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Part 1

My name is Laura. I married my husband James when we both very young. We had a relatively normal marriage for the first year or so. We role played occasionally, James being the submissive and me, of course being dominant. We were both naturals at those positions. I loved being waited on, tying him to our bed and teasing him, and he loved groveling at my feet and being controlled by me.

It wasn't until I came home from work early one day that both of our lives changed forever. James had stayed home sick and I left work around 10:00 AM to surprise him with a little "role playing". I entered the house as quietly as possible and tip toed up to our room. The door was open I peeked in, and there, to my utter shock was my James, dressed in my panties, stockings and garter belt, he was sitting at the computer.

I then cleared my throat, you know the way you do, when you want to get someones attention. You should have seen James jump up and start trying to explain. He was just making a lot of noise as far as was concerned, all I did was stare in complete shock. It was then that I noticed what he was doing on the computer.

At first I was relieved to see just words, there were no pictures of animals or gay men, just words,he was reading. I began to sternly question what the hell he was doing in my underwear. He tried to explain that he wasn't gay or anything like that and that it just turned him on to wear women's underwear. At that point I had enough of him, I told him to go into the bathroom and get changed into his clothes and that we would discuss it later. He obeyed and I sat down to see just what he was reading, that's when I went back to being completely shocked.

James was reading a story about a wife who forced her husband to dress as a woman, even more importantly as a maid, and work as her slave. He did all the chores around the house, the cooking, the cleaning, he gave her hour long massages, ran her baths, dressed and undressed her, you name it he did it. I knew we had role played, but was this what James wanted, to be dressed as a maid and be my slave full time.

The more I read the more I realized I was getting very turned on. That's when I decided that it didn't matter what James wanted this is what I wanted. I got up from the computer and went down stairs, my heart was racing; could I really turn my husband into a sissy maid? First I knew I had to get James to voluntarily go along with this. I went back upstairs and called him into our room, he nervously entered I could see that he was visibly shaken by being caught in my underwear.

I pretended to very upset, almost crying, how could you do this, I asked, I can't believe you've been doing this behind my back. Don't you love me? That's when he began saying sorry over and over, I waited for those magic words. Then, he said it, Laura I'm sorry I swear I'll never do it again, please believe me "I'll do anything" if you just forgive me. Anything? I asked. That's when the training of my sissy slave began.

I started very slowly, just making him do the dishes after dinner and vacuuming. I then began to write up to do lists for him. Do laundry, scrub bathroom, do dishes, ETC.ETC whenever his chores were not done correctly, I would spank him with a wooden hair brush, not too hard just enough to let him know I was in control. I could tell by his constant erections he was enjoying this is little too much.

I could see it was time to take the next step. So I ordered him a sissy maid outfit, It was pink with white lace, it came with a corset and a matching petticoat to fluff up the hem, it also had matching pair of pink sissy panties, stockings and garter belt. I then purchased a lovely pair of 5" white shoes, a blond whig and finally a white slave collar and leash, white wrist and ankle cuffs. I also purchased some things for me, a riding crop, a long rattan cane a couple of paddles, some whips of various sizes, a large pink ball gag and a medium size cage.

I hid all of these things from James. Then one time when he was massaging my back I began telling him how I loved the way he obeyed my every wish and that I would never want to go back to the way our lives were. He then stopped massaging me, I turned my head around and asked, do you have a problem with that? He shyly said no. That's good because you have a lot more to learn about being a slave. I think that your training will begin today.

Do you understand? yes he said. I sat up and slapped his face. You will address me as Goddess or Goddess Laura, is that understood? yes Goddess Laura, he answered. I then told him how silly he looked doing all the chores in his jeans and tee shirt. I ordered him up stairs to "my" bedroom. Once there I ordered him to remove his clothes,I then began to take out his new outfit, the look on his face was priceless.

I'm not wearing that he said. His words said no but his pathetic little erection said yes. I approached him and gently stroked his face and said isn't this what you want, it will be like your story, I then whispered I know you want it. He was shaking now, this I felt was the hardest part of our new life, getting my sissy to admit that he's a sissy. He finally agreed to "give it a try". I began by telling him to put on his panties, I then helped him with his stockings and garter. You look so pretty, don't you feel better wearing you own pretty underwear I said.

Yes goddess was his reply. I then ordered him to turn around and face the corner. It's time for your corset I said, he turned and faced the corner, I began lacing it up, I only tightened it about 3/4 of the way, I didn't want my sissy to be too uncomfortable.... yet. I then put the dress, shoes, whig and finally the collar,and cuffs, I saved the ball gag for later. You look so sexy, it is going to be much more fun to see you doing all of your chores looking like this, don't you agree James... You know, I said you don't look like a James any more I think from now I'll just call you sissy, is that ok with you sissy? Yes goddess was "HER" reply.

