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Sissy's New Life (Part 4)

I returned home from my lunch date around 5:00 pm. As I approached sissy's crib I mockingly asked, how she liked her new present and if she was ready to start her training to be a full time sissy slut for my friends and anyone else who will pay for her services. I told the little slut that she was going to tell her boss Wendy on Monday that she was quitting work because she needed to devote all of her time to becoming a full time sissy maid for her wife / owner.

This really made sissy nervous, her boss was a very attractive woman, about 35 years old. I further went on to tell sissy that I was going to be writing her resignation letter and she would sign it, without reading it of course. I was then going to seal it in an envelope and that she would not be allowed to know what It said until her boss read it.

It was then that I she finally broke down, she started making her normal inaudible moans into her gag but this time the little slut was balling like a little girl...... I guess if she going to be dressed like a sissy girl I should expect her to behave like one, tears and all. I could not control my laughter, I mockingly told her that she should be thanking me for allowing her to live out her fantasy full time.

I told sissy that I was going downstairs to get a drink and that when I returned I would tell her in detail my plans for our "new" relationship. She was still crying as I walked out of the room. I returned about 10 minutes later and unlocked the top of her crib. I then wiped the tears from her eyes and explained that I was going to remove her gag so we could talk about my plans for the both of us.

I unfastened her gag and blindfold and she immediately began to beg me uncontrollably not to do this to her. I gently put my fingers over her lips and warned her that the next time she acted like a bad little girl she would be punished. I then went on to explain that her "on the job training" would begin after she quit work on Monday. I told her she was going start cleaning Nancy, Traci and Barbara's homes. I said she will cleaning Barbara's on Tuesday, Traci's on Wednesday and Nancy's on Thursday.

At this point she started to complain and began to sob like a little girl again. I calmly leaned over the railing and began slapping her face repeatedly over and over extremely hard. I was gently explaining that she had no choice in the matter and that there was no turning back. I stopped slapping her after a good 15 or 20 slaps to both sides of her face. I then told sissy that I needed to use the ladies room and that I would be right back.

I returned holding my soaking wet panties in my hand. I told sissy that I forgot to remove them before peeing and I asked if she would mind sucking them dry for me, I then stuffed my panties into the sluts mouth, I told her that I had some calls to make and that I would be back in an hour or so, and would finish telling her about our future together. I refastened her blindfold, locked her crib and left her alone again.

I went downstairs to call Nancy, she said that she had made up an add for sissy. She told me she had just finished it and asked if I would like to see it, she said she could be over in about 15 minutes. Nancy arrived right on time and we went into the kitchen to sit down. She handed me the add, it was perfect, it read, "Sissy maid slut for rent" well trained sissy maid slut available for all of you domestic and personal services. Sissy is trained in all aspects of house cleaning.

She also is well trained in oral sex for both men and women. Sissy will be available Monday, September 18, 2006. All forms of punishment are encouraged but no permanent marks. Rates are listed below. $200 an hour for two hours, $175 an hour for three to four hours, $150 an hour for five to six hours or $1000 for 8 hours. Sissy is also available for parties and special occasions. Contact Mistress Laura at ********@******.com.

It was then that I asked Nancy to go upstairs and read it to sissy. I told her to go alone since she was going to have to get used to listening to other woman without me present. Nancy went upstairs and said hello to sissy, she told sissy how excited she was about helping her to become an sissy maid and more importantly a source of income for her owner. She then read to sissy, sissy spit out my panties and began to whine about not wanting to be a full time sissy maid.

Nancy then called out to me and asked if she could punish sissy for talking back to her. I entered the bedroom and noticed that sissy had spit out my panties and was informed by Nancy that sissy had talked back to her. It was then that I handed Nancy the keys to sissy's crib and told her I would go get the whips and enema bag for sissy's punishment.

Sissy began to beg for forgiveness, Nancy told sissy that if we didn't punish her, how would she ever learn?

I returned with the enema bag and whips, I also had the strap on that I had purchased. I unfastened sissy's ankles one at a time and then locked them both together. I then unlocked her wrists and ordered her to turn over. I fastened her wrists behind her back. I then ran a piece of rope through the restraints and looped it through her collar.

I then pulled the rope tightly forcing her wrists up towards her neck. I then ordered sissy to get out of her crib. Once she was out I noticed how soaked her diaper was. Nancy and I began to mock sissy, telling her what a bad little girl she was. Sissy face was bright red embarrassment.

