugh even more. We went crimson with humiliation as we knew that this would be all over our school after the weekend. To my utter dismay, Greg Smith, my worst enemy, produced a camera. He began to take picture after picture of us, and Sally said to him 'Can we have a set of prints for our own use?' 'Sure' he said, 'I'll post them to you at your school. I don't want him (indicating me) intercepting them.' Now I knew that our reputation for toughness was gone forever. We would never live this down.

Eventually our bottle feed was over, and after removing our bibs, the girls quickly forced the dummies back into our mouths and tied them tightly in place. As we gurgled in muffled protest, Greg took the opportunity to finish off his photographic record of our humiliation, and that done, the boys continued on their way with a last derisory wave.

With this part of the proceedings over, the girls prepared to continue with our perambulation. But as they paid their bill, Sally noticed how hot the early afternoon sun was becoming, and a wicked grin came across her face. Smiling as she looked at me she said 'You know girls, I think our babies should be covered up to protect them from the sun, don't you?' 'Yes but what with?' said one of the girls, 'We don't have any pushchair sun parasols.' 'I know we don't' grinned Sally, leaning down to a basket underneath my pushchair, 'I've got a much better idea, after all, we don't want them getting too comfortable, do we?' She suddenly produced a folded piece of clear plastic and shook it out. It was the pushchair's rain cover. She put up the hood of the pushchair, and with Fiona's help, she draped the rain cover over it so that it covered me completely. Then she clipped it into position with the fitted tabs and press studs so that I was soon encased in a cocoon of thick clear plastic. The other girls gleefully produced the rain covers of the other pushchairs, and soon, Ted, Mike, Bob and I were all securely covered with our pushchair hoods and plastic rain covers. This would have been quite in order in a cold winter rainstorm, but definitely not in the hot summer sun. Sally had one other cruel refinement up her sleeve.

'There's just one other thing' she chuckled, 'Yesterday I took the precaution of covering up all the ventilation holes of the rain covers with tape. I'd say that very shortly those pushchairs are going to become miniature saunas, so I think that our little baby girls are now in for a nice uncomfortable walk. And being so completely helpless, there's absolutely nothing they can do about it either. Isn't that lovely?' With giggles of delight, the girls recommenced our walk.

That walk was sheer purgatory. The hot sun beating on the dark navy blue pushchair hood combined with the sealed cocoon of clear plastic without the ventilation holes proved Sally's reference to a sauna to be accurate. Slowly but surely, the temperature around me began to rise, and condensation started to form inside the rain cover and run down in rivulets. The perspiration poured down my face from under my hot wig. How Ted and Mike were feeling in their baby bonnets I couldn't imagine. My baby frock was now soaked in sweat, and I couldn't help but start to squirm and writhe against my restraints as I moaned into my dummy.

When she heard yet another 'Mmmm! Mmmph! Mmmmp!' from me, Sally stopped pushing. She and Fiona looked in at me under the clear plastic rain cover and grinned with delight. 'Warm enough, little baby Emily?' she laughed, as I continued with my squirming. I could only answer with yet another muffled gurgle as she gave a chuckle and we continued with our walk.

After what seemed like an eternity, the sun slowly began to get lower, and the girls decided to head back to St. Catherine's. We reached there just before 5 o'clock, and the girls wheeled us back to the headmistress' study. She was still there, and came out to inspect us. The girls drew back the raincovers and pushchair hoods, and she looked at us with a broad smile on her face. 'My goodness, what hot looking babies' she grinned. 'Now boys, do you think this is the end of your punishment? Well I'm afraid it isn't, oh goodness me no. At the request of the girls, I phoned your parents to see if you could stay with us overnight. I'm happy to say that they all said yes, and were only too glad to help us with this method of correcting your behaviour. So, as babies, you are going to remain here overnight. The girls are now going to take you to your sleeping accommodation, which I guarantee will not be to your liking. Matron will be there to keep an eye on you. All right girls' she said, 'You've been granted your wish. These four wretches are at your disposal for a further 24 hours, and I've no doubt that you will make them as humiliated and uncomfortable as possible.' Sally and Fiona looked at each other with a look of total satisfaction on their faces. With a whoop of triumph they led the way down a couple of corridors until we came to an open door. We were wheeled into a small sick bay where the school's matron, a tall, imposing figure wearing a white nurse's apron was waiting for us. 'Ah' she grinned, 'Here you are at last. And where are our four baby girls?' She came forward to inspect us and said 'Excellent. I don't think we'll have any trouble with them. But so that we can keep them well under control, I'll put them into their cots one at a time. That way, three of them will always be restrained, and the free one won't be in any position to resist against you eight girls.' Looking at me she smiled and said 'And what do you think of your cot, little girl? That's where you'll be sleeping tonight.' I looked to where she was pointing, and groaned with despair into my dummy. She was pointing at four large baby's cots, each fitted with a formidable collection of straps. It wasn't going to be a comfortable night.

