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Sharleen and I

"Good morning sweety!", said my roomate Sharleen in a happy tone as she entered the room and opened the window.

She didn't actually wake me up, I've been awake for about five minutes, but I still streched a little as she pulled the covers up.

"You're a little wet", she said as she checked my diaper. I felt the urge to pee as soon as I woke up and let go. After all, that's what diapers are for, and besides, I knew I wouldn't have to stay wet for long.

"Why don't you go and take a shower while I set things up", she said.

I smiled, got up, and went to the bathroom.

I took my shirt off, and then the diaper. It was summer so I didn't put anything else to sleep with.

I started the water and stepped in the shower.

At first I was a little nervous about going to college, I never spent a lot of time away from home, but my parents are quite wealthy and could afford me renting a small appartment in the city instead of living in the dorms. They said, however, that I need to find a roomate to split the rent with.

I lived by myself for the first month, but then Sharleen came.

We quickly became very good friends. We liked the same things, had the same interests, and did almost everything together.

One night, while we were drinking and talking about our childhood, I told her how I used to suck my thumb until almost the age of thirteen. Sharleen laughed at that and added that I must have looked really cute sucking my thumb.

"Why don't you see for yourself?", I said and put my thumb in my mouth. She almost rolled of the couch laughing.

"Oh, you look so CUTE!", she said. I laughed too and started to make baby sounds with my thumb still in my mouth. Sharleen wanted to take a picture of me sucking my thumb and I agreed. She took several.

"If you think it's so funny and cute why don't you try it yourself?", I suggested, and Sharleen did just that. We were both having fun, fooling around like that, acting and giggling like little girls. We even had a pillow fight.

Finally, we became so exhausted (And us drinking didn't help much either), that we fell asleep ritght there in the small living room.

Me half on the couch half on the carpet, and Sharleen on the carpet with one leg flung on the coffee table.

I finished rinsing the shampoo off my red curly hair, smiling at those pleasant memories.

After that day, incidents like that became more and more frequent.

Sharleen told me the following day that she never had so much fun and that it has been a long while since she acted like a little kid and liked it. I liked it too, so the reasonable thing to do was just keep doing it, Right? Right. So we kept acting like babies every once in a while, making it more and more like the real thing.

It was Sharleen who first introduced me to adult-sized diapers. Until then I didn't know that those things ever existed.

She bought a package one day, and suggested that we put them on. At first I thought she was crazy for even suggesting that, but the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to try one on. The idea just had an appeal to me that I just can't describe. And besides, Sharleen's pleading look was all the convincing I needed.

She smiled as she handed me one of the diapers and I went to put it on. On the way I felt its softness and the smoothness of the outer thin plastic layer which made a quite crinkling noise as I did so.

I took off all my clothes besides my bra, socks, and my short pink t-shirt, and proceed to put my diaper on.

'put my diaper on...', I thought. I must be crazy! But still, I wanted to try it.

I flinched a little as the diaper touched my skin, as if my own body was asking me if I'm sure about all this.

I hesitated for about two seconds, and then decided to do it. I held it against my body and taped it in place.

I put a hand on my diapered behind and moved it to feel the texture.

It felt wonderful, and I knew I had to see how I looked. I walked over to the full length mirror in my room.

I couldn't help but giggle as I saw my reflection in it - my shirt came ended high and didn't even covered the top of the diaper. My diaper was entirely on display! I made a few poses in front of the mirror and giggled at each one, I looked so cute and babyish! I started to pace like a model on my tiptoes around the room (Which turned out to be a little difficult because of the bulk between my legs). 'And now this cute spring collection diaper is not only flattering and comfortable...', I smiled and I imagined the announcer's voice as I placed my hand on my behind again, '...It is also waterproof!'.

I got out of my room and entered the living room. I blushed a little and lowered my head because I knew Sharleen was there and I was embarrassed of having another person seeing me in a diaper. Even if that other person was Sharleen.

My blush, however, turned to a shy smile when I noticed she was diapered too. It was actually very hard to miss that fact, because she was only wearing her diaper and her short yellow shirt which did nothing to hide it.

Sharleen muffled a laugh when she saw me.

"What's so funny?", I asked, "So I have a diaper on, big deal. You're wearing one too!"

"It's not that...", she said laughing a little, "I have never seen such a poor job putting a diaper on... No offence of course".

"Non taken", I replied, "It IS my first time, mind you..."

"What, you NEVER put a diaper on someone?", she asked.

"No", I answered, "You know I have no younger siblings and I never babysat. Did you?"

"Yeah", Sharleen said, "I enjoyed it and the money's good too. But right now I guess I have to take care of that diaper for you. Lie down"

"Lie down?", I asked, "What for?"

"Well, you silly baby, I need to readjust your diaper, It's WAY too loose"

"And can't you do it with me standing up?", I asked.

"Oh, come on!", she said, "It'll be more fun that way! It'll be like I'm the mommy and you're the baby!" I liked that idea so I just lied down on the carpet. Sharleen smiled and leaned down. She started to open the tapes, looking into my eyes at the same time. Her look felt so warm, so nice... Like she was soothing me with her gaze. Her green eyes just stared into mine in such a loving and caring way - Like a real mother would watch her tiny, helpless babygirl as she changed her.

She taped the diaper tightly, still looking into my eyes, and helped me up.

"Silly Baby...", she said, "Can't even put on a diaper by herself...", we both laughed at that.

By that time I've finished my shower and toweled myself dry.

I got out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around me and smiled as I saw Sharleen kneeling beside the quilted pad, her long black hair tied behind her head. She was holding a disposable diaper in her hands.

"Well, you sure did take your time in there", she smiled and patted the pad.

I didn't need a second invitation, I lied on the pad, savoring its softness. It felt warm and nice, it also made me sleepy.

"Is my baby sleepy?", Sharleen asked and touched my nose with her finger. I giggled.

"Well, you just keep those big baby blue eyes open. It's a nice day, and mommy had planned an exciting day for her and her baby!" It was, in fact, a very nice saturday morning, and like every other saturday, it was 'mommy and baby day'. Sharleen and I decided that every saturday one of us will play the mommy role, and the other the baby's. We switched every week so each one of us got to be the baby once in a fortnight. And today is my turn! Sharleen removed the towel and started to diaper me for the day. I pouted my lips a little as she sprinkled the baby powder on my diaper area.

"Why is baby making pouty faces at mommy?", Sharleen asked.

I pointed to the pacifier which was standing next to the pad.

"Me want paci!", I said in my best baby voice.

"Silly Mommy...", Sharleen said as she picked it up for me.

"I forgot how much you love to suck your paci when mommy puts you in diapers".

She got the pacifier close to my mouth.

"Open up!", she said, and I did just that. Sharleen couldn't help but smile when she saw my mouth half open like that and my eyes wide with excitement waiting for her to put the pacifier in my mouth.

She slowly put it in my mouth and I immediately began to suck on it.

Sharleen laughed and tickled me under my chin. My giggles coming out slightly muffled because of the pacifier caused her to laugh even more.

I really liked my pacifier. I picked it out myself. It was light blue and was the biggest baby pacifier I could find. Yet, it still felt small in my mouth.

Sharleen played a little with the tip of my pacifier.

"Baby likes her paci?", she asked. I nodded.

I rubbed the baby powder into my skin. Playacting or not, having Sharleen touch me down there would be just too weird for the both of us. I leaned on my forearms and Sharleen slid the diaper under me.

I lowered myself slowly onto the diaper. Everytime I felt a diaper being put on me, it was like the very first time. I just couldn't get enough of the feeling it gave me.

Sharleen taped my diaper tight. First one side, then the other.

And then, there I was. Encased in that wonderfull garment. Wearing nothing but a diaper, and it made me feel so great! Sharleen took my hands and helped me up to a stand right in front of her. I couldn't help but smile at the fact that I was taller than her by a full head. 'Mommy' actually had to look UP to see me, her 'baby'.

She helped me put on one of my pink bras and a tight, short translucent shirt.

Sharleen took my by the hand to the couch, sat down, and helped me onto her lap. Well, not exactly her lap. Her frame is smaller than mine, and she can't support me fully on her lap. So my behind rested on the edge of her left tigh, supported by the couch, and my feet rested past her right tigh. Whenever I play the mommy role, the situation is different as I'm capable of supporting Sharleen fully on my lap (Through not for very long). Sharleen supported, however, my back and the back of my neck with her left arm and I wrapped my hands behind her neck.

She took out my pacifier, picked up a baby bottle full of warm milk, and presented it to my lips. I closed my eyes, opened my mouth, and started to suck on the nipple. I snuggled up close against Sharleen, feeling warm and secure like a baby in her mother's arms.

"Good baby, finish it all up", I heard Sharleen's soothing voice as she petted my hair. When I finished the bottle Sharleen told me what a good baby I was and that she had a surprise for me.

My eyes lit up with excitement, causing Sharleen to laugh.

"Come", she said, and we got up and she led me to the kitchen. She had me sit on one of those high chairs one can find at a bar. Normally we use it to climb on in order to clean the top shelves and other high places.

My feet didn't touch the floor and I was so ecited about the coming surprise that I kicked my legs back and forth, causing Sharleen to laugh and me to smile shyly.

