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Selina: My Diaper Girl

Part 1

By Mistress_SweetnSexy

I was on my way home one stormy evening. The rain was coming down in sheets and made driving almost impossible. I was hunched over the steering wheel of my car hoping I was still in my lane. I was going below the speed limit when I noticed the flashing lights of a car pulled off to the side of the road up ahead. I slowed down even more trying to get a look at the person standing beside the car, looking down at a flat tire, in the middle of a freaking monsoon. It was a young lady soaked to the bone so I stopped and lowered the window just enough to ask if she needed a lift. I unlocked the door and asked her to get in while we talked. She said she was trying to call someone for help but unfortunately her cell phone didn't have a signal. I introduced myself and I told her I lived just a few blocks away and I would be glad to let her use my phone if she liked. She told me her name was Selina and then she looked out the window and looked back at me and said that would be great and smiled.

We arrived safely at my place within just a few minutes. We jumped out of the car and ran for the door. I quickly unlocked the door and stepped inside with her right behind me. We laughed because we we're both soaked but her worse than me of course, and we kind of looked like a couple of dogs trying to shake the water off of us. I hung our dripping wet coats on the coat rack near the door and then I showed her where the hall phone was. She picked it up, dialed a number and after a few minutes she hung up. I could tell from the look on her face that wasn't too happy. I asked her what was wrong and she said no one answered. I told her that it was okay and told her she could stay with me until she was able to get someone to pick her up. She smiled and asked if she could borrow a towel. I led her to my secret bathroom that is especially decorated for special guest. I have it decorated like a baby's bathroom. Everything in it is pink and/or baby blue. I keep diapers in the closet, just in case I get an opportunity like this, to use them. I told her she must feel like yuck after being soaked by the rain. She said that she really did feel yucky and asked if I minded if she took a quick shower. I told her that would be fine (I was hoping she would because I had already picked out something very special for her to wear).

I was waiting outside the bathroom when I heard the water stop. I was hoping that she would call for me soon because the excitement of showing her what I had in mind for her to wear was killing me. Just like I had planned, she called out my name. I waited for a few seconds to pass and then stepped inside the door and asked her what she needed. As I stood there waiting for her answer, I began to noticed how beautiful she was. She had shoulder length red hair, bright green eyes, and a huge set of tits (as far as I could with the towel wrapped around them) and pale white skin that looked liked the sun had never seen it. Then I came out of my trance and realized she had asked me for something to put on. I looked at her for a moment and pretended to think of what she could wear and then I snapped my fingers and said,

"I got it!" I pulled out a changing table that was hidden inside the bathroom wall and was visible to anyone that didn't know it was there. I laid a soft, fluffy blanket down on it, looked at her with a smile on my face, patted it and told her to sit there. She smiled back and said okay. My heart was pounding with excitement. I wasn't sure I was going to be able to get through this but I was going to try. I went to the bathroom closet and pulled out a set of handcuffs, baby powder, safety pins, one cloth diaper, one disposable diaper, a pair of plastic panties and a pair of locking panties. I walked back over to the changing table and sat everything down beside Selina. She looked down at it and said, "What's that for?" I had hidden the handcuffs in my back pocket so she couldn't see them and asked her for her hand. When she offered her hand to me, I quickly handcuffed her wrist to the changing table. I moved so fast she didn't have time to even think about resisting. She had a look of shock on her pretty little face and for a moment, I almost felt sorry for her. I told her to remove her towel but she just say there staring at her handcuffed wrist. She said, "No damnit! Let me go!" I asked her to remove her towel again and still she acted as if she didn't hear me. I moved around in front of her and got down to where I could see her face and with a stern look I said, "Selina, be a good girl and remove your towel. Aunt Lisa just wants to help you get dressed." She looked into my eyes for a moment and then began to lower her towel. I was so thrilled to see this gorgeous little redhead willing to let me dress her that I almost peed on myself. The bad thing about that was I wasn't wearing a diaper.