Oh! I almost forgot, lets get you seated in front of my mirror so I can put your makeup on. I started with foundation, mascara, dark black eyeshadow and bright red lipstick. You look like quite the slut I said. I think its time to start your training. I stood up and walked to the other side of my bedroom, walk over to me sissy, she trooded over, more like a mule than a proper sissy maid. I can see where your training needs to start, you walk like an animal. I went into my closet and took out the lead, riding crop and cane I held them up so sissy could see them and said you know, to encourage your training.

I attached the leash to her collar and lead her towards the basement. Once in the basement I remove the lead attached a 10' chain to sissy's collar and attached that to a loose piece of rope that was tied to one of the support beams, this would allow sissy to continue walking in circles without having to stop to turn around. I then pinned up the back of her dress and locked her cuffs in front of her, I didn't want anything in the way of her "encouragement".

Walk I ordered, she began walking, or trodding like a mule as before, stop I said, I then walked over an hit her across her bottom with the cane, she began to protest and complain. I looked at her put my hands on my hips and said, you sure are a noisy little slut. I then walked over to the cage, that I covered with a sheet, I pulled the sheet off and asked her, how do you like your new home sissy. I then acted surprised as I reached inside and said, oh isn't this sweet, someones left you a house warming present.

I pulled out the ball gag and walked over to sissy and said open up, she of course did and then I tightly locked it in place. No struggling or fighting, she just let me lock it in place. In fact everything I had done to her up to this point she had just allowed me to do. It was the most pathetic thing I had ever seen, you see, she needed to be "forced" to do this and now that she was bound and gagged, in her little mind she was being forced to act like a girl, even though she had volunteered for all of it, it was really pathetic.

It was now time to get back to her training, once the gag was in place I walked behind her and caned her bottom hard 5 times. All she could manage were a few muffled whimpers. I the said, now pay close attention, I'm going to show you how to walk in heels. You see sissy, take small steps, one foot in front of the other oh! and don't forget to sway your bottom back and forth, I want you to look sexy, you never know who might see you and I want you to be impressive.

Needless to say this put a most fearful look on sissy's face, all I could do was burst out laughing. Walk I ordered, she tried and tried but continued to fail, I could see this was going to take awhile. After about an hour and about 75 smacks with both the cane and crop I decided that I needed a break. I don't know about you sissy, but I sure could use a break. I uncuffed her hands and removed the chain from her collar, I then unpinned her dress and began to straighten out the hem I then whispered into her ear, while reaching under her dress to confirm what I suspected, sissy I said you are so turned on, I mean, I knew that little sluts like you enjoyed this, But I had no idea you could get so wet.

I walked over to her cage and positioned it so that it was facing the corner, I then walked back over to sissy and attached her leash I led her over to the cage swung open the door and said, in you go. She looked puzzled so I explained it to her nicely. Sissy, this is your new home and whenever you are not in training or you're not serving me you are useless to me, so I'm going to lock you in your cage, is that clear? She let out a few muffled responses, I'll take that as "yes goddess".

I then pulled her leash towards the cage and she began to lower herself to her hands and knees, I led her head in and then removed her leash and told her to continue. Once she was in I locked the door closed, just then my phone rang, I answered it was my girlfriend Karen. I sat on sissy's cage while talking. She said, she was feeling down and asked if James would mind if I would go to lunch and a movie with her?

I asked her to hold on, and asked, sissy, Karen would like to know if you would mind if she and I went out to lunch and a movie together? She let out one of her usual muffled responses and I said to Karen she, uh I mean he said that would be fine. In fact he said, that he could use the alone time. We talked a bit more, she was down, her and her boyfriend a split up about a week ago and a girls day out was just what she needed.

I hung up the phone and walked over to sissy, I told her to spread her legs and I then locked both her ankles to the sides of the cage. I did the same with her hands. I then told her not to go away, that I would be back in a few minutes. I left leaving her alone locked in her cage for the first time. I returned in about ten minutes with a bowl of water and bowl of chopped broccoli and lettuce.

I unlocked the top of the cage and removed sissy's gag, she immediately began to protest I calmly walked away picked the crop I stood in front of her tapping the palm of my hand gently until she stopped whining. Sissy, I said now I know that you new life is a big change for you but, it is your new life and you are going to have get used to it. With that I began to whip her bottom extremely hard, after about 20 smacks, she was sobbingly saying sorry Goddess over and over.

