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This story is about Adult Babies. That is adults who dress and act like babies. All reference to babies or minors or similar in this story refer to adults acting like babies and NOT adults substituting for minors. This story has nothing to do with child pornography.

I should have realized something was up as I entered the kitchen that Friday afternoon and discovered my wife and her best friend Shalee at the breakfast bar having a glass of wine at 1:30 in the afternoon.

It had started 3 weeks ago, my wife Barbara had asked me to schedule some time off so the two of us could work on some projects around the house. Our youngest girl had married and moved over seas two months back and we had talked about putting the house up for sale and moving into a smaller place. I enjoyed the privacy of the 3000 sq foot home nestle in the 25 acres of woods and meadows and really did not want to move. I had agreed to take a long weekend and hoped to convince her that the two of us could manage the house on our own.

Here I was home on that Friday and did not have to be back in the office until Tuesday. I had not expected Shalee to be here but maybe Barb had asked her over to help. I latter found out just how right I was.

I announced my arrival as the two shared there wine and perused through a stack of papers between them. Glancing up from the papers they were reading I was barely acknowledged, they continued to share the papers back and forth giggling and pointing out different sections. Seeing that they were preoccupied I announced "I going to change clothes" and turned to head to the bedroom. In a commanding voice, I heard my wife "OH NO YOU DON'T"! "You march right over here I want to show you something" I turned and stared at my wife, "RIGHT NOW DAMIT" she said. With my mouth opened in shock I unconsciously obeyed, my wife and I are both very submissive when it comes to disagreements and her raising her voice was a shock to me.

I walked around the breakfast bar and stood beside her; she grabbed my arm and pulled me over to stand between the two of them.

"You have been so distant that last six months always spending time in your office with that stupid computer that I asked Shalee for some help in finding out what was going on". Barbara hates computers and knows very little about them, Shalee on the other hand is pretty savvy and can get around really well on a computer.

"So what did we find" Barbara continued.

"A bunch of stories about men and women dressed up in diapers and plastic panties being treated like babies. Hear I thought you must be having an affair but, NO YOUR IN PULLING YOUR WANKER and basically ignoring me" she said as she held up a printout of some of the stories that I had downloaded from the web.

I started to stammer and tried to explain and she quickly thumped my mouth "SHUT UP, I'm not through. Pull your pants down" she commanded. I just stood and looked at her.

"Right now!" she stood up and reached for my belt. Before I could stop her, she unhooked my belt and pulled my pants down to my ankles.

"Just as I suspected" she said as she turned to Shalee.

"We have a sissy little baby dressed in men's clothing. Would you care to explain why you wearing a pair of my panties" she asked sweetly. I stood there red in the face blabbering trying to come up with an excuse.

"Oh don't bother" she said. She quickly dropped to her knees and examined the panties.

"OH YOU LITTLE SLUT" she yelled and before I knew it, she was in a chair and I was over her knee with the panties pulled down and my bare ass exposed.

"I'll teach you to leave cum stains in my panties" she said.

"Here use this" I heard Shalee say.

"Whack" as I felt my ass explode in a ball of fire. The shock was so great that I felt my bladder release a stream of hot pee. I quickly squeezed it off but not before, I had sprayed her legs.

"You little baby" she yelled "can't even hold your water".

"Whack, Whack, Whack" as three more exploded in quick succession. What ever she was using to inflict the pain, it was working and after 6 or 8 more hard whacks, I was reduced to a balling sniveling mess.

She pulled me up to my feet as she handed the thick wood paddle back to Shalee.

"Keep that close because we will need it again I'm sure" she said to Shalee and all I could do was shudder.

"There is going to be some changes in this house starting today" my wife informed me.

"Now go and get undressed and stand in the corner of the bedroom until Shalee and I finish our wine." I started to reach down and pull up my pants when she slapped me hard with her bare hand.

"No leave them right were they are, you can waddle" she said. I waddled out of the kitchen with my bright red badge of shame and heard my wife say as I moved down the hall.

"You were right; this is going to work out just fine". Shalee responded "this is going to be so much fun".

I entered the bedroom and removed my clothing; while I was undressing, I noticed several boxes and packages stacked neatly in the corner. I briefly wondered what they were but quickly turned to the issues at hand.