'Oh by the way' said Matron to Sally, 'Did you give our babies the feed I prepared?' Sally grinned and said 'Oh yes, especially the chocolate mousse, they each ate a full bowl of it.' 'Excellent' said Matron with a grin, 'That will make things interesting!

Part 2

Matron went over to the nearest cot and beckoned the girls forward. Sally wheeled me over to it and after she had removed my dummy, Fiona began to unfasten the restraining straps of my pushchair. 'Now' smiled Matron, 'Shall we put the first baby into her cot?' 'With pleasure' said Sally, lowering the bars on either side, 'Let's start with baby Emily.' Fiona and her friends stood me up unsteadily, shaking with anticipation of this new humiliation. Willing hands easily lifted me into it, and Matron set to work. To begin with, she lifted up the hem of my baby frock and saw the disposable nappy underneath. 'That won't be enough' she said, 'We'll need more than that, but we'll leave the disposable nappy on as a liner.' Going over to a draw, she took out some white terry towel squares, pink nappy pins, and some large pairs of translucent plastic baby pants. Putting them down on my empty pushchair, she bent over me and pulled the hem of my frock well up.

Expertly folding the terry towel into a kite shape, she said 'Right, botty up.' Two of the girls raised my bottom up off the cot, and Matron slid the nappy in position under me before I was lowered down onto it. She then deftly pinned the corners firmly in place over the disposable nappy with the four nappy pins. 'And now for your pilchers Emily' she said, 'We don't want any leaks do we?' She slid the plastic baby pants over my feet and up my legs, and with the two girls raising me up again, she slid them over the nappy and into place, tucking them into my waist and around the leg holes of the nappy. Then she pulled the hem of the baby frock well down again to just above my knees. 'There you are Emily' said Matron, 'Now I can guarantee no leaks. Just as well, with what I think is going to happen. Now let's make sure you can't fall out of your cot.' She spread my legs apart, buckled straps around my ankles, and tied them to the bottom corners of the cot. Another strap was fastened around my waist and tied to each side of the cot. Now I wouldn't be able to move sideways. Two straps from the top end of the cot and one on each side level with my chest, were attached to the four D rings on my baby reins. These were pulled tight and fastened, so now I had no hope of moving my upper body at all. My already helpless wrapped hands were pulled out well away from my sides and securely strapped to the sides of the cot. With my hands wrapped, there would be no way that I could use my fingers to undo anything, even if my wrists had not been secured. 'Now' said Matron, 'Since Emily is such a big baby, she'll need a big drink of water.' Going out into her adjoining rooms for a moment, she came back a moment later with four large 1 litre bottles each full of water. Each had been fitted with a teat to convert it into a giant baby's bottle. 'There we are' said Matron, 'Now you can each give one of the babies her bottle, one at a time.' 'Oh lovely' said Sally, I'll feed Emily first.' She took one of the bottles, and thrust the teat into my mouth. While I sucked noisily at the bottle, she giggled with glee until the bottle was empty. Finally the ordeal was completed, and I was bloated with water.

'Now,' said Matron, 'Hand me Emily's dummy.' Susan picked it up and gave it to her. Matron removed my wig, and gave it to Fiona saying 'Just hold this for a moment will you?' Holding the dummy, she carefully adjusted the securing ribbons and bent over me. 'Now Emily, here's your lovely dummy, and we know how much babies love their dummies, don't we? Open your mouth, nice and wide.' Knowing that Sally and Fiona would happily assist her if I tried to resist, I did as I was told and opened my mouth. Matron pushed the huge soft rubber bulb of the dummy deep into my mouth. 'Lift your head a little' she said, and as I did so, she tightly wound the securing ribbons several times around my head, and tied it firmly behind my neck. Then she replaced my wig neatly in position. I experimentally tried to push the dummy out of my mouth, but Matron was even more of an expert than the girls, and despite my hardest efforts, the soft rubber bulb remained firmly in position.

'Now I'm sure we don't want Emily shaking off those lovely bunches and hair ribbons during the night, do we?' said Matron, 'So I've got just the thing to stop her.' She went out of the room for a moment, and came back carrying a large white baby's bonnet. Pulling it well down onto my head, she drew the wide securing ribbons tightly together under my chin and tied them in a non-slip double bow. 'Just one more thing' said Matron. She buckled a soft leather collar around my neck, and attached it gently but firmly to the two top corners of the cot. I was now completely silenced, helpless, and unable to move. I couldn't even raise my head. With a look of satisfaction at a job well done, Matron raised the bars at the sides of the cot and locked them into place.