Awww that's ok sissy I now you'll learn sooner or later. I picked the bowl of broccoli and lettuce and placed it in front of her and told her to start eating. This was one of those really fun moments for me, you see sissy HATES raw broccoli and could never even swallow lettuce the few times she had tried. I stood over for a few seconds and smacked her bottom very hard. Any time today sissy, she began eating and with a few more smacks managed to eat it all up.

Don't you thank your Goddess for allowing you to eat? Thank you Goddess Laura was her reply, I hope you liked your vegetables because vegetables, water and slim fast are all your allowed to eat from now on. I then place the water bowl in front of her and locked the top of the cage. I need to go get ready for my lunch date I'll be back in 30 minutes or so, finish your water before I'm back. I then went upstairs to get ready as I was putting my makeup on I started thinking about sissy lapping up her water.

I soon found my hands wandering towards my crotch It only took a few minutes and I had the most explosive climax of my life. wheww!! I thought to myself I'll keep the little slut caged all the time, for that!! I returned to the basement after about 40 minutes. I approached sissy and found the water bowl was empty. I told her that she was a good slut, I then leaned down and un locked her wrist cuffs, you know, looking back at this moment I Think I may have mislead the little slut I think she thought I was going to let her out of the cage while I was out. I'm sure she got over it.

I ordered her to put her hands behind her back, I locked them in place and attached the leash, I then refastened the ball gag in place began to close the top of the cage being careful to feed the end of the leash through the bars. Once closed, I pulled on the leash forcing sissy's arms up towards the top of the cage, I then locked them in place I could tell by sissy's muffled whining, that this was really an uncomfortable position for her. I locked the top of the cage and told sissy that I was going to pick up Karen and that she shouldn't wait up for me.

That I was probably going to be home late and that we resume her training in the morning. I put the sheet back over the cage walked up the stairs, shutting off all the lights as I exited, leaving my sissy slave in complete isolated darkness.

Part 2

My date with Karen went without incident. I arrived home around 2:00 am. I was exhausted, so I went right to bed, without even checking on sissy. I figured the little slut had been down there for about 13 hours, what harm could another 6 or 7 do? I awoke around 9:00 am and decided it was time to see how sissy was doing. I went down in the basement I immediately noticed that something was different. It wasn't that sissy had escaped or anything like that, it was the smell, there was an odor in the air that I just couldn't put my finger on.

I approached sissy's cage and by all of the muffled whining coming from inside, I could tell she was awake. When I removed the sheet I discovered what the odor was, sissy had wet herself and by the looks of the large puddle that was under her cage, it looked like she had done so several times. I calmly began to ask her what happened. Sissy, I asked, Aren't you a big girl? Can't you control yourself, when your goddess leaves you alone for a little while? mmph... mmph was her only reply.

I began telling her how disappointed I was in her, and that she had gotten all of her pretty things all wet. You know sissy, I said, I think that when your services are not required and your in your cage I'm going to put you in diapers! We can't have you soiling yourself every time I leave you alone. Wouldn't that be fun sissy? Sissy let out a few muffled grunts, her face was red with humiliation.

I remembered going to this fetish store one time with a friend before a Halloween Party. I remembered seeing adult diapers, and several other items that I thought would be very useful in training sissy. I decided that sissy and I would do a little "shopping" together. I unlocked both of sissy's ankles and did the same with her wrists. I unlocked the door of the cage and ordered her to get out.

I attached her leash and lead her to a support beam, I locked her collar to the beam and began to remove her soiled clothing. I scolded her the entire time, telling her what a bad girl she had been. Once she was naked, using a 5 foot length of rope, I tied her left wrist to the beam that her collar was currently attached to. I then unlocked her collar and tied her right wrist to another support beam on the other side of the basement.

The whole time I was doing this I was telling sissy, how she had to be punished for being such a bad girl and that 100 smacks should be enough since this was her first time. She began to let out her usual muffled whines. I laughingly told her, oh no sissy, 100 is plenty, after all this is you first offense. I then told her I had to go upstairs and get the rest of my toys and for her not to worry, her punishment would begin as soon as I got back.

I walked away, just as I got to the stairs, I stopped and looked back at her. She had this total look of fear on her face. It was priceless, the little slut was truly scared of what was about to happen to her. I continued up the stairs to get the rest of my toys. I returned 5 minutes later and told sissy it was time to start her punishment. I chose the wooden paddle to start.