As I stood in the corner of the bedroom, total understanding of the situation washed over me and I realized that my life had just changed. I was totally at the mercy of my wife and her best friend. She had the knowledge and information that could expose me and there was nothing I could do about it. I hung my head in resignation not knowing what to expect but knowing I could not do anything about it.

A few moments later the girls came into the room, "I see what you mean" said Shalee as she pulled the hair on my sore butt.

"Were going to take care of that problem right now" I heard my wife say as she walked into the bathroom. I heard the water start in the bath and she came out holding a pair of sharp hair trimming scissors.

"Here you can use these" as she handed them over to Shalee.

"Turn around little one" Shalee said with a smile in her voice. I turned in shame facing them.

"Hands behind your head "she said as she moved forward with the scissors. Within moments, she had grabbed the hair under my arms and started trimming it as close as she could get. Finished with my arms she moved to my groin and trimmed as much of my pubic hair as she could.

"Turn around and bend over" she commanded. I turned and bent at the waist, "grab your ass cheeks and spread them wide". I did as I was instructed pulling my burning cheeks apart. She removed as much as she could and I started to stand back up. I was quickly rewarded with a sharp slap on the ass.

"I did not tell you to stand" Shalee said "I'm not done with you". I glanced in the full length mirror and watched as she pulled on a latex surgical glove, snapping the wrist loudly as she realized I was watching her in the mirror. Scooping a glob of Vaseline on her finger, I knew where that finger was headed. She penetrated me viciously up to her knuckle in one forceful stroke. A groan escaped my lips as she thrust and swirled her finger deep inside me.

"I think our little slut likes it up the ass" Shalee giggled as she turned to my wife.

"I'm sure we will find out later" my wife snickered "right now its bath time".

She pulled me into the bathroom and guided me into the tub. As I sat down in the water, my skin started to sting and itch. Barbara pushed me down until just my head was outside of the water.

"I would not sink my head all the way under" Barbara said.

"The tub is full of hair remover". The girls left me in the bathroom and returned to the bedroom. I heard packages being opened and over heard some of the comments being made.

"Oh these are cute; she's really going to enjoy these, how adorable". I could only shudder to think what was coming next.

After soaking in the tub for about 5 min, Barbara came into the bathroom and pulled me to my feet. Turning on the shower, she scrubbed me down with a face cloth and rinsed me off. I glanced down at the bottom of the tub as all my body hair floated down the drain.

"Turn around and bend over and grab your cheeks" my wife commanded. I quickly turned and spread them as she removed the hair between my cheeks. Before I could stand up her finger invaded my hole and once again, my body betrayed me with a groan.

"Now to clean out the inside" she said as I felt a warm rubber object replacing the finger. I could feel the plug expanding inside me to create a tight seal. Within moments, the inside of my bowels was turned into fire as the scalding hot soapy water was released to do its work. The pain of the hot water caused me to moan and squirm as I tried to easy the discomfort. I was rewarded with a slap on the ass accompany by the comment "you better relax, there is a lot more coming". For the next few min the water was turned on and off allowing my bowels to stretch and absorb the liquid. It seemed like forever before the hose was removed. With the plug still intact, I was left to stand in the tub and let the water do its job. My bowels had relaxed and the sensation had turned from pain to pleasure as the rubber plug and warm water massaged my prostrate causing a torrid erection.

Shalee walked through the door and laughed, yelling over her shoulder "look at our little bitch; she really likes it up the ass". My wife came through the door and grabbed my balls crushing them in her hand.

"Listen bitch, you have ignored me for the last 6 months wanking your little dinky and playing with yourself. Well not any more, from now on you get pleasure when I say you do. In the mean time you can watch" as she kissed Shalee on the open mouth. I was led back to the bedroom still full of water which was quickly becoming painful as the two of them undressed and climbed on the bed. It wasn't long before the two were in a 69 position and very quickly got each other off. Momentarily satisfied they got up and covered themselves with robes as I was led back to the bathroom. I was placed face forward on the toilet as my wife deflated the plug in my ass. With in seconds of the plug being removed my insides exploded with a rush and I was completely flush inside out. Barbara guided me back into the shower for a quick rinse and then toweled me dry.