I then removed her diaper, I opened it up and placed it on the floor, I removed sissy's panties and blindfold and ordered her to put her face into her wet diaper.

Sissy reluctantly got down on her knees and slowly placed her face into her pee soaked diaper. Look how quickly she obeyed, said Nancy. It's obvious that she really likes the smell of her own piss. At that point I ran another piece of rope from sissy's ankles to her wrists, I then tied it tightly forcing her into a hogtie position. I took an additional piece of rope and tied it tightly to an i-bolt that I had installed in my ceiling.

Nancy and I began to tell sissy just how pathetic she looked, hogtied in the middle of the floor, with her face in her diaper. I then walked into the bathroom and filled sissy's enema. I hooked the bag to the i-bolt, inserted the nozzle in her bottom and pumped up the retention bulbs. I then told sissy that Nancy and I had some errands to run and that we would be gone for an hour or two.

I explained to sissy that if she was able to suck her diaper dry by the time we returned that she would not receive any punishment for being rude to Nancy. It was then that I opened the valve on her enema bag. within a couple of minutes she was begging me to let her use the bathroom.

I told her that she knew that only big girls and men are allowed to use bathrooms and that since she was just a sissy slut she could only use her diaper and that since she was not wearing a diaper, she would just have to hold it until Nancy or I put her diaper back on. I then stepped on her diaper and told her to give me a kiss good bye. I then removed my shoe and told her to lick the bottom clean. Nancy and I walked out closing the door behind us.

It was at this point that I had decided to let sissy's boss, Wendy in on sissy's little secret. We arrived at Wendy's house and I explained the situation to her. She had a look of utter shock on her face. She told me that she really could not believe what she was hearing but more importantly James (sissy) had several very important reports that were due within the next month and she would be lost if sissy quit now.

I told Wendy that I would make a deal with her. I told her that if she accepted sissy's resignation, not only would sissy turn all her reports on time but that she would also clean her house for free, one day a week for a month. I explained about her training and said that she would probably be ready in about a month. Wendy said she would have to talk with her husband and would call me around 9:00 pm with her response.

I told Wendy that I hoped she would seriously consider my offer. I further told her that she and her husband, if he wanted, would have complete control over sissy and could use her however they saw fit. Nancy and I then said good bye and we went on to our next errand. Our next stop was Greg's house. We knocked on the door and Greg invited us in. He had a couple friends over, he introduced us to Steve and Dave.

Steve was a very attractive white guy, he was around 5' 10'' and in perfect shape, but it was Dave who really caught my eye. He was black, 6' 2'' and a couldn't see an ounce of fat on his body. Greg explained to Dave and Steve, that I was the woman I told you guys about. Dave asked, this is the woman with the cock sucking sissy slave?

He then went on to tell Greg how he fell way short in describing how beautiful I was. Dave then asked me, that since I no longer had a real man if I would consider going out with him some time? I tried to hide just how excited I was, as I told him yes. I told him that I had to get home soon, that I was expecting a very important phone call from sissy's boss.

I gave Dave my number and address and told him to please feel free to call or stop by anytime. I then got down to why I stopped by. I asked Greg if there was a butt plug attachment for sissy's chastity belt. Greg immediately said how sorry he was for not showing it to me when I purchased the belt.

He left the room for a few minutes and returned holding a very small butt plug. Before I could protest about it being too small, he held up a bulb pump, just like the one for sissy's enema bag. He then attached it and began pumping it, it grew to about 6'' long and 3'' around. Greg then told me that since he forgot to offer it to me, that I could have it, no charge.

Dave then approached me, he said that he would love to stop by and show me how to install sissy's new belt. I said that would be perfect and that he could call me tomorrow, around 7:00 am and I would let him know when sissy and I would be back from sissy's job. He said, that would be perfect, as he gently kissed my cheek and said, he was really looking forward to seeing me and sissy tomorrow.

With that, Nancy and I left. We got back to my house around 8:30pm. We entered my room and sissy immediately began begging for us to to let her relieve herself. But sissy Nancy said, you don't have your diaper on, how are you going to relieve yourself, without your diaper?