I smacked her right cheek hard and she started whining and squirming around. I then smacked the left cheek and sissy had the same response. I alternated from one cheek to another, using the paddles, whips, riding crop and I saved the cane for last 20 smacks. She was crying like a baby before I was finished. I took all of her soiled clothing and put it in the washing machine.

I returned to sissy and told that after her clothes were done, I was going to dress her and take her out shopping. She was still crying and didn't even have the strength to make a sound. I told her I was going upstairs to fix her breakfast and that I would return shortly. I returned with a can of slim fast and removed her gag. She started to tell me how sorry she was for wetting herself and that she would try never to disappoint me again.

I had left the little slut tied up for 20 hours and she was apologizing for wetting herself. I knew, now that she had excepted her new position. I was about to feed her breakfast when I noticed an old box of junk that my mother had given me from when I was a baby. I walked over to the box and took out my old bottle and bib. I returned to sissy and told her how that since she acts like a baby girl that that's exactly how she deserved to be treated.

I poured the contents of the can into the bottle, tied the bib around her neck and pushed it into sissy's mouth. I ordered her to start sucking. She started to suck. I could tell that it was going take some time for her to finish, I pulled some boxes over and propped the bottle up, taping it in place to insure that it did not fall off. I told sissy that had to go get ready and that she should have her bottle finished before I returned if she didn't want to receive any more punishment.

I went upstairs and showered, dressed and put on my makeup. I again had one of the most explosive orgasms that I had ever had. Having a sissy slave was doing wonders for my sex life. I went back to the basement, put sissy's clothes in the dryer returned upstairs without saying a word to her. I went outside and pulled my mini van into the garage. I removed the second and third row of seats and went back to the basement to prepare sissy for her day out.

I dressed her in all of her sexy clothing and attached her leash and lead her up to my bedroom to apply her makeup. Once I was done I told sissy that we had better hurry up, that she had a lot of chores to do when we get back home. I locked her gag on and lead her to the garage. Once we were there and ordered her into the van and told her to get on all fours.

I then spread her ankles had locked them to the hooks on the floor. I then locked her arms behind her back and locked her collar to another hook in the floor, she was now bound in place and was about to go out in public. It was only about a 10 minute drive to the store but it must have seemed like hours for sissy. She was obviously nervous. I noticed every time I hit the brakes that sissy's face would slam into the floor, needless to say I made a few more stops than necessary.

We arrived at the store and I told sissy that I'd be right back. I returned shortly and opened the side door of the van. I unlocked sissy's ankles and placed a short chain to each cuff, this forced her to take tiny steps in order to move. I then removed her collar and started leading her into the store. The entrance to the store was very secluded so there wasn't any chance of being seen.

When we entered I walked sissy to the sales girls, there were 3 of them. Nancy an older woman probably about 50. Traci, a short redhead in her early 20's and Barbara, a tall blond in her early 40's. None of them were gorgeous by any means but there was something about each one that made them very sexy. I introduced sissy to the women as if I had known them for years, even though I had just met them. When I went in the store alone I made sure that it would be OK to bring sissy in looking the way she did.

The lady's informed that it was a pretty common practice at there store and that they would assist in sissy's training any way they could. After they all said hello to sissy and told her how pretty she looked, I told them about sissy's first night alone and about how she had wet herself. I asked if they could show me some diapers. Nancy took the lead and pointed towards an area with about 10 different types of diapers.

She led us over, I tugged sissy's leash and she followed, with Traci and Barbara close behind. Nancy began holding up samples and I asked Traci if she would mind holding sissy's leash while I looked at them. She eagerly grabbed the leash, I could tell this was beyond humiliating for poor sissy. I chose a very large disposable diaper and several large pairs of sissy panties that would easily cover the diaper.

Barbara asked if I needed anything else, I told her that I wasn't sure but was definitely open to suggestions. She then lead me over to an area that all types of enema supplies. She informed that an enema can be useful both as a type of punishment and also was a good way to insure that sissy would be clean, you know, just in case. I had forgotten all about sissy, who at this time was providing loads of entertainment for Traci.

Traci was asking her, how it felt to be transformed into a girl?, was she being forced to dress this way and did she like it?, all sissy could do was respond with inaudible grunts and moans, Traci was laughing hysterically. Barbara suggested that I get a 2 quart enema bag for starters and then suggested that I get what's called a dual retention enema nozzle.

She explained that once inserted, you used the bulbs to pump up both the inside and out. She said you can then open the valve and poor sissy would have to wait for someone to deflate it before she would be able to release it, she said, it was quite painful and an excellent training tool. I of course had to purchase it. I also purchased a strap on, you know, just in case.

