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Sissy "Jenny" Gets Cuckolded

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It all started from a phone call from my wife susie,"WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?,YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN HOME AN HOUR AGO..YOU NEED TO GET HERE DAMN QUICK!? .you should have been home an hour ago you better get home now ".What the hell is all this about I thought.Susie could be quite assertive when she wanted,at 41 she was still very attractive,slim figure,ample breasts and long straight dark brown hair that matched her eyes.She could still turn many heads and was always getting chatted up.I on the other hand,although good looking was quite slim not very muscular and the same height as susie,5ft 7.We had met several years before and eventually got together after a lot of flirting.It was a few months into our relationship that we finally went to bed together.The main reason was although I was only a year older my sexual experiences were very limited ,only a hand full of conquests that didn't usually last long.Susie had many previous boyfriends before we met and was more sexually aware.The truth of the matter was I was so nervous about her seeing me naked for the first time as on previous occasions this ended up with the girlfriend showing a look of disappointment .I have always been teased about my penis size especially when I was in my mid teens at school I measure, fully erect just 3 inches and my penis is quite a lot thinner than average roughly 3 .5 inches thick.Some girlfriends would laugh when seeing me naked and they nearly always ended due to my lack of size and poor lovemaking.One girlfriend told me the truth and simply put it "you dont measure up sweety....sorry".At fist susie didn't appear to mind that I was so small but as our relationship developed I could tell she was frustrated in the bedroom .I would often slip out of her during intercourse and would be brutally honest telling she could not feel me inside her.She even bought a large vibrator to compensate for this, much to my shame,however she did love me and I loved her to bits.

As I entered the house she came right up to me and slapped me across the face"WHAT THE FUCK IS ALL THIS?" she said holding the kit bag that contained all my frilly baby clothing and magazines on the subject of adult babies and sissies.Shit I thought how the hell do I get out of this one." .."My face turning red I began to shake."YOU ACTUALLY LIKE TO DRESS UP AS A BABY,..?......A LITTLE BABY GIRL."she said holding up a pair of my favourite pink satin panties with matching lace trim on the front and rear."Yes ..yes .I mumbled...I....I cant help it,its always been a fetish that I cant control,hoping she would understand."Susie stood there for a moment and then her face turned from one of anger to a broad smile."Thought so,....Carol and Cindy were here all afternoon looking through your secret stash,...frillies ...,books ...articles and some very interesting files on your computer that Cindy managed to access."Carol and Cindy were related and lived close by and would often go out together with susie clubbing on Fridays.Carol was an attractive woman with long blonde hair and a couple of years younger than susie,Cindy was carols niece, again a very attractive blonde with a sexy little figure and only 18 years old. I could have died with shame .."Nearly all the files contain stories of husbands turned into baby girls by their wives.... and one of your magazines.."sissies get cuckolded" relates to men whose wives sleep with other men...,infact you have book marked one of your favourite stories,.....about this husband who is forced by his wife to spend the rest of his life dressed as a baby girl while she sees other men....that turn you on dear" she said grinning.Her manner was now more controlled"Its just a fantasy......nothing more." I said hoping to convince her."Well Carol and Cindy think this is what you desire, too infact.They think I should see other men.Their well aware of your small problem, also left some interesting photos on your computer,the ones of you dressed up in your frillies..,nappies and dresses,...some with your little penis all stiff!.They found this highly amusing,...Cindy especially,...and Carols known for years about your lack of size.They think you are no longer a man and I should take a lover".What do you think?I was stunned into silence could not believe that she had told her friends about my penis and my baby fetish.How could I look them in the eye ever again.