"What a fussy baby, can't you hold your patience a little longer?", Sharleen asked as she came up behind me and tied a bib around my neck. It was a special bib she made for me in our first days of 'Baby-play'. It was white with a pink trim and had my name on it in big letters. She had a same one only with her name on.

She arranged a few things but I couldn't see what she was doing. When she faced me again she was holding a large serving of chocolate and vanilla ice-cream (My favorite!) with whipped cream and syrup on one hand, and a spoon in her other. My mouth and my eyes opened widely with awe.

"I thought I should treat my adorable baby to an ice-cream since she's such a good baby today", she said.

Sharleen scooped some on the spoon and held it against my lips.

"Open wide baby!", she cooed, "Here comes the airplane!". That caused me to laugh, and some of the spoon's portion landed on my bib.

The rest of the feeding went just like that - Sharleen making cooing noises at me, spoon feeding me the ice-cream and even having some herself.

When I was done, she fed me the ice-cream which spilled on my bib and around my mouth. I was starting to feel a slight headache (A typical phenomena caused after eating ice-cream too fast), Sharleen felt it.

"Awww, is my poor baby's had aching? Here, let mommy make it all better!", she said and planted a kiss on my forehead. I couldn't help but laugh a little, she was really good at this.

Sharleen untied my bib and helped me up. She led me to the couch, sat down first, and helped me onto her lap. She first played some tickling games with me. She wasn't tickling me hard, but still, I giggled and squirmed. I'm a little ticklish, but I didn't try to stop her or get off her lap. I like when she tickles me like that.

She started gently, almost petting instead of tickling. But soon she found the sensitive spots in my tummy, arms, neck, and under my chin.

"Tickle tickle tickle!", she said and soon we were both laughing our heads out.

When Sharleen decided she had her fun, causing me to laugh hysterically, her moves became gentle once again. She started to rub my tummy, relaxing me. I started to become sleepy again and Sharleen laughed at my attempts to stay awake.

"Is mommy's frisky baby girl getting tired?", Sharleen asked.

She left me on the couch and returned with a pajama. It was not an ordinary pajama, it was an adult sized footed sleeper in pink.

Sharleen got it from a store which sold footed pajamas in adult sizes.

She helped me into it, zipping it in the front. The feeling of the soft fleecy material made me feel so warm and nice (And more sleepy as well).

Sharleen helped me sit on her lap again and I wrapped my arms around her neck. She started cuddling me.

Cuddling time was my favorite part when I played the baby role and Sharleen knew that. Whenever she rubbed my back or gently petted my hair and face with me so close to her like that I always felt like a real baby cuddled in the arms of her loving mother.

She looked deeply into my eyes and smiled. Oh, it was that look again... So gentle and caring. I looked back into her eyes and saw nothing but love. The love of a mother to her baby.

I don't know if it was the way Sharleen cuddling me like that or the way I was dressed, but when she did that I felt so tiny and helpless, and loved, just like a real baby.

"My cuddly baby loves it when mommy pampers her like that, doesn't she?", Sharleen asked. I just closed my eyes, nodded, and let out a cute little baby-yawn.

Sharleen took the hint and readjusted me on her lap. This time I was lying on the couch with my head resting on her lap. I put my thumb in my mouth and started to suck on it as Sharleen petted my head.

I caught a glimpse of her turning on the TV and browsing through the channels before selecting a foreign movie. She hit the mute button so she wouldn't disturb me. How cute of her! Besides, she diddn't need the voice because the movie had subtitles.

Sharleen noticed that my eyes were still open.

"Now you just rest your eyes for a while baby. All babies need their naps", she said in a soft voice and started to hum a lullaby, all the time petting my head.

I closed my eyes, and the next thing I know I was sound asleep.

I woke up to the wonderful sight of Sharleen smiling at me from above. It was like seeing an angel looking down at me. I smiled back at her.

"My sleepy baby is finally awake!", she said and touched my nose, "Did you have a nice nap sweety?" I nodded. It was true, I slept like a baby. Literally.

She hugged me close.

"Does baby want to play with mommy?", she asked.

I nodded excitedly, I loved the baby games we played together.

"Okay, so let's get you out of that sleeper first", she said. She unzipped it and helped me out. This proved to be a slightly difficult task, however, as I was so excited about playtime I just couldn't seem to keep still.

"Let me give you something to drink before we play. I don't want my baby to get dehydrated", Sharleen said, went to the kitchen and returned with a baby bottle filled with orange juice from the refrigerator. I wasn't excited to say the least. I pouted my lips.

"Come on baby...", Sharleen said holding the bottle against my lips, "You need your liquids".

I stomped my feet.

"NO!", I said, "Me wanna pway NOW!". I said in my best baby voice and managed my pouty face. I was smiling inside, however. Sharleen wasn't the only good actor! "Come on baby...", she tried to coax me into it and took my hand in hers.

"Don't give mommy trouble. You've been such a good baby so far...".

I 'gave up' and opened my mouth. Although I like to play the 'baby brat' role every now and then, I just didn't feel like it today.

"That's a good baby!", Sharleen said and handed me the bottle. I grabbed it with both hands and drank its contents. Just like a baby.

I felt a slight urge to pee. Nothing serious, I can hold it. I was only playacting as a baby.

I handed her the empty bottle when I was done.

"Good baby!", she praised me, "Finishing it all up for mommy!". I smiled at that.

"What game are we going to play first mommy?", I asked.

"How about hide and seek?", she suggested, "I know how much you like that game"

"YAY!!!", I jumped up and down clapping my hands with excitement. I LOVE playing games like hide and seek or tag even when I'm not dressed like a baby.

"Okay baby...", she laughed at my infantile response.

"You just run and hide and I'll find you. Don't forget the rules...", she added, smiling mischievously.

I knew the rules alright. When ever we played hide and seek the 'baby' wasn't allowed to walk or run. only crawl on her hands and knees like a baby. And if the 'mommy' found the 'baby' she was allowed to do what she wanted with me, which in Sharleen's case was simple - Tickling me to death.

She started to count and I crawled as fast as I could. I hid behind the bed in Sharleen's room. I wasn't sure why I liked this game so much. Sharleen ALWAYS found me no matter what, and I always ended up on the floor laughing so much from the tickling I almost couldn't breath. Oh well...

My diaper cricled every time I made the slightest move. How on earth does one can hide when the noise from diaper is giving them away? I crouched on my arms, face down and my behind pointing up. The bed was hiding me completely. Completely? Oh no, my diapered butt was exposed! Alas, before I had the time to lower it down, Sharleen entered the room.

Oh hell, I knew I was doomed. Only a blind person would miss my diapered butt peeking out like that.

I heard Sharleen's shoes tapping on the floor as she walked. Like a vicious predator hunting for prey. She spotted me almost as soon as she got in, but apparently she decided to play with me a little.

"Well, I have no idea where my baby is hiding...", she said. I could hear her steps approaching me.

"Well, I'm getting a little tired from searching for her. Perhaps I'd just rest my heard on this white pillow peeking out from behind my bed..." Okay, NOW I'm doomed...

"Hmmm, that's odd...", she continued, getting closer and closer to me.

"I don't recall having a pillow like that... It looks like a diaper!". When she said the word 'diaper' she also slapped it playfully.

I looked up and saw her smiling down at me.

"Hi Baby!", she said playfully.

"Looks like mommy found you, again, as always... And you know what that means don't you?" I certainly knew what it meant.

In less than a second she leaned over and started to tickle me, and soon enough my uncontrolable laughter could be heard throughout the entire appartment. Sharleen laughed too, apparently she found tickling me to tears very amusing. But I should have known it by then, it happened so many times before.

"HA HA! Thop mommy! I ha- HA HA HA! hafta go to the bafroom!", I managed to say between my hysterical laughs. I wasn't lying either.

Sharleen didn't hear me. Or chose not to hear, I don't know. And sure enough, a few seconds later the inevitable happened.

When I realized I was peeing I was in shock. It's been about twelve years since the last time I wet myself involuntarily. I just couldn't hold it any longer and soon felt the warm liquid being absorbed by the diaper.

"What's wrong?", Sharleen asked and stopped tickling me. The look on my face and the visibly wet diaper have said it all.

"Oh my God! You wet yourself!", she exclaimed and felt the dampness.

"Oh sweety, mommy is so sorry!", she said and hugged me.

"I thought you were only kidding when you said you had to go to the bathroom".

Actually it wasn't that bad. So I wet myself without noticing, big deal. Everyone else in my position would have done the same, it's not like I wet my bed or something. And even if Sharleen stopped tickling me prior to the accident I would have wetted my diaper anyway. The bathroom was off limits when we played the baby role.

When Sharleen saw I wasn't acting like it was such a big deal she smiled at me.

"Well, come on baby, let's get you changed". She took my hand in hers and off we went.

She spread out the changing pad on the floor and helped me lie down on it. She took the pacifier and put it between my pouty lips and my pout quickly turned into a smile.

As I was lying there, smiling with the pacifier still in my mouth.

Sharleen looked like she just saw the most adorable thing in her life.

"Hold that pose baby!", she said and almost ran to grab the camera.

As I waited for her I was thinking about how cute I must have looked.

Sharleen always loved seeing me sucking on pacifiers or bottle nipples, and if I was smiling at the same time she thought it was even better.

Sharleen returned with the camera.