Some large baby bottles, a few adult sized baby dresses, a blindfold, some bondage mittens to immobilize sissy's fingers and hands and sissy's new bed, a large iron adult crib. It had a locking top and tons of eye bolts throughout, so I could tightly bind her inside. Nancy told me that the crib could be set up this afternoon and that it normally took about an hour or so, to do so.

The lady's told sissy that she was very lucky to have an owner who would spend all this money on her. Nancy said, that they could not wait to see her in her new crib, if that's OK with you Laura? I would love it, why don't you ladies stop over in the morning before opening the store, they all eagerly agreed. I then wrote my address down and we discussed what time would be best.

I tied sissy back in the van and we headed home. I stopped at a drive thru for some lunch. I ordered 2 burgers, an order of fries and a large coke for me and a salad and water for sissy. When the food came I parked in a mall parking lot. I went into the back and undid sissy's gag and placed the salad in front of her. To my surprise she immediately started eating.

I ate also, making a point to tell sissy how good my burger and fries were. I told her when she finished eating she could have some water. After about 10 minutes she was done. I then poured the water into the salad bowl, all of the tiny pieces, that sissy didn't eat floated to the top. I could not help but laugh as she lapped it all up. Once we arrived at home I removed sissy from the van.

I informed her that she needed to remove the bed from the spare bedroom, that her crib was going to be set up in there. I led her upstairs and she got to work removing the spare bed. Before she had finished, Nancy from the store called, she informed me, that sissy's crib would be arriving at 4:00 pm. I told sissy that her bed would be here in a few hours, so she'd better get started on her housework.

First I had clean up her mess in the basement, then the daily duties that were now her responsibility, the laundry, the dishes, the vacuuming and the general cleaning of my home. I then attached sissy's leash and lead her into the spare room. I removed all of her sissy clothing and replaced it with a very pretty, pink baby dress. I ordered to get on all fours and lead her towards the dresser.

I told her to face away from the dresser and then tied her feet to the legs. I tied her hands behind her back and then looped a long piece of rope through her ankle cuffs and tied it tightly to her collar. This forced sissy's head toward the ground and would keep her from moving around while I performed her first enema.

I went to get the supplies, I followed the instructions, they were quite simple. I filled the enema bag with warm soapy water, attached the tubing and the nozzle. I attached the bag to the curtain rod and lubed sissy's rear with some KY. I inserted the nozzle into sissy's bottom and the began pumping of the retention balloons. Once I was done, I tugged on the nozzle and was surprised that no matter hard I pulled, it wasn't moving at all.

I told sissy to get ready and then undid the clamp, allowing all of the soapy water to enter inside of her. She jumped a little, when it started, then she had a look like she was enjoying it. That look soon disappeared, as the cramping set in she started making loud muffled grunts into her gag. I knelt down next to her and told her to relax, soon the men would be here and her crib would be set up and then I could put her in her diaper and put her to bed for the night.

I then told her the men would be here in about an hour and Nancy said it would take an hour to set up. Do you think you can hold it for 2 hours, well if you can't you have my permission to relieve yourself whenever you want, this was of course impossible with the retention device in place. I walked away leaving sissy to suffer alone. The men arrived and I lead them into the spare room to show them where the crib was being set up.

They immediately noticed poor sissy tied on the ground, how could they not notice her, the poor slut was sweating and grunting uncontrollably. I excused myself from the men and walked over to sissy. I told her that she needed to be quiet so that, excuse me gentlemen, what are your names? They introduced themselves as Bob and Steve.

I then introduced them to sissy. This is the little slut that you're setting the crib up for. I told them to please forgive sissy for being so noisy, that she's just really exited about having her crib set up and can't wait to be put down for the night. Bob and Steve only took about 45 minutes to set up the crib. I told sissy to thank them for putting her bed together for her.

She just continued to moan into her gag. Bob and Steve said good bye to sissy and it was time for me to get sissy ready for bed. I unlocked her ankles from the dresser and untied the rope from her collar. I told her to lay on her back so I could put on her diaper and the rest of her bedtime attire. I managed to put her diaper on without removing the enema nozzle. I put the bondage mittens on her and then told her, I was going to remove the nozzle but she was not allowed to relieve herself until I gave her permission again.

I lead sissy towards her crib, lowered the side and told her to climb in. This was very difficult, she was trying to hold in all the soapy water and get into her crib at the same time, it was quite comical. Once inside I locked her ankles in place and then locked her wrists at her side. I then attached 2 small chains to her collar locking them on both sides of her head.