That night in bed susie was much calmer and began by asking if I would dress up for her.I readily agreed hoping that maybe she might accept my baby fetish.Soon I had on my baby doll nightie ,nappy,plastic pants and a pair of white satin baby panties covered in frills and satin bows.Susie cracked out laughing when I came out of the bathroom,..some what nervously I might add." do look very cute...just like a baby girl...what shall we call you?..have you got a name"?"Yes.... I am ..called Jenny"

"ohh how sweet..Is that because your name is johnathon?"."I think so "..I said feeling a bit stupid now,my wife still using that mocking tone and facial expressions.We began to make love. I was so turned on at making love to my wife while I was dressed up,my little penis hammering into her,she urged me to suck her breasts like" babies do"she told me that from now on I had to call her" mummy"and she would now call me by my sissy name.."Jenny".I began to make little whimpering sounds as I tried to drive my penis as deep as I could into her slippery vagina.She cradled me to her large chest, encouraging me to tell her my secret desires and that she would pander to" my little baby needs".I was so happy she called me her little baby,.."come on Jenny tell me what it is you want"...I moaned with pleasure..."oh mummy...mummy I want to be your little baby girl forever,.. I...I want you dress me up in lots of frilly baby clothes and treat me like a baby girl".I was betraying my innermost feelings and cried out to her that I was her" baby girl "and would do anything she asked. I knew what I was saying,betraying my secret yearning that had remained in my psyche all my life,baring my soul and confessing to "mummy" my sissy desires.Mummy stroked my head and whispered to me that she now understands and every thing will be alright,"her little girl would always be safe and loved".Oh what joy I thought as I pumped my puny tiny penis into her."The thing is Jonathan...sorry I mean that you are my baby.. mummy will need a boyfriend..,...because wives like to feel sexy and obviously will require some attention from a real man from time to time,...and I know you would not object to me taking a lover if you want to be a baby girl"she said in a matter of fact tone .My quickening pace and my soft whimpering groans re enforced what she was saying was true.My desire to be a sissy baby girl created a need for humiliation.".Oh mummy,....pleases dont take a lover..please...mummy I dont want to see a big rough man fuck you with his huge whimpered in her ear .She obviously knew this was all part of my fantasy.

" Jenny ...sshhhhh,I know you want this to happen I have arranged a date with Tim tomorrow, know Tim.. the guy I sometimes work with I have told him all about your sissy dress up games earlier today at lunch,.. soon after I found your baby things, I had to tell someone so I spoke with Carol and Cindy ,..that's before I met up with Tim. They came round here to see for themselves , was Carols idea for me to have lunch with Tim and tell him what a wimp you are.He wants to make love to me,.... and I him fact very much so...and...well,...I have fancied him for ages.He is now aware of your fetish .I ...simply had to show him all the photos of you and he found the one of you with your little Willie poking out of you're nappy and panties very funny,..hilarious in fact,.and the ones with you sucking a dummy and my big vibrating dildo.He said if you want to watch us make love you have to be in your sweet baby clothes...OK .. baby"?He said a beautiful woman like me needs a man and I Simply agreed,telling him how useless you were in bed .We had a right old laugh".This was all too much to take in and my tempo increased until I finally exploded into mummy..."YES MUMMY YES MUMMY YES ...YES I WANT TO WATCH HIM FUCK YOU COS. I'M A BIG SISSY BABY GIRL WITH A TINY BABY COCK".I said really getting into my fantasy".

"Awwwww dats.. wite ... sweety,.. mummy needs a real man,.....a real man with a big thick cock..... like Tim is supposed to have,...poor baby you're just too small for mummy"she softly spoke in a maternal voice.