"Okay baby, hold that pose for mommy. Smile and keep your paci in your cute little mouth!". She took several pictures of me laying there, smiling behind my pacifier with my legs spread and my wet diaper in plain view. That ought to make some cute photos for our baby photo album.

When Sharleen was done taking pictures she proceeded to change me.

She knew I don't like being in wet diapers for long, they get cold and clammy.

She opened the tapes on each side of the diaper. I must have wetted a lot because the diaper was soaked, there was a huge yellow spot between my legs shamefully indicating what I've just done.

"Looks like my baby has really opened up her levee", Sharleen said, causing my to laugh.

Whilst she disposed of the used diaper, I cleaned my diaper area with some baby wipes as gently as I could. She came back and sprinkled me with baby powder and I giggled as that wonderfully scented snow tickled my sensitive diaper area as it landed on it. I rubbed it into my skin. I lifted my legs up and we repeated the same process with my posterior.

I lifted my behind and lower back off the pad and she slid a fresh diaper underneath me. She brought the front up and taped it tight, expertly encasing me in that wonderfull thing. She smiled at me and tickled my stomach causing me to giggle.

She helped me up and hugged me.

"I wuv you mommy", I said.

"And I love you too baby", she said and started to tickle me again.

I laughed. I wish this weekend would never end.Part 2 - Sharleen's Birthday I woke up really excited today. It was Saturday again, and it was Sharleen's turn to be the baby, but it was also a very special day other than that. Today was Sharleen's birthday! I got up early, showered, and got dressed for the day (white shirt and a tight purple skirt, along with some sandals). Then I went to Sharleen's room to wake up the bithday girl (or rather 'the birthday baby', I thought and giggled).

I entered the sweet angel's room. The cutey was soundly asleep, her thumb in her mouth. I cold see her diaper bulging from under the thin covers. I imagined they were very wet. Sharleen could wet her diapers during the night at will (I know it seems like a paradox, but whenever she decided she's going to wake up wet, she did. I wish I could do that!).

I opened the curtains. It was a nice sunny morning and the room was illuminated entirely.

"Wakey-wakey baby girl!", I said cheerfully.

Sharleen only rolled over so her face wasn't facing the sun anymore.

She always had a rough time waking up in the mornings.

"Is my tired baby sleepy as usual? Wake up sleepyhead!", I said in a sing-songy voice and sat on her bed.


"Oh, I know, maybe you want mommy to tickle you all over until you're awake?", I asked, but as soon as my finger touched her soft ribs she jumped.

"I'm up! I'm up!", she laughed. The sweety is even more ticklish than me, if at all possible.

I rubbed my baby's back as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes.

"Do you know what day is it baby?", I asked and smiled at her.

"Yeah", she said excitedly, "My Birfday!". I laughed at her sweet babyish voice.

"That's right baby, and I have a surprise for you today, but first let's get you changed before your diaper will leak. Go ahead and take a shower while I set all the stuff up", I said.

A little later she returned, clad only in a towel. I took it off for her and helped her onto the pad. I sprinkled a generous amount of baby powder on her crotch and behind, and diapered her tightly.

"What ith the thurprise mommy?", Sharleen asked me.

"You haven't had breakfast yet sweety, Patience is a virtue...", I replied and laughed. My mom used to tell me that all the time.

We walked to the kitchen where I tied her bib behind her neck and sat down.

"Would you like to be fed on mommy's lap, baby?", I asked her.

What a question, of course she did. So she sat on my lap and I scooped some of the sweet mashed bananas on a spoon and held it to her closed mouth.

"Now open up baby, you do want to grow up and become big and strong don't you?", I teased the spoon at her lips. She smiled and opened her mouth. When she finished it all, I handed her a baby's bottle filled with orange juice.

"Drink it all up while mommy go and get your surprise", I told her. I went to my room and when I returned Sharleen proudly showed me the empty bottle.

"Good girl!", I said, "Now it's time for your surprise!"

"YAY!!!", Sharleen exclaimed as I pulled out the present I was hiding behind my back, "A pwesent for me!"

"Go ahead, open it up dear", I told her. Sharlenn tore the wrapping paper. It was a CD collection of her favorite Rock group I knew she wanted.

"Wow, this is great Tali! Thank you!", Sharleen spoke without a baby voice.

"Your welcome", I replied and then tickled her under the chin.

"But don't worry sweety, I have a present for Baby Sharleen as well as the adult one!" Sharleen eyes lit up.

"YAY!!! Two pwesents!", she said.

"That's right baby, and mommy will give it to you when we get back", I said.

Sharleen seemed a little taken aback by this.

"You mean we're going out?", she asked and I nodded.

"With me dressed like this? You can't be serious!", she said.

"No of course not", I said, "You can wear your overalls and no one will notice you're wearing diapers! Come on, it'll be fun!"

"I don't know about this...", Sharleen said hesitatingly. Neither her nor I ever wore diapers out of the apartment. Playing mommy and baby privately was one thing. Outdoors - another.

"Would it help if I wore diapers too?", I asked her.

Sharleen pondered about it for a moment.

"Oh hell - why not, I'm feeling like doing something freaky today!". And so, we went to our respective rooms to change. Sharleen into her red overalls and me into a diaper.

"Wow, don't you look cute!", I said when I came back and saw that Sharleen had tied her hair in two bunches.

"Ready to go?", I asked.

Sharleen took my offered hand and off we went.

Neither of us have ever worn diapers outside, and it was quite weird.

Sharleen's diaper made a slight crinkling sound with every move she made, but it was a very faint sound. No one would ever connect this sound with her wearing a diaper (Well, maybe besides all the mothers out there!).

My diaper was less noisy, because I put on some tight panties over it which muffled the crinkling sound. However, while Sharleen's baggy overall pants hid the diaper completely, my tight skirt bulged a little.

We walked to a nearby mall where we just walked around aimlessly, window shopping. After about an hour and a half we decided to grab a bite.

We went to the burger place located on the second floor. The male cashier, who couldn't be older than sixteen, seemed a little taken aback by the two beautiful women who walked to the counter (probably because we were holding hands).

I ordered a Happy-Meal for Sharleen, and fries and coke for myself.

While I paid for the stuff, Sharleen took out the little princess doll she got with her meal.

"Oh, isn't it sweet?", I said and petted her hair, "A princess for my princess!". The cashier was in shock.

"Now there's an image he won't forget soon...", I smiled.

After we finished our meals we decided to return to the apartment for another wonderful day of 'mommy and baby play'. On our way back, Sharleen stopped and said she had to go to the bathroom, but since we were halfway back, and there was no public restroom in sight, she decided to just wet her diaper.

I smiled as I heard a hissing sound and realizes that my little girl was peeing her diapers in public like any real baby would. I even envied her. I would never have the courage to do something like that.

When we entered our apartment, it was completely dark.

"What's going on here?", I asked as Sharleen switched on the light.

"SURPRISE!!!" Sharleen and I almost fell backwards in total shock. Just before everyone else started circling us, I managed to give her the 'I had absolutely nothing to do with this' look, not that it helped very much.

So there we were, in the same room with Sharleen's parents and grand parents along with her little sister. And we were both wearing very WET diapers! Sharleen was the first one to regain consciousness.

"Oh, what a wonderful surprise!", she exclaimed with a fake smile that could fool anyone but me.

"How did you guys get here?", she asked.

"We told the landlord we're going to throw you a surprise birthday party, and he gave us the key", her mother said. Well, we can't blame him actually. Sharleen's parents and little sister visited us many times before and he knew exactly who they were.

"Honey, are you okay?", Sharleen's father asked her.

"You seem a little flush...". Think fast, Tali, think fast...

"Oh, it's nothing...", I quickly said.

"We're just coming back from the mall and we decided to walk instead taking the car, and it's a little hot out there... As a matter of fact, I need to freshen up a little bit and could use a change of clothes. What about you Sharleen?", I asked.

"Oh yes, definitely", she said.

"Meanwhile, why don't you all make yourself comfortable?", she suggested.

"There's a CD in the stereo, hit play", she said.

"Good thinking!", I thought. With the stereo on, no one would hear our diapers crinkle as we move.

So off we went to our respective rooms to change. Just before Sharleen opened her door to her room I saw her mouth a 'Thank you' at me.

Sharleen closed her door first, and just before I closed mine I could hear her mother say to her father quietly but still audibly: "Did you saw the outfit your daughter was wearing? And her hair! She looked like she's two year old instead of twenty!". I muffled a laugh. If only she knew...

Soon we both finished changing out of our wet diapers and into more sensible clothes. The party was fun, considering. Sharleen's grandma makes the best cakes in the world! After a while it was time for all to leave. We said our goodbyes at the door, where also everyone gave Sharleen her present.

Sharleen's eighteen year old younger sister Andrea was the last one to leave.

"Why don't you meet me downstairs, I'll be down in a minute", she told the rest of her family before she handed Sharleen her present.

When the door was closed Andrea handed Sharleen the present she got for her.

"Happy Birthday", she said and then added: "I bought you a sweater. But if I had known, I would have bought you a nice big package of adult sized diapers..." The entire room became silent. I held my hand to my mouth in shock, how does she know? Poor Sharleen lowered her head, her face were deep red with embarrassment.

"How... How did you know?", she managed to ask.