I placed her blindfold on her head. She was completely immobile. I locked the top of the crib and then told sissy she had permission to do her business. She immediately expelled all of the liquid and whatever else was in her bowels. I laughed out loud and told sissy that I would see her in the morning. Nighty night sissy, I said as I closed the door. Leaving her to spend the night in the mess she had made.

Part 3

I awoke early the following morning and went and checked on sissy. As I approached her crib I mockingly asked, how she slept and if she was ready to entertain her visitors that were coming to see her today? She just mumbled into her gag. I explained that I was going to change her and then give her another enema while she ate breakfast. I unlocked the top of her crib, removed her blindfold, removed her dirty diaper and cleaned her up. I then prepared her enema.

I inserted the nozzle and inflated both balloons, to insure that it would stay in place. I then unclasped the valve and the warm water began to flow into sissy's bottom. I then told her to stay in her crib while I went downstairs to prepare her breakfast. I had barely turned around to leave and the little slut was already moaning uncontrollably into her gag, I just laughed as walked out of the room.

When I was downstairs Nancy called my cell phone and said that Her and Traci would be over in about an hour and that Barbara wouldn't be able to make since the three of them decided that one of them needed to open the store at 9:00 am and that they had drew straws and poor Barbara had lost. I told Nancy that I felt bad that Barbara would not be able to see sissy but I was glad that her and Traci would be able to stay longer to play with her.

I returned after about 10 minutes with a large baby bottle filled with slim fast. Sissy was really moaning and sweating now, I leaned over the railing and told her that as soon as she was done with her bottle that I would put a diaper on her and allow her to relieve herself. I removed her gag and before she could protest, shoved the bottle into her mouth. She began sucking immediately. I told her that she was being a very good girl and that if she continued to behave that maybe I would allow her to lick me to an orgasm.

I held her bottle in her mouth the entire time she drank it. It took her 15 minutes to finish and I gently patted her head and told her what a good little slut she was. I put a fresh diaper on her and slowly deflated her enema nozzle I told her that she was allowed to relieve herself which she immediately did. I then removed her dirty diaper and replaced it with a fresh one. I replaced sissy's gag and blindfold, I then made sure that she was secured tightly in her crib.

I told her that I was going down stairs to eat and that I would let her know when the ladies arrived. I left her alone and went down stairs and made coffee and eggs for breakfast. I had just finished when I saw a car pull into the driveway I went and opened the front door very slowly, I wanted to surprise sissy. I stepped out very quietly and met the Nancy and Traci outside. I explained that we needed to be very quiet because I wanted to sneak up on sissy and surprise her.

We went upstairs making sure to be completely silent. As we approached the door I noticed that sissy was thrusting her hips forward. She could only move them about 5 inches but the little slut was humping her diaper. I put my finger over my lips to insure Nancy and Traci would be completely silent. We walked over to sissy's crib and she continued humping, she had no idea that were there. It took the little slut about 5 minutes and then sissy's face tightened up and she began to let out little muffled grunts into her gag.

In unison Nancy, Traci and I all applauded, poor sissy began to let out a series of muffled grunts into her gag. I asked sissy just what the hell she thought she was doing and that I did not recall giving her permission to have an orgasm. Nancy said that if sissy was hers, she would purchase a 24/7 chastity belt for her. I inquired as to what she was talking about. She explained that she had a friend that sold and installed several different chastity belts.

She said that once installed it was impossible for a male to achieve orgasm. She explained that the 24/7 stood for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and that once installed it was permanent and could only be removed by the key holder. I told her that I was very interested and that I felt that a chastity belt would very valuable in controlling sissy. She then proceeded to make a phone call as she excused herself and exited the room.

I started to tell sissy the "good news", sissy, I said you're going to be getting a new present. One that will stop you from having embarrassing moments like humping yourself to orgasm in front of three ladies. I then removed sissy's gag and told her to say sorry for humiliating herself in front of Traci. She told Traci how sorry she was for humping her diaper and asked Traci to forgive her.

Traci couldn't contain her laughter, she laughingly told sissy, that she would have to think it over and discuss with me to see just what punishment was in order. Just then Nancy walked in. I explained how sissy had just apologized to Traci for embarrassing herself in front of us earlier. Nancy told me that sissy didn't have to bother saying sorry to her. That she had just talked to her friend Greg and he was going to stop by in an hour to show me some belts and if I chose to purchase one he could install it today.