The next day,Saturday, Susie was busy getting things ready for her date with Tim.Carol and Cindy were there up stairs in our room choosing an outfit for her occasion,her big night..Finally they selected a short black satin dress with a split up one side,under which she wore some very expensive lingerie bought that morning specially.It consisted of a white silky bra with lace panels and similar matching panties high cut with matching suspender belt and tan coloured stockings with lace tops. I laid there on the bed while she dried her self from her shower and began to put on the underwear.She looked so sexy as she began fastening the stockings to the suspender belt ,"WOW YOU LOOK GREAT" Carol said and began to help her zip up the rear of her dress It was a strange sensation watching my wife get ready to meet another man..Her friends helped with her makeup and hair adding some sexy perfume to the finishing touches.She looked fantastic,..stunning, as hell and I was so jealous that soon she would be meeting another man."You look lovely "Cindy gushed "Tim's goner be so lucky she said excitedly."come on Jenny time to get you ready" my wife said....and self-consciously I was slowly undressed.untill I laid there completely naked before the three women.Laughter and the occasional giggle from them had me in complete embarrassment "Gosh Susie.. he's sooo tiny I have never seen such a small penis on a grown man before"Carol said, almost as if in a state of shock.Cindy openly stated she baby sits a 4 year old whose penis is "bigger".More laughter followed.My hairless body including my genitals was sponged down,my tight little testicles and small penis given maximum attention " as all little baby girls need to be kept very clean" Carol mocked. Then the ladies set about my transformation.Pulling out all my baby clothes from the wardrobe where I once kept my man cloths,dresses in soft pale pink satin and white lace ,some in white satin ,also baby doll nighties in pink chiffon and pale pink satin, matching satin panties in pink,white and cream,.dozens of them,nappies ..lots and lots of plastic panties in pink and clear, frilly ankle socks and finally Susie produced a blonde wig with pony tails complete with pink satin ribbons she had bought that day."Hes got more knickers than me" Carol said.They took it in turns at putting an item of clothing on me. Carol put my nappy on with plastic pants,Cindy chose my favourite panties,pale pink satin with yards and yards of matching lace on the front and rear with a pink satin bow on the waist band in typical sissy baby fashion.She drew the panties up my legs and settled them over my nappy and plastic pants,"there you go precious"she said.Next came my pink satin baby-doll nightie which came almost to the bottom of the panties.It had lots and lots of white lace on the chest,arms and hem with 3 lots of pink and white satin bowes.My wife then rolled on the white ankle socks with pink lace and then finally placed the new wig on me,siting me now at her dressing table to fix it in place .I felt such a fool . Standing facing the full length mirror,my reflection was one of a grown man dressed as a baby girl ,a sissy baby girl.My wife and her two friends clapped and cheered I just went bright red but my little penis was now rockhard in its fluffy nappy.

At 7pm her date arrived to collect her ,Susie came upstairs to give me a kiss on the cheek,"see you soon a good girl for Cindy while mummy is out with her new boyfreind,and.. DONT go playing with your winkie now,not until were back Ok"..,"yeth mummy".Her perfume lingering in the bedroom as she turned on her high heels and walked out to meet her lover. I thought about getting out of the single bed in the spare room where I had been put for the night to get a look at this Tim but decided against it.Cindy was down stairs now on the phone to carol excitedly telling her that Tim had arrived and was" gorgeous a real hunk with a fit body"

They came back sooner than I thought . I heard the deep voice of a man and my wife talking and laughing with Cindy ,and Carol who I heard arrive shortly before, dont know what was so funny but I bet they were having a laugh at my expense I thought to my self.Then I heard my wife say "he's upstairs ..come and meet him ..he's all dressed up for you love".My heart began to beat I was nervous but I was in a situation that I could not escape.Then I could here them all climbed the stairs.... I was now so scared ,anxious at what the night would bring for me in this predicament.Too late now. Finally they were gathered around my bed"Susie and Tim holding hands."There she pretty baby girlie husband ".Susie snatched the duvet away from me ,she wanted Tim to see me in my baby clothes..."OH MY GOD NOW IVE SEEN EVERY THING.....FANCY A BLOKE DRESSING UP LIKE A LITTLE GIRL"he said sniggering."A BABY GIRL"my wife corrected and they all fell about laughing. I tried to cover up my frilly panties with my hands but Susie pushed them away and lifted my nightie up over my belly exposing my frilly pink satin baby panties "dont think he wants you to see his frilly knickers"she told him.