With that sissy began begging Nancy and and I to put her diaper on. I said first we have to see how good of a job you did on sucking your diaper. I walked over and pulled out her diaper. Sissy, I said, it's still soaking wet, you know what that means, don't you sissy? Sissy began sobbing, yes Goddess, she said, it means that you and Nancy are going to spank me.

Not just spank you sissy, you were very disobedient and I can not have my maid going around mouthing off to my clients. You have to learn that I own you, the same way I own my cell phone, my car, my vibrator, or any thing else that I use in my life. If any of the things I just mentioned didn't work the way I wanted them to, I would just throw them in the garbage or replace them.

Since I cant' throw you out and god knows that there is not another sissy on the planet that is pathetic as you, I surely can't replace you. This of course leaves me no other choice but to punish you, so you learn exactly how to behave the way I want. With that I walked away and returned with a fresh diaper. I unfastened sissy from the ceiling but left her wrists tied behind her back. I began placing her diaper on her when sissy began begging me to please stop, that she wanted to go back to the way our marriage was before.

I turned to Nancy, who was just excusing herself to use the bathroom. Nancy, I said, when you get back can you please find a way to keep sissy quiet while I place a diaper on her. Nancy had huge smile on her face as she walked away. Nancy returned about 5 minutes later, I was hoping that she was going to take awhile, for obvious reasons. Nancy approached sissy and just stood over her looking down at her.

I told sissy that I was going to remove her enema nozzle and put her diaper on and that when I gave her permission, she would be allowed to go relieve herself. Nancy then squatted down on Sissy's face and ordered her to clean her asshole. Sissy immediately began licking and sucking Nancy's ass clean. I removed the nozzle and fastened her diaper in place. Nancy then shifted her ass so sissy could clean her pussy also. After a minute or two Nancy began to moan and grind back and forth on sissy's face.

I had seen enough, I leaned forward and began passionately kissing Nancy. This was the first time that I had ever had any sexual contact with another woman, it felt so perfect though. It only took a couple of minutes and Nancy exploded with a violent orgasm. She was shaking uncontrollably and finally she just went limp in my arms. Nancy regained her composure, I helped her up and she said, that was one of the best orgasms she ever had.

I looked down on sissy and told her she had permission to relieve herself. Nancy and I waited for sissy to finish. I then removed sissy's soiled diaper and along with the pee soaked diaper and disposed of them. I grabbed sissy by her wrists and pushed her towards the bed. I pushed her over the foot of the bed, which allowed her feet to remain on the floor while the upper half of her body was bent over the bed. I ran a rope over her lower back and secured it tightly. I then tied each of her ankles to the bed posts. I then ran a piece of rope through the loop in her collar and again tied it tight.

The little slut was completely immobile. More importantly she was in the perfect punishment position. I sat on the bed and gently began stroking the side of her face. I explained that she was going to beat harder then she's ever been beaten before and that both Nancy and I were going fuck her over and over until we both felt she had learned how to behave.

I then shoved her ball gag in her mouth, locked it in place and put her blindfold on. Nancy had already picked out the riding crop to start with. I chose to start with the wooden paddle. We both positioned ourselves behind sissy. I smacked sissy's ass hard and then Nancy followed, we alternated back and forth until sissy had received about 50 smacks from each of us.

Sissy was moaning and sobbing into her gag, what a surprise!!! Nancy then went and picked up one of the canes, I switched to a nasty little rubber cat of nine tails. We were just about resume, when the phone rang, it was sissy's boss, Wendy. I answered the phone and exited the room. Wendy told me that she and her husband had decided to accept my offer on one condition.

She said that she didn't think that one month was enough. She said that she felt that due to the short notice that sissy should be their maid for three months and that they should also get her each Friday during her training. I told Wendy it was a deal, and that sissy would be in tomorrow to turn in her resignation. I told her that I already written the letter and that I would have sissy sign it and that we would discuss sissy's training schedule tomorrow.

I told Wendy that sissy was currently bound and gagged to my bed and that we would both see her tomorrow. I hung up the phone and returned to my room. Nancy had decided to continue with a different type of torture, she had found one of my vibrators, turned it on to full speed and taped it to sissy's chastity cage. Sissy was moaning and whining uncontrollably into her gag. There was also a lot of liquid dripping from sissy's "pussy"

Nancy had placed a baby bottle under sissy, it already had about two or three ounces of liquid inside of it and there were no signs of it slowing down. We made sure that the bottle was secured and we then resumed with sissy's punishment. We again took turns beating sissy's little ass. I told Nancy that I was going to allow sissy to lick me to an orgasm and that she shouldn't stop until I came.