Sissy begged me not to put a chastity belt on her, she said, she would never have an orgasm without permission. I told sissy that, she had no choice and that she was never going to have another orgasm again and that the belt would just make it easier on her and more importantly me. Traci then excused herself to use the bathroom and Nancy and I untied sissy and began dressing her.

We had just finished pulling her panties over her diaper and were about to put her gag on, when Traci called out and asked if I could get her a roll of toilet paper. Nancy and I looked at each other and it was obvious that we were both thinking the same thing. Nancy went to talk to Traci, she returned in less than a minute with a huge smile on her face. Sissy, I said, Traci needs you to crawl into the bathroom and lick her clean.

You're going to be Traci's toilet paper, in fact from now on you're going to be the only toilet paper in the house, is that clear? Sissy just said, yes Goddess Laura. Sissy crawled into the bathroom and Traci spread her legs as she was sitting on the toilet. Sissy went lift her face to Traci and start licking. Traci closed her legs and asked sissy, don't you think you should be begging me to be my toilet paper? Sissy said yes Traci. I asked Traci to not let sissy get started, I went to get the riding crop.

I returned and told sissy that she was going to be punished for addressing Traci by her first name. I told her that she was to address any woman in my house as Mistress first and then her first name and any man as sir first and then his first name. I then gave sissy's bottom 20 strokes. I then told sissy that it was OK to beg Traci to be her toilet paper. Sissy then said, please Mistress Traci, may I be your toilet paper. Traci looked at Nancy and I and said, I think the little slut really wants to do it. OK sissy, Traci said you may lick me clean. She spread her legs again and sissy started licking.

I told sissy, it looks like we finally found a use for you. Traci, Nancy and I all laughed at once. Traci then said, that's enough slut. She then stood up and turned around, spread her ass cheeks and said you may continue now. Sissy begged us not to make her clean Traci's ass. I walked over and told sissy, I said toilet paper, you didn't think I just meant pee did you? I then gave sissy's bottom another 20 strokes of the crop and ordered her to beg Traci to lick the shit out of Traci's ass.

Sissy was sobbing from the spankings she had received, she began to beg Traci to clean her ass. Traci spread her ass cheeks and told sissy that she may begin. Sissy hesitantly started licking Traci's ass. Traci told sissy that when she's done she may stop. After about a minute sissy stopped and said, I'm done Mistress Traci. I then handed Traci a napkin and told her that she better check and make sure that the slut did a good job.

She wiped her ass a couple of times and held up the napkin showing Nancy and I a small brown stain. I took the napkin from Traci and shoved it in sissy's mouth. I ordered her to eat it, as I started smacking her ass. I stopped at about 40 smacks. I told sissy that in the future before she told one of my guests that she was done being their toilet paper that she'd better make sure that she had licked them properly.

I told sissy to swallow her snack and then attached the leash to her collar and lead her out of the bathroom. Just then, the door bell rang, I handed the leash to Traci as Nancy and I went to answer the door. It was Nancy's friend Greg. He was a gorgeous man, he was about 6 feet tall, 190 pounds and very muscular. Nancy introduced me to Greg, and explained the situation to him. Greg left a very large suitcase he was carrying by front door and the three of us went upstairs.

Sissy was on her knees with Traci standing over her holding her leash. Sissy was licking Traci's shoes. I asked Traci if she would mind if sissy stopped cleaning her shoes so we Nancy, her and I could pick a belt for sissy. I put sissy's ankle and wrist cuffs on her. I locked her hands behind her back, locked her ankles together, I then ran a piece of rope from her wrists to her ankles and pulled it tightly, forcing her wrists ankles to come together in a hogtie position.

I then tied her collar to the bedpost to insure she would stay put. I introduced Gregg to sissy and told sissy to thank Greg for helping her to not to humiliate herself. Sissy said thank you "sir" Greg. Very good Sissy, I said, you remembered your training, I guess all those slaps on your bottom are starting to pay off. Greg approached sissy, he said, she looks pretty good, In fact I'd swear she was a girl, if I wasn't for her body hair. He then cuffed sissy's chin and told her how sexy she looked all bound on the floor. Sissy face was fire engine red with embarrassment.

Traci said, look how embarrassed she is. I told Greg to forgive sissy, you know how girls get when they're attracted to a handsome man. We all started laughing as we went down stairs. It only took 5 minutes for me to pick out sissy's chastity belt. I chose one that had 2 inch metal tube that was attached to 3/4 inch wide metal ring that locked around sissy's balls. Attached to the ring were 2 thigh attachments, that locked to both of sissy's thighs. The end of the tube was then locked to a belt, that went around sissy's waist. Gregg told me that it was impossible for sissy to achieve an erection or an orgasm while wearing the belt.