The girls now crowded round the cot, smiling down at me and laughing maliciously. 'Doesn't she look sweet, just like a tiny little baby' giggled Fiona, tidying the rim of my bonnet so that it framed my face neatly. 'You know' said Sally, 'This really is absolutely perfect, and more humiliating than I could have possibly imagined. I just wish that his cousins Diana and Tricia could've been here to see my dear little brother like this. He's given them a pretty hard time in the past.' It seemed that all my chickens were coming home to roost, and she grinned for a moment before collecting her thoughts again. Turning to look at my silent companions who had been observing my fate with increasing horror, she smiled and said 'Well I suppose It's time to put another baby to bed. Next.' Now it was Bob's turn to suffer my fate, and he went through the same humiliating procedure. Then Ted, and lastly Mike. In less than an hour we had been transferred into four squirming gurgling helpless infants securely restrained in our cots for the night.

The girls stood back and admired their handiwork, and a chorus of satisfied chuckles filled the air. Coming over to my cot and looking down at me, Sally began to grin and said 'Well, I suppose it's time to tell baby Emily and her little friends what happens next. I know you thought of it Matron, but can I have the pleasure of telling them?' Matron smiled and said 'Be my guest Sally, he's your brother.' Sally looked down at me and began. 'Well Emily, it's like this. You are now a little baby girl safely restrained in your cot so that you won't come to any harm. But you're not just going to be here for a little overnight rest. Oh goodness me no. We're going to leave you here until tomorrow afternoon. Being Sunday, there's no school of course, so we can deal with you at our leisure. Actually, we could leave you here until Monday morning if we wanted to, so think about that. Now as we all know, one thing that often makes babies cry is when they wet or soil their nappies. You of course can't cry out because of that nice big dummy to keep you quiet, but I don't blame babies for crying. It must be absolutely awful to be helplessly lying there with a soiled nappy, and all that nasty wee wees and poo poos burning your tender skin and giving you nappy rash. Well guess what? In the time you are going to be lying here, I guarantee that you are going to both wet your nappy and fill it with poo poos.' She paused for a moment and looked at me with a huge smile on her face. 'Ah' she said, 'I know just what you're thinking. You're thinking that you might wet your nappy, but you'll never do poo poos in it. Well I'm afraid I've got a little surprise for you. The amount of water you've drunk will ensure that you do wee wees in your nappy. But what you don't know is that the chocolate flakes on top of that chocolate mousse were made from a complete packet of grated laxative chocolate! Yes' she laughed, 'I can guarantee that by tomorrow morning all four of you will have very full nappies! And Matron is certain that you will also have a case of extremely sore nappy rash. You'll be surprised when you find out how much your nappy full of wee wees and poo poos will burn your skin after so many hours. It should take several days to go away, a nice stinging reminder of your punishment.' She stood back while all the girls giggled uncontrollably.

I was thunderstruck. What a fate! All four of the sturdy cots began to shake slightly as Ted and I jerked helplessly in our restraints. But it was pointless. There was no way that any of us would have any chance of escaping from our solid wooden prisons. Instinctively I began to try and shout in protest, and tried to wriggle free by throwing myself from side to side furiously, but Matron had done her work well. I couldn't move, and all that came out from behind my dummy was a muffled 'Mmmp! Mmmf! Mmmmm!' as I began to cry with humiliation. 'Oh look' said Susan, 'She's crying, just like a proper little baby.' She looked at me and said in baby talk 'Dere dere diddums, does oo want to get out of your cot? I don't think so. You're here for the duration little sister.' She smiled a broad smile of satisfaction. I now gradually stopped my helpless struggling, knowing how useless it was and how much amusement it was giving the girls. Eventually things quietened down until they were just giggling quietly.

Matron started moving towards the door and said 'All right everybody, I think it's time for you all to go home, so let's leave baby Emily and her little friends to settle down for the night. Don't worry about them, they'll be quite safe. I'll be sleeping in the adjacent room, so I'll be here all the time.' With a last lingering smile and a giggle, the girls reluctantly started to leave. Sally and Fiona came over to me and looked down at my helpless form in the cot. I glared back at them over my dummy, and Sally grinned as she said 'So there you are Richard. Now you are going to go through the most exquisite humiliation. Imagine, doing poo poos in your nappy and then having to lie in it for hour after hour, while it squelches and squidges around your soaking wet botty. The best bit about this is that there's absolutely nothing you can do to stop it. As I said to the others, I just wish that Diana and Tricia could be here to see this wonderful revenge we are taking for all your past misdeeds, they'd love it. Well don't worry, they soon will know all about it.' Looking at her watch she said 'O.K. then, we're going to leave you now, so we'll see you tomorrow. Night night baby Emily, have fun!' With a parting giggle and a little wave, the girls were gone.

