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Sir Takes Boy To The Movies

I received a call from my Sir to come to his house so we could go to the movies. This sounded like fun and I loved my Sir. His name is Frank and is in his late 50s. He is about 6'2, slender at about 180 pounds, with just a touch of a belly starting to form. He has graying black hair with a sharp moustache. He wears spectacles that make him look kindly, but he has a nasty streak. He loves to roleplay me in younger roles. I'm 24, but look much younger. I have a boyish face and am about 5'7, 155 pounds. I have brown hair and nice blue eyes. My name is Todd.

I am also at the mercy of Frank.

I grabbed a can of soda on the way out the door and drained it on the way to his house about 30 minutes away. I got there and Frank let me in and told me to go get us two beers from the fridge. He was still dressed in his dress slacks, oxford shirt, and black dress shoes from his day at the office. I grabbed the beers and headed for the den. We popped the tops and watched the news. He ordered me to go get us a second beer and we drank them down knowing we would be headed to the movie theater soon. I stood up and announced I had to go pee. Frank's voice boomed out.

"NO! You will not young man!" he ordered.

I froze in my tracks in front of the couch. I looked at Frank and realized he had assumed the role of Sir and was staring me down. I quivered a bit inside when I realized I didn't know that we were going to have a session tonight. I assumed a meek and humble position as I had been trained to do. I waited anxiously as my heart began to pound in my chest.

What was he going to make me do? What had I done? All I had said was that I was going to the bathroom. Uh-oh.

"Young man, you will not go to the bathroom. Tonight you will not be going to the bathroom like an adult, but rather as an adult baby. You are to go to the master bedroom right now!" he ordered.

I complied immediately and walked quickly to his bedroom. When I entered the room, I noticed a full-sized changing table like you see in public bathrooms where daddies change their little boy's diapers. There was a table covered with a sheet like material with Xmen characters on it.

On the side of the table was a stack of adult diapers with tape straps to hold them onto the body. There was a stack of wash rags, clean wipes, a plastic bottle of baby powder, a box of large baby pins, a stack of old cloth style diapers, and a cute little teddy bear. Over the changing table was a moving carousel toy with characters from a popular kids cartoon television show. I stopped to gawk and Master Frank's hands on my shoulders.

"Son, tonight you are going to role play the part of my 14 year old son. You have had trouble wetting your pants and I have had to take the extreme measure, as your father, to have you start wearing diapers again.

Before we go to the movie, I'm going to diaper you. You are not allowed to go in any bathroom unless you need to number two. If you have to pee, you have to use the diaper. Only then will daddy change your diaper. You will refer to me only as Daddy, Dad, or Father from now until I tell you to boy.

Do you understand boy?" he demanded.

"Yes Sir," I stammered, still trying to take in this new scene. I was used to spanking, bondage, discipline, and rough treatment from Master Frank, but his was new. I had never done this and was extremely anxious.

And I was aroused too.

"Get up on the table young man and let's get you diapered," he ordered.

I turned around and hitched my way up onto the table and found it remarkably comfortable. It was inclined slightly and my legs hung down over the side. I decided that I would let Sir diaper me but I would just hold my pee until we go home from the movie. I mean, hell, it was only a couple hours right. I tried to think that but the pressure on my bladder was already built up. I needed to go now, but I didn't want to pee on myself. Daddy untied my shoes and dropped them on the floor. He told me to hold the teddy bear while he changed me. I clutched the teddy bear while daddy unfastened my belt, unbuttoned my jeans, and then undid my zipper. He pulled my jeans down and off leaving me in just my white Fruit of the Looms. I was trying desperately hard not to get an erection because this might invoke a spanking or belting. Daddy then put his strong fingers in my waistband and whisked my briefs down to my ankles and off. I felt my scrotum pull up tight and my limp 3-inch penis stand straight over my testicles. Daddy grabbed my feet together and lifted them up near my head as he opened the top of the baby powder.

I flinched a bit as he tapped out a decent amount of the white powder onto my bottom and I felt some tap my tight scrotum. Then, I heard daddy tell me to hold my knees up to my chest tight. I did so as I watched him open up a diaper. The plastic made scratchy sounds and I wondered how in the hell I could walk without making a lot of plastic scratchy sounds.