I was guided back to the bedroom where I found Shalee on her knees in front of an oversized waterproof changing pad with a large diaper laid out.

"Come on little one, time to get your diaper on" she said sweetly. I balk and started to pull back. I found myself face down on the bed with my nose buried in the sent of there sex as my wife sat on my back.

"I think it's time you realized once and for all who is in charge here." I felt a light touch on my ass about the same time as I heard a "whoosh". It felt like a line of fire as the riding crop left its mark. For the next couple of min Shalee teased my ass with a light touch and then a brand of fire. There was no set rhythm and each slap of the crop was as unexpected as the first. I was quickly reduced to tears, pleading and begging them to stop.

"You little sluttish crybaby, are you going to behave" as the crop landed again.

"Little babies need to do what they are told and you're a little baby aren't you?" as the crop left its mark.

"Yes" I wailed.

"Yes what" my wife asked.

"Yes I'm a little baby and I'll behave" I whimpered.

"What do little babies ware" Shalee asked as the crop landed again.

"D ddd diapers" I stammered.

"Ask auntie Shalee to put your diapers on you" my wife commanded "and you better ask nicely".

"Please auntie Shalee will you put my diaper on me?" I whined.

"Ok sweetie" Shalee answered "but first let me put some lotion on you bottom ". Shalee rubbed some cool lotion over the welts on my bottom before she pulled me to my feet.

Kneeling down in front of the changing pad, she patted the center of the diaper.

"Come on little one, I have an extra thick diaper here all ready for you. This is a special diaper made just for sissy little babies" she said as she pulled back a center flap secured by Velcro running down the middle of the diaper.

"This little flap holds an extra surprise just for sissies" she said holding up an elaborate butt plug.

"This will make sure that we don't have any poppy diapers, because mommy and auntie don't like poppy diapers" she said with a smile.

Reluctantly I placed my self in the middle of the diaper, quietly sobbing from the whipping and humiliation. Shalee gently pushed me back until I was laying flat on my back.

"Here this should keep her quite" Barbara said as she placed a baby bottle in my mouth and command "drink your bottle all gone for mommy sweetheart". All I could do was lay there and suck on the bottle while Shalee continued to work. She slowly brought the thick fluffy diaper up between my legs. A moan escaped my lips as she paused to plunge the plug deep in my ass. She finished pulling the diaper up and over my cock and pin both side tightly to my hips. When she was done she reached over and pickup a small black device.

"This is what makes this so special" she said as she held it up.

"Look what happens when I press this button" she said as she held the button in. I could feel the plug expanding and stretching my ass, "and then there is this" as she pushed another button on the remote control. The plug in my ass started to vibrate as my hips moved up and down thrusting to get more.

"Oh no you don't" Barbara said as she grabbed the remote and shut off the vibrator.

"You get pleasure only when we say it's ok". She pushed Shalee away and said "go find her some cute panties while I show her what diapers are used for". Shalee stood up and watched as Barbara squatted over my diapered crotch. Before I knew it a hot stream of piss landed on the front of the diaper as my wife emptied her bladder.

"Just in case you thought you could get away with not having them wet" she said with a smile.

"Oh that looks fun, my turn" said Shalee as she handed Barbara a pair of panties. Squatting and letting lose a hot yellow stream. The warm liquid quickly spread and was soaked up by the extra absorbent diaper.

"If you ask mommy nicely" my wife said as she held up a pair of light pink plastic panties that were trimmed in white lace and had rows of red and white ruffles on the wide butt, "I'll let you ware these". Knowing the consequences if I refused I whine in a sissy voice.

"Please mommy please, please can I ware the pretty sissy panties". Both girls laughed as Shalee commented "I really think she's starting to like this". Barbara knelt and guided my feet through the leg openings of the panties. Lifting my hips and pulling them up over the already damp diapers. Pulling me to my feet, she had me turn around as she securely tucked the diaper in under the panties. Shalee had pulled a baby romper from one of the boxes and held it up.

"How about this?" she asked Barbara.

"That's fine, I don't think we need the bloomers this time" she smiled sweetly at me "some times it's ok for little girls to show off there pretty panties". Shalee stood in front of me as I raised my arms over my head and allowed her to slip the romper over my head.