I lay there quietly, listening to the sounds through the open door of the room. Soon I could hear the girls bidding Matron goodbye outside, and then it was quiet. After a short time, Matron came back into the room carrying some bedding. She strolled over to my cot and looked down at me. 'Well Emily' she smiled 'Time to say goodnight, so let's tuck you in.' She let down one side of the cot and after placing a small pillow under my head, she spread a pastel pink duvet decorated with baby rabbits over me. After tucking it in around me, she raised the side of the cot again. Then she attended to the others until we were all tucked in. 'There we are my little babies' she said, 'All tucked in. Now you'll all be quite safe, I'll be in my room with the door open, so all you can do now is lie there and take your punishment. I must say that I sometimes surprise myself with my ingenuity. Night night little ones, I'll leave the small lamp on.' She went over to a chest of draws and switched on a small table lamp with a pink lamp shade. Then she switched off the main light and went through the door into her quarters.

I lay there patiently for a while, but gradually the urge to break free became too much to resist. I began to heave and strain at my restraints, wriggling and writhing in my impotent frustration. As I struggled I tried to yell at the top of my voice, but it was absolutely hopeless. I couldn't move or make anything louder than a faint little babyish gurgle. Hopeless. I eventually stopped struggling, and quietly lay there panting with exhaustion and frustration. From time to time one of the others would try the same thing, but always with the same result. We were totally helpless. Slowly I began to relax a little, and began to realise that it wasn't quite so bad if I didn't struggle. I supposed that eventually I would get some sleep, if that were possible.

The hours passed slowly, but I had no way of knowing what time it actually was. We were in an enclosed room with only the table lamp for illumination, so I couldn't see any daylight outside. Then, after a couple of hours or so, I heard the others beginning to give muffled baby like gurgles into their dummies, and I began to feel a pressure in my bladder as it began to fill. For a while I had no trouble containing it, but the pressure started to build up inexorably. For some reason, perhaps my pride, I desperately wanted to avoid wetting my nappy like a baby, and I grimly hung on, grunting with the effort. But nature was not to be resisted. As the pressure on my bladder turned into real pain, my muscles finally gave way to the pressure. A flood of urine gushed into my nappy, and I could feel the warm liquid pouring into every fold of my skin and running down to my bottom. I was soaked, but nevertheless relieved. Despite the situation I gave a muffled groan of relief as my bladder emptied.

For a while, I just lay there and relaxed, but gradually the humiliation of lying there helplessly dressed as a baby in her wet nappy played on my mind. Could anything be more humiliating? I thought. Well, I was about to find out what could be more humiliating. Time slowly passed, and in the warm pink glow of the table lamp, I actually began to drift off into a fitful sleep. It had been an emotionally exhausting day. Occasionally I woke up momentarily, but soon drifted off again.

Part 3

Then it began. I was woken up by the sound of the others moaning into their dummies. A loud gurgling began in my bowels, and I felt some movement. By now wide awake, I tried to estimate what time it was, and guessed that it was probably about six o'clock in the morning. I couldn't help but concentrate on what was happening. The bowel movement repeated after about ten minutes, and gradually these movements became more frequent and intense as time passed and the huge dose of laxatives took effect. I suddenly felt the urge to empty my bowels, but that was something I was determined to avoid, no matter what. And so began my struggle in earnest. I desperately tried to clench my buttocks closed and draw my knees together, but Matron had cunningly tied my legs apart so that I couldn't do just that. Like the others, I began to writhe in my restraints more and more desperately as I tried to resist what I could feel moving down through my lower bowels inexorably towards my bottom. I became frantic as I tried to struggle, but was held down immovably by the strong baby reins and straps.

But finally nature took its inevitable course, and I gave a muffled wail of humiliation into my dummy as an uncontrollable flood of poo poos oozed out into my nappy. It was horrendous. Tears filled my eyes as the warm, sticky brown flood spread around my bottom and inside my nappy. I lay there, sobbing quietly for a few minutes. Then I found that it wasn't over yet. The gurgling continued, and every so often I could feel yet another uncontrollable burst of poos coming out into my nappy. As I lay there, I could feel my nappy squelching around my bottom every time I moved. I just lay there for the next few hours, drained with emotion.

