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Sara the Diapered Teacher

Part 4

Sara and Jen both recognized the girl, it was Chelsea a senior in Sara's class. Chelsea was a short girl only about five feet tall but blonde and gorgeous and had a beautiful body. All three of them shared a long silence. Chelsea took in the situation; she had just walked in on her English teacher getting put in diapers by one of her class mates Jen who was wearing nothing to cover her breasts and no way to hide her nipples that had milk dripping down from them. Needless to say she was speechless. Jen quickly fumbled for her phone and began playing the recording over the speakers. The subliminal message played for about thirty seconds while Jen covered her ears and Chelsea tried to fire questions at them over the sound.

Sara knew what Jen was doing, she was going to control Chelsea like she was doing to her now. Finally the recording was over and everyone could hear Chelsea.

"What's going on here?!? Why are you a diaper on our teacher??" Chelsea looking directly at Jen while asking these questions noticed Jen put her phone back calmly and pull a chair out for Chelsea to sit on.

"Have a seat Chelsea and I'll explain." Jen said calmly looking at Chelsea's puzzled expression. Slowly Chelsea walked over and sat down in the chair and in front of her was her twenty six year old teacher diaper half on legs spread pussy covered in baby powder looking at her helplessly with a pacifier in her mouth. Chelsea wasn't sure what to make of the situation but she was intensely curious.

"Here's the situation," Jen explained calmly.

"You are now hypnotized and you will do what I tell you or you will be punished."

"What the fuck are you talking about?" Chelsea questioned. Only to be slapped by Jen quickly.

"My babies don't use that language," Jen said explaining her actions to the confused Chelsea.

"Babies??" Chelsea question bewildered.

"That's right just like Baby Sara," Jen motioned to Sara.

"You'll be a cute baby Chelsea your small enough to pass as a little girl already." Jen commented on Chelsea's petite size while finishing diapering Sara. In a fresh diaper Sara climbed off her desk and stood there while Jen put her now mini skirt back on her. Jen smiled and pulled on her left ear both Sara and Chelsea saw the motion, Sara was worried yet excited and Chelsea was ignorant to the situation.

"There now both of you are incontinent," Jen said smiling at the predicament that they were both in.

Chelsea not realizing the gravity of the situation stood up and said, "That's ridiculous, I'm not going to wet myself just because you said so." Chelsea said hotly not believing Jen.

"Well maybe you should think again about what I can make you do," that being said Jen pointed at Chelsea's school girl skirt it had a stain on it and a trail of urine was dripping down her legs.

"Still sure I can't control my babies?" Jen said knowing the answer.

"Just follow the rules and everyone in school won't know you're the little babies you are," Jen said smirking.

"These are the rules; you will always wear a diaper to every class if I catch you without one you will be punished, If you don't call me mommy or mommy Jen you will be punished, you will wear more revealing clothes, and lastly you will do everything I say." Chelsea nodded in compliance realizing a two year old could stay dry longer than she could right now.

"For even the slightest transgression you will be punished," Jen reminded her babies.

Jen walked over to Sara's desk and motioned for Chelsea to climb onto it. Chelsea reluctantly walked over and lied on the desk. Jen lifted Chelsea's legs in the air her skirt rode up and Jen saw her yellowed panties. Jen used a baby wipe to clean Chelsea's legs of the stream of shame. Chelsea turned bright red as Jen pulled down her saturated panties and exposed her pussy to her teacher and classmate. Chelsea wasn't sure what to make of the situation but she was starting to enjoy herself. Chelsea was excited to be put in diapers by Jen she thought she was sexy and she always had a crush on her teacher and the diaper on her was making Chelsea tingle with desire. 'This could be fun,' Chelsea thought to herself. Jen finished putting a thick disposable diaper on her incontinent class mate and pulled her skirt back down. Jen took a step back and looked at Chelsea; she looked adorable wearing her school girl outfit with a puffy diaper poking out from under her skirt. Chelsea shifted from side to side feeling the diaper rub against her pussy.

Sara looked up the clock, the class Chelsea was in started in fifteen minutes. Sara started to panic; she couldn't wear what she had on to her next class. She looked at herself in the mirror again. Her skirt just barely covered her diaper from hanging out if she pulled down her skirt. Her shirt had a breast milk stain on it and showed off her body and she still had a pacifier in her mouth. She took out her paci and turned to Jen, "Jen...I mean mommy, I have to teach a class in ten minutes." Sara looked at Jen pleadingly.