"Better check her nappy" ,she placed a finger into the leg openings on my frillies and plastic pants"oh yes I thought so..hes wet them".She grabbed both pairs of panties and yanked them down my legs to the ankles, my nappy un pinned I was naked before her new boyfriend ,my tiny penis,about an inch long was now fully on show for him to se see.They all laughed together."Poor bastard....that really is small,..looks smaller than on the photos"he said with a huge grin."Doesn't get much bigger"Susie giggled.The two of them, for my benefit began to kiss,his large hands exploring her curvy figure.I'm ashamed to say that seeing how passionately she responded to his touch made my penis rigid and was now sticking up in the air."HE'S GOT AN HARD- ON" Cindy shouted. I tried in vain to hide what little dignity I had ,the two lovers broke free to look down at me ,smiling.".aww does it turn you on see mummy and uncle Tim kissing,..does baby Jenny want to watch us make love on top of our bed"she teased and they laughed some more."How small is he,..I ..mean..have you ever measured him Susie?Carol asked."I think he's about 3 inches fully erect,..get the tape measure Cindy from my dressing table, fact why dont you do the measuring...I'm sure he will like that? .She placed the tape measure along side my now painfully erect manhood ,her small soft hands touching the head of my cock as she read out the measurement...mmm I make that just 3 inches like you said..Not exactly a mans penis"Cindy said with a look of complete sorrow.."How about yours" my wife said turning to Tim.He did not object and I was soon to find out why.Susie unbuckled his trousers and they fell to the floor,his white lycra underpants were not doing a good job of hiding at what lay beneath.With hands that slightly trembled my wife carefully peeled down his briefs to his thighs,his erection sprang out ,all very long, thick and veiny oozing pre cum on the tip of a very swollen purple head."OOHHH...MY.. GOD..YOUR ENOURMOUS".Carol and Cindy stood there staring open mouthed in total shock. At the huge penis."ITS A MONSTER" Cindy shouted in disbelief .Susie placed the tape measure along side the massive shaft"almost 9 inches" she finally stated eyes firmly fixed on the erect manhood,her fingers could barely meet around the girth it was so thick."Now that's a mans penis"she gleefully stated. I could not take my eyes off it.NO...NO....NO....MUMMY... HES TOO BIG...HE WILL HURT YOU.....PLEAEEESE DONT SLEEEEP WITH HIM....PLEASEE..MUMMY HES TOO BIG"My pathetic attempts to change her mind were futile.Do me a favour Tim...I would like you to put my husband across your knees and give him a good spanking..its time he learnt theres gonna be some changes around here".NO....NO...PLEASE DONT".I was taken out of bed and placed onto the floor.A fresh nappy was replaced and my plastics and frillies put back into place.Tim did not want me to pee on his legs he told Susie.The big strong muscular man then hauled me over his lap,pulled my nappy and panties to the side exposing one of my bottom cheeks and gave me a right spanking while my wife and her friend looked on -bemusedly.WHACK......WHACK....WHACK,.."tell every one what you are" my wife said WHACK....I'm ...I'm ..sissy baby girl..mummy,.WHACK....please tell him to stop"WHACK....WHACK,..."SHUT IT YOU LITTLE SISSY" he hissed .My back side was stinging red..After my spanking I was made to crawl into mummies bedroom and made to wait.Carol before parting company whispered in mummies ear "you lucky devil...I want all the juicy details tomorrow!". Cindy said she would stay the night.Susie and her lover finally came to bed a short time later.They began to frantically tear at each others clothes until she was just stood there in her underwear.His hands caressed her bottom and pussy through her panties making her wet, the gusset clearly showing a damp patch in the white silky fabric,her nipples erect through her bra,his own penis tenting out in his briefs showing a tell tale spot of pre-cum.They were locked in a passionate kiss open mouthed facing each other .I was knelt down beside them close to the bed.Soon they were naked and he picked her up in his powerful arms and laid her on the bed.He went down on her making her moan loudly flicking at her swollen clitoris with his tongue.She returned the favour taking the long thick shaft into her mouth but barely getting much more than the head of his penis into her mouth as she greedily sucked him,her hands gripping his large girth I picked up the silky nylon panties and held them to my face breathing in her moist love juice,They looked at me and my wife with wicked smile took her panties from me and stretched them over my head so that they were positioned with the gusset over my mouth and nostrils .Taking the dummy that was fastened around my neck with ribbon she pushed it into my mouth.The aroma was intoxicating and I became increasingly