But all things come to an end. After what seemed an eternity, I at last heard voices outside, and a moment later the door of the room opened and in came Matron, Sally, Fiona and their friends. They came over to my cot and looked down at me with wide grins on their faces. 'Well well' said Matron, 'I think that little Emily has well and truly filled her nappy, judging by how she looks.' Looking at me she said 'Have you done poo poos in your nappy Emily?' 'Mmmmmmmph!' I gurgled convincingly. 'Excellent' said Matron, and turning to one of the girls she said 'Sue, I think some of you had better go out of the room for a few minutes while we get our babies cleaned up. This is the unpleasant part, but I'm used to it.' 'Yes, I know what you mean' said Sue, holding her nose with a grimace, 'We'll go and take a short walk. I assume that five of you can handle each baby one at a time?' 'Exactly' said Matron, 'Give us about an hour.' Four of the girls filed out, while Sally, Fiona and Sue bravely prepared for our clean up.

Matron lowered the bars of my cot, removed my dummy, and the girls unstrapped me. They helped me up and soon I was standing upright, although somewhat unsteadily. 'Now' said Matron, 'There's a small toilet and shower through there' indicating a door at the end of the room, 'Go in, remove all your clothes, and put the dirty nappy and plastic pants in the large rubbish bag in there. Then take a shower, and let me know when you've dried off. Leave your baby clothes clothes in a heap in the corner; I'll take care of them later.' I didn't need asking twice. Glad to be first, I waddled into the small shower room and divested myself of all the by now smelly baby clothes, being careful to put the stinking nappy into one rubbish bag inside another to seal in the smell. Then, after wiping my bottom with toilet paper as much as possible and flushing it down the toilet, I took a long, hot shower. As I stood under the hot water, I let out a wail as a searing pain suffused across my bottom. I'd forgotten the nappy rash. The pain gradually subsided a little, but I dried my bottom very gingerly. With a towel around me I went back into the 'nursery', where the girls were standing with Matron next to Mike's cot, teasing him. As I went up to them, Sally said 'We've decided to release them later on, so they can suffer a little more. In the meantime, I've got something special lined up for you.' I didn't like the sound of that one bit.

It suddenly occurred to me that I didn't have any clothing. 'Well what am I supposed to wear home?' I said, almost plaintively. The girls turned and looked at me. Sally grinned and said, 'Oh don't worry dear brother, I've brought some nice clean clothes for you from home. We're going to dress you in your Sunday best, so come over here and we'll get you ready.' I reluctantly went over to her as she emptied her bag and laid out some underclothes and a pale yellow dress on the cot that I'd slept in. My face fell as I realised that my purgatory wasn't over yet.

'Now before we dress you Emily' said Matron, 'Bend over.' I did as she told me, and she grinned. 'As I expected' she said, 'A classic case of nappy rash. Would you like me to put some ointment on it for you?' 'Yes please' I said. She took a tube of ointment, and removing the cap, she squeezed a generous portion into her hand. Putting the tube down she said to me 'Now Emily, bend down over that chair. Hold him, girls.' Sally and Fiona held me down over a chair with my bottom sticking up in the air, and I should have begun to suspect something. But it was too late.

As soon as I was held down in position, Matron put her hand on my bottom and began to rub the ointment well in. In a few seconds I felt a searing pain spread across my bottom, and I screamed in agony. It wasn't soothing skin cream. Oh no! It was full strength deep heat ointment, and the pain brought tears to my eyes. The girls burst out laughing and let me go, and I desperately tried to rub off the ointment from my bottom, but that just made things worse. Matron gave me a cloth to wipe my hands as the pain subsided slightly, but I realised that I was going to have a very sore bottom for several days to come.

'Well' she chuckled, 'That was fun, wasn't it? Don't worry, it won't last forever. Just a little souvenir from your night in a dirty nappy. Now let's get you dressed little girl.' She picked up a pair of pale yellow knickers and held them out for me to step into. 'Right' she said, 'In you get.' I obediently stepped into them, and she pulled them up to my waist. This was followed by a white vest, which she tucked into my knickers. Sally then picked up the dress and held it up for Matron to admire. 'Oh that is pretty' smiled Matron, 'Delightful for a little eight year old, but humiliating for a girl of twelve, let alone a boy of twelve.' With a groan I recognised it as one of the party dresses that Sally used to wear, and it looked as if it was now my turn to wear it. It was a primrose yellow frock, and was everybody's idea of what a little girl would wear, with a peter pan collar, short puffed sleeves and a pretty smocking pattern across the front. It had a row of buttons up the back, and a sash belt that tied in a large bow at the back.

