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Sharon, Roseanne, Me, Diapers and Plastic Baby Pantys

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AS, I, lay there,, sucking on a small Baby Bottle, filled with juice and Vodka,,

in the Lap of my new baby sitter Roseanne. I could only look up into her eyes,

as she, down into mine. Holding the bottle gentley rocking me. We stayed there..

in the giant Play-pen with an open gate,, Roseanne was very cute, long blonde hair,

petite`, 24 yrs.old, wearing tight blue jeans, and a soft pink wool sweater, filled with her..

perky breasts.. My Wife had just left,, and I was exhausted from our BaBy game,,

Where, she made me finish,, in my plastic baby I wouldn`t play with the new,,

BABYsitter, >> Sharon, my wife, is a Nurse, and SHE likes A/B play too.

She wears, Big soft white, plastic baby panties..under her nurses uniform..

you can see the seams thru her white, pants. Everybody just thinks they`re Granny uniform cotton.

But, I know she likes the Soft plastic rubbing against her wet pussy, when she walks.

she was called away, and I needed a Baby sitter, till she comes back..

Once she puts me in a diaper, and BIG Soft, Pink plastic Baby panties, with aBib and bottle,,

she wants me to stay that way.. till she gets back... she wants me in the Baby mood..

when she walks in the door.. Ready,,and waiting for us to have sex, while she changes me again..

so as I was drifting Off,, Roseanne took another bottle filled with juice and vodka, and changed it

with the empty one from my mouth. As I sucked on it in her lap, I gasped, this was...

1/2 juice and 1/2 vodka,,WOW, strong,, BUT, I just shrugged and sucked on the nipple,,anyway,

as Rose-ane continued to rock and softley, pat my plastic baby pantied bottom..

Suddenly I awoke in a startle. looked around, and saw her, "Hi, Baby How are you feeling?"

I looked down on my knees in a big baby play-pen I was wearing a bib, Diapers,and big bulky..

Soft pink, snap-on baby panties,, a small baby bottle clenched in my teeth,, I just looked at her embarrased,, turning a lite shade of red,, "Hi, my name is Roseanne, your wife had to go to work..

and I`m here to feed and baby-sit you till she comes back." she said, "Here come back down,

here`s another Baby bottle it will help you relax." she patted her thigh for me to put my head down.

"Come on baby,, right here,, drink your baby ba," It all started to come back to me slowly..

I, knew she was right so, I did as she told me, and she put the new Baby bottle in my mouth.

I began to suck..tasting the vodka, I was getting drunk again. Looking at her breasts,, she patted ....

the front of my plastic pants,, I felt my pee-pee waking up.. but tried to ignore it...I went back to sleep.

then, waking again 20 mins. later, in a soggy diaper soaked. Roseanne startled woke up also,

she was napping too. She said "oh, no. I gave you too much juice. Sharon, will be furious."

"lay back baby we only have, half an hr. till she comes home. Let`s get you clean and dry."she said

" I`ll go get some towels, you just lay there and relax." as she ran out to the bathroom.

actually, I felt fine. Just wet..! She came back with 2 towels and a bucket. Putting a towel down..

drying the wetness up from the plastic mattress, I just knelt there watching her dry the mattress.

she put down, another changing pad, and looked at me, kneeling there, bottle still in my teeth.

>> She slid my diapers and all my plastic baby panties,,, down..

to my knees, then pushed me down onto the pad, lifted my legs, she pulled everything off ..

in one swoop..with the pad, put everything in the bucket. I, said nothing just watched her ..

expertis` she looked at me with soft brown, mousy eyes. she took the empty bottle,

from my mouth and replaced it with another "here Baby" she said. Shaking a finger at me,,

"NO, more pee-pee though Baby, your Mommy will be home in 20 mins." she took another diaper,

from the dresser, two White plastic panties,and 1 pink snap-on.. to make everything look..

the same as before.. She slid the diaper under me and powdered my bottom,

>> holding my feet together air..she put my legs down and spread them open.

Then wierdly,,, like hypnotized, she looked at my..pee-pee..and, to my surprise, she leaned forward..

and began to message and suck on it. till it grew hard, ten times.

I almost, finished in her mouth,,then she jumped back.

"I`m Sorry, baby don`t tell Your MOMMY, you just look so cute with....

... the bib, BABY bottle and diaper." she said " let me finish..I`ll diaper you up."

I was in shock to typsy to reply, I just watched her pin me up and slide my Plastic Baby Pantys on.

but, as she snapped, my snap-on panties, she began to kiss, every snap. Her long blonde hair all

over my plastic panties, I could barley see, but knew I was hard as a rock,, she was leaning,,

down, kissing my panties..then she stopped again.

"Oh baby your too, cute.." she sat back

took the bucket, got up, and dropped it out the window,,"I`ll get it later....

.. Maybe your Mommy won`t miss it." as she shut the window, she turned to me..

there I was, typsy with a giant,, erection,,under my diaper. for the world to see.

"oh boy, That won`t do,,

she will know.. somethings wrong. Watch me baby, we need to get you down." she said

so, then she began to strip naked. Then knelt down to me, pulling my pee-pee...

out the side of my panties,,, she began to suck it wet,

she stratled me, and guided it into her already moist pussy,, she began to bounce,, up and down,,

nice and slow, saying "Come in me Baby, I know you like Mommy to diaper you,

but now it`s Aunties turn.<<< Look at your pantied pee-pee, in me...

Come on Baby,, you can come for aunty Roseanne, come baby. She looked to the sky..

shaking her hair ,,oooohhh good baby,, faster and faster, till she jumped off,, and sat back

" AAhhww BABY that felt, mmmm, goood." as she continued to finger herself,, "thank-you. I needed that."

she then looked back at me,"Now I know what you like," she came Back and sucked my

pee-pee,, 3-4 times till slippery wet, slid it (between) my panties,not in the diaper.

then came up and put.. her teet in my mouth.

"Suck on this, Baby till you come, in your Baby panties,

just like the way..I found you, this afternoon,, Sharon will never know a thing."

She winked at me. As she rubbed my plastic panties.

I new she was right. all the sucking, rubbing, and baby talk was working,,, "come on BABY,

... I want to see you do it in your Big Soft, pink plastic, Baby Panties..come on, come, come,BABY"

"I, see you baby,, come on" she rubbed me faster till I couldn`t take it anymore, my heart raced,,

she looked down at my panties and Splat,,splat.. she saw,,,"goood baby, ahw done.."..

she, continued to message me limp.. then tucked my pee-pee back under the diaper.

Stood up put here cloths back on bent down, flipped her long blonde hair back..

.. grabbed the last baby bottle, sat down and pulled me to her lap. put the baby bottle, in my mouth,

and said " good baby, everything is back to normal. Maybe Sharon will let me baby-sit again.

Next week. Would baby like that ...??" a few minutes passed and I heard the door open..

and "Honey-Baby,,I`m home.." she sang, to the upstairs,, I closed my eyes, Falling asleep.

Roseanne got up. I could hear ,, "he`s sleeping now, he was a Good BABY. Let`s go talk..

downstairs. maybe we can set up a steady DATE.." as I heard the door quitely close I drifted Off..

the end.

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