"Oh please, could that BE more obvious?", Andrea asked, "The way you two walked, the crinkling noise, the outfit you were wearing... And by the way you walked I'm guessing they were wet as well. I can't believe it! My twenty year old sister and her foreign roomate like to dress in diapers and play like babies!" Sharleen eyes became filled with tears and she started to sob quietly. Before I could console her Andrea hugged her.

"It's okay sis, it's okay... Let it all out...", she soothed her.

"Okay, so I'll grant you the diapers", I said, "But how do you know about all the baby stuff?". Andrea just smiled at me and said: "You might want to hide your baby bottles deeper in the kitchen closet...".

Sharleen was calm by now.

"I still don't understand how could you find out when all the others couldn't", she said.

"Oh, look at the time!", Andrea said and let go of her sister.

"Mom and Dad are waiting for me downstairs, I gotta go!", she opened the door and smiled mischievously.

"And as for your question... Ever heard about the expression 'It takes one to know one'?", she winked at us and left.

"I'll be back this evening", she said from the hallway.

Part 3 - It takes one to know one Sharleen and I just stood there, dumbfounded, trying to realize what just happened. I was the first to break the silence.

"Oh well...", I said, "Never mind that now, I'm sure she'll explain it all later...

But now it's time to get someone back into diapers...".

"Let go Tali, I'm not in the mood...", Sharleen said.

"Oh, come on...", I said in a coaxing voice and rubbed her back, "I know you want to... And besides, you know the rules..." Sharleen seemed to think about it a little, but I already knew she made up her mind.

"Don't forget I haven't given you your baby birthday present yet...", I said.

Sharleen smiled.

"Okay mommy!", she said happily.

"Good girl!", I said and took her hand.

"Now let's get my birthday baby girl in diapers before she pees all over the place!", Sharleen laughed at that and put her thumb in her mouth.

After I finished re-diapering Sharleen, she was trying to get up from the mat but I stopped her.

"Lie down baby", I said, "Mommy hasn't given you your 'pwesent' yet, has she?". Sharleen smiled.

"Now close your eyes...", Sharleen did just that and I took out her 'baby gift' from my pocket.

"Okay, you can open your eyes now" Sharleen opened her eyes and saw me holding an adult sized pink pacifier. It was bigger than a normal pacifier and so was the silicone teat, which was big enough to fit comfortably in a grown up person's mouth. There was something written on the outer plastic brim. I held it closer to her eyes and she saw it said 'Sharleen' in engraved golden letters. It was real gold and it cost quite a lot, but it was worth to see the look on my sweet baby Sharleen's eyes when I presented her with it.

Her beautiful green eyes widen open and her mouth dropped in awe. She immediately jumped up and hugged me.

"Oh thank you mommy! I wuv it!", she exclaimed, "And I wuv you too!", she added.

"And I love you, angel", I said, kissing her on the forehead. She opened her mouth and I deposited the teat of the pacifier between her lips. She started to suck on it contentedly.

We played like that for some hours, when suddenly there was a knock at the door. It was Andrea, so there was no need in hiding all the baby stuff before we let her in. Sharleen, however, took the pacifier out off her mouth and wore some shorts over her diaper. The poor thing... It must be embarrassing for her getting found out by her younger sister.

I invited Andrea to sit on the couch and then before I sat myself, I guided Sharleen to sit on my lap. She buried her head in my shoulders and sobbed quietly, too embarrassed to even look at her sister. Her face was, of course, beet red.

Andrea noticed the discomfort of her sister and started to rub her back.

"Oh, don't worry...", she said, trying to calm her.

"I'm a diaper lover myself...". Sharleen stopped sobbing immediately, her eyes wide with amazement.

"Wh-what?", she said, flabbergasted.

Andrea smiled and nodded, she put one hand on Sharleen's shoulder and with the other she lowered her pant's waistline, exposing the top of the diaper she was wearing.

Sharleen immediately jumped from my lap and hugged Andrea. Andrea laughed and I saw tears of joy in her eyes. I couldn't see Sharleen's face because her face was buried in her sister's shoulder, but I was certain she had them as well. I was starting to tear myself. It was so touching! After we all calmed a little we sat down again. Sharleen was making her way to my lap when Andrea asked me excitedly: "Can I hold her?".

Sharleen seemed excited by the idea and gave me a pleading look.

I agreed, of course, and Sharleen almost ran to Andrea's open arms and waiting lap.

As Sharleen got into position on Andrea's lap, I handed her the pacifier.

"You might want to use this", I said to Andrea. She took it and placed it in her older sister's mouth. Sharleen started to suck on it contentedly.

Andrea told us all about how she started to like diapers. She said it all started when she was eleven. Her body was starting to change and she started to wet the bed at night. After a few wet nights in a row, her mother took her to the doctor and he said that having relapses in toilet training for girls at that age is perfectly normal, because her body is starting to change rapidly and she's turning into a young adult.

He recommended Pull-ups, however, in order to protect the mattresses and avoid washing the bed sheets over and over every single morning.

Andrea told us how ever since she put a Pull-up on for the first time she knew she was 'hooked'. She tried to be in Pull-ups for as long as she could, and of course, her bed wetting problem had lasted more than it should have.

She decided to quit, however, because she didn't want her parents to get suspicious. But she didn't have to diaper-less for long. She found out about sites on the internet dealing with infantilism and diaper-loving. She told us there were only few at that time, but now there are a lot more.

Sharleen and I were surprized at this because we never heard of other people who like playing the same games as we do. I made a mental note to check out those sites as soon as possible.

"And that's about it", Andrea continued, "Well, until I found out about you two today. I think it's very cute and sweet, and...", she paused a little, "...I want in".

"What do you think?", I asked Sharleen, although the answer was written all over her face. She nodded vigorously and hugged her sister close. Andrea and I both laughed at that.

"Well, it's settled then", I said.

"You're welcome to join us Baby/Mommy Andrea!"

"What do we do now mommy?", Sharleen asked, her pacifier still in her mouth.

"Well baby, since I'm the mommy today, and I have two cute baby girls to look after, I suggest they should be dressed fot the part... Now let's see, please lie down you two. There's no need for baby girls to hide their darling diapers under yucky grown up women's pants!" They both did just that and I took the short pants off Sharleen and the long jeans off Andrea and folded them neatly.

"Now I'm sure you two must be starved by now, I'll better fix you two a little snack" I started to walk towards the kitchen when I heard Sharleen's voice from behind me.

"Mommy, since today is a special day, can you be a baby too?". What a silly question was that, of course I wanted to be a baby too, but I tried to hide my excitement.

"Oh well...", I said, "I suppose I COULD make three bottles instead of just two..."

"YAY!!!", Andrea and Sharleen exclaimed in unison. I started to walk to my room when Sharleen spoke again.

"Where are you going Tali?", she asked.

"I was just going to my room to change", I replied.

"No you're not, we're supposed to do that for you, remember?", she said and smiled. It wasn't long before I was lying on the mat where Sharleen and Andrea took off my skirt and panties, powdered me, and taped one of those wonderful diapers on me. And if being diapered by Sharleen was great, being diapered by both Sharleen and Andrea was even grater. They cooed at me using baby talk all the time. Sharleen went to fetch my pacifier and returned just prior to Andrea lowering my behind onto the diaper before pulling it between my legs and taping it.

I just lied down over there, eyes closed, feeling pampered and helpless just like a real baby. Their soothing hands felt so great as they diapered me that I didn't even mind the occasional gentle tickling. I felt so secured and loved. I knew that Andrea was stronger and bigger than Sharleen, and I was sure she could have me sit on her lap or cradled in her arms. I couldn't wait for her turn to be the 'mommy'! We all went to the kitchen and prepared three bottles of warm chocolate milk and put on our bibs. Unfortunately, we didn't have one for Andrea, but we promised to get her one the following day.

We had some ice-cream and birthday cake left, and decided to make a baby feast in honor of Sharleen's birthday and the new Baby Andrea.

So there we were, three cute adult baby girls dressed only in t-shirts and bibs and wearing nothing from the waist down besides our diapers, having a feast which turned out to be a very messy affair.

We took turns spoon-feeding each other and suckling on our respective bottles. We even started a small food fight. We all had the time of our lives, and by the time we were finished, our faces and bibs were a mess of whipped cream, ice-cream, and crumbs of chocolate cake.

After that we all sat on the couch and watched a movie, with Sharleen and I sucking our pacifiers and Andrea sucking her thumb. About halfway through the movie we paused it for a much needed diaper change for everyone. Mine was wet since almost the begining of the movie, and although I enjoyed the warm sensation of a wet diaper against my crotch at first, it was starting to get cold and uncomfortable by then.

It turned out that Sharleen was wet too, and Andrea was apparently slipping very well into the baby role as she wetted her diaper not once but twice! Her diaper was soaked and the huge yellow patch was clearly visable.

Sharleen went to the bathroom and got the baby wipes while I helped Andrea lie down on the mat. We decided to change her first because her diaper was most likely to leak. I udid the tapes when Sharleen came back with the wipes and the baby powder. We cleaned her gently with the wipes and sprinkled a generous amount of powder on her entire diaper area. We slid a new diaper under her behind and brought it between her legs, taping it tightly. Andrea seemed to love every moment of it. She sucked on her thumb during the entire procedure, and we could tell she liked it because of the way she wriggled her toes. Apparently it was her first diaper change performed by someone else.