'Arms up Emily' said Matron. I raised my arms resignedly, and she put them into the sleeves and pulled the frock down over my head. Then she fastened all the buttons up my back and tied the sash in a neat non-slip bow behind me. I stood there for a moment, fingering the frock with distaste as I realised that it fitted me perfectly.

My feet were next. Sitting me down on a chair first, she took a pair of white cotton ankle socks from a drawer, pulled them onto my feet, and turned the tops down neatly. Then came a pair of white leather sandals of a suitably babyish design, with buckles at the side of the foot. Pushing them onto my feet, she fastened the straps tightly. They were obviously not meant to come off.

'Now then' said Matron, 'What next? I think you can take over at this point can't you Sally?' 'Oh yes' grinned Sally. 'Sit down on the cot Emily, and hold out your hands in a clenched fist.' Realising that I might be heading for a repeat of yesterday, I realised that I had no chance of avoiding it, so I sat down obediently. Taking a roll of white adhesive strapping tape, Sally wound it round and round each fist, thus immobilising them. Then she took the two white woollen mittens I had worn the day before, and put them onto my hands. She secured them with built in pink ribbons which she wound tightly around my wrists before finishing them off in a neat double bow. I was feeling more and more helpless by the minute.

Next, she picked up the pink leather baby reins decorated with baby rabbits and three small bells sewn onto the front that I'd worn overnight. Slipping my head and arms through the straps, she buckled them up firmly behind me. With my bound hands I knew there was no way that I could get them off.

'Nearly there' smiled Fiona, 'But there are just a couple more things to do before you're completely babyfied.' She went to the cot again and picked up my baby's dummy, arranging the securing ribbons neatly as she did so. 'Now' said Fiona, 'Open wide.' I knew by now that with the help of the others she could easily force the dummy into my mouth anyway, so I tentatively did as I was told. Fiona pushed the large silicone rubber bulb of the dummy deep into my mouth, pressing my tongue down. Pulling the ribbons tight, she wound them several times around my head before tying them in a knot behind my head. With the huge rubber bulb filling my mouth, I was now once more completely silenced in the most humiliating way imaginable.

'Right' said Sally, 'Let's do something about your hair next.' She once more went over to the cot and picked up my wig. Although I'd worn it on my head the day before, I hadn't actually had a chance to look at it properly. Reading my thoughts, Sally grinned and held it up for me to look at. It was light brown, which matched my natural hair, and was in a pageboy style, already divided into two bunches. Each bunch of hair was secured with a conspicuous bow of white hair ribbon and a pink plastic hair slide. 'Now, keep your head still' said Fiona, and she put the wig carefully onto my head before pulling the elastic down in front of my face and positioning it under my chin before brushing the wig neatly into place. 'I particularly like the idea of the elastic under the chin' said Sally to Matron, 'Because no matter how hard he shakes his head, it will be impossible for him to get that wig off. I must say' she grinned, looking at me, 'Those hair ribbons look really sweet with that delightful little baby frock, and Fiona's been kind enough to bring some nice pretty yellow ones to match your dress. Wasn't that thoughtful of her? So, let's change them.' She removed the white bows and pink hair slides, and in only a few minutes I found myself wearing two bows of pale yellow hair ribbon and two yellow hair slides clipped firmly in place. 'There' smiled Fiona as she finished, 'Pretty as a picture aren't you little girl? Just one more thing now and you'll be ready.' She picked up two wrist straps and buckled them on around my wrists. Crossing my arms behind my back, she connected them across the front of my waist with another strap that she clipped onto the D rings on my wrist straps. Then she pulled the front strap tight through a buckle in the centre, and secured it. This had the effect of pulling each hand toward the front of my waist and immobilising my helpless arms.

Standing back to admire her handiwork, Fiona grinned and said 'There we are, one little girl all ready for the next part of her punishment.' She took my arm and stood me apart for the other girls to examine. They nearly fell about with laughter. 'Oh isn't she delightful' said Fiona with a chuckle, 'I think the next part's going to be hilarious. Have you told him yet?' I now had a horrible suspicion that they were going to take me out again dressed like this, and my worst suspicions were about to be confirmed. Fiona took a pink leather strap about four feet long and clipped each end to a D ring attached to the back of my baby reins. With my helpless arms, I was now completely under her control.