"Now isn't that adorable" she said as she spun me around to face the mirror. My face fell as I studied the ridiculous sight in the mirror. A grown man dressed up like a sissy girl stared back at me.

"I think it's time we discussed some changes around here" my wife said as she pulled me along into the living room and sat me down in a chair. Shalee came around the corner from the kitchen carrying two glasses of wine. She sat the wine down on the coffee table and pulled a full baby bottle from her robe pocket.

"Only adults get to have wine" she said as she placed the bottle in my mouth, "babies have to drink there bottle".

"First of all" my wife said, "I'm very angry with you. For the past six months I was afraid you were having an affair. Locked in your study and tied to that dam computer I was sure there was another woman on the other end. Imagine my surprise when I discovered it was a sexual fantasy of yours that you did not share with me. I would have gladly explored it with you if you had shared. But now that I can't trust you to be honest with me Shalee and I will do our own exploring to see what you like". Glaring at me as she sipped her wine, she continued.

"Secondly, I'm tired of doing all the work around this house. I'm not your maid. I'm your wife and you will start treating me as such. No more pulling your wanker and leaving me to satisfy myself. You will not get any pleasure unless I want you to, do you understand me" she asked. I shook my head yes.

"What did you say" she asked.

"Yes mommy" I said after removing my bottle.

"That's better, now finish you bottle. For the remainder of the weekend you will stay dress as a sissy baby girl. You will not be allowed to use the bathroom without permission and only if you have to poop. I have a number of chores for you to do inside, but if I chose to take you outside you will be dressed as a sissy girl." I was horrified at the thought of going outside and being seen.

"On Tuesday you will return to the office in big boy clothes, but as soon as you get home you will change into a diaper and the clothing I lay out for you. If for any reason you give Shalee or I a hard time this weekend the spankings you received earlier will seem like a tickling compared to what you will get. DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?" she asked.

"Yes mommy I'll be good" I said in my best whiney sissy voice as I heard Shalee giggle.

"Good, now your first chore is to setup the changing table and playpen in the new nursery" she said as she pulled me to my feet. Dragging me waddling to my study, she produced a key and unlocked the door. The walls had been painted light pink and had decals of teddy bears and lambs and little yellow ducks all over the walls. The furniture had been removed and there were two large boxes in the middle of the floor. I spent the next two hours putting together the changing table and playpen. I had completed the changing table and started to work on the playpen as Shalee and Barbara stocked the changing table with diapers and plastic pants from the packages in the bedroom. They had hung all of the sissy girl outfits in the closet by the time I had completed the playpen.

"Ok I think it's time for our little one to take a nap" Shalee said as she unfolded the waterproof pad into the playpen.

"That would be a good idea" Barbara said as she guided me into the playpen and laid me down. Covering me with a blanket, she placed a fresh bottle in my mouth. Kissing me lightly on the forehead she whispered "sweet dreams little one, I'll wake you up in an hour" she walked out the door and I heard the lock snap into place.

Lying on my back sucking contently on my bottle I drifted off to sleep. I was awakened by a vibrating sensation deep inside me and I realized one of the girls had activated the remote control for the plug inside me. The vibration was causing extreme pressure on my already over filled bladder, the results of the many bottles I had been given. The vibration coupled with the already damp diaper was more than I could take. My bladder exploded in a hot stream and after a full min the diaper was totally soaked and the liquid was pooling in my crotch. The vibration stopped as I heard the lock on the door click and the door swung open. As I glance over Shalee came through the door holding the remote control with a wicked gleam in her eye. Smiling she asked "is baby all rested" as she pressed the control to expand the plug in my ass. She held the controls down until I felt like I was being ripped in two. I moaned loudly as she reached in and pulled me to my feet. The extra thick diaper had managed to absorb most of the liquid but was sagging heavily around my hips making it even more difficult to walk. Shalee pulled me into the bedroom. Barbara was lying on the bed naked running her hands up and down her body. Shalee pushed me into a chair removed her robe and climbed on the bed to joined her, but not before she turned on the vibrator in my ass.

For the next 5 min, I watched as Shalee and Barbara licked and sucked each other through multiple orgasms. Shalee stood up walked over to the dresser and picked up a large 10 inch strap-on dildo. Buckling it tightly around her she move directly in front of me grabbing my hair she forcefully pressed the head into my mouth.