I helped Andrea up and we changed Sharleen, and then it was my turn to be changed by both of them.

Once we were all snugly diapered we fixed ourselves three bottles of warm milk. We then laid the water proof mat on the floor in front of the TV and sat on it. We continued to watch the remaining of the movie like that, drinking the warm milk from our baby bottles and snuggling close against each other.

By the time the movie ended, it was getting preety late, and it was time for Andrea to go home. She changed back into her jeans and we walked her to the door. We all hugged before she left and she said that she would definitely come back the following week! Sharleen and I also decided to get some sleep. As I tucked Sharleen in her bed, I asked her if she enjoyed her birthday.

"It was the best I've ever had", she said with a smile, "Not just because I got to spend it with my best friend, but also with my baby sister". She emphasized the word 'Baby' and we both laughed at that.

"And did you like all you're presents?", I asked.

"Oh, they were all wonderful, but the best present I got today was my sister as a baby like me. I'm the luckiest baby girl in the world - Fortunate enough to play 'Baby' with whom I love the most, you and Andrea". I smiled and kissed her on the forehead.

"Sleep tight, Angel", I said as I slid her pacifier in her mouth and left.

Soon we were both sound asleep, drifting to very sweet, happy (And WET) dreamsTali


Sharleen and I (Parts 4 and 5) By Tali Part 4 - A Day at the Beach "You know...", Andrea told me as she sprinkled baby powder on Sharleen's crotch, "If you told me two weeks ago that I'll be diapering my sister, I would have said you're nuts!" It was the following week, and we all decided to have two mommies instead of just one. We drew lots and Sharleen got to be the fortunate Baby who'd have not one but TWO mommies to take care of her, the lucky devil! I pulled the diaper up between Sharleen legs while Andrea played with the tip of Sharleen pacifier, wriggling it a little. Sharleen smiled behind her pacifier and Andrea beamed.

"...And my OLDER sister nonetheless!". We both laughed at that before each one of us taped tight one side of the fresh diaper at Sharleen's loins.

"So Andrea, do you like being the mommy for a change?", I asked her.

"You know, I've never given it much thought before, but it's really fun! I mean, I always liked being the baby but this is almost as good", she turned her attention to Sharleen and added: "...Especially when the cute baby I'm taking care of is my adorable sister, isn't that right baby Shari?", she asked as she tickled Sharleen, causing her to giggle.

"Shari?", I asked, "Where's that coming from?"

"Oh, I used to call her like that when we were little", she said while helping Sharleen up.

"I think it's a cuter that way, don't you?" I nodded and tickled Sharleen under her chin.

"Baby Shari likes her new baby-name, doesn't she?", I asked. Sharleen smiled and gurgled.

"So what have we planned for our baby today?", I asked Andrea.

"Well...", she thought for a second, "It's rather hot today, why don't we all go to the beach?". Sharleen clapped her hands in joy.

"Are you sure that's a good idea?", I asked her, "On a hot day like that the beach will probably be packed with people... Don't you think they'll notice?"

"Notice what?", she asked, "That we're just taking our baby girl with us? There isn't a law against that"

"Our twenty years old baby girl...", I corrected her.

"Oh, relax...", she said, "We'll be discreet about it... Make sure her diaper doesn't show..."

"Well, if it's fine by her, it's fine by me", I said, smiling.

At that moment Sharleen made a pouty face which didn't go unnoticed by Andrea.

"What's wrong, honey?", she asked.

Sharleen took the pacifier out of her mouth and said: "Shari wants Andi and Tali to come too!", Andrea didn't get it at first and seemed puzzled.

"Me don't wanna be da only one in dipees...", Sharleen blushed as she did her best to explain herself in her cute baby-voice.

"Oh, I get it...", I said with a smile, "Looks like we'll have three babies at the beach today instead of just one... What do you think Andrea?"

"Well, I'm sure there isn't a law against THAT!", she said and we all laughed. I lied down on the mat while Sharleen and Andrea took off my pants and panties and put a diaper on me, not before putting a pacifier in my mouth and powdering me.

Then it was Andrea's turn to be diapered by me and Sharleen. Once we were all securely diapered, Andrea went with Sharleen to her room to change, and I went to mine. I opened the door to my room, my diapered behind wriggling as I walked and the diaper brushing against my thighs. I took off my shirt and bra, and put on my one-piece aqua blue bathing suit, which I thought would hide my diaper the best.

No such luck, the diaper bulged out from behind and even between my legs making it absolutely clear that I was diapered to anyone who cared to look.

I definitely can't go around the beach like that, I thought, as I searched for something more discreet. When I didn't find anything, I just put on a light blue bikini top and my short legged jean overalls. They hid my diaper perfectly. Of course there was the matter of the slight crinkling sound with every step I took, but no one will hear it in the noisy beach.

I got out of my room and saw Sharleen and Andrea. They were ready and Andrea even made her hair in cute pigtails.

"Well well", I said as I tickled her under the chin.

"Baby Andi sure looks cute today with her hair done up like that!". Sharleen reached into my overall pocket, took out my pacifier out, and shoved it into my mouth.

"Naughty naughty Baby Tali!", she chided me, "Speak in baby-talk, remember?" We found a large bage and filled it with towels, extra diapers for each of us, baby powder and wipes. Then we went to the kitchen where we prepared baby bottles of orange juice for the three of us, Andrea even packed some baby food and our bibs. I gave her a puzzled look, surely she doesn't mean we'll use our baby stuff in front of all the people! But I didn't say anything and we all went to Sharleen's car where andrea sat behind the wheel and drove us to the beach.

Or at least so I thought. Andrea drove outside of the city and soon parked the car near this most amazing EMPTY beach. There was no other soul in sight! 'No point in wearing those overalls', I thought as I removed them. I was now clad only in my bikini top and my diaper! Andrea and Sharleen quickly got out of their short pants and we all carried the towels and the bag to the beach. I felt the sand between my bare feet as I walked. It felt great, a little hot but not too much.

We quickly sat all the things and lay back and enjoyed the sun for about half an hour. Then we all sat down, cross legged, as Andrea dug into the bag and pulled out a beach ball and started to inflate it.

She handed each of us a pacifier and took one herself. We had so much fun sitting there sucking on our pacifiers, tossing the ball from one to another. It started to get a little boring after a while and we decided to spice it up a little - We all got to our feet and got a little further away from each other and coutinued our game. However, this time only one touch passes were allowed (As in volleyball), no catching the ball! If one of us failed to pass the ball properly and it landed on the sand, the other two got to tickle her. We started playing, and soon Sharleen fumbled dropped the ball. As it hit the sand she looked at us approaching with a scared smile. She knew that she was doomed. She bent down in hope of minimizing the effect, but fell right on her diapered behind as Andrea grabbed her ankles and started to tickle her soft feet while I straddled near her laying body, tickling her soft ribs and underarms.

"Thtop, thtop! Tali!!!", she exclaimed between laughs with her baby voice, "I'll pee!".

We giggled as Sharleen laughed and tried to shoo our tickling hands away, but to no avail. But we knew she was enjoying this, so we continued until we decided she had enough (for now), and continued our game.

Poor Sharleen ended up on the sand laughing as we tickled her more times than I could count and her diaper was soaking wet when we decided to finish our little game. Andrea, who used to play volleyball in junior high got tickled only once, and I got tickled about twelve or so times.

We quickly got very thirsty, and the cool orange juice in our baby bottles was just what we needed. Sharleen wanted to feed me my bottle and I settled myself in her lap as she gently supported my head with her left arm and presented the bottle to my lips. I closed my eyes and started sucking contentedly. I felt just like a real baby girl being fed her bottle out in the open by her loving mommy like that.

When I finished my bottle, I opened my eyes and noticed that Andrea was sitting there, eying me with wide eyes and pouting her lips. The poor thing was feeling left out! I got up from Sharleen's lap and smiled at her, motioning her to come and lay on my lap. Her eyes lit up and she almost ran to me, hopping on my lap. I laughed as I took the bottle from her hand and fed it to her. She looked so cute, smiling like that from behind the teat and making sucking and gurgling sounds.

"Baby Andi like that, doesn't she?", I asked her softly. She nodded and wrapped her arms behind my neck. I liked holding her like that. She was so cuddly and loveable, just like her baby sister.

After that we took turns spoon feeding each other the mashed bannanas, apples, and peaches, not before tying our respective bibs around our necks. I was a little surprised at how good it tasted, perhaps it was because I was so hungry.

Then we decided to get into the water. We made sure we weren't too far in, after all there were no lifeguards in that beach and it was dangerous. Plus, it's not healthy to swim after you eat.

We splashed water at each other and it was so much fun. Sharleen probably wanted to get even with me and Andrea for tickling her before because she splashed water at us over and over.

I could feel my diaper getting heavier by the second as it soaked more and more water. I felt the urge to pee and just let go. It was so good not having to worry about polluting the ocean. After all - I was wearing a diaper! I think that all those stupid inconsiderate kids who pee themselves while in the ocean (Or even worse - in swimming pools, URGH!) should only be allowed in the water if they're wearing diapers! When we finally decided to get out of the water, I rose up and felt my soaked to capacity diaper's weight. It felt like a ton! Apparently Sharleen and Andrea's diapers also felt like mine as they had to waddle (like me) back.