Matron looked at me, smiled and said. 'Well I have to say that you girls have dreamed up just about the ultimate in punishment for any boy. He must be absolutely squirming inside dressed like that. Are you really going to take him for a walk?' 'We certainly are!' said Sally, 'I've been longing for a chance like this for years. You've no idea how he's tormented me ever since I can remember.' 'Yes, well I think this is certainly going to make him and his friends think twice about it in future' grinned Matron. 'So what are you going to do with him once you've got him outside?' 'Oh don't worry' said Sally, 'We've thought about that, so this is what we will be doing later on.' She went over to Matron and whispered into her ear. 'Ah yes' said Matron, grinning, 'That's more like it. Excellent. Yes, that will humiliate him very nicely I should think. Are you all ready then?' 'Yes' said Sally, taking hold of my reins, 'Come along Emily, Fiona and I are going to take you for a nice long walk.' I gurgled in protest into my dummy but it was no use. Sally and Fiona took hold of my arms, and with two more of the girls they marched me to the front door of the school, leaving my friends to their unenviable fate, still lying in their cots at the mercy of Matron and the others.

As she opened the door, Sally glanced up at the sky and said 'I think we're in for a downpour shortly, we'd better take our raincoats.' While she kept me under control, the other girls went to fetch their coats. As they put them on I now knew that I really was going to be taken out whether I liked it or not. Fiona's raincoat was a red rubberised cotton mackintosh. It had a buckle belt, and an attached hood that hung down her back.

Sally wore a stylish royal blue PVC raincoat. It had a long row of press stud fastenings up the front, and a buckle belt that she fastened tightly round her waist. Like Fiona's raincoat, it had an attached hood with tie tapes which hung down over her shoulders.

'O.K.' said Fiona, 'Just about ready, but we of course need something for our little girl toddler as well, don't we? We don't want her to get wet if it rains.' She went across to a coat rack, and took down a red rubberised raincape that she hung over her arm. 'We won't put it on her yet' she grinned, 'I want the world to see her cute little baby frock for a while first.' 'And her lovely baby reins and beautiful bows in her hair' laughed one of the other girls.

'Right, off we go' said Fiona. Grasping me firmly by the strap attached to my reins, she pulled me out through the door with the assistance of Sally. I desperately tried to shout in protest, but with the dummy tightly secured in my mouth, all I could manage was a muffled 'Mmmf mmm mmp' as I found myself being dragged down the driveway of the school, and out onto the pavement beyond. I blushed deeply as I immediately attracted the attention of passers by, who lost no time in teasing me when the girls told them why I was being treated like this (with suitable exaggerations which my dummy prevented me from denying).

We walked for about half an hour until we reached a footpath which led off across the fields. 'Right, this'll do' said Fiona, 'Let's go down to the village.' Fiona took me by the reins and began to walk me along the path with the others, jerking them from time to time to keep me well under control like a toddler. As I walked along, the little bells on my reins tinkled merrily, and I blushed with humiliation. Unfortunately for me, the paved path was frequented by a number of people who found my predicament hilarious, but not one of them wanted to interfere, and they just went on their way, laughing.

After we had been walking for about an hour, I was horrified to see three teenage girls walking straight towards us. As they drew level with us, we all stopped as they looked at me and roared with laughter. They obviously knew my sister and her schoolfriends. 'Oh isn't that wonderful' giggled one, 'How on earth did you get him to co-operate?' Fiona explained why I was being punished, and I instinctively tried to interrupt. But with the huge bulb of the dummy tied firmly in my mouth, the only sound I could make was 'Ummp! Mmf! Mmmmmmmm!' This made them all laugh even more, and I spent the next few minutes being teased and tormented by the girls.

Just at that moment it began to rain, so the girls all put up their raincoat hoods and fastened them securely under their chins. The other girls wore full length translucent plastic macs with belts tied in a bow at the front, and they also put up their hoods and fastened them under the chin with tie tapes.

'Now let's keep baby Emily dry' grinned Sally. After tucking the leading rein neatly out of the way behind my back, she shook out the red rubberised raincape and draped it around my shoulders. Then she fastened all the buttons up the front and finally pulled up the pointed pixie hood over my head, securing it firmly in place with a button fastening under my chin. With my arms crossed behind my back and my wrists tied together at the front, it was impossible for me to remove the humiliatingly babyish raincape or dislodge the hood, and I was forced to peep out demurely from under it in true little girl fashion.

At the sight of me, one of the girls laughed again and said 'Oh my goodness, don't you look adorable?' while one of the others added 'He looks like my kid sister, and with that sweet little pixie hood around his face he looks every inch a typical little girl. God, I'd love to walk him home like that.' 'Would you? said Fiona, 'Well come on then.' 'Oh thanks, that would be hilarious.' said one of the girls delightedly, and we set off along the path. Now I was really worried. The prospect of being dressed helplessly as I was, while at the entire mercy of my sister and her mischievous teenage schoolfriends filled me with foreboding. I tried once more to voice my protest, but that only amounted to a quiet 'Mmmmph! Mmm! Mmmmp!' and the resulting giggles and laughter were unbearable.

