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Part One

I remember the day like it was yesterday, i had been with my wife for about 2 years when she asked me about and kinky or fetish stuff that i liked, as it was in the early days of the internet, i thought i was the only one who liked to be put in a nappy and treated like a baby. We had a young baby and i thought if i told her she would freak and then kick me out. I told her that i didnt have one and she left it at that, At the time i would buy baby nappies in the biggest size and tape two together so it would fit and would wear it when she would be in work and our baby was with my parents, this went on for about 6 months when one day my wife was in work. I thought i would be safe as i had to be in work for 5 in the morning and my wife wasnt due home until 6.

I went into the bathroom and had a hot bath full of bubbles. after about 30 minutes i got out got my nappies and wearing nothing but my nappy, went into the living room and put the tele on, my favorite football team, Liverpool were playing in European competition so i got some beers from the fridge looking forward to a night of football and nappy wetting. After the football had finished, instead of going to bed, i slept on the settee, my nappy had just taken its 1st wetting and i was so comfy, i thought i would stay there, i dozed off but it wasnt much longer when i was awoken by someone standing over me, not reliseing the duvee wasnt covering my nappy, my wife asked what the hell was going on, she couldnt believe that i was wearing a nappy, She sat down but the whole time didnt take her eyes off my nappy, she told me to tell her exactly how long i had been wearing nappies and why the hell i didnt tell her. I thought i would be honest and told her i had worn them on and off since childhood, i explained the feeling of security whilst wearing them. she said she was pissed off big style and had to think about us, at this point i thought i had blown the best thing to ever happen to me. She told me she was going back to work as she only popped back home to get a dress her friend wanted to borrow.

After she closed the front door, i ripped the nappy off and sat naked in the living room wanted the clock to go back 30 minutes. I must have drifted back off to sleep as the next thing i know its 5.10 and work are ringing me to ask if im coming into work at all that day. I saw the nappy from the previous night and chucked it in the trash.

All day my mobile stayed silent, i sent my wife a text saying how sorry i was but got no reply. I finished my shift at 2 and made my way home half expecting my clothes to either be chucked over the garden or at best, in suitcases waiting for me to collect, i made my way to the front door, turned the key and walked in, my wife was sat on the settee, watching telly but when she saw me, she turned it off and asked me to sit down, she told me she loved me more than i would ever know, but was really upset i had not told her about my fetish. I kept on apologising and she told me to stop apologising or she would walk, as far as she was concerned, the matter was over as long as i promised not to wear them again. I accepted this and promised not to wear nappies again.

The next 6 weeks went by and not one word was spoken about that night, so when i walked in after work one night i was surprised to see all the baby changing stuff on the living room floor, i thought the baby was home as he was supposed to be with my mother for the night. I found my wife in the kitchen and went to give her a kiss, after kissing her i asked if the baby was home and she said no he had just left and she had just changed his nappy before my mother had taken him, i went to the fridge and got a can of lager out, she told me to go and sit down and she would bring my food in for me. i sat down and turned the sports on, just then i noticed a magazine on the table all about fetish and kinky sex, on the cover was a young woman dressed in nothing but a nappy having her bottom spanked hard. I had not bought the magazine so i asked my wife, she came in, handed me my food and she explained to me, she was really upset before but didnt want to deny me something that i got so much security and pleasure from, I asked her what she meant but all she said was eat your food and i will be back in a minute. I ate my food but was wondering the whole time what she meant. She came in with a carrier bag and put it on the floor. She sat down next to me, took my hand and then gave me a kiss. she explained to me that in the bag was 10 adult disposable nappies but if i wanted them, there would be groundrules.

Before she told me these groundrules i would have to accept them all without exemption or they would be destroyed and i would never see them again.

I accepted and then she explained her rules which if broken would mean no more nappies 1 I could only wear them when she was with me and she would put them on me.

2 I would be barred from the bathroom when i was wearing them 3 Once they were on, they would stay on until she decided they came off, if visitors came, i was to wear clothing that hid them, 4 I was not allowed to touch the nappy in any way that would give me any kind of sexual pleasure.

I agreed and at this point, my wife told me to lie on the floor and she proceeded to remove my clothes. She talced my genitals which by now was rock hard, she totally ingnored this and continued to sprinkle talc, once done, she brought up the front of the nappy and taped it tight, I stood up to get my clothes back on but she told me that for that night, i was to wear nothing but my nappy. I sat down on the settee and couldnt believe that i was in nothing but a nappy with my beautiful sexy wife sat next to me. This continued on and off for about 2 years when i was caught in nothing but my nappy by my wifes mother. TOTAL EVIL, that is the only way to explain her. My mother in law just walks into our house without even knocking. I was in the kitchen making a cuppa for my wife who had just popped to the shop, We wernt expecting any visitors so today was a rare daytime nappy session. i was at the kettle when i turned around and saw my mother in law, open mouthed looking at her 24 year old son in law in nothing but a wet nappy. At this point my wife walked into the house.

Part two to follow soon

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