We toweled ourselves dry and then laid a dry towel on the sand. We gave Sharleen her pacifier and she sucked on it while me and Andrea took of her soaking wet (And not just with water!) diaper. We wiped her clean and sprinkled baby powder on her crotch and behind. We then taped her into a fresh and dry diaper.

I was changed second, and then Sharleen helped me change Andrea as well.

We packed everything we brought, including our garbage which we disposed in a nearby trash can. The sun was starting to set as we drove back to the appartment, a little saddened that our baby day at the beach had to end. However, we were all positive that we will do it again soon! Part 5 I felt a little tired with all the day's excitment, so I drifted off for a second. After a while I felt an odd chill and opened my eyes, realizing I was naked. Well, not entirely naked, I was wearing a diaper.

A real baby's diaper.

I was still half asleep as I looked around me and realized I was out in some street. Everything looked so huge! Then I realized that I'm the one who's small. I looked down at my body and saw my regular adult shaped body, albeit very small. I estimated my self to be about 2'8". I also realized that the world was moving, but I wasn't.

How could it be? I thought. then it occurred to me that I was being carried. That's when I looked up and saw Sharleen's angelic face beaming down at me. For some reason I immediately forgot all my worries and felt happy and secured. I was cradled in her arms as she carried me, with a baby's diaper hugging me, and I loved every moment of it.

I tried to tell her something but all I could manage to get out of my mouth were understandable baby babbling sounds. I knew what I wanted to say, but my mouth wouldn't say it.

I realized this was having no effect, so I just relaxed, wiggling deeper into Sharleen's cradling arms, trying to get closer to her body. I savored her warmth and softness.

My thumb quickly found its way onto my mouth, and I sucked on it contentedly. I don't know why, but I didn't feel any fear at. I also didn't think that something is amiss, like it was the most normal thing in the world - Finding myself in an infant proportion and not being able to form understandable words.

We arrived at a very beautiful house I've never seen before. It seemed very big. Sharleen walked through the very preety front yard with me still cradled in her arms, stopped at the doorstep, and rang the bell.

I looked at the woman who opened the door and immediately saw it was my mom! My real mom! What is she doing here?, I thought. For some very odd reason, I was just a little surprised, that's all. I expected myself to be a little more self conscious and start to panic, but I didn't.

Sharleen exchanged a few words with my mom, but I didn't understand anything of their conversation.It was like they were chatting in some foreign language or something.

Then Sharleen handed me to my mom, who accepted me very gently, cradling me in her arms just like Sharleen was doing before.

I felt a little uncomfortable and reached my arms out towards Sharleen. I wanted to be held in HER arms! But Sharleen just said something I didn't understand in a very soothing voice to me, kissed my forehead, and then she LEFT! I felt as it the whole world was collapsing under my feet, like everything suddenly became painted in black. I was scared. I felt a sudden feeling of emptiness, it got stronger and stronger by the second. It felt like daggers were piercing through my body.

It quickly downed on me that I wanted, no - NEEDED, Sharleen.

"Sharleen, come back! I need you!!! Don't leave me here!!!", I tried to scream, but all that came out was an air piercing wail of an infant.

I just went on and on crying like that. My mother tried to distract or console me with a baby rattled she shook in front of my face.

"Who cares about the damn rattle?", I tried to say, "I want Sharleen!!!" But all that came out were more wails.

"Tali... Tali...", I heard someone saying. At first I thought it was my mother and kept wailing, but then I woke up and saw it was Sharleen shaking me.

"Tali, are you okay?", she asked, moderating her shaking once she realised I was getting awake.

"I... I think so...", I replied, "What happened?"

"You had a bad dream, you talked in your sleep and wriggled in your bed a lot. You made so much noise I could hear you from my room so I got up and went to check on you. Are you sure you're alright? You're soaked!" I was soaked alright. I had cold sweat covering my entire body, and my eyes were still tearing.

"Yeah, I'm fine...", I said.

"I just need something to drink, that's all..."

"Okay, I'll go in the kitchen and get you some water", she got up. I didn't want her to leave.

"No!", I said, almost screaming. She turned around and looked at me surprisingly.

"I mean, no, please stay...", I pleaded. She got back, sat on my bed, and took my hand in hers.

"Okay...", she said in a soft voice, "But you really ought to drink, you lost a lot of liquids...". She looked around the room, her eyes stopped on the diaper bag we took to the beach earlier today. She picked it up and took a baby's bottle out of it.

"There's still some orange juice left, it's a little warm though. Will this do?", she asked as she held it in front of me.

I simply nodded and Sharleen handed it to me. I reached for it with a trembling hand and took it. While I sucked vigorously at its contents Sharleen picked up a towel from a nearby chair and wiped off my cool perspiration from my forehead, face, and neck.

"Are you going to be alright?", she asked me when she noticed I calmed down a bit.

"Yeah, I guess so...", I replied.

"Okay, good night...", she said as she let go off my hand and left to her room. She stopped at the door to lat give me a final look.

"Good night...", I told her, trying to force out a little smile. She smiled back and then left.

When she left I curled into a fetal position and snuggled under the covers. I still was a little nervous and couldn't fall asleep right away, I needed something to sooth me. I dug into the diaper bag, took out my pacifier and started to suck on it.

The rhythmical sucking seemed to do the trick. It wasn't long before I felt all relaxed again, closed my eyes, and drifted off to sleep.

When I woke up in the morning I didn't give it too much thought. So I had a weird dream, big deal. I wondered it it had some sort of meaning though.

Sharleen greeted me in the kitchen. I was a little nervous that she might say something as I didn't want to talk about last night, to my relief, she didn't.

Since none of us had classes that day, we decided to drop by and visit Andrea. When we arrived there apparently hers and Sharleen's parents weren't home and she had all the house to herself. That was because he was very happy to see us at the door and was clad only in a diaper, bra, and a t-shirt! "Hi!", she greeted us cheerfully, "Good thing you're here, mom and went to see a musical or something. I was just browsing some sites over the internet, would you like to join me?". We both naturally aggreed, but Andrea suggested we could use a change of clothes to something more appropriate.

She led us to her secreat diaper and baby products stash hid under her bed. Soon enough, both Sharleen and I were powdered and diapered very snugly and tightly. She got out three cute pacifiers as well, handing one to me and one to Sharleen before taking one herself.

Once us 'babies' were prepared, we all sat in front of the computer, located in the small study. Andrea showed us all her favorite sites and message boards. Sharleen and I were shocked! We never expected there would be so many! We were also surprised that almost all of them contained sexual content. Andrea quickly explained to us that our innocent baby games were actually a fetish for a lot of others.

"And what about you?", I asked her, "Does it turns you on as well?" Andrea blushed and seemed a little taken aback by this.

"Yes, a little...", she finally replied.

I tried to picture in my head how can something like that turn someone on. I tried to think of it in a sexual way... There I was, sucking on my pacifier and being diapered by a muscular and cute looking guy... 'My Daddy...'. I smiled at that thought.

There I was again, this time wearing cute little girl's panties which were a little thick, almost like training pants, the type my mom used to put me in when I was five or six. They were white with little red hearts all over them. I was also in a short pink t-shirt. I suddenly felt the urge to go, and a second after that I realized I was wetting my cute panties. They quickly became soaked, and the wet yellow patch was clearly visable.

Naturally the thin cotton material wasn't enough to soak everything, and my urine tickled down my leg to a small paddle right underneath me. Then I looked up and saw my 'Daddy' was standing there, smiling at me.

He just scooped me in his massive arms, picked me up, and laid me over a changing table.

"Looks like Baby Tali isn't ready for her big girl's panties yet...", he said as he took off my wet panties. Then he took out some baby powder, sprinkled it onto my diaper area, and started to massage it into my skin. I could feel myself getting hot and bit my lower lip. Then he pulled out a diaper and quickly taped me into it.

I giggled at that thought, trying to think what else he had in store for me. Maybe some cute baby outfits in my size. Maybe he'll put me in some pink footed pajamas before feeding me a bottle of milk and tucking me to sleep in a crib. Maybe he'll even spank me playfully when I'm naughty...

I finally shook that thought off my head, there would be plenty of time to fantasize about all of it later. In the meantime I was happy to find out that 'baby play' can be a sexual thing as well. I giggled as I looked at Sharleen. She looked like she was daydreaming about it too! Suddenly we all heard the most horrific sound a person can hear in this position: A key being turned and a front door being opened... Sharleen and I (Parts 6 and 7) By Tali Part 6 The one and a half seconds in which Laura and Richard (Sharleen's and Andrea parents) opened the front door seemed like eternity. I felt as if the ground was dropped under my feet and I was falling. My heart sank down, I became paralyzed and was in total shock! Sharleen and Andrea must have felf the same. They just froze. Their eyes widened and their mouths dropped in awe. We all knew there was nothing we could do, not a chance to hide this time... The small study had no door, and the front house door was right in front of it.

The die was cast... There we were, wearing nothing but our t-shirts and diapers, sucking on our pacifiers (Actually Sharleen dropped hers when her mouth opened), a split second from being caught and there was absolutely nothing we could do about it! Laura was the first to enter.

"Oh, hello Sha- OH MY GOD!!!", she said as she realized what her daughter was wearing. Her purse fell from her shoulder to the floor as she covered her mouth with her hands.