turned-on at this humiliation .Laying on her back he took her long lightly tanned legs and placed them over his broad shoulders then my wife guided the over sized penis to the entrance of her lubricated pussy,"be careful.... you're very big..I'm not used to any thing this size",slowly he sunk his shaft into my darling wife,feeding each inch into her".God Susie you feel tight....relax".she winced in discomfort never having experienced such dimensions before.Her face contorted in pain then pleasure as he slowly humped her, long deep penetrating strokes until he was finally grinding his pubic bone against hers.She began to sob as she felt years of sexual frustration dissapear.The joy on her face. The lust in her face .She began to whimper,her clitoris being pulled from its hood and stimulated because his girth stretched her labia open wide .I was less than a foot away seeing this sexual display by the two lovers."Take out your Dick Jenny" she said in an almost out of breath state "and wank it for mummy and uncle Tim".Pulling my erection free I did as was told and slowly masturbated my cock with finger and thumb I was in total awe at the sexual display before me...I was so aroused ,my cock aching .By this stage Tim began to piston his huge cock into her ,quickening his pace,his heavy balls slapping against mummies bottom,the head board began to thump loudly against the wall .She bucked upwards to meet his thrusts,squelching noises coming from her now heavily lubricated and devastated pussy..."OOOOOHHH AAAAGGRRRHHH.........GODD .....THATS SOOO DEEP ...AAAGGGRRHHH...AAGGRRHHH...MMMMMM..OHH...OHHH ..AHHHH....FUCK ME!..DONT......EVER STOP.... LOVE,....IVE NEVER FELT ANY THING LIKE THIS BEFORE...DONT STOP.....FASTER.....FASTER....OOOHHHH.....AAAGGGHHHH...MMMMM....YOUR SO MUCH BIGGER AND BETTER THAN MY HUSBAND,....YOU TOUCH THE PARTS HE SIMPLY CANT REACH....IM GONNA CUM....AGHHHH."This was all too much for me and my baby liquid shot out onto my satin and lace baby knickers.His penis was now just a blur as he slammed it into her poor pussy .His penis now glistening with her juices.Her legs tightly clamped around his shoulders her toes curled,red painted finger nails clutching his buttocks,her eyes tightly closed and her mouth open,tears began to roll down her cheek now uncontrollably sobbing and moaning more vocally,She clamped her mouth on his shoulder to muffle her cries. She had never made those sounds when I made love to her.She looked so passionate, a sexy woman lost in total ecstasy.Tim with his face buried into the pillow began to grunt as mummy was now taking the full length of his cock deep into her womb her pussy gripping the thick slimy shaft,it stretched her pussy and probably spoilt it forever. I thought to my self.what she must be experiencing,imagining the large organ hitting her cervix..He fucked her and fucked her,mummies knees level with her chest and his , she moaned as her orgasm approached, his cock pummelling her drenched cunt and then cried out as pangs of ecstasy throbbed through her swollen aching clit!...AAAAAGGGHHHHHH his merciless battering of mummies pussy continued like some kind of pile- driver,such stamina.He drove his weapon harder and harder into the depths of her devastated slit,mummy grunted some more and panted with every thrust of his over-sized ravaging pole.Suddenly he began to groan and mummy took this as the cue that he was about to orgasm and shoot his load of seed deep into her womb.She held onto her lover. Her own body began to shake as she erupted into a full blown multiple orgasm,her first ever -frown lines appearing on her forehead, her mouth fully open.OHH...YES....YES....AAGGRRRHH....YES...YES....YES,...IM CUMING ...IM CUMING....MMMMMMMM...her face now flushed red..She dug her nails into his flesh encouraging him to keep fucking her until she had every last drop of his spunk I could not believe my wife talking like this.Her fanny muscles began to contract with her orgasm, squeezing his cock until he finally erupted,...his guttural snorts and grunts of satisfaction has his giant cock spasmed in unison with mummies own contractions.He continued to empty his heavy balls,mummy using the muscles and vaginal lips of her cunt to drain him completely dry.Eventually the frenzied fucking subsided and mummy lay there crying and sobbing into his manly hairy chest telling him that it was the best fuck she had ever had,not caring that I was right next to them .I felt completely broken at what I had just witnessed but stangely excited and totally humiliated knowing I could never compete with Tim in the bed room .I was sent back to my own bed,a few minutes passed when mummy came in to tuck me in.To hide her modesty she wore a new pair of white satin panties with elasticised lace on the legs and waist. I had worn those very ones with out her knowlege,wanking my tiny cock into them.She had put on her short dressing gown ..