"Suck it bitch, make it all nice and wet so it slides into mommy nice and easy" she said as my mouth was force down around the cock. Shalee thrust in and out of my mouth commanding me "lick it good baby, you know what will happen if you don't" After a few min she removed it from my mouth and climbed back on the bed. Pulling Barbara's legs apart, she thrust inside her. Barbara moaned and within moments, the two were in rhythm. Shalee taking full length thrust in and out with Barbara pushing back as hard as she could.

"OH GOD, I'M CUMMING" Barbara shouted as I watch her make one more mighty thrust as her body exploded into trembling mass of orgasm. After Barbara subsided, Shalee pulled out, came back, and stood in front of me. Grabbing my face she rammed her cock in my mouth, not caring as I gagged she continued to thrust has fast and hard as she could. After a couple of min I heard her squeal "here it comes" shocked I felt a stream of liquid hit the back of my throat and I started to gag. Pulling out she grabbed a handful of hair and held my face in front of her cock. Pumping it up and down with her other hand stream after stream erupted from the fake cock as she sprayed my face with her fake cum.

"How do you like that bitch" she said with a smile, "now you know what it feels like".

She stopped spraying and I could feel the sticky mess running down my face and on to my chest. She pulled me to my feet and pushed me onto the bed. Barbara grabbed my head and pulled it between her legs rubbing her sex all over my face.

"Eat me you bitch" Barbara said. I knelt on all fours between her legs and begin to run my tongue up and down her sex. I felt the vibrator shut off in my ass as I heard the sound of Velcro being pulled apart. A cold breeze entered my wet soggy diaper as the back flap was opened. Very quickly, the plug was deflated and forcefully removed. My insides exploded in an eruption of fire as Shalee plunged her 10 inch cock inside me in one mighty thrust. The only reason her plastic balls where not touching mine was the barrier of the wet soggy diaper and plastic panties I still wore. She squatted with one foot on either side of my hips and drove mercilessly in and out of my ravaged ass. As I moaned and withered in pain she laughed and said "oh look the little bitch loves it up the ass" Barbara responded by grabbing my head and thrusting me deep inside her legs.

"She also loves eating pussy" she said as she clamped her legs around my head. Shalee continued to pound me as hard and fast as she could. Pulling her cock all the way out she waited a few seconds and then plunged back in all the way to the hilt. Once again, her tempo increased as my body matched her thrust for thrust. Each thrust was accompanied by the sound of her balls slapping against my wet diaper and plastic panties. I soon sensed that her orgasm was close at hand as mine was as well. Shalee sense that I was about to explode and slipped her hand down the front of my diaper. Pinching the head of my dick between her thumb and forefinger causing intense pain she informed me "not you baby just me" and with one mighty thrust emptied her fake cock in my ass. I felt the stream of liquid spray the inside of my bowels as her body was racked with a massive orgasm. At the same time, my wife moaned in ecstasy slamming my face to her sex as she squirted stream after stream in my face and mouth. As there mutual orgasms subsided, Shalee collapsed on top of me pressing me flat on the bed, Barbara slowly stopped rubbing her pussy over my face as they both lay spent and satisfied.

Shalee pulled her hard cock out of my ass with a loud plop, slapping my diapered ass she said "you sure are a great fuck" as she rolled over on the bed. They both laid there for a few moments catching their breath.

"I think our little one needs her diaper changed" Shalee said as she stood up and removed the strap-on.

Pulling me gently to my feet the girls led me back to the nursery and guided me onto the changing table. Shalee removed my soggy diaper and plastic panties and placed them into the newly purchased diaper pail. Wiping my ravage ass and groin with a cool baby wipe, she gently hummed a lullaby. As she begin to rub my groin with baby oil Barbara placed a bottle in my mouth, "this should keep you quite" she said as she begin to rub my cock and balls with oil. With in moments my cock was hard and straining for release as the girls ran there mouths and tongues up and down my cock. They were quickly rewarded as I erupted in stream after stream of hot sticky cum splashing on there face and mouth. They milked every ounce of cum from my cock and then proceeded to lick each others faces clean.

As Shalee finished pinning a clean dry diaper on me, I laid there contently looking forward to the rest of my weekend in diapers.

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