"Oh my God...", she repeated, more quietly this time. Maybe because her hands were still covering her mouth.

"What the-", Richard entered a few seconds after his wife. Apparently he parked the car and rushed in when he heard her. His reaction was the same as hers and ours. Pure shock.

Laura rushed to the study.

"Oh my God! Are you wearing a diap-", but then she stopped at the door and looked at Andrea.

"Oh... Now I get everything!" Now it was our turn to be confused. In the meantime, Richard joined his wife at the door. When he saw Andrea he also appeared much calmer.

"Oh, hi Tali!", Laura said, withount a trace of anger or surprise in her voice, when she noticed I was also in there, dressed like her daughters.

"I see Andrea got to you too..." I lowered my head to the floor, blushing. My face must have turned a dozen shades of red! "W-What?", I managed to say.

"That's right Andrea...", her mom turned to her, "I've known you like to do that sort of thing for a long time... I was a little surprised when I found out about the diapers and baby things you've been hiding under your bed. But seeing that since it was fun to you, and you obviosly weren't ready to tell me about it, I didn't say anything. I just didn't know that your sister and her friend are into this sort of thing as well, whatever it may be" Andrea's eyes became wet with tears.

"I... I...", she satrted to sob, "I'm sorry!". She burried her head in her hands.

"Awwww, honey...", her mom said as she approached and hugged her close, trying to console her.

"You have nothing to feel sorry or ashamed about", she paused for a second, "Actually I'm the one who's sorry...". Andrea stopped sobbing for a second and looked up at her mother.

"Y-You?", she asked, still tearing.

Laura nodded as she wiped away one of the tears which was rolling on her daughter's cheek.

"Yes. I think that I did such a poor job raising you up, not giving you enough love, and that's why you crave to be a baby again. I'm a horrible mother...", now it was her turn to tear.

"No! No!, you aren't!", Andrea reassured her.

"You gave me all the love I needed, even more. I just miss those days when I was a baby, and I want to relive them every once in a while, that's all!"

"What about you two?", Richard, who by then was leaning against the wall, asked me and Sharleen.

"Is it the same for you?"

"Um, yeah...", we said in unison. We explained how it all started, and how we thought it was cute and sweet.

"Well, there are a few things that I need to discuss with your father", Laura said. She and Richard left for two minutes and then came back. I wasn't scared because I saw smiles on their face already when they left. Their smiles were even bigger when they came back.

"Well, we just wish you'd told us sooner...", she said with a smile.

"I kinda miss having my baby girls around the house, and so does your father. I'd love to take care of you again... If you'll let me, of course..." Smiles quickly formed on Sharleen's and Andrea's faces.

"REALLY?", they asked excitedly. Her mom laughed at their childish response.

"Yes, really...", she said.

"Sharleen can move back in here, we're all going to have so much fun!" Sharleen and Andrea jumped up and hugged their parents. I just lowered my head. 'Great...', I thought. I was happy for Sharleen and Andrea, but I didn't want to live by myself and look for a new roomate all over again! Besides, I got so close to Sharleen and Andrea. Giving them up would be like giving up real sisters.

"But mom, wait...", Sharleen said with a sad expression on her face.

"What about Tali? I can't leave her!"

"Well, silly, of course Tali can come too! What do you think I meant by saying 'all'? Your father doesn't mind, we've already discussed that". Then she turned to me, took hold of my hands and smiled.

"Would you like that, Tali?" What kind of a question was that. Of course I did. I knew that her and Richard are very wealthy, and could afford having me stay there without a problem. Being their daughter's best friend, her and Richard grown to love me just as much as a daughter, but I tried to be polite.

"Oh, thank you so much for your offer... I really appreciate it, I do... But I don't want to impo-"

"Nonsense!", she cut me off.

"Please, we all want you to stay!" By then I was so excited I couldn't form any words at all. I just hugged her and Richard who laughed and hugged me back. Sharleen and Andrea quickly joined in the group hug.

When the Kodak moment ended, the matter of telling my real mom remained open. Laura suggested she'll take care of that right away. I aggreed because I knew they were very good friends. My mom visited me once and got to know Laura. She felt more reassured that Laura was visiting me and Sharleen often and was making sure we're staying out of trouble. They also had a lot in commom and even shared the same profession - Kindergarten teachers! Needles to say, they talked on the phone almost on a daily basis. My mom's house phone was even on Laura's speed dial! I watched nervously as Laura pressed the button, dialing to my mom. I wasn't sure how she'd accept this.

My mom answered and I listened as Laura told her everything. Then she handed me the phone.

"She wants to talk to you", she said.

I approached her as enthusiastic as a prisioner condemned to death.

Laura handed me the phone.

"Hi mom...", I said in Hebrew.

"Tali, is it true what Laura just told me?", she asked.

"Yes mom, it is...", I said. I blushed so much I bet my mom could hear me blushing over the phone. I prepared myself for the worst.

My mom just laughed.

"Oh my God, this is sooo CUTE!", she exclaimed.

I was instantly relieved and giggled.

"I think it's great!", my mom continued, "And I certainly don't intend to deprive you of such innocent and pure pleasure... I'm actually relieved that an adult would be keeping an eye on you, I was worried sending you to live by yourself in the US at such a young age. But are you sure you want to do this?"

"Yes mom! I'm sure!", I was so excited and happy that I almost screamed.

"Okay, so it's settled then... You'll move in with Laura and Richard and you'll mind them just like you mind me. And don't you cause any trouble"

"I won't mom, I promise!", I was jumping up and down.

"Okay, now let me talk to Laura again. Bye sweety!"

"Bye mom, thank you, I love you!", I said.

"Awww, and I love you too Baby...", she laughed, "Now let me talk to Laura" I handed the phone to Laura.

"She wants to talk to you" I ran to Sharleen and Andrea and hugged them excitedly.

"Well", Richard said, smiling, "I understood nothing of your conversation, but judging from your response she aggreed!". I nodded and hugged him too.

By then Laura said her goodbyes to my mom and hung up the phone.

"Well, good news", she said, "Your mom said you can live here with us. She had two terms, however. The first one was she'd send us the money she used to send for you to pay rent with. I tried to talk her out of it, but she said its non negotiable.Your mom can be very persistent, Tali"

"And what's the second term?", I asked.

"Oh, the second term...", she laughed, "She said she wants us to send her pictures of her baby girl every once in a while...". We all laughed at that, and we laughed even more when Laura said told us she promised my mother she'd take good care of me just like one of her own babies. How can you not love this woman? Since the three of us were already diapered, it was decided that we would slip into our roles right then. So there were Andrea, Sharleen, and me, sittling on the living room carpet and sucking on our pacifiers while Richard and Laura sat on the sofa. We all set some ground rules.

It was aggreed that the three of us would be in diapers all the time when we are home. Baby clothes too. Andrea told her mom about the sites on the web that sell adult sized baby outfits. The diapers would only come off when we take showers, being changed, or use the toilet. Wetting in the diapers is optional, we could choose whether to use our diapers or the bathroom.

If we decide to wet in our diapers, we can't change them ourselves.

We have to ask Laura to change us, or each other when she's not home or busy (Richard didn't feel comfortable about diapering us, neither did we). On days when Sharleen or I had classes, we'll go in our normal adult attire but when we return home it's back to diapers and baby clothes. Since Andrea still goes to high school, her mom would pick her up every day. It's a good thing that she's a kindergarten teacher and finish work early! Laura said that while we're at home, our baby treatment would not be kept a secret from anyone. If any visitors come over, they'd see us dressed like babies, if we choose to be seen of course. If we didn't, we'd just have to stay in our room.

Oh, and about the room - The three of us were told that from now on we'd share the large spare room, which will from now on be refered to as the nursery. Richard, being an amateur carpenter, said he'd be delighted to furnish and decorated accordingly. The three of us looked at each other excitedly. We were going to live in an actual nursery! Then Sharleen and I got dressed and went with Richard to pick up all of the stuff from our appartment, and give the key back to the landlord. We didn't mind going outside in our diapers, as long as they were hidden of course.

We quickly packed up all the stuff and helped Richard load them in his car. he had to drive 2 more times back and forth, as we had a lot of things! Then Sharleen and I said goodbye to all our neighbors and gave the key back to the landlord. He was a little disappointed and confused to see us leaving at such a short notice, but seemed a little more confused with the strange crinkling sounds coming out from our crotches.

We returned to my 'Adoptive parents' house. It was getting fairly late, and Andrea went to sleep in her room, while Sharleen helped me make the spare bed in her old room, where we both were to spend the night. Laura and Richard came to bid us goodnight and I drifted off to sleep thinking about the wonderful time I'll spend with my new 'Mommy and Daddy' and baby sisters.

Part 7 As the days went by, we all slipped further and further into our respective roles. Andrea, Sharleen, and myself were diapered 24/7 while in the house. I felt very weird at first being diapered by Laura (And I'm sure it was the same for Sharleen and Andrea. But in their case, her mom had diapered them once before!). However, I've become accustomed to her removing my wet diapers, wiping me clean, and sprinkling baby powder on my crotch and behind.

