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Shopping Adventure

Obviously I was riding on some type of stretcher...probably like those used in ambulances. It was difficult to be sure as the sense of feel was about the only sense still functioning. Unfortunately I knew exactly how I got there and it was my own stupid fault...or was it wishful thinking guiding subconscious acts.

Earlier today I had decided to go to my favorite fetish wear store and pick up some new clothes. I didn't go often...lack of time and this was a special day and I decided to play it up a bit more than other visits. Drawing courage from items I'd read on the internet I decided to "chance it" and actually wear my diapers out in public. When I was sure my wife was out for the day I put on my most comfortable diapers...I doubled them up for a well-padded experience... and pulled on a pair of slightly see through blue plastic panties. Finding a shirt and slacks big enough to hide my `underwear' was fairly easy, particularly since I planned to also wear a light jacket. Then into the car for the forty-minute drive to this delightful store.

The sales girls in the shop were different from my last visit... not surprising considering the time between visits...but just as friendly and unsolicitious as the others. I browsed around to see what was where and then found myself fascinated by the big baby dresses hanging in one corner. I had never thought of myself as a "sissy" baby before but I could not ignore the attraction. Then I wandered over to the bondage section...I always wanted to be restrained and forced to wear and use my diapers but who would do such a thing to (for) me and how would I ever tell them I wanted it? The handcuffs always caught my eye. This was because they were an easy way to lock yourself up and I like the finality of their solid hold on my wrists and ankles. The straight jacket hanging on the wall was to remain a fantasy as there was no way I could put myself in one...or get out for that matter.

Periodically one of the sales girls would ask if I was "ok" or if I needed any assistance. After this one girl asked me a second time I decided it was time to purchase the diapers and plastic panties I'd come for. Besides the bulk between my legs was making me feel very self conscious and I was sure I'd be `found out'. Silly when you think of what I was there to buy. Anyway I asked the salesgirl (please don't think I'm being politically insensitive referring to the salespeople as girls but they each looked so young and the one I was talking to couldn't have been more than 5feet and 1 or 2 inches) where the plastic panties were and if they still carried the clothe diapers. She led me to a series of drawers and said her name was Samantha and I should ask for her if I needed more help.

I chose 6 large clothe diapers that would fold and be very absorbent, and bulky when I used them. Next came two drawers filled with various colors, sizes and styles of plastic panties. I started to select several and then began to have doubts about their fit since the sizes were numbered instead of the `extra-large' markings on the ones I had at home, and were presently wearing. Seeing my indecision Samantha again offered to help and I confessed I wasn't sure of the size. She asked the size of the person they were for. Simple enough question but I fear I blushed a bit. After starting several answers I admitted they were for me. She smiled so very understandingly, glanced at my padded hips and said "I thought they might be. You can always try them on." That seemed logical enough and I headed for the changing area with 5 different pairs. As I was about to enter the changing room I noticed an all plastic onsie, something else I'd never considered but quickly asked if I could try that on too. She reached two down and handed them to me as I slipped through the curtain.

Several of the panties fit well, even over my double diapers, and I quickly made my decisions. A quick glance at my watch told me I was not there as long as I thought so I took a deep breath and stepped into the onsie and reached behind me to pull up the zipper. I could only get it about a third of the way up and was about to abandon the experience when I heard Samantha's voice ask how things were going. My quick answer was," fine..." and before I realized what I was saying, "...but I can't reach the zipper." Somewhat to my surprise and embarrassment (and deep down delight) Samantha glided through the curtain and said "turn around". This was the first time anyone had ever seen me in my diapers and oh, wow was my head hot and swimming. She zipped me in and inquired "how's that?" All I could stammer was "thanks" and she was gone. I spent a little time looking at myself in the mirror and deciding to add the onsie to my purchases and then realized that I needed to ask Samantha to undo the zipper for me. But where was she. I looked out through the curtain and the other girl was talking on the phone but no Samantha. The other girl caught my eye, smiled and pointed to a door. After an awkward moment I caught on that she expected me to walk out in only my diapers and plastic onsie and go get Samantha. Ah, why not. I took a quick breath and crossed the room to the indicated door, looked in and almost pleaded with Samantha to come help me.

On our way across the room I again took a quick look at the adult baby dresses. I didn't think she noticed but Samantha quietly said, "pretty aren't they. Want to try one on?" Just how hot can one's neck get but I nodded yes and muttered "sure". She took several off the rack and with that innocent smile said we should try a couple different styles. Suddenly here I was in the changing room with this petit pretty girl pulling a baby dress down over my diapers. Was this ecstasy or total embarrassment? As she lifted the last dress off me, leaving me in only my diapers and plastic panties, I offered excuses for not buying a dress. Truth is I wasn't sure where I would hide them, but I would really have liked at least one. She didn't seem disappointed or discouraged and simply asked if she could get me anything else. She was so disarming I found myself asking about the straight jacket without so much as a quiver in my voice.

"We'll have to see if we have one in your size," she answered and off she went.

I decided to put my clothes on but couldn't find them and decided they must have put them somewhere to keep them safe. In a moment Samantha returned with a large white canvas jacket just like from the hospitals in movies. She laid it on a stool and while she was reaching onto a shelf I asked her about my clothes.

"Oh there fine but the jacket will fit better if you leave them off." This seemed reasonable so I smiled and shrugged. Samantha handed me a paper and explained that it was a release that said I was letting her put the straight jacket on me and it was a precaution in our litigation happy society. I hesitated but knew I was going to sign and try this was just too exciting. There I was standing in front of this charming girl in nothing but diapers and baby panties and she was about to place me in a straight jacket. Who could really resist. Not I. I signed without a thought. She took the paper, smiled that sweet smile, and held the jacket open for me to place my arms into the sleeves.

It was more of a production than I expected but oh was it heaven having her pull this strap tight and cinch up that buckle and it was impossible not to have my manhood respond when she reached through and tightened the crotch straps. I have never felt so helpless, or exposed, standing there in front of Samantha absolutely immobilized in nothing but the straight jacket and my baby clothes. She looked somewhat pleased with herself and whispered, "now you're mine". And in truth I was. Not just because I needed her to get me released but because she had captivated me emotionally and I would have done almost anything she asked.

But she didn't ask; she told me, "to really feel helpless we need to put a blindfold on you." And right on cue the other girl walked in with a blindfold. She held it up, I glanced at Samantha and her seductive smile, and nodded, "ok". Within seconds my world was total blackness and I really did feel extremely helpless...and a little scared. I opened my mouth to ask them to take the blindfold off but before a word was uttered a large hard ball was shoved in my mouth and I could feel it being strapped around my head. Now there was a little moment of panic. But hey why not experience the whole thing...right? Wrong. Next thing I felt were my ears being plugged up. No movement, no sound, no sight and I couldn't even speak to say I really was scared enough now to pee my pants...uh, I mean my diapers.

These "sweet" girls were not finished. I felt the wide metal bands lock onto my ankles and when I tried to kick them away realized that my ankles were now fastened very close together with a rigid leg iron device. Before this panic could subside the hood was slid down over my head and was tied quite securely, actually it was very tight. I was now about as sealed off from the world as one could get without being returned to the womb. So much so that I didn't even notice when they first started to lower me onto what I now suspect is some type of mobile stretcher...and it will carry me to where...and did I really wet my diapers in front of these 'girls'...what now?

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