"Every things gonna be fine johna...I mean Jenny."She looked so sexy,her long dark brown hair now dishevelled and with a radiant glow about her pretty face, I looked at her breasts through the opening of her dressing gown then between her legs at the sodden patch of her panty gusset where their juices were mixed,she saw me looking and replaced the panties she had put over my face earlier with the wet spunky ones ,peeling them off and stretching them into place over my nose,"you want mummies soaking knickers...dont you"?".here you are baby".The pungent smell hit my nostrils as Tim's spunk made contact.They were soaking..but yes I did want them.

I awoke the next morning very early to the sound of my wife being fucked,her moans and the bed squeaking and banging kept me awake.Ijust sucked on my dummy while they finished their grown up activity . Later I heard Tim leaving and susie came into my room to check I was ok.After seeing my nappy was dry she invited me into her bed."Tim wants you to clean me up before I take a shower,if you dont he will give you another spanking OK darling" .I readily accepted I did not want that again. The room smelled of sex and the evidence was plain to see, the white cotton sheet displaying their bodily fluids. I cleaned his goo from her swollen ,puffy vagina the salty taste on my tongue.Then she said because I had been a "good little girl"

"I could "make love to mummy"My puny penis easily slipped into her very wet pussy much more easily than ever before and as I laid on top of her I pumped my rigid organ into her.Mummies face was expressionless as my baby manhood went in and out of her,occasionally slipping completely out,"Poor baby...jennies little penis is no good to mummy any more now she has a new boyfriend,dont worry I still love you...I will never leave you,Tim and I have come to an arrangement,..we will see each other a couple of times a week,...just for sex that's all....ok.. sweety".."Yeth mummy" I said getting into the role "I want to be your baby girl forever,.... I want to see you and uncle Tim fuck in our bed cos. I'm just a big sissy baby girl with a tiny penis... too small for my lovely wife. I want to be totally dominated and humiliated by you and your lover and if I'm a naughty baby girl I know uncle Tim will spank me like the sissy wimp that I am".."Good because Carol and Cindy will baby sit for me from now on.You will be a permanent baby girl..,all your frilly baby clothes will be washed and then dried on the washing line so every body will know your little secret....understood?"...yeth...yeth mummy" my little penis now almost ready to release its load into her sloppy over-stretched pussy."And all the sweet little baby photos have been put some where safe in case you get any ideas...ok"....".yeth be a good little girl"My three inches now banging into her well used slit.she grabbed the waistband of my plastic pants and satin panties,slipping my baby doll up my back to get extra penetration,"I CANT FEEL YOU ....I CANT FEEL YOU AT ALL BABY...SO...SO.SMALL.I quickened my pace,the plastic and satin rubbing together making a rustling noise as I shot my baby juice into by beautiful wife /mummy then I realised that the bedroom door was slightly ajar and Cindy was standing there with a huge grin on her young pretty face,she had seen and heard everything,what the hell...I deserved it!

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