'Now let's see' said Sally, 'It's about 6 miles to the village from here, so that'll take a couple of hours. Come along Emily,' she said, grinning at me, 'Enjoy your walk, and don't dawdle!' Two of the girls grabbed me by the shoulders and started walking me along, completely under their control. We walked through the pouring rain, which drummed down onto my hood and my shoulders, and ran down onto my wet feet in their little white ankle socks and Mary Jane shoes. The hem of the mackintosh raincape slapped against my bare legs, and I began to understand why little girls would hate wearing them. The smell of rubber began to fill my nostrils as the inside of the cape became wet and clammy from a mixture of rain and perspiration. Despite the cool weather, I was finding it uncomfortably warm under the damp rubberised cotton.

Needless to say, the girls thoroughly enjoyed the walk, and I was the butt of many humiliating comments. When we were about half way back to the village, the rain finally stopped, and the girls put down the hoods of their plastic macs. Sally unbuttoned my cape and removed it, once more exposing my humiliating appearance. She carried the cape over her arm, while Fiona took a firm hold of my reins and led me on towards the village. They kept giggling as they paraded me along the footpath wearing my baby frock, with ribbons in my hair, and the white ankle socks and T bar shoes strapped on my feet. All too soon we entered the village main street, and I squirmed with humiliation as they walked me up and down in full view of everyone. If anybody asked what it was about they told them, which gave me no solace at all.

But eventually they had had enough fun, and Sally decided to take me home, which was another 2 miles away. She replaced my raincape, buttoned up the hood, and we started the walk home. After a final humiliating walk, with the laughter of every passer by ringing in my ears, we reached our front door. Mum opened it, and as we went in, she grinned broadly. 'Well well' she laughed, 'Did little Emily finally find her way home? Come into the lounge.' I did as I was told, and she sat me down on a chair. I sighed with relief as Sally at last removed my dummy, but I had to sit there dressed as I was, still in my damp raincape with the hood up for another couple of hours. Eventually, the time for my release came, but there was one other thing to come first. 'Now Emily' said Sally, 'Before I let you go, I'm just going to take some souvenir photos.' Despite my protests, she took down my hood, tied the dummy tightly back in my mouth, and put up my hood again. Then marching me out into the garden, she took a series of photos of me both with and without the raincape.

When she was satisfied, we went indoors again and she took me upstairs to change. She unfastened all my restraints, and helped me to remove my baby clothes before I dressed myself once more in my own clothes. We went downstairs again, and Mum made some tea. As we were talking, Fiona said to me, 'Well Richard, how did you like that?' 'It was dreadful' I said. 'I've never felt so humiliated in my life. I wouldn't fancy going through that again.' 'Ah, but that's just where you're wrong' she grinned. 'You see, with what I can do with those cute photos of you, I think you'll be going to visit lots of my friends for a variety of lovely humiliations we've got in store for you.' 'You couldn't' I gasped breathlessly, 'You wouldn't!' 'We can and we will' said Sally evenly. 'I wonder what all the kids at your school would make of those photos? Perhaps I should start by putting some of them on the school notice board. Or how about in the school magazine? Now wouldn't that be good!' I was horrified, and I knew that now she really had me over a barrel. 'Yes my dear brother' smirked Sally, 'You will now find yourself in our tender care on many occasions to come, to suffer for all the hard times you've given us, and especially me. Oh, and just one more thing. Mum agreed to it once I showed her my list of all the disgusting things you've done to me, so don't expect her to get you out of it.' Turning to Fiona she said 'Well then, he's all ours. When will we have his next session?' 'Well then Richard, or should I say, Emily' grinned Fiona, 'I'll expect you round at my place two weeks from today. This time I think I'll take you out dressed as a baby again, but this time you'll again be strapped into your pushchair. On the other hand, I might just take you for a nice long walk dressed in one of our school uniforms. We've got a sports day coming up soon, and we'd just love to take care of you then.' By now I was almost in tears of anticipatory humiliation, and Fiona grinned with delight. 'OK then' she said, 'Sally can bring you over in a fortnight. I strongly suggest that you turn up if you don't want those photos to turn up on your school notice board, so be here about mid day.' She opened the door, and I miserably said goodbye as she walked down the path. I felt trapped, and had no idea how long this was going to last.

I wondered how many more times I was going to find myself walking around the village dressed as a sweet little girl. Sally's penchant for humiliating me seemed to be both inventive and capable. Well, there was nothing I could do about it now. She now had me just where she wanted me, and I would have to just let time take its course. One thing I could depend on, it was going to be purgatory for me, but huge fun for my sister and her friends.

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