I positioned myself in front of sissy's face. I removed her gag and blindfold. I told sissy that Nancy was going to continue to spank me until I had an orgasm. So the the length of her spanking was up to her, the better job she did, the sooner her spanking would be over. I pushed my crotch in sissy's face and she immediately started licking, at the same time Nancy began caning sissy's bottom.

We were only about two minutes in and I knew I was going to cum very soon. I gently slid myself back a few inches, just out of reach from sissy.

Nancy continued to cane sissy's bottom extremely hard, I began asking sissy, why she had stopped licking me? This was hilarious, sissy was begging me to move closer so that she could lick me. I tortured the little slut like this for about five minutes, then finally slid forward so she could finish.

I finally came after about five minutes or so. Nancy must have caned sissy's bottom 150 times. Nancy and I then switched places. Nancy an I alternated places for about an hour, we each had several orgasm's and sissy must have received at least 500 smacks. She was crying and begging for Nancy and I to stop. She promised that she would behave from now on and swore she would never disobey or argue again.

I sat on the bed and leaned towards her face, I told her that her spankings were over for now but that she was going to get some training on how to fuck and then how to clean up when she was done. Nancy was already putting the strap on belt on, I told sissy that i wanted to hear her beg Nancy to fuck her in the ass.

Sissy immediately complied, please Mistress Nancy, can you fuck me in my ass? Please!!!!!!, I really want your cock in my ass please!!!!!!!. The little slut was very convincing, I honestly believe she wanted a cock in her ass. Nancy had already lubed up the dildo and told sissy that of course she would fuck her.

Nancy positioned herself behind sissy and slowly pushed the dildo into sissy's ass. She went slow at first but eventually started ramming it in and out of sissy's ass. Sissy, without being told, began thanking Nancy over and over for fucking her. Sissy was really enjoying being fucked up the ass. Nancy had another orgasm and then it was my turn. I followed the same routine as Nancy. Sissy followed her same routine also, she was thanking me for fucking her. After about five minutes I exploded with what had to be my fifth orgasm of the night.

It was getting late so I decided that I should put sissy down for the night. I told sissy that since she had been rude to Nancy earlier that she was going to spend the night in the basement locked in her cage. I untied her wrists handed her a pen and she, without hesitation signed her resignation letter.

I told her what a good girl she was being, since her punishment and that if she continued to behave, her future punishments would be less severe. I removed the vibrator, that was taped to her chastity cage. I also removed the bottle , which was just about to spill over I place a nipple on the bottle, shoved into sissy's mouth and ordered her to drink up. When she was finished with her bottle I patted her head and told her, good girl

Nancy retied sissy's hands behind her back, I untied her ankles, placed a diaper on her. I then attached her leash and ordered her to crawl into the basement. I lead sissy into her cage. I then removed the dildo that had fucked sissy's ass and ordered her to lick it clean. Nancy came down a few minutes later holding a bowl of dry corn flakes. I thought the slut might enjoy another snack.

It looks a little dry I said, with that Nancy squatted over the bowl and filled it with her pee. She then slid the bowl into sissy's cage, sissy looked up towards Nancy and I, Goddess Laura, Mistress Nancy. may I please eat? she asked. We both exploded with laughter, of course you may, sissy. I told sissy that I wanted her to practice sucking cock for twenty minutes and then she could eat her snack. I then told sissy that she was not going to be tied in her cage. I was just going to lock it.

I told her after she finished sucking the dildo and when her snack was all done that she wasn't allowed to fuck herself. I then bent down locked her cage and told her that she had better get some rest. I explained that we both had a very big day tomorrow. You are going to be quitting your job in the morning and when we get back home, I have a boyfriend coming over. sissy got a very angry look for a split second and then realized that she had no choice in the matter.

I asked her if she had a problem with me dating, she said no Goddess. I am just a useless sissy slave and my Owner deserves a real man. Nancy just burst out laughing. Laura, she said, I really think your training is starting to pay off. With that I invited Nancy to spend the night, I told her she could sleep in sissy's old spot, I mean it's not like she's ever going to sleep there again.

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