Laura's great, she's so tender and loving. I now understand where Sharleen and Andrea got their maternal instinct and soothing gazes from. She's fairly young, she had Sharleen when she was only 19 and Andrea two years later. I started calling her 'Mommy' lately like her daughters did from day one. The first time I did it brought a tear to her eye and she hugged me, I'll never forget that moment.

Actually, calling her like that wasn't so hard. It's not like I'm renouncing my real mom, you see, for me 'Mommy' is just another word in a foreign language.

Laura says that it's so much fun having three cute baby girls around the house. She says we're like small bundles of joy! She calls me her frizzy baby because of my hair, she loves to make it up in cute childish styles.

We like to cuddle with her a lot. She sometimes sitts on the couch and read us a story while the three of us snuggle close to her and drink from our bottles. That usually takes place right before bedtime, after she extra-diapers us for the night and dresses us in our footed pajamas.

Oh, I forgot to mention, we now have a full wardrobe of baby clothes and outfits. There's a large closet in our nursery where we keep all of them. Laura ordered them from the net, and we now have almost anything.

Rompers, baby t-shirts, cotton dresses for playing, onesies, short overalls, footed pajamas for the winter and thin babydolls for the summer. We even have some fancy party dresses and cute panties with frills on the bottom, we were those on special occasions or when we play dress-up. We even have some cute bonnets which Laura says frame our 'darling angelic faces' in the cutest way imaginable.

Our outfits are mostly in pink and baby blue, but we have some in red, yellow, peach, and turquoise as well. And in a wide range of materials - From denim for our short overalls, cotton for our shirts and pajamas, to satin for our party dresses and babydools.

As the three of us share all of our clothes, Andrea, and especially me have to make sure that when wearing Sharleen's dresses we won't bend over or raise our hands or our plastic panties and diapers would show. Some of the dresses are so short that they show all the time! We also have a dresser where we keep our bras alongside childish undergarments such as plastic panties, tights, camisoles, and ankle socks. We keep our shoes (Sandals, mary-janes, and booties) in the bottom drawer, we wear the shoes only at winter or for playing in the back yard. We like to romp around the house barefoot.

Richard and Laura did a wonderful job with the nursery. They actually didn't let us in until it was all finished, they wanted it to be a surprise.

And boy, were we surprised... beyond our wildest expectations. It was a nursery any baby girl would be proud of. It was painted in bright pink and there was a white furry carpet which covered the entire floor (We found out later it felf really cozy against our bare feet).

The window faced the back yard and the pool, and could be closed with pink lacy curtains.

The walls had pictures of cute baby girls and nursery characters on them. There was a white dresser complete with a mirror which was framed in pink and said 'Peek-A-Boo!' at the top. It turned out that Laura decorated the room very much to our liking.

The nursery was furnished as well. Richard was in charge of that, and did a very professional job. There were three cribs, a changing table, a playpen, and even a large closet to keep all our baby clothes in! All the furnitures were painted in white.

The three cribs, complete with bars, stood in a neat row against the far wall. Each had our name on it, and it turned out I got the middle one. It was so great! I could sleep with my two loved baby sisters at my side! All the cribs were complete with thick mattresses and fluffy pillows.

The beddings were in pink, and of course, with a plastic sheet under them to protect the mattresses from our 'wetties', as Laura put it.

The changing table was complete with a waterproff matt. There were cartoon characters on it to keep us occupied while being changed. It had shelves at the bottom which were stacked with disposable diapers, cloth diapers, baby powder, lotion... The whole nine yards.

The playpen was big enough for all of us to play, and even sleep, in (We took naps together in it every once in a while). It was padded underneath with a very large nursery sheet that was very comfortable and soft for the touch. It was filled with all kinds of baby toys - Teddy bears, dolls, rattles, soft cubes... Even some pacifiers! The already large nursery was even larger if you counted the abjoined bathroom. It had a large bath in which we'd all be bathed by Laura, it had everthing else there is in a normal bathroom, including a toilet. Except this one was bigger and taller off the pink tiled floor. Even when I sat on it my feet didn't touch the floor at all! The idea was, of course, to make us feel helpless and small if we choose to use it. Even though we only use it for 'number 2'.

We were so excited with our new nursery we all jumped and hugged Laura and Richard for this wonderful gift, then we hugged each other.

We wanted to play in our new room right then, but Laura said we should get something to eat first.

So off we went to the kitchen where another surprise awaited us - Three adult sized high chairs. Each had one of our names on it, and Richard lifted each one effortlessly and sat her into her respective high chair.

Laur tied bibs around our necks. Mine said 'Tali', while Sharleen's said 'Shari', and Andrea's had 'Andi' on it in cute joint script.

Laura spoon fed us, as this wasn't the usual dining hour. In the usual dining hour, all the family sat against the table (With us in our high chairs) and ate together. And then Sharleen, Andrea, and myself had to feed each other (By spoon, or by hand, which proved to be fun, yet very messy).

She fed us some mushed up baby food, chicken and potatoes if I'm not mistaken, and some vanilla pudding for desert. This was followed by three bottles of cold milk. During the feeding we all laughed a lot as Laura tickled us and played games with us. That caused us to spit up some food, and by the time we were done, our faces and bibs were very messy. Laura couldn't resist and snapped a picture of her three cute and messy baby girls sitting in their high chairs, smiling.

Then she cleaned us, helped us down, and handed us each a pacifier.

We put them in our mouths and smiled as she told us to play nicely in our new nursery. We toddled happily to our room and played for the reminder of the day.

It turned out that the nursery wasn't the only fun place to play. The house was huge and was a perfect place to play hide and seek. And Andrea loved our new rules to spice up the game, so we played it a lot.

We also had fun playing tag outside in the back yard. Sometimes on warmer days, Laura would dress us up nicely and set us in a foldable playpen there. We loved to play like that in the open. Sometimes we'd escape from our playpen and climb on trees. I really liked that as I never done this since I was a child.

Then Laura would find us and playfully scold us for messing our play dresses or whatever else we'd be wearing.

On really hot days we'd put on our bathing suits over disposable diapers and play in the pool. Laura got us some pool toys like water rings, and other floating toys.

I especially like that time in the evening before bedtime when after she finished feeding us our dinner, Laura would bathe us together and then diaper us for the night. She'd help one of us climb onto the changing table before placing the other two naked in the playpen with pacifiers in their mouth and towels to dry themselves off. Once we're all tightly diapered to prevent any leaks during the night, she'd dress us in tight undershirts and our footed one-piece sleepers.

Then she'd take us all with her downstairs to the vast living room where we'd all snuggle close together on the couch while she prepares our bottles of warm milk. Then she joins us, snuggling as well, while we have our warm milk. We'd all watch TV or a movie for about an hour or so. Us babies get tired very quickly, as anyone would after a day full off playing and excitement (Of couse not ALL days are like that, we have to study every now and then...).

We usually go to sleep at 10:30 or 11 PM. Laura tucks us in our cribs, plops our pacifiers in our mouths, and kisses us sweetly on our foreheads before wishing us sweet dreams. Sometimes it's Richard who comes to tuck us in and bid us goodnight. He kisses me and his daughters on the cheek, his mustache tickles me every time he does that, but I do not mind.

Usually we stay up, chat about the day, and giggle. Laura would come to shush us, saying all babies should get their sleep. Sometimes when we don't quit right away, Richard would come, and playfully threat to spank 'his baby girls' if they don't put the pacifiers back in their mouths and go to sleep right away. He's just playing, of course.

Richard is a wonderful husband and father, he's such a caring guy he can't even hurt a fly.

Living with Laura and Richard also introduced me to some holidays I've never clelebrated before. Christmas is one of them. I'll never forget my first Christmas, it's such a lovely holiday! I really got into the festive spirit, and helped decorating the house and the large tree Richard picked up. I already knew about Christmas from all the American sitcoms, but actually celebrating it was so much fun! It doesn't work both ways, I guess, as Richard, Laura, Sharleen, and Andrea were curious about the menorah my mom sent me to light the Hanukkah candles in so I wouldn't feel homesick. They were eager to hear the Hanukkah story, and I told them, but unlike Ross from 'Friends' and his 'Holiday Armadillo', I had success. They liked it! Anyways, I'll never forget how Sharleen and Andrea woke me up early on Christmas morning to open up the presents! We ran downstairs, still diapered and in our jammies, just like frisky little girls would.

Richard and Laura waere already there. They hugged each other and smiled at our childish act. Laura went into the kitchen to fix us all some hot chocolate (Sharleen, Andrea, and I got it in baby bottles though!).

I went first and dug under the tree, picking out my presents for each of the other family members. I handed them each the gift I bought for them before hugging them and wishing them a 'Merry Christmas'.

After we all exchanged gifts, Richard and Laura decided to take their annual Christmas picture with their family next to the fireplace and the tree. I stepped aside.

"What are you doing Tali? Come join us!", Laura told me.

"W-What?", I asked, still not getting it.

"Come on silly...", Richard held his hand for me, "You're also a part of the family!" I couldn't believe my ears, they wanted me in their family picture! "D-Do you really mean that?", I asked.

"Of course!", Laura said.

"Yeah Tali, come on!", Sharleen and Andrea urged me.

I ran and hugged them. It was at that moment, that I truly felt I was a part of the family. I was tearing tears of joy.

The picture turned out real good. Richard and Laura sent copies to all their close relatives.

And my mom was really happy to recieve hers too! THE END

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