After Selina lowered her towel, I could see the biggest pair of tits I have ever seen on such a small little girl. I later checked her bra size just to find out how big she was and I almost fell over when I saw that she was a 48H. I asked her to lie back on the table and then I told her I was going to remove her towel completely. She didn't try to resist and just laid down on her back like a good little girl but still looking at her handcuffed wrist as if trying to figure out away to get free. I removed the towel she had been clinging to. I looked up and down her sexy, creamy, white body. I couldn't believe how bushy her pussy was. It was covered with a reddish orange colored hair. It was so thick I couldn't believe it. I had never seen a pussy hidden by so much hair. After I got over the shock of seeing her hairy bush, I moved down between her legs. I grabbed a cloth diaper and some baby powder. I told her to raise her butt so I could get the diaper under her but she wouldn't move. I looked at her again and very calmly asked her again but again, she refused to move. I asked her what was wrong and she said that she wasn't a baby and she wasn't going to wear a diaper. Needless to say, I was beginning to get a little frustrated with her but I tried asking her again. This time I tried the Aunt Lisa thing again and to my surprise she lifted her cute, round ass up off the table and let me slide the diaper under her. I told her to spread her legs so Aunt Lisa could put some baby powder on her little pussy and ass so they she wouldn't develop a rash. She opened her legs wide and I started to sprinkle the powder on her. I still can't figure out for the life of me why I did it but I took my hand and started rubbing the powder around on her pussy. I was working it in while Selina was moaning somewhat. I thought maybe the thought of her wearing a diaper was beginning to turn her on. I rubbed her pussy a little more and then I rubbed my fingers against her clit. At least that's what I thought I had rubbed until I got to thinking about it. What I was rubbing was way too large to be a clit or it was the biggest clit I had ever felt. I brushed back the hair covering her pussy so that I could get a good look. When I saw what I had been rubbing all I could say was, "Oh, my god". I was in shock. My little gorgeous Selina was a freaking hermaphrodite.

I continued to rub her tiny little deformed cock. I was hoping I could get her freak ass to cum so hard that she would soak the diaper I had lying underneath her sexy ass. I couldn't help it; I had hung on as long as I could. I just had you get a taste of her and suck her tiny little penis. I leaned down and let my tongue slip between her red, curly haired, dripping wet pussy lips as I let my tongue make its way to her little hard cock. I wrapped my mouth around it and closed my warm wet lips around it. I twirled my tongue around it and gently started to suck on it. I could tell from her moans that Selina was about to cum immediately. She reached down and placed her hands on the back of my head and pulled my mouth closer to her. I could barely breathe but from the way she was riding my face I new the time was right for her to cum. I felt a warm gush explode on my chin and I raised up quickly and grabbed the diaper under her hoping not to let any of her sweet juices get way. After a few minutes of heavy breathing, Selina relaxed and I knew her orgasm had subsided. I smiled at her and she smiled back. By that time, most of her juices had been soaked up by the white cloth diaper that was under her. She raised her head and asked me not to make her wear the wet diaper but I powder her wet pussy and ass and pinned it on her anyway, pulling it as tight as I could. I reached over and grabbed the disposable diaper which was pink with Winnie the Pooh characters on it. I was able to get this one on her with a little less effort. I pulled off the tabs and strapped it on her as tightly as possible. I then reached for the clear plastic panties that I had laid out for her. She didn't fuss but was concerned as to why she needed plastic panties. I just smiled at her and giggled. I reached for and grabbed the locking panties and slid them on her quickly for fear of resistance. I was able to get them on her, pull them extremely snug and get them locked before she had any idea what had just happened. I stood back and inspected my work and was pleased. I patted her on the leg and said, "All done." Without saying a word, she reached down and started rubbing herself. She seemed to be intrigued by the squeaking sound that the plastic and disposable diapers made when she rubbed them. I asked her if she was ready to go home and to my surprise she asked if she could stay a little longer. I told her she needed to let someone know where she was and she smiled and said that she lived alone and that no one was expecting her to be back at any certain time. I unlocked the handcuffs and told that she could stay with Aunt Lisa as long as she wanted to and smiled at her...

I suppose I could end this story here but I'm not sure I really want to, so I'll just leave what happens next up to the reader's imagination for now. I may continue with it later if there is enough positive feedback to warrant a continuation. Thanks so much for taking the time to read my story! You may send any and all feedback, whether positive or negative, to

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