I asked him couldn't sissy just hump herself to an orgasm like she did when she was in her crib? Greg showed me, what is now my favorite feature of the belt. It had an attachment, that when removed allowed several tiny spikes to pop up inside the tube. Greg informed me that most people take out the attachment when their slaves wear left alone for periods of time. Greg then handed me some hair removal cream, He said that he couldn't stand to see a gorgeous woman like me not to have her sissy slave look her best.

I thanked Greg and we all went upstairs to put on sissy's new present. When we got upstairs sissy immediately started begging me not to put the belt on her. I told her that I already purchased it and that Greg did not allow returns. I then untied sissy and told her that she was going to be allowed to have one last orgasm but the only way she would be allowed to cum was by humping Greg's leg. Everyone started laughing, well everyone but sissy she was whining about not wanting to hump Greg's leg.

I walked over and picked up the riding crop and gave sissy about 25 swats on her ass. I then told her to go ask Greg if she would be allowed to hump his leg to an orgasm. Sissy crawled over to Greg and asked, Sir Greg, may I please hump your leg to an orgasm? Greg said, only if you sucking my cock while you're humping. Again the room burst out into laughter. We then all decided that it would best for sissy to suck first. Then, if she did a good job, hump. Sissy crawled over to Greg and started to lick and then suck his cock. I was actually starting to worry about the slut.

Here she was on her knees in front of four people sucking a mans cock and looking like she's really enjoying it. We were all telling sissy to make sure she swallowed every drop when Greg came and how she was going to be punished if she spilled any. After about 5 minutes Greg exploded into sissy's mouth, sissy, to my and everyone Else's surprise she caught every drop. We all told sissy what a good slut she was and how she must of sucked cock before, because no one could be that good on her first try.

I then told her that she could crawl over to Greg and hump his leg. Greg extended his right leg about 5 inches and sissy started humping. We were all telling the little slut to make it a good one because it was going to be last time she'd ever get the chance to cum. Sissy started humping must faster and then finally came into her diaper. Without me saying a word, sissy thanked Greg for letting her hump his leg.

It was now time to cage sissy's pathetic little cock. Greg suggested that we stand her up in front of my bed and tie her arms and legs to the posts. I tied her arms and legs to bedposts and she started begging over and over, please Goddess Laura, don't put my penis into a chastity belt. I picked up sissy's gag and slowly walked over to her. I explained to her that she was a girl and that girls don't have a penis.

Greg politely interrupted me and handed me 2 sleeping pills. he explained that with sissy asleep it would be much easier to install the belt, since must sluts like sissy really want to be kept in chastity and would more than likely get excited when he started to put the belt on her, making it next to impossible to put it on. I shoved the pills into sissy's mouth and told her to swallow. I then tightly locked her gag in place. Greg said that she would be sleeping in about 15 minutes or so and we all turned to go downstairs.

I told sissy to have a nice nap and that when she woke up she could tell me how much she loved her new present. the 4 of us exited the room. Once we were downstairs Nancy began to tell me that she I should put an ad in the paper for sissy to clean houses. She had read once where a wife was making over 6 figures forcing her husband to dress as a sissy maid and renting her out to people to clean their houses. Nancy and Traci told me that they would be interested in paying to have sissy clean both the store and their houses. Greg said that we could get started whenever we wanted, sissy was more than likely asleep by now, so all 4 of us quietly went back upstairs.

Sissy was ready, she was out like a light. I pinned up her dress,lowered her panties and removed her diaper. To my surprise, she was as soft as I had ever seen her. Greg said, the the sleeping pills slowed the body down so much that she couldn't get hard if she wanted to. It only took Greg about 5 minutes to install the belt. he then removed it and had me put it on, it was very easy to do. The tube went over sissy's cock, it then attached to the ring that locked around her balls, the ring then locked into both of the thigh restraints and finally the top of the tube locked to the belt that went around her waist. I then placed sissy's diaper back on, pulled up her panties and lowered her dress.

I untied her and asked if Greg would mind putting her into her crib. Once she was inside Nancy, Traci and I secured her tightly in place. Greg said that he had to leave and that sissy would be up in a couple of hours. I asked Nancy and Traci if they wanted to go out to lunch. They both said yes and all 4 of us left sissy alone. I couldn't wait to see the look on her face when she woke up. I also couldn't wait to talk to Nancy about renting out the little slut to make me money.

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