Daddy then pushed up my legs so my little butt was raised off the changing table. He scooted the diaper under my cheeks and let me back down a bit.

Daddy then had me hold my knees legs up again as he unfolded the diaper. I felt the soft material of the front panel close over my genitals and daddy told me to lower my legs slowly. I heard the rip of the tape being opened and the right side of the diaper being fastened. Each side had three strips of tape and he pulled one side firm and then really tightened down the other side. He did this again until I was firmly inside the diaper, which was greenish-white on the outside and white on the inside. I felt so warm in my diaper as it clung to my legs and genitals. It sure didn't feel like it could absorb a big pee. Good grief, I had drunk a soda and two beers. What if it was more than the diaper could take? "Get up Son," Daddy ordered and I stood up in my tee shirt and diaper.

"Do you have to pee son?" asked Daddy.

"If you do, you can wet them now and I will change you into a clean one before the movie."

"No Sir, I think I can make it home without using my diaper." He grinned evilly and I knew, that he knew, that I would probably not make it that long.

Daddy retrieved a pair of Hanes white briefs that were a size larger than I normally wear and had me put my feet in the leg holes before he hitched them up over my diaper. Then, I was told to put on my jeans, socks, and shoes. Daddy then told me to get two bottled waters from the fridge while he got his keys. I groaned when he said I had to drink one before we got to the theater. During the drive he watched me drink my water down and my bladder was killing me. I knew I had to pee but didn't want to. At a stoplight, I realized I was in trouble.

"Daddy, I don't think I can make it home. I have to pee pee so bad!" I bemoaned.

"Well, go ahead son and wet your diaper. Daddy said it's ok." I looked down at my groin and then laid my head back on the headrest. I could hardly keep from peeing now. As the car rolled forward, I let go. I think Daddy got a kick out of the slight grunt that I emitted when my stream started.

"That's my boy, let it go. Daddy is so proud of you," he encouraged me.

I felt a bit of a surge, then my pee just came roaring out as if I was over the toilet or a urinal. The warm liquid went straight out into the front panel and I could feel the warm pee spray upward into my pubic hair and run down around my balls. It was SO warm and soothing as two beers and a coke drained from my kidneys. I just peed and peed until I felt it gather between my legs giving me a wonderful warm full sensation in my diaper. As my last few spurts of pee finished up, I let out a low satisfied moan.

"Good boy Todd. Daddy's proud of his boy for using the diaper and not in his underpants," Daddy cooed.

We arrived at the theater and I felt the warm pee had soaked into the cloth of the diaper. I listened to see if I made plastic scratchy sounds, but my briefs seemed to muffle the sounds. We went in and Daddy picked a teenager type movie and bought me the largest soda they had.

Daddy smiled evilly at me as he handed me the soda and ordered me to drain it before the movie started. I slurped and slurped on the soda as daddy occasionally reached over and gave my diaper-clad groin a gentle squeeze.

I knew the water and the new soda would work on me and I just tried to enjoy the movie. About halfway through, Daddy leaned over and told me he was going to the mensroom for a nice long pee. My mind went into overdrive at the thought of Daddy fishing his nice uncut penis out of this Jockey y-fronts, easing back some foreskin, and letting loose with a long pee. I cursed myself as the thought of peeing went straight to my bladder. I had to pee again. I desperately didn't want to pee again. What if it spilled? Daddy returned and noticed my eyes were closed and he leaned over and whispered to me to just let go and don't worry. I nodded my head and started peeing. I peed even more this time as my bladder decided to go into overtime. The pee just kept coming out as my stream was very hard.

The whole front of the diaper was wet and heavy and I prayed it wouldn't burst through and wet my jeans for everyone to see when the movie was over.

By the time I was finished, the pee had settled all the way between my legs and felt like it had creeped up the back of my diaper. I clutched Daddy's hand the whole time and I knew he was enjoying my suffering. At the end of the movie, I stood up and ran my hands over my jeans. They weren't wet to the touch, whew! But, the diaper was very heavy feeling and I was glad we were going home. My torture wasn't over yet though.

