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The Sissification of Gene

Chapter 2 - The Basement

I must have been really tired cause after about 15 minutes I fell asleep. I awoke the next morning to hear a man talking on a radio in a deep soothing voice. I listened and was shocked as to what it was saying. It was a hypnosis tape and I wondered how long I had been listening to it. I moved a little more to see if I could get a better look and felt a wet mass between my legs. I stuck my hand on the diaper and new what had happened I had wet the bed. I was shocked I had not done that in years. I had went so much it had leaked out into the rubber pants I stuck my hand down the back of my diaper nope not yet but I had a sinking feeling it wouldn't be long before I was pooping in them to. I felt the front again and to my surprise I was felling very horny. I stuck my hand's on top of my dipaer and began to rub it before long I had cum. I wondered what tammy and mandy would say if they seen that. To my horror I heard them coming down the hall and knew it wouldn't be long before I found out. Tammy and Mandy both walked in.

"How is my cute wittle baby girl today." Tammy said.

"It looks like she is weally wet. Are you wet witlle girl." mandy said.

"Yeth" I said as babyish as possible.

"Well we will take care of that" mandy lifted me out of the crib and took me over to the changing table and sat me down. She pulled off my pink rubber panties as carefully as possible.

"My we are wet this morning that hypnosis tape really worked didn't it." She undid the safety pins on the side lifted my legs and pulled the diaper out. Just as she was getting ready to fold it up and throw it in the diaper pail she looked and then took it over to Tammy.

"Oh someone has been a bad wittle girl" she said.

"She not only peed in her diaper she played with herself and came in the diaper to. Me thinks it is time to show Gene here just what is down in the basement" she said.

"Oh yes." Tammy said.

"Way past time. We should of showed her in the first place." Mandy returned and dried me off and stuck some powder on me and rubbed it in and then lifted me (like I was no diaper) off the changing table and into her arms like a baby. I kicked and yelled and tried to get free but this freak of a woman just kept walking never broke a step. I heard keys rattle after we were downstairs and heard a door creek open and then we were going to the basement. The basement was dark and had things everywhere whips, chains, tables with straps, paddles, and on one wall was nothing but dildos and vibrators arranged in size it was very dark and only one or two lights lit the whole basement. She carried me over to a machine that looked like it was for a horse and set me down. She had my hands behind my back so I couldn't run. I felt a pair of feathery metal handcuffs attach my hands and a pair of gloves go over the top of them my fingers only fit into certain metal shafts in the gloves and I couldn't move them at all.

They pushed me over to the table and stuck my head in a harness like thing (more like a locking mask) and then lowered by pulling on a ball on both sides of it so my butt was high in the air. I heard them fumbling around and then felt a sharp pain on my butt and back and heard a crack. I writhed and hollerewd out in pain Mandy came and stuck a dummy in my mouth and tied it tight behind my head. About 30 more cracks and I felt like my ass was on fire. I was crying hard and had peed all over the floor.

"See you really are just a big baby girl. I think you need me to prove it to you more". I tried to yell or say something but couldn't with the dummy in my mouth. I heard some more rustling in the back ground and then Tammy came in front of me. She had something in her hand and she slipped her legs into it and Mandy straped it in the back. It was a strapon Mandy produced some lubricant and put it all over it and then Tammy went behind me.

"I'm going to fuck you like a little bitch" Tammy yelled. I tried to squirm or move something to get away but I quickly felt two hands on my ass and an immense pain as the dildo went up me. I started crying again. As Tammy litterally began to fuck me. What seemed like a lifetime later it stopped and mandy went behind me i heard the strap come undone and then two more. Wasn't there only one I thought. Then I felt the straps get wrapped around my legs and fastened and one under my belly the strapon straps were reversible the dildo was going no were.

"You seemed to like that so much I figured you could have it for today and since you are so horny that you have to play with your own dirty diapers you get to have it turned on for the whole day to." Mandy said. I heard a buzzing noise and then felt the dildo vibrating in my ass. Then Tammy came and released my head and unscrewed something in the dummy and then produced a bottle and screwed it in the liquid from the bottle came so fast that I had to swallow it. When it was done I was givin three more just like it. I felt like I was going to explode. Then I felt a needle prick in my arm I looked over to see her shooting something in me. Mandy picked me up with my hands still cuffed behind my back and took me upstairs and layed me on the changing table she powder me again and put some lotion around my ass what part's she could get to. Then slipped a diaper on over me. Picked me up and layed me in the crib.

"I'll bet you will be a good girl from now on won't you." Mandy said. I shook my head yes with tears still in my eyes as Mandy tucked the covers in around me. Oh yea even though you have a dick in your ass after your nap you will be doing all your chores.

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