"Oh, don't worry I know Baby Sara." Jen said casually.

"You'll be teaching it, and Chelsea and I both will sit in on the class." Sara had a worried look on her face.

"Don't worry baby," Jen said stroking Sara's hair lovingly.

"You'll be fine as long as you don't break the rules," Jen said smiling as she ran the tip of her index finger seductively over Sara's breasts. Sara couldn't lie about being turned on by the possible threat of humiliation and the diaper clinging to her waist.

"Now get in your seats little ones," Jen said smirking. Sara got up and went to go sit at her desk but Jen was already sitting in her chair.

"Mommy, you're in my chair." Sara said meekly fearing punishment.

"Oh no Sara, I've changed my mind ill teach the class you two can be my assistants for the day." Jen routed through Sara's desk and found the lesson plan for the day.

"Now get in your seats before class starts." Jen stated authoritatively. Sara and Chelsea both rushed over to the desks in the front row their diapers crinkled quietly as they walked.

"Also," Jen added getting two large water bottles from her purse.

"Drink these before the first thirty minutes of class is over," Jen placed a water bottle on each of her regressed adults desks. Sara looked at the 64 oz water bottle in front of her it was a daunting task, so she began immediately. Sara drank half of the bottle right away and felt bloated. Chelsea did the same trying to make the deadline.

Several minutes passed then a few students started to filter in. After a few minutes the whole class was there and confused to see their teacher in a student's desk wearing such revealing clothes. Sara shifted uneasily and to make matters worse she was wetting herself almost constantly because of her incontinence. Chelsea was in the same boat, and both of them were drinking constantly with only 30 minutes to go. Jen stood up and walked to the podium and addressed the class.

"Hello class, my name is Jen and I'll be teaching today for extra credit." Jen stated coolly.

"Our normal teacher and Chelsea will be my assistants today." Jen said pointing at Sara and Chelsea in the front. Both of them shrunk a little into their seats embarrassed.

"Now let's begin by collecting last night's homework, if you would please pass it up to the front Chelsea will collect it and hand it in."

The class quickly scrambled and passed their papers to the front. Chelsea stood up nervously her diaper was starting to sag a little but no one would notice she hoped. Chelsea walked to each of the front desks and picked up the papers luckily there was too much noise to hear her diaper crinkle. As quickly as she could Chelsea rushed back to her seat after turning in the papers to her mommy. Jen stuffed the papers into her baby's desk haphazardly and started talking about famous American poets. During the lecture Sara tried to curb the flow of urine flowing into her diaper to no avail. Jen had made them completely incontinent and she still had more than 20 oz to drink.

Chelsea was worse off than Sara she had drank a huge soda before class and already had to use the bathroom. Chelsea wasn't sure if her diaper could hold that on top of a half gallon of water, so she began to worry about her diaper falling off or leaking in class. Her worries weren't unfounded it was just a matter of time. Chelsea looked to her side at her teacher she wanted her so badly. The crush had changed from a harmless crush to an insatiable lust once diapers were introduced, so badly did she want to climb over her desk, tear her teacher's clothes off, caress her body and slide her hand into her wet diaper.

Sara noticed Chelsea looking at her with lust in her eyes. Sara knew she had a crush on her and she thought Chelsea had a hot body for a petite girl. Sara thought a sagging diaper suited her well. Chelsea winked at Sara and licked her lips seductively. Sara blushed at the gesture but silently blew a kiss back to her.

Sara and Chelsea's flirting was interrupted by Jen clearing her throat to get their attention.

"Chelsea, why don't you come up here, and read the passage about proper MLA format." Chelsea nodded and looked down at her diaper it was sagging and full soon she was going to start leaking. Chelsea looked at the clock and finished her water Sara did the same with only a minute to spare. Chelsea waddled slightly up to the podium and began to read from her book.

"Proper MLA format has 1 inch margins and 12 point font. As well as headers and footer," but before she could finish that sentence a girl sitting in the front row called everyone's attention to puddle forming at Chelsea's feet.

To be continued...

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