Daddy drove us to the gas station and I had to sit while he pumped gas. He was trying to get me to go three times in my diaper. I knew it.

We went to an ATM and then to a discount store where I was ordered to buy several items including: adult diapers, condoms, white briefs, and KY Jelly. That late at night, there was only a middle-aged woman working (this was Texas after all) and she gave me a real stare down over my items.

I was humiliated. When I got to the car, I knew I had to pee again. This time I told Daddy and he laughed at my predicament.

"Don't get any on my car Son or you are in for a whipping," he laughed.

I asked permission to recline the seat and Daddy said it was okay.

I let my bladder go and I flooded the diaper again. It was my third time tonight. The warm urine washed down alongside my scrotum and I was terrified as my steady stream of pee filled up between my legs and I felt liquid sneaking way up the back of the diaper. I was soaked and sat up quickly. The last jets of pee ended up in my matted pubic hairs.

When we got home, I ran to the changing table and hopped up. I was desperate to get changed. Daddy of course took hi time putting away the items and even gave me a smirk as he saw me waiting to be changed on the table. I played with the teddy bear and waited for daddy to get my wet diaper off me. Finally, he came in and stripped me down to my diaper. Then he took off my tee shirt and I squealed for Daddy to change me. He peeled back the tapes and lifted up my legs by my ankles and pulled the diaper out from under me. He folded the wet diaper up and put it in a disposal container. He took a warm wash rag and dabbed my groin, penis, testicles, and my bottom to make sure I was clean. Then he took a clean wipe, retracted my foreskin, and then cleaned all around my mushroom tip. I felt so clean. Daddy then asked if I was ready for my sex education lesson. I squealed excitedly as Daddy lifted me off the table and laid me on his big four- poster bed. My penis grew immediately to a full 6-inch erection with my foreskin drawn tightly behind my knob. I watched Daddy strip down to his y-fronts and groaned at the sight of my strong Master. Master Frank has a fair amount of gray and black chest hairs that trail down to his waistband. I giggled as Daddy peeled down his underpants and his genitals swung free.

"Do you remember how to suck Daddy's cock young man?" he asked. I nodded rapidly and Daddy climbed on the bed and straddled my face on all fours. I licked my lips as his cock grew to a full erection. I had measured Daddy's cock at 8 ¬ inches once and it was almost fully erect already. His cock is a solid column of rock hard flesh. His big tube underneath is pronounced and his knob is hidden by a long thin foreskin that stays over his head even when he is fully erect. He dangled his hardon over my lips and I clutched it and ran my tongue under his foreskin, which drives him crazy with pleasure. His cock sprang fully erect as he fucked my mouth for about 5 minutes. I deep throated him just so I could feel his big balls press into my smooth chin. I knew he loved this from the deep groans emitted from his chest. My own erection drooled precum all over my relatively smooth belly. I ran my tongue over his sensitive tip and wiped the precum oozing from his slit away. I moaned with loss as his erection withdrew from my mouth.

Daddy hopped off the bed and retrieved the lubricant and began working it into my rear end. Daddy smoothed the gel over his hardon and rubbed a little under his foreskin. I clutched my legs to my knees and felt his knob press into my rear end. I grunted with pleasure as several inches of Daddy's cock impaled my tunnel. I begged for more and Daddy waited forever until he sank down and drove the rest of his cock into his boy. The bed began to shake from his thrusts and I knew the role play had turned him on. I cried out from the powerful thrusts and the headboard slammed the wall over and over as my own erection begged for release.

Daddy never lets me touch it and I knew a big cum was on the way after about 10 minutes of intense pounding from his manly cock. When I felt my cum working up my cock, I clutched daddy's big shoulders and erupted my cum onto my chest and belly. I shot 8 strands of white sperm and collapsed as daddy worked closer to filling my rear end with his baby makers. His groans turned to hoarse whispers and grunts when he climaxed. I could feel his pole swell as his love poured into me. After he cleaned himself up, he ordered me onto the changing table for my night diaper. I excitedly got on this time.

Daddy cleaned me up again and then pinned a cloth diaper on me and pulled a pair of briefs over my diaper. I just hoped I wouldn't wet the bed tonight or I